The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 25, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 4
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Cl»l STY COnRESP(»\'i»S:NCE. I -Mlw Altec Dkk.of Keo»jtowB,«L*de , a rit'-i SD MU* Jeattie WotxL --Children's Day was obtenr«d at Chip*!, Her jobs BaraeU, r. en S^iaiay, *id «.» zsztl t£*:e wai a large crowd pretest aad many from of Currrut TUMIIA. BRIEF BITS. A Budget of Bright ItecM ot laMMtft. MfltE Baking Powder A. «*«si of tutir t*Jf.iv pewter- «t*L 13 «***f^£ «trw«ti. -Latat VUU« Gvel K*»i i-tf^rc- KOYA.L RAKISG POWDSB CO . Kew Tor* THE DAJLT KEWR THURSDAY, J U K E K. 18M. AT IT. ST. MARY'S. Com The Ki£hrj-Elghtb Aanatl menoemtnt Exerctaea. For tis eighty eighth time Mu £t. Mary's Collage, Emmltsbarg, the "Old Mountain," as lu stodeois love to call It, bis etn: forth its ancaai quota of young men fitted to cope wKii tho»e trials and conflicts »hich are the lot cf men. But yesterday a special s!$ctn:ince attached to the nnnal CDmtnencemeni exercises In the fact that a highly beloved almnnus, Most Kev. William Usury Elder, Archbishop ot Cincinnati, Ohio, presided. He aad Hoc. Carroll opence, o? Baltimore, and Hoc. Oolerbrldge Horsey, cl Frederick county, are the three remaining o'deit graduates, for they were gradn* a to tOk,rtu«r in iLe dsss ot '07, and sll Maryissciers. Btsluc* Ar:iblzhop Elder two other I'Jns'ric'tta blsacps honored the o:cjlon wilfa their prtseaco -High: Rev Thomas McGo»t:n, '59, Harrltburg, Pa., and Rlgnt Rev H. I*. Norihrop, '69, Charleston, ·-. C., to whom IKUSI tasu be aUueil the Very Rev William Byrne, V. G., Boston. »ho. In the trying days of the college's difficulties--1877 S3--manfully labored for 1's preservation. The commencement exercises proper hbj-i miss in the ch.i'jel Sunday morning at S o'clock, at whion Rev. E.T.X Mc- Swetney, director of the seminary, delivered the baccalaureate sermon, taking lor his subject the life of St. Alojrslns Gonnga, whose few. d*y It was, and a stady of whose characteristic vlrtnes was peculiarly appropriate to students. During Monday maay oil students, parents, and relatives of pupils began arriving, Bishop Northrop aonng the firU. Mean'.lnm all departments of the college were ln-tiact with ac.ive preparations for the proper accommodation of visitors. Tuesday the number of visitors was much Increased and evening brought Archbishop Elder and Bishop McGovern and many pnmlnent clergymen and laymen. Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock the final contest In elocution was held In the college hall The contestants were: John J. McEvoy, John J. Kearney, John A. Bratton, Robert T. LaStln, C K. Dn Bots, Sterling K Nott, Lawrence Lsvert, Edward B Kenna, Leo H. Joyce, James J. McKenna. Tbe con'esl wis one of the most Interesting ever held at the college and much of Its success was due to the careful traln'og given the conte»'nnt» hy their teacher:, Prof. Clinton B Burgess, of the Baltimore School of Oratory. The judges were the following Kent'emen: oiehops McOovern and Northrop, Rev. Dr. P. L Dcffy.'TS, of Charleston, 8. C.; Revs. D. J. Fljnn, '82; Wilmington, De!.; Joseph O. Bndds, '89, Greenville, 3. C., Michael F Geary, 90. Boston, Mass.; S. V.D. Waitsrson, '74. Plttsburg, Pa , and Thos. V. Slennej, '89, Piedmont, W. Va. Yeatetday morn'.ag (si. Cecelia's Or cbes.ra f 1 »ed ibe entrance march from "Carmen" as the reverend president, Dr. Allen, entered, followed by Bishops He- Govern and Northrop and Archbishop Eder, clad ia their episcopal pnrple, with the members of tbe faculty aid visiting c!er?y following, and laatly the members of ;ne graduating class, ciothed in gown and mcrtsr board. A fine progaam was rendered. In the preparatory department a gold medal was awarded to Chaa. W. laeler, o! Bmmltsbnrg. Among those present at the commencement were, Mr. Jacob Rohtbick, ot Frederick, aad hts father. Mr. M. N. 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Joha utd Oora Browa and Harvey Km- ', b*om speet Sanday, l-ie SI.I. vllll*« ' reladre* aed fr.enis ai corn's Creek. j --Chart** Eckenrode and friend, Mr.' KelVr, of Mooat Saint Mary's College, J Bmiuborg, speet Sunday, the 2lv.. here j TitlUBg Mr. »Bil Mrs. Jseob Baftlegton aad family. --Mlw B*s«i* E'Uoit, of York Springs, U vi*iUax r«;»·.!?*» 4d friefils here. { --Oeorge Koatt ieft for Baltimore Monday oa tuuine**. --Mr. and Mn. Charles A. EUiot visited tte family of Mn. Mary i. Kniol, York Springs, Pa., IM( w««k an4 spent several days. They took along with them MU* Margaret Elliot, who baa been here oa a visit for tome time. George E Komi has parcbise the green grocery from Cbsrle* Baagion and took pctwulon of the tame on frt- day las:. --Tbe German BsptUt love feast that wu held at Bethel Churct on last Saturday wu well atiecded, persons coming from a long distance. --H. M. Harbangb, of Baltimore, is vis (ting at Mr. and Mrs Uavld Rlnedol- lar's. --Mr. Stallsffiltb, tbe architect, ot York, Pa., wu here Tuesday attending 10 bast- ntn. --Masons began work Tuesday morning on the new Luthe-an Chorcb here. UKAODOCk. --The Rev. T F. HcGmeier preached a very interesting sennon to a large CDU gregation Bnnday at 3 p. m. tiev. Beard will preach Sandiy, June 38. at S p. m., at which the holy commnnloo will be given. -- Preparations are being made for Bia Mock'* famous Sunday School picnic, whfca~wlll be belt! at its reeular time, the 2nd Saturday In August. Good music, s., will be In attendance. This plcn'.c cos the reru'.itlon of being fie largest Sunday bchool plcct; in tbe county. If ou want to mcut your friends from throughout the county came to the Braddock plc-nic. --The farmers arc now in the midst of yield will be a fairly good one. --Miss Csrrle Smith, of Saw Hill Dale, showed your correspondent a rose bush with 106 rosea on it. It wa« » very beautiful sight. --Miss Ella Btuchle bis a cactus ia ber flower ysrd which attracts passersby. II baa on It a beautiful red. tljwcr. It le known as the saucer variety. --Mr. Daniel.Smith had the misfortune to loose bis fiae black horsi, which be had only purchased a few months ago. --Will Klntz and William Summers are among the first farmers wha are through with their wheat harvest. J2FFB1UON. --Tne aisessors have started on their ronnds in this district. --The Rev. Stinesprlng, of the U. B. Church of Frederick, preached to the Jr. O. U. A. M. Sunday morning on the text, "Show thyself a man." The sermon was a good one. Besides the Jeiloraon Council there were about 40 persons In line from neighboring councils. --The M. E. Chnrch, of ttls place, held their Children's Day service Sunday evening and in spite of the tnreatenlng weather there was a large crowd present. --Charles Easterday has returned home from Hagerstown. --Misses Medora and Edna Easterday have returned to their homa from Kee Mar for summer vacation. -- Many of the farmers in this section ara busy making bay. --Fred. Friday and Robert Doty are home from Gettysburg College. --Miss Dora Friday is now at homo from Luthervllle, where she graduated. --John W. Ramsburg, of this place, Is visiting hij son, Morgan Ramsburg, of Middletown. --Miss Nellie Beard, of Mlddletown, Is visiting ber grandmother. Mrs. M. A. Bowers. --Miss Battle Caller and niece, Miss Ethel Whlpp have returned from a visit to Hiss Culler's sister, Miss Nellie Culler, of Winchester. Va. MAHOK. --A Children's Day service wiu well rendered at St. Matthew's Reformed Chnrch on Snnday morning, June 7. The floral decorations were fine. "The Message of the Fjowers," by thirteen children, entwining tbe cross of natural wood with festoons of laurel, buttercups and daisies, deserves specll mention. Also a "Motion Song," by a very little girl. On the evening of the same day the Aid Society held their monthly meet- Ing. Owing to the Inclement weather the attendance was not so large as usual. The program was so crippled by Ihe absence of some who were to assist, bat there were soms fine renditions, espe dally the violin solos given by vUltors from a sister society. Next meeting July 5th. --At this writing Mrs. Albert Zlmmer man and Bernice Myers are on the sick list, but we are glad U learn they are convalescent. --George Wlllard, who has been conj fined to the house for several weeks with ' a broken limb, is so far improved as to be able to be moved from Mr. Charles Cecil's, where the accident occurred, to his home. --A good deal of rain has fallen re i cently, poor weather for bay making, i --Already the bazz of the Wader Is ' beard. The golden waving wheat will j soon be in shocks, and the conniy robbed of much of Its beauty. --Dewbenie* are ripe aad beds? --Mr Sal:a, rep'ettUe* J»e B«Cdlng i and Lo4n Asiocluloa of B»ld»3re City, wu la 13 v tereral day*. · --Garden vege:a'~loQ *«tie* it ace toe j r«!re*lag tbower* darlo^ tie lau week.' --Rev. A. D. Dick and wife, of Kwnp- \ town, spent Moad»y la tbe --A aoiher good : which Uterferod soaewa*. with harvest- --The yCT3z mes of Moait Pleaaaat. ihl* eoonly, hire or»oisad a base ball Dorts'i- --Toe rr^ttikr moaiV-v iediig of tbe L»:tc*' AU1 Sv-c c'.y c f tie Lsistraa ; Church wu held on bitarday eveatog U*:. --The lugeti atteedaace of Ihe Vonnx » Society of CtrtrJaa Sodeavor wu'teat of Scoday evening last- Topic: "Doubt* and Dlffleuliies." --A Jantor Christian Endeavor Society will b« organised here OB 6ond»y afternoon. Superintendent. Mist Roth M. Myerfe; autttafit, Mrs Ida Cooeltod. --Tae Vouag People's Society of ChrUtlu Endeavor prayer meeting will bo conducted by Mr, Oeorge emltn at 7 o'clock oanday evening. Topic. "True ManllneM and Womanllne*." -- ImtttiBg will be held at St. Ma'.- thew'« Lniher»n Chore'., on the Maaor, next Sunday evening, for Ue purpoM of organizing a Christian KndeiTor Soci- ciy. --Daring tbe summer months the rrsyer meetings of ibfe Youag People's Society of Cbrlstltn Endeavor will le held un Suaday evenings, inttead of Tuejdty. --Preaching Sunday morning next in the Methodist Episcopal Church by liev. litmea at 10 o'cb:«. --Mr. Csrlot M de Gsrmendls, who has been Ic New York for a week, bss returned home -- MUs Eva Huod, of Canton, Ohio, ! 3 vlsHlog her parents here. --Mrs. Nelile Brn^hle, of Washington, Is visiting ber parents nenr Doab's -- Mr. N O Cllne and wife and Mr James aad wife, of Frederick were ga.-sts of Mr. a^d Mrs. H. N. Michsel, near Doub'a, 011 Friday last. -- Mw. O C. Bisford, who has been vlM'.ing ber parents near HdReritown, baa retarned to her homo near Doab's. a aambcr cf wheelmen from Frederick rod* to Braddock Heigh:* Tuesday eventag. . » N -w Y'rk biker, rod* 100 --No matter what yoo wear so long a* you look wttt lo it, teems to be the drew rale of the teasos --Mr. Davtt Kaott, of aear ifc«- r*!y. «· tboajrhi to be the veteran cf clUt of the county. Us U probably aU'.y year* of »3«- --It r» very b*d form 15 be In aach a harry tha: yon mas', pot jour glove* on In the street. --Early dawn teemt to be the time en- thaitaitlc bicycler* nod most pleaaiat for their outing*. --Never were lamraer fabrics more varied and charmlni?. STRAW HITS! STRIWHATS! lriTb*£aks in Straw lab Snn «*·«· *Bd H«u goitg at a irt»t r»'* may l**c-»n la our nr»'. Hat Kmportum. we ture ma'kvd cooAt down aad te public kaow atood thiaevheatberctel'-. U^od birgrn'o* yetrecoa'a If roawutahiit eowii tbetlm-i to cei one cbeip. We hare *r«w- H»t» r»o«- lag 13 price iron 10 oeou to f l-M. «EO. A. GILBERT, Noa. 18 ft 18 North Market Su. rraieriek.Ud. Baroiains This Week TO HUE OF FEBBTBBE IS TO IflHK OF OitTT. If Is Easily Explained. Everyone has an explanation of how it is going to result -- Almost willing to bet a hat they are right. Well we'll keep 5tili and saw wood, or rather, have it sawed and made up into i-f 4 Furniture for we will soon be needino- O some new stock again. In the meantime while the wood is being sawed we will be glad to Bee our old friends and to make new acquaint - ences. Want to enlarge our sphere of usefulness. Want to make this section of the world b r i h t - i .'^ because here. While srivinsr thines our livin we GROVE KINDLEY'S. have YOTJ CAN GET TH --The farmers are busy here at the nesen timu harvesting. --Tbo (tame of base ball played here ast Thursday between tha Marttusburg nine aad Dlckeraon nice was won by Ibe Dlckeraon club the score being IS to 19. --Mrs. Z G. Cooley who has been sick for a long time Is still connect! lo her bed. --Children's Day will be observed In the Ml. Pleasant M. E church South at this place ne;l Sunday, Jane the 23.h, at 2 o'clock p m. --Mr. Z. G. Cooley has sold his home farm to Mr. L. B. Nlcholaon. -- fhs firm of L. B. Nicholson Chls- well Is dissolved by mutual consent and Is now conducted by Mr. Lawrence Chls- well, who bought out Sir. Nicholson and rented the properly for five years. --Mfaa Grade Collier baa gone to the Big Falls on a pleasure trip for two raorths. --Mr. Burns, who has beeu teaching a', the public school at Poolesvllle for several years, will teach here at Dickerson this year. --Mr. L. B Nicholson Is digging the foundation for another largo house oa his place, which will be qiltc a Improvement to this place. --Mrs. EP.a Jones expects her summer boarders this week; and several others are tMklni; of taking some. --Mr Henry Bussard intends to rebuild his mill next month. Mr. Biggs of Frederick city will do the *ork for Mr. Bussard. Pl'KELY PERSONAL. Pnniffraphs AtXJnt Who Ctiiie and Go. Thoa« 50 DUKE 1806 BICYCLES. Up to date in every way. Price, $D; D:; ftii Price, They must going fast. go. Call early as thev are 30th Century Lamp, $299. i 10,000 MILE CYCLOMETER only fJ.Cff A lot of second baid bicycles at bargain prices. We sell South Premier Typewriters. Practice Shoot. If tbe weather L« favorable this evening , some of the members of the Frederick Sun Club will hold a practlcs shoot at the · lab grounds. The boys are endeavoring to arrange a shooting event, free to the BportEmen of Frederick cliv and county, which will take place on July 4. SMITH'S Temple of Fancy. £xhtbltlon. A.n exhibition for the banefi of Qulnn A. M. E. church will be held In the church on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, June 29 and 30, with G. F. Rlchings as manager. Rev. S. M. Johnson Is oastor. it Is proposed to show by the exhibition the benefits accruing to the American people through the proclamation of President. Lincoln. Slight Fire. A small fire waa discovered this marn- lug la the rammer kitchen at the real- dence of Mr. J. A. C. Llpps, on West Pa'.rhk street, which had evldentlv caught sometime before It was discovered. The fire hsd faornc-d a hole In the floor when U -was noticed by Mrs. Llpps and promotly extinguished before doing fnr- iher · A. Great and UmuoAl Offer. For eTery case of Throat »na Lang disease »htl ShUoh's Cure tails to onre. the cow price will be retani?ed._ for sole by Albert L. ^earre. Btohuon IT IS VERY PFDVOKING ?nr « ladv to have her drei dyed »nd flai tt( Ulrt shrunken siv ril inches and twisted a.i mtofsnap;. We now have the ONLK PROCESS IN AMERICA Nerve* oa Edge. I TOS nerroas. ttred. IrrttaWs aad cross "Start's Clover Boot Te* 6*J made me well and jappy. ttaa. a. B. WOBSIS. Forsile by Albert L. Fearre, BtcMcon Build- «O P£R PAIR. News of the Churches. The Ijimsvllle Methodist Episcopal Sunday echool h*ve arranged to hold an Ice cream festival this evening tomorrow aad Saturday evenings. chase, that yon have the genuine article, vrhich is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by a'.l repntable druggists. If in the enjoTjaent of good health. aid the s-y?tem "is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If nJHictcd ·eritli anv actual discaso. ^ne mar be commended to the most skillful pby^-'cia^, }Ttt if in need of a laxative, one fch«M-,'.d have the best, and with the ·well-im'o-med e-ery^-hc-.e, Sjrtrp of F:^s stEr.'is h'jrb -s* an-i is most larp^ly used and giTemost general satisfaction. Pleasure running over follows the pop of s, fcottk of HIRES Rootbeer, the great temperance drink. The pop, the fun, and flavor de%ht everybody. M4.SKKT. --Mrs. Gionle Wood, of BarnesviHe, Montgomery county, and two children, Beule and Roscoe, were tbe guests for several d»ya of relatives here --Mr. J. M. Wood and family spent a few dars in Montgomery count y --Miss Paolice Herring, who was entertained for about a week by ber cousin, Miss Alma D. 5 Jer, has retarned to her borne In Baltimore --The nominations of McKinley and Hobart appear to give general satisfaction to tbe Repuolicans of this district --Dr. George SpDnseiler, of Hedgesville, W. Va, spent Monday and Toes- day with bis parents here Mra. Nellie Planer is visiting relatives- in Frederick. Mr 2 . BenJ. Baker and son, of Boston, who have oeen visiting friends here, retarned home today, Mr. Joseph Dlstmlck, of Fortress Monroe, Ja visiting hi* sister, Mra. M. Whia ner. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Knock and son are visiting Mrs. Knock's sister, Mrs. C. Elmer Eiracofe, of Hagertown, for a few weeks. Miss Dare aad Mrs. Ahalt.of Burkltts- vllie, who hive been visiting Mrs. J. \ Dayboff, Hagerstown, have returned home. Mrs. George W. Good aad two sons, Robert and Rov, of Frederick, are visit log Mrs. fi. Siouffer. vYest Franklia olrect, Hagerslown. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G Waters are expected boms from thalr wedding trip on Saturday next. Miss Myer and Miss Mslowtz, of Baltimore, are spending same.lme at Llnga- nore Hills Farm, near Frederick. Sir. William Lochner, of Baltimore, is on a visit to his brother, Mr. Nicholas Lochnor, of this city. Miss Eleanor Johnson, of Wa'.kers- vllle, this county, spent Mjndav last in Frederick. Prof. D Edward Stanffar. of Baltimore, will spend his vicaiioa this summer in WalkersvUle. Mr. A. C. McCardell was in Baltimore yesterday on business. Mr. M E Reddlck. of Baltimore, will spend a few weeks in Waltersvllle, this cocn^y, as the gnsst of his parents. Mrs. Andcreoa and daughter, who bad been visiting at Ihe Boy's Indnstrisl Home. Hai?erf.tjwa, have retnrned to their home in Frederick. Mr. Rnfas Morgan, of H»eers!owa, is j speeding a few dsyi in Wolfsvlile. I iliss L'tz; S-ith, of Wolfjvllle, has j retcroed home af'.er a 3ever»l wesks visit ' In Hagerstown. Mr. Robert Bnrok, wn of Mr. Joseoh Bnrcs, will leave Joiv 2 to play tb* vio- Hn Ia an orchestra at an As*-ury Park, N. J-, hotel. Mr. Vincent YIngliag, with Mr Frack V. S'Jiab, is in Baltimore on business tolsy. Keltef In Six Boon. Dt3t'»33!oi;;s;tdaer and Bla-l-ter diseases re- evpd !n ali hours by the "SiBIT GREAT SOUTH r ^MEaiCA.f EIDSET COBS." 'ft's new remedy Is »irreat sarprtso on account of its exceeding ~~ i promptness la relieving p»la la tha bladder. Health DoEtroyiac Vapors, [ ktdner). back «oi everr pare of te urinary W»;er impregnated with the seeds of malaria f j^^f^i-'e^aaii' paja^m wsia^lifalraost produce Incalculable mlgary tbrougiout vast i ianieaiateiy." 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The result of his stcdv imprpTcd by thirty years of prattice 33 "er:'Sodi?d in Dr. Pierce's Fa- it serves bot ooe por- Ithv tte orcan^ distinctly feziatne. U gives wcii -sroTsca the strength aad health Bec^sa-y f-- tbe pr^dnctjoa of Wealthy children aad it rnafcc-* the bcarizg of those ness or dcras^ncnt peculiar to wosaea; ·tops pain, soothe^ inSa=i^atiaE. strergih- eas, purifies, invijroratcs. Thocsaads of homes have bera made bappT by its nse. " *- of letters lite this one fro=i A Ba5»T'« 1,116 Saved. 'Wy baby bad croup and mi laved Jr 8bI10D Cure," writes Mrs. J. B. Marttn, of Huctevllle,At«_ For sale by Albert i. Pcam. Etclrteoa Building Captain Sweeney, tT. S. A^ San Diego. CU.. tays: -"Shlloh's Catezrh Eemsdy is the first medicine T have erer found tbat would do me aay sood." Price SOe. For Ml« or Alcert JU Fearre. EtohU^n Cuildtc*. The Best Ooagrt Cure la Shiloh's Care. A neglected ooagh IB dan- gerooa. Slop It it once with Shilob"s Core. Forwlehj \ i, ?earre. Btchuon on Friday to attend a lore feast of :he Dankud Church, at a point near Barney --P. H. Griffith, Jr., and little daughter, Franc**, of Hagerstown, arrived on Saturday to make a rlsl; to his parents --Mist Edith Biley, of Annapolis, is the gaett of MUs Annie Russell --Harvesting of wheat began the flnt of the week and without rain many acret will be in shock by Saturday evening. Tte gnu crop 1» UEcsnsJly abort who writes: "I w-.« aS«:!eI mih'ali sort! of fc^ tcalc trn:b;e, I tnc'l - ^-ee doctors, aad seven My hz^'Saad s-inl · try Ir. Picrce's medicine.' J WM hhn I rnijh! a«"«-c:; throir h» saoaey in tie fire ai to try any thins: more. I had lost aH tope. I tart not u%kc~. more Uxa half a bottle, wbrn I conld oil a-d «Vep TceH. I took focr _ l botil«icf Tr. Vwrce's FacooSe Prescriptioo, aad I carefillly read the di- J g«ve w-lh tn a Sre hahy girl, "l s^Jt «lon« SO lie WAS I E?^ 1 better tiinn whin m7^her cbild was bora. , t _ I Th«e of tnv friends sre takiTic yoor icediciiac*, f." Yours truly. j e3 pnrt of a little, j rcrtions and gave it arcordins;iy. " very low, hut slowly and surely' lie r*gan to , gndnallv recovered, and is now as - siout and s;tong as ever. I feel sure it saved his life. I never can praise the Remedy half its worth. I am sorry every one In the world" doe* not know how good it i-s .-.£ I do. -- Mrs. Lina S. Hinton, Grahams- Tills, Marion Co, Florida. Forsaleby A.L. Pearte, Frederick: W. R, Rudy, Mt Airy- Dr. pterce'i Common Sen»e Medical Adviser, n teeS po?e d-xlor book p*rfo.«e1r illustrated, of which 6So.oi» have been sold at jLjoacnpT will be »ent PBKK on receipt of tt cent* to cover cost of mailing only. World'J DupenJUT HcA- Jdl AjoocUtioa, 663 Main Street, Balo, N .V. SEASONABLE GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, GASOLINE STOKS. OIL STOVES, GARDEN HOSE. BICYCLES WATER COOLERS, SPRiNKLINS GAN5, iCECM FREfZEBS, WASH IN GKEi TIES ,XC.,ciC, In fact a finer line of everything in season than can be lonnd anywhere in the State at price* which have been marked way down. Call and be convinced, Very Respect lolly, RUSSET TIES in all the HEW SHADES and COLORS. EFFECTS IN CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright, Gheerfn! and TJp To Date effects in this line. to prevent this ia made-no Dresje*. dyed by us k he skirt H not shrunk and retain Its tbspe ilka new. Br our meuiod of Doin? Up Lace Curtains ter keeo clear longer, hang better, do no* get torn fa fiai3hi2?. as they frequently do U ocner methods, have A Beautiful Finish much superior to any other, and prices much lower. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS, ,ar. Get a price list from. L. B. ADAMS, 74 If. Church St. Rex Rheumatism Cure ! CC R3 Every Form of Rheumatism and Purify the Blood. Vor fal« in Frederick by STEIH BE BROS., IXrngsfcits, 1O2 North Marfeet Street. DO YOU RIDE WHEEL? EXCELSIOR STOVE HOUSF, FREDERICK, MD. If yod-»noi^9wUlt c aiiTOain a ihjrt tine. No chir«e:to trarchasera. » n a frI-Tidl«- c*H w · T ia't o»»te tt nnplea»»nt b» unrfnir yon to bi* We have wheels, good on-s f allr ?aar*ntee3. for *50; bet tec ones for $75 and the SA.H8lita.tDe SSSros S vRTH. for $100. W« gell on time Diyments waendssired. S«o u»: we will treat yonjrlght. CICYCLE SUNDRIES OP EVERY DESCRIPTION. Lvni». lamp bracse's, too 1 oag% tools, crciometera, bells, toe clips, toot brake*, illamtaatiag and lobncitlag otla. graphite, camgnt. c~ *%, at prices lower than erer. WSTR ^^ Give n« a call, we can s*Te yon money. THE NEWS, Frederick, Md. CVWATCH TH2 VALUABLE OFFBBS MAC* TO EAMBLKE RIDERS. were at school did you ever try the plan of srndyiDg only questioDS which would come to jou in your regular turn and skipping the rest ? And did the unfeeling teacher ever upset youi little scheme by beginning in the wrong place? Some stores advertise on that plan. They are crammed atd ready with answers and low prices on cheap wood cuts sold by the peck that don't represent stock that they are not so ready to stand examination on. We sell The best made goods on earth. H. B. ETCHISO3ST, The Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone No. 122.

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