The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 25, 1881 · Page 4
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 4

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1881
Page 4
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V rwtSi^ ) Oil Cj»V\iim i i r a r A l ('.is to s^ealt Tiere are certatn .'ooxna/s wi^ei indulge In muc i merriment over -.» treats of retalla- ^ ^ wav -,, ^^ ·»-- -^T 6 J1 ^! anC ' Tf*~ ie ^l, 00 *" ^^^^.^eraaa said taat great i IsscWy ^mmxe, tioug-o, t ia; leaas - .omsautesoi^enewS^ncvtarff. Taese dyayjes we« not mace because o* any rea. ^opes for iimse ' *aere are TM :ourna.s suppose, or pretend to aecreve, -,*= -J«r«*arA ;ust:c, out la ceference to a many man In tlie sta'te wl iac m'n'ngsa es Jngam proposes toy ve up free race and great demand, or a g.-eat neeessl;y. Among spoi ed by t ' " adopt a protective system. It .s fortunate for otjer cases ae-mentioned slavery and tie - -- -- us tliat suci :s not . jeiy to be tae ease, com laws. S.avery was forever cruaaed in r ' ie ~afa-*or -IA-VTMTM ,,,= ,TM« t . a t . m e must g o o u t w . n o u t Suca a pos t,on wou c 30 a ser.r-- -- · -» ---- ---..I--.. .. , . ... ..--^-^-or ,ae,_r.Dnne aas grown very are expecTec:» suspend- t3e furjr system m cenaJi of the proc aimed cistrlcts. ' · l i t n t ni. a-st iv"_s?» to converseojt -o itics. ' '(VHI)t- to re , . j-tt-e Pitts ?urg^ TUB TRIBUNE COMPLICATION. EW YORK, June Word's Loncon specia says: Tne-.ig.i-, .s oreaxing for tlie premier, anc.-t is now certain taat ;,ae ti^tmec tarougaou;tw land w.taoo%resistance, of po.lee anc. so,c:ers jave been so e even tae "waves; of. toe its. Tie mcwc vir«4»jmvv,,.» arge ^ ' w ° u c " Je nine t-ii .c cc, rain. Uneof our expon trade, a '.ous j.ow to '..I a country because of a genera and a great oi^er. and in .,, . ,, - - Attempts aave jeep mace tbreaca a in - u -y- ^ orr Sa. S5ury ias " muttered ^ r f' i^cael-'Kwwn, coynsy Cori. waere %e se to conn- tetaanc. - ie corn .aws were enacted ae- compromise,,!)^ laear ,iat so-ar-hev aave 'P 90 ?* **»° i ; »^ u : :i « prevailing impres- I:!!! 1 !? 6 remem:eree a c*s?erate.en«ranwr ueut.tarioiisG.a^ow oan rirec- MJC " s * ys ». ««i .emporary, "nearly 75 per cacsea^reatnecess. y cenuncec. that taey .ia.i et .. -pe^r 3 une-o s s~ lodJe^or- Slon 1S ~ i a : ~1( u « a y w t e n U i y l » 3 u n 3 n « . cent, more than we se -» a.. o -.aercountries aiou a oe. Win t^questicn of xvoman suf- and are cle^n; anc different. Backer com^nsa-aon-fo^is^ance-Vr w a7 ^ ^ «TMtess of Xngston, Jn n^p^Vf t^e wo..e .ragetaere .8 uo necessity and no imperative .ias inaiimra-^ « aTM-*TM x- ,TM.* ^.v. . lowed by-,ie -m«»n- iWsniw an, -r-",^ r oun "'-ry-are tie po^a^ee more togetier, .VUi cities do not en;oy our warm weavier. 38 ?er cent, more ~,ian we luy from-3ntisli lu Quebec t ie Tyr-t .ias done mac a damage, countries." We cannot afford ;o aave 3n,3- Our it! Je..\m, is wLiiug to ^o to congress or ^e a cant ,c ate for governor. ; Nona- statesmen finf modest, unse-ls i an* re- ceuiant. tjesa taere are many wlio oeaeve sae .ie in an opposite d.reo- ;.on. Trance ma^es a m;sta ie ; ,n adopting a n 3ut tl fa\-or -- -- --o^TM "*"·** f i^w. j « *x^ ^it*»at^ki.iei :liilJ4d5 w * -- -- - - · -- -- · -- -- .^ xuw^«^«w«^ ^ ^/«*x*»-'x».»4 ^tt ion is iia; upper 'louse w i » no; dare to J 8 * K y av « ; :ec a foirnign-, ago»n tae oc- e;ec;.t. T.ieir re^ec^on .as: year of :ie ® asions o- tae e^ctlons, on i:ae pioaerty of omTensa-aon-for-cisturjance oi.. was -'o,- countess of Xngs-sm. Jn noppr-. n' -..-,,, awed by-,ie presen; measure, ant .f tjey 2^ DJ7 " are tie PO3«-aee more oe «M* aOU "^ : ^P W -" ou: ' :aey "^ safe -y COUQ " " ttr -^t 69 ^ "^""L 16re a * ^· »^ aF , .eaa^ oejl| confronted, uext aesslon, wita a s; cer ae *TM£°* «f Ue famoas Ga^ "i" iicrd is iu)xv a lit:.e if- capita, (jue-tion. .cf., loxvevt-r, tiac 'ier. in :be c scussion iis mucj jas ^een souta w.. stanc po icy w.i ci wi 1 so mater'a y interfere w.tu :ier trade wit.i ISng.anc. Anc, for ..ourna.s of t.iis country to try :o m^uence jeop.e tiiat;- is jest, for 3ng. anu to reta iate upon Jrance by restnctive measures s pure iQ .y. France xv je forcer » recon; ; - ' · -- · s.t er t,ie measures sae jas ac op tec. Dec;ar- i mmas y. Young lias gone to ing ,1 gi duties upon ling Is'i tex; es wi i'a ittu-iua to cngtge in mining, ftnu ye: '.lie sitiDyxvort ,o tiiecisat'van:age of :i -ii'xu-inor is suit, to be o j more t uui orriuary Juator o: :ie measures. a nm;or.;y o; women are u iuw w.i:'cia sral. /.icm : iis r:g.r, we t o not, se, ;eve. Jefore cons-t erJig tie matter fu! y it may loestatec tiat xvomen are se ves t^iat tliey .iave not alreacy t :egeo /! voting. If t^ey rea .y cesi.-e sue i a .a\v t ley enoug -me)us *-.g- nesis hit moon- nouncec L; caused a great c ea of comment!. Pure en of I: xvas t.-iat tlie _ .iave reason 30 /enow *,.iat no a7»mp; w... ae mac e to tamper w 11 i:s ^ a i e r T O ^ . -eacling Tie most imporant pajer wcu.c. at once oecottie an 3vans ral-- amenument ^rojably xvi,. lane, wou.d :de spir;-; o' re3 y upon ; ie and.awless. decent events and par-^ie recent encoun^rs nave ratensi- fee-Ing of resentment to coe anc- --. ^ ^ , JO »HU-» o. ^fjL, T i iere . ^^.no disturbance in any ie movement in ;ae commons by Xr. £Ier- ? uan *: r - -vtsijiec iLcae.. stown, waica is a age, memaer' for Great Grens«ev on · en mi ' e ^^ -ro^ Jomay, one of iae most "-\Tiurscay, v z., tocom-ae. and oros w - o'aave lm ? oran ''', m itary stations in Ire: and, tje · ,o ;ns was a series of as- \iade cieir own improvement, according to s , u "' oun "ns country i s very picturesque. I 3vans roac.s anc. :ie ..ay "ie usua. Zngis.i system, from vie OTeration . CA on -'"ataer 3urten, a most gen: ana oour-eous ones-, irom waoin . .earned- wit* jow grea: appreoen- iie, auc nose interes^d in tie sion - are no: '" a numor -or 'trll ° "' le sa-ety o- t IB j peo·'.«, xvere next.eviction 1 cays. ;:« fearec taa-,.w consequences m.gri: be serious, for it was a, most in "mser is s ( j .rouh ct about t.itj sout.ieni i x f i i l i c ' i i mi Hit' cupitu Cjuest'ion. Wo can ·asf Denver t'xjcfciliiigly by not lioltling t u: tour-in iam i s o w n r a i n i y \ \ i l l n o t b o t i n - liiM t i m e ° f agtteu '- pr sec-o get a j.oxv ·MI aijr l « - I in ut t H . - u l t i i r i i ! liusiiK- l t a t one l i n n a one \s il « l l n t U s a i u ; rvapi'i's. :.eta ( as^ \\ 10 is t lt; l l u x -_ ·( i ! n r i a l niaii;is.remcnt of H M t i n t - l i t question \voii c · n e x t oxviu-r'.' wi no- seei -o re- A a-, ^ "^ * ieve / 18: Lie ^?«^^^men tn, not in some eases t.e assau aave xenof : « i - n o . ae« .o re^ a^ Jy ai ,op:mg sue , :avor o- a ,w passec. w.iic i sioulc exaaptmrng ana taunting xinu, anc tiere ias , tiem -.,e privi oges er.joyec ? y **,, no ..esitaney from any conslceratlon. me«. . , V a n y w i o a r e i n . ' u e n : i a . i n p u D i c . i : e Not only .iave tie livans -jarty been -'ree y oe ieve t-iat women w a ru.e .oo!-c oHt;/iar/ ·-.,,- -..^.,« -':-,*. .... ·^m.ct M «· ,-ie 3prougland county franclise. Tiepre- in a very courteous and cotnp '. Tribune peop.e are evi- during tie recess and mace piece c angry, t.esperate itnc uncomprom's ng, ancefortie nex; session. assim! .ating SSsrli'3r^ IlA ' ! « TM= y -"^-p-,^ c rs^£ r-, " = ^-.j .^i ceu.. as before, tiougi t.iey were aware of con- scep^r is from tlie Carson sequences of assau.-mg - ke so diers, ae cou J f * " 1 O Q nil if A '""* i^. T " . . ^ ii _ _ · , . . _ _ » · - ' " .T* v w w . measures as wou c. ma'e our trac e suffer. We ( o not ie ieve s ie xvi . repUD ican pajers in Mis state .iave V i\c\\ ' · ias, 'exv rays. criticism of tieac.sor pus let simp y t lat . ley maj ciis, a Vote. Yet sayings o: -no .c men are acrfect.y ieg.-.i- o: lei's are in favor of a axv xv.iicu s ia a .qw mate, :u£ Me recentdiscussions iiave gone " l t'i» '* en.'oy Meir r'.-eccom unc, .uvveacer- fiir bfyont t i i s . T ipy iave jeen .i:t,e siion, taiii in_:uence. ' ; , r.g it of of b iiciguan ism. T 10 disc us.biou WHS star:- We .iave never c mmoiom*. anc. geti xvi l C 1 anc wenever :,ey .ate encounter, anc. se.ievec \- was oiuy a miracie that preventeu terriale 3 oocsaed. Tie so.diers anc. po ice numbered fix-e nun- .eaxmt nr't^ea tiousaftd. were arniec. A were in Ssones were ant fit by u unjusti lub.e utt* 1 . on tie women. ,,'. coed not seoiu ; i a : i ; is it'll the · uiracter of oine of o\ir most respecter ~ub- .ic men in an artic »· in : ie I lera i entitlec am. reserilMH. timer the .leauing of "?res.'- ( eir J.jing.i' T iis inv.:et. am. cat ee "orti :or T K U . K I t in Liu city a great c.ea. of late, lie anc. tje squire. T ie/lodge xvit,i a am. tiat is a lomennc. TJ« hiinience o: xvoiinen is best cxer a. 'roi t 'ic.r .loiues. or iamj;on ot in not be sure of 5 .ia c o n l u e n c e s , :oe ;o | were very poor abo as any ' ' maue -up t icir m nc Arc i, Living of . t i e am , coiiif wnat mlgj- peop t- of earl u m a i t ; f r i g I t x t t a w i i yostert ay, many o* um i t t l i . Jt i ie wor (. was coin ng to iu^n,muiiitvata^e-.,a : ;,ey s ioucvo:e. seems ,:o .now t in: ,is unwise i g,t from TM ^ wl e as unconip-romisi^ I £ £ | u^" w^l^^TtTit^UC.^^ i*J iave a ecu iu mis.sian o: :jeir oxvn, iy as ^ 1g -. on wi ; 40U . _ n x i n g sk es on , . ^e g-^ce, Murei, and .unced in^rests as any'! mare in t leir n. ncs t ia: t.lev wou.d «rt a '-* frv* \ O* f\r A( r»i" i n t n ' k - r - t n " «»..',. 4 ' ' , , ; . , -- ,,+r * . . . . " ertsim;ma,tcrxv!is a great pu.itica. mistaie. -le is -j( common . igure . u :. ie Windsor 10 iave ae ac-ourn-- ^TTM;'TMLS"?*?" n ' 0ns W " C ' 1( ? COI) - tr ° UD ^ : -° r w t n o u g ll l iat - ^"t^eopie got ,ros. ,, pmnn, u , ,,,f * , ,, ,, , . . ,, . .. : ! _.. . :jie .aim ji. t ley xvou (1 not g:ve a Mought to .ionic ru.e or nationa. inc. ependence. I learc of ( tt;u\a are e\ ic ent y to t ie most t h e , ' n i t e t | | . \ \ V \ I M ; )e Secretary :j,aine ias ami so beset jy oH ce- seeers t i;U 'ie ias taen iis work ionic, am in iis oun -louse ias re'usut seeing! its tormen.ers. '.'10 net gave rise to t ie s.ory t mt ie was suffering from t ie effects of Wright's t isease. The .'rovi ence Star savs: :or Mem .o u-conie piuic advisers. . t is afaj;:, no one xvi t.isputt, piu ici;y iiur women at tiepo s, i e ' from i acei c IBM pens re mar.ion.' a, , ic caucus, 'n t ie :roxv', i rags Mcproiu .iosi:ion xv u're s ie ias jy respect anr»tion. _'u; xv ,'.un o:' woman's .ro er s i' icre is again anu again, but we ')e icvo : 10 None (o "'-"'"' u r '' ia-'it secretary of stale is not to be strongi'st o linion is "I i l i e i U ' | . i i t i i t i o n ol being the m i ^ t "o" tu '" ri f ' an easily a.s that. . e wi b o a maifs usefu.ness is . J i c u l h t r ' 10 e uiscusset jes: am j sp icre of xvo- to lersel '. S K; ;ro s. j.e remands t lat ,t uncoujtec.y primogeniture .e abo..slice;; Mat t i e xvi _ foniro. fie patron- ant. je t iroxvn open -"or purr, anc that age at \Vas.-mig-.on, am. :.iis xvi,. mr: Te .er very mua.i at t us time. T. on y connect tiemse ves xvit. sa-ce o- nied ig up crumbs x v i . * from '-e cr's scanty joare'., anc a oxv iim :o f n t e - ector a- ^xv, t icre is .ocging su-frage in ;: gnu\v a: ic (rust o j tiisa i ^ointment in surly ont K O«« quaners t ie confident ^.t is certajQ t.i; :.te.stDwn wil. 3e at .east a taou- for eoach n.l- "l" AV *' r '" ; "rtiel 's at ministration for three " oio can fi it; it ai one am be tillec . l i h i 1 I r ; u l e n x e r i f a i u b rr, )- iai | - ' i M H t r a i t s of e.iiirin'ter; t ie ·i i l t t ie execute! Canty. A l . l ( ' i i i s Iscarint, t h e s y n o i i x i n one* tjooi qua in i n ' s or (.'antj's. ]. c self. "\ears anr. eig it niotit i- to come, am w'. , "t i en jc. goot -or man} more years o: ac:.'ve. "\a nab e eivice in re iu ican party---i: " t e i s i i ' i t \\orn o i t by t ie i m p o r t u n i ies o' a! IcaM ' 'he story of a yoitt i nainei t ost:p i 1 e.n- nesst-y i anotier i usvni.ion o' t ie -ernicious int uenee exert eu 'jy ( . m e nove s. _: seems -n genera, we i o not jt- ieve t lat women i esijre to xo.e. '.'no jest \ x i \ e s , moMers are satisik-i ,o eaxc to men t te oat-.03:0" -o i:ics. \Ve '.iave nexcrscen a unani- inoMs ( es r c v x irese. jy t'ic women t)f t ic country to c mnge - leir ws'.tion. It 's not .genera, y consit'erer t i a t voting is a't'uty. S ' l o u r t icy rcc i in s.itlicieii: i n u m - Je :oni is In t ie city very frctjiient y now. He oocs xvomec., aiu. as .f ,ae .igi.xv.iici iis rum x-ters ea..e« xverp no: going'ust as ie xvou r J e. (Jeiuirar . ami . eiimo roxvn t'»is xvee. ."ie .ias a m f dozen eose,s in t la "wlera. coun, anr t iey. absorb l i i M l i n x i.icsu , ie tie i T los .is.i coun:ry ife -"rom tie break into tie c.iape.s. Tae enure.i was people, incucin^ imposslo.e to prt- excise. I'now wouki je !e: .lose in :,ie front ciers wou.c. fire rs : i;r, ?e,s 01 i ly etLenr court, -«.i».uuujjr nu rum xienis ot 3_t.. e- .,li«.... -e doesn't t a ^^^ m ^\\^^^^ and so fori, xvou r je Ui^en abac.i if t.iey :.iat l e x x u s n a t u n i . l y of a wea-c constitufon, mig i: x c lauge, . Jut unti. t i a : time, .t :ceir,i s.neet ' x-ote, tlien our opinion -veenu opens ierc next xveex at t i e S:x- were to visit rura. jCiig.anr just noxv. Ulun- rest of t ie first one after coercion act .asi wee-c. Jle expressec some fear of a disturbance at tje next evictions. DUBLIN, ..une 20.--A pastora. .etier b\ )eiiioenit or aur xviis gtt'ter. xvitli a jrain o: no panicu ar oes 1 it;s \M|)|\^'. ( i n SuiK.ay thi.sjoiir- a ! i s , s M \ s ; "'i'lie lio ( t r a i n e uu : i t\. Mul t h e N i u t i 'iir-i. i^ut uxvav .xnver; in fact, 'ic was wea-mincct from i s ·irt i. .jfite y 'ie t iw from injuries in£ic^:, y 'limse .", an tie act was cause. by an agitatei . t i a , t'v.t rm\s:ion 71 :M D3 louse. " .e -i aft is ut- trer s o: " once magnilicen; estates'are now ten- Arc nisi °? : -cCa^e, reac. in a.i tie Cat.iolic - c ,, Hte ,s UIr airesSi . _ Q some COU]ries n e a r y my ^ c.iurc ies o: city to-cay, regrets tliat even t i e lane :s out "of 1'ropery is t e r y unfit "or e rania anc any-.jj .ng el se. I cent of lear t mt it xvi TM converter .nto a beer gar- cultiva:ioii. un xv .ion t n; Tabor oiera louse : s o enec. reD " ro -- s arc a crag, rsnic y cimin'.siing. .11 m t.iis ciocese nwn are .Jreac.iing-roctriries suasersive o: .axv ana order. -XXXDON, «lmie 'JO. -- T.i Times .in t i '.in- i ' ' ie A u s t r i a n ;.nrty imaEiiiatioii t 'stoi-.c-r by c*iine nove reat ing. · i t ,^ anitou, s lot t iree '·" "' HToes of t w ye .oxv-coxeret boors en- i- i k a n - l i it not xv a c to t ' (t ' 1 - l IU y° u n 3; Lie rearing of tieir i aring i ee( s am. t.icir crimes soxvorliedu ;on "·»--- t n; i n i i K f o - ..iis clii.t t m, iis menta. powers 'i '" tJ.e r a t h e r -,P\-IMB 'orsoo' iim, anc iis ( eat i xvu.s :'ie resit' Sona-ofia'. ; ~ . M I M l . ^ N ' i l '' ' · ' . | | | l i . \ , . | » - t M ~ i - - t o i l ' - l - . - l" U.e r a t h e r -,p\-eie "|l in our H - n x e r et- v\ as not of i i s seeiiiii,', · l u l in the persona Hies ! i i - I t h . i v . - t l . i i r a . tki-i i/.i.-u t h e (.Titic'i.sin o f .iis ;.p H u n t s . 1 ' h e ' I ' r i b i m e iiggv. aim into i t s . . · i t r o x e r - . x \ \ i i h l u l l , a m t h u s tcnnoniriy i n . - . I i i'.s I i a t t e r i c s on an innocent pary. ' r i n c t - A r x a n t irr i on'l xvant frwj e ectiotis :n s in Ju g-.iriii. This is not u i i i i a t u r a coin net upon t ie part o. a -inner. CA33YINO COJJC3AL3D W3A?CN8. r i a l pr.ispt-rity t f t h e c o u n t r y i s better t u t u I . . ; s,iine t i m e . W.ii c t lere is no boom, u ' ' i h a! are i i i d i t i f i to be ieve is not xviat i - x v . i n t e i l . t h e r e is yet a strong i-urrent . i . u l l i n n t e e l h i i ; nf i'onfii eiiee. .anufuctur- e i s ' u c l e ^ ' i n n i n i , ' t i ' , n ' i - e i v e ! pro t, anc sta e a i t i . e- :nv h«ni!,'ht Lu arge ( j u a n t i t i e s . Dur . is| ati- K-.S t i n s i n o r n i i i n are extreme y gra.i- t ' \ i i - - . ! i-sel , t ie xvar eorres HUH cut, -'iri.iis re.ily to Mr. .\ing ake's ou the Crimean po icy o- ,.ie . . . i . i i n T N I M - S a n i l i i s "urious ;kttai-k.s on i.* · · M i : e s | . , . t n l e i i ! . e x v i n i s u p i\ informiiiic ^ I : . K i n i i l . i k e t h a t u l i a s "alfroiitei t i e con-.. ie u-es ..; t i n * tmitic a m i t r a i n i ei on t i e iri.iM-s ni t i n - ileai t h a t lie may rear an a tar t o Ii s ii n i L u n i ICsiLC an) tm the r u i n s o ' in- i i n i i i l i e r a l i e i e p n t ; i l i o i i s . " _'ub ic sen: nient lias jeen rotisee. o'~ .a.e agains: . ie roc .{.ess ant -"e onions use of rire- arins xv lie i las become so codiinou in Co o- rat o. T ic man xv ID carries a pis :o is )re::y ' sure, sooner or ater, : t IK an excuse to use it. It may m pen t Kit in a tin ment of anger a e may je committee, or it may 'mp- en : ia, in a i run-veil frenzy : ie pisto may be turnee against person cr" a c ier s ier "rienc. It is 'o .y for men to carry coneea et. 'weapons in any of t i e pnncipa. toxvns of Co orat o; im ee, it is more ' ian fo y, ': s crimina . T ie very fact t mt one, carries si Wjas -ae ?oLhioians we 01) *jc Di..~WL8oi A3air. Caances, Tri'Mtno ?i^ii- J , Spicy ?8rsona.s, 3tc, : uno 17. -- Co oraro. po itics at a: Teis: Me advantage of iu- tcrc.s-^ i M i s q u a a j t ) i,s ever lutercstinu-. ; Tae, var outs re'HI a ican ructions are t i o r o u g i l y embiiterw., aucl are quarrel ins; i^.; lit, ixv.ves. Aeftfsa.ions ano. et-t|i»;ts .iiist.t. 1 fiiroug . . ie a rxv n a x'icious sotm, am iu one seems to care muc.i w iere ley s:ri-te, or xv lab t ie effect w. w. Tie }as: ,rou lie, xv lie i ias turne* a to.wt ier on xv'ier ier 'Ji otTeiei tn se on: to ,."oe Wi stn -'or #809, or xv u.-Mer c_ea of t i e l i t t e r y ncompe.en: anr. rorru-n city gox-erntnen: xv lie i 1 Jen ver .ias. a s.ory iere :aa', W'IPH jit win rr.urjis from Zng.and lie xvi'. jr ng iis ous sntns in t i e gooc o a ays o; t ie rotten Doroug is, in ao- ft S a '»S'' payment of quiring esxv^s wiic'i brougi: w i t i t.iem -werx repaciating c " sea^ in parliament ; ant. in a:er times cotton ores and otier capita is's of incmstry : ' Buc.i a Ki.icv. auc stri-ic reut is decked, any intention to adopt . wife/wio 'sa ponsitm itix-e, :o Co OKU o -"ora 8Un { " '?' r :orrilneH iH t i e same manner, as'- seaso i. surec. of a oerennia. income and a, A. ~t'i.s oe»ongs to a -oast age "le.'.-Hoe bui., ng, w i e n com., e:e, wi 1 Tie Want, manac ed'iy'feuda: ciwtomsrad 'Projects Taici are Regarded ¥ili be : v mm somest nexvstia or 'niicimr n ° : ? ressec J ' tn ies a " ^igrenri, is u n a j e to -,,,, luce American eom-je-f-ion fmri ' i ' uioiir tat .loin .ivans owns ajant'ons t ie Jarm to swel angry mo j'iii -OMDUV, Jam' v,'.--A new American rail- yie borougis. .aborer is no .onger Hat- j!" 0 " 1 - «»ni;Hiiiy xvas -roug it out, tiis morning, 3enx-er. It i.s h a one- ia : of t. ie stor c of ·Id in ICxans owns ie concern. r at'.oiis o: ancient a juse xv i c i is so ciom- under moii a H so xve. -xvorii in sue i c Is m .es. | Tne .)i etter, liowever, is genera y con* (eat y xvea .on may iromp: iim :o exercise cet et, to iave jeen m ic i stronger Man 'JViJ 's. Wi son appears ;t .iave ;eeu utra.'^ o; ias a goo. us tower. 'VYe i on t xv.ic: ier .; is necessary to carry a revo xer in : IK xvi u- ust mining cam » in Co ora o. A man xv 10 iiiim s ii.s own wsinesV ee s sojer anc son supiect, anr w,.it c ie :o ^ enoug i sx?ry, .ie o!u i; :n a very giuser.y wav. T i e strong p o r t agaiusi Di ia '·!« very .arge ocatton. T,ie Wine sor is doing a ors " e ! U e :iat » r every man wao xvanta to !s * J ° c - is ar « pemg aiocxet. up anc k cown to suit Jtisiness. '?RKB \NC-E I 3urc ' liise an estate -/acre.are a liuncrec reutxy " /ie convenience of Droiers aiiu specu aswrs -^ sga- at m.t a sir. W.iere t.iis wi enc, Kanyo: taenew rai.roac companies adver- cea s jus, y is se f om ma e : ie, victim of as- own confess ou taa. : KTC was a Bargain on not ;een t h i , , , , n u n , t.,e o- a scries g' ve some ' · · t l e t t e r s from . " y i i x / r , xvhic.i xvi ' · · | inlclc.stini,' 'nsii e infoiination on o.i- ; : · · - , p u l i t i c i a i i s , or ai y subject au'itating tic ("'hrie i i i n i i at Lie tran.sitory (* itii . - i i r i u t u i v x x i im ica.e t leir c j,irac:,er. " . i s H l l l l ? e e S s ; | [ j ( , , ; , y ]!);,[ S U ( . , ^-t^,,^ % v j _,y i n ii t-.nis express, ( HJ o )inions of t iis )u - er. as i l x - v . r i t e r is in no \vie, restricte* n ii.-» · ·oinaii-iits. '.'o restifrt l i n . won refea- fie 'lesii.ii of ( K. etUTs, W unguage ius seen ci \Vi.son 5, it s sair i e i s ".MM. u.)" some c a r e nig it J oot. ;.- us is genera y resurred as con r rm- n's pis:o is of no use for t i e :oo: at s are n .ory o f , ie genera s,or/wiie.i s to t.. i sure to '.iave "t K; t ro /' on , i i m be "ore ore'.er- Tae funnies, : ing ID ,i s units u i. On t ie who e,it seems .tie pio ication of, :o us a s:u .it ajit tajigerons iractice for men user to carry coneea er xve;i wns. A. most a^l ot t i e recent murrers ctmimittet. ,n Co orat.o resu :et from t its .pernicious iaj_t. ,e C ironic e, in r scusing of Llosencranty. anr Gi.; ie txvo ,ea vl e inure .erery, CommiBsioners Beacii 2iver. IlivKit, 70 xves* Agency,«Co. q rac,, Tuesc.ay, enc, wises: men are at a oss :p xnow. " )e * JSet - ate; y lai-ves: pros3ec^) iave Seen somewia: im: schemes seem to grow in favor, and any ci^ proved jy copious s.iowers, but arrest, it wi usect o!c. pi: in Coniwa'. wi now sring a ta . De-ow-,ie average. .fancy price, jleports nave ateo been sea u ^ arne.- cont.nues to renounce as insu^cient, -ju; as ie '.miss '-f .and ous y circu atet s lort y irai been seau- t iat a war of tariffs wi v out among your great tr ierful. ion- nait in (.'laff ot" ntu-viexv w uc i (Jeorge r \ fret Townsciu: u egec ie lac wi ;.i I'm cat set. i tt e comme it. I; itt Itnown cer- i iu n ai e l j . na A'eeoix suy.s: -^efferson ' a s i s mi-; H as \\e., i a \ e t ie,t -- ractica "ilii .-eiise to exist - in lsi.5. . _e ins eaniet "oiw can'je sen, "not \\\^ ^ ne.-. am one not ling exce r, to "Way is ;je ac" "n-enri i n ..pinion's anr prejudices xv i c i ··\.ei-tf iis prexious t.) t.'e t a y xv.ien ie xvore " ii.s wife's xvaterprt*f. . ,e i.s H re ic 01 a ".ias: age, m v i n g no : lnoresyin ; at ly xvit i tie "presfjil t iuii a -fossiJ fount em et c er in :_ie "roeks of a past gtto uirif age. ' ii osop lieu, y ·· ie rei-ogti /es muny : t ngs, jti.. ;rac:ical.y "im i is seen nofiing since . ie soir tern con- "feuerucy co apsec'."· iave T ic . ie x;rt, xv 10 . iave oeen re )riever says: "^Vn effect- "ual metaod of preventing murrerous as- aiin ' '·sun Us, wou d "je ^ put a sto j to tae carry ng "of ccmeea et. wea xms. Tae Co. orac.o stat- '·ute of t iis year provires usu^c.ent remedy v "Tnrer i , any man carrying coneea ea wea Arapa loe county wi . . tien-tentlary a: Canon. "»« s not euforcet. ? Tiereuan ant. lie "DC no .'usf: cation--t'iere is no sense :'n cur- J6 .evec "ry'ng a revo. ver un and c own I^amaon live- crowt. "nue. It xvears otu a man's areeclies, anc:, f Juttiereis room for cour/wre. W.iat is country jy Qommiss'oner Xeacnani to mrry " ie ae iave limse f, 1 ie may caJTy i; for a nown as t ie summer rii g .9 nc w in favor of a., t ie Wliite Hi ver V «s t iat taey mig r see "century w n i o u , ever meet jig ateimtation ll^in. .lie las cone Ys jesc to make it x proce,ec. » t ie Taitaa agency for a : jow V.tou«i.. Vetajout .ia f ; m peop e one reapectab e jy tirow'ug cu; so- In :.ies mpe wow. scouts rejor,ee meetug a We - "meesemMeiiveuuecarrypeir'gtui.'I'you of appcintmer..« to m itia jostons aac numser jf 1 ,7aiLe^.ver "Jtes; a L sotia;axir "asl-c t lein xvl ly, t ley reply :'aatt ley may meet jT-vtai .; commissions to liuut in mytXea. 3-X-ot gea u-e campec if ty m es 'rom our ' ul. It ^ aimuuncec taat tae Ju.y :nVrev* tae At antio Great Western 5rs^ \v-l. ' ceferre warrants, su; ·;-is e -:) - JrDae - lin g ama«ama-,ion sc,»etne is t ; I0 n^re prosper:^ of tie "trouD.esome te. ows, anu tieywis.1 to-3e outrages, r "prepared. I'rtriarec. /or waat? Istliereany J y reason of liu "cecem man iv ng wio wou.d not rataer went. I" 8 anyabtly canta^ei: "3ear an ~.nsn ,--even a t ow, t,ian take a au- J-*n C ia."*ee can, jut it nay oe v,at, lie wi'3 Dt'.ror,'X'.'c/i., ou "nianli'e? I." vie fas lion of carrying revo.- no i wan.. to. His c i:ef ,gc. evauce is Tel e:'s 3Q3Z 37 Tory LiJcely Uo YortK, June 18.--A I nave aearc oh gooc oe regarcec a genera, fa. .ui-e of t^e crops ,,»ri,.,, UU! , -- ^ e event. Tae first prices of a aseomparec. very proacaae. correspoadent _ . . ss account was 5rea.y exaggeratec., and tiat lie aarv«at wi lot.tu.-ii out so aad as^was a; 3rst espetKec^ - ie 3«o. ic mind, Jioxvever, lias Deeu on t.iei sua:ect. i au" i cwkiy O.tlw. NEW 1 UKK, J . MS 30.-- Toe ... * o ami "(is ie \ in .aitrsray .ast. A g uat rea. o: ragged K\.O- 'S'ers wereaao isaec by ,.ies*rn awof ;SI, ^--· Redoes not f|Ut:uet wst.s t'x^ieiuiw , anr J. H. '.'onda, of "and sti_ sefver Dy tae. force of " opia- .16 MOWJ* liietae "untoi Detro.'\ xvas selectee *x) vLs.t 'ew Yor^ in "ion, waen men cuarreled t"iey won_r figj-; *o.3):t w;_'oe to ^is inheres-, to assis; a t u.ya.s re ireseu-atlvf of tie c,almaus. A "it out'wlti taeir iss.,^ eyes and soutiera! cans-date in tueIjope of maijng demporary g.oom was cas;over t i e meeting "aoocy noses sent no iody to "iie ^eniienTl- comMnl^ons waca will not itrore TeLlet , .ireseat tha* lie me t anies G. 3irney, "Jiiitec S^ Tae liBague, so.iclting ia:" p aau : V^es came ·» Grand :Uver w i t i tiescon After -,aq scar* were across - * TM, - 7SKS3ZJS SUme V ^ r -^ P ere oro ^ w » "« CUSXHH for some ' ^ ' ° D .-49 3ma can M -3wcj I '-.'' - - - - · , fe -4--'.'- "-"·. ^ ' - · - . . , *»:;rV'Ci;'^\ .. " N'K'iVS.PA.FERnnGjiiVLSCOMi" porary g.oom was cas;over t i e meeting 3 ooty nos«s sent noiory to \x 5eni»n7l- comjinaons waca will not it^ore Te : et · DESTrsa, ~ in^ 20 ^_ r " 1 '* ' · ^»«»v^v»-jr xyjj.^ M cases of aa-f ot *at tiuit lie me written to tie lion'. "'s sorrow. Auc.ot.t2ie ^ao^e, -vVe doa'^ next race. Is j» geii«»..y conl^dec -^^ ^ i^to-t "ft CM m^f^I S '=« BOU C^ark to :n op^n ^^^^and'to^^d^^'w^am^ . - · " · . * ! · · *--ww»^TM, t xw j j, 455, ^..aXtail^f* V^^VrtJLJCvii jlVsW 1 - ftllllOllllCPf * · St." f t , ^t.~~0t ~~ \a ' Jl ~* iv ^ t , «»-^Vi5j .T* _WI UC WkS" ies G. Jirney, jintec Sta^s minister at "loiow Wietierrt^JMrcur^sootalng to a ro^:ec7.onpf/J^ef w.'.. r iun-2Ls, s'aice-J3'· 'aimt.'^..·£[ ^ . guateca:t^ieiret,utai-, m^searriag* of justice ^kgue, so.iclting information, anc. iaa- "wounded sp.r.t to-^ve all enemy a soijbc. wfl. give tae niyra a'gKaTceal ntore tiai '-^t'iuaft"'s*·· «^t! * ?r " Ce Was : ~^ v^;ilt-^^^ Ci8 '^ : ? :s ' mv e c^dec"-hfe^ ·*' * · · '·· . , " ' ' . - . .- r. - ^5 ', · ··*v*x# tiftw*^ f***f jyjQcym^ ^t.t/j. ^ jfo.'· j^lJtCr vVflS- "^ft«lt t»O*f ftV ^*"i* VO*v\5S O S6Clll*6 "/16 TlftCfMggQfyIYVPT "~u '"n^*v**" "^4' l**^6V JlSli- *^68T^D31Qftf-- *MTOHi*^TM* V * " ft* * lv fl i l"*feA. i' *"* 2£ £_S "1Q it ^Tf^ V11 "**" "^fV^ff^ *^ A t*A' i '*s« TJ£ ft Sff ~ * i*/v^ si' f~ft**ff ^mp» jv=*- f''* 1 ""^/- *** ' ~"t£ · x ^" - ' ' * " ** ^^ V**%*WJF · J[»t» * V; ' ; * ,' f--%' ' . ~ · . "*v'30tti.jr IUXJWL f?, Jj O^-idT '»'^*yySxK. wi « w..i^oo??ci*5!. w qc;. M . - ^6ifc O^TIIJSS? AsS'i.^e'gxv^n'' -^ss-ju ' -.-! : ' ~ · Sna^*!aiu«u. -oii^rsosiirkiae ·^es'Kmsi'v. ' · . ..-- -, · · · · · - - . · · . " " , . - ' · · v;;;; ;;.;;.7.\-.-... ·' v- ;: : ;;^«^'w^««!^*i«^r5^£« -.* iiec:- C, ao^ver. 3ua_n ;urymen, wjo tor some time iaave Yori 'Vv O Trying; ae cases of luLf 'of "i ? -6 IS ^a« «ZZ^ --tv.ay»c»uuwa w^ aererore ^e'suit o: w m a«aj '-wjwama···a* 1 ^ ' "' ' '· ' - · " -··· . · . : _ ' · - · . ; · ; · :.; f '···;. :7 "v ·"'-'·' - ' · · · ' - · ' - --'-i--!- --- ^4.V?/^;4^if

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