The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 5, 1924 · Page 9
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, April 5, 1924
Page 9
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Saturday, April 5,1924. THE DEC AT UR R E V: JEW PAGE NINE. r Business Men Closely Watch Auto Industry Production A*Mune» Such P: .jortiona A§ To Seri ously influence Other Line*. »t J. C BOYLE 1124) New York, April 6. -- The business men of the middle west, and indeed of the whole country, have, been putting the micrometer on the automobile industry in the last fortnight. The manufacture of motor cars has assumed such importance in the production and sale of raw materials and has such an influence on other business today that they are watching every more which may bear on their own schedules and prospects. . . SLUMP APPEARS. There is no question but that these observations have shown that a slump made its appearance in motor manufacture BIPTIS Two-Day Session Springfield Association. Moweaqua. April 6.--On Thursday and Friday a l'.«llglou» Education In- atltuta ot the Springfield Association was held lu lh« Baptist church. Delegates from Deeatur, Btonlngton and Assumption were present and the following pastors: Jlev. It. H. Koehler of Normal :'Kev. T. Harlcy Marsh Of Decatur: Rev. C. K. Drusscl of Springfield; l:ev. J. 11. Hastings of Stoninglon: Kev. H. IX Mounce of Orcnn*-.; Hev. C. P. Burdon "of She! byville; Kev. \V. A. Anderlck. A* sumption: Kev. J. T. Phillies, 1'ana; Kev. D. "L. Jensen. lielavan; and llev. J. AV. Smith of. Morrlsonvllle. . STnONO mpGP.AM. MRS. G. CRISMAN ; OFDELANDD1ES Deland. ,\prll .5. -man of tleland, who h*a bv«n til c( pneumonia. pa»«d away Friday at two o'clock. '.'Jk. flfttie "lKy." aged -flv.«,. l« al*o at th* point! of .death with liu«umonla^Th*r*:tirVfJv*. other chiU' 4r«n to l«J«ft in6tb«rl«i«. Mr*. Crl*. man was. formerly Miss. Pearl 1'loyd and nh» was aj'meiriber of th« Deland ChrUtlan church. Kh« !· about thirty; year* of a'g« aria leave* 'her parinta, Mr. *na tar*. XVill Floyd, of niar'Clln- ten. her.rnotiier being blind. She »!«« It* T** two bi-othtri, on* of Atlanta and *n» at Clinton. , . '··'. . : :. TH* funeral .will: probably b* held Sunday and »h« burial will .be-in the Iceland cemetery. . \ , ".. , - " , Jlr*. TyaH*r ; I.6«hr and Mre:.Fjnnl*. Jolly and son of Champaign and Mr«. t n o weeks ago.''There ha* been no dependable evidence of eerlous curtailment in automobile output. There were indication!, however, that tlie producers of aom* of th* higher priced car* and of specialties might have to hold down production ftfr April, May and June to th* level »iiich ha* obtalnel elnce Jan. 1. The leading manufacturers of the more popular priced makes, however. have steadily'insisted that they *aw t h e i r way clear and wer* confident t h M ihe umi of the weather would bring an valsnc't* of buyin; »i(!crs. . ' Of.DLI.3 ^ECLSoAI.V. Than flood of orders 1« raor* neces- eary t h i s year than ever b«for« because stock* In th* hands of dealers are admittedly larg«r than ever in tli* history of tb* industry. The leading- ' producers say this rush is just around tb* corner. Their · ttltud* has been confirmed by the fict that every clear, bright, warm «l»y has. b««h followed by an uprush ·I retail buying orders. Many Irresponsible statements hav; liiad* th'elr erpearanc* which have Alarmed business throughout tho country. A lay-off aom* tin« ago of V» Bulck workmen was expanded to five thousand. A diminution of tiie Ford fore* of less than S»0 was m Bo- nified to tfr.OOO dismissals, and i t r basls'waa only a chang* In factory machinery and represented a p u r e l y temporary condition. . M^Y CHANGE. It i» entirely possible t h a t the late spring may entirely change th* present prospect*. demand is consistent, production for the next sixty to ninety days necessarily must b« eurtalled to allow present stocks OF MEAT IN I Chicago, April S--*)--Governmenl figures showing that a record w a s established In 1JJ5 for production an.1 consumption of meat, so far as total poundage is concerned, are included in a report made public today by Howard Leonard, chairman of the National livestock and Meat Board, to Its members. Mr. Leonard said the consumpUou of meat reached a peak figure of 15.- S1.000 pound* last year. "The figures show that only once since Federal meat Inspection was established in 1907. has consumption of meat per capita exceeded that of 18J3." he continued. "In 1JOS. It was 170.9 pounds as compared with 167.0 pound* last yenr. Purins the last decade or two. however, our population has been In- cri-asine at the rale of more than a m i l l i o n a with the result that tot;U consumption . has Increased greatly sine* IOC'S, although cons u m p t i o n per capita Is less than It was in' that year. HUGE INCHEASE. · T h e meat consumption last year represented nn increase of more than ;.000.000.000 pounds over the average of tr.c last five yeara. Approximately n i n e t y per cent of this Increase was ( shown to he In pork, attributed to r record production ot hogs." The consumption of niest In the United State* last year ivas divided .An exceptionally strong program was presented. On Thursday I'.ev. Mr. Burdon gpoke on ."Objectives in Itellglouv Education." At 4:'JO liev. Koehler'a topic was "Church School Administration." A Fellowship supper was enjoyed in the basement at Ii o'clock, utter which Kcv. Hurley Marsh was the principal speaker. Ills subject vos "A Reconstruction of Theology to Conform to a Shrunken Spirituality." The Institute w*a well attended and most beneficial and Interesting. In the evening the Imperial Male fiuartet sang, t h e orchestra played nd liarley Crouches played a b a r i tone sclo. CUIUST1AX MISSIONAHY MEETING. On Thursday. Mrs. 1 John Ciorden was hostess to tho Christian Missionary society. Mrs. 7.e!v». Davis was leader and the following program vas enjoyed with th* study on "Missionary Activities of the Karl Church and of the Restoration Movement": Mra. F. D. Prat* read "My Faitl trfioka Up to Thee." Mrs. Charles Pool. "New Testament Christianity." Miss :Soph'.a Humphrey, "Start With OOrselves." Mr». . Peter Mangers. -'Building Bridget for 1 Him." Mrs. J. M. Cross. "Missionary Act- iyitlea of the r.ealoration Movement.' Mrs. John Gordon. "Vineyards Worth Cultivating." Mrs. )lcy Catlicrwood, 'Tiescue of r. Little Girt." Mts» Irene Corrine of Assumption attended the Baptist I n s t i t u t e Thursday «ven:ng. Mrs. J. M. Cross and Jtranrtson John Cross Clispman. left Friday for two weeks in Torre Haute, DOinburg and Urowustowu. Ind., with rela lives. Miss Mary Colling!?, who lias tiee'i In the Stults-Klrker home two weeks, .llussell "Martin of Savoy v i s i t e d / u t ~ J J . T". Blckel's Thursflay. · .' " UeV. Mr. epainhoiir and G. W. Trigc «re In Lincoln Thursday. Charles 15es;nold of tfcstur: Is « guest of George Myers and family. "'.·· The IT.«useho:d Science c l u b , met Friday with Mrs. n. J. Murphy. ' ; Mrs. J ; - W . Adai\i» Is a guest her* of her husband and Mrs. Will Varner. Tha funeral of, Mrs. Warren .Jones will be held at the: Christian" church Saturday at two o'clock. . Rev. ,J..W. Hobbins will b» assisted by Her. P.i L. Stce'rt In the servlc*; Mrs Lola Cathcart moved Thursday to the house vacated by Mrs. Will Clinrchlll. Mr. Johnson and family ot Kennej- have moved here. The f a m i l y of Frnnk Allen at T.OTIU Point lias scarlet fever. Mr. Aller. arid f o u r children are all 111 and Mrs. A i l e n w i l l b« u n a b l e to attend licr mother's. Mrs. Warren Jones, funeml. Ba.ketbaU -. fliil^vah. Anril'S.'^-The'annual Path-1 erf. and Sons' r 'besketbtr:banquet was held rrlday. n i g h t ; j n i the:sryinnaslum Plan* for Improvement At MonticeUov Monticello. " April 6.--Plans and specifications are now mad* for the laying ot a concrete sidewalk or iin FORSYTH. : Mrs. I-'red Fluss of -Decatur v i j i t e a with ilr«. l;u«sell OJruser Wednesday. Mr. anil Mrs. Volney Barber of Springfield visited w i t h relatives here Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. IT. O. Cooper a n j Joe Cooper " ' of the .high school. - The gym was b e a u t i f u l l y . decorated';· in --red an.l black, colors of Uie/hlgb scbool. Beautifully designed tjasTcetbalii w-crc used as place csrdt. An.'elfgant had been prepared by one of the, domestic science' classes.'..· ' · - ' . ; . '··'. · Short talks were made by Trinci- pal R. G. Crown* Coach. Johnson. Caplain pufv Is. H. D.'.; tiiich^ Rev. M l . ikttLeod and Coach Rayme'r. Principal R. a. Broen' acted as toastma«tr. Music waa furnished by the Sullivan townsulp orchentra under .the, direction of Miss Edna Church.^ The basketball captain for n e x t ' year's : team was not sel«ct«-1 Friday night, but will be within the next week..· 'The Ballingrr case, which h f l R been on trial in the c i r c u i t court t h i s week, went to the lury Thursday a f t - ernoon. Friday night the jury hnd not been atile to come to a decision ar.d a dlsacrcoment Ii eTtiecterl. Those composhi(f the j u r y arc as follows: Hubert;Cole. .1. H. Henderson. E;ir! Shelton. ]on , Ankrom. .lames Lar.ilcrs. Fred Harmon, Pert K u l l z . Charles .Ionian. W i l l i a m Holston. U. i professor of V. Howell. Wal'.er McClure nnrt Pa.iH l i n n i s State standard w i d t h along the h'trd road In Garden Alley from Livingston street north to Oglesuy street. The walk will be laid on the went side ot the j-oad at the property line and w i l l he paid for by the owner* ot the property abutting: on same. No one tvith the exception ot W. F. Lodge and A. J. Eaylor will "be out anytiiins:. as when the settlement was made w i t h them for the inking of their land for road purposes tV.ey were |iuij In addition a eum equivalent to the a m o u n t t h e y w o u l d have to pay for a walls when the same was put MOTHERS' CLUE PP.OGP.AM. The Mothers' Club program to he Kiven at the South school Tuesday April 3. at J:15 p. m. is as follows: Piano solo--Miss Dickey. Health Play--Grades 5 and *. lleaillng--Mis* McConnell. Talk, Kindergarten * week--E. ! Jone*. Illustrated song--"Mighty Like a Ro.i"--Mrs. Verna Parker; sketched by Mrs Isabel Hawthorne. BOWTER AT NORMAL. Lewis Uowyer. a former Monticello teacher, liaa l«eu selected as activ inathematles .in the 11- Kormal V n i v e r s i t y . J Mankln. Ballinper Is acused of e - l « ' i l l leach In the s u m m e r school t h i tins; monev from Ivah Lynn under i "uniiner. and w i l l assutne charge o ' ' the d e p a r t m e n t in September. Mrs. C. M. Miller, who n»a been In California th« last 'sjcveral w«Jks, Is expected horn* acvl vcek. Mr.:. *»·! Mrs. France* Shonkwllor and family ot Carthage. li-J- htve Deen tho putsls tho last, few "days of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Shonkwilcr. Mrs. SlTonlswiler and children ar« now vis- ltine relative* in Dccatur. The Friendly .Bible claen of the Christian Sunday school will meet Monday evening. April T. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. »:S a. m.--Bible Schoin." 11:01) a. in.--Preaching. J:3« p. m.--Lecture by Oliver W. Stowart. C:HO p. m.--Christian Endeavor. J:;0 p. m.--Preachinff. p'p.ESBVTEP.IAN CHURCH. 3:45 a. m.--Sunday School. 11:09 a. m.--Preaching. F a m i l y Day. An opportunity will be arlven lo parents to present their children for baplism at this service. 7:00 p. in.--Evening sermon topic. "Abraham Offering Isaac In Sacrifice. METHODIST CHJJRCII. fl:45 a. rti.-»Sunday School. 11:00 a. ra--Sermon t h e m e . "Ccth- semftne." «.o» p. m.--Enworlh League. 7:00 p. m.--Sermon t h e m e . "The Trial of Jesus." tinsold cart to move Into the hands I «» follow,; beef. 6.9IS.OOO.OOO pounds: «t rurcnasers. However, according to the vle-ws of axle and wheel man- etacturtrs who govern their movement! closely on demand, the slump Is beginning to want. r j COMMODITY NOTES j Portland. Ore.--Demand frorg Cnl- Ifornia. where foot and mouth disease exists among the sheep and cut- tle, hae swept the northwestern markets practically clean of freslixfl»i- Demand has increased f u l l y 100 percent recently .and prices have advanced in. consequence. AITOVOBILEJ. Cleveland.--The Peerless Company got into production of new model s!* cylinder car* last month, shipping one hundred. The concern e*pect* to ship »uO eights and sixes this month, all of which Ivave seen sold. SHOES. " veal. S7X.904.OAe pounds: lamb and m u t t o n . 571,000.000 pounds; pork. 10.- 113.0DO.OOO pounds: goat. 3,000,000 pounds. .. _ EXPOKTS, aAix.. : . "\ big drop In meat exports was experienced f o l l o w i n g the u-orkl war. bnt 1523 cam* back with s«9.00«.00» pounds of meat exported, which was an Increase of !26,«0(t.OOO pounds over 1!2-," Mr. Leonard added. "About 9S4.000.000 pound* of this ·mount wa* pork. Germany being one of the Hading purchasers of th!a type of meat. Germany was also our largest b u y e r of lard, the total exports of which broke ell record." left Thursday for Bloomtngton. Mrs. S. Ii. Milne and son were ailed to. Si. Louis Thursday by the death of her uncle. Mrs. Wilbur Ia\vson ar.rf daughter Frances aro viMlins; the John Hnt- lanis. Jr.. and the Eugene Harpers. Mrs. lid Slirlde ot Deeatur Is visiting relatives h*r«. Mr. and Mrs. John Myers and Mr. and Mrs. Or.i McDanlels were guests ,t a squab, dinner in tho Will Work- ins. ;'i home Wednesday evening. U. M. Plain of M a d l s o n v i l l c . Ky., arrived Friday to bo with his sister. Brockton. Mass. -- Mayor Bul'.ifant lias called a meeting *f manufacturer* and worker* to discus* measures to Increase sho« production here. He Is urginR rna:mfactur*r» t o m a k e more- kinds of shoes rather thr\u uress quantity production ot ordi- n a r y grades. FLOl'M. Minneapolis. -- The closing ot two Tiltabury flour mills her* Is attributed to unfavorable freight rates. The abandoned plants had a capacity ot 4.:»0 barrels * day. The men employed have been absorbed In local mil is and thos* at Huffalo. where the Plllshury company has located plants to overcome freight rate advantage In certain territory. FOTATOE*. AJIentown. Pa. -- Farmers of t.eti'.eh «ounty expect to produc* t.000,000 bushel* of potatoes this year. In .* of this activity, state officiate aay th»r* will b* more Idle farm* In Ihe county than at any time In f i f t y vrar* owing to secretary cf f a r m help. Seattle.-- One hundred and twenty- »ight inllla belonging to the West Coast-Lumbermen's Association manufactured »T.SJi.«4J feet of lumber l*n week, sola f».:««.l»« feet and shipped l««.t7:.B7'» feet. Production w»i tea p«re«nt «bov* normal. SCOTT FUNERAL AT MECHANICSBURG Mechanicsuurg. April S.-- Funeral ·ervicca were held for Matthew Scott Wednesday afternoon ' at 2 o'clock. llev. Mr. Montgomery officiating. A ·juartet composed ot Mr*. K. P. Hall. Mr*. W. E. Jacobf. Harvey Derry. Charles Burcham *an* "Rock ot Ages." "In the Garden" and "Eter- tirty." The pallbearer* were Eugene MorU. J«sm «o*». E. r. Hall. Sam- Kill Town«*nd. Walt*r waa In 11*-. ot Deeatur visited .with the former's sister. Sirs,- 1'rank SchUn* ' Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Larrick e n t e r - tained Mr. Ixirrlck-s mother f r o m Cerro Gordo · c o u p l e - o f days this wetk. - . _ J r r n a and P.ussell Swart* of T»e- catur visited w i t h ' f r i e n d s here Thurs- \V6rd was received 'here ot tli» death of Mrs. K p h r l s m . -Mnlone or T-vlu Fall*. Idaho. Mrs Malono wns a lister of Mrs.' Chas. Blazer of this I1»««.' ' , , , "Mr. and Mrs. Georsr* Larrick «i Wment were callers in v i l l a g e Thursday. Mrs. Wilsflii W i l e y ot Decafjr has been visiting h».r inolher, Mrs. Llzne K-o'by '-his week. I^ivrence Harmon l e f t for cnlcago Monday to be (tone for some time. Mrs. Earl Buck and daughter A ir- nla of Pecatur were g-uesU of Mrs. Carl M c r r i m a n on Friday. Mrs. Jsc.oV, Ilanes a n d d a u g h t e r . Mrs Harold Price of Decstur were | guests of Mrs. Florence Hanes or. Mrs.Michael Green was -a Maroa caller on Friday. false protetises. The case of the Peonle versus Paul Grounds of Dalton City-. siiVlicted on a charge of h a v i n g committed raie last s u m m e r , the prMe'cutlns; witness his f o u r t e e n - y e a r - o l d cousin. Helen Scott. 1s now- being- tried in th» c i r c u i t court -by Judft* George A. S«n- tel. State'a A t t o r n e y W e h m h o f f I« being assisted hy A t t o r n e y "\V. K Tle'di'non ot necatur and «n .attorney from Mitltoon. Ground" la belr.jc defended by A t t o r n e y s Mclaughlin n i l l m a n and John n. Fitzgerald of Decutur. F.OADS DRYING. Thi rosds In S u l l i v a n ' t o w n s h i p a: 1 -: d r y i r g - f a s t . Several drees have been out the last few dnys and more f a r m - ers have been to t o w n In t h e i r n u t o - m o b l i e x in the last f e w days, ma k i n k om; w o n d e r where all the c a r s - p a r k e d a r o u n d on t h e streets come from. ''A j few f a r m e r s were o u X t l l l l n B tn * s0 '' MRS. TENA M'BRIDE IS DEAD AT ARTHUR A r U i u r . April u--Mrs. Ten* M Bride died a t her home In the east part of town early Thursday m o r n - ing. She Ims been ill for some thn w h h a complication of di*e:i«ei". -Mr Mcllride died In ISIS. She was l i i c d a u g h t e r of Cla-JS .Hanson ot ne.i tourhon. The f i r e d e p a r t m e n t iva« oallctl on to the home of Tlichemlson i i l:ie n o r t h w e s t - p a r t of town. Mo«t o the lioui»e!iold pood* Avere «isveJ. lui the house w a s badly uftniazetl. It I o w n e d ly Mrs. Jennie M a r t i n of C h a m p a i g n . Xhp. Missionary society of Hio Vine street church enjoyed n n all tluy Ineetiiis; and pot luck d i n n e r at t h e home of Jlrs. V. 11.' McDonald Wed- nestlay. A. 1). a n d Mrs. Crosnce e n t e r t a i n e d at :Hrd;i Jlonla.y cveJlinn". Horn to O l l i e Shaw and v'.te a ten pound son. Tuesday. A p r i l 1. Convicted of Me WIFE HOT! Manager Lovington Lumber Co. Deceit* Family. Loving-ton. A p r i l S--Two letters received by Mrs. T. B. Lane Thursday f r o m her husband, informed her that Mr. Lane, who left Lortngton Tuesday evening without explanation, would not rejoin her end advised her to dis. pose of their Lovlngton property aod return to her parents' home. Mr. Lane was manager of the Lov- Inarton Lumber company. He came her* a little over a year ago with good recommendations, and has carried on the business successfully. Foll o w i n g hi* disappearance an auditor ot the Lumber company cam* to Lovington and examined his books and accounts, and found everything In good order. A p i t i f u l feature ot th» affair Is t h a t th* younger ot the Lanes' two children la ill. w i t h scarcely any hope oJ recovery. ma* Annie Plain, who has remained unconscious elnce Wednesday morning, from uraemia. SCXDAV SERVICED. Regular services at the' Ta)tiM church. beginning w i t h t »:·», i:. T. P. C. at 6:30 and evc'n- ln|f church service At 7:39. At the CSirisllan church ' i t Is the. regular day for the' Children's service, and t h e y will ein$r. 'The J u n i o r Endeavor topic will be "Some Tilings Jesus Taught," led by Gladys Manger*. Senior Endeavor .topic Is "How Jesu* Loved to Serve." The evening service bas been changed to 7:30, be. ginning wivh April. At the Methodist church Sunday I school at 8:SO, music led by the or-i chestra. The morning service will 4e a Communion service and th* choir ·will sing: "Lift L'p Tour Head?." The Epworta league will meet a t (t:!0, Meredith Ayers. lender. Topic. "Christ Fulfilling His 1 Father's Commissions: In His Word;s." At 7:"0 a Father and Son service will b* held. A section of the a u d i - torium w i l l S« reserved for fathers and son?. Special Instrumental mu- a group of .pastor w i l l sneak on "A Father Who Lost a Son." The choir will sing "Thou God of My Salvation." Mrs. David Cameron apent two days this week -with her daughter, Mr*: Everett Gregory in Deeatur. ale w i l l 'be 'rendered by fathers and aona'. The rfeterment ·traetery. n Missionary society Anna Keuney Wednes- Mra. Catherine Rogers Klerra were present. »rarer meeting wai night at the Mth- ekareh with Mra. leader. NUet«*B wet* t Wedneaday nl«ht It «hurck FWM re-eUete* e*« «*»· 1 tk« eleetsM T«ee«*r. " " Oi BETHANY. ' Mrs. n. II. Logan was a Decatur visitor.Monday. A. R. Scott and W. A. Wilkinson returned Tuesday from a trip to Florida. Mrs. C. O. Toblll wa» in Decatur Monday. \ A I»TK* crowd enjeyed the home talent entertainment put on by the Friendship association at th* Vadak- In Opera boua* Tuesday evening. Kvery seat was taken and many had to stand. Mrs. Fred Orris and baby returned to their bom* near Dalton City. Tuesday after a visit her* -with Mr. and Mrs. John Weldner. " . Miss Roba McLane was a Deeatur visitor Tuesday. The Hudson clothing store is un d*rgolng torn* lmprov*m*nts. Wall casea ar* being built along th* east wall In which, th* clothing may be displayed. Mrs. V. Vf. Lytte and sons. Tom and Benton. spent Thursday and Friday h*r* and Mrs. LytU's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. P- Crowder. Miss Verl* Herman Is th* gusst of Mis* Maud* Rhodes this wesk. J. L. Brock has been In Hones Path f. cax this week called'there ty the lltne** of his brother. Itlse Ada Hodge Is staying In De- eatur wltk Mr. "tad-Mrs. Hajry Tim Mrs. Hcreehel Hal* and son Paul of Deoetnr rlslted Mr. end Mrs. W. T St«n*y this w**k. Z«* Xtrkb*a *nd family ot~I* and h«v« eator we're *«*e gu«»t* ef Mr. Mrsu Mm J«m*e BJrkaead thle week, Mrs. MaMH Besklns who spent th* returned' te 15 s wlntrr In /D*e«tur, has ' weT'hwaw'W*, LOVINGTON COUPLE TAKE NUPTIAL VOWS Lovlngton, April S -- Miss Agnes Bmlth and Low ell F. Porter were married Tuesday morning at St. Isadore'a Catholic parsonage by P.ev. ·' Fanning. The ceremony was witnessed by Mist Stella Smith. «l«- er of th* hrtd*. and Leo Smith, cousin of Mr.' Porter.··" ··· Mrs. Porter'Is the daughter of Ed Smith .erCA has resided In. Lovington r a number of years. Mr. Porter Is the- oldest aon of Mr. and Mrs. Frsuk Porter and hat 'ollowad tbe vocation of farming for several years. Mr. and Mra. Porter have gone to housekeeping on the T. F. Porter farm one mil* southwest of Lovinirton. Mrs. W. It Klnr of ChandUrvtlle Is here visiting h*r daughter Mrs. P. B. Lane and family. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. McAllister sp*nt Wednesday and Thursday in Terr* Haute, Ind. George and William Atcheson. sons of Mr. end Mrs. Hal Atchlson who have been 111 for a number of weeks, are slowly., improving but are still under tha car* of a trained nurse. Mrs. E. TJ. Burwell end daughter Wllma of Decatur are her* visiting Mrt. Burwells 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs.. W. P.. Hesler and family. James Hoard is seriously 111 at his home here with pneumonia. The vllla«« board will-"hold .Its regular monthly meeting in th* v'll- tage. hall. Monday evening. MAROA. James lehmel was called to Ramsey by th* eertous Illness of his sister at thet-place; ' Samuel H*lnl* has leased the forty aer* farm of J. Hugh Wfllepp foi th* coming year." The farm ad Join · Mr. HelnU's home place. W. S. Irwln and family have moved to Maroa from Hecatur.' They for- m«rly. lived here, bot roovtd to D«- oatar *«T»ral rnoath* ago. , OrrlHe Allsnp of Memphis. Ttnn made » business trip her* this wok. Mr. end Mrs. John .Hoffman have returned from Long? Bsach Cal. where they spent tfl* wittier.' ST. ELMO. Miss Hand Barnctt of Westervelt came Thursday for a brief visit h«r* with her B-rnndparents. W. T. Price and wife, alsn other relatives. visited in the MBit school Friday. Ml«s Geneva S h u m a r d hns been vi«- Hlnc relatives In Stewardson. the last two weeks. She expects to r e t u r n home Sunday. The American I.eRion p u t . rn a show ht the Gftytty t h e a t e r Wednts- day and Thursday niKUts. It was "The Old Homestead' » n 4 good crowds attended both nights. J. P. Crabbs ar.d f a m i l y moved 10 their new horn* Wednesday. It is located east of this city about one- f o u r t h mll« and near the hard rond The funeral service of Isaac Newton was held here In the Methodist church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment was made in Maplewond cemetery. Rev. DsFrees Of tho Christian church. officTatinar. Rollle Olbiln has ren'ted Tii»' fa-rtn north ot this city to Ills brother en0 son-in-law. He has Rone to Assumption where he has employment as f bricklayer. Mrs. Nora Feeze! is ill w i t h pneumonia. Mrs. Clara, Riplcy from Edwardsville. Is here visiting with her parents, Lewin Durbln and wife. George Muttlx moved Wednesday to the house which he recently purchased on the north side ot town. Howard Price, a former resident of this city, now has a position In th» treight house, of the Chicago and Alton railroad In Jollet, 111. Louis Ralston who formerly lived here, has a position ns cashier In trie Benton railroad station ot the C. E. r. F r i d a y preparing to sow oats. Son-.c t h i n k ' it is still too wet. The theme for the S u n d a y inorvilrirr sermon at the Christian church wfll Ije: "A Coppersmith Who lflpclerfr.1 th.? Gospel." I" tl'e evcnlne Rev. \V. B. Hooper w i l l speak .on an I m p o r t a n t l a n d iv.nch nilsunderstood tliome. "Thi- 's.-.:oud C o i n i n g ' o f Christ." There w n u lurfrc attendance st tlie cliurch last Sunday a n d a eUll larper 0:10 1 = looked for this Sunday. A l f r e d Bolln w i l l he the IcaJler of tho Y. P. S. C. K. Tills church will . 1 o!n w i t h the Presbyterians in a series of pre-Easler services. Mrs. J. V. Gibbon returned Friday f t e r spending R few days w i t h relatives and f r i e n d s in- A r t h u r . BEMENTSCHOOL ELECTION APRIL 12 Beir.ent, April C--On Saturday a f t - ernoon, April II. from 2 .to 4 o'clock an election f o r . t h e purpose of elect- Ins a president and two members of the board of education or District So. grade school, w i l l . b e held at the grade school b u i l d i n g . The ticket bears the name of W. R. Camp for president and W. A. H a m m o n d end Shirley Body for members. Mr.'and Mrs. J. W. 15. Stewart h a v e returned from a visit in California. At tiie township high school, on Saturday a f t e r n o o n . April 1! from 2 to 4 o'clock an election will be held for the purpose of electinc a presi- d e n t and two members ot the board ot education ot District No. 108; a petition has been Tiled which hears the "names of · Roy Veech for president ond W. C. MePhcrson and B. K. Uyarman for members. , "Mrs. Alice M a r t i n 'has returrted from « two months visit to -her .-faughler, Mr!. Reuben Harrington, in .\luskegon, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Wright have moved from the f a r m to t h e i r town property. Rev. Xorma C. Brown, a speaker under the auspices of the Flying Squadron Foundation will speak a' the Methodist church at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Her subject If "Prohibition and Law Enforcement." The r e g u l a r meeting of t h e Meth- oiljpt Kpiscopal Ouild w i l l be held next Tuesday night. A p r i l ' s , -at tb* home of Mrs. Cora Brooks. It is to be a "Mystery" party nud the hoit- rsxen ar* Mesdsmes Cora Brnoks, J e n n i e Tavennec.' Irma Scans. Grace Melvln and Miss Ciara ITyat'.. ·vTliDS IX TIIE WEST. Miss Irene Brady, a Montlce'.lo (till but who for the last two years ha» heen a bookkeeper for the National Biscuit company in Denver. Colo., became the bride of Frank A. Ken- «lrif:k' at Denver, according to word just received Iiere. Dec. 23. 1?2U. Tiie C(iujle is no\v l i v i n g at ^OD Kast Or- inaii avenue. Pueblo, Colo., where Mr. Kendrlck is m a n a g e r of the Thomas Cimac Bill Posting: company. Mr. and Mrs. Kr.ra. Warehlme tr.fl Mr. arid Mrs. W a l t e r Fisher spent Thursday in Deeatur. Fred tdlc. Jr.. of Deeatur Is spend- ine tliiip week w i t h his uncle. A. C. Erlie ami f a m i l y . Mr*. A. A. I"he»nls entertained the Socia.l Curd C l u b at her home Thurs- da- ;\ticrnooit. Mr». Alice A y re and Mrs. G l a d y s Bratly were in Decatuv Tliursduy. Ehoiipinfr. Mrs. LM Co!lyer. Mrs. F. J. Mallaml- er, Mrs. W. )'. Smith. Mrs. J. P. Cole and Mrs. M i n n i e Mitchell spent T h u r s d a y In Champaign. Mr. and Airs. J. IX Mackoy a n d OntiKh'ter. Miss 7ella. Mr. e n d Mrs. Wade Wldick and Mrs. Cecil I'eclc spent. V. r ertneKd»y In Decatur. Mrs. P.ay Jones and daughter*. Mi»se» K c u l n h and I.uclle. were i tic. Champaipn visitors Thursday. The f u n e r a l ivill le l-.eld at Mr. ard Mra. I2d Johnson attended o'clock Sunday a f t e r n o o n st \*r Hie Oniheum tiieatcr '.n Champaig:i Christian cluirch, w i t h b u r i a l in Long Thursday evening. I Point cemetery. VERHBOONE OF IMC IS DEAD Xiantic, April v -- Miss ^'e^t^.a Boone died F r i d a y 8t the h o m e of her cousin, Mre. Roy H a m p t o n , al Mecltanlcshuru:. a f t e r an i l l n e s s of several weeks. The boily was liroiiKht to N i n n t i o to the home of her c o u s i n , Mr?. K n i m e t t Wooddell. Mix* Uoor.e was boru^ 3. 1ST7. In Kayeite c o u n t y , Ky. Her m o t h e r died wlieu she was three vpnr* eld and her f a t h e r .James. IV Boone. died eig-lit years ago. and since t h e d«*»ih of a. sister. Xtrn. W. II. Moore at Sidney, she l:as made her home w i t h r e l a t i v e s at N i a n t i c a n d v i c i n i t - . -She IK survived by her stepmother. lrs. !icy Boone. V half b r o t h e r . Larrimore *»d a nephew. James Edward Boone at Lowell, Ky.. and n' n u m b e r of other relatives »v Siblcy a n d Ni:i:i- Awftltinf a Rehearing. Taylorrllle, April C--John Tokoly. convicted of manilaugliler la connection w i t h tlie five booze destha lit Paua. was a d m i t t e d to bail Frldny afternoon by Judg* n*. B. Wrlgln. ' Tokoly w.i« treed on bonds ««*'·':- itlna;' IJ3.009. Twenty-five Ihuii- ITU| d o l l a r s \v»s given In the circuit. court and SS,0«4 In tlu cuprem* c o u r t . VISITED BT K L A X . John Carney, wbo wa» defmled In South Fork t o w n s h i p fer h i g h w a y commissioner last Tuesday r*pui-ii t h a t , he had a vlcll Tiiur*4fay ttlfclit front the K.'K. K. Aliout * o'clock Mr. Carney heanl shots and on looking out (lie window: »aw a biirninc cross about jilsty f»et from his liome, along tlis roailsliU. M i . and Mra. Charles Peabody h a v e , reiinned home a f t e r spending t h » w i n t e r in T»mis. Fla. They reporf-'l Hie wcalhrr r a t h e r hot In r i u r l U i i \\ iien they left. BOOT AP.TUVES HKP.K. The body of V i v i a n I t a m l l Noll, f a r - m e r T a y l o r v l l l e K l r l who c o m m l t i n l suiclile in S p r i n g f i e l d Wednesday, a r rived 1» t b i s cHy Friday n i o v n l n * «rn1 w a n tnke:i t o t h e home of J. K m l t h . n o r l h WehMer.- w h e r * services w i l l be lield m. Sunday, u n d e r C h r i s t i a n Seleii'-e B u r i a l w i l l follow In O.-ik H i l l cemetery. « A u d r e y Ad*:i. d a i i s t l i i e r of Mr. an.l Mrs. Bart H a l l , l i v i n g av W l l l e y s ami a t t e n d s trie Goodrich Frtiool had her a:-m brolien F r i d a y w h i l e « t p i n y on t h e 'school rronmls. h» «'nr brouplit to th* f?U V i n c e n t hospll.'ii, where the f r a c t u r e w»g reduced. N'ri TP.ACr: OF nOND*. B h e v i f t A n d r e w Fleslicr a n n o u n c e s t h a t a f t e r a careful investigation f t tlic two- passengers wlio *ll(hle4 n t Taylorvllle- from the Wsbauli I r a I n from w h i c h I1J-.000 w s stolen F i l - tlay niorniiiR-. Ih^ * r * *xou«rai''il f r o m .ill tiuiipicion. so f a r »s lornl officers arc concerned, a n d the srn-r- i f f does not U e l i f t v o the Itond* Wi*ro la.ko!i f r o m the t r a i n at 1 h l a pui"'- the fu- »t T n. AMELIO WHITE IS DENIED NEW TRIAL T a y l o r v i l l r , A j i r l l .'.-- A u i e l l r / Dli.n- cl'.i, all.-is A m e l i o W h i t e . who«e »eii- tence to the p e n l l e i i t l a r y «t C h e » i e r f o r j i i a n - l a u K l i l T f o r t h f l shoodni; « u j k i l l i n c o t M a y o r W i l l i a m M u l " y of K i n c n l . l by the C h r l a t l s n c o n n i y c i r c u i t court wan a f J I r m e i l hy Oin f u j i r e m e court, was dcnlrd a r e h e n r - liif;- by the g o v e r n o r I'rlday. W h i l e w e n t to i ho p r n i l c n i l a r y s e v e r a l «KO on t h e a d v i c e of J o h n K. l l i his. a t t o r n e y , and Is n e r v i n g his il» Can't »··« Tkre». "Bird note* .ire very s w e e t , J k n o w , said he. C u t s t i l l , b a n k r.oics »l)|H'al The most to m». Fw* PvWio Lectan Christendom Not Christ-Like --Hence Armageddon But MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE- -- JuttB* Tint MOST MOMENTOUS -EVENT. OF EARTH'S HISTORY is th« near establishment of ODD'S kingdom aroonf men; l biit, strange to aay. this dominating theme of the Bible has been almost entirely overlooked bv those who profess the Christian religion. Everyone cf the inspired writers testified concerning a time of everlasting happiness for the human race-- "times'of restoration" of l*»t bless- , ings and posaessiont. Jesus and His Apostles preached that thit gospel of blessing is for the rest majority not .-· meitafe of woe for all except a few. : · . - . - . ' , . ,,, . . In this tlirillin'r and reassuring lector* the spewr will bring positive, proof; by linRing Bible prophecies with th* pretenl-day events, that the Kingdom of Messiah will soon completely supplant the existing rulerthip of earth and becanM of this fact, there are millicua of people who will actually never .«o into;, the grave. The lecture is not a dry.discusslou of theology, nor an attempt to eon- vert you I o some new, fanatical religion, but It is a glorious proclamation of "this Gospel of the Klnudora" which 4eius said must ba preached in all the world for a witness before the end comes. You Are Invited to Hear D.F. PIPER 141 East Main Street, Room 205. SEATS. FREE NO COLLECTION You Are The One They're Laying For! The chickens you keep this Spring will be working for you all day long and paying profitable returns in the dozens of eggs they lay. It's to your interest to get the best workers --the best-laying breeds of chfckens.. v . . . : , ^^^fcy You'll find in the most interesting offers of the season in the "Poultry and Supplies"--Classification 4-«)l- unui of the Review's A-B-C Classified Section. Be sure to look them up to- - · · - ^ ·*-'·* . ,,. ^-.^»4«X..^ INEWSPA'FER; VSPAPERI

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