The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 20, 1923 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1923
Page 2
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CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTHE, MO.EEIDAY. APBIL 20, 1923 THE CONSTITUTION CLAHZNCB E. WATKINS, Editor ud Manager. IBVB«J W. WATKINS, Advertls- IU( Manager. CHARLES A. SPOONEB. City Editor in jail WE note in s. news dispatch an Indianapolis, Ind, man became so despondent becanuse his wife lavished her affection on cats that he "went to the dogs Poor felloe J M the poit office at Chll- !coth». Missouri, ai lecond clas» mat- *er. The Chillicothe Constitution In- ·lodlng the Mail and Star and Chffil- otfe* Democrat- Owned and pub- Hhed by-- r «*t CHIUJOOTHE CONSTITUTION ^PRINTING * PUBLISHING CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTIOJf T AILT by carrier In the City ot ChllUcothe, pel year »7 00 ftf ireelc IB 3AILY hy mall In Lrrtmgrton Coumty, per year _ t 00 BT mall ontilde ot LiYlngrton "·onnty per Tsar 4 50 ADVERTISING RATES vnomtlon of Respect, per line "··rd ot Thanki 10 Unei and per line peela! Notices, per line 'nttrtalnmenU. tlren tor pay, under 1 BO -«IM Advertising at Legal ratei-- idmlnlMrator'B Notice 14 00 Mnal Settlement Notice 4 00 "olltlcal AdTertHlng. per line 10 THERE was a man in the office today that, apparently, "was so hard that he could ride on a poreupme through a bed of cactus and never get a scratch AVOID THIS , ICUP.5E! The Auto Eanlpment Co, Chilli cothe, hai Springs, Springs, Axles and Springs ani hundreds ot other things Sales room 2-3 block east of Postoffice Phone 196 6-tf N M Brltton HI .10 .10 A detailed sworn statement ot the initiation will be turnlahed at any ·me when requested by an advertiser Member United Frew Association AND there are more suffering from brain lag than brain fag IT Is all right for a man to-be coo In the tace of danger If all the .coolness Is not m his feet ^ Fruit Trees and Berry Flants. We have a complete stock of fruit trees, berry plants and ornamental shrubbery at Howard Warner's Fruit farm Warner's Nursery Call 748 W · DEFECT! I V E VIS I OH YOUR EYES DEMAND SCIENTIFIC SEEVICE QUALITY MERCHANDISE CONSISTENT PEICE Add to these that Follow-up Service which we are always glad to render. Dr. Covert f. Brown The Eye-Strain Specialist Where Chillicothe Gets Her Glasses Division No 3 of the First Christian Church will hold a market a The Constitution office Saturday April 23th D SAWYER says when a young girl marries an old man who doesn t have any money we can rtghtiy judge that It Is a love match. LARRY MARTIN,says the Democrats ought to be able to carry the Third ward without much trouble this time, since Ross DIehl has BO many of the Republicans locked up DR. 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Notice is hereby given that the Board of Equalization of Livingston Countj ,"VIissouri, at a regular meeting thereof held on the 19tbj day of April, 1923, made the following order ' Whereas the State Board of Equalization has returned to the County Cleric, Its order and, finding increasing the assessed valuation of the land in Livingston county Ten Per Cent and it appearing to the Board that the asessed value of land in \anous Townships as returned by the Township assessors is not equalized according to the relative value and to pioperly equalize the valuation of the assessments o£ the dif ferent Townships, the Board does hereby equalize the valuation and assessment by increasing the assessed ·valuation as made iud returned by the state Board of Equalization on all land m tho following Townships as follows in Cream Ridge township 211 the sum of 3 per centum. In Grand River and Jackson townships in the sum ot 2 per centum in Mon- 100 and Medicine Township in the sum of 5 per centum, in Mooresville ind Snmpsel townships in the sum ol 15 por centum AClcr above increases are made Lho average value per acre of each township will be as follows Blue Mound Township If SO ChllUcothe Township 72 45 Cream Ridge Township 56 08 Fairview Township , 54 31 Grand River Township 46 87 Green Township 611 Jackson Township 46 2C Medicine Township 47 9! Momoe Township 60 0: Mooresville Township 59 2 Rich Hill Township 81 1 Sampsel Township 511 Wheeling Township 63 8 DR. COOK AND 90 OTHERS INDICTED IN FT. WORTH OHAKGBD WITH USING THE MAILS TO DEFRAUD IN OIL PROMOTION. The Grand July Report Followed Ex- tnesrve Inves tigataons Blade by the Department of Justice. GIRLS WANTED for good, steady employment wages paid while learning trade, apply at office of .Glove Factory. Easy and quick to install, saTe yonr money, and give lasting satifacfcura to home owners. Read these advantages: --Admit 40 percent to 80 Percent more daylight --come complete--sash hung, hardware in place; painted --no extra frames; no fitting of sash --can't Tvarp or stick --Permanent ·--surprisingly low ln^ cost Chillicothe Iron Co. _ _ Telephone 18 Structural' and Reinforce Steel. Don't forget to call at our office and get our price on cyclone, tornado and windstorm insurance. We have something new to offer you at a very small cost. M 111 HE Insurance Agency Successor to H. O, Hoffman Second Floor N Y Store BIdg 112 Ft Worth, Tex , April 20 --la- ictmeuts charging 91 oil promoters nd assoeiatps "vrith using tlie mails 0 defraud were returned by a feder- 1 grand jury here today Those named m the indictments in- luded Di Frederick A Cook, lorm- r Arctic explorer and B C Kings iury, prominent Texas politician The indictments involved fifteen, eparate promotions, including ome of the mosl prominent in Tex- j 13 ', The grand 3ury report followed ex- ;ensive investigations made by department of justu e and postoffice department agents, during which they discovered an alleged gigantic swindle, mvloving millions of^. dollars annually and extending to all sections of the United States Arrest o£ thosei named in the ia- dictments were ordered immediately and United States marshals armed wuh warrants humed from the fed- eial building aftei the report was re- turied Bonds of from $5,000 to $10 000 were to be asked in each caae Dr Cook and a number of other promoters were recently arrested in connection with tlie alleged swindle, Shirts That Fit Average for County ?58 6 It is ordered by the Board that th Asseshor s Books and Tax Books an all other records pertaining to sai tax be airanged in harmony with th above order. It is also ordered by the Boar that notice of the above order, by published- lor ten days in the Chilli-' cothe Tribune and the Chillicothe Constitution, newspapers published m the City ot Chillicothe, spceifying the property and the amount of said raise, notifying the persons owning or controlling said real estate That the said board will meet on the 30th day of April 1923 to hear reasons if an be given, "why said increase should not be made ' State of Missouri, County of Livingston, ss I J M Gallatm, Clerk of the Bounty Court, in and for said Coun- y hereby certify the above and fore- oing to be a true copy of the pro- eedings of our said County Board f Equalization on the day and jear hove written as the same appears f record in my office In Testimony Whereof I have lereunto seu my hand and affixed the eal of the County Court at office n Chillicothe, this the 19th day o£ upril, IS 23 J M Gallatm, Seal) Clerk of the County Court BODY OP ESTFAOT v SENT BT PARCEL POST Lion Shirts Do Not Fit Like a Sack but always hold their ^shape. Stripes, Checks, plain colors with and without collars. STARKEY CLOTHING CO. F. W. COBNUE, MANAGER SEEVICE SATISFAC Washington D C April 20 --Thi body of an inCant was discovered in th eparcel post mall received at the Duncan, Okla , postofflce today, the stofflce department was informed is afternoon Postmaster General New at once dered an investigation The par- icontaining the body was receved om a mail tram that passed thru ort Wonll and Crfldwell, Teias, but istal authorities said they had not arned where it was mailed r VOTIOE TO BANKING CORPORA TIOJTS, BANKING ASSOCMV TIONS, AND TO INDIVIDTTAIj BANKERS OF CHttUCOTHE TOWNSHIP, MVDTGSTON CO MISSOURI Notice is hereby given by the :ownship board of Chitucothe Town ship Livingston County, Missouri all Banking Corporations, Bank ng Associations, and individual bankers of Chillicothe Township, LIT ngston County, Missouri that on thi 5th day of May, 192? sealed bid will be received by said township }oard for the position of depository for a term of two years -tor the de posit of all the township funds be longing to said township Said bids shall state the rate of in iest proposed to be paid on dail balances of said township in said de poisitorv from time to time, an shall be accompanied by a cer tified check for $250 000 as a guar anty of good faith on the part of th bidder All bids shall be filed wit the township clerk on or before te o'clook of the 5th day of May, 1923 The Board reserves tie right to n ject any and all bids Done by orde of the Township Board this 18th da of April, 1923 N BJ Bill, Township Clerl alO 3t MARKET Kansas City, April 20 --Hogs 8,00, market steacy, bulk of sales 7 80 to $8, heavr ?7 75 to ?7 95, j utcher ?7 Sb to 58 05, light »7 75 ?S pigs $6 75 Cattle 1 000, market strong ume fed steers |M 50 to $10, beef eers $8 to $9 50, western steers 7 40 to 59 40 southern steers 5 75 to $8 '0, cows $2 80 to $7 25 .eiters $ 4 7 5 to 58 85, atockers and seders ?6 to $S 50, bulls $3 75 to i 75 calves $6 to ?9 25 Sheep 1 000 market steady, arnbs $13 75 to S14 50, yearlnigs 11 25 to $13 wethers $S 50 to 10 50 ewes ?7 25 to $9 25 , stock- rs and feeders 512 50 to 513 75 HENDERSON A BOS PRODTTCB CO. fHONB. 91 ?BNS 19 EGHORN HENS 16 3ROIL.ERS 40 EGHORN SPRINGS 35 iOX »' NOTICE Livingston County Pig Club mee' mgin the Farm bureau office at 1 8 o clock Saturday Sell that Coat, Suit, Wrap, tov Furniture--anything Consctitutlo Want ads will do It. MONARCH STRIPS FOB DOORS AND WINDOWS Keeps out cold, rain and Dust WJtUla overhauling that house call 1439-W and consult the MONARCH MAN For Prices and Termi. We Make It Easy BOX 423 -- CHILL.ICOTHB 22 IGGS DCKS _____________________ 11 'URKEYS ----------------- 17 'UKKEYS, OLD TIMS -------- 1* Butter Fat No 1 Butter Fat No 2 ----------- 37 SMITH at FnrBUned* Dy W 1» ION, Halt Block But Building. IBNS 19 .BGHOHN HENS 16 BKOILBRS LEGHORN SPRINGS 35 EGGS COX DCJCKS GEESE TURKEYS TJRKEYS, OLD TIMS Butter Fat No 1 _· ·*' Butter Fat No. 2 .37 List your liiTeatock tor uhlpmeni with the ChllUcothe Live Stock Shippers Association Phone 980 Al ways on th e Job H. A PROSSBK Manager FOR SALE at a price that's right al Ikinds ot trait trees, stiawter rlea, grapes and raspberries and oth er small truit plants, dmlmenta shruberr Write tor pries U»t. MFSw Warner'i Nursery. Mor Mik Chick Feed. 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