Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on February 6, 1882 · Page 1
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1882
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VOL. x. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1882. NO. 2H THE TOMB OF THE FORAGERS. 20 Per Cent 20 REDUCTION FOR CASH. OVERCOATS! MEN'S OVEROOATS, BOYS' OVERCOATS, KNIT JACKETS, WOOLEN SCARFS, CAPS and HEAVY GLOVES REDUCED 20 PEE CT. FROM FORMER PRICE. We have a well-assorted Stock, and must sell to make room for our Spring Goods. We will give GREAT BARGAINS Until March 2d, when.. TAKES PLACE. J. R. RACE CO. ;i Op (0 i-.vtw uit i.uiiii: v \ u Kr.F.o.v.vr \KW OBAHTEIIS, iM Block, N. Water St., (now Prescott's Music Store.) H 52 Ui CD m -o m emporary Acldrc-s-. m C3 m n li.r u m i l promptly ulnmluil t«. Post Oftioe Block, next to Corner of Main. f l l l i l-.UiCKSI .-T'.H'K '!· BREECH AND SHOT-GUNS AN I ' REVOLVERS Ever seen in Centra; I . I I I I I M * . n:nl In in/ BOUGHT FOK CASH, We are cnaKlert !·· Kctnil ihcni AT WHOLESALE PRICES lefarr-aDtEyerytliiiiiasReDreseiitGo 8AI,I, AND E X A M I N E OPU .STOCK A N I I'HICES. KORSMEYER 0 NEJLL. Prairie St. 2 doors ^st Post Office. March 3. 18S1--diwlv TRUTH ATTESTED. · Important St.itementsJ of Well- k n o w n People Wholly Ventin!. r, ui.;*-r i h n t the public niuv i n l l y ' - ' : ' :h'- ir''nni:'enefl£* ol the stfttenients, UP \^·· 11... power and value ol the article ol w i i they apeak,we publish herewith the Inc-fii, iirnatures of parties whose sincerity U ytiiirt c|instiuii. The truth ot these testim ul^ lMib-;o!nte. norlean the t'ncts theyniinoutieo } HKCATt n. ILL., June:i. if8 I C K N T I . K U R N : I have tisedyotirSale K"i.lne 1 ami I.lver Care for a lonsr-standitur kiilney ' tniuWeanil reccivei very yreat benelit tmm ii. It can be taken with my assurance t h a t it w l l ilo all it elaims. It. H. W A K N K R your Kiduev and good that 1 prop rureil. .«.\Tmuli.L., June:;li, irt i Co. : the drat bottle Liver Cure di'.l me so much se to use it u n t i l I Jim fullj RADCLSFF BULLARD, to B. . A l;M;--1 i ( I UNDERTAKERS! And dealers In ail kinds or foul Metallic Coins aifl Casiets. Prtcw ranflnir from the cheapest to the most tzpenilre. Also PULL CLOTH COVERED CASKETS OF SOLID WALNUT. For the use of the itnall white Hearse in the city, only 15.00. *Ve (tuaranteo satisfaction, »*1 to be fully convinced, is to irtvc us n call. Stand--Southwest Corner Old t?qiare, 9:eattr. lUinoii Sight calU left at the New Deming Hotel, or tour place of business,shall have ourprompt ·ttentloc. SeptndAwtl PEIRCE FISHER, '·J'« Priielpal Examlau* anil!Jiwrl»rk »t r. S. Patnt Ofie*). Thuusiiiiiisof equally struui; endorsements-many of them In cases where bopo was aban duned -have been voluntarily gireu. showin; tho remarkable power of Warner's Safe Kid ney and IJver Cure, in all diseases of thi kidneys, liver or urinary organs. If any on who renili this has any physical trouble, re meniliiT the itreiit daiurerof delay. PALACE HOTEL N. LAUX, Proprietor, South Main St.. comer of \V«kl. Decatnr. II KCIO tvr (lav. Livery stable in connwtl* with house. 'C.'arriajres fttrnlsk8l at all hnttrs Fofc.». SHELLABAROEB'S Patent Process Flov retains all the nourishment contained i liewlient. None of its virtues are wasted /Try it. PeclS-diTrtf "FAIR IJEALISO" is Our Standard! "One-Prioe" is Our Anchor! "I'ormanont Popularity" is Onr Gcffll! | CHEAP CHARLEY'S | jauTJilwtf One-Price Clothing House ; WE keep everj-tliing m «ur line; lo shoes, hijfh shoes, bi^r shoes, little shoes, Early in the eighteenth century, a family of very considerable distinction, of the name of Sterling, emigrated from England and settled in onnecticut. Interests and friends hat Lad been left behind caused so ·equent a correspondence that up to ic time of the Revolution the rela- ons of the family on either side felt each other all the warmth of iendship which had existed half a ntury before. Just before the breaking out of ostilities, the future Lieutenant terling of Connecticut visited York- lire, partly to see his relatives in land of his ancestors, and partly 0 finish his education. The latter bject was soon accomplished, how- ver, by his falling in love with his eautiful cousin, Julia Fordham, vhose uncle had also settled in Amer, near New York. A few weeks of happiness passed way with the affianced pair --such appinoss as is rarely suffered to ext beyond a brief horn'. Meantime Corvet Fordham, Julia's rot her, had received an appointment 1 the British army, and was about sail to America to join his regi- nent. Before leaving, however, the young men contracted a strong riendshipJor each other--a friend- Lip which continued unbroken until liey were entombed together in a trange land. But I am anticipating. Soon after young Fordham's de- .artiire. the lovers' dream of happi- ess was rudely shocked by the eception of a letter by Mr. Sterling rom hie father. Its contents irn- lortoil that there were serious dis- urbanere in Boston, between its iti/ens aud the authorities, and ev- rything bore the appearanae of ifoodshwl. The letter concluded by .irectiug young Sterling to come lome- -a command which was not to disobeyed. It is unnecessary to detail the grief the lovers at the prospect of a paration. But it was hoped that IK- difficulties would soon be adjust- 1 and the pain of parting was oinewhat. mitigated by the antici- ti'd joy of a speedy return. A prosperous voyage soon landed lim on his native shore, where ho omul the husbandmen clad in the abilimwits of war, breathing venge- iniv to the for- and "death to the ty- 'nnts." Ho soon caught the infection, and ippliod for and obtained a lieutenan- ·V of dragoons. His squadron was irdeivd to take position in the south- ·rn extremity of the Highlands to n-cvent supplies from being passed rom f l u ' country to New York. LnU- at night, in the latter part of Mohfi 1 . an ofticer, who had beon akeii prisoner at the battle of Long and and exchanged, called ut the u-adquartws of Sterling, bringing lim a letter from Fordham. stating ,hiit he had learned with pain of his akirtg sides with the rebels; that he rusted that lie (Lieutenant Sterling) vimld be careful not to let his sister know, as it would break her heart ·veil to suspect that he was in a position hostile to himself; that it was natural to construe difficulties favor- ible to one's native land; and that vliilo he regretted the necessity, ho ipproved his decision. The letter accompanied by a miniature of Miss Fordham, wTfich had been prom- .sed before he left England. Sterling pressed the picture to his leart. It brought a thousand tender recollections. The image of all that le loved was before him; and he sat n his tent for hours 1 mried in thoughts of love. Amid these reveries the trumpet sounded "to horse:" and, as the blast echoed from hill to hill, the dragoons girded on their cutlasses, and in a Few moments were in full gallop to Westchester to drive in n party of foragers. Just as the day began to dawn the troopers discovered near the Kingsbridge road, a large foraging party, ;uarded by about two hundred British dragoons. The order to charge was promptly given, and the patriot troops dashed upon the foe. The shock was awful. At least one half of each party were unhorsed, who fought on foot, while those who retained their seats were fighting man to num. friend and foe intermingled. A voice was now heard. "Rebels, surrender!" The answer came back in thunder tones: "Freemen never yield to slaves!" This added fuel to the flames, and the murderous conflict continued with increased fury. Men. mortally wounded, employed" the brief remnant of their lives and utilized their dying struggles to extinguish a few moments sooner the lamp of life in their expiring adversaries. As the day fully broke upon the affray, the few who survived, sickened at the awful havoc, mutually retired from the scene of death. The next day a detail from eithei side came to bury the dead. The officer who ha.l earned the letter from Fordham to Sterling was the one sent with the American party. Among the dead he recognized both Sterling and Fordham, and when the deac had been thrown in one common trrave he caused the two friends to bt faid side by side together. The miniature wa's wet with blood, upon which it remains to this day. A few years after the war, a femal about twenty-eight years of age showed much of the traces of the j most exquisite beauty; but the sad j and mournful expression never for a j moment left ii In summer and autumnal nights she would frequent the knoll where the dead lay; and how keenly soever blew the winds still she would bo there, talking to herself: "They will come by and by. I wonder they stay so long, I am sure he received his miniature. He was to come with my brother; cruel cousin!" and such incoherent sentences. The poor creature in a few years moaned herself to death; and as the place she visited was a favorite one in Iife 5 her neighbors laid her there in death. Reader, would you see the mound where the Foragers were buried, aud where Sterling and Julia and Fordham rest ? Go to Roie Hill, in the manor of Fordham: and when you come to the old manor-house, advance to a small hill, about a hundred rods northwest. There you will find a hallowed spot, where mingle the ashes )f friend and foe, of brother and sister, and of lovers who "loved with a love that was more than love." Astonished at His Popularity. Ike Schwindelrneyer is a relative of old man Schwiudelmeyer, of the well-known Galveston firm of Schwin- delmyer Co. Ike is a recent importation from Germany, and travels for the firm. He has a very great opinion of himself, and thinks that Schwindelrneyer owns this world, and have a builders' lien on the next, Not long since young Ike Schwindel- meyer visited Houston. On the morning of his arrival, after breakfast he started up the avenue. It ! happened that the funeral procession j of a prominent citizen was also pro- ' ceeding up the aTenue. Ike was j abreast of the hearse, and the gen- j tlemen on the sidewalks removed ; their hats, and remained uncovered ! until the hearse tad passed. Ike J took all this to himself, and politely j returned the salutations with some i pleasant remark, as : 'a peautiful morning, shentlernens!' 1 or "how 'is yerself to-day ?" There was a larger crowd of gentleman at the corner of Pecan street, and when Ike and the hearse came they .ill took off their hats reverently. Ike" was moved at this universal homage, and exclaimed, half confidentially to himself: " I vender who tole 'em I vash traveling for Schwindelmeyer Co. - Galrcston News. ARLEY'S' CORNER. S ELLING Goods at Cost, Below Cost, and Regardless of Cost, seems to be the order of the day at this season of the year with a great many competitor* of A Grand Reward! !·· ,r i i . i : . - ' i n ' -iv K i n l t M V . T - · I',.-:i- i ; v l S i i l i s i y our I'.,Irons. Is the O-eneral Acknowledgment Thi'.l t h e I ' l o l i i i l i L · · : T i ! ' i M S V , , \ M I'.I I T ! ' ! ! I V , , : ; ] . ] « l i f l i V I- Imvr K m S A I . K O K IS WELL STYLISM. AND DURABLY MADE, ; r ul ! noil'Is. Our n«trt merit o( Champion Walkers. Xt'W Ywti Stnt. Six hundred miles in six days is what must now be demanded of the coming pedestrian who goes ns he pleases. Since Fitzgerald, with his jft'2 miles, has surpassed Vint's TiTN, as easily as Vint had surpassed lughes's 068, aud as Hughes had urpassed Rowell's 306, and Rowoll lad surpassed Hart's 5(15, and Hart md surpassed Weston, and AVcston. Srown. and Brown. O'Leary, and so n down, surely the possibility of '00 is not so distant as 500 once cemed. It may very likely be . cached in the new match which ! lowell, Vint and Panchott have just | uade. There is obviously a limit to he distance possible for human heels. mless reinforced with win^s. liko rlercury's, or aided i:: '· ·' other ray; but it is hard t» ^;ioss closely vhat this limit is. B. STINE, THE "BOSS" CLOTHIER. If you ask them "Why so much liberality ?" they will answer, "To make room for our New Spring Stock!" and if you take a glance at their assortment you will not only find an old stock worth 50 cents on the dollar, bat plenty of room to place an entire new stock. To offset all these silly advertisements, the meaning of which is generally understood by the public, B. STINE, THE "BOSS" CLOTHIER, will not only duplicate any article bought^at all places where they claim to sell at and below cost, but instead of shopworn goods, will furnish you NEW, STYLISH, WELL-MADE CLOTHING HATS, CAPS. BENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, ' " T U T - V l / c .1,,,* \* .\ I Kl-'-c ..,-, v i l ' l ' f ' T A I 'I ! ! '··· V ·. r - i. .-( m il 1 t r ]'. I . \ H I J « I V M ) V «ml ti\,l tn i -. At LOWER RATES than any of those who claim to sell at cost. Our stock is continually being replenished with everything desirable and fashionable in our line. Come and see us. IB. STI1TE3, THE "Bess" CLUTHIER. FALL AND WINTER {VEBCOATS OLSTERETTES, IS CRAP4D AND ELEGANT. fuel i n n , proviile?! t l l e y ure n o t M ; i . - - l . » · n - t u i ' t i t i n - mot.. . :.- '«· w n n l c u v i - n - t m n i i - t o |.i' : i l i t l i il l l i : i : "' MI vr i" l i ' " i i i I t o n i li 1 1 1 1 "'i p, i ' i 1 1 1 1 . . :; · I . , ilolhir. i i n . l l n « i i l i - :"-vi' l i m n t h e l u s t i | i m l i t y l o r t i n ' lr:i»i ·-···" i ' . THr.VKS «i:ii V A I . 1 S K S :-n S I ' K C I A I/I l i : , V . ! - . . ' l . . . - l i : r i . l l"r i' I A I lusively.and Sol i l t . J O H I I E K S 1 I'UKTIS. A l l i n u-;i!il ,.; · · : · · t l n n i : i:i "in I n n ' , w i l l i l . . »·.·!! In inspncl ill, I,,,,.. HIM! W . - M S c l i - i ' l e i ! S|.i-u ii! 1 :\| : "" p '. : $ (lUKLia -^;\ -v^f fc! Ji-\\ Kot wcilvli. r.:- V:.-t.'- ['ufiils tor Men's v,'ear. ' i i I'.iiM M u n i \ V, HI- · Sis D K C A T U K . jEut GST RIGHT V? f.i:~sj r ·': ·_'· .; iv.:.:::. r..:.:: o-.-j4l. Kaciiiry-c..^*.. lid-. I - j kroiid shoes, narrow shoes, fine shoes or j bought, near the spot where the deac ft,.- T ' course shoes, and if von want any other i TM~~ v.nm'o.1 n smnll niece of ground tOUNSELORS AT LAW, SOLICITORS OF PATENTS, 23 HOKORB BLOCK, CHICAGO. kind of a shoe we will order it for yon. We aim to please. Call and see us. Dec. 12-dwtf BARBEB BAKER. PEREECT FIT and satisfaction guaran- "f Chrwno CBnb vrith were buried, a small piece of grotm and caused to be erected a small cot tage upon it Her conduct was strange, and many supposed that she was crazed. She was ever gentle in * i «, t , her demeanor, but held no intercourse to ta flu. c«t . f , ^ hborg ^ d what wa absolutely nwessarv. Here pale fae VIENNA BREAD. Tin- C r i n t h i t ' Article tntiiniVtiL'tmvi »-\ery day i*t A, O. Brewer's Bakery 25 North Main Street. I him- in my employ u ilrwt-clnss baker, who has had long- experience m baking nil kinds of Fancy It read, anil I have, at lur^e expense, Ilttrri my own for baking the Justly eelebrat- | I'd Vienun rtreml. t Try this Vicuna Dread and you w i l l suy it is ; the tiiif«t ywi havo ever estten. ' My Wheiu ami Kye Itread and llostmi Ilrmvn ; Itivml is H t i l l up to its exeellent Htnintiird. j Cakes fur parties and festivals i'uniishi"). | ;iuI u fresh stock always mi hnnd fur family j use. ! Thanking the pulilic.: lor their inerea.«fl pni- nnwKr, I assure all my friends that I shall do rverythhijr in my pnwV i n merit their contin- f ' ' A. O. BREWER. i^T" Ureakl'llHt Itunp fresh every morning, ami Vienna !tol! ami Tloiijrhnntfi fresh every afternoon. feli4-ltf TiiE ''Haines" THAT HACKING COUGH cun quickly cured by Shiloh's C'tuo. imarantee it. Sold bv Henrv Smith. be Two Little Coffins. The Memphis Aealuuche has a pa- hetic story of two little coffins of lain wood which have boen in the louse of a negro woman since 1878. )nring the yellow fever epidemic of hat year a poor white woman and ler two children were stricken by the courge. The children died 'and WJLL Y()U S ^T EK w i t h r)v8Iiel)Stia j ike thousands of others, were bvtnerl : m]ll Liver Complaint? Sliiloh's Vitnlizer : n the potter's field with no mark to . in guaranteed to cure you. Sold IIT Hen-1 ndicate where they lay. The mother r . v Smith. ^ : ·ecovered, and as soon as she was able to get about she bought the two ittle coffins and took them to tht ilack woman's house, near the ''field." ('hile she searched for the bodies of ler loved ones, intending to have ,hem removed to consecrated ground. Day by day for several weeks she ilo'dded wearily among the mounds, and in vuin. Then she disappeared, and it is supposed she died from grief and disappointment and the strain upon her enfeebled body. No one knows who she was or what became of her. FLOHIDA editors have a fine time acknowledging the reception of cu- urnbers, ripe tomatoes, squashes, roasting-ears. Irish potatoes, watermelons, snap-beans, turnips, beets, cabbages, oranges, lemons, bananas, limes, grape fruit, and pineapples. A FIVE-YEAR-OLD son of a family the other day stood watching his baby brother.' who was making a great noise over having his face washed. The little fellow at length lost his patience, and, stamping his foot, said: "Yon think yon have lota of trouble, but you clon ? t know anything about it Wait till you're big enough to get a lickin', and then i you'll see: won't he. mamma t" i PAPA: "That picture shows the! story of Prometheus and the vulture j that fed on his liver. Every day the vulture devoured it, and every night it grew for him to eat again." Sympathetic child: "Poor, dear old vulture! How sick he must have been of livpr every day!'' For Said. Beeklence property in good condition near the Motmd. Inquire at tke REprs- LIOAS Job Boomi »f Dec. 8--dtf JOHN W. Lvox. DBT Stov« Wood, at MoCldland's coal yard. Send orders from Cola Bros.' drag SopW-dtf SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, muds miserable by that terrible cough. Sliiloh's Cure is the remedy for yon. iiold by Henr.T SmitU. . CATARRH CTREI), health and sweet j · breath secured by Shiloh's Cntarrh Rem- ' '·· edv. VriceuO cente. Xasiil i»jn'tir free. ! So'id lij Heury Smith. : For Lititio Back, Side or Chest use Shi- j loli's Poroiw Plaster. Pries 25 cent*. Soil '. ly Henry Smith. ; SHILOH'S COUGH and C.nisumptiin ! Cure in sold by na on a gtiurantee. It ' cures consumptioB. Sold hy Henry Smith. ^^ SHILOH'S VITALIZER i§ what you need for constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price Id and 75 cents per boltle. Sold by Henry Smith. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cnre. Sold bv He'nrv Smith. ' ;Dec.2- dtavly B E S T UPRIGHT Piano- Forte M THE WORLD! F O c ^M' r M L,. \^f. **j \l i ~ I . PORTION CF HiS faBSIicG ISHD . i ' r n i . K ' i i i t i ) . [.. iirr.Kowa. WM. u. n n v i . BANKING HOUSE P!:BBECORD, BURROWS « C r . GEO. W. BRIGHT, . I,. K K X U A 1 - i if-- t!n i Inii't. d more i l n ! i nir Artist?. JKJ t Slnclly First-Class Th:m a l l nD^-i The Famous PUBLIC NOTICE. p o - r o l 1 i r n n - a r t i n j f l h " i : . - ; : i ' i - - '"i In :o; l l l l i l i · ! · :l!l IH't ol t i l l ' ; r : i i - r : l l .\- · · : · '··': . . ' Stl'.d' " I n i i n o i - c n t i : ' i i l · · A n : n - t : ·... t h i ' S l a t . ' " f l l l i n . ' i - ! " i : i l o n o . ! · : . . ' ' . ilie i i i u n i ' of L 'i:ch ro;ni-:in.v I" ( » · ' 'i i ' ' M U N W I : v i / i n M r y r A i . l s - . r u \ v - : ' ' i " i · I o i : i : t y . M : i t i ' oi' l l ! i l ! o ! - . : i l l i l t i n 01 I h i - i ; . ' r j i o r i i 1 i n | i t o I n - I h i i ' i y y a i - : a n i l .; i l i - i l . n . M i o n o: u l i r i n l ' - c i i ' ^ i i t o I n n u -:ii i i i pi'.nv. w i t h i i r o j i j of I In i ; i ; i i - t i - r pro]io"-.' i : n l o ] i l . . i | I iv I1-. v.:i~ I I I ' ·! in t h i ' o l l i r r "'. l'i'ini'r'« w " l l i ' - n ; l : . 11. W. l i r i ' i n i i - m . - i i I'. l.oc.|r. .1. !!. liaei-. 'I'. T. JtoU 1 1 - .I'llin U l l r i i h . i:. M i - N n h l i . H. I). M r l d - y n i . i i : . K i l l u i r i i 11. lio:.-.. 11. S. S h e l l a l ' i i i ^ i John A. I l i i r i i ! - \\.7.. Tuyior. .). L. Kenliin. '-Vin. I'. Hi^h*;-. \V. H. L i n n . .Inn.:;). l.W--i:i. l E I f O L O A B IN V A U I O i : S SUMS UN THE A/lost Favorable Terms, spcuro :\ Ijy Morttriwe on Kcal Kstalo. \v,- koep a supply of GOVERNMENT BONDS! n iitin i at n i l timt'S, which we will »ell at UK- LOWEST MARKET RATES. ;V~ A K'MM-rni Hanking Business traniwti f i . ' ' ' .. ::t.':rO't lj'Ii'1 f»tl d^J^iltW*. I - i.iiri-lyvfKetable, conlainft n.-' era in . I . i ! , \ i M i i n T i i ! ·iuh^tiiri"*', 'i.M/ · · " ; . :in\ . · - · '' ^jiJiiti.- in Hit ii'nll'1. · h ; ' - . ' ni WI 1. I J i ) W H il to t i l 11 1.. i .;!-i- :i . ;isi i , ' -·. ; . · ! , ; ; ·,· !.i I] Drnp. rly t : , l ; r n . " II. L. ln..v:;Aitn. i ., ,.^ i:i.i u'Ahin.N. , · * - j t i ' . i i\ i -.|"ii'r : Iin- :.-'Till'"J!i''. o l tii^'h .' ..,,|,:,,..- A. H . C M i . y i ·.. l i . , \ . .,1 ;u.|| \ ;-; Mi.' u n i v i / i ' t or v.-iMi- li.r t i n - l i l l l i - 1 ..... U : M'. ' i l T sri-XIJ'K.' I'll., I'lijp'l". A i l H l H a . (;«. i S. 1 1 !(··-. ·;niv f ifi-!s *\ r whi-ri-. 1'rn-cc rt^tiii'. .: il.'.'i ii'-r I n l t l i Hn:«!i ·.!/·, pi!''-- f Special A . M V K H . F. C. M V E H . DEHANOEMEST of the liver, with consti- pntiou, injure ihe complexion, induce pimplen, sallow skin, etc. Remove the cause by using Carter's Little Liver Pills. One a dun. Sold br Hnbliaril * Swear- ORGAN Stands at the HEAD of; ALL REED ORGAN ! IVSYER SON, HOUSE A N D SIGN i N T E R S ! g. GilDg. Fr acting ani Tmliaj. (or Ha Superior O u n l i t y anil D L ' H A H I L I T V . It is I lie Ul;iil. w i t h the DOUBLE H A H MON1C ATT A CH M EXT. 1 TOXK. P O H E K , n l y Orysn : O i V I I ' K D I Sn ·!·-- One block north nt' C ; : 1'Mvk. · of Hi,ite ami vriiilnra s i r f ' ' - . M SB issc-jtr Bead This. Mrs. K Einstein is selling her entire stock of Fiuiliiniiable Millinery ^I«K!H ;it cost, ami the sain is iiUractitin t. r r«-at attention. She liux mi hiiml a tine assortment of Ix'.intiful bonnets and hate, suitable for any occasion. Special attention is jfivcn tn urilf-rs. Mrs. E. lias H!KO on hand a full line of Notions anil Ladies' Fnniishiiif; Crouds, of every description. GermantoK'ii Yarns, Zephyrs, Perforattil Card Eoaril nnd Canvana, all of which will be sold at net cost Please give me a call before purchasins elsewhere. Le.ini prices. No. 28 East Main street, firet ock from this lir»t of April. BLOCK _ ST - NICHOLAS HOTEL, CEAS. LAUX, Proprietor, ; No PAY. No model required. Only 320 expense in case of fail- ] South fids of tie OW Square. Uomtur. Illinois. ure. Quick work a specialty. L.P.Gra- ham, patent solicitor, nt Strohm'8 marble shop. Jan. 23-d4w Jan. i. A Vc{?ctnl)lo Only used in Avrn's A i ; f K Cri:r., li .· proven iUsclf u never f;iilins uiitt r.ii.. ! cure for every form of Malaria! !);..order, Fever and Aune, or C!ii!'- :n: 1 Fever. No injury follows iu n - ; I its effects are permanent. I' '··)"-··- the system to :i condition of ·. iii'iro^i- health,, cleanses the blood f!' m.shn.'i poison, and imparts a feelinu' of^-i,::!fort and security do-ir::.-!.': r: Altie districts. It is an i.-xeelS-nt to:i:-; id preventative, as w. 11 n - ctir.;, ot I complaints peculiar 1-- and all marshy ami i;!ia-i»atic '.'7'.TM?. ,.{.[',.. over any other compound is that it . contains no Qtiinln-. Arsenic, or nii:i- : eral: couseiiuently it produces no ]",'mi-m or injurious effects whatever it- im th" constitution. Th-)se cun"l , by it are left as healthy :i il" thoy liud ; n-ver had lh" disease. j T!if.- direi t action of AYi:::'5 Ai;r :: CLT.K npo" t!i" I/iver ami Digestive Orsans makes it a superior remedy for Liver Complaints, producing many remarkable cures. \vh re other m;'Ji- cincs have fai'.efl. For sale by :ill ilru^i.-ts. ·| . H i . ·- ...-kho ... i - o l tin'lii'li;.:iai."lis. I j i - i ' i i X ' l l ' i ' l C K :· i n ri-l,;, /Ivi-n th:lt ;t Sp*-oi:i! ' ln,i,|i'r= ol t t i - ' i . ' o n i p i i n y "-HI tie ln-l.-l at tin fotnpiiny';- 'Mil.·'· i n ' l i e ' i l o; Inilianaii'ilii'. i!i IJan.!,' "t. TbniS'lav. t h e t w , ; n t j - t h i t i ! ol l-'i l . n j ; i r . I - " : .it tv.i.i\-i' o'clo.-k no-in, f o r t h i - ;|io.i '. r r : ! i : U n i j ' I n - .!i:tlon of I he Ilonpl o ! l ) , n . 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'I:.'- iiiinn.ltt"-H.-CI-M-ih. i,! !i. :.-;. '.I mi'- "I .01 Iirojf itiil". "· ... ·:! !-».' -iv.-."! .1. N . HOVT. - M A M A N N A I I . l l l l i A M W A it'll. . l i i - I M ' H M I i ' H l . . ( oininilt'--. FARM FOR SALE. i , ::..,· | . - r - a i r - i n } Kun... lni:-.i nortt- . . . - t ul ii:ikl'i-. l o n u t i n i n ? Mtt Hires.--HI ol pi'-rrli- w i t h r 11 «.'· ol l i l t - .Irain. and « ol ......I t i i n l - r . The lliiprov-nu-nt.« an- a font lim:... u n i l K o - x l torn. xo"l l.-ne--. some fruit. ^ t v . f - i i ' ul-" r u n n i n K wati-r th- yearrouna. I'iic« f;?i JKT Hi'f. i-M^ll^ For further portlcn JOHN C. DUPEE, Patent Solicitor and Mechanical Draughtsman. iJOice with H. W. Hll! t Ce., corfcr «f W«l ilnln ao'l Cliurtli irr»«r«. ··ufflr. ml»

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