Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on February 4, 1882 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1882
Page 3
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I W. a- f:-itn- i!lr- mo" for inrr- isand late" 1 UK" niorv in » U. , So- red » GREAT SALE or ; TEUMS. /Vr ti'tck, puyablt; to t'irrirr t /S Cta. ; (hit* yen r-, lit. itiltttnep, $7.00 Sue Month*. '* ". *7.50 WATCHES! JATUUJAY C\ , IT.IJ. 4, 1832. LOCAL AND GENERAL NEWS. We .;.re Still Offering Watches at the Low Prices of December and January. i l l . made contrnc'- I- :i!l t h e mstljc-s of ivcii Jobbers, \ve r j;r at numbers of Anieri'-aii W;itohes, d n r i u g Diwmber, J a n u a r y and Ft-l ! i j i i m a k i n g -i iruary. SPECIAL SALE STANDARD CALENDAR ; ( . ,_,., ,!, f.,r uv months, antl eiin'i itii' during this month, j i tiii-t in order to enable IH to j . . , j Ii ., a m i t K i - f . - S . y get t h e dis- j f- only t - be lml by those who . h a m l ' i - c-i iiu'li Watch'" 10 ' R A N K AS A J O B I J K H . WILLOW Clothes Hai.ipers, at E. D. BAIII /IOLOMEW A- Co.'s-. VISIT the church. H to-morrow. CoT-xcn. meeting Monday evening. I OHDEB Chestnut No. 4 hard coal of Pen! iwell, No. 41 North Main stret. 2-dlw of all | A T . U - I V pull is booked for Monday evening. SHE and hear the "Widow Bedott" Tuesday ni^ht. '·PATIKXI i:'' wilHic j,'i\t-n in Deeatur by home talent after Kas*"r fur the litae- fit of the library book fund. THEti-kets foi the l!e.,ciie's trrand ball 1 on Valentine's d,iy e c c n i n ^ H r e ;oiiii, r off rapidly. IiT. cream, cai-'e. oysters, hot collee, and a good t i m - at the tabernacle Wednesday and Thursda\ cu'inu^rs. Mi;«. .Toiix C K U - I : is rep'irtid ill with the small-po\ at ( V r r o Gordo. CALL at 1.. 1.. I'erriss .V CO.'H for the ·jreati-jt variety of slipper 1 - 1 for young and THE first pii -plant of the season was iu \Ve tiavt .'' KOCKFOttl). ELGIN, WAI;: H A M , DO NOT K£,Pany "Sni.1 · Watches for trading purposes." W E W A R R A N T EVERY WATOK COMPLETE. ;itl3 E. iiiirlis Co.. the Decatnr market this moniinj,'. THR many De-'ntnr admirers of '-Honest Little Kinnia" Abbott will h'nd an interpstiiiK article about her and Patti on the Ith p;if.'c of t l d s is U e. Head it. Tic-Kirr-. for the Kcscucs' grand hull 011 | Feb. l l t h , ^ in be had of the committee, C. \V. t b i r t l c y , Fred Littcrer, and Fred Mueller, or from any member of the company. Buy a ticket, and go to the ball. Ciirr p r e m i u m pi.inos and perfect organs id '.'. \',. Pre-vuft's in opera block, Tin. ii"iou revival meetings of the First M. L, church and Stamps Chapel have very Kiii-1-e-v.l'u]. There have been 30 convei-;on; with an iucreasinjf interest. The meetings i i i ' X 1 week will lie held in Chapel. Yolilv slate buckwheat Hour at I'eni- :ll's, No. 11 N o r t h .Main Street. fel^-iilw i ] Tiir. sitccm- ut t i n - ladies of Hi'worth I Council No. ."''', (1!. T. of T. hcrcl ofore j, is I a h i i t i l i - i e i i i f j u a i a n t e e that their festival, next Wednesday and Thursday evrninifs, h i - a most enjoyable all'air. Till; usual temperance M'ctim? will be held at t l - e laberaacle tu-n'jfht. There spi alters in atteiiilancc and portance w i t ! be transacied. U ( l r \ \ l t - i ao- r i h e h e n c t l t i i meet at Ij. ey i - \ i nini,, D WALL The first NEW PATTERNS for 18N2 just received bv S. G. Hatch Bro, 10 MERCHANT STREET, Will continue their unpreeented CHEAP SALE TWO WEEKS LONGER, And then conies Stock-Taking. We are determined, and shall make an extra effort, to BEDUCE our large stock of DRESS GOODS, CLOAKINGS, PLUSHES, VELVETS and WINTER HOSIERY. What few Dolmans, Cloaks, Ulsters, Circulars and Children's Cloaks we have left. will be closed out WITHOUT REFERENCE TO COST OR VALUE! Come and get them at your own price. Remember, No. 10 MERCHANT ST. . G. HATCH BRO. c i t y to-ifiy, tiieci a \ v i t h i n i-i bad weath- j e - , . ' . i ' . , i i : ; L - t w h e a t . The ground i.s full . of wat.-: and t i n - cold snaps caused it to I "inline," tlni** t h i u w i i K f the winter wheat I 0:1 the surface. i Tlir i m i t a t i o n s for the jiidollo club I l a r l \ at the Hi. Nicholas hotel next I Wednesday evening were sent out this forenoon. The club will entertain the i Married Ladies and the Endymion clubs. I Tin: ladies will i;re(-t you with their | brightest smiles Wednesday and Tburs- I driy evenings at the tabernacle. WK Icain from the I\tfinli Jii'i/inli'i; , edited bj Rev. W. 11. Moore, of St. John's , church, that Eev. Charles F. Sweet has resigned his position as assistant in this parish, to enter upon a course of t r a i n i n g in church work iu Boston. i THERV. is a mammoth stock of boots and shoes at L. L. Ferris i- Co's. A VEBY enjoyable dnncim,' party was '.riven iu the Armory of the Decatur Eiflcs i on Thursday eveniui;, under the manaKC- 1 men! of Kobert Welch and Samuel Leech. There were about ,11) couples present, and the Prof. Kcph-y orchestra furnished inn- bic. The parts w:;s a complete success, i Lovi-: orders for Sot; Co;;l at George Stmhm's ijrocen store. Jan. 31 d2w'" T.D. M.\I;TIN. [T will pay you to sei the display cl Valentines at Wallace's City Book Store. Their window show is the finest ever made in Jletatur. Feb. 4 - dS wl Coi:x. oats, b'lle'l h a y and all kinds of mill feed at Peni, ellV, Nn. 41 North Mam sercet. febi-ilw THE three men arrested Fridaj m vu- iiii and jailed on .suspicion of h a v i n g rubbed .lo-eph SutcKH'c of SliS'i, aiv afiiiii at hlK 1 1 :^. Mr. Sulchn'e was unable to identify them p o s i t i v e l y as the Ljiiilt;, parties, and the;, w e n - di-chaiijed l-ist eveilint,'. The iri"-!!"ii n o w i - " w h o did A LOCK FACTORY. Steps Being Taken by Men of Mtraoy to Invest in Such an Institution In Decatur. The other day there was a short paragraph in these columns in reference to another important manufacturing industry that may soon be established in this eity, and what is equally important the, articles to lx put up here are the inventions of a Decatnr citizen, Alderman W. H. Bramble, the well-known inventor and patentee of the celebrated Bramble Locks. The matter of manufacturing the Bramble Locks in Deeatur has been under dL-».iis- aioii amont; men of money in this city for several mouths, and we are pleased to state that the enterprise is now assuming shape. A company with a capital stock of §13,000 to 820,000 is to be formed, whose memljers will be D. S. Shellabarger, A. T. Hill, D. W. Brenueiuan, E. P. Lytle, 3. W. Haworth, D. H. Hrilman, K. E. Montgomery, K. II.Roby, K. Hanvood J. A. Close and C. L. (rriswold. A meet- in.!,' of these gentleman was held last night in tlie city hull, when the whole matter was talked over, and a committee appointed to secure a desirable lot-atiou for a factory, and report at a future meef- iiik'. Thete are now27 ditlerent styles of the Bramble locks on sale in difVerent parts of the country. These were made at Xew Britain, Conn., bnt if the Bramble factory is established iu Decatur of course the Connecticut firm will lose the contract, ft may be that the gentleman named above will decide to put up a building in this cit\ in which to manufacture the lock-. The greatest expense involved iu this enterprise will be in th" purchase of suitable machinery, and when t h a t is P'oeuivd the work of niakiuf; the Bramble locks in ]eeatur will be nn easy matter. Skilled workmen, with years of experience, can be secured from the factories in thcwiKt, and we have no doubt but the veiy men who have been ninkiiifj the Bramble locks can be induced to come here and enter the employ of the nccittur company. There is no good reason « h y these celebrated locks, which are in general demand throughout the eountn, cannot be made iu Decatur just as cheaply and perfectly as in (lie east, and that there will be big money in the new enterprise for the gentlemen now at the helm, there cannot be any doubt whatever, \Vc understand that Mr. Bramble has five or si\ other designs of locks which have not yi t been maunfaetureJ. Tine Bloomingtou Paitttir/nijili of Friday printed the following paragraph in reference to that celebrated case in which more or less interest is felt by residents of lecatur: "Up to last evening there was nothing new in the Ilofl'man caF'c. No legal steps have been taken on either side. Tiy their ov.n showing,MKs Kohinsou and her m o t h e r have received from Mr. Hodman about ^iiiO, and apparently would nut have much to sue for as t h e hiw all o f t s o u l j S."M(I iii bastardy c:i-:cs. Ilm\- evcr, (ieueral Cra .1. Bloomtiehl.uur-oMiie gill's attorneys, is responsible for the, s t a f e i ' i i - i i t t ' i : i t bastardy prf eeedii )r :.s will i i - bivini and prosecuted with the greatest ei'ii 5 g . As has been slated, it i ; nov l a b for M.-. lloll'nian to;.| -.: f, ·· ,,li'i' ,/i libel and ;{·! i n f o | i , e p n - m i of c o u r t . ' .-*.. ' I ' . · - - i , i ...i;. n u m b e r . H l l j i . 1), , al ;; i . M . C. \. Unli'li:'. w h i c h hn- I n , n- lai'_'cd : i ii improved, was h-ued .1 I'er,- d u v s .1;./,,. The nulliliii is a three column eight-page pa|ier, and u superior in many respects lo S'tfne ( if th" hi si association journals in ( l i e s f u f c . f t i- now in the f o u r t h year of its existence, and has a bright future before it iu i f s special sphere of usefulness. The publishers are indebleil to the H i v r n i . K ' v v for the handsome appearance of the 1','iH ethi this month. The composition and press work were done at this office. Tuuv had a big shooting tournament at Kenney yesteiday, and, as a matter of course, a Decatur delegation had ;; big linger iu the pie, and as M n n l l c i of course, said delegation brout'li! ' . . . . i g slice of the game cake. The 1 · ,.'· ,11 iics present during the latter part of t h e tournament, were Sheriff Foster, Fred Mueller fJcurge Brett,Henry Mueller and (fenrj/e P. Bhtme. The }ceatur shootists won six fat turkeys and a juicy In'nd i p t a r l e r of a beef. Si', attention is dire-ted to-d.i\ I" the new advertisement of Mr. A. ) . Brewer, the baker, whose popular phiee i.- located at No. 2.") North Main street. Mr. Brewer has in his emplo) the ven bist and most experienced bakers in the country, and makes a spr-cialn of Vienna bread, the genuine article. Brewer's bakery is famous for i1s nice, sweet bread buns, cakes, etc.. and we are plca-vd to note the fact that tile-genial proprietor is prospering, So r \ L ; there have been ]S accessions to the United Brethren chinch, and the meetings, which were inaugurated mi Jan. 1st. have been so f r u i t f u l of good results thn 1 the pastor w i l l cuntimie the sjiecii.l services during ne\t wrck. The attendance last night was 'cry large 1 . \l"\. TrueMood is doing good w o r k . 'I i t " g l a n d elieap e\c'i'-ion t i a i u ihe ll! : i:oit ( V i i i r . d Uailroad from Decatur In N-'W Orleans, Jacksonville. Fla., S;,u Antonio and other points in southeastern Texas, will leave this city at 8:10 P. in., on Thursday, Feb. Oth. Fare for Sr. V.M-r.NTixr. will reach JJecatiir early f i e H t h inst., and will make his headquarters i 1 ! Wallace's Book Store. Their assortment of Valentines is immense, em- Sut- ' bracing the old familiar kinds, a 1 a full hue of I'mnffx, and many new im- over i ported st IPS. Trices from o ox-tits to S-"i ' each. Feb. 1- -dS wl A NEW gi i icery stole has been started on Jasper street, near the coal shaft, by Charles C. Matheny. who has had a num- ! ber of years' experience and thoroughly . 23, 1882-- d the round trip from Peoatur to New Or- j lvm ierstands the grocery business. He leans, ftil; tickets good to return in Jlfl w il] give satisfaction fo all who ir,a days from date of sale. The train will arrive at New Orleans on Saturday, Feb. llth. at 7 a. m. Witness the grand Mardi Gras parade, on Feb. 21st. i) dtd A C.U.IFOHSIA woman takes the pie for closeness. When her fourth hnsbaiid died | she took the plate off the front door, had j his age added, and then nailed it onto his } coffin, explaining thr.t "she guessed likely | she'd be wanting a new name on the door ! soon, anyway." I THE death of John Sehudel, sr., aged j 77 years and 10 months, took place at Macon on February 1st. The deceased was a native of Switzerland, a .A tlie father of Mr. Sehudel. a Jry goods dealer at Mac-oii. No PATENT: No PAY. No model re- iiuirc-d. Only S20 eipense in case of failure. Quick work s specialty. L. P. Graham, patent solicitor, at Strohra's marhlp sho.i. · Tan - 23--tl2w AXOTHER car of choice eastern apples received at Young Bros.' to-day. jsnlS-dtf "Patience." The opera of ''Patience," rendered iu this city by the Abbott company on last Saturday, will be produced for the benefit of the Public Library Book Fund, immediately after Easter, by home talent. The Continental Life Insurance Co o Hartford, Conn., Is one of the solid old compauii -. Yon are always safe in carrying a policy with it. Take an endowment policy; in, 15 and 20 payment plan--no dues or assd-M- ments. A young man can lay m. a lift i" each year and draw the endowment himself in a few years; iltm't ltnrr in li f» .(·in. Call and exmjine the differ*nt plans. Office over Abel A- Locke's sti r \ BOTD BiiAnr.?.-, "District- Agent Feb. 2--dlw wl Do NOT buy before yon see the stock and prices of Flenry, the French Cutter, corner of Old Square. You will eare nosey. janllcMrwtf Grave-Yard Insurimce In Decatur. | It has lieen known to a few in Deeatur | for several v,T-el;! that a person has bt^u ( vnrkii.^ secretly in the interest of ..IIP of | the celebrated -."-nve-yarj life insurance I c-anprniie- of Pennsylvania, and it is , known t h a t one p a r t y , a lady past S O ; i,l age, has been insured for S2,(KXl. . It i-t -ils- known that theold lady lias paid ! out as-essm.'iit.s durini; the past six | m o n f l i s a^'re^,' o\cr STiO, and that j she h..-, i.'-en called np'iu abeady to put ' up f'l'l iii.i: or lose her policy and all she ( has paid. The p;fh who worked here in the graveyard emu;, m j is [irobably ignorant of the risk t h a t such agents run in ! this stale. A citizen of this city wrote to | State Auditor Swi(,'ert ab-mt the matter, | a n d i n r e n l j received the f.iil.iwinir plain letter: i hPiiixui'iELD. ILL., Jan. _*'. 1^1. , Kso., Decatur, 111.: Di'itf .S'// 1 .- Yours of the i")th insi. is at hand. I hope that, unless this business . of so-called graveyard insurance is inline- - diately stopped, you will consider it y o u r d ' l l y to disclose tlie name oi names of t i n parties connected v.-jtli the disKracclul businc.-s. T shall not permit such btv-i ness to even i,'et ;i start '1 I c.m possibh prevent it. I n my opini, u the olt'cn.-c already committed merits the jH-ualty of . the law. t do not think the examiniuff I physici.,ii i,- liiible und»r the insurance , law, but if a ease could be made out under the eniniii il law, he could be included. ' Yourstruly, Cir.OiLE-i P. Swior.KT, Auditor of Illinois. . The above letter ouifht to serve as a trood h i n t to the «eret ii^ent tn stand from under before ii is too late. The alleged disreputable Pennsylvania in-ill- ance com].any is not liccn-cd In operate in this slate, if indeed it is recoff- , nized under the l.iw-. of the Keystone Stilt' 1 ; and a n y o n e working secretly or otherwise in t l i e interest of iniy insurance company in this sfnte which has not complied with the laws of Illinois, i* liable t o i ' i r e - 1 and punishment. The Book Fund. : One month afjo to-day the lir.^t sub- . scripliori to the Public Libriiry book fund I was made. Previous to that time one i check for Slihi, and au unconditional ) promise of S5fl more, w;i« the only definite result of the call for help to increase the P u b l i c r , i b r a i \ . Main vjitnie promises | had been made ( m a n y of them rut/in \ s t i l l ) and much time had been consumed ' in ifctti 1 !}.' :i fin in of subscription t h a t J should plea ;e everybody, anil not until i Jan. 4th was a single bubscri|ilion record- ' ed. Through mud and snow ami r a i n , | mi t by the cry of hard times, taxes to pay, bif; subscriptions already paid, ami a yeii- eral impccmiiosity which is startliiif,', the cominillee have still met w i t h such i ^enerons resjionscs as lo prove t h a t the i people of Decatnr are proud of our Libra- j ry and determined ( h a t it shall not be ' crippled fo.- w a n t of money to im-rease iN iisefuli! s.-. The form ol subscription f i n a l ) , iidopted by th 1 solieitois, provides that a : public nii-ctiiis of all siibscriber.-i shall be called by the solicitors to the fund whenever in t h e i r j i n l ^ m c n t t h e - l i s t shall be sufUciently ad-.aiieed io justify such meetimt. At this nieetinj;;' trea ,'irc:- will ' be ap])oin(ed, a c. mmiltee --elecied lo purchase tlie U.o! ·-, etc. '! nc -olicitors , behe\e l i i . i i t h i iiMoimt l. 1 .«'sub ,e ibi d ' j u - , ( i ! i - , f h . ·:} in callii".- t " 1 . ' - 1,1. i i - i i v - i t h i i . a few days. In the n i f a n t i m i - e!i t h o v who have promised to leave tl.i-i.- mcii^y !!;,hi( ^ \ \ i l l i the L i b r a r i a n , are canici.tly rciine.-Icd t o do SD before next Friday: and i l l v.ho hav. suhncription 1 - i - l . ' i p ; . 1 1 ' c ' l l . i i l.i.-nlitic-i or jieople, are r.r,'. d In compii l e t l h ' i r lists and report to Mi 1 - 1 . .lolniB d'lrin;.-- tl 1 .. 1 comin^rweek. Tin 1 meeting w i 1 ! be e c i t a i n l y called for some ' day of i l l . - neck after lie-;!, and all subscribers N i i ] ree,-iv'' i i ' t i e e of the t i m e and place. K-H tjuryesq us tin: Wklov,-. ( i n Tiii.-.ilav c\ciiitij,' next Mr. Neil lhirt;ess, the eminent chanicter actor, w h o created the stiifjc character of the "Will,iw Bedott," will appear before the footlights in Decatur. Secure your seals for Ihl.i attriiction. Said the Toronto TI-I,,,IIII,II. i A t i h e l i o . a l Openi Hou.e. "The Wid- | ow Eedott,"' w i t h Neil H u r j j i h s in t h e ] leading part, was a success. The \\ idow, ' in Mr. Kurjjess' bauds, is a perfect study, j lie looks HI Kood a widow as Mestayer | ever looked a woman, and acts the part w i t h the same fidelity to nature as Den ' Thompson in Uncle Josh. Mr. Stoddart ; p l a y s t i i e "Klder," and is known as one ol | the most cnltuied and refined a i m i n g the I ^eiilleiiicn \ \ l i o a n - o i ! the sta^f. ' ropular prices. i On the .-treet this iifti reoon, a h u b ' s irold watch. The fmde'- « i l l he s u i t a b l y | rewarded by leavimr il at t h i - o t K c e . ] Feb. I d:)( I "I'lll-: DKESSI-:!!," the n..blnc.-t ,:nd J latest style ha', to be had only at j i i n v 4 i H w i l . IJ. SriN-r'--. i - ·-·-· -- i TIT. jililorado Social (.'lub will ^ r i \ e ;. (iancinj; p i n t , al their how- house on Thiui-day i veniii',', Feb. iith., a.'id it w i l l b- 1 au i m i t a t i o n all'air. During next n i ' i n t h t!ii- IP'ie C'.'U|i,iny w i l l probably ^ - ' \ . - a i ! oystei -iinipei a n d i ' e - t u a l : ' t i i e Re:icl Tli;. ; Mrs. K F.insteui i- selling i.e.- cii'uv stock of Fashi"jiaUe M i l l i n e r y ^'ou-ls a t ] cost, and the side is a t t r a ' - t i m r irroiit a t - j tenlii 1 :!. She I'::.-- o". h a i u l a line assort- I'leui of bciiutifitl 11'.imets and hats suit;;( b l e f o r a n y occasion. Sp'-cial attention is j (·ivcn to order.-. Mrs. i'.. has also on j hand a f u l l line of Notions and Ladies' ] Furnishing Goods, of every description, | fiermantown Yarns, Xephj rs, Perforated Card Board and Canvass, all of which will be sold at net cost. Please trive me ii call In-fore purchas-iiif.' elsnwheje. L-'ani jirices. No. 'J 1 -* East Miiiu street, lirst door west of Close, (Jris-.vold ,V Co.'s. Tan. 27 d.V-wtf I'NDF.HWK.M; \ and ' WOOL HOST Eli V. Splendid D i s j i i a y . and Ki-tun'i'liiKi, i/ Jldi'Hiiiii.: i ' l i r . v r S'ror.r. Bi'alS. ji,ii.!!)dXi.-lw F. D. C t L l i w r i . L ! i a - - i l e n t y ,if Laiva. wanna Hai-d Ci-:.l Cn-stii'it No. 4. ; .l stovi-.. Office v.ith Aincric--. ^-.iin-s.- Co. Ordei- |M..mi. ( 1 rilKl. d-i-:Vidf. V. 7 antfed lo Rent. A dwcliiusr hoiis. eoiitaiiimj,- li-.i- or ,qx rooms, within f - . u r o r live blocks of tiie ' old square. A Mr?sc "X," lii:prnt.icvN . ortic'. li-'i-drf. Kay for Sile. I ."or s-'le in the on tlie farm, ei^-ht roiits fr.mi Di"'iitur, about i) tons k'ood timothy h.-.y, ar .?lo per ton. Apply | OD East William «m--r. one block west of i furiuture factory. ·Jan. 30--dlw AXDF.EW M. CTAUVEB. PEKSOHf AL MENTION. \V. Ii. Hiirnc starts MI Monda... a.s tij-, eliug salesman for Morelum^,-. W,.-!!s A Co., the hardware merchants. Dr. \Valstou \isitetl Moa'v,. [iia u-^u-i- diiy to assist Dr. Buck in j ' t i f . - r t i . i t i L ' ,1 siirgieid operation. ·F. f. Boohe, of 1'iiinb .. .-. . . e i v . K v . . is v i s i t i n g his brotlicr-in-'ax,. l i , i : , - v .1.. n sen, at Nianfie. W. M. Barrett, o; i !.,,.,,_. ,. .. , , ,,., Uecatiir niarble di..!- ., is in « , ,, . , - , [ . . . , , will remain heieovci Sunds-v Dejuih Conntj lllerk Cai \Vagi . . i . departed for Biirliiijrtoii, lov;., t t i ; T...IMI ing. n f hi-, vit-it i l i u r . l e t t . ' town is said to he an atlair ol the hc.-ni. Bert Williams is now at h i . n n - to his many friends at the St. Nicholas hotel, where he occupies his old pi.siii.m as d;.\ clerk. Ben Graiiaui, i ' t l\;iii., i . - . r . i ' e . u agent for the American Portrait Agency, of New Yo;k, it-in lccatiir to-day. His samphs of crayon portraits are ,is n . i t u r a l a-; life. Sujn-rvisi ir (Mgar. who lias been pro-peeling in Schu.iier c n i i n t y f o i a fanr.. lias icturncd to his home at N i a n t i e . .\[r. Kdg.M-has been t h i n k i n g of leiui'e: t h i s c i i i i n 1 \ . A . I ! \rbuckle, late of tins c i t y , is n"W a short-hand w r i t e r in the olliee of the C'outiiient.d liisnraiice Company, of New York, in t h e Lakeside Buildins in Chicago. He is r'tc.viii;;- ;: p i r t l \ - s a l a r y . It is iijiiii-uin-ed that Mr. Fred I'e-'k has resigned t i n ·siiperinteiideni y of the St. Lons d i \ . s i n n ot t h e Indiana, Blooiu- inton t t AVesU'rn I i , i i l \ \ a x to ac-'ept the position of gene a i -i\a riiiteudeni ,! the C'hicago t v AVestcii; ^fichigiin H r a i l \ \ a . Rev. H. \V. Trneblood. the T. B. pastor, is milking a success ,,, th. 1 r e v a a l meetings under his eharg*. He is not :: nil excitable when preaching, but ,-i'caks smoothlx and conducts the SC-MI-IT, w i t h out an e x t i a demons; ,itii]|s. He .s accorded the closet a t t e n t i o n n i g h t h . Prof. C. C. Blake, the noted weal In i prophet.who latch resided in Dccatur. has d i r e e f c l us to send his 15i:rt ni.n'.'.' in future to Itichland, Shaw nee count}, Kansas, which town is probabb to be his permanent abiding place. Th" I'roic-sor has resided in Ohicng' 1 since from this cih. AmosHowciistinc. t h e p i l g r i m p r i n t e r . who used to m a u i p i i l i te the job stick a n d rule in t h i s office sn a ' f i s t i c a l l y , has ic- tiii-ned fiom his typograiihical visit to towns iu Hosicrdoi'i. Amos lingered longest at 'I'-rre H.iul. 1 . and I n ought bad; with him a go-)il s";)ly of "Sounds Irom Indiana," which V , M C speedily ]ire-mte,l lo F.inuer Coltrin of our composing room. E j i h r a i m H i o w n , of W h i t n i ' i r e t o w n - hhiii, who hasbeei, prospecting in Labctte count \ , Killisa 1 -. during the past (He i weeks returned to Pecatui y e s t e n l a v , and paid us a call. He brought \ \ i t h him two line specimens of petrified v,"0.l which he found nearOswrgo. Mr. Brown thinks Kansas is a good country, but hi; likes Macon county soil better, and w i l ' not emigrate. ----Mr . A Course of Sermoua. Last evening we received I h. Feb; ;y liiimber of the /'n/ 1 /TM Kcgisli,. a m n i i ' . ' i 1;. church p, ; . - - dile-.l and,i'-'"ed b; Hev. AS*. H. M....I.', rcch.i ..f Si. ,I,,!m' I-'piicoiial I'hurc! . Th-- i x ' o i has a i i a n g c d f o i . f i serie-i o! s e i m o i i - i I n ,le livercd at St JohnV ( i e n e j i h i 1 u.g lj nl The rector makes the f o i i o v . i p g a i i i i o u n c e inentfl in the linji t,\ ' The first in the course \ i ; be i f e ! i \ i reil by the Bishop of the Dioc '-e on t h e evening of Feb. 'Jlst, the n i j j h i I ' e i o i e Ash Wednesdas. The cmr-si- i, f .unded 1,11 Acts i i 1 4'2, and w i l l be givi n :,; f o l l o w : 1 February 21 si The Four N u t , of l : i ; Church, \v Bishop Sevmonr. February '.Mb -The ApoMleV Di c- triue, by Kev. F. AV. I'a.lor, o i ' ) a m i l l e . March 7th The Ap .-'tie's F e l U . u s h i p , b\ Kev. *leorge I I . liiggiir. of I t u n k e i 'H'ill. March 14th The br, a k i n j of tin- Bread, by Rev. O. Valentine, of Spiing- c-cld. March ilsl The P i a \ e r s ( n o t et filled i. M a i c h -J'.Hh ThcChuri-h our I l e a \ e n l \ Home, bv He\. I'. A. Larrabee. n| S p r i n g Held. Skating Festival and Oy."ter Supper. The ladies of Haworth Council No. .Vi. Royal Templai.s of Temperance, \\ ill havi a grand skating festival a n d i n s i i r s u p ] i e r a l j the Tabr'i-iiacle, on "Wednesday and Thursday evci.ings, Feb. Sth ainl llth. Mr. M. L. Parker has also k i n d U con- senttHl to gi^'cii an exhibition of his feats on the bicycle. The Decatur Band w i l l be in attendance and enliven the evening w i t h some of their be.-t selection-. An elegant smoking .-'·! w i l l be ghcii tn ihe best gentleman skater: a toilet set to IL" best lady skater, a n d a large caki to the poorest skater. Regular supper w i l l be scMcd from ."i until 1] o cluck, in a d d i t i o n tooj.steis, ici 1 cream, cake, etc. Admission. 10 cents. f. biltdv.-lt . -*«fr . A N O V J ! and Perfect Cure lor Scroivi . Sail BheuOT, Cnncer, Etc. A discover) has recently b»i n m a i l which adds luster to the Nineteenth Century. It consists simply in an extract from the Red Clover Blossom, as r-\trm *ed by.T. M. Loose i Co., Monroe, Mid;., who have gone into the business lanjeh in order to sii]iply the increasing demand. For Hale by Dr. A. J. STONKR. A slight testimonial:, OHIO. Jan. 17, J s ^ j J. M. Liles,. ,v- C'o., Monroe. Mich.: (leiitli'iiii'ii M wife has for some time been afilicted with sum(-fhii:g like a si-rof- ulous disejise, and found no relief until s!iega\e j o u r Exlra'-t of Jted Clovrr a trial. I am happy to KH\ she has experienced great relief. This is but a slight testimonial of my appreciation of your efforts in behalf of humanity; v.hidi j o u fur ( h e i r lirnefit. I am very respectfully, H. .\!:MS. Feb.':!. 1^2 d.Vwljr Rooms to Rent Suits of rooms aud'siiii.'Ie r r.s to rent. just Ihnshed and nc-ith ihtled H]I, w i t h all the mod'-rn eunvi-niences. neai t h e o l d sipiarc. Cior.iv k Bn.i ~. Feb. 1 d''.d M A H K L T d BY EPING --OF- DRY GOODS Prom NOW LINN SCRUGGS, COURT HOUSE BLOCK CORNER. December 31, 1881. DEO \TTTE S LARGEST ISTABLISHIWENT. Corner oi OiO SQUARE, under the Management, ol THE F . ? a r J UTTER. in li-'cntui. .ui I -ml it IB tht I:i 'ii-iler io niiiki' room for n i , - S j i v i n ^ MI-el,, v. I ' D l t T V DAYS, our stock of I l e w l i ' o l r . - ; - l :"e'' H" i ' H M l ' l :l!\ l . l l -' . \ - I I I ' , :·-! i - I "H! I , ' ."I- ?"· I l l * M l ! We Will Save You from 20 to 30 per Out. ON SUITS All Our One.!- are M a r k . - i M- I ' l a i n ri^iuv-s. Great Reduction in our Merchant Tailoring Dej i.,-l!nent. which, is mn|.-i t l i e ]..-i-oM!.! -n. M -.!: -ic.- i if l-'leiir. . : l - i - I r.-iicii ' i i t t i - r . Our Gents' Furuishing (joods Department OEDEB Indiana Block and Decatnr co;il of Peniwell, 41 North Main street. 2-dlw \V|]. ,1 - -'I.:/; 1'.-" i ' c v ; - . ,! Jlm-h: Aiirir. *i:« May. Com --to 1 ; Fc-bni:i;y: ."'- ; M.I;-, it ,,,, \:.-,\ ; , ..'."a June. Oats--!1 ;!V!i:il : . Mi.ii i i ! ; - . A i n , . i i ,, M n ' r.viov STO'~K v-.'-.if-. H.,.-5--E.-limntc.t n-'-i-;i!-. ll..:». M . i . 1 . - : Wheat ... :K-sr,' ' i-v.c;! L-' Com . .1.11.1", I-:.-?. 1 - ·?-:: Oats . u',.i»a '.1.71.! -,'. , ity.? ... 4.:B.-i ."·: ·: Xr.v VORK. I".-'.. !. : V.''j i'l'b: iiiarkft o:n=t«Uirinj/. ' TOLEDO. Fob. 4. . Aprll;fl.42!i MHV: Jl.SS Timr-. Com--IB Fi"b. ; Our Department of Hats and Cais - ) "·-.· b tlK- r-tnpic*-- ;i- · · · ,. :i- t l i ' \ '".-\ -T'. i. -. .Mid u'i-uiHnu-iMls iiirf-if to tb*' old anrt ro The Trunk and V 7 alise Department i|V-sTAN"iT V K E I T 1'OMr'I.KTE.J AS LEADER OF POPULAR PRICES. FLEURY, THE FRENCH CUTTER. Corner of Old Square. llc.-anir. III., .lul. 11. Iw!

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