Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 4, 1890 · Page 3
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1890
Page 3
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OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY Advertising Rates -lxc»l«-- Five cents per line per Issue for two iniwrtlons or less* In the Dally £ccaIs. foar insertion** without change. In tbe Dally, Four cent* per line ettch Inane. Iocala lncerte.1 coe week in the Dallr. without change. Two Cents per line 8 fonerted In the Dally six times ·tid Semi- Weekly once at Fifteen Cents per line for the «even Insertions. 0-LoeaIa In Semi-Weekly, Five Cents per Hnevavb insertion. o Local Inserted one time In eltt-jr Dally or Semi- Weekly tor less than 25c. Ksr~All locals ordered Inserted "until forbidden" wll 1 be charged foi uu til ordered discontinued, 9p«elal rates on local and display ndver- U semen (s made on application SATURDAY, OCT. 4. BIGGEST YET- Seren Thousand People on Tbe Bert wheat br««d. salt riring-- I John Crowder. It was three best in three entries, Mn. W. H. Mansnr. JBve, «nd the first three best, stood: Tacoma. 1st, Rowland 2nd, nnd Wheat bread, yecst rialng--eleven Ground. TH* RACES NEVER BEATEN. «fer*w( Freient Belter ·er. It was thought that Thursday was a big day for this fair, but yesterday capped the climax, for a good crowd, fin* exhibits, and close attention to the races. 'There were about seven thousand people present, and the crowd was in good humor all day. Tbe rain early in tbe morning distracted a few, but there was every reason for the fair association to feel good, being complimented by the presence of all of Livingston's county people, as well as people from all counties adjoining. The six hundred dollar free for all trot, offered by the citizens of Chillicothe, having been raised by the enterprising I. Hulderman, drew a large proportion of tbe crowd, and the horses entered being owned by horsemen of note, and the horses being of national reputation, was tbe drawing card. Besides this race there were four races, which will not be beaten in the state, and as evidence of tbe appro-* ciatiou of the public, they remained until dark to see the finish. Tbe premiums awarded were as follows:-- CLA83 E.--Best half bushel of Irish potatoes, five entries, John Batdort, 1st. Half bushel sweet potatoes, two entries, H. Lair, 1st. Best squash--Three entries, C. Grimes, 1st. Pumpkin--First] premium, 3. 3. Stith. entries. Mrs. H. Cunningham. 'Wheat bread, yeast rising--made by girl under fifteen years of age- four entries, H. Lair. Rusks--five entries, Mrs. J. A Besicker. ^ Corn bread, raised--six entries, Mrs. C. H. Nason. Sponge cake, white, Mrs. W. H. Hanenr. Silver cake,--Frukie Cleveland. Coooanut cake, four entries-Frankie Cleveland. Collection of cakes by girl under 15 years of age--Frankie Cleveland. Best gallon of sorghum--five entries, Mattie Lyle. Honey, 2 pounds or more, A. J. Thornton. Flour, fall wheat, B. B. Peck. BFKCLAL PMBMIDM8. By Stewart At Mabaffey for best loaf of corn bread--four entries, C Gainea. Adams, Son A Co. for best five pounds dairy bntter, M. L. Brooks. J. A. Dawaon, for beat five pounds butter--six entries, Lottie Lindsey. Dr. M. H. Wtlcox. for best flve pounds roll of country butter--three entries, C. Games. Grace ft Hogue, for best variety of cream bread--Grace A Hogue. W. E. Crelhn It Bro , for best cake by girl under 15 year*--fourteen entries, Miss Maud Beatty. J. F. Hawley * Co., for best loaf of yeast bread--seventeen entries, Gertie Tyler. Velvet third, for which race money was paid over to the winners. FAIR GROUND MOTES. Jos. Ficklin, an old Chillicotbe boy, of Oregon, attended oar fair yesterday. Harfield Davis came down from Gallatin to attend the fair. "Combination's'' time of 2:24 in the last heat was tbe best ever made on » new track in Missouri. Mrs. A. P. Shonr and her daughter Gertrude and son Eugene attended the fair yesterday. There was less than the usual amount of friction during the awards of premium*. The gate receipts were about $1,500. on Thursday The receipts F Trnog, for collection of by jrirl under 13 years of Frankie Cleveland. Cabbage, two bends, four entries- It. M. Meager. Beets--Four entries, E. Turner. Half bushels of turnips--Three entries, H. Lair. One-fourth bushel of tomatoes, three entries, A. A. Beldon. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. By William Summerville, * 1,00,for best pound of batter, five entries, H. Lair; gallon of sorghum, J. E. Preston; bushel of potatoes, John Batdorf; bushel of tomatoes, R. M. Meager; half bushel of corn, W. C. Painter. By Pete Young--Best collection 25 ears of corn, 1890--6 eftries, D. Girdner. By Abahire Black, best half dozen pumpkins -- J . J. Stith. By Hoppe Jjockwood, best 26 years of corn, of 1890--11 en tries, Win. Kranse Henry Kase, best balf bushel sweet potatoes--Sarah C. Pulse. Henry Wallbrnnn, for best half busnel yellow corn--6 entries. John Graves. Sornby Bros., best half bushel timothy seed, Wm Altenderfer; clover, E. H. Horriford; oats, J. F. rye, T. H. Hickey. cakes age-- Kam one year old and over,--five entries, E, L. Treadway, first and second. Ram, under one year old--four entries, Geo. Griffith, first, and G. W. Dennis, second. Ewe on* year old and over--five entries, Geo. Griffith first; E. L Treadway, second. Ewe under one year old--four entries, Geo. Griffith, first; E. L. Treadway second. Buck one year old or over-- five entries, John Morris first; Morns Bros., second. Buck under 1 year old--three entries, T, K. Hayes, 1st; John Mor« ns, 2d. Ewe one year old and over--seven entries, J. A. Havnes, 1st; D. C Goodbar, 3d. Ewe under one year--six entries, J. A. Haynes, 1st; John Morris, 2d. Flock of six, including all ages, and net more than one buck--six entries, Geo. Griffith. Special premium by E. L Tread. way, for best herd--four eatries, J. A. Haynes. yesterday must have been as large. LITTLE COJfS. H. D. Ayres and wife of Breoken- ndge, were at the fair yeaterd ay. Charley Hale, Arlie Cleveland, Leo Woods and Marley Jones of Carroll ton, tr.ok in all tbe fair yesterday. John Gilluly of the Trenton Ri- pnbtican was one of the best look ing men at our fair yesterday. Miss Essie Wannamalter, the ac. complished daughter of tbe ticket agent of the Hannibal road, at Laclede, is here atlendtrgthe fair. VISITORS TO THE CITY I During the fair you' should not fail to,' visit L. E. Camp bell's Queensware store north side of the square; see their large assortment of hanging, piano and stand Lamps. They carry a fine line of China and Glassware, also a complete stock of Willow and Woodenware. Sept 28 dw 1 w New STORE! This article will be short and to the point. We have "3 ^9 St- Louis Fair IF Boarders wanted--I can accommodate six or eight boaiders. Aps ply at this office. OctldZt Ralph Beeman wants the iellow who got his opora glasses last night at the opera bouse to return them. BACKS, In tbe balf mile dash for two year olds there were four entries. General Price, owned by Thos. Fox; Katy Did. owned by J. M. Mires; Rattler, owned by H. C. Scbafer. and Ben Lee, owned by J. G. Overton, for a purse of 9(0, was'won by General Price, 1st. Be» Lee, sec. and Katy Did third; time 54. Running race. Mile and repeat fcr $150, three entries. Red Bird, owned by F. A. Dessert; Q. J , owred by John Fox; Belle Boyd. owned by W. R. McNeil! The first heat Blood Red Bird, 1st; Belle Boyd, second, and Q. J third ; time 1:59. The second heat wound up tbe race, and tbe horse* stood Red Bird 1st; Q. J., second, and Belle Boyd, third, which gave first money to Red Bird ; second money to Q. J., *nd third money to Belle Boyd. The citizens 9600 special purse for tbe trot by tbe citizens was the feature, and tbe entries were '·Com- bination." owned by Harris Harris, ··Gail McMabo*," owned fcy Harvey Batta. and "Ovid," owned by E. J. Guiamger. The irst three heats Stood, Combination 1st, Gail McMa* hon 2d and Ovid 3d, and tbe money was paid over to the Winners. Messrs. W. L. Tnplett, Jackson Crockett, Samuel BowersmUh, Lew Clerkin, Clarence Bowmen, John G. Bartow, R. L. Shipp and Wm. Reed, of Triplett, were here yesterday. Mr. Gibson, the gentleman nominated by tbe republicans of tbe third district to do up Congressman Dockery, has declined to make tbe race. He is wise in bis day and generation. Wheat will turn to cheat, especially if it is of the g. o. p. variety. This particular Wheat was r/oelmss ter of Speaker Reed's house, and has been detected in robbing one of nis employes of 9150 per month. The Republican nominee for state auditor _pf Massachusetts has "declined." The Democrats dug up evidence against him that he had defrauded the government out of 975,000 while internal revenue collected in Georgia twenty years ago, and he bad to go. I wi'l sell round trip tickets to Louie Oct. 4th to lltb, aood to return Oct. 13th, for $7.25 which ad tnlts purchaser to fairground. Two through trains daily leaving C b i l h - eotbe at 11:17 a. m , and 10:27 p. m. C. H. NASON, Agt, H. S. J. E R, Homeseekers Excursions, 1890 The H. St. Jo. R. R Co. will sell ou April 22d, May 20tii, Sept. 9th and 23d, and Oct. 14th, round trip tickets to any point in Kansas or Nebraska, and .to moet points in Southern Missouri. Arkansas, Texas, Indian Territory, New Mexico, Colorado, c., at a rate of ODE FARE for the round trip. All tickets good thirty days from day of sale. C H. NASON, Agent. Chillicolhe, Mo , April 7, 1890 You lake any interest m the events of the day or times IF you desire to learn and post yourselves on all that is new and in the novelty hne- and desireable IF after having read all the reorganized fashion papers and hints, TO THE GBOGERY TRADE- When you want Oysters telephone No. 20. Jarrett s w»gnn will answer your call and deliver them ID any quantity at St. uouis and Chicago prices. Oot 2 d3t To RENT -- Second floor over Giltner SOD,will fit up to suit. Enquire of John T Milbank. Sepl2dtj ST-LOUIS EXPOSITION During continuance of the Exposition, I will sell ronud trip tukets toSt. Louis Sept 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29 and Oct. 2, 6, 3, 15 and IS, good for return passage five days from date of sale, for 89.25, which includes admission to Exposition. Two through trams daily without change. C. H. NASON, dwtd Agent H St. Joe R.R. IF then you desire to feast your eyes and post jour- selves on the newest and choicest novelties and tit bits that lend a grace and air to the complexion of your toilet, THEN WE SAY Come In and come in every day, foi every day there will be some thing new, and still newer. THIS MORNING we show you the newest novelty--a striking combination of elegance and grace, that arejgoing to sell lor $S.5O, they are worth $3.50 to t£4.GO, but they are lots we closed out from, the manufacturers at We have a great many other B O · O in the hen SB, out these Pants are DENTISTRY «O TO WORLET'S DENTAL ROOMS for First-Clam Dental work. TECTH EXTBACTBD WITHOUT rAIW, aad all work guaranteed u represented. North side equara, "big clock," Save Your Eyes! Have you noticed the new rigs a 'yers' stables. Tbe finest Surrejs, Phaetons and Carriages ever in the city ; new harness and horses as quiet and gentle drivers as any lady evei drove and prices as reasohablc as any one's in the city. Give him a trial and he will guarantee satisfaction or charge you nothing Calls for his carriage made day or night for an; train. Leave orders at barn or Lcep er House. Reap, B. MTEKS. ATTENTION! The Second Hand Store, old Johnsion Tobacco Factory, on South Locust street, is the place to buy or sell all Second Hand goods. If you want to buy or sell anything give u« a call. ^Satisfaction guaranteed. MENDJSNHALL CO. Apr! 10 dftw It Jos. C. Mi nicer, for beat five e«r« of 1890 corn-9 on'jies, J. J. Stilt). W. B Manenr, beet 50 ears of corn raiaed in LivmpBton county, 1890--levemeen entiie?; 1st premium Win-K.r»use; 2d, F Bonderer; 3dJ Jas. E. Preston James Graham,half bushel bearded wheat--seven entues, W. S. Chase. George Milbank, best bushel smooth red wheat--eight entries, Thos Anderson. N. .t. Bensch, for beet, largest and heaviest 12 ears of corn--11 entries, David Girduer. CLAM C.--WJTTEB, CHEESE, BKEAD Ac. Cake by girl under 15 years--sir entries, Salhe Pattle. Butter. 2 pounds or entries--J. B. Huffman. more--ten ID tbe pacing race for 1100, mile heats, three in fife, free for all. there were four entries: Little Lulu. own«d by K. J. GuUingW; Juliet, owned by Huxthal Sons; Ribbons, owned by A. T. Weet, and Lee Bon* ant. owned by B. P. Hathaway. The brat heat stood, Juliet, lat; JUee Bouyant. 2d; Little Lulu, 3d, and Ribbon*, 4lb; time, 2:49 1 2. Second beat, Little Lulu lit. Juliet 2d, Iwe Bouyant 3d and Ribbona 4th; time 2:46. The third beat waa the deciding one, and when they reached home the horeea "cored, Little Lulu 1st, Juliet 2d, and Lee Bouyant third; time 2t443-4. The free for all trotting race, for a purse of $175 there were three entries: Velvet, owned by W. W. McGregor; Rowland, owned by R. W. Napier, and Tacoma, owned by DR.-J. E. DUNBAR, Eye, Ear. Catarah aad throat spec - iahsta will make his third visit to Chillicothe on Saturday, Oct 11, and remain 12 days at the Union Hotel, where he will treat all diseases of the ey« 10 days free, if satisfaction is not given. As this is tbe third visit to our city for the Doctor, and he is a specialist of 1C years practice and so well known to all, that tbe mention of tbe date of bis arrival is all that Is needed. He takes no uncureable cases under treatment. If be can do you no good be will frankly tell yon. Examination and consultation free, wit Is the name of the new Saloon just opened on North Locust Street, To explain their lovmess is impossible, for every glance is a Kaleidoscopic vie\v beautiful than before more You must see them, and possess them. You can't afford to be without them. Another Novelty of equal importance' are the The statements made by us in the past have been ALL WOOL a A YARD WIDE so are the Pants in this sale. You can't help but buy if you Look at them, Very respectfully, The leading one-price Ciothiers and Furnishers bard, soft or callojsed l u m o aurl blemisbei trum hor=e« blood spa-,IDS, curbs, s p l i n t s Buoony rius-bonfo c'fles, epiaius, all t, \ o l l e n r h r o t, coughs etc 6 a \ e $ 3 0 b y u-es of oue bottle Wariauied liio rac-st (.on- perful blemish GUIS e\"=sr x . i o w n . bold by N, J, Swetlaud ,5. t druggists, CtuJliccthe, Mo 2o 3 FOR SALE -- A No 1 sccon 1 piano Will be sold .1 i I Apply to Editor CONSTITUTION' ted Booths and puvilegcs al grounds ire going off rapidU to MLSSIS Gin by 01 G-irdrser Excursions, the fair Apply Gallagher Brice. In this new and finely fuinished room you can find the finest Whiskies, Wines, Brandies, Cigars, Etc. Od Ballard'i Snow Liniment. This invaluable remedy ia one that our lit to be la every household. It will cur» your Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Spraina, Cut*, Bruises, Burns Fronted F««t and Ear§, Sore Thruai, mod Bore Cheat. If you have Lame Back U will core it. It penetrates to the i«at of toe diiea*e. It will cure Stiff Joints aad contracted muscles after all other remedies have failed. Those who have baen cripples for year* bav» used Ballard's Snow lenient bav* thrown away their crutches ana have DMII nbl» to walk a* wall ever. It will cure yoa. Pno* SO cents K. J. 8w«tland * Co. Agents. Everything to be run on first- class principles, and no rowdyism allowed. The two proprietors are old saloon men and will treat the trade with respect. Soliciting a continuance of favors, we are Yours truly, GALLAGHER BRICE. 5--w just from acioss the water, no since the memorable eiaof the Grecian Bend has anything caused such a stir in the Bon Ton Society New York has gone crazy over them, and to be seen on the streets of tha city without a pair is the branc of iniquity. We are showing them this morning in Blacks and colors at $!.OO per pair Nellie Bly Caps, elegant quah ties at 50 cents. Blazer Jackets--the most striking combination of common sense, comfort, elegance, anc style ever brought to our notice --now to be seen here. Handsome all wool Plaids, 54 inch at 50 cents. Elegant all wool, 50 inch, Flan- Wbeu it is taken Into consideratiou tbe fact that Wblakey Is u»etl largely by those who seek its medicinal ben efltt, tbe Purity and Merits of the Whiskies «old,;becomes a question of great importance. L.W. HARPER'S NELSON CO. WHISKY has been belore the public for many years, Its Purity U not only guaran te«d by tbe Tistlller,but ia comuient- ·d on by a great number of tbe most eminent Physicians in tbe United States. B. A. COX CO., Chilllcoth*, Mo. nel at 50 cents. Handsome Clan Tartan Plaids, all wool, at 50 cents Lok for their equal outside of our house; but better spend less time and look for a needle id a hay stack. The Great Headquarters In Every Sense of the Word! Snitk, MeVey Co. On btpUmbti 9 .;,d 23 PI 14, 1890, llic 0 , M ulwi\ p-tll **ell I J a r \ f b ticket-* to all [ nrl (Xto- ht P J i X U H I l )') 'bis r o i t h , northwest, ODO f°ro f south an n rou n f] f 'V D. A south 1 " c:?t -it Horticultural. il po soi;b v ishing tlie success of ibc Hcitic u t n r » 1 Society of Living= ioa C o i n t j , irc icqucst«d to leave t:ui or five camples of each variety of then f'uit in paper sacks at H. Kssc's groeei\ stcic in Chillicothe, jn "oat 1 "} pievoas to the coming f-.u G. P. PEPPBE. ST LOUIS FAIR- Fur tUe ^hove occasion the Wabash will seh round trip tickets to St. Louis at e7 25 which will include t.ckel of udrmssion to the Fair. We v I'l '-ell fiom Oct. 4th to llth inclu- si\c. limiting tickUs good for return u p to Oct ISih. T. F HAKKIhGTON, Agt. L i v Ihc New G liery, north side bou".re f bt,3 insure good work. Sep20dd,wlw* Children Gry for Pitcher's Castorfe. W! TARKET! Have moved fiom then old ^tand on Noith Locust street to the stoie loom lately occupied by M E. Schmidt, and have added a vei large stock ot OS- ING! We have decided to make oui aeadquaiters the place for the people to buy, and on eveij dollaib woith of goods sold wegive a guarantee to be as repicsented. Our stock is complete, end anj thing you want can be found in our stote Come and look ovei stock, rnd :f we cannot satisfy you as to QUAL! heie will be no damage done. PRICES Carpenter Starkev. The Low-Priced J a fA -*-. J'^-'i "3 S ! "^ '"·1

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