Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 20, 1854 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1854
Page 2
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F A I D A Y , J . V ^ . W , l « « . The cjieeliita i. eoro.tlme. aaki the .eve* Wildcat Senator, whoe. ··rpatlo.) haa trigged the wheel, of OK.--The London Cofra.-, yjfyfTl*. OONORZaMi pond.* of ih. New York Tribune to I W-amWoioH. J.nuarr 17. spv» authentic Information in regard to Lord . SENATE 1M4. | P«lm»..ton .Bdd.n r-algn.tion and Ine.plio.- !,, the Saute. Mr Douglass gave notice -bat he The little folk., tho youthful reader, of book., w « r««rn trj the Cabinet, lie lay. the whole would move to take up the Nebraska biU on Mou. the children and youth of America «-o«ld gin Mame of Lord Palmeralon'. erratic movement. £, ( WaUMI njporte,, a bill for relinquishing to ' their joyous thank, to Messrs. Phillip.. l " two or three T Mr !'"'. upon Fringe Albert. Wisconsin th. land, raaerved (or Salt Springs. Theoorroepondentsays: **" " "~ ' "" "-'--· " '"-Prince Albert, from the time o! of Sir Hubert Peel, had been accuitomed to mi » Co., ol ttoelon, fnr publishing for their me .uch hsnllsomi- and good book. a. Hie vol- s now before u». All the spare copper, that 1*1 put the p-opl. lo ,,, ,,p.n..~ot M4.ral --·"»·"·"»"·-- »""--p.TM copper. ,, . ,, , , |h- a.ap--eh.. of ih. C's*.a« which were eral, .tattag the cause, of the failure, of th, north- .ubstance as follow.: ltol-M« Of doUar.. H.r..r. Ih. :- "* """"' ip * nt '"' "" «"'«·««»" «"»·· U.d before «T,e Queen, and at a later period h,, e^m.11.. «id supwtln,; a ren»d, r«r». WM. MclNTIIlK. 'LUTHER 8. MOOKK, THOMAS M. HAYKS. UEORUR W. IHU8CO. HEX DOLL W I I I D U K X . JOHN L. CUTLRR. ALKX. M. RUniNSONi Th* lat onv named, th. one at the 1.11 e ' th. U nsy be well to bear in mind has .11 ped c o 7 TELEGRAPHIC LEGISLATIVE. A.uon«TA, January 19. mr. ..-,...,,,. ,TMTM ,TM oeieci unnnmice on The Hou » !«»« aJoarned, without doing French Spoliation., reported a bill appropriating anything to-day. pay thow claims Questions have bean aent to the Judge., in Mr. Hamlln. from the Select Committee on A letter was received from the Po.lma.ter Genof the uort Referred. l.t. Don the constitution require all vaoan- or Senator, lew appetite and lerving to pstnper .ppat t«, had better be laid .side tor the purchase of books. The volume hfor. u. . number of fCT(mo . .,,,, .. ,,. MuM ,,,, anmm prjnwl( ^^ ^ ^ pleaa-nt storlea wbloh eeehl to lllu.lrste many Albert', influence, he often lent deap.tche. off be considered to abrogate, or in any way contra- M ~ Can · Senator elicted In convention rote "" happy Incident. In every day life, whi ih may before they h.d been .ancuoned by the Queen, vonc, the act of March nth, 1880, cntsBed. "An to fill other vacancies j J'b,*c~. be read with Iniereet and proBl by all ohildren Th »Ji'y^.'T^Atoiniatrau^'Vrlnef At- taf^a^c^t'-Ln^d'stato'Suveririn^.^ **' Clm Ie " ll an J quorum decide on the and youth. ' 06M WMgth( , rca , M, ni ,t. r , )f Foreign Aff.ira, or ** "" · d TMs»*ii of such State into the Vnion on legality of return, i \ The., volume* may be obtained at tho book- r.ther Baron Stockm.r, the private friend and J^ffis^X^certiin SrtoneV^rheieui'it'is 4th- Can * eonTent l° n -· formed to Bll ra- store of Me..r.. Patch ft Lewi.. diplomatist of the Prince, while Lord Malm.- «nTe.sed that in all that territory eedeo'by France canciea by member, of the Howe and aix Sen, --' bury acted u a clerk. The Danish Treity of to the United State, under tho name of Louisiana atTM, seven refusing » ' ·long Ik hU own county by «bou» half and Tun N.w UMHHNA SAOKA: or, Boston Colleo- the 8th of May which hsnded the throne of ; which lie. north of 86 degrees 30 minutes north ' ;" haU Mr-milting himself to ( esch Motion of hi.. tion of Church Music. By Lowell H»son. Densa.rfc eventually over to the Czar, wa. lafftiide n a t included witflnthetimitiof the State FROM willMlNOTON nan. . Ilitl. h.r.l .,,,, . I ,,l. -»( - ~ . h r , . Boston : Rice * Kcnd.ll. Prince Alberfa diplomatic na.terpieoe. contemplated bytte act, slavery and involuntary 1 -THU-- WAHH11SUION. pan--i little hard and a little toil, ao thoae ,.. n .,, M , f XI , v v n , TM m . when tho co.lition Ministry wa. formed. Prince -en*iide, otherwiM than in the punishment of · W WHWOTOK, Jan. 13th. ·ivwho.r.aoqu.into.iwithhi.politic.leour., . _ TM ' TM " _ L ^ TM " , ,,! fTM ! Alberfa influence prevented Lord P.lmerston 2^!-i?-£,^.E.^- g J-!-- teU-^S/ I» the Senate, a re-olution Seb Pern, (of Kocklsnd) loadme clone at Harvey, N B, . i .a ,,.. was damaseg Is tlie gale ol-ylh alt-^will pMbahlynot re- ivention i. held to fill p,ir unti' · I-T ~8ekKooh'(3 Tn-ownl) Mwo, « N York torn GMrp- , _-,,.,, 1 wn. SC, report. 13th li»t, off Cape H.t»m ,.i|«iri.oe*l I «"'·* I8A .rf l»a»ir jtle., tet .«kl«»d, boat, .pUt for-ijl, .^.^ *" reced ' HOME FtoBTS. Heston--Ar 17th, brlis SersC Parker, Parker,' Oooi- Ives, Lanzerotte, Harrimsa, Turks Islands; scb Ceorte Bavery, Jones,8t Dominfo city. Teleitrspbeli, bark Johf Bunysn, fm Antwerp. Old, tOfl Liline. Wm G Verey, New Orieaae: bnfMs- Imler7nonidike, Wilminsion, NC. Holmes' H.ile-- Ar 15th, brl«s Lenl, Lernan, Eastpon NY, J H Kent, Kac, Bstli for rutoaiac Elver, ecta W I "itcbell, Eatun, and JasBlus, Uatcb, Boeloa for Jack-' ille, Geo Russell, VVooster, Lubec for N V, Aujrustu., aod . ded and (.r .. ¥ ta , ,, ,, . , 0 un,. 3. he. and .Ull contiiim. to aspire to ""PT of thl. work, embodying in one rolume f rimi becoming the Foreign S«r«tarir{ and the or of H,pr.,ent,n g thi, dUtriot I? Con- * ohoic«, .o m pa,U io n. in .11 M, Ma.TM'. n 0 b, t Lord, hated by the Court, go, the Ho m e f r o forever prohita- the honor of Representing thi (MM. and ht, and half wa. thought an P reTlouI ?»»"«"«»»·· aCvanta^.. In his position of Benator elect. This U a new edition of Department. a work which ha. received the .unction of mu- Yrt e * en hMe he WM mo " '«»b]esome to mL , . n ml · ttthorU '' '"* »··"» bawererx he ha. been compelled to travel the . . , , . , , . . . . T . j . . . a n d m a y rightfully b e deemed hard road on the one side, and with the usurp- ' · ' In thli position he has di.tingui.hed him by i little speeeh, the only thing ab JaleulAed to ..Ve it from being lost in th .standard work in Church m .- tionary aoldiera. and to the widow o TM. , ,. . ,, TheJ « ll .TM ur y Committee, to wKom was referred -dop.ed in- A r e u . . , C.U. W n, Machi^ for N Vork tra j- ,h. Bar Ji A Smiili, Q,it.r, B.lft.1 br do. - ,h. f v u ol revflu- B1]ra G»O Eo««il, AnfuMn., Nepiune, .ad S A Smith. of soldier. New Orleans-- Al 5ni, bik JoUn C»rver, Nickela-Jl | She was limit under the eye of ker presex «jj »*, .,. .,,_ ao p.;,,. or,»r^a«,,Hher ia'S,^ | workn,, n ,hip, ,, re ,p. r ,d in tyr coastruMw" mas · ! ' " d l TM«nMons are 107 leer OB d«ck/56 feet , , and measures 1 {81 a, Nrekele-JUo '« c opMr fssN-ncd and coppered lo tb JsnerK 45, 7th, bark Thomdike, Sawyer, Baltimore. the spl-ing of 1852 She is a*«ood ss Old 6th, sbips Lochmvar, Lufkin, Havre, Towed to made a«r firsi Dassar* hAm. fnw.'i'. inmiitTa- s« 3d, ^hu, OMrvJsldi |0i d..,. V TM" 1 C H J Savannsh--Old 11, ecbO WPickerlnc, --, Balluaur- force Of the United Ch'srleMon--Ar 12tb. br,( Tybee, Mew York. Baltimore--Ar 16th, bng Suri, M'Inure, N Orleans. K i,. i K ,, 7"7fc"_"""~CT"-,- MM in harmony. It. groat Variety, it. high mu- " P-' n » »'minor importance. Lord Aber- nected witg the present mode of election, and of! Stat " « * time th · Sonbr. expedition left ' JS.S'KnfAr'Sb wii E»,np M.yo.G^or.etown^C bjfl little .peeeh, the only about it ^ _ u 7 __., *._ ^.^'.^ _.____, dTM, annoed by PalnurMon'. opposition, fered a rewlution tor the appomtment of a joint C-liforuia, on which a iebatt sprung up. -uTuJ-Sen-!*!ls£»W Gun Z,KS3S?SSZ. n tor their interest to her wh ring losl t 'that TUia work may bo purchaied at the __.»_r ,, a T. ----- ----L _ ,,._. .«, Upon thi.. Lord P.lmcrstbn an .tt^randreportarem- In ,he ku.e ^.y Jh^Commi'ttee on M,l- , FOREIGN FORTS. , to abolish the itsry Affairs were instructed to inquire into the Adv at Qverpoql asih uli, Jabez Snow, Snow, fcr Phil- diatribnte the general .-«.rti.w. rtw «r . TM-t . , ^ r ^- t r, adelphia 9d, B L Harnmsn, Arey, for do 5th, ir of districts as each ex P eaienc y of · TM'«a«y road frofa the Great B ni lor Id., Bell Rock, Pendleti,n, for Bostonr [T es Salt Lake to California. «C^'J Al Rio Jinerin, 5th ult, sbip Spitfire, Arey, Im Boston T · ""-- 'r Ban Francisco, p ~ - ~ -· -- little party advantago'to be gained by the they wen pursuing, and they were entitled the adv. : Srnalor elect Robinson ssicl, * Ifeoms tempor.ry politio.l advantaaic.hould vi - ~*-- --· ~ -- " t . « -- -----·! ""-- ^^^.^cu, ..a^.^ 11? v e, i\ ,, ~_..l, iw.TM l . ' . , ,1,1 A . · · ,,,,,.tore of K.^.Dur.n, near the Po«t office. he being the Secretary for ,fhe Home Dt-part J*TM the House went into Committee and took up natteo ot E - ^ Smart as Collector ol, arc we not entitled to it! W E _ _ _ ment, the Mim.ter.could not aot in such .way th « Do «?'?W B jJ 1 - ' F D w t n c t , JUrUSK TO YIELD TO YOU HKCAUSE ESTBI.I.B'. JJiomas ABOUT Doos. For Good a. long a. he held his place, and that he thought , "i''IT J v Xj* *·?''^ floor Md T? e Mr. Redffeld of NewfYork wa. favorably re- JTWOl'LO GIVE YOU THE OUGAN1ZA- Uoy. .nd Oirl.. Boelon : Phillips, Sampson his objections were sulHciently well founded to New York SofTsh"^ " potted on a week a°) by the Committee of XI OX OF THE SENATE." Co - , . -, be "considered by the Caffltlet. Lord Aberdeen · l n the course of Walsh's remarks an amnsing Commerce. The Seni te has been canvassed .nd hsndsomo volume, with Wok thi. letter lor^a resignnt.on, had the arti- rid. discussion sprung ug between him arid MrT na. been canvassed Ay*r'B Cherry Pectotah / k UOZfcN lor ..I. , M '. low,.,, m . rk ., pri 4 at SAM'l. B PERKINS "^* Mo 1 Kenduske^ Her* U the oWect of all the delav cxoenae xierv i. tne onjecc 01 an me aci«y, expense ·and troujle unblushing) jr «nd openly arow to be to ( dUoh. W lh.d «,.nele. ·th, .,g. n , ·bo(ry nwn!« I .. AIIIB »^^ »iw.v nnu iiMiiusvuiu Tuiuiur, wiiu -- " ' ' "; ,,' , TM ,· . " ~--: , -----.. ~»rung up .;. J.. M -i.. n,..,,!,,.,,,! K j'L _t · .v. cla agajnat Lord Palmerston inserted in ths Smith of Alabama, and Mr. Cutting, in which Mr. 5d six pjate. with illuminated border., gmnj the Tlme ,, .nd felt happy that ho could announce Smith likened the quarrel, between the Hard, and to hi. confirmation. - "i SPOKEN, Jan 12, Cape Herilopen W by N (W mllte. tnuj j loyt. fm Cape Uaylien lor .New York. and 34 Senator, are ascertained to he farorable - Sofia to the LUhputian sqnabbles ·a. to whether Gov. Bigler of Pennsylvania and Gen. Wol- S Slthem bllck ° f the Army are * ecc » FURS-^JRS--FU1S! ·Fresh Figs. 500 L $ '" Union Block--Store t6 Let." One More In Union ulock. 20 It»i 60, to real lor 3 ,,r S jears The interior of -- i. Ihe aboie store is ihorouirlil) 6M..«d wiik the b^st materials, and no pains tiav- befi to make it one aof»BB the v*Tv best sad n their grs^ilude. There i.|a graceful beauty in Lord Palmerston ; nobody was found to .ceept W«J«ii"anTsraVl.^"theUttogenttanan"hann^^ the of thi. book and an intereal in its his post; all blamed Lord Aberdeen for having floor, gave way at four o'clock to a motion to ad- i- against the expedition, now being fitted out in k«t Square. C.lifornia andelse whe.« in the TJnitediState. J '"' i0 ' for the invasion of M iiico, and calls on all JOHH A E R Thi. Bock uKy be found at Ihe b«okrtor» of tion to withdraw ; but aeizmg Ihe opportunity, ' an , d th1 evident difficulty winch the , Emu, PA., Jan. 17. There ia a rumor her of » duel bet» een Jef Tlic railroad bridges were again destroyed here ferao'n Davi. .nd Mr Pteotef o-da b the wom ' TM ^ B wheels of tho State govdrnrtlent, mix-I r. and miagle* all sorts of opinions and precedent. p. t ih Lm to. ««d the 1 evident difficulty Which the mirtistry ,, 0 In the hor^LOT getting ub n hinothor tor the people _J , _ _ · had found iiakdoing without him. he insisted to-day, by the women of the city. After nuiahing u ,, 1 . 1 ' --aotoliig *»loUd of duat «· Ideroive and bowildjer. THR OunailA'* EXAMINE.. AMD HKLIOIOUS upon the condition, that Prince Albert should {, hci I 1w ? rk «l; e y bid escorted through the town, Mr ' ^»o»lTM has teles rapped that the treaty · In doing into, it even brings forward opinions long MIBOKLLANY. Januafy, 18. T . Boson:-- in fulure not be present at the official inter- _t^!?^-j "Ii._ S 1 ""?! "". vin ^ a ?? ! 5,? nl ! hlch . with Meiico '* hono»ble to- both countries. aiDoe oonuwthNl by it» peUtical rrtonas and rnns, Prosby, Nichols S Co, , views of the Queen ·undtentienally,, exeorjding sharp .tick, into their We hare received this number from the Ban- Cou '*' hll jldna. The last opinion brought forward is that of got Agfnt, George R. Smith. It contains «r- ^""he"! * a*ig mnnbar of the House expressed in a debate ticles upon highly interesting subjects, and from.. on the Kubjecfef precedents, .Ithongh in hunting tnc p on of Kev. Drs. K. B. Hall and Lothrop A YBAK OF WIIFCKS. Tho past yearjias heci; . . . . . . . . . . . . ., mus , na ^ 0 hu( Jta ^ h «*.:,, i.._ Mr M n ,;. nn «,,, M one of un V 8uul calamity on the sea. The N. Y. , . .. RoT - John ""W. Rev. Mr. Monson, Rev. Mr. T ime , pu MM hc i, a. hs, of all the vessels lost during " Alger, and others, and maintains its well cstab- the year, as far as known, together with the num- The men fortunately cscarfed. r a. a le.ding Maga-ine. ...tain- Jj %*££!*?,. %£?%, £ZS%£ i com- Sandals, rv nice nrtic -- HN AVER, .19 West Market Squire. ·--Boots: W ITH I 1 and 3 Svaps, a very nice article loi's.leby ,^ _ JOHN AYEK, lan^O mn\ r neni drv f;.xids stnri-s in tbnl city Now H the time lo a jrdod store DANIEL WARREN. B.ttBQT.J.n «. 1|M 11 ·Copartnership Notice. r p H b ul»cribFn have lor me J a copartnership a. , Dader ibe .aa»e of^J'ewksbary.^ A Co ?| for the purpose of b.ildmc and repsinoc vessels^ and Tumi-thing and soakinc. spars ol tb. pbhlie p.tronstce is solicited , J O H N T. A , ISAAC DIWNIr.G \ FRANCIS J. CVMMINGS some cattle a «! M theor 1!g no t ,..h.U nl .., l andeno roi -. ti on. GROUND AOAINBT im rowcu or 4 KUOIUTY or THE RBKATB. Thu.-- ·uice Speaker of the | belongs tb the United ^Slates under the treaty of Gauduloupe de Hid.lgol but the valley embraces only 8000 squari miles, While trie territory ceded contains 60.000 miles. ,, Double Sole Sewed Calf Boots--the bcqt artic'fc in the marls.!, Tor ssle bv : J O H N A Y K R , janSO 19 West Mai ket Square. Hodgman Go's Express W ILL l*-ire for Portland and Boston ftlON- I I 4 Y morinnj, at 6 o'ctocfc, per ·teimer Ocean. Office ojien day nod eremag^ _ --y» '· WnodTimber. 40or58 Urs« Janiper Knr-fs, for limber.,. Tram 400 in 600 good JUyiipcr . Knee*, a Ivr^e pttrt of them from 7 t-t 10 incbe*. 'for wh-cb C9.h and the bt^heat market pncei.wHh be paid on deliver* at our shiprsrard. -* Burgor. J«n 14, 1854 3w' For Salt .Rheum! 1 - £* DOZ Trufant'« I miment sod Compoattd, fi doz W«if-er v s Suit Kbeun Srnp--and Tarf- ,;.,,,,,, KaoTVLrDOB K« 186.4. Vhlllip.. Sampaon Co. Ther. U g .tber.d in thU annua! of 35 « page. . . , « . . ... e been ^"oro?S.^^onThicno P .!dlna^^ rlTm7y Mn to dlL?it P " ~" - 1 - Ha dition. P ^ ° P ^ dof H conc l usioB , ;,, relation to the value Boaton: bvtte for^ i. Mjerally aditcd .to have o about 200, .nd by the l»«er IK. The* addition. J^ form -«.. ^ n o r -eglect to plant an, P p.f b ee. H^x, Jan. , 9t h. lves to , ho reader : Independence, to , Ma l ne andliTeliorThern D art of New Han,*- « Steamer Cambria left s«tham P ton D«. 31,, .. Hair- TW. . HaiT Dy«). ! , « . , t , .. _ - . , - « « . ine-MeamcruamDriaiTsits.3ut,iampton Dec. 31st ' Maine and the northern part of New Hamp- j . , \ Tr . . J r . , , shire are the boat locations to? winter applea which "* «""* at Hallfax *"*] 5 ° clock this mon ?* * "in the United States, aa the seasons m £- Her dates are no iatci* than those received ^£^:£:$^tj%. ^*g*.-*~~**»-. ^ ; 3s3stt~ SIS tt^SS$?Z%^ .-tLp^sSJ^^Zlr.. ^£^tt^iJ^^ E£?" g TM°" ght ' -»^-'^-~ "^^r- ^^proceedtoNewYork. ~_11 * J,, .»·* ..' * ' .. . . . Mnnti-nai.tnl r*;»,r « « « « ,, . . * . . » fvnWi, MnlKniirnn t-n * 1 I I *- 1 * 1 »(»* I , ~ · J · · "· NEW VOKK MARKETS. ^ Ntw YOHK, January 19th. Flour G cents easier. ales'GOOD bbls. Common to straight State $8 to 8,a6, common to good Ohio 8 to 8,18: Southern firm--soles 630 bbls, mixed to - - _ -, '"A. singular phenomenon occurred a| Hoy- Judge Douglas has addressed an important ITie schooner Starr, Capt. Downes, of Bangor,, e°od S-,-5 to 8,69. ^, And, (a. stated by th. graith of Calais, in the slton, Vt., dtsjring a recent snow »torm. 'While-letter to the Oovtrr.or of Illinois, on river and !?*? °* Gardiner's whorf,_ East Bos»n,_was en- OKAIV. Wheat--sale'. 330»0 bushels. Oenesec debatb) "the detnocrktio. {JNUto-s at that tine, it was snowing fsst and the wind high, a white I""* 1 " 1 improvement, in which he argues Ihe BIO.IMIDTO MT--PLr.A.tINO A WANT 6p anpear.rlce in the air reaomblmir a flock of wild , wl " i . le · ub J cct full y- He considers the diicrim- POWBR TO DKCLA»rWnlK KXIST1NG VA L u ~. fTM 0 " 1 "' 1 " 8 ' U ° c1 "" 1 wlla instton in improvement, between tidal and oth- CANCIKfe " °^ 1 """'V"'' ·'*«·"»« VA. ^M., wa , observed. b!,l l^was Mon asedrtsin- fcr waters unjust, snd believes that if the power ·n,,,. -vJ-. » . . 1 , 1 1 'ii . i , . «! t" be bajl. of »now collected in the air bj a of Confess to protect navigation ha. any exis- Thu. every step taken to bolsterupUc tritk of lhoan j ^^^ T Thcy increMcll i n .;,, tence in the constitution, it reaches everj portion of |he Union where the water ia in fact .or..,,. and York .lr«,. tk« Howo debatw) naid /'WE WKLI, KNEW THERE WAS NO SKN'ATE." the Seven Senafcra elect, but »erU to .ink them r . .ent of artifice IB tho mark :y mind; and it almost always happens rho uses it to cover himself in one place, I himself ill another. V · , ' -- r gf on Monday mghttod robbed of |130 in bank S2 ,06 to 2,18; Canadiai gl to 2,15; Southern ' t) white easicf. Com 2 ci nts easier; sales loOOO sons of New Hampshire, residing in b^hels ; mixed at 91 to J2 cts. for white and yel- - . are making preparations fir a festival, ^ ow « and " to 9lc * OT rowid yelloTr. _J Pills. (!KO. for sale at the lo.veat prices, by jl» G U I L D A HAKLOW. i Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, I N any quantity, at wholesa'e prices iaal» *JiUILU H A K L U W t '*· Colour Boxes. A i FINE asfiortment may bn found at /A ian!9 G U I L D BARLOW'S. LETTER PAPER. 4 CA8lS ju»t received direct from the mtnu- facturerj, and for sale cheap by J.oap-.'Soap for Barbers! ' - -- · - - aro8 ,f e u. a sh a -, n g S 0 .[, laud's do do do do ilit-Tv do ' do toOibi Wmelfesler SnJ. Soap. 300 Ib« Yellow Bar Soap -- anj Fasc- Toilet every descriptioo, for sale by * l.nlfi (J F S^RGENT, PATCH St. LEWIS,. Stslio»«rs --- --- ~ ---------- -----, -. ..-.,,..»,. .v «.·.. 1 1 . * ! . . · , HUI1W1 HIC LIIIIUI1 VllCrC me WBICT IS 1H laCl dwpcrs-u deeper 'into th# mire, and i.4ho above and number for about twenty minute., when naY1 ». ble . Hc . r j nc . thst the .ystcm of im- w« have -.cmooratic authorlrf'fAkt the present '''"J 1 f '" *° '"· ground, covering .ornelhing provemcn 1 . by the general government, i. lia- eoune.of tfioso Sonator. i. 'unconstitutional, un- m ore than an acre. On examining the .pot ble to two-fold objections -- nt unconstitutional- »uthoria»d.nd wrong. [where they fell, ball, were found .from jne to *f *^ in«dedi«ncy-- and that the By.lem has " " o w , B r K , , w o r t h i. w.ll. KM, , of Kll.worth, is oow In th i city, ind, we learn, ha. hcen invit- · 1 by .ev.r.l of our citizrni trj dchner . public o Krot , lorln . . dvoc . u , lhe ,,,·,,,,,_ of ' . general law gi T in, the con.ent of Congress to the im- ItLACKwooD pon t)BO.MRKa.--The American po.'** 011 of tonnsge duties according to a uni- lecture. Mr. Lowell'. prolweio(l«r' reprint bv Meur.^Leonard Scott S: Co., of this 5"TM rule ' B " d "P"" C 1 unl .«·"". i» "" the mtnuiha*a kepi hljn from lhe tteftvery of pop- .Urlmg Foreign M.gazine for December, ha. .,'^on^d^by tlte'con-titution ·'uuBed'b'"the ^·l-r public lectures, for whhh he u adminably been received from (he publishers. Its tablc'of President, and in every point of view the most i^oallfted. His figure l« commanding, and, in- content* givea promise of interesting matter : cconomtcsl and sstisfactory system. The letter Used, we alight almost ssy roajastlc in voters- National Gallery : A Letter from the Louie- i"""'"" 1 »"« h great clearness anj} ability, and *-^ft/. His eye U keen, electrics) and v.rds: y The Narcotics We indulge in: Univer- wU1 command attention. i while there ia a glowing mobility and tity Reform : lUppmg the Queation : Heal and FKOM HAVANA. We arc nowbegining to arrive muscular sotion In his countrhsnce telling be- Ide.l Beauty: The Quiet Heart: Russia and a t sometjiing more definite of the vionrs cntcrtain- frt.haod )f the keen satirical thrust, or tho Turkey. ' mosfhkXTMMtftu^a n ^TMo^hht*oUc^orTi" playful hatmor which are aver wtavinf them- This i. one of the ablest pcriadlcsl. m 'the administration. It n allege J that he will "know aelvo. Int. hi. ole.r. Urge thoughts, snd sdom- world .nd i. furnished in /ao iimll, print to the _£it a d? g est'" h Great" reform""^? ""omiic- 1 "aiS IBM and T vllving his .(teeth*' Ur. L , .Ithough American reader at three dollars a year. stringent orders have been iuned against the'lnnd- sielf-msdc, is fuily, as an. intelleotu.l and -- mg of Waves, smuggline, -., and ttius far the of' .^.. ' . ^ ... . ^ " Fatal Aorldent. ncial pronunciamentos nave reflected honor upon A fife! ac.ld.nt occurred a, tbe.mill of JL. i. ^"^0^, £ SS«t£ lesTftun five in Brook, on the 17th instant. A .tick cargoes of negroes had been landed upon the Is- philosoph.cil man. 'He has a gi.iu'».trength ·nd only tail, to exert a giant'. influOnoe from want of opportunity ind exercise. He has burled hitnselt' in business, we are miserly, , . . . , . ,, _k._.-. k . n t i. u ,. . t ,, . . gre.t force againit the throat of Mr. Sumps on been wfcen he would been living wholly in the - caught on a circular .aw and w«. thrown -with »na»i«Wii ten days. Qovtrnor Peniuela refuses , . ' -. - .- _ to liberal* tho tli -o,U n f .K. I.. A ,, i«oM of (bought and great action. He has . -und broke hia neck, killing him insUntly. ' luree American seaman who have hmK and as is hclieved, aounjustlv impris- ,; and this circumstanc6 may vet leaa him into trouble with this government. New York Her- BrT The Mnsssoraisctls Charitable jtechan- * d ' up In Ellsworth when he ought fo ____ In the pre.t Emporium. We hope id' Aa.ociation in Boiton, bavc undertaken Ihe The ahip TaniO'ia.taita^or New liavln, Capt. Uiri from lh» dust .nd dirt of mere work of o. using to be erected in the tityof Soulc, which sailed- fronfCalcntta, Sept. io, for n iball on a the.tro ft aotton The work ia encouraged by the 1 weal(b -nd tal- of the crew werejriokrfBp.ndcarri«lluttCharle.- ·tn LOKP'S PBATU. Mr. Wilder, the Ban- for Agent for the .ale of a rich and beautiful «lfraTln| of the Lord'. Pr.yer, ha. made .. s'TM^."' ** 3 ° arrang«m«nt -with Uewr. Paten Lewis for rappiying our citizen.. The «i*groving 1. illus- tntlva an4i-artl.c.o.lly arranged and taeteful- 4y exeet.Ud by Onniby, a nf ted engraver in N. picture, contain- rave birth to the philosopher ahould give some s%n that hia worth is appreciated le and Messrs, Lee and Fran- .rom ' cwl - ( /" 8 h " u0 The .hip h.d a valuable cargo of Calcutta good., Mtd "° n bT th « I love tq think of Heaven. A midnight meditation BY B£V. CUARLK8 HACKAY, Stj Joan, N. B. I love to think of heaven As "a kingdom" that is great, ' ' Which to the saints is given 5 And for which, as heirs, they wait! I love to think of heaven As " an inheritance in light;" For which the saints have striven, And where all are clothed in white. , t I love to think of heaven As " a city" that is pure, Where departed saints arc living And forever shall endure. I love to think of heaven As *' an house not made with hands;" Where asundcrnone are riven, But rejoice in hlisaful bands[ I love to think of heaven As " a paradise" of grace, From whence rebels have been dnvon, And where sin has found no place. I love to tHink of heaven ' As " a rest" of calm delight, * Where songs of praise enliven The beauties of the sight. ( I love to think of heaver, Whar. -Wuca and angels meet; Where in its peaceful haven i They shall each other greet] I love to think of heaven Where my Saviour's glory gleams'; Where to his presence taken I shall bask beneath his beams. I love to think of heaven " As the place of my abode Where on the »ul is graven The image of my God. ' R B O P t J N E D . 1 P. H. TRASK wonlrl mfurn the citizens of Bangor snd vjcmny Ibkt he has re^ipene4 the Hsir Dressms Saloon recently occupied by A. K. t Trask, No. 34 tdajn street, where he Witt lie prepared loeceive bin customers, st the usual hours, with the eiccpton of Monday evealngs. Jan. S , 1854. ' 6 N O T V I C E . and are now open for usr, -M llw delivery of Books. The-lireclors invite those wbb are not subscribers to become MS. by applying to U D Librarian. A J. S. WIKF.LWR[GIIT,1 GEO. R. SMITH, J. 8. BICtER, I Directors. A R A D THOMPSON, w. ii. TtftsoxS, ?r, Dec. 30, 1853 Iran W F.EKH «L KllKIUT'o INK. for^ale.whole- ssle and retail, by ,,- J J « I 9 , LEiWIS, Itooksellen Pure Bermuda Arrow Root. 1 dl l-BS/warranted ol Ihe ver3*u«M qtia|nr, lOL at F . S A R G E N r s ' jan!6 ' No 8 corner Smith's Block Wrapping Paper. ! OXE THOUSAIVD R K A H S atraw,,Uiova,aa. M.Uilla Urippio; Paper. 300 Rnut. Shoe Paper, , different sizes, lor sale by ' U. Bl'GUEE. jaa K Idttell's I-iving Age. S UBSCKIPI IONS reeeited lor the above by jsnl6 D BUUBKE. JU^T RGCEtVKD. 100 SIDES ' O ^ Lard Oil. JNGKAHA'M FULLER Just received .nd for s.le at H E M E N W A V Ar. H K K S K V ' S . jsnIS i IS and 20 M Jin street. Gents' Fine Calf Boots. A GOOD ASSOKTIHENT.t H K M K N W A Y S- HERSEVS, j«n!9 ! ' 8 and-20 M un *treel. GRO jost received end" Jor ssle v'erv low ' fcr I N G R A H A M FLLL'Ek. Deck Joist, cTT -- the Ladies.--Kurd's Golden Oloss.for tbe Hair, ia a preparation wl icb has no equst It is highly perfumed, snd ttnpans tbe fssra^ce of the toost debxht- fu] flowers. It makes Ibe heir / O^fi l-Ar. ·OFT. OLOBsr, *«D BKAUT1POL, ^ 1j\ f ,WJ\J v- .^nd ogee. II u s ro«r bjl.ri.nsiy, preventing it from fall- , ja ,licks .nd p.rlly « °t| off or turning pey.l a amoves d.ndrlfT, prevents e-1 IOO OOO feet Sprue." Ueek Joijt, from 2. rdpUom torailig, and k«epe ia scalp clean, smooth and 34 leel in length , healthy. It bas cured nervous Sad rick headache by a ' 5OO.OOO leet lessoned FiDishiaywBoirds, J. R slnfle appllcstlon. Ladies w»o leam its value in this re- - '4 « b - 2 ;» c . h l ij° l 'i.* c ;' £;+£' '."'·?.? apect will neter be without fe. PHcoia cts. W.C.HURD, " Proprietor, 304 Broadwsy, Nw Vork. B. E. PERKINS, j.,19 | w Ai.Dt,Bsnsor. - janO 3m B R A Z I E R CO.. Lumber Dealers, Fraaklm Wharf-- Porll.nd. M. Spices---Spice*. S PICKS ni all kiads--also. Citron, Ent- Car- rants. Extracts Vanilla, Kos», Lemon, tc, alw.vs tin haad and for sale at the lowed price*, by " , L N G R A H A M i FULLEK. ' ]tnl4 'Bay Rom. Ceuaiae arUeU for s«l« by I N O R A H A M FULLER. PigB--Figa^ l.US. lr.,h KKiS--a psrtol whieb an emal. it aot saperior, to any ia the aisr- 1 ' GfcO.^W. EMERSON, Ilo. 4 Smith's Block. 50C ket--for sale by Dr. Morse's InvlEora'Inx fordlal, Th. cmljnnre snd ssfo Remedy. 7*1 discovered, for General Denrlity, Physic.), Imlabihty, snd all -- " ^ tb. various tnln of Nervm.* Affections; il will abn re- family - - Dnriike of, Inca E-ctra Family Flour. 1 ( )( \ t * UL2 IUllro * 11 "'"· C^lra. w.rr.nted Cnrrter'a Oil. A PHJME article of Tamer's Oil lor sale bT CEO. w. EMERSON; J *°" No. 4 iSmith'rUloek superior ti any bmnd in tbe market for THO'S A TAVLOR4.CO Sardine.!. move Oepreesnn. s-irfre-lsi H Dnriike of Societv, Inca iml7 racity lor »*--y or Business Loss of Memory, Mental D.- 1 , ·--, 4 1-w, «M., fcc.,--See AdTerlxseaient. CrftDber 1*16.1 J UST R K C E I V K I ) at I A FRESH SUPPLY for sale bv " ja»ll ' GEO W. EM ERSOS V. B. PAtMBH,V, I N G R A H A M *. PULLER'S.' Tm««e« and Snpporterti. - ^ _ , . , ,,,,.-. TM ,,,,,,,,,.,,. A «-*RBE tariety.* lhe ««j.t approved fsl- American Neuapaper end Advertiring Agml, - _ - ' J-^ , » taras, for Mle lew by kthaonly^uihonied Agen k5 ibis piper jJjiWton aad 100^ jQrO. MUStaDg Liniment, I"" GEO. W. EMERSOK 1 Cong^ Caady. A FRESH SUPia.Y«mie.aKoo«;...T,r to the Pbll.delptiis. VEHf'S Cherry Pectoral, IJ ScolUy's Batumi., Court Mnet, Boston; Tnbune Build- ini. New York, nd CoraerThird snd Cbesiral streets, Phllsdelphi.. TO THB AfPLIOTBD. THB SMUOOI.INO nr Tl ED M rA.-Dr. Win- GOLBEROEB'8 GALVA-VQ E1.ECTRIC CIlAlNa These Chains ra recommended by all the first Pirytt clan, lo Eumpess a speedy Ind^certain relief for Kaao- NATisMaad all NKVTOCI CtMirLAt-Ts. Oeatleinen in Ihu eify have experienced (real aenefll from tlieir use. The almplasr remediM are often tie bout. For aala at S. E PERKINS', on Keaduskea| Bratee. If sale by GEO. W EMERSON, Jsn 18 A pleassat Tenement onGariadSt i. \ o«ered lor rent, laqmra ef Mrs CHESL LEY eorn« of Garland and I'in. su. Burning Fluid. A FKESH SUkPLV .t ,18 I N C i R A H A M or. FULLER'S. A Freilfc Supply of H OT CORM )UI received 'ad for ssle bt laaO t D. BL'GBEB^ . ^Hoben.(8,ck'« Worti Syrap TS pleasant to f-jg. apd a sure re-e-r. F-rsaa B.U, . Lord, prayer. In Jimcy l.ttoringj the objoota, rightfully and forcibly. _. T«B OMaaaDdmeTiU, · One reprwent- to the euatom in that city, of b . we vhink 1ce to the « m ount of »1600 wai found secreted °? h j* I" 6 TM 0 "- Th « «"«" F"ty » John Regan OopU. may b* obt*in«l .t p.tokr Jk Lewta' book-Un*. T an be . with propriety. _ _ , v . ,, . In'onn.aon of th« intended smuggling was t3r John Avery Parker, who lately d ed In W"n ·« the odlo.r. by Mr. CiinarQ, IH«« of - New Bedford, leaving a fortune of over s mil-' TM ,*·,, Th « Europa, wa. aot seised. Officer. OTTh. Uidd-.ord Jo.mal ..t. lh.t the Pep- lion dollar., w.s. when a J ounj man. Karnad I *^_«J»J«tahUi. Cambria. i Corop.ny have decided lo build another o* of lhe town of for fear ht would' GeneralCas, it u ..-.-^IT ,_. ,, ' Its aiae, we nnderatand, ha. not been ab- become ch«ri«able to the town - B«««--M/ nn-rl.TM. ^RC_iJ ul '±;? """"P Mr - upon--bm |iryl.bly will be the sU. of one of fhMr pnatnt Free from sorrow, toil and pain ; For in the book 'tis written ' That dwelling there is gain, I hum the path to heaven, 'Tis a straight and narrow way ,"* Oh ! to trust in Christ awaken ' Repent, Believe, Obey. AMBMgAN soAPa Something New ! MILITARY AND NORWICH SHAVING SOAPS- 17 ORBI '~ 8 ' Univtnal GutUt fjrtfta Wattr Kt. amnteillibeinel»ete-KorenHlm lhe msrkel-lhe .t I"""'" ·* immedlnte Permanent PoHsB, a which received Ihe Pnminni at iha Fair of Ike A- Waterproof Oil, III, V C K I . X O . "iM n o - . an *"**"?* TM|ilj ndsske - __ - ri DeTaeMF* Pjfcll AN bfUk«mtil lower th«o at S.folhef Jtore » * Ike *ity ef J^M'L E PERKINS, 0... TOLLE'R. 50 _ RAJSINS. Doot. A, ANOIBR MANN. (Uastlon Is be(f-liin| to a. asm.--Where t t ln aamrer w. would aar, far Ibe bea-fll ftl tb. Mi - . . __ ,,,iilsb«,|t 1 ...ukrt-Wli.r. 1. Don. rflWO HtiNUKKD K.« all si... ' - · · · · ...... - - . -- POWDSR. X U K E D 11-j,. Powder, _ HiaW THU-S A fTAVLOR . CO. 1 8 5 4 sal. fcy Jaall ,,** * * .OBI. A.RICtCO. G..l.r-,» Mole H.,^N .» ^ * Ph ^ ..j Clo.h Cspa aw hut Eapreu, .^raurj^lk. peo- OORN «H VKI i.nw tTftR!!.^* 8 * · . . ··· I* Me t Weet Market S,n.r.. D°N«w lot of RUBBERS, all sia.s, a. abevl. la.ll 'h» BUSH. YELLOW Uadial H Fraakfort. snd M JOHH A. RICK * C» Jt U efiL Kr · _ Books--Book*. A FKESH SUr-PLVof F.ta.r Bi TM w "T8of La....' Far. will a* wUat'heed, l* priw. at BTACETH P OM MM'. Bnd,, Oa. »..r o* of ejy p.t, ,»d |U«e4le«lioai ef ·? c "" LhtlaOaw. fcr sale .t ' **. BARTLETT, Jgj^ flRCHIVE« . *· ..-* ... N^!,o«..flRDHiyE*t,c,f"

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