The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 24, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 4
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JNHK Baking Powder A «resa ottmrau takla* powder. m ·OTAL BAKfSG POWOKB OO, Kev Tort THE DAILY NEW 84, XEWS OP THE STATE. R»e;it- of Interest Here «nd Thrrr Election officers were appointed In Bt. Msrj's Elec'ioa officer* In Howard were *p- potnted. L'.oyd H. BtU committed suicide l Oskitud. The Qaeen Annes county tsz rate bss been fixed »t $1. Governor Lawuds* appointed fire colonels on hi* staff. In A.'ileg»ny coanty the registrars of TOters were appointed. At Havre de Grace Kronccl was broken for the new cchoolhoiue Today the Governor's family will remove to Cumberland. The laborers oa the llchester powerhouse who qali Monday returned lo work. The commissioners to publish the records of Maryland troops have began work. Eleven additional -prsctBcts have been created in Ailegay county nader the redistricting. The boat seized by Mary landers In Virginia watera has been returned to Ac- comae county. The Washington county assessors are discovering mach property which has escaped taxation. Tc 5»gfit9»n *» t"wj crenel! granted the nse of additional streets to the trolley company. A memorial tablet to the late Henry Onderdonk will be placed la the chepel of the College of 8L James. Ell Htckett wai remanded to Jail by Judge Henderson on a charge of murder In connection with the Sandy Springs dUSarbance. Harold Scarboro, of Belalr, of free sliver views, Is the candidate for the Democratic congressional nomination In the Second district. Governor Lowndes has written to Governor O'Fen-all, of Virginia, asking that the three Maryland crabbers captured by Virginia police be released. New* of the Cborche*. There will be no service In the Presbyterian church tonight. The T. P. 8. C. E. Society of the U. B. Church, of WalkersvUle, will hold an ice cream festival in Staoffer'a Hall, on the evenings of Jnly 16, 17 and 18, for the benefit of the church. The regular prayer meeting of the Y. P. 8. C. E of the Lutheran Church, will be held this evening at 7.30. The regular monthly business meeting and the election of officers for the ensuing six months will take p'ace Immediately afterward. Ibe Sick. Mr. Francis T. Divtg returned yeater- ilay from Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, where he had been for ten days put undergoing treatment. He is greatly improved. Mra. D. V. Harp, aa estimable lady of Myerivlll}, this connty, Is very sick. Convocation of Cumberland. The convocation of Cumberland, composed or the Bplscopal clergymen of Garrett, Allegany. Washington and Frederick counties, met in semi-annual session Monday night at Emmanuel Church, Cumberland, the venerable Archdeacon Wilt tin gham, of Thnrmont, presiding. Gladness Comes W ith a better -understanding- of the transient nature of the many phys- jcal ills, which vanish before proper efforts--gentle efforts--pleaanteffortS;-- tightlv directed. 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If '*ffiicted with anr actual disease, one 93- be coamii: . to the most skillful *bfseiai;s. biit:: ~A need of a laxative, ,» should have tl; best, and with the -reii-iniormed e rywhere, Syrup of 5gssitandshijhe and is most largely -. a - _ ^ _ = general satisfaction, COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE. A Co»«n»»ii» of Current Ei .-:.:»· · Town*. -- B»T. PlovBer preached la the M. X. Cfeurci Szt --HIM Florae* GMMT, of Utka. VM TUtting Mrt. Hirp LMI week. -- MJbM M. JE. Bond §peai 6*nd»j wtU her SMreti. Mr tad Mrm. CvllMW Boad, In C*p« Look. --Mr. Wetley Bond k*i M ttiftek of p*raiy*U Uu week. We hope be will -- R. C. ud Edward fortubtrg »t- leded the Ctildren'i tenrlce to Color.- rtlle tsanday moraine. --Mr Kllu Browa, of CealrerUa, feu accepted t tlioaUoa In the Cuioa HOOM IB Baltimore. --Some of the Etrd Scrabble boyt speal Stlordty In town. --Mr. Willie Grime* met with a Tery aertoa« accident lut «aek while haollnf railt; the wagon pawed orer hU right foot and bruited It very much. -- Ml* Roaa Thompson, of Baltimore, U vUiUng Mr. Mlcztolas Mete, of Dogtown. -- Mr. Jeate Stoaer, one of oar f»rmer», lait week had hi* barn decorated with a very fine coat of paint or contractors Thomaa Bonn and Walter Btoner. riAOAYlUJL -- Tuo totfuiar t^ustloriy uiocliug uf luo ML Zlon AM and Mlulonary Society of Mt. Zlon Lutheran Church, will *e held Bunditf evening, June 28;b, at 730 o'clock. Alice Roelkey and daughter, of near Pe'.ersvliic, apeat Friday of lut weak frith relatlren near this place. -- Mr». Sunn Watkey and Mlsi Daley Hargett rlalted Mrs. Barah EI1U Friday of lut week. -- Mtas Ida Kenn, of near this place, parchaved of Charles E. Ellis, agent for J. A. Ererltt'g garden seeds, six cents wonh of cucumber seeds from which she has gathered 1? dozen cucumbers since Jane the S. -- Children's serrlces were held at Mt. Zlon Lutheran Church Sunday last at 2 o'clock. The programme was the same which was rendered at St. Lake's Cbarch Jane the 7. -- The farmers are very busy harvesting tbli week. IJAMSTILI.B. --The Ijamsvllle Methodist Episcopal Sunday School of this place will hold an Ice cream festival Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, June 23.20 and 27. --Mrs. John R. Jones, of this neighborhood, met with quite an accident last week by falling on her left arm, thereby breaking her wrist. The broken limb was set by Dr. George Btggi. and under his skillful treatment Is getting along aa well aa can be expected. Much sympathy Is manifested here for this lady. --Children's Day was observed hero Sunday, June 21. The programme, entitled 'The Young Crusaders," was rendered mos: beautifully, each taking their different parts admirably. The singing, under the leadership of Mrs. Thomas Crawford, was fine; Miss M. Wolf, organist. YELLOW frames. --Mr. Win. H. Cannon, contractor and builder, of this place, raised a new barn on the farm of Mr. Nathan O. Neighbors, of near Yellow Springs, on Saturday last. --Oar farmers have commenced their wheat harvest. If the weather continues favorable they will cat off by the last of the week. From present Indications the corn and potato crops will be an abundant production in this section. --Quits a number of our people attend" ed the Children's Day services at Bethel church on Sunday. --Daniel Kline, residing a short distance west of bore, killed a black snake the other day that measured 11 feet 2) Inches long. Dan la good on snakes. --Miss Hattie Slane, of Martinsburg, W. V a, IB tie guest of Mr. Charles 6. Orrlson and family, of this vicinity. --Mr. Edward Cherry, who hai been on a few days visit to relatives and friends In and around Yellow Springs, has returned to his nome in New Jersey. --Mrs. Dennis Remsburg, of Frederick City .spent a few days daring the past week with Mosira. Edward aad Joslan B. Feaga, of near Yellow Springs. --Mr. Ed. Zimmerman and family, of Pleasant Hill, spent Sunday, June 21st. with his parents near Charlesvllle. --Our clever and obliging mail carrier, Mr. George 'Wastier, and Mr. Elmer Feaga, famished music for a festival at Lewlstown on laat Saturday night. They report haying a delightful time. --Mr. H. Eeefer Ramsborg, this place, spent a da? the past week with his sister, Mrs. H. G. Maugans, of Wolfavllle, this county. --Mr. Charles W. Staley, this place, who has been employed at mason work for some days past In Backeystowa, has finished his contract and has returned home. Sparkling \rita life -Tich with delicious flavor, HIRES Rootbeer stands- first as nature's purest and most r e f r e s h i n g drink. Best f/y any test. . t. He. ptcUs* Mktt 5 {tU» . Him Co . !"· 8ttday-Kol. of this towa, ia th* COB- veattoa of ftoadev -school* fceld atTa- fcoata Park. Jan* 19 acd JO --Miss Fxaate Oroe*. who has been TteUiBg Mis K 6. Koehier. of ti!» p!*M, retvred to he; tome at Barsesvllle Boa- day, JUM 21. -MtMoe £Ua WeUh aad Manic Woife, who ASVC bcea attending Brtarfey Jiali S«fldaary. B*ar PooiecvUie. have re t«r»«d to I Kelt hone* ie »s« ae*r Hyatta- town to tpead vacation, -- Suroe! Hyatt, of Sh«eaado*9. Iowa, bet formerly of Hy»:uij»n, U visiting frtefid* acd relatives here. -Mr*. Lizzie Viers, of BeallsvlUe. U vUHlDg ber brother, Wiithl'. Hbod«,of tais love. --Mi** WVtist, of Gihhertbcrz, is viaitlAC her slater, Mrs. BeaJ. F. Ha wains, who live* near iiyat 410*0. LSWISTOWS. --Misses Lilly Spangler and Maggie Weybright are guests of Rev. J.U. Asper and family. --The Utlca Union Sunday School will hold their annual picnic August 1. --J. Wm. Shook Is erecting a bridge over the stream on the road leading trom Lewlstown to Utlca. --Rev. Courteaay will preach in the Methodist Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoon next at 2 o'clock p. m. --Byron M. Welter took * cycling lour last Sunday, taking In EnunlUbvrg, Gettysburg and Tnnrmont. --Rev. J. U- Asper will organize a Christian Endeavor Society in the Lu- theran'congregation at Utlca on Sunday evening, July 5. --Rev. B. Ptorce will 'preach In the Methodist Protestant Church on Sunday morning next at 10 a. m. Christian En deavor serrlces will be held In the even- Ing at 7.30 p. m. --Lather C. Powell, of Woodsboro', w*s a visitor at the home of his mother, Mr*. L. J. Powell, Sunday iaat. HTATTSTOWH. --Bey. Harris preached a good sermon In the Methodist Episcopal Church lut I Sanday morning, Jane 21. I --The Sunday school of the Methodist Episcopal Church will observe Cbll- ' dren's Day Sunday evening, July 5. The services will begin at 8 o'clock. --The prayer meeting of the Y. P. S. C. E. was led by Mr*. W. O. Rhodes. Subject, "Doabta and Difficulties." --B. O. Zelgler, of Hyattitown, wfll ·peak at Araby Union Chapel. Sunday, Jane 98. 8«bject,"rhf PotJiIon of the Christian Church." All who would like to know something of the church of ·which James A. Garfield was a member come and bear Mr. Zelgler next Sunday --MiMM Etste and Latle Price and Eddie Zelfler represented the Christian --Mrs. Daniel Zeals aad Miss Alke Freahoor, of this place, speat Thursday, IS, with Mrs. Cnartee Baxter. --Mrs. CellaStaasbaryaod Mrs. James Bahzell speat Tharsday afternoon with Mra. John Forney, o. Pise Hill --Mr and Mrs William Baker, of near Emmttsburg. spent Satarday and Baa- day 20, ana 21, with frieads cf Willow Urove. --MlM Myrtle Bellinger, of Happy Re- :reai, and Florence Etgenbrode. of Frankllnvtlle, vltked MlM Daisy Bailer. of near Gnceham, Sanday, 21. -- MlM Florence dlansbary. of Stony Urnuca, spent lui week «rtui air*. I/avitl Zantl, of this city. --Mr. and Mrs. EJwa*d Baxter, near Thurmonl, vlilied their daughter, Mrs. Robert Elgenbrode, oo Sunday last. -- Hr. Herbert Zjntz. of Union Bridge, spent several days last week with tils parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abram Zentz. -- Mr». J. A. ColHtlDwer, of this place, spent Sanday 21, with h-sr father, Mr. Charles Eyler, of Eyler'a Valley. UKOAD KU.N. --Oar farmers will commence to cut their Kraln this week. Haivest will be a ilghi job ibis year, as the wheat stands thin on the ground. --Mrs. Mary M. Darner, formerly of thU place, bat now of Springfield, O , has returned to this place to epend several months In oar beautiful valley visiting friends and relatives. --Mis. Jacob A Suffer has returned home after a month's visit to her daugh- .sr, ilrs. Joia J. IJjIaecic, o: Pcaasy 1- vanla. --Miss Blla Moser, of Bathcl, Is spending several days at her parental nome near here. --William E. Darner has returned lome from a visit to Springfield, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana, and other places. -- Samuel Harrison, of this vicinity, eft here last week for parts unknown. --William T. Grove, of this place, who tad his collarbone brokec several weeks ago, we are glad to know, is getting along quite well. --Charles Nichols, contractor and builder, of Washington county, ia remodeling the dwelling-noose of John Mason Grove. --Mr. Nichols will erect a new dwell' ng house for Wm. BDW!UB, at Bloomfield, ,wo miles north of here. -- Charles W. Ahalt, superintendent of the Union rinnuay-achool of this place, announced on laec bnnday that in two weeks, or on the Sanday of the 28th, after Sunday-school, which Is at 3 30, he will endeavor to organize a- Carlstian Endeavor Society at this place. -- Mrs. Ohrnm Kepler is confined to the house with sickness. -- Mrs. Ann R. Bcachley spent the past week with her sisters, Mrs. Samuel Leazer and Mrs. Tobias Main, of Mtddlo- town. -- Miss Viola Moser IB the guest of her sister, Mrs. Joanna A. Rice, of near Charlesvllle. -- The farmers are basy at present gathering thoir hay crop, which is short, yet taming out a great deal better than was expected some time ago, the late rains Improved H considerably. --The growing crop of corn, looks well In our neighborhood. Che acreage pnl out this year is large. CKBiOKBBTOWN. --Reno Council No. 34 Junior O. U. A. M., will elect officers for the ensuing term at their next regular meeting. --Prof. George Spabr's musical commencement will take place In Woods boro Lutheran Church on Saturday even- Ing, June 27, Instead of the town hall In this place. --Messrs. W. Erlie, R. L. Ogle and Elmer Warner, of this place, and Byron Weller, of Lewlstown, and Charles Miller. of Loys, were Io Gettysburg on Sanday Itat and say they had a fine time. They registered at Eagle hotel and were royally entertained by the usual Pennsylvania hospitality of the proprietor, W. T. Zlegler. -- Mr. J. F. Pntmaa and wife spent a day at Pen- tfar last week. -- Mr George Shryock began harvest- Ing on Tharsday, the lS:h, the firal fanner to commence. --Mr. C. W. Welker has erected a very fine large grain shed, 90x30. and 16 feet high to square. Mr. J. O. A. Harne, of Garfield, contractor. -- Mr. J. Gruber Is suffering from a large boll on bia hand. -- Children's Day Sanday morning next at 10 o'clock. -- BaUimoreans are thronging to the genial and healthy climate of the beautiful Monozacy valley, where they will board daring the summer months. Since 1ST,* there have boon nine epidemics of dyi.ii!«:ry m hiiVrwu reirfc-ff the country in -which Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera anri Mnrrhoea Keracdr was nsed with perferi success. Dvsentery, when epidemic, is al- nif^t as severe anddangcroos as Asiatic chol- m. Hrrrt"f«rc the tc«t etforts of the most physicians have failed to check its this rvnaeiJy. however, has cured the iaot ma'.icn.-.r.t ciscs Koii of children and ·H".'t«s ar* 1 . -i-vior t 1 -*- rrr'rt trr^ns: cfnd'ticiT_. 7 which prove* it to Ve thebeFt medicine in the woria UT ofw«i compiMniv tor sale tv A. L. Pearre, Frederick: W.K. Kudy. Mt. Airy. Belief In Six Hoax*. DI*tre«lnK1dn«7 and Bladder dinanet relieved ra itx Bonn br the -N*w enax aovm A.VCUCA? KrojrtT Cc»«." 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Whep dyed br m ".he o^trbis not shrunk and retain' Its thape like new. By our method of Doing Up Lace Curtains fiev eeo clean oagar, QSTIE better, do nf [ get torn In fialsblajf. as they frequently do U { outer methods, have A Btautifiil Finish much superior to any other, and prices much lower. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS, . ,, RUSSET TIES In all the HEW SHADES and COLORS. EW EFFECTS IN CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright, Cheerful and Up To Date effects in this line. To the Young Face Pozzoxr's CtrsrPLEiios POWDEE gives fresher charms; to the old, renewed youth. Try it. . MD, Seta price list from L B. MDAHS, 74 ». Church St. SYPHILIS illUC YOU tsore TJiroat, Fimplei. Co] lAlt lUI) Colored Spate, Ach«Told S In Month. Btii-VfJlSatt Write COO1 1EDY CO., 807 M*M»nIe Te«pl ICBVO, m^. for proofs of cnres. CapH I, S5«*,OOO. Wont VM* cared la 1W 85 day*. IOC-pace book. free. Hex Rheumatism Cure! WILL CUBE Every Form of Rheumatism and Purify the Blood. For sale In Frederick by STEtSER BROS., DrogjrUts, 102 North Market Street. DO YOU RIDE WHEEL? If yo d~ not we will t c a3h yon In a short time. No ch*r?ei to purchasers. Makt ni a frleadlr call, w wa*t mike it uapleannt b» urging you to OUT We have wheel], goo*l on*s f nlly troanat«ed. for tQ~, better ones for$75 and the RAM8L*a. tae scat ON B iRTH. for (100. We sell on time payments wfaendjsired. Sea u; we wUl treat yon right. 1CYCLE SUNDRIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Lamps, lamp brackets, too 1 bass, tools, cvctometers. bell*, toe clips, foot brakes, Illuminating and lubricating oils, graphite, cement. 4c_ to, at prices tower tksnever. GITS us a oail, we can save you money. THE NEWS, Frederick, Md. IV~WATCH THX VAJLUABLI OFFBBS HACI TO EAMBLBK RIDBKF. yo" were at school did yon ever try the plan of studying only questions which would come to 3 on in your regular turn and skipping the rest ? And did the unfeeling teacher ever upset your little scheme by beeanning in the wrong place? Some stores advertise on that , plan. They are crammed and ready with answers and low prices on cheap wood cuts sold by the peck that don't represent stock that they are not so ready to stand examination on. We sell B II I TU R E The best made goods on earth. H. B. ETCHISON, The Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone No. 122.

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