Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 2, 1932 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1932
Page 6
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Page 6 MELVLN JOHNSON, Ine. Publishers Saturday Morning, April 2, 1932 Retail Grocers To Meet At Frederick "More than '100 retail grocers from various sections of Maryland arc expected to attend the annual convention of the Independent Retail Grocers Assn. of Maryland, April 24 and 25, THRIFTY WAYS OF USING LEFTOVER HAM RUTH W. HEATH Director, Home Economics Department The Wm. Schluderburg-T. J. Kurdle Company Is the Easter Ham all gone? Or is there still a small amount left? Let us hope that there is at least n little because the "leavings," ns we .sometimes call them, are excellent when used in any of a number of different recipes. And some of us, although we thoroughly enjoy the hot ham and the sliced cold meat platter that usually follows, relish the loft- overs when they nre prepared in appetizing recipes as much as we do the original dish. It doesn't matter how small a portion may be left, it should be used^ If we have a small amount of coal| the Week's News left in our coal bins, we do not throw seriS"^^^ rattler, president. Speakers at the convention session ·will include Mayor Elmer F. Munshower, Frederick; Abe Martin, Hagerstown; William H. Funk, John M. Pohlhaus, William H. Stcllhorn, Harry W. Walker and George Hofferbert, all of Baltimore; Herman Lissy, Baltimore; Norman R. Wilson, Baltimore; John Fisher, Hagerstown; E. A. Fisher, president, I. R. G. Assn, of Western Maryland; Allen Grumbine, Frederick; Edwin E. Bangert, president, Anne Arundel County I. R. G. Assn.; George All left-over meats should be kept under refrigeration or in a very cold place. Store them in closely covered, or preferably uncovered containers. Free circulation around the meat retards spoilage. In electric refrigerators the surface will become dry and in time may harden, but this checks the growth of mold. This does not affect the palatability although the meat may not look as appetizing. These recipes, if followed correctly, furnish very tasty dishes that the whole family will enjoy. Ham Souffle 3 tables poonfuls butter, 3 tablespoonfuls flour, 2 cupfuls milk, Brunc, Parker, Carey Cans, Solicit- ira, 190-1 First National Bank Building, Baltimore, Maryland In The District Court of the United States for the District of Maryland The Pennsylvania Company For Insurances On Lives And Granting Annuities, aa Trustee, Complainant, vs. Maryland nnd Delaware Coant Railway Company, Respondent. 1007 0 SMOOTHNESS was register, ed in recent oscilloscope test In Chicago of high tenor voice of Morton Downey, radio star of the Camel Quarter Hour now on vaudevllla tour of the Mlddlewest KING WINTER struck hard at Syracuse, N. Y., In recent blizzard In East which took a toll of 38 lives. Automobiles were snowed under and communication was crippled. , Hitch, president, Wicomico I. R. G. Assn.; W. H. Wright, Cambridge, and J. Carroll George, Dcnton. --nfuf salt, pepperTo taste, 1-3 State Tax Collector Lcroy McCard- cupful brcad crum bs, 2 cupfuls ground ell, Frederick, will be toastmaster at coo k c d ham, 3 eggs, separated; % cup- the banquet that night. The speakers ful buttered crumbs, 1-3 cupful chersc. will be J. M. Cullers, Frederick; John Melt butter, TM ix jjj-j 10 "^^^,,TM sae ". M. Pohlhaus, Harry W. Walker; Rev. j^lt ^j^^j^u^g'^am 1 ; and epg Charles D. Shaffer and E. A. Grum- yo ^ s we u beaten. Mix. -Fold the egg bine both of Frederick. whites in carefully. Sprinkle butteied · · crumbs over the top and over these Adams Cross Roads sprinkle the cheese. Turn into wcll- ased baking . digh and bake m a Miss Edna Adams delightfully en- moderate oven (325 degrees F.) about tertained the Bloomery Aid at her j ia if an hour. Serve immediately, home Wednesday afternoon, with a Noodles Au Gratin large number present. The guests ^ CU pf u ls boiled noodles, 1% cup- were all invited to the dining room af- fuls cooked smoked ham, diced; 2 ta- tor the business hour %vas over, w ere teaspoonful salt, !'/£' cup- the table was all dressed up in bt. ^ ^.^ % cupful cnoppe d Amer- Patrick's decorations, and delicious ican c i, eese .' Make cream sauce by home made ice cream and cake were combining melted butter, flour, salt served in abundance. and milk. When ""^^'l.J^'th Rev. S. L. Hanby and wife Mr. Saul, «"£ .J^ nood i cg ' nn d ham. Pour in- of Philadelphia, Mrs. Ed. Brown, of fco buttered bake dish. Cover with Federalsburg; Miss Dorothy Elliott, of buttered crumbs and bake 30 minutes Bridgeville, and Virginia Horsey were in a moderate hot oven (350 degrees supper guests with Mr. C. W. Adams F-)and fanSy on Wednesday. Wee Bl"f With Ham a la K« S Mr. and Mrs. George Terrell and J cupfuls ·» J^TM "^ ^ son, David, and Mr. Charles *oun- spoon £ uls1 ' butter, 4 tablespoonfuls tain, of Collingsdale, Pa., spent the ' Bouri 2 cupfuls milk, salt and pepper Easter holidays with Mr. and Mrs. to taste. Trim and discard the fat Fred Fountain and family. from the^ham and cut it^nto jjmaH Mr. and Mrs. John Adams enter- j^g^ p epper . Drop them into tained on Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. ft jjb era i amount (\f rapidly boiling Fred Fountain and two sons, Herman water and boil it only.5 minutes with- and Thurman, and Mr. and Mrs. out a cover on the pan. Drain, mix Charles G. Johnson. with ham and cream saucc whlch haS In Equity. Docket No. 1920. G E N E R A L P E R S H I N G p a y i n g trlb ute to memory of Georgo Washing NOBILITY SCORES: Countess Olga Albanl, wife of Italian nobleman, BATHING JACKETS have supplant- and acclaimed the most beautiful woman In radio, Is scoring great ton at recent Boy Scout memorial personal popularity In the Maxwell of white Jersey decorated with balls services at Valley Forge. House Hour on NBC-WJZ network. of white yarn. Poultrymen, Lisrstock Producer.'; and to I\Ier( For yean, The poultry producers and livestock of the 3Uli Nuttle, President of the Caroline County Farm Bureau, will preside. it IIUN bi-cn the ambition Farm Bureau to set up ORDER NISI CONFIRMING SALE AND REPORT OF SALE This cause coming on to be heard upon the Report of Sale and Petition for Confirmation of Sole of The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities, as Trustee, filed herein on March 30, 1932, and upon motion of the said The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities, as Trustee, the Complainant herein, for the entry of an Order confirming the said sale and report of sale, and it appearing to the Court from said Report and Petition of said Trustees so tiled as aforesaid, that said Trustee has fully complied with all the directions of the Decree of Foreclosure and Order of Sale entered in the above entitled cause on January 30, 1932, wherein and whereby said The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Gi anting Annuities, as Trustee, was ordered to sell the mortgaged property described in and ordered sold by said Decree of Foreclosure ami Order of Sale; it further appearing that said The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities, as Trustee, caused to be published due notice of the time, place, manner, and terms of sale, describing briefly and generally the property to be sold with reference to said Decree for further particulars, and for a specific description of the property, in the Baltimore Sun, a daily newspaper published in the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland, and in the Denton Journal, n weekly newspaper of general circulation published in Dcnton, State of Maryland, and in the Delaware Coast News, n weekly newspaper of general circulation published in Rehoboth Beach, State of Delaware, (there being no such newspaper published in the Town of Lewes, in the State of Delaware), said advertisement being inserted in accordance with snid Decree once in each week for the term of four succssive weeks preceding the day of sale; it further appearing that due opportunity for an inspection of the property both real nnd personal, directed to be sold by said Decree was at all times from the date of said Decree, up to the date of said sale, allowed by the Receivers to intending bidders at the sale under snid Decree; it further appearing that in accordance with Ar- ticle'X of said Decree, J. Hambleton Ober and Charles N. Thorpe, na Receivers, duly filed with the Clerk of this Court n Schedule of all the property subject to the lien of the mortgage ns described in Article VI of said Do not forget the date of the above Decree, nnd as referred to in Article ed beach pajamas. Carole Lombard, movie star, Is shown wearing Jacket should see Victor Dean, Secretary and Treasurer, Denton, Maryland. meeting, April 8th, 7:30 p. m. mehing stirri m a e Miss Minnie Adams nnd Mr. Winnie in flour thoroughly, adding milk and Graham, of Wilmington, visited her sister, Mrs. Blanche Adams, on Saturday and Sunday. Mr. C. W. Adams and Misses Ber- nicc and Reba Adams, Ola Scott and Edna Adams were Milford shoppers Saturday. The 4-H Club met at Woodenhnwk school house on Friday evening with cooking until thickened. Season to taste. Serve in a ring of hot boiled rice. The celery and green pepper when cooked according to these directions, retain some of their crispness which adds to the goodness of the dish. Ham Salad 1 cupful ham, diced; % cupful rice, cooked; Mayonnaise seasoned with Miss Moore ns leader. mustard, 1 'cupful celery, 2 table..,, . ... ,,_.----. spoonfuls green pepper, chopped. Mix Mr. and Mrs. Leeser attended tho toge ther and serve on crisp head let- funeral of her father in Pottstown, Pa., this week. Miss Mary Johnson spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Gladys Trice. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robinson were guests of her parents on Sunday. Just received a carload of barbed and Page wire and the price is right Everything for the farm and home. R. H. Stafford, Burrsville, Md. Andersontown, four near Preston. tuce leaves. Cases of communicable diseases have been reported in Caroline county from March 22nd to 28th, as follows: Whooping cough, one at Denton; scarlet fever, two at Denton; lobnr pneumonia, one near Denton; broncho pneumonia, two at Denton; influenza, three at Denton, one at Hickman, one at and dairymen of Caroline county will a toop.iativc livestock marketing frcsliments will be served, be given the opportunity to luar tlio agency in the Baltimore market, and foremost authorities in mailers of within thu las-t several months, possi- poultry and livestock marketing at a l i l i t i t ~ of a .successful agency Imvc meeting to be held at Dcntun, Friday been made possible by a similar inter- evening, April 8th, at 7:.'!0 Court House. in the ,st on the part of tlic producers of the following state-: Now York, Virginia, Among the speakers, who will ad-' Went Virginia, Tennessee, North Caro- dress the muelinjr on ll,i su'ijoct of lina, Pt misyl'-.inia anil Maryland. Smith'ville Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Lare had as Re- IX of said Decree; it further appearing that the said The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities, as Trustee, pursuant to said notices, on Monday, the 21st day of March, 1932, at two o'clock their supper guests Sunday evening'in the afternoon, did attend at the Miss Mary Favcngcr, Mr. Arthur premises of the| Maryland and Dela,, ,\. ,, , ' ,, , ware Coast Railway Company, in the Curry and Mr. Earl Favengcr, all of Town of DcntO n, State of Maryland Milford. | ar ,d by its duly appointed public auc- Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Lare, Miss tioneer did then and there offer for poultry will be Professor II. D. Mon- 1 The Eastern Livestock Cooperative! Altha Lare ami Mr. Elbert Turner, sale at public auction the said prop- roe and Dr. Phillips, of Chicago, p u u l - M a i k c . i n p ; A. ociatiou was incorporat- w c r e visitors near Oak Grove, D*U 7 n 'Y h TM2 d °^ try experts from the Allied Mills, who ed and iia:, entered into agreement last Monday evening. Dy the said Decree, and did then for a number nf years have been the, with the Maryland Farm Bureau Live- Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor, of Fed- and there sell the said property, am ' manufacturers and mixers of the feed'stock Ccupci alive Marketing Associa- cralsburg, spent Easter Sunday with that the highest and only bid for sail purchased for the members of the'tion to scive the livestock producers her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elaine Bui- j^Tw^nty^si^T^ousand One^Hun^re" Farm Bureau of Maryland by thcii , and dairymen of Maryland. It is hop- purchasing agency, the Agricultural td that tho producers will subscribe lock, and family. . , Airs. J. H. Lare and daughter, Altha,'throp Sargent, Jr., and that the said Arthur Adams Tho Pennsylvania Company for In Now It Is Economy to have ALL shoes rebuilt--even low priced shoes Onr New Tflree Grade Price System is the Answer All prices based on the following grades of Materials and Workmanship A B Grade Grade C Grade $2.00 $1.75 $1.00 3.00 2.75 2.25 1.50 1.25 1.00 .35 1.00 .85 .75 .25 .25 Men's Half Soles and Rubber Heels Men's Whole Soles and Rubber Heels Ladies' Half Soles and Rubber Heels 1.00 Men's Half Soles Only 1.50 Ladies' Half Soles Only 1.25 Men's Rubber Heels .50 Ladies' Rubber Heels and Lifts .50 .35 Boys' Rubber Soles and Rubber Heels 49c Ladies' Rubber Soles and Rubber Heels B9c Men's Rubber Soles and Rubber Heels 69c Prices on our Other Work also Attractive C. H. STEELMAN 216 Market St. DENTON, MARYLAND Corporation of Maryland; Professor to the movement so that active oper^recently visited Mrs. . W. H. Rice, of the Extension Service, ntioos can he started in the immediate and Mrs. Reese Adams. who has back of him a record of future. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Lare spent ej ^ ^ aub ^ to confirmation by achievements equal to any other poul-j In livestock as in no other commod- Tuesday evening with relatives in and t he Court, and subject to all the terms try expert in the country, will nlso ily, do the leader., feel that immediate' nenr Fedcralsburg, and conditions and provisions of sail speak, as will J. W. Davis, President MUCCS.-, e;m be accomplished, so saving] Mj ss Mildred Scott, of Milton, Del., 1 Decree of Foreclosure and Order o; of the Agricultural Corpoiation of t t h e producers ninny dollars, not only'spent the Easter holidays with her S ^ ^ wLthropSarRcnt,""?., thi Maryland and the Stale Farm Bureau jn the saving of commissions, but in parents here. j successful bidder at said sale, has de- · ' 'the actual increase in prices received The Easter program was well at-j posited with the said The Pennsyl for the product. .tended at Bloomery M. E. Church on vania Company for Insurances on ' I T i^rAfi anrl Hr-flTlf in«T ATmillMf"! ft*. U V V I I t 1'At* I V 1 » * " * * * *n J i i ±J « · * . » * « · · i » - i » -- · -- ^ *-· i : tion and the Extension Service of ?1.00 a share not only becomes a mem- move to their new home in Federals- Maryland, will be explained by repre-, bcr of the Eastern Association, but is burg. sentativos fioni the Federal Farm automatically a member of the Mary-! Mr. Edmond Ncal spent Easter Sun- Board; Mr. K. A. Clark, of the Ex-1land Farm Rure.iu Livestock Associa-|day in Bridgeville. Secre-'tion. Get your scratch pads at The Jour- tension Scrvec; J. W. Jouc , .. t tary-Trcasurer of tiie Eastein Livc-| Caroline County Farm Bureau has stoTk Cooperative Marketmg Associa-j.Kslriln.Ud in dividends the amount nal Pmcc. I cent each, or 6 for 6 cents, tion, and F. M. Payne, Secretary-1 of S^.GO to the. users of their feeds, Treasurer of the Maryland Fa-nrBu-|ones holding Contracts for the year rcau Livestock Cooperative Marketing 191! 1. Should you be interested in get- Association. For Rent. . , , , Desirable Residence on Second St. County Agint W. H. ling part of these dividends that come Appty to W ALTER SPARKLIN, Evans will also speak and Mr. II. II.;to Caroline county every year you 4-2-tf Denton, Md. Furniture Values at Extraordinary Low Prices M. K. NEWNAIYl, Denton, Maryland. F U R N I S H E R OF HOMES Jewelry Repair Work ·broken watches, clocks, necklaces, rings should come to me. Crystals replaced while you wait. Gold and Silver Plating. GUST.AJV GOOD Watchmaker Denton, Maryland All work done promptly and guaranteed. Federation. The Cooperative Livestock Market- ·.*·* -··- i i - -- -- "i-iivoa on,i" fiwinHnir .,g Agency, which is being sponsored It i, understoodIthat a producer buy- Sunday. . . . .. ... I^Ttee? the sTM of ,..,, .,,.,, by the Maryland Farm Bureau Federa-'inp one share of Common Stock at | Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Scott will soon Do ii ar8 ($5,000.00) in accordance will ' ' '--' . .- · ·- -- - ·- TM.j--'- 'the terms of the said Decree of Foro closure and Order of Sale; and it ap pearing that the said sale and said Re port of Sale filed herein by the said The Pennsylvania Company for In suranees on Lives and Granting Annuities, as Trustee, should be ratified confirmed and approved, IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED ADJUDGED, AND DECREED as fol lows: 1. That the sale made on the 21s day of March, 1932, by the said Thi Pennsylvania Company for Insuranc es on Lives nnd Granting Annuities, a. Trustee, of all of the mortgaged prop erty described in and ordered to bi sold by the Decree of Foreclosure am Order of Sale entered herein on Jan uary 30, 1932, to Winthrop Sargent, Jr., for the sum of Twenty-six Thou .sand One Hundred Dollars ($26, j 100.00), be, and the same is hereby 'approved and confirmed nisi; 2. That the Report of Sale of th said The Pennsylvania Company fo Insurances on Lives and Granting An nuities, as Trustee, be, and the sam is approved and confirmed nisi; 3. That said The Pennsylvania Com pnny for Insurances on Lives and An nuities, as Trustee, is hereby directe forthwith to give to all of tho partie to the above entitled cause notice in writing of tho entry of this order am' of the substance and of the term thereof. 4. That said sale be finally ratifiei and confirmed unless cause to the con trnry be shown on or before the 30t! day of April, 1932, provided a cop; of this order be inserted once a wee! for three successive weeks in a_ dail; newspaper published in the City o Baltimore, State of Maryland, in i weekly newspaper published in Den ton, Maryland, and in a weekly news paper published in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. 5. That nil matters relating to fee and allowances to counsel herein, am to the Complainant, The Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives an j Granting Annuities, as Trustee, an all prior charges constituting a lien upon the mortgaged property and un paid compensation and indebtednes and obligations of the said J. Hambleton Ober and Charles N. Thorpe, a Receivers in Maryland, and of Charle W. Cullen and Charles N. Thorpe, n Receivers in Delaware, and all mat tors relating to the amount and meth od of distribution of the net proceed of the said sale to the holders of th first mortgage bonds secured by th mortgage foreclosed in this suit, and to the creditors of the said Maryland and Delaware Coast Railway Company, Respondent herein, are hereby reserved for further consideration by this Court. 3-30-32 W. CALVIN CHESNUT, District Judge. The General Motors Value in the Refrigeration Industry Four Cubic Foot Moraine Model LOWEST PRICES Frigidaire History 2-408 CLEANING NEEDS _we time and f effort Mad* cleaning eeiler «nd qulekw with Iheie I.G.A. Cleaning h«lp» Save money, too. TaVe advantage of »h« tpaclil low I.G.A. price* tilled below. pioluic Grains 35 p?i. Sic TVf TVT -v Th«MCB« high qwlUy that you find In lh« complete line o I.G-A. Suow Clcsnen Palmolive Soap 3 Ban £Cc P. G. Soap 3 Bais i®c White Laundry SOAP TV? 1vr 15C Eip«d«lly «d«pi«d '« htld or eold water. A tt«l »on«y-Mv«. _ 1U Dars Pails 10 Qt. Size Brooms--White Handles Old Witch Ammonia Larf e Bottle 23c (Furniture Polish Frte) Soap Chips IGA 2 Ia-|e Pkgs. 27c Soap Washing Powder IGA Large Pig. I7c; 3 Small Pkgs. ioc Scrub Brush 9c Household Cleanser 3 Cans I3c Oxol ic Hand-I-Roll Steel Wool 2 Pigs I5c Bon Ami % Cakes I9c White Floating Soap IGA 3 Bars I3c i Case'(3B Bars) $1.50 Clothesline 50 Fl. Line ioc IGA Ammonia Quart Bottle 22c 36c B. Z. Dry Cleaner Free TVT ft .A, FREE! ONE BAR Beauty Soap 15c With Each 2 Ban Pvduicd ·( Ban S A V E ON I H E S t EVt IIYDAV NEEDS.TOO Ml A , Merton Peas 2 Cans 19c Peaches IGA Tree Ripened 2 Lge. Cans 29c Campbell's Tomato Soup Can 7c Butter (Highest Grade) IGA Lb. Carton ID Quarters 26c Gold Star Oleo. Rolls lb. 28c OUR OWN MAKE Pure Country Lard 2 Ibs. 25c Fresh Pork Sausagex Meat lb. 2Oc Scrapple lb. ioc We Carry Mrs. Russell's Bridge Cookies and Homemade Specialties George's sanitary Market Telephone 1O7 DENTON, MD. MORTGAGE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL.ESTATE In pursuance of the power and authority contained in a mortgage from Lizzie Gibba and William Gibbs. dated March 4th, 1915, and recorded in Liber J.K.S., No. IB, folio 627. etc.. one of the Mortgage Record Books for Caroline county, the undersigned, as attorney named in the said mortgage, will sell in front of the Court House door, in, Denton, on Tuesday, April I9th, 1932 between.the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m., the following described real eatate: All thut lot or parcel of land situate, lying and being m the First Election District of Caroline county. State of Maryland, and described as follows: Beginning for the outlines at a stake between the land of Lizzie Gibbs and lands of Albert Bordley and Alverta Bordley. deeded to the said Bordleys by John L. Faulkner and wife andrunninK two and one-half degrees west, seventy- three perches to a atone; thence eighty- five degrees west, eighteen perches; north seventy degrees west, thirteen perches; south forty and one-half degrees west, fifty-one and one-half perches; south fifty-nine degrees east, seventy-seven perches to the place of beginning, containing . HINETEEN AND ORE-FOURTH ACRES of Land, more or less. It being the same land conveyed by John L.jFaulk- ner and wife to the said Lizzie Gibbs and William Gibbs by deed dated January fifth, nineteen hundred and three, and recorded in Liber C. W. H.. No 68, folio 4G. one of the Land Record books for Caroline county. IMPROVEMENTS Two-Story, 4-room, Dwelling House TERMS OF SALE One-half cash on day of sale and balance in six months, deferred payment to bear interest from day of sale and to be secured satisfactorily to the undersigned; or all cash, at the option of the purchaser. Title papers at expense of pui chaser. FRED R. OWENS, Attorney Named in the Mortgage. A. J. Dhue, Auctioneer. JEWS PA PER I

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