The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1900 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1900
Page 8
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BROTHERS. ASD FISH LOWS. 97, 99 and 101 N. Market St. SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE. Reductions Extraordinary in Every Department. We jrlve you advantage of the great reductions now while the roods ate sea- ^a JErerythiniT pertaining to summer ia each and every department will be sold regardless of cost. These great values we are offering must be seeu to be appreciated; and inasmuch as oar storerooms are exceedingly cool daring this very warm weather, we cordially invite you to attend this great clearance sale as there is a fm*nt. bargain in store for each customer. Clearing Out Time in the Millinery Department We no longer consider value o- profit*, t'»- the time ba^ -ouie for our Millinery Stock to move. The pru-es WP have put upon th»»5^ »?oxi cannot help but convince you we are NOT CONSIDERING V A L U E OK PROFIT. 1st,TM Every Trimmed Hat in Stock Will be .Sold Regardless of Cost. In this assortment will be found some of the most ^tylish -reatious of the season. These foods have been trimmed by a genuine artist and are very mnnh superior both in style and ralue to what you will find elsewhere. The price we will sell you a very handsomely trimmed Hat will surprise you. Come and inspect our stock and be convinced- 2nd. About !iOO of tin very latest shapes ranging in value from 50- to $2.00 each to go daring this sale for 25c each. A large assortment of Sailors and Walking Hats at reduofd prices. Lawns ! Lawns ! Lawns ! With the season only fairly commenced for wearing Lawns we have concluded to re- dace the price on our entire stock and give you the opportunity of getting a whole summer's ·wear out of a Lawn Dn»ss bonght at about '- (one-half) its former price. The styles and colorings are the very latest and the quality the very best ; 15c and 18c values in Corded Dimities, all colors, to go tit 12 l :-c per yard; lOc values, beautiful patterns, to go at 6'^c per yard. See them. Ready-to-wear Department. We will continue the great reduction sale in this department. Some of the very best styles and values yet to be sold. Shirt Waists.-- Anything in a Shirt Waist you may deeire, whether in black, white or fancy. We will sell you a Waist for less than the cost of material. All sixes. See them. Skirts.-- Skirts in Linen, Crash, Duck, Pique and Cotton Coverts in all sizes and a great assortment of colors. The prices we have put upon these goods will surprise you. Carpet and Matting Department, Owing to the active selling in this department we will continue our great reduction sale during this week. Whether you want a Carpet or Matting come to us, we will sell you whatever you want at the low down prices quoted in our previous advertisement A large lot of Remnants of Carpets and Mattings at half price. Silks at Half Price.-- A large assortment of Silks, beautiful styles, and many of them Waist Patterns, to be sold at half price. See them. They are an unprecedented bargain. A «;IK|M*S of the Act* Frederick C^xurty. Tbeat* 3am* Warden ha* the tallowing *ys3p»it vt in* gmaw cod £»h Law »i*i«ueg to Fn«i«nck ooaaiy , now intone* I oiawfal to *h»', trap or in any manner tafce any pbcattnt or partridge ( before ike lira day wf Xo»eiaber, : 5Oi j After that U ahail be lawful to take be- j tweea Koreaber 15th aad Decembei } Mth.--Ae«e 1900, Oh 1900 { "Lstwfcl to take pHeasanta. partridge* [and rabbit* betweca Noretnber 15th ! and December 15th Penalty $5 -- Actt · Iff), Ch. 5£7 | "Unlawful to snoot or trap any gray j or fox tqsanel between November 1st and Jane 15th. Penalty not more than 1 *5 or 10 days; second off*aee, *S to |W, or 20 days --Acts lODu, Ch 5«5. ; "Public Local L«ws.ArttcJ* 11. Sees · TiO and 160 repealed and rd-enxcted as ] follows. "Unlawful to take, capture or 4e- suoy *** by Mine*, drag n*t*. fisb. battle els. fiah poU, eel weirs, brush, or fas*, cine nsti. or any other meaos in the na- ' tore of a seine, in the Monooacy rirer j or any of its tritratariet or any waters io rhisoonnty.--'Section 145 ) "Unlawful to take fish between April 15th and Jane 1st. Potomac exempted from this section --(Section 130 j Acts 1900. Cb 5W " SEASIDE COMFORT, We can i ait go K the *ekaid, bat we can bare seaside comfort right at home if we provide oartelres with comfortable waar* nc apparel Begin with the head Take one of oar airy, graceful, correct Straw Hats. They come in all desirable styles, made to hold their shape and color, and sold to please the careful bnyer. GEORGE A. GILBERT, IS) N. Market St. DAI.I f KM*KA«(9IK NEW DESIGNS I'M* JAS. E. WALKER CO. Special Prices Well Worth Considering, oday we reduce the price on all our COLORED SHIRT WAISTS TO 35c EACH, The lot contains nothing worth less than 50c and many of them were 75c, $1.00 and $1/25. The styles are good, and at the price above they should sell quickly. Some special prices on Ladies' Colored Satine Petti- cojits. All new th s sea? ou- JAS. E. WALKER CO. There is a time and place for all things, and now is the time for you to buj- your SUMMER CLOTHING and ours is the place in which to buy it. Our Summer Clothiug consists of a large assortment of Crash Suits, Crash Pants, Serge £ uits, Alapaca Coats, Serge Coats, Siik Shirts, Madras Shirts, Satine, Jean and Balbriggan Underwear. f 111 t i IM U I I I l M-H-H-H-S I M I M I-I MM-I-H-H-l-H-l-I-M 1 1 ·!-!· EXTRAORDINARY REDUCTION -- I N -SHIRT WAISTS. Oui- entire Shirt Waist Stock must be closed out. We frill not carry them over, hence every Waist must be sold- This means bargain surprises for shrewd shoppers. They are made by first-class people in first-class manner and are perfect in style and fit. You'll own one for less than the eost of material in it- These tire not shopworn ends, but are the choicest Waists, in colors, black and white, produced this season. If you can use a Black Waist you won't need much money. A great chance. Parasols will also receive our attention. You can save a third in the price. If interested, try. -We have thrown out on the bargain counter short Jengths of Siiks, Black Goods and summer stuff to gc for a song. Yon can save many a penny by spending a little time here. Have yon seen our new summer Corset? It is named "Oar Comfort." The price, 25e. It is light and stiong. Ladies thank ns for its comfort these hot days. For Men.--Soft Shirts, new summer Suspenders, new Neckwear today. Very pretty and very new. Notice window. Thos. H. HALLER. CENTRAL DRY GOODS HOUSE. Toilet on Second Floor : mi tn mm HUM PROTECT TOUR PROPERTY TRESPASS NOTICES. PRINTED ON HEAVY CARDBOARD. FOK SALE AT THE NEWS OFFICE. Ten dozen Children's Linen and Duck Hats, assorted, at lOc each Ladies' Oxford Ties, 99c p« r pair. LOWENSTEIN d, WERTHEIMER, Head -to- Foot Outfitters. JOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Special Lot 4- Muslin Underwear. Best Values Ever Offered. Meirlril Dr. t. A. Rvpiey, for maay years the ^··er toelored pastor of the Reformed slated lately wider i in iindsiinm which a* Kriuetaioe of a coincidence. He xndoct-j the fnaeral of the late Mrs. sB*h«r Bndeftthal, who died near Bed- tod. Pa , on June 12. Fifty-fow years ·fo he h*«l married the couple and a few i ago buried th» hasbsnd. *---- .*. MMAietown Atnemi. lomai association of the Xiddle- s*w» High School will n \A * meeting »» Fnd »r evening-, Jaly 30, at the lijr' S-3 »! buiMjnr tc a!opt 2 cosu! i MMdJetown's Halt Fund. The festirall at Kiddktown held MT- eral Saturday nights to raise foods for a town hall announces iU total receipts as $*6?.i6 : with a net profit of $161.29. Ihe association will now solicit stock subscriptions If the response ij geaer- ous work on the hall may bo oomimmoed thisauuner. The association now has in h»nd the jam of f^90 towards the necessary fond. AccHtenta. William Cram had a thumb lacerated and Willltm OroTe a finger neatly cut off while working at capping machines in the car. rtsop o! the McMsrray Fac- jtocy Nicely trimmed Corset Covers, 150; better goods, 250, 350. Lace trimmed Corset Covers, 500, 750, $1-00 and $1.50. Trimmed Muslin Skirts, 500, 750, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00. Gowns, from 490 to $2.00 each. Muslin Drawers, 25c to $2.00 per pair. Chemise, 39C to $1.50 each. See Our Gut Prices on Waists and Skirts, Lot of Colored Waists, former price 7$c, $1,00, $1.25, now 69C. Lot of White Waists, former price, 6oc and 75c, now 39C. Lot Inserting and Tucked Waists, 7Qc and $1.00. Linen and Crash Skirts, 39C, 490, /5c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50. Pique Skirts, $i.ooto $3.00. PREMIUMS FOR EVERY CASH CUSTOMER. C. THOMAS KEMP. GIVE US A CALL BEFORE YOU BUY. ; H -H-M I HIM III Iliinil To mink li Fvraitin is ti Mik of Gulf,"j Book Cases. utw Book Cases eanie in yesterday ; 4 They are good value and not expensive: ; ; made of birch finished imitation mahogany, '.I adjustable shelves and on casters. Some at $12.5O and $15.5O are exception- ; ally nice. There are others here from $4.75 to '.'. $25. Will be glad to have yon call at Carty's Furniture Store. Nes 42, 44 and 46 E. Patrick St., Frrt'k, Md. ·( I H-H'H-H 1111 M M 11 H-H 1 1 1 ! M'll 11"M-!"M"!-I-I-H-!"M-M-! *«H t CLOTHIERS. TAILORS. CLOTHING AT 1O PER CENT. OFF. Semi-Annual Sale of Clothing beginning June 1st, at 1O Per Cent, off for Cash. Our stock is full of the best made goods in the matket Try one of our suits and be convinced we are leaders in outline. Specials for Saturday and Monday. A full line of $3.00 and $3.50 Tronsers at $2.50. $10.00 Flannels at $7.50, only a few sizes left. B. H, BLAGKSTON SON. 36 North Market Street. Y. M. B. o. D. ··········································· · I I I I I I I 1 1 I I 1 1 U 1 1 1 I I I U 1 1 1 U 1 1 I I I I I M U M H i 1 1 1 i I M ; OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC?OO'J ' KAUFMAN'S STRICTLY ONE ^ PRICE. SPECIAL BARGAINS. Ladies' Fine Shirt Waists.-- Having closed out i : ; a line of Ladies' Shirt Waists of a large manufacturer, ; ; · we will offer same today at the following low prices : Lot No. 1.-- Ladies' fine Shirt Waists in '. ', plain pink and blue, worth 69c and 79c, to be ; ; sold at 39c. _ Lot No. 2. -- A lot of fine Madras Shirt Waists '· '. in pink and blue stripe, worth donble the ;; price, only 49c. Lot No. 3.-- A lir e of fine Shirt Waists, worth : $1.00 and $1.25, in plain colora, white, pink and ; : light blue, to be sold at the little price, 69c. £* Q _ O w C ' arge ^ Skirts at 43c. in ID All- White Skirts to be sold at 50c on '. the dollar. '. 4*7 -i Fine quality of White Organdie m short ; ' I I C«lengths, worth 30c, to close at 17e yard. S. C. KAUFMAN, 1O S. Market Street. Polite Attention. t H 11111111 M I t 11 1 1 1 1 I I H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H U 1 1 1 H Rer. Bobert L. Patterson mrs: "In rlilnr mr uumsufied ·ndorsement of the X-Bar HewUche Tmblets. I feel that I render a persoi.*! serriee to anyone who may thereby be Induced to use them. They estraot \j* snrpwsed as a remedy for headaches." Sold tar wholesale and rstaU drncrist*--. ERNEST HELFENSTEIN, INSURANCE, 14 W. Patrick St. frrtftict «i. OOOOOOOOOCX»OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCXXXXXXXOOOOOCXQOOOOOOO A PAIR OF BABY SHOES FREE FOR EVERY BABY BORN IN 19OO. i i i i I i i i i i i i i i i i i Every Baby born this year may have a pair of Shoes \ | made to order, without any cost, to be made from the Q genuine Vici Kid. Robt. H. FOERDERER, Manufacturer, PHILADELPHIA, PA., U. S. A. We also have on sale Vici Dressing, Vici Combination, Vici Polish. B. ROSENOURSONS. JUST RECEIVED! ··»·»· IMft»M»MMMM«*+++ ·»····»» Ml ·······»« A CARLOAD OF ·RANG RAPiOS CELEBRATED Refrigerators and Ice Chests. Call and Examine These Goods Before Purchasing Elsewhere. W. H. B, ETCHISON, tMrtttltf i SuciDfy, 10 ui 12 $. Mtrfcit *t,, Frd'k, M, Telephone 122.

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