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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, April 9, 1932
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1845 A Family Newspaper,--Devoted to Local and General Intelligence. Agriculture and Advertising.--Independent on all Subjects. Subscription:--In Caroline, $1.00 per Annum, in Advance; Out of County, $1.50. 1932 VOL. 86. DENTON, MARYLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, 1932. NO. 26 High Test Cement Blocks at Low Cost Nuttle Lumber and Coal Co. Phone 25. Denton, Maryland . . . a receipt and a record for your money. Pay Your Bills by CHECK Y' OUR creditor's signature on the back of Your Check is undeniable, legal proof that you have paid his bill. Besides, it gives you a record of the transaction . . . canceled Checks accounting for every dollar you spend. Yes, a Checking Account even cultivates Thrift in that you think twice before you make out a Check. Not so with cash. Open an Account with Ebe SDenton IRational Bartfc Denton, Maryland, A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM THE PALACE THEATRE DENTON, MARYLAND Friday Saturday, April 8 9 Charles Bickford, Rose Hobart in "EAST OF BORNEO" Hand-to-claw conflicts with wild beasts--a volcano in eruption--lava flow wiping out palaces and huts--all the dangers of tbe tropical jungle in this thrilling, exciting picture! Added--4th Chapter of "Fighting With Buffalo Bill," thrilling serial with Tom Tyler, and Flip the Frog Cartoon. Admission, 25c 40c. Families, $1.00 Mon. Tues., April 11 12 "FREAKS" with Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams Can a pinhead think? Dp the Siamese twins make love? All these questions are answered in this amazing picture of human freaks of nature that will astound you. Added--Boy Friends Comedy and Graham McNamee Maws. Admission. 15c 40c. Families $1.00 Friday Saturday, April 15 16 "LASCA OF THE RIO GRANDE" with John Mack Brown, Leo Carrillo A dashing atory of the days of the Dons and Desperadoes in Old California full of Western thrills. Added-Fifth Chapter of ''Battling With Buffalo Bill" And Merry Melodie Cartoon. Admission, 25= 40c. Families $1.00 Two Shows Every Saturday at 7.15 and 9 p. m. Special $50.00 Trade in Allowance for your Old Radio, regardless of age or condition. 1932 Philco's Radio All Models have Automatic Volume Control H. S. GALE Electrical Contractor DENTON, MD. JUST A LITTLE FOOT TROUBLE Just a little foot trouble may be much more serious than it seems. Feet are the foundation of the body and they carry all its weight. That is a big job for a small foundation. The feet are also great shock absorbers. Mauy of the jolts and jars the human frame would otherwise receive, are abaorbed by the feet They need special care because of the Important work they have to do. "Look after the foundations" is a good motto, not only for builders, but also for all who desire health and happiness--who wish to avoid the weary feeling and the weary look. When you think of feet, remember that the Onteopatnic Physician thinks and works In terms of foundations. DR. E. F. WITHERS, Osteopathic Physician, Phone 92 226 S. 3rd St., DENTON, MD. Where the Young Folks Go I Reese Theatre! Harrington, - Del. A PARADE OF HITS Fri. Sat., April 8 9 A contest in acting LIONEL and JOHN BARRYMORE in "ARSENE LUPIN" Who does the best acting? John and Lionel together for the first time Big Family Variety Show. SCHOOL DAYS By DWIG I Mon. Tues., April 11 12 Are there two kinds of women? Some say yes! MIRIAM HOPKINS, PHILLIPS HOLMES in ·TWO KINDS OF WOMEN 1 A real human drama ringing true to life Selected Short Subjects. Wed. Thurs.. April 13 14 Two roads--one pointing WAYWARD. Which did she take? NANCY CARROLL in "WAYWARD" Beautiful Nancy Carroll scores another triumph. Delightful entertainment Added Comedies. Latest News Fri. Sat., April 16 16 It's not unusual to be Strangers -- b u t to be Strangers in Love is another story--and what a story it la FREDRIC MARCH and KAY FRANCIS in "STRANGERS IN LOVE" Big Family Variety Show. NEW PRICES-Children lEc. Colored Balcony 26c. White Balcony 35c. Orchestra 50c. Family Ticket $1.00. Prosperity Tick- eta $1.00. The HapplnessTbeatre of Maryland NEW Community Theatre \ RIDGELY. MD. Fri. Sat, April 8 9 A way out of your blues WILL ROGERS in "BUSINESS PLEASURE" Will Rogers at hid best and funniest Comedies ' News Wed., April 13, One day only WARNER OLAND, LINDA WATKINS, MARIAN NIXON in CHARLIE CHAN'S CHANCE Charlie'Chan again demonstrates his cleverness in this latest Saturday Evening Post story. Great entertainment for the entire family - Latest Episode ·THE GALLOPING GHOST' with RED GRANGE Fri. Sat., April IB 16 Two kinds of women--but are there? Some say yes, others say no MIRIAM HOPKINS, PHILLIPS HOLMES in 'TWO KINDS OF WOMEN' A different story you'll never forget Selected Short Subjects. One Show Each Evening at 8 Regular Admission, I5c 35c. NEW PLAZA THEATRE M1LFORD. DELAWARE THE FAMILY SHOW PLACE OF LOWER DELAWARE Direction E. C. Evans--Phone 14 Fri7 Sat, April 8 9 Children's lOc Matinee Sat. 2.30 CLARK GABLE. MARION DAVIES in "POLLY OF THE CIRCUS" Two great atars in a death-defying romance. A great tale of Love and courage. Laurel-Hardy comedy, "Any Old Port." Mickey Mouse Mon. Tues., April 11 12 JOHN BARRYMORE. LIONEL BARRYMORE in "ARSENE LUPIN" A thief who loves divinely--that's John. A sleuth who never gives up--that's Lionel. A girl who decides their battle of wits--that's a thrill. Comedy News Wednesday Only, April 13 TALLULAH BANKHEAD in "THE CHEAT" Symbol of modern woman. Displaying all her charms in this heart-touching story of a girl who braved scandal, disgrace that she might have love Comedy News Thursday Only, April 14 NANCY CARROLL, RICHARD ARLEN in "WAYWARD" Cast on the soul-tearing rocks of parental prejudice, this live, loving, vivacious ex-show girl was faced with a love riddle that only Fate could solve. Comedy News Next Fri. Sat., April 16 1C On the Stage VAUDEVILLE Big Stage Presentation Also on the Screen JACK HOLT in "BEHIND THE MASK" Boy Friends Comedy, "The Knockout" Mickey Mouse, "Bird Store" Subscribe for tbe Journal. Methodist Episcopal Pastoral Appointments Pastoral changes affecting 64 pulpits in the Wilmington M. E. Conference were announced at the close of the annual session in Asbury Church, Salisbury, at noon last Monday. New pastors were appointed to two Wilmington churches. Eleven changes were made in the entire Wilmington District, 15 in the Dover District, 19 in the Middletown District, and only nine in the Salisbury District. The Rev. Ivanhoe Willis was transferred from Kingswood Church, Wilmington, to Asbury Church, Wilmington. His place at Kingswood is taken _ _ by the Rev. P. W. Spence, who goes c . Deen,"b. £' Smith! Circuit Court Convened Here Last Monday The April term of the Circuit Court for Caroline County was convened on VIonday last, with Judges Keating and Wickes on the bench. The following gentlemen were drawn on the grand jury: A. G. Saulsbury, foreman; T. P. Richards, J. T. Heather, W. C. Chef- ins, J. A. Bilbrough, T. E. Gibson, William M. Garey, W. P. Carroll, M. K. Newnam, Thos. A. Cleaves, Theo. 3. Fletcher, John T. Schmick, J. R. Ihristopher, John W. Hallowell, W. xwe Collins, T. Fred Brown, R. W. Jeavcn, J. M. Short, R. J. Magrogan, B. F. Rickards, Calvin D. Lynch, C. from Delaware City. The Rev. Mr. Spence will also be pastor for Mt Lebanon. The Rev. George A. Cooke, who -was reinstated at this session after being on the retired list, was stationed at Mt. Pleasant in the Dover District, succeeding the Rev. B. F. Ford. The Mt Pleasant church post office address is Laurel. The Rev. W. A. Hearn becomes pastor at Richardson Park, replacing the Rev. Frank White, who goes to Chestertown in place of the Rev. J. Harry Wright. Eastcn. The Rev. Mr. Wright goes to Federal Theatre Fedtralsburj, Md. "The Show Place Of The Shore" Fri. Sat, April 8 9 "THE SILENT WITNESS" with LIONEL ATWILL, GKETA NISSEN A picture that will grip vou w jth its supreme acting and story Selected Short Subjects. Shows 7. IB 9 Mat. Sat. 2.30 Chapter 6 "THE VANISHING LEGION" Saturday Only. Mon. Tues., Apiil 11 12 RUTH,?' (I (jbminouru tycture with PAUL LUKAS Selected Shorts Shows 7.15 9 Wed. Thurs., April 13 14 The Greeks Had a Word for Them with MADGE EVANS. JOAN BLONDELL, INA C L A I R E The comedy hit of the senson-- three gold diggers out on Broadway to have their "Breaks" relined with gold Selected Shorts Shows 7. IE 9 Extra Added Attraction"Scott's National Jubilee Singers, presenting "Songs of the South." Popular selections, "Spirituals" Stage presentation 9.00 Fri. Sat.. April 15 16 J E A N H A R L O W i n with WALTER HUSTON, WALLACE FORD Love and the law fight a duel in this mighty drama Selected Shorts. Shows 7.16 9 Mat Sat. 2.30 Chapter 7 "THE VANISHING LEGION" Saturday Only Special rates to Theatre Parties of 10 or more. Jarrell and Dul= ing Indicted Ten additional indictments charging forgery against Robert Jarrell, Jr., and a joint indictment charging conspiracy against Jarrell and Ross Duling were returned Wednesday by the Caroline county grand jury, following its. investigation of the actions of the two employes of the Goldsboro Bank, which closed last fall. Earlier in the day the grand jury indicted Jarrell, cashier of the bank, and Duling, a bookkeeper, in separate but similar indictments for making fiilse entries in their books at the bank and attempting to mislead any inspectors of the books. The investigation of the grand jury into llic case appeared closed as the witnesses were directed to be in court next Monday to testify at the trial of the defendants. The date for the trial and the charge on which it will be held was not announced. LeGrande Pood Stores Open The Le Grande Food Stores, a chain of owner-operated stores doing business independently, opened for business in Caroline county this week. All the stores are painted green and present a very attractive appearance. There are two members of the chain in Denton--J. Paul Fowler and Harvey Fleetwood. The three other in the county are located at Preston-T. L. Trice, Jr., A. K. Wrightson and Arnie's Cash Grocery. The prices charged by these stores is in direct competition with chain store prices and in some instances below. An attractive ad, chock full of bargains, will found on page 3 of this week's issue. Read all of it and find out the cind of goods sold hy these stores and ;heir economy prices. The conspiracy charge against the two defendants stated that they sought I to cheat and defraud in their handling of the funds of the bank. On the false-entries charge, the grand jury charged that their actions were over a period from 1927 to 1931 for various sums which totaled approximately $50,000. The largest were between ?5,000 and ?6,000, and others were for various amounts down to ?GO. Ten separate incidents were noted in the forgery charges against Jarrell. The amount of each was not made "public. The names and dates Jarrell is charged with forging are as follows: Thomas Cahall, January 2, 1930; W. II. Camper, March 9, 1929; Mrs. Minnie Dcnnison, January 31, 1930; W. B. Gruwells, April B, 1931; Carrio Hughes, December 10, 1927; M. E. iJarman, June 17, 1931; James J. Pet- resak, April IB, 1930; William J. Rich- lards, February 15, 1930; J. F. Stcele, : February 20, 1930; OHie Wooleyhnnd, .December 22, 1927. The The New Ford New Ford V-8 cars will bo shown locally for the first time Wed- Try Our Sunday Chicken and Wafllc DINNER and SUPPER 75 C At The BRICK HOTEL Denton, Md. nesday, April 13, Co., Denton, Md. at Caroline Motor Attractions At The Federal Theatre Paul Lukas' latest featured role, with Ruth Chattertpn in Paramount's "Tomorrow and Tomorrow," marks the fourth time he has appeared opposite the star. He supported her in "Anybody's Woman," "The Right to Love" and "Unfaithful," "Tomorrow and Tomorrow," a picturization of the successful Broadway stage show of a year ago, is being featured at the Federal Theatre next Monday and Tuesday. The laugh hit of last year's season on the New York stage comes to the Federal Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday, April 13-14, in Samuel Goldwyn's United Artists version of "The Greeks Had a Word for Them." This comedy about three chorus girls on the loose was written by Zoe Akins, eminent playwright. Ina Claire, Joan Blondell and Madge Evans play the three merry maids of Broadway whose adventures in pursuit of millionaires are the theme of the story. David Manners and Phillips Smalley arc also in .the cast, and Lowell Sherman both directed and acted in the picture. It was adapted to the screen by Sidney Howard, Pulitzer Prize playwright. In connection with the comedy hit of the year, "The Greeks Had a Word The Rev. Samuel McWilliams, pastor of Asbury Church, Salisbury, exchanges pulpits with the Rev. Frank Lawrence, First Church, Rozborough, Pa. The Rev. J. H. Geoghegan, of Trappe, was sent to Bayside, succeeding the Rev. H. II. Smith. His place was taken by the Rev. 0. B. Reed, who was returned to active duty after having been retired. The Rev. H. M. Parke, of St. John's, was sent to Delaware City in the place of the Rev. Mr. Spence. He is succeeded by the Rev. E. B. Echhardt, who has been at Oxford since 1929. The Rev. N. B. Laurason, of Crapo, goes to Oxford. The Rev. S. T. Hamblin, of Odessa, takes the Crapo pulpit, while the Rev. J. C. Louhoff, of Elk Neck, will occupy his pulpit. The Rev. G. V. Turner takes the Elk Neck charge. The Rev. S. B. Bradley, of Ebenezer, in the Wilmington District, was sent to Chester-Bethel, succeeding the Rev. J. A. Buckson. The Rev. T. 0. M. Wills, of Mt. Lebanon, -will occupy the pulpit at Ebenezer The Rev. George White Dawson, The Grand Jury finished its work on Thursday afternoon, having exam- inted 205 witnesses, finding 27 presentments and 28 true bills. The committee appointed to visit the County Farm was composed of Messrs. T. A. Cleaves, Robert J. Magrogan and John T. Schmick and their report was that ''everything was in good shape except the roof of the barn needed painting badly." The committee appointed to inspect the jail was composed of Messrs. J. Tyson Heather, T. Fred Brown and R. W. Beaven and they found the jail in need of papering and painting. New matrcsses are also needed for all the beds. There was not one trial by jury during the week. The Court disposed of what cases were settled. Court adjourned Thursday afternoon until 9:30 o'clock Monday morning. The following cases were disposed of: Announcement to!for Them," the Federal Theatre will QET YOUR Stieff Silver at factory prices from STTJRMER 11-7 Eoston, Md. this effect was made today by Mr. Willis, local Ford dealer. "In view of the fact that more than 8,000 Ford dealers must be supplied we are particularly gratified to be able to state that the new Fords arc to be I available to us at this time," Mr. Willis said. The prices of the 14 body types, F. 0. B. Detroit, arc as follows: Roadster ?460 Phaeton 495 Do Luxe Roadster BOO Do Luxe Phaeton 645 Tudor Sedan 500 Do Luxe Tudor Sedan 650 Coupe 490 DC Luxe Coupe 676 Sport Coupe 636 Cabriolet CIO Forilor Sednri 600 · Victoria COO Ue Luxe Fordor Sedan 645 Convertible Soilnn G50 4,000,000 bushels of wheat from the holdings of the Farm Board have been appropriated for the aid of the suffering and unemployed in this country, Shipments have already started and the Red Cross will distribute, while railroads arc handling the wheat without cost for transportation. For Rent. Two houses for rent located on Second Wanted MAN, part or full time, good pay to represent reliable o s - nn« c r i n n , % n i ^F****TM Niircery UP 8 ale 8 man; knowledge of of one given at once nnd the other l f a r m i n * h e l D f u i : full instruction? iriv- January 1st Apply to LAWRENCE B. TOWEKS. 12-12-tf farming helpful; full instructions giv en. Write Hoopes, Bro Thorn as Co., West Chester, Pa. 600 Acres. 79th ; year. (4-2-41) present Scott's National Jubilee Singers, presenting songs of the South, Spirituals and popular selections. This group consisting of quartets, soloists, and chorus, have been singing regularly over radio stations in Delaware and Pennsylvania. They will appear only once each night at 9 o'clock. The romance of a hardened "come on" girl with an ambitious, young police detective is related with considerable dramatic effect in "The Beast of the City," which opens next Friday at the Federal Theatre for two days. Here is a fresh angle on the "never the twain shall meet" theme, for the extremes of the gangster world and the world of law and order are brought into conflict, the ensuing complications making for a plot which keeps its audience on the alert every minute. The picture is given added vividness and power by a background which discloses the machinations of politicians who work hand in hand with the gangster element, making the problem of law enforcement a doubly difficult one. Good Food For Sound Thinkers The most notable manner we can adopt of repairing our errors is to have the courage to acknowledge them. --Tallyrand. The true standard of quality is in the mind; those who think nobly are noble.--Blackie. who has been at Centreville since 1929, is transferred to Greensboro. The Rev. A. B. Frye, of Greensboro, goes to Rising Sun, Md., replacing the Rev. J. C. McCoy, who goes to St. Paul's in the Middletown District The 65th annual sessions of the Wilmington M. E. Conference will be held in Epworth Church, Rehoboth Beach, Del., in 1933. This decision was reached by the 64th annual session of the conference on invitation of the Rev. C. I. Carpenter, of Rehoboth Beach. This was the only invitation. The same plan of entertainment existing at this session, will be used next year. Thomas S. Holt, Federalsburg, presented 100 shares of six per cent preferred stock of the Holt Oil Co., par value $100 per share, to be held in trust hy the conference trustees, the income to be remitted to the board of stewards of the conference and administered by the latter board in consultation with the district superintendents for the creation of a retirement fund for supply ministers and widows. The following officers were re-elected: J. W. Wooten, statistician; J. J. Bunting, treasurer; H. B. Kelso, auditor. The Rev. Leonard B. Smith, president of the Maryland Conference of the M. P. Church, was presented. On motion of the Rev. Vaughn S. Collins, the conference set Wednesday afternoons at 2 of the annual session, for memorial services. The conference went on record opposing efforts to legalize Sunday amusements in Baltimore. The complete list of appointments, with changes indicated by an asterisk, follows: Wilmington District Disstoir W. Jacobs, Superintendent Bethel and Town Point--J. D. Vaughn, supply. State vs. David William Riley, presented for larceny; plea, guilty; sentenced to 9 months in House of Correction. Owens for State, W. L. Merriken assigned by the Court for traverser. State of Md. vs. Hemsley Wright, presented for larceny; plea, not guilty; Court trial; verdict, guilty; sentenced to 6 months in House of Correction. Owens for State, Knotts assigned by the Court for traverser. State of Md. vs. Clarence Framptom, presented for failure to report accident; plea, not guilty; verdict, not guilty. Owens for State, Been for tra- verser. State of Md. vs. William Johnson, presented for resisting arrest; plea, guilty; sentence suspended. State of Md. vs. Chas. Stevenson, presented for blackmail; plea, guilty; sentence suspended. Owens for State, Rickards for traverser. The Goldsboro Bank case and the Beck will case are scheduled for next week and Court will likely last for several days. NEWSPAPER! Civility costs nothing and buys everything.--Lady Montague. Brack-Ex--R. High Adams, supply. Bellefonte--J. C. Steen, supply. Charlestown, Md.--C. T. Jones. Cherry Hill, Md.^J. R. Diehl. Chesapeake City, Md.--W. C. Poole. ·Chester-Bethel--S. B. Bradley. Christiana--R. M. Green. Claymont--E. W. McDowell. ·Delaware City--H. M. Parks. ·Ebcnezer--T. 0. M. Wills. Edge Moor--W. E. Fosnocht, supply. Elkton, Md.--L. B. Morgan. ·Elk Neck--G. V. Turner. Hockessin and Cedars--C. E. Davis. Holly Oak--J. E. Layton, supply. ·Hopewell, Md.--H. N. Bailey. Marshallton--0. J. Collins. ·Mt Lebanon--P. W. Spence. Newark--W. E. Gunby. New Castle--0. A. Bartley. Newport--H. R. McDf de. North East, Md.--W. H. Revelle. Perryville, Md.--Howard Davis. Port Deposit and Colora--Tilghman Smith. Red Lion--A. W. Strickland. ·Rising Sun, Md.--A. B. Frye. St Georges and Summit^-G. S. Thomas. ·St. John'a--E. B. Echhardt "Arsene Lupin" At Reese Theatre This Week-end Super entertainment seems -to be the keynote of all Reese Theatre presentations. Having the largest sound system in these parts, plus a special acoustic system, coupled with a keen understanding of well balanced programs, this popular lower Delaware theatre is forging ahead despite the present conditions. For one who wants to witness a contest in acting, it would be well for them to visit the Reese Theatre on Friday and Saturday, April 8 and 9. For the first time, Lionel and John Barrymore appear together in a talking motion picture. The picture is "Arsene Lupin," considered by critics as one of the most entertaining on the Metro program. The popular new actress, Miriam Hopkins, and Phillips Holmes appear in "Two Kinds of Women," a new Paramount release to be presented on Monday and Tuesday, April 11 and 12. What the newspapers claim as Nancy Carroll's finest picture," Wayward," is scheduled for presentation on Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 and 14. A big Family Variety Show is to be shown in conjunction with "Strangers in Love," with Frederic March nnd Kay Francis, the attraction'scheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16. Turn to page eight, please. W. H. Alderson Will Case Decided The will of the late Mr. William H. Alderson, formerly of Preston, was admitted to probate in the Orphans' Court of Baltimore on March thirtieth and the estate was closed the following day. This estate had been in litigation for more than a year, Mr. Alderson's daughters having instituted caveat proceedings immediately after his death on December 4th, 1930, in Baltimore. The case came to trial in the city court on December 4th, 1931, and the jury sustained the will. A motion for a new trial was filed by the plaintiffs and upon argument by counsel before Judge Dawkins was lost. An appeal was then filed, but was dismissed later. Mrs. Alderson, who was the executrix and hence the defendant, was represented by Mr. William Pepper Constable and his associates, Mr. John D. Alexander and Mr. Charles Carroll, Jr. Cultivate the habit of always seeing the best in people, and, more than that, drawing forth whatever is best in them.--Cuyler. NEWSPAPER!

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