The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1900 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY UEW8 This Date In History- July 14, -=« Frux* uvi of Hus3!f. TV BWclV »« tbt IUM i of . l-i'.JOt uti -TV Itu: la «c*js wee £ai beta, c * .TU jv rx-- Mi* -Naibas^ri L^«. v.-Jirf. ours - · ve* . Vi^n! « ttUt-i » Orcct, U. liti. , N. \ , y* i« «-^ til? T-x Nf T a te* dnp!i» «* i 2nn uC terras Ttr tnak, 1C KU rsgii. 3* ttr: ».i'.h :!o irr- J»ft» Kit.: SKIUi*. kutrd fftKrC «« .r . bore U£» TVOc» t'-jx lu t-.tuxiitioa, 4w4 XB . bora 1SS. Cotttti Jofea F. moifi Feornl irtnait, 4M u Van :aa. ·Teaxh** ftwecaet Tin · ·.·»· July 15. W ArfziKOroc, July 14. 13 a. B. n Fair tonight and Sanday; light west winds. W. L. MOOSK. Uhief of tha Weather Bureau. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS TO DAY Election Notice. . O. S. Howard, Secy. Clerk Wanted J. P. Kin* Oo. Opens Sept. H Frederick College. K. P. Nottos.. -H. F. Steiaor. K. R * S. Ladies Shampoo Mrs.Jfc. T. Riodes.- Imported wet.., J-T- ...Dollar Tonight. ." Doll's. Special Sale .BrishBros. Lonch Tonight Tingling'*. Sonp.. .. Tingling's. Tonight.. Oity Hotel BnfFet Special Shipley Bopst. Dry Goods John Hendrickson. Reduction in Shirt Waists Tho». H. Haller. Mnslin Underwear O. Thos. Kemp. BookCases C. 0. Oarty. PURELY Pleasant Paracrspb* AboM bo«* aad Go. Miss A. Kate Qittinger is visiting friends in Sharpsbnrg. Mr. R. Z. Thomas, of near Frederick, is visiting friends in Ohio. Mrs. J. Clarke Kieffer has gone to Lancaster, Pa., to visit her parents. Miss Minnie Baker, of Winchester, Va., is the guest of Mrs. Sophie Schley. Miss Mary H. Ritchie. West Chnrch street, is visiting friends »t Weavertown. Mr. Monahan, of the Consumers Brewing Go., is spending a few days in Frederick. Miss Eva Hoffman, of Baltimore, it on a visit to her uncle, Mr. Theodore Kreh, West Fifth street. Mr. J. E. Price and sons, Joseph and Osborne. are visiting friends and relatives in Chamtersborg, Pa. MinfNellie Garrott, of Washington county, who has been visiting Mrs. Thomas Scbley has returned. Mrs. Robert H. Campbell and Master Robert Campbell, of Baltimore, are spending some time in this city. Mrs". David O. Thomas, of Washington, is the guest of her sisters, the Misses Qnynn, East Patrick street.' Mr. Louis Motter, of this city, left to- v doy for Harrisbnrg, Pa., where has accepted a position in a private bank. Misses Grace and Mane Price, of this city, are visiting friends at Fen Mar. Waynesboro and Chambersbarg, Pa. Mrs. Gnnville Thomas, East Patrick street, who has been spending some time at Atlantic City, has returned. Mr. Frank P. Grepttart and son, of Trenton, N. J., who have been visiting relatives in this city, hare retmrnod. Rev. L. F. M. Myers, of St. Matthews, Pa., who has been spending a few days at his home at DOOM, has re- tamed. Messrs. Dudley P*g e, Willard C. Keller and. 'Arthur G»mbrill, who have been camping at Fountain Rock, have returned. / Mr. and Mrs. John Cawin, of Wash- · iogton, who have been visiting Mrs. Laura Chapline. West Third street. have returned. * Mr. J-unes 0. Stierlin. of the U.S. Naval Hospital at Washington, D. Q-, ia visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewi, West Fourth street. Mrs. Samuel Winebrener, Master Wiener Winebrener and Mies Lily Wiener leave this evening to visit relatives in Luray, Va. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Reihl and daughter, of Baltimore, who have been visiting Mrs. IT. A. Lough. South Market street, have returned. Mrs. Charlotte Stnll, of near Bolivar, a lady 65 years of age, has just returned home from a three weeks visit to friends at Mt. Pleasant, Bethel and Frederick. Miss Katie C. Kefauver, of Middletown, returned from a trip to Ohio, accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Jennie Minnick, of Springfield and the latter's grand-daughter, Miss Elizabeth Minnick. Among the late arrivals at. the Berkshire Inn, Atlantic City, X. J.. are Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Doll and children, -at this city, and Mrs. Mary E. Cramer. and Miss Battie Cramer, of Washington, D O. Dr. S. J. Herman has been elected as chief of clinic on disease* ofthe eyes at the Maryland Medical OoBege aad will remove to the city this month- Dr. Herman intends to visit Frederick monthly and will announce the time later. FCNEiLS. Th« fan-rel of David F. ?i«£sr took place yesterday aftemooa at 3 o'clock from St. Paul's Episcopal church at Point of Bocks. Services were oond«ot- ed by Ber. Mr. Tboma*, of Adamttown. The »H bearers were: T. T. Virtx, F. B. Better, Fr-derick Shafer, Marsh Virts, F. A- SigafooseandFrasJt Brown- Tee f ansral vru largely attended. Interment was made at St. Paul's cemetery.^ W. H. B. EtchisoD was the funeral uliectoi. T»e Local Mr. J. «. W. Haffwtt's mxkat rions for today art: Oora, par oarrel, ..-|2.I5; oora, ttelted. 38 cents per btahel; , a. «Mkt per bwbel. Hay, IDS Fi*dwiek Comity Jail and Mon- tora« Hospital REPORT OF MR. ti. S. tfilFHTH. freafclrat of the at*xyl*»d Aid Socfec? Pr*i*» tbr Dt'f TO H*AKT FAiLUitK. S«dd«* le*tJh of A*b*H7 Brown In GrolT HOK**- Si* We, The body of ths dead jaa found in the stable in the rear of the Groff identified at tb* coroot* * LOCAL MENTION. Not^s of Suudaj Ssrvices in Fred- tioM of AtfJoutiBK Cfmmtteu. Mr Goldsboncgb S. GnSitb. preu. dent of the tMarylaad Prieoe*-*' Aid Society, who wa» in Fredenefc this week aad vuited tae j*il aad Monte- vue Hospital. aasieade report lit which he praises both ittrtitnnoo*. He says: ·The j»il at Frederick City coetaias eight prwooers. iaciodiac oa* ooiottsd male and£oBe colored female. All are thereToa petty charge*, except one for attempt to rape. The sanitary and other conditions of the j*il an food. The religious nrrioef are conducted erery Sunday. by Mr. Gomber and Mr. Ruprecht for the prisoners. la the absence of Xr. Charles TrozaU, the sheriff. Mr. George W. Brengle, turnkey, showed at ·Terr courtesy OB our visit. FOOT of ·be prisoners are serving sentence; the rest are awaiting trial. "Mont erne Hospital contained 261 in- mat ee: White, male. 61; colored, male, 48; white, male children, 2; colored, male children, 5; male tramp*. 18; total males. 140; whit* females, 7«: colored female*. 45; female ohildren, white, l; colored, 3; female tramps, 2; t^tal females, 121; insane white males. 41; insane colored males, 33; total, Tifc insane white females, 42; insane colored females, 37; total, 79. This institution is -in excellent sanitary ooodHtea. It is a model institution of its tied. Mr. F. B. Rice, the superintendent, and his wife, the efficient matron, together with a full corps of wardens and nurses, keep the institution bright and homelike. Everything possible is being done for the comfort and good cheer of the inmates. The farm is well-tilled, and will produce a fine crop this season. "Religions services are held for the inmates every Sunday, by pastors and workers from United Brethren, Lutheran, Presbyterian 'and Methodist Episcopal (South) churches. Great improvements hare been made daring- the year in macadamizing the yard, grading, etc. The place gives evidences of shrift and good management." Of the institutions of Carroll and Montgomery counties Mr. Goldsboroogh says: "There was only one prisoner in the jail at Westminster and that was a white male, charged with a petty offense. The sanitary condition of the jail wag good. Mr. George W* Moller, the sheriff, is keeping the institution in good order and safely guarding the prisoners of the county. The water plants and repairing of roofs are the extent of improvements since since our last visit. Religions services are conducted for the prisoners by the students of Western Maryland College and other Christian workers every Sabbath. ·In the almshonse at Westminster we found 27 inmates-- white male, 10; white female. 9. colored male, 7; colored female, 1. This institution is fairly well kept, but the buildings are ancient. and new buildings are badly needed, as no amount of care can keep them bright and cheerful in appearance. Religions services are conducted every Sabbath by Miss Mary Shellman, and a corps of workers from the college and the town. The suoeriateBdent, Mr. Edward Berwager.'and his wife, Mrs. Rachael Bar- wager, the matron, are doing the best they can for the comfort add good cheer of the inmates. The farm, consisting of £(ty acres, is under excellent cultivation. "The jail at BockviUe»otaini twelve prisoners, three white males, eight colored males and one colored female. One is there charged with grand larceny; two are held for assault and attempt to Harder; two white BMB for murder. All are awaiting trial, except one, who is serving a sentence. No religious ser- vives an held in this institution. The jail is well-kept by Mr- William E. Connell, the warden, and his wife, the matron. In the absence of Mr. Arthur Williams, the sheriff, Mm. Oonnell showed us every oovrtesyon our visit. Anew back porch and banister in the prison are the chief improvements made daring the year. "The alnuhouse of Montgomery county contained twenty-eight inmates -- White, males, seven,- white, females, four, colored, males, eleven; colored, female*. six. The old almjhonee is kept in a cleanly and cosy condition by the superintendent, Mr. Leonidas Rickets, and bis wife,, the matron. Beligious services are held here occasionally for the inmates. New fences have been built during the year. The farm is in excellent condition. Everything about the place shows signs of thrift and good management. 'These institutions heartily greeted us on bur visits. We held religious services in 6Mb of them; distributed Bibles, hymnbxks and religious literature. Many cf the old people look to these annual visits from us with great delight, and assure us it is one "of the happiest days of the year to them, because of our presence and religious services. In the jails we meet many who afterwards come to the penitentiary and speak of the impressions for good they received while in the county jail." Democratic Plans Hon. Murray Vandiver, chairman of the Democratic State Cental Committee, is formulating plans to conduct an aggressive campaign in Maryland for the Democratic presidential ticket and for the election ol Democratic nominees for Congress. '1 am going to buckle down to campaign work next weak.'* he said yesterday, "and from that time on until the election I shall not kzunr a single dull minute. The whole city and State will be thoroughly organized. We are in much better shape now than in 1896. The preceding Tear the State bad gone Republican and oar orjranUatkm bed ·offend oaosidarably. We begin this campaign with oar forces well uahaod. I shall invite Mr. Blair Lee, Mr. 3. 8. field and other reoogoized free silver men to co-operate with ns in the conduct of the campaign." BecMseof repairs to the Oarrollton Hotel, the Democratic State Central Committee will havt to find campaign quarters elsewhere in Baltimore. Fell Into a Lime Kiln. A horse owaed by Mr. Oscar Burrall, ot 3Tew Loadaa, fell into the line kiln em his farm Thursday night. The horse fen a distance of 16 feet. The eye of the kilo was torn out and the horse was found to be uninjured, save for a few scratch*!. yesterday afternoon as that 9! Acbury Browa, a reddest of Balticaore. and a former resident of this coonty. Brown. was found in tfc* «tab?e r*s*er!«7 Iv twwn I aad '.' o'clock by the ho*t!cr, who coouBunieftMd the mteU:?-*iK-« t- Sir L»*a. proprietor of the GroS Uve»c. Or KiaaklinB. South WA* samara* i aM after making as ex* JKO aoaaced drath to have been dor to heart failure Jostk-» Bekcteia WAS wot for »ul deeming ae iaqM«t nec«*»»ary. a jirjr wa» summoned to view the r^'nun* The jary iset at -.30 o'clock aad bearti a little testimony is to wha Krowa **» and what w«* (he oia*cof dvttbitud tbas brcBgh; in a vwiit ; of ia*th from natural oause« Brown was «een wheo be went into the stable and hu f**ble condition caused soate eoaicest Posibly a half hour after going into the stable Brown was found dead The body was sent to Moatevne Hosplal and will be int«rred at the burying ground* at th*t uutitu- tion. This is an excellent hkeoess of Col, John R. Router, of Thunaoat. this county, who WM l»M»ly appointed deputy register of wills for the District e r c s SUNDAY SCHOOLS AND SOCIETIES. I Tfcl* to CoiBiuoa If you. would be positively 6 per cent, ot: your money payable in sesni-aoBual diTid«nds. and your money guarasteed safe, wouldn't you invest? Such u the paid np stock of the National Building AsMX-iat^iOB uf Baltimore City. Share* $100. Money loaned only oa first to i» by IA r COL. JOHN R.ROUZBK of Columbia. Col. Rouzer, who is a veteran of the Civil War, with a fine record, was several times a delegate from this county to the General Assembly and has also been register of wills an d school commissioner. Picnics and Festivals. The Junior League of the Methodist Episcopal church Brunswick, will hold a lawn festival, July 19 and 20. The Lnthersu Sunday School at Union Chapel near Ldbertyto'vn, will nave a lawn fair July 20 and 21. Flint Hill Sunday School, near Park Mills, will hold a festival July 21. The Indies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Trainmen will have a board walk festival at Brunswick, Jaly 23-26. A picnic for colored people will be held near Petersville, Jaly 25. Mt.Oarmel Sunday school will have fire festivals during the month of August. Its annual picnic will be held in Mr. Joseph Miller 1 * woods, August 4. The Methodist Protestant Sunday school of Libertytown. will picnic August IS. Central Methodist Protestant Sunday school near New London will hold their annual picnic August 25. The sixteenth great reunion of Middle town Sunday schools will occur Au- gustSo. The United Brethren Sunday school at Pleaaast Walk will picnic September 1. A B»iMtejr AMociation Opinion. The Wheeling, Hagerstownand Rich mond Building Association* have made a number of settlement* wi. a borrowers in the West Virginia towns to avoid litigation, which would ensue in accordance with recent decisions in the United States Court and the Supreme Oowtof Appeals of that Stats. In the West Virginia Supreme Court it WM decided that there must be a fixed time for all loans to run and not an indefinite, time. In other words when the loan and interest bad been repaid in foil the borrower is entitled to a release, bat if tfae borrower agreed to pay a bonus either at the tims of the loan, or to ran monthly fixed payments, it was legal, and could be enforced. Commissioners Act in a Lancer Cace. The county commissioners of Allegany county have ordered George W. Winters, aged 26 years, of DAB'S Reck, committed to Sylvan Retreat Asylum as a reimbursing patient.. This is the first case under the act of the last legislature which authorizes commissioners to act in lunacy ca*es. Heretofore a jury was necessary, but under the late act two physicians can testify before the commissioners and the board, if the testimony justifies it, can commit the person to the asylum or can release him, he having the right on motion of a friend to plead a jury trial. Boapttal Xotea. From prevent prospect* it is more than probable the building of the Frederick City Hospital will be started this rammer. Plans are in the hands of workmen aad in a short time it will be announced when actual wort will begin. The cornerstone will be laid with public ceremonies. In oonseqnance of bwuaes* in connection with the early building meetings will be held during thesum- sr. Miss Marion Smith hao beon elected oa« of the board of managers. BASKBALL A game of baseball was played last evening between the -South Street Club and the Railroad Club, resulting in a score of 17 to 4 in favor of the lUMyn*^ Club. The winning battery WM Hahn and Zepp. Xaoagar Chew "-iBi . the grounds were too bad for his nten to play on. He has arranged for the return game to be piayed on Tuesday crania* cext. Tbe gmme was umpired by JDaa- iel MUler aad George Hamer. X»rylrader'« Keoatoa. The fourth reunion cf the Association of Ohio will b* held this year at the Soldiers Home at Dayton, OB Thursday, Avgust 18. * -- - -- f Hrilic.iMt» »ntl Cmeral X Catidrea s U^y asrriae* will be held at Uoioo Chape:. tl*rmoo Urove. to j morrow af leroooa at 3 o'clock . Kev JVB. P. GihMD, the new a«si*t- j aai rt-u» of ^*. Mark'* parub. this ; c^oaty. hat moved :o Brtuuwick At St John'* Oerotaa R«(orn»*d j .·hurch taere » ill be service* tomorrow morning as tMoal at I'.'.ay o'clock in ! Kemp rU!l There will be services at All Saints' Episcopal church at 10.90 a. m. mud 6 4Z p. m- Sunday school at 9.16 a. m. Rev. j J. A. logl* *vU preach. Tfa« U«rmaa tiaptut Brethren of toe Middle District of Maryland will hold their dtstne* Seodar School Meeting at Brownsville, oa Ao^o»i 11 and f.' Servio*» at St. John'* Catholu- chorch will be as follows: Masses will be Mid at 6.30 by Father Cavananxb *d at 9 o'clock by Father Colemao Vespeia, ? SOp m. Rev Ambrosr M. Schmidt, Field Secretary of Franklin and Mathall College. Lancaster, P* , will preach in the Re- fortuad cbarcb'at Mtddletowu Sunday Ftvderkk Gcgv opes* £«f - i- ' ol- preparatory and bosioess Bourse*. '.v-xwr.'.isg i^d stor: hxcd Ifcjfc text* admitted to th« primary and luiartu^ dial* department Vive iastraeton and three special teachers OoJIV- Totughu imported beer. Our lunch tonight will snrpate »oy other nijtht At Grace Reformed church, Rev. E. L. McLean, pa*t r, there will be Sunday school at y. 13.1 D. Morning tervkeat 10 30 o'clock. Evening serrioe at C.30 p.m. All are invited and welcome. Her. C. W. Stinespring will conduct serltees at the United Brethren church tcnjjorrow. Ther^, will be preening at-i30.i5 a. ttf Sunday --school wQTbe held at 9.13 a. m. and Scripture and song service at 6.oO o'clock. Rev. Dr. E. R. Eschbach will conduct the nsnal services at the Evangelical Reformed church tomorrow. He will preach at 10.30 » tu Sunday school will be held at 9.15 o'clock a. m. Evening service will be held at (3.30 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Knhlman will conduct services at the EvMgelical Lutheran church tomcrrow. The mcruitg service will be held at 10.15 o'clock. The usual vesper service will be held at U 30 o'clock. Sunday school at 9 15 a m. Rev. K. Otis Spessard, Ph., D. pastor of the Union Bridge charge. Reformed church, has accepted a call to become pastor of the church of that 'denomination at Mifflinbnrg. Pa. and will remove to that place, about August first. Rev. B. V. Switrer will conduct the nsnal services at the M. E church South tomorrow. The morning service itill be held at 10.30 o'clock and the evening service at 7 45 o'clock. Sunday school will be held at 9 SO a. m. Epworth League service at 7 p. m. Rev. James O'Connell, who succeeds Rev. Lonis O*Donovan at the Catholic church on the Merryland Track has taken charge. The charge includes St. Mary's church at Petenjville, St. Frauds' church, Brunswick, and chapels at Point of Rocks and Werertou Rev. Thomas Freeman Dixon will conduct the usual services at the Presbyterian church tomorrow. There will be preaching at 10 30 and at 7.80 p. m. Sunday school will be held at 9.30 a. m. This will be the last service before the departure of the pastor on his vacation- At the Methodist Epjscppal chnrch services will beconrloptedby thepss'or, Rev. Jcel Biown. The morning service will be held at JO 30 o clock and the evening service will be held at 7.30 o'clock. Epworih League will be held at 6.30 p. m. Sunday sahool Will be held at 915a.m. There will be preaching in the Buck eystown, M. P. church, tomorrow morn, ing at 10.80 o'clock by Bev. Mr. Price, of the Westminster Theological Seminary, in the absence of tb* pastor. Mr Price will also fill the pal pit in the the evening at 8 o'clock. The Sunday school will picnic at Island Park, Harpers Ferry, Thursday, July 1!, bain will leave Frederick at 8 a. m. SprvUI Sale. Will Mill tonight -' quart granite tea 17c.: 3 qnart do , 303 ; 4 quart do.. ; 17 quart dieh pac, ·iJc . chmawarc sale, cups aad saucer*. 35c. set; plates. .'Sand *»c. Mt. vegetable diahM. 7, * and I0c : decorated diutier set, f4 'M. Your*. · . BBI-H Y toiling. If you won't have any other bnt fine, rich sonp then I have what you want Uotr*. Tonight, genuine snapper sonp. K P. No. 2t» Notice. Ten E*iu to U»advanced on Monday, J=!y "'. =t c ?0 p rr. Tio Dog. Toa^ will pleaw attend in foil force. A fall attendance of the membership Invited. By order, II. F. ST*I.\KK, K.R. S. Doll'6. Tonight, crab soup that we pride ourselves on. Grand Lancb. Turtle, clam aad vegetable soup, diamond ham sandwich, eggs, onion and tomato and crab cald. YINOUXO. Ladies Shampo. Coo], refreshing, healthful. Ladies can have their heads shampooed at their Homes by experienced operator, 25o. Call on or address Mrs. F. T. Rhodes, 7 West Second street. A FAIR CABRIKit, Miss Dor* Wolf, a girl ofcixteen, was recently sworn in at Ripley, W. Va , as mail carrier. She is a daughter of C. P. Wolf, a' livery mm, and her duties are 00000000000000000000000000 JUSS DORA WOLF. QOOOOOOOOOOCOCQOCiOOOOOoeXX) to carry the mail on horseback between Ripley and Sandyvflle. one trip each way, daily. She has two bags of totters each way, and goes armed and ready for intruders. She has frequently carried the mail on this route when the former mail carrier was indisposed. GoM and Silver i» Garren. Gold and silver ore has been discovered in District No. 11, Garrett county' eight miles west of Looaconing, AHe- gany county. The veins are pronounced very rich, five assays have been made. Prof. William Bullock Clark, chief of the Maryland Geological Survey, is oon- doctteg investigations at the mine this week. The prospecting had been in pro- gren seveial year, but the ores foud bad never been rich enough io warrant an expenditure for their devetopneot until recently. A oompaay law Men fcrmed, iocloding Patrick E. Finzel. member of the State Legislatare, and lodge Elias Merrill, of the orphan** court of Garrett county, to operate the vein. 1 won't SAY 1 have the best beer in town bnt I will let yon be the judge. Call and try it. Doll's. Tonight, too many side dishes to enumerate. City Hotel Buffet. Our customers were so well pleased with our rich and properly made crab sonp last night, that we will show our appreciation by endeavoring to make it better if possible for tonight. We will also by request have some of that same kind of delicious chicken soup that pleased so m*ny. The clam chowder will ba up to the standard also. The Senate and Maerzen will as usual be cool and sparkling. That's all. r and Bopat Special. Fly trap only 12c; fly paper, large, lo sheet, small 2 sheets for Ic; jelly glasses, 20c doz.; tumblers, 24odoz ; 1 cake Ivory soap, 1 paper pins. Bo; I cake Babbitt. 1 floating soap, 5c; Yankee Doodle toilet soap, lo cake; Zimmerman kites S for Ic; 10c kind, 3c; 3 tin cups for 6c; double slaw cutter, 19c; 125 sewing machines, net (15.95: 50c gray enameled water carrier for 2ic. - SHIPLEY BOPST. Doll's. Tonight'* the night. There will be a business meeting of the W. 0. T. U. Monday, July 16, at 7.90 p. m., at the home of Miss Monell, 187 North Market street. For Bale. Fifteen shares of permanent stock in the Monumental Saving* aad Loan Association, of Baltimore, Md, will be sold at par--1100 per share. Pays 3j{ per cent, semi-annnally. 'Call on Thai?. M. Biser, attorney. Free soap and lunch tonight and tomorrow night at Shack's. No. 11 Bart Patrick street. 2 No One-Cftn .Tell the Fatmtr. Save while you may, the cares of old ag? come all too quickly. The National Building Association of Baltimore City issues instalment stock, par value 9100 per share, costs 60 cents per share per month. Maturity estimated at 100 months. This investment nearly doubles your money. Excttnfon to Baltimore. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will run an excursion to Baltimore and return, Sunday, July 15th, leaving Frederick at 8.30 a. m. Returning, special train will leave Camden Station at 7.30 p. m., same date. Fare $1.00 for the round trip. Tickets good onlr on datt of issue and on special train going and returning. « Frederick Branch, National Building 3 Association of Baitiuore City. EDWARD C. LEASE. President. JOHS L. JOHSSOS, Vice President. BAKER JOHSSOS, Attorney-at-Law, Agent for Frederick County. Assets, $326,616.76. Surplus. $-30,235 35. Situation* Secured. Many situations are secured through the want advertisements in Tax NEWS. The cost is bat trifling- Fifteen cents pays for fifteen words. L. EL MULLINIX. K £EP COOLAIfD COMFOBTABLK We can suggest no better way than by covering yoor floors with cool . STJMMRR BTJQS cock as we are now showing for little otst, or perhaps one of oar ADJUSTABLE WHTDOW AWNINGS would help very much: cost only |3.P« complete. If, however, you wish to be comlorteble when asleep as well as when awake, one of our Mosquito Canopies would help the caaee. Whatismorean- soyinjc t ^*Ti tns nuaic of looeo.ito at short range'' Onr Canopies are a sure eon. All sizes. JOHN H3NDRIOKBON. MOOIL,' TUB KEAFlNa C-ONTISTES IN TUiS K I K L U i » K T U B 1KY M A K T K K g J M u l ' B ETB T«n-K WK W ' ! 1 « * V QBO. 8. BODOOK A CC JCLY KEDfCTlOX SAUE. A OBEAT OPKKTt"SirY TO SAVE MOXEY. '^.f We ».'; t»T«ar« »J! rsrvcxt « are *llfc- QUautx*. Or- ltt*4 U eteu«4 out at Terr tow 37' 'M t THE KXCLUSIY* CARPET. WALL PAPIB ANrCCTCTAIS HOTJgB KKfc^'CH MADKAS. I'KU ES C« T S K A K L V IX HAbK Today we out to the winds ooi entire ttock of fine French Gingham* and '/.epbyrs and offer any of them to yon at l Jc per yard, worth wherever (hey are found 2.5r: 32 laches wide; no wear ont in them and positively fast colon, tunable for ladle*' drew wear, shirt waists. or for men'b shirt*. Don't let (he opportunity »hp. K LEACHED MUSLINS. · Jim opened a '-ite ot splendid Bleached Muslins at '-^c per yard. The way these goods have been advancing, this lot must be considered very cheap: f ollyard wide. . oHK DB10KBOB NEIDIQ 8t MILJuER. Tfl£ GLASS OK KAtsHlON. Grwit montT smrtor vslue* it tbia (tore (or the end ot the week \ on should (tec here esrlr and lotu of teods »re Koliiic at lets than cost and no store Rive* you inch rare btrnin*. ··irrr 1 ?^ "~!*b ?"-rt*'r. *s*23i"ri-r.'l3;p'-i proutable and pleasant. Tlie'C are end ot the weekbarralot. 5 dozen Pillow Caxu. worth lOc. DOIT 4 (or 25c. " 10 doien Pillow Cam. worth 15c. now lO^ic apiece. 10 dozen I'll low t'asei. worth ISc. now 1-c apiece. 3 dozen larre T5c Sheets now 5'^Sc apiece ·2 yardi wide 7Se Table Linen now 4SXc. Sl.OO While Spreads now S2ic. LADIES' VEStS. 10 dacen White lOc Vests now 5c 1O dozen White 18e Vests now 2 (or iV. 0 do«en White 18c Ve«t», extra linre. now 2 for30c HOSIERY. 10 dozen lace style Ibc Black Buse uon '_' pair (or -5c. 10 doten 15c silk finished Black Hose now 2 pnlrs (or U5c. « dozen y^c alii llPlsUeU BUck Hose, drop stitch, now 25c pa'r. "0 dozen Eenis' fnucy Jsc Hose now -J pair (or2oc. 15 dozen e=ut^' £AVCF 33c Li-le Hose now 25e pair 'J, 1 ^ Black Ribbed Stocktnc*. for «eiline. SB. KIU1G i iVllLLKH. ·8 H. Markbt St. LINTON E. MAIN. A Is not an easy thing: to lose, it rripplos with the bronchial tatoa and reaches tor the Innn. Th*rt- It t wnr to SHAKE IT OUT of the sr.ttem. Take Main's Couch Core This remedy will cure every time. BellevM rlcht away. CLINTON K. MAIN, Graduate PhannacUl. Standard Urn* received daily frnnj Wasb- tnrton. LOOAL MENTION NoUce. Emancipaticm solidton on contribn tion officially anthorized are Elijad Davis and Clarence Kelson, with books under seal. Ceorgo M. Sewell, pre«i dent; It. E. Jenkins, secretary. Dr Win. C. Boteler. Practice Limited to Dioease* of the Eye, Ear, No*e and TbttMtt. Special attention to operations for Strabismus (cross-eyes). Cataract, Trachoma, ( granulated lids), etc. Spectacles adjusted for all forms of defective sight. Spectacle examinations free. Office 28 N. .Market street. Baltimore ft Obio Railroad. Excnrions to Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Idle City and Ocean Oity, N. J.. Ocean City,iMd., andi. Rehoboth Beach, Del., AT VMY LOW BATES. Thursdays, Jane 28, Jaly 12 and 26, August 9 and 23. The Baltimore Obio B. R. have arranged a series of Popular Seashore Excursions, to be ran on Thamlays, Jane 28, Jaly 12 and 26, August d aad 23, to Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle City and Ocean City, N. J., Ocean Oity, Md, and Rehoboth Beach, Del. Tickets will be good sixteen flfii days, including date of sale. Stop-orers will be allowed on there- turn trip at Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington on tickets sold to New Jersey resorts, and at Baltimore and Washington on tickets sold to Ocean City, Md., and Rehoboth Beach, Del. For tickets, time of trains, sleeping «nd parlor car accommodations, call on or address nearest Ticket Agent, Baltimore Ohio R. R. for full information. F. B. SAPPINQTON. LAMPS, BTO. Weesll your attention to o«r stock of Chios, consisting, of DINNER. TXA AND TOILET WARE. plain white and jaanr pnttt dccora- ttoas. These nods cose from the bert factories sod are sew and dealr- »hle shapes. Wewillbereeelvtiurfiew roods from now on each week, and If you need any B*D»« fnnrfshlnr rood: oil and we will bt surt te please T»D. , We shoit« splendid mssorttsat of LAMPS. Bemember the StaAntt Laatp aad tkr AaierieaM Centre JDraufbt Lamp ar« the be«t r»ffar Lamp* nade. We ell them. We carry a co»pln* stock ·* ehoto* Famiiy tiroeerh*. "White Star" O«C- f**Js the bert that crow*, and K* Ml Tea is th» be«t t«a U drtak. Waar* sole a«ecU for these roodi »a4 kaww thty will please yon. Ask for MBMtUar alec. We dmt keep it. We sell It, F. B. SAPpm Mdawlj S\ v u T »i»« st» Injf iutuiit J nit sea- rial '.'.-·* yn-e* OB MB»iuti. _ . . . f urn fit. Wito HrJ t^praatt*. Lars* and »o!d we allow » «!*«*! (Jl»-»ucl ol It per c«et. Thu tturr pr*«rDt« «« ouso to KM b»ivmiii» with u J»u ut GEO. S. EODOCK * CO. A. T. BIO» ft SONS. A. T. BICE Boss. KUKEltAL DIKXCTOKS AND EMBAU1KKS. 190 NORTH MAKKE1 STREET. FREDERICK. MR COA1R TO H1BE IN SMALL Ot^ LAKUE LOTS. F.V. STAOB E^OOD Hl'ILUS KINE MINUS KALSTON HEALTll CLt'B BREAKFAST F(.0»- UALSTON HEALTUV CLL'B BARLEY FOO». PURIXA WHOLE WHEAT FLO17E MAKES BRAIN BKEAU. RALSTON INFANT FOOD BUILDS BEAUT1KUL, BAB1EI. KOK SALE BY F. V7STAUB. J. Heiaeiy Keliar. nr AT J. HH8KLT MtLLKbVB. ·BU6 STOKE. \ 103 N. MAKKET ST TOOTH BHL'SHES. IHAIK BRUBHEg. CLOTHB8 BRUSHES. EAT BRUSHXf lerl. In stock Uiat b*- lono Ic a pcrftetl} 8 AJTDl 8AKD1 ·AKDI We tan offering^** spot OMh ttmn, sharp PotosaM Hirer 8swl IB av quantity, from a banal to a oarkiaA. This is the sams saod msed by tat B. A O. R. B. in ita aaftot* to sanding of tracks and Ulte kbaJ we use In all our oemant work, Oood results cannot be obaitiX la plastering, brick ot osouot work unless the proper ·aterfab an assd aad we are the only ooes hare saNI Ug a sand sellable for these tea] Call or write fee ariee.4 WILLABD 0. KBLU t E. PATtUti It. OEEBSVILLE FLOUR. CPEOIAL. Want you to try the flour manufactured by our new MU- ler. He has been grinding for Washington City trade. See if our flour won't make yoe.mor* loaves of bread to the barrel. 8HBJJTER, SHBIKER MAKER OF FLOUR. FOB SALE. T7K)B SALE.--BOUSE NO. 118 ·*-' Patrick *tr«et. Hamilton "CHJR SALE OR BENT.--DWELL-I? inc and store bouse. Nos. 47. and 49 W"Mt Patrick 8t Easrterou. HaiBlIton Un«Ua». JjlOdeod2m T7OR SALE--TWO PIECES OF J- Contter M follows: One piece 1A fwt lone and one piece 5X te .t lone: lisa one haa* made buffet, solid walnut with marble He: will b« (old cheap to a qnick pnreluwr. A»- ply to John H Frailer, *o. 64 S. Market St. T7OB SALE.-OITE LARGE BOW X? Window for yore room. WUIaellehMSU Applr to Xo 46 South Market Strwt jlUlw 8ALB.--TWO BTHLDOKF West South Street. Apply WB. " " """ jlldlai* L. Mehrllnr. Bnutswick* Md. B SALE.-FOTJB LARGE OFFIO* Desks suitable for »«y ««e« Tksse « are In tsce'leat coadilioa ami will »* sold cheap. Apply to C. £. Barlor, o* Wills. - Church Street Applr at No. 74 ·· Church Street. lxMt T?OB BINT.--TWO LABQ£ J. aad gtorj frost rms, *l~o ttonMn r*Ma» Lewis S. CliBCma. jlMUi TjXB BEHT.-HOUSB OOMTAOTJ: lag seven room. *J1 taiilihil, «»·»» aieot to foar eharek«k«t P«t*rtTflK Ihl^tK nllw frwu B. * O. ft. IL, «*· sptfat «f wrtsr is the rard. akaadaH* ol «gd ikaJf. sfasils for two torse*, ro«4 ratwte and lot. «W. alrowlaJKtot viaiiUMm aad frslt. Ai»4» * E. E. MiaMD«r.?«UlaTlU«i. Md. F OB BENT.--I HAVK plaa*s t* re»t »r O# Monta. H *. COIOB. Music Hall. 100 N. Market St. TDXB Rurr.-TwaaroET F h«iM XA. 1~- Mj.rtjj Ja»« BW9V t^w* ·** ^^wnw ^aT^riiT dflWtom lmm ~ Miller, 1318. *CX)B BMTT.-- Tfflt JD ld««e««fth«]*t«Dr.J aat*d la PettnrtU*. Mo*t a»4d4fbmM« ataedlr wm ly to J. c. o

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