The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 23, 1896 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1896
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEW Thi; Dr.e In History-- Jure 2tS. JfcQ-- The *J lit tv^^-rat;" - av««!iv«c» sva.: catt^L- .iiu.- _· J h-wi.--n.Kv i» rsval . «:.i:lk; 14^; «?· t^u tt, I-- IKX^I . -- cir ____ .-. - . «. i'i. -- :, · ---- -·= ' -3!_. X,. - : _ A . . . :»J. - c.rj :^ i'-r:~. U-- l--i A!:r ; · . - - WetUusr VorocajK XUi 8 P. 8 steal Ditaatthi 10 Th» tie**. D. C., Jane 23. 11 a. au U Shower* tonight, Wednesday fair. W. L. MOOKK. C del of the Weather Bureaa. STBW ADVS. TO-DAY. No. 6*K Equity--John C. Motier, 8olr. No. 5818 Equity Wm. WUeoxon. 8alr. Man Wanted..-Box 187, Wolfivffle, Md. Kotlce A. a. Teakle, Mayor. Cow For 8al» -- E- A, Tavlor. Boy Wanted -X.. Naw* Office. Woman Wanted 79 E. Second St. ·Woaiixn Wajttai -ti W. Tiiim bt. Btrtyed.^ L. A. Biggs. Pcasion For Bate----205 N. Market St. Public Sale... Johnzio E- Beasman, Agt. Dry Goods. -- .Beat Eepler. Farnlture ... C. C. Party. THE WfcKKIA NEWS. TEX WEEKLY NEWS, which will be ready Thursday, will be a handsome twelve-page issse, replete with all the news and many Interesting special features. Having positively the largest bona fide circulation of any paper in Frederick city and county, aa an advertising medium, it is unsurpassed and soeclal attention is called to the many advantages It offers In this way. Copy for new advertisements for THS WEEKLY NBWS will be received up to 5 p so, Wednesday of this week; copy for change of advertisements up to 12 m.that day. BRIEF BITS. A Bridget of Bright Items) of Iiooal and General Interest. --A process for separating gold from sea water a*, a cost ot $1 for each $10.000 of metal obtained, every ton of water yielding 2 to 4 cents" worth of gold, is claimed by Professor Hnnicke. Tae cal culated maw of the ocean being 1,320,000,000.000,000 000 tons, tbe possibilities of this new source of wealth are open to ·computation. --Many old houses In Holland have a gpecisldoor which Is never open save on two occasions--when there is a marriage or a death in the family. The bride and groom enter by this door. It Is then nailed or barred up until death occurs, when it is opened and the body is removed by this exit. --A new town, to be occupied exclusively by colored persona, is scon to be ^founded near Tecnmseh, Kan., and will be named Samner. A syndicate of colored people have bought 2.000 acres of choice land, which will be sub-divided snd sold at a low price and on euy terms. --A lawyer may keep her hat on when addressing the court down in New Jersey, if she happens to oe a woman. Bach was the decision of Chancellor McQUl racently, when opposing counsel nngal- lantly called attention to the fact that Mias Phiibrook, attorney, had not removed her hat. --The postoffioe at Goodhope, this county, has been discontinued. Mail in the future should be addressed to Wolfsville. --Every year an average of 44,002 vessels pus in and out of Liverpool, while the dally average IB 120 vessels. --A Paris advertising agent who recently painted the front of his establishment a brilliant red has been sued for damages by a milliner, a jewelry and a silk merchant, having shops opposite, on the ground that the reflection of color makes it impossible for their customers to distinguish the colors of the goods they wish to buy. --Two shipments of Canadian tomatoes to Grtat Britain made as an experiment hay* been reported upon. While not an entire success, they nave demonstrated the possibility of developing an important trade in this respect. --English bishops receive from £2,500 to £10,000 and each is provided with a palace in which to reside. There are a lid to be considerable perquisites attaching to the office. --A cow owned by Mr. Daniel Eoel- key, of West Patrick street, gave birth to twin calves this morning- THE WORK OF DEATH. JOHH E- WTLSOH. John E. Wilson died In Washington, D. C., June 20th, in the 46th year of his age. Deceased wu born ia Baitasburg, Md., and leave* a large family to mourn their loss. His remains were brought to this city and interred at Greenmoant cemetery. HETBT BAXX. Henry Baer died at his home near Park Mfll» on 8ttttrd»j morning last at 11.30 o'clock, of chronic Bright** disease of the kidneys, aged 87 yean. The funeral cervices were held at the house yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, conducted by Bev. Hotter. The paHbearere were Wta. Funk, Charte* Smith, Edwin Tingling, Andrew Davit, Newton Whipp and Joseph NnlL Interment WM made la Mt. Olivet cemetery. O.C. Carty wu the funeral director. Crmsed His Haad. Mr. Clarence Derr, son of Mr. Charla* Derr, formerly of this dty, but now of Hamilton, Ohio, had the misfortune to ·erionsry crash his right land whfle coupling can on Thursday night last. The injured young man is a nephew of Mr. Lol Derr, of this dty. Ttoe Modern Beamtf Thrive* on good food andsunaUae, with plenty ot exercise In the open air. Her form glows with health aad her fan bloom* with iw beauty. If her *vafam needs the cteaaslnt: action of a laxaOfo remedy, she use* the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Pig*. Made by ta* OaUfbrnla fig Syrap Company. DISTRIBUTION AXCAL KXKBC1SE0 OP IHB VlfiirAXlOX ACADEMY. Concert Bjr Tt» Prize* **xl FTCMUMB* A -Tfae Art I Flrtt Soaor*--MJete* LoaUe P.Jea- klas, Margaret C. Caika.M. Alice Dlf feedal. Jalia 6V. Moatagae. M. Barbara Myers, Eva L Harris*. M Mattte B«tlev, Mary A. Beardoa. Neva Cromwell. Mary H. Swap. Ellaabeih B. Wtddioabe. Edith u Keagla. Becoad Honors--Mlsce* Harriet E Brookey, Juliet V. D*uld, Leey K. "" !£m. Car^lix* Cro*«, Mjtnr W. Suiey, Loa!se Kecaedy. Marie D.S«fidal A crowa was awtrdea tc M!ss Ssihi rice C»T«n»agh for beiag a gooj Litle The fiftieth aaeoal diurtbeuion aad Cimatttc«*eat of Use time honored Academy of the Yfeitatics, iciacitr, ick place th's ffpniiz; at 9-30 o'clock is. 145 !rg« led attf ttmovenctient hall. which wu Ciowdtii with »F«Ci»ic«. Tte ttag« wu btaatifailv decorated with do wen. palms and fertt ad the iVtrs la their geib of blatk, mingling unld the papU* In iheit haadetme co*»sme» of while, nude a picture of nre charm. A ntubet of well-known prteeu were pres- en; on the occasion uid occupied teats upon Ute suge. The RCT. Fr. John B. O'Rouke, rector of Ute Novitiate, who made the sddiet* tad prevented the diplomat, premiums and prtase. wu ac compaaied by the Aev. ?n. GUllgan, Moore, Enroll, GsSney, Saaa and Hetro, of tue Norttlate. There were aUo pieteni. Rev. Fr. Kane, of PjrleerlUe, Harford county; ROT. ft. White, of Liberty, and ReT. Fr. Barrj, of Broaawlck, coontj. llOTTlzg prograa ft* riUuor4u, each number being iklllfnlly ard beaatl- folly performed: Kntiance March... ................. _DI*!man. Pint Piano-- MiEMB A. Erite, M. Sleanor Joaea. Second Piano-- Mlues M. Loutee Mon- taKue, J. Moaelle Jarboe. Harps-- Misses Madeleine KnRlUh, Jolla Grant. KintVlollnf-- Uiaiea Lacy snd Nannie £isenbaner. Second ViollDi-MisBet M. Alice Dlf fedal. Barbara Myer. Eunice Eeogla. Gandeam m-- (Chorus) ...... -- ..... Dla belli. The Ciau Pianos-- MUtea Sallle SelUnan, Annie E. Grant. Premiums in Christian Dcctrlne. Jeaa de Paris-- (BoUdleu) ---- Bnrcard. First Piano-- Miaees A. Krtse, Settle L. White. Second Piano-- Misses A. Dlffendall, Sllzabeth A. Manning. Bempre Piu T Amo ................... ^Carafa. Misses L Btsenbautr. Alms Keller. Piano-- Miss Encllali. Danse Des Fees-- (Qaarlette) ............... ------- ....... - ....... ------ J. A. Fowjer. First Piano-- MUtes lira Harrlf , Maud EatwUle. Second Piano-- Misses M. Alice Dlff endal, Margaret Cnllen. Violin-- filss Lucy Eisenhaaer. Premiums in Senior, Intermediate, Junior Classes. Robin De Bols-- (Upera de Weber) ...... .,, ................ ..,,.--. ............... .Stngelee. Violin -- ttlss Lacy £lsenhaner. Piano-- Miss A. Krise. These Moments Entrancing-- (Chortu) L'Ellalse D'l-more. The Class. Pianos-- Misses M. Louise Montague, Ada Welk. Poet and Peasant-- (Suppe), Quartette-. Piano-- Misses J. and A Grant, Second Piano-- Misses English and Sellman. Pretty Zlngarella ______ . ......... ----- MUlard Miss Alma Keller. Piano-- Miss Krise. Violin-- (Obligate). Miss L. Xisenhaner. The Nightingale's Song ...... Carl Zaller. The Little Girls. Pianos-- Misses J. Mosell, Jarboe, Julia Montague. Harps-- Misses English and J. Grant. Lncler DILammennor (Donizetti ....... ............ ,, ............ -------------- AlbertU. First Piano-- Miss English. Second Piano-- Miss J. Grant. Cavatlna-- (Bobert le Diable) ---- ... .................. -- ......... ---- .....Meyerbeer Uiss Lacy filsouhaner. Piano-- Miss Julia Grant. Distribution of Medals and Honors. Coronation ode-- (chorus)... ------ Dielman. First Piano-- Miss Elizabeth Manning. Second Piano-- Miss Settle L. White. Harps -- Misses J. Grant and M. English. Exit March.... --- .................. Dielman. First Piano-- Ml** Mary H. StnarL Second Plsjio-- Miss Maud Eatwisle, Mary L. Myers. Violins-- Misses Lncy and Nannie Eisenhaner. DliTBIBCTIOH OT PBHtltTKg. la testimony of hating passed creditably through the graduating class, gold medals were awarded to Miss Marie Louise Montague, Virgin*; Miss M. Elea nor Jones, Maryland; Mlis Madeleine English, Virginia; Miss J. Moselle Jarboe, Maryland; Miss Anne Elizabeth Grant, Virginia; Miss Mary Loretto Myers, Maryland. Medals for Distinguished Success in the BespectlTe English Classes-- First senior class, gold medals were awarded to Miss Elizabeth A. Manning, New York; second senior class, Miss Bettie L. White, Georgia, and Miss Julia A. Montague, West Virginia; third senior class, Miss M. Barbara Myer, Maryland. Intermediate Department-- Silver medals were awarded: First division, Miss Louise B. Slmas, District of Columbia; second division, Miss Lucy £. Neidhardt, Maryland. In the graduating class the gold medal for the best Catechetical essay was awarded to Miss M. Louise MooUgne. In the Senior Department of Christian Doctrine the prizs gold ssedals were merited by Miss EUxibeth A. Manning, First Senior Class; Mis* Margaret C. Cnllen, Second Senior Class; Miss B»lh R£ubo, Third Senior Claat. . In the Intermediate Department of Christian Doctrine prize silver medals jrexe merited by Miss Mary EL Stuart, Flnt Division; Mis* Edith L. Keugla, Second Division, Mis* Karie Diffendal, Third Division; Misses Marie Stubbs, Clan B. Cassin, Louise Kennedy were equal la merit- la the Graduating Class a gold medal for rhetoric and composition ws* awarded to Mis* M. Louise Montague. Gold medals for instrumental music were awarded to «i» Madeleine K ^ g " . Mias Agues Xrlie aad Miss Julia 6«nt- A »roW »«d»! for violin * as swarfsd to Mia* Lucy Xiseahaser. A. fold medal for mathematics was awarded to MtasM. Locise Montagae. A gold medal for history was awarded to Mis* Berths Stuart McSherry. The Barry gold medal for fhyatcal culture was merited by Mis* Nancy Sophie WD- son aad Mlw Ixrolse Fresbury Jenkins, drawn by Mis* Wilson; special prize, Mia* Jenkins. Honorable mention was saadeof MkM* Mary C. Campbel 1, Mary H. Stmart, Marte A. Harbin acd Mary B. M!Q*r. A special prlaa for ladlaa club swiaglasi was awarded to Mite Mary A. Academic Honors-- Crowns of distinction wer* awarded to Mistei M. Louiae Montague, M. Eleanor Jone*, Madeleine Ealiaa, Mary Loretto Myers, J. Moselle Jarboe, Aue X. Grant. PLEASANT OUTING. Pi*«!ees* in Cfcristiw Sesior Depansaeat. tjenlor CU«: fit micais aaaitled to AUee* M. Loaiw jatacce, M. Keanor Jone*, J. MowJe Jarboe, Madeline Enjlteb, Auie E!Ui- beih Grant, M a-y Lorctti Mytr. Firtt DirUioii-- Flr»t ptttctB^is awarded to HUMS ZiizibeUa A. Mtnclnr and Loctce P. Jeektae; second preaiiunit to Mtoee Beruia rf. McSherry and Julut Grant. (second DltUlon-- Ktr*t premiums were awarded to Misses Margaret C. Culler, M«.ad K. EatwUie, Julta A. MonUga«. Second premium u Miss Lncle EUen- hiaer. Tuird DiviskNt-- First premiums were awarded to Mlsaea Rath K. Kahn, Marie K. Miller, Marv A. HeaMoo, Bartara M. Myer. Katharine B. Laoghrsn. oecand premtBBS to Mlases Mary Alice Haydon, Neva Comwell. Mercedes M. Murray, MaUio a Healey. Ictermediate Department-- Premiums iu Catechism-- First Intermediate Class, MUses Mary Hemp, Helea Caaain, Florence M. Raphel, si. Louise Payne. First Division, First Premiums awarded to Misses Mary Helen tJ'.uiu, a. Loaise Simms, M. Edelweiss Manhs.ll, Marie A iiaroin. Second Diflalon-- First Premiums awarded to Miases Edith L. Kengla, Marie N. Stubbs, Clara B. Cssiin, M. Louise Kennedy, Monica Fltcpatrlck. Lncy E. Neidhardt, Mary Wilson Staley, Caroline Cronse, EHubeth Goode, Eunice g .Keagla, AnnUB. Wilson, AdeloM. arrison, Juliet V. Donald. Annie E Honff. Second premiums to Misses Grace R. Myers, Mary L. Holmes and M. Emma Fiiziimmone. Third Division -- First premiums were awarded to Misses Made Diffendal. Co rinne Payne. Louise Fltzpatrlck, Reglna Rodock, E. Margaret Scnley, Mary Hose Miller. Second premiums to Misses Louise V. Key. Margaret L. Wilson, Llllle Kennedy, Mary J. Beckley. Ernestine TegMhoff. Primary Department, First Division- First premiums were awarded to Misses Katharine Cavanaugh, Maud C- Burck, Edith Grumbine. Second premium to Miss EJicibeth Knhn. Premium for 1m provement, Miss Mary B. Mallialx. Second Division -- First premiums were awarded to Misses Mand Grumbine, Katharine Fitxpatrick, Emma M. Payne, Mary J. Cronse. Third Division -- Premiums for Improvement: Misses Lavareite L. Holmes, Miriam M, Morgan, Rosalie Kennedy, Elizabeth a Burck. In the grtdaatlng class of history, literature, 4;c., premiums were awarded to Misses M. Louise Montague, M. Eleanor Jones, Madeleine English. A large number of premiums were also awarded in the various English classes, in the departments of music and languages, art and ornamental work, housekeeping, neatness and darning. TEX AKT DISPLAY. Tie annual display of art and fancy work of the pupils of the Academy of the Visitation, B. V. M., was opened to the Inspection of invited friends from 6 until -6 o'clock latt evening. The handsome paintings and beaotiral and artistic needlework were displayed in a large hall and arranged in a very attractive manner. A number of visitors called during the evening and with a feeling of interest Inspected the portraits and the beautiful needlework. Among the spec! men* of art were several large and handsome paintings by Miss Dollle Haydon; portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Harris, by Miss Era Harris; dog's head, by Mlsa Llllle Manning; roses, Miss Bailie Sellman; rose* and violets, Miss Annie Grant; sacred heart and moonlight scene, Made line English. Louise Montasne made an excellent portrait of her sister. In the fancy work department were creations ot beautiful needle work. Among the many attractive pieces were two bureau covers, by Miss Helen Cassic; table coven, Miss Mand Entwlstk; centre pieces, Mamie Campbell; centre piece, Miis Regina Eisenhaner;' empire work, Miss Regina Elsenhsuer; centre piece, Miss Mamie Miller; slippers in pink and yellow and fascinator. Miss Edith Kreglo; cushion aad child's dresses, Miss Anna HouS; centre piece, Miss Louise Jenkini; apron, Miss Elizabeth WiddlecomOe; table cover, Miss Anna Flicslmmoni; napkins, Miss Alice Totlen; child's dreues and painting, Miss Nannie Wilson; hem stitched handkerchiefs, Miss Katie Loughran. * _ m ^ _ _ LUCKY AFPLICAHTS. Xeacbera* Certificatoe Awarded by the The number of applicants registered for teachers' certificates at the recent examination was 112, of whom 4 applied for scholarships to the State Normal School, 89 for first grade certificates aad 09 for second grade certificates.' Those registered as follows, Nos. 14. 86, 78, 78, 79, 81 and 100 and 101, made the required per cent, to entitle them to certificates of the first trade. Noa. 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 18, 15, 16, 17, 18, 28, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 32, 88. 84, 35, 41, 42, 43, 51, 66, 67, 68, 66. 69. 75, 77, 80. 83, 83, 85, 88, 90. M, 95, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 109 made the percentage required for second grade, Noa. 19, 92 and 97 teok the examination for State Normal School Two numbers are held for further consideration. Of the above, No*. 62, 83, 94, 101 and 103 were aot of the age required by law to entitle them to certificate*. It required a general average of 80 In ·»he first grade aad 70 in the second to pass. Another examination will be held the latter part ot July or the first of August, open to thoae who did not pats at the recent examination, provided they begin studying at once. Gradstated With Honors. Mr. WOliaw Q. Baker, who graduated a Yale College as staged in yesterday's Nawa, I* a son of WfUfam G. Baker, Xtq., of Backeytjtown, and nephew of Joseph D. Baker, Esq., president of the Citizens' National Bank of Frederick. Notwithstanding a serious illness of five weeks' deration daring the past year Mr. Baker graduated a* twenty-first In his class of 280 members. The young man went to Yale from the Westers Maryland College, at Westminster, and, by close application and attention to his studies, he completed his coarse at Tale In one year, which usually require* a period of two. Mr. Baker was ejected a member of tie kailng literary societies of the college. Perfect aad permanent are the cures by Hood's Sarsaparlila, because U make* pare, rich, netlvhy, life and health glv- iogbtoxL PICNIC PARTY 1O HOKOU GKSEUAt. cl.AKKE. I o prompt « SUM! Info* msJ Opeaiac **" the Gold »a Stiver Caatpa^ta by the B*»luuf l»ratr CrecJk. G«o«r» ! . Jame* C C i*rke, president of the Motile and Ohio Rkllro* ·!. »rd a tilt- llngaiftked son o! Maryland, who has been spending several day s in Frederick SXODK his o!d frkii!«, hu been the recipient of niece attention opjn ihe p*rt cf the gec'.Ieiuea tc wbom be rx'*CuCvi SQCh priced) ku»^vC\UIlc*i« oa their trip lut fprlcg ?o tie Pacific Coast. On Sateniay its: h* wu delightfully «ntertkln*d by Col D. C. Wiee brener at MonlOLqan Springs. On Sunday Ice General and his ftleadi were the gue*U of Mr. James H. GambrU! at his lovely home, "Edgewood," aad ytster- iay the honor* were done by CoL L Victor B*n{hman. who gave aa afternoon outing a: Hike's mtaduw, on the banks of Urael's creek-- a lovtly and romantic spot, amid the beautiful scenery of which several delightful hours were spent. The p*rty were conteyed to the spot in Col. Baoghmsn's one four horse drag, and upon arriving at tte picnic ground an impromptu camp *ru pitched acil lh«"pot pel oa lo boll," M.r. Frank T. Rhodes aerylng most efficiently as chief caterer. Those in tte party were: General James U. Clarke, Prof. Wro. B. Clarke, head of the State Geological Survey and a member of the faculty of Johns Hopkins* Univenlty; Col. L. V. Binghman, Col. D. C. Wlnebrener, CoL Wm. H Lowdermilk. of Washington. D. C.; Messrs. James H. Gambrill, Lewis S. Cilngan, Chaa. H. Baughman and Folgcr McKlnsey. While slain* beneath the shade of the spreading sbellbark trees along the rippling little stream, the party naurally drttled Into the discussion ot public questions. Oat of respect for the well-known, pronounced and unequivocal views ot General Clarke on the monetary problems ot the day. the conversation was turned in that direction, with the result ot eliciting from him a strong and succinct statement of the silver aide of the case. General Clarke is a silver man from convictions and has strong reasons for the faith that Is within him. He urged that the demand of the silver men was merely a platform thst would advocate for both the precious metals -- gold and silver-- equal redeeming power. Siding with him la Ms argument WSB Mr. James H. Gambrtll, who stated that he bad been an out and out silver man since 1873, when he became convinced of the evil effecl that had resulted from its demonetisation. Another silver man in the party was Mr. Lewis B. Cilng- an. CoL Banghman was a vigorous exponent of the gold standard, and was ably sustained in his views by Colonel Lowdennllk, Prof. Clarke and others In the party. The discussion brought out many Interesting facts and so thoroughly convincing were many of the points pat forth by Gen. Clarke and Mr. Gambrill for silver that even Col. Bangliman, firm as bis gold convictions have been, was in danger of seeking a seat on the doubtful bench. Col. Baughman stated most empnatlcally that It was his firm determination to vote for the nominee of his party at Chicago and for the platform adopted by the will of the majority. He intimated that he was not a oolter and always sought to yield to the will of the greatest numbers. The discussion, which was the first time in Maryland that men of such prominence in public and political life have gotten together to openly argue the question, was humorously referred to as to the informal and impromptu opening of the gold and silver campaign In the State. Ail agreed that the likelihood of sliver sweeping the country was very great, and that the question In all iu details was a difficult one to understand. Mr. Samuel Hoke, who became a welcome addition to the party during the course of the discussion, said the farmers would be satlfied if a premium were put on both gold and stiver, for the higher the value of money the higher the prices would be for farm products. At B pleasant hour of the evening the cloth was spread upon the grass in true picnic style, ana the members of the party enjoyed a fine supper, the menu beginning with delicious turtle soup-- ala Maryland-- and Including fried chicken, ham, rolls and butter, not coffee, tomatoes, etc., all having the special relish and savor that attend feast* in the open air for which the appetite has been sharpened by Nature's delightful associations. The party returned to the city at 9 o'clock, having thoroughly enjoyed every moment ot the pleasant outing. LETTERS FfiOM THE PEOPLE. feme* THE KEY A meeting of the Key Moauneat Association of Frederick will beheld lathe city regtetet's cace at the City Hall tbl* «veaiac, at 6 o'clock, veea Important ba*lB«t* will com* op for tracratioa. Vmtm Bold. AL-.liu^.«.r Hi^f) ii i front vf '.tve Kr^ulcV v i - v [Tin Srwsdeetrestt to lx distinctly understood that it U not responsible tor tie views ind opinions expressed letters ·pposurtoff under this bend. This department to lor the free expression of the idea* of tbe people, and an contributions properly rtgned and omcbed in respectful luwuge will to welcome.] THX CHAKPIOK ?OOL FLATSBS. To the Xdtsnr of TB* Hxwa. I am very greatly surprised by Mr. T. H. H. Glessner accepting a challenge from me for a game of poo], I merely played with him In order to keep the pool-player* interested. In regard to hi* forfeiture of (5 to $26 on a $50 bet, that Is merely a blind. I will now send him a challenge to be accepted any time next week. He is now trying to gain newspaper notoriety. That Is all there Is In MB pool playing. Now, again, In reply I win say I wl deposit $60 within any bank that in the next game I will do him 50 point* In 300. I am very anxlon* to hear from him. SMTH. Geological Sstrrey. Prof. Wax B. Clarke, of Johns Hopkin* University, head of the Maryland Geological Survey, I* beginning htt work la ihe wetUrn part of tae State and has a corp* of assistants at work taf* week in the Middletown Valley. After this week he will be located here regularly for acme time and wfll make a thorough and complete topographical aad geological map of the county. Pawoe« BUi. In a letter to a friend In Frederick the baalnee* manager of Pawnee Bill's Wild West Combination stated that the ahow arrived safely In Cincinnati tbe other day and at once began arrangement* for the opening engagement, which will take place in that cliy on Thursday next, June 25 he buffaloes and horses have »r fTved from the far West and are la readiness for the o jenlcg date Jay yon saw it in i ue News. ^-lj ".ti \{ ^ tf . t, lor Mr , »: N i.V LO05L Special Xotic*. GeaU, look lo your interest. cnM ule la suaw hats poMrely wlU not ctrry acy over, remainder of stock to go regardless of cost. If you do not ee«d a hat no* U will pay you lo buy for nest season, as they are going at prices ti a . cannot be tqaalel. S:aup KhodeilcK. Do Yoe lltdv* Wheel? Use Kolarra Blocks, an laditpintlble boon (or Cjcli»ts. Give* strength for exertion, prefcnts weartnets and that ttr*d feeling, allays hunger aad thirst. Price 10 sent* a package, at J. A JOHN EXND: Fine Grade Printing;. The term of lease of onr printing plant to Metsrs. Marken Blelfeld having ex- uiftu we Mi Ui ue t(cpauu to »uiwor your Inquire*, and give low prices and fine grade work only, after July lit. Hold your order* and allow us to make a bid en your work. Eiperienced workmen only. Frederick City Mfg Co , P. D. Fahrney, Prest. Clean Up. The Excelsior Steam Carpet Cleaning Company will take up your carpets, clean them, store and Insure, aad relay them. Telephone orders to Not. 75--84 or 11. Interstate Telephone. THE MOUNTAIN CUAUTAUUIA. Bfonotaia Lake P«rk, on th« Main Line of i be Piccoretqae B. O. The most superb and sensible summer resort In America, $330,000 expended In In Improvements; 200 beautiful cottages; hotel and cottage board at from $5.00 to $12 00 per week--cheaper than staying at home. The mountain air and the moun- Ulu viewa simply Indescribable, ties- slon August 5th to the 25;a. Three superb entertainments dally. The best music and the best lecturers which money can procure. Dr. T. DeWItt Talmage, General John B. Gordon and Bishop J. H. Vincent already secured, with 100 others. Dr. W. L. Davidson, the great Chsntanqua manager, In chatge. SrjMHBB SCHOOLS--20 departments of Important school work In charge of lead- Ing instructors from the prominent universities. A wonderful chance for tiaih ers and students ceslriog to make up studies. Tuition Insignificant. Wishes of students gratified. Low rates on railroads. For full detailed information and Illustrated programme, address A. R. Bperry, Mountain Lake Park, Md. Suffered With Poljpom. BAJ.TIUOKK, March 13,1695. Dear Sir:--It ha* been on my mind for some time to make to you some acknowledgment of the great benefit I received while under your sklllf al treatment. It has been delayed because I wanted to be assured that the removal of the nasal polypus, with which I was aflllcied, wu permanent. It has been about two years since yon removed the obstruction, which physicians have told me was "the largest on record," and I believe it was v*rv Isrge, because before it was removed, I conld neither sleep, eat nor breathe wllh any comfort. Although the growth wu not attended with any pain, yet I wu miserable, and my health suffered through the annoyance. At this writing the conditions are entirely different. I eat without gasping for breath. I breathe freely through both nostrils. Can sleep with my mouth closed, and my health generally is better. In short, I feel u though I had taken a fresh start. After the thorough examination you gave me a short time ago, yon assured me that there wa* no indication whatever of return of tbe polypus, and I am sure yon are right, for there is no symptom whatever of its return. Yon can use this if yon with, and If you desire to refer to me anyone suffering as I did, you are at liberty to do so. I will very willingly and cheerfully tell all who come of the thorough core you affected in my case. Very respectfully and gratefully, G, H. Slaughter, 1813 North Mount street. Dr. Hartley will be at the LClty Hotel, Wednesday, June 24. B£SP KEPLER. OHIBODT iMKBODT B LTJtTDVRBD. LUNDIRKD, BUT THAT IB AO CONCIRN OF OTJKS. 80MKBOD7 LOBB3 MOHZT ON TH» 12*0. DEES8 STTJtT THAT WB ABB BELLING AT 80. EOT THAT 18 HO CONCBBNOF TOTJB8. HBRX 18 A CHAHOI TO BUT GOODS WHSN TOU WANTTHXH. JOE LESS MONET THAN YOU OAR AGAIN. MOW 19 THS TtMB; TBX PLaCXIB U JTOKXH MAKKXT ST. BEST p. S.-COLD CKAM AHD OLTC- IKINX SOAP, A IOC. AKTICLX tOSt. 50. MOLIJNIXKEMP GENTS-Son* special new thing* in light weight anipendan. A fine assortment of summer neckwear. We ahow tbe Ben Imported how at 12} cent* la the city. Gent's Underwear of every description. FOB LADISb. We offer to day something new In ladle* fast blsxk, light weieht hosiery with half white feet. Endles* variety of Fan*. Oar ladles waists at 60 cent* cannot be excelled. CLOSING GUI SALE. We have decided tocloae out oar entire stock of light drew ginghams, and great bargain* to nrajs MODEL. TO-OAT WC yPIKED A MS* LOT or Ml£tt«4 WHITE. COJUt, BUCK A N D P1KK rAKAtfOlg-AM ITS* Nirr SO PLENTIf CL-PlU:Xli rOUMEWuOO!3 LKSdTHAN TOC H A V E BirS THEM. RODOOK ft MEMO. R ODOOK*MEID1G. NOXINATXD FO PKESIDMT; GOUO!t8ILVEJt, WHICH WIT' in coabaoe to accept etcfter · 0at (or i auLk.«;ti;»{KUvaiciiu poveror yoer t H i truss. , »a sue. u»» . la bijek. entat, » . _ are tuA to t*a*jsure« but v« hare v^ i#C. WILL B U T TUC UEKE A FlttfiT CLAdS CHlLU'd CMUHELLA. OCB USE Of rEMCU OHOAN- DIES AND THE LOWEtt OBADRS OF LAWNS IB OHBQDALED IN POINT OF BTTLB3 AND QDAL- 1TT-OCK PRICES ABB AT THE BOTTOM-BARGAINS CONTIHCX THBOUOHODT THE 8TOKE. BELT 8. AST scric. icr wiil:x 14c- aad apwrd«, in wb:» DA. CiO blfc.-* tad MO COi'^rt. ttltiti'JttS. J wit now KLtioat re La erj*t «!» uoij. ao (Una prm* oo lacs. MIT18. FtoebaaTraUstiK biark utctt at Ufic. W« *eow Uere · aoi ou* to-d u «oodat any oUer »UMT« lot Me. Oaos com* dtroei Iroji the manutactiu«r. KOOOCK * NEIDifi. A. T. BIOS SONS. isoo. A. T. RICE SONE FUNERAL DIRECTORS. JOHN HENDRICKBON. F. V. STAUB. TglO REDUCTION IN BEST CALIFORNIA CANNED FRUIT. Best California desert peacho*. 183, " apricot*. 18u. Xatf plums, 18c ·' " Butlett pears. 18o. F. V* STAUB. NOKTB HABKBT BTBEXT. TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS, DOLL BROTHERS, D OLL BROTHERS). ·» AND 101 NOBTB MARKET ffl. ALL OF CUB 35-8085 AND 450. BTJMMEB WASH BILKS BXDTJOXD TO T O JLO 80. Tc. D. THIS LOT OOMPBJSXS A30UT ew TDS. OF THIS BBASOM'd BTTLX8. D OLL BAUJNGrS. Tae poople all like K and say its fine and Just the tblnf for JuDch. eVther at home or for picnic*, uall and sample H. HAM BOU)6NA.-^ts alt rifbt «td you want to try it. We am tolnf to sell at 10s Ib. FBAKKFTJBT BATJ8AO».-We will onlT baodle m limited amoantof tbia, and it wfll arrive trash every Tneaoay momint LA6BB BBXB, BOOT BXIB. POP and other Bummer drinks on loe at all time*. NXW MACKEBEL. LAKE FIBH and Po- tosssto hcrrlnc by tbe barrel, half-barrel, kits, and »y tae poond or doaen. at THX BAILIHS QBOCXET OO^ TJp-To-Date erooery aad Prix* Giver*. ' A teat* for U-Ho Baaedis*. CENTRAL HARDWARE OO. PAINTS i PAINTS! WAGON ARD IMPLXMXjrCPADITB, CABB1 AQX PAOrra, HOTJ8XHOLD COLORS. HOOBXPAIWT3. XHAMXL PAIKTS, BAKlNd XHAMXL, «or Bicycle BM), TOPDBXS8IN6. OltS, VABHI8HX8. AC. JjOOK O0T7OBTHX Bio HED SAW. PASS NOTICES. THX Miwaornox, TELEPHONE 7ft. JAMES E. WALKEB 00 X. WALKSR A CO. DOWN QO THE PEICS3 ON ALL bUMMEBGOODB, A CHANCE TO BUT EAHQAISB WHILE IT 13 STILL TIME TO USB THEM. ALL UCH CUKDBD WASH SILKS. TOBUBB PRICK06C, MOW ISC. AU. ODB COLOBED ?IGUKBD DltU- TlXB, FOBHBB PICB 12XC., NOW Oo J. ALL WOOL AND BILK STRIPED OHALUBB, FOB.UBB PBIOX 3TX AND25C. NOW18C. ALL 00B2OC. CHALL1E8 NOW UUi 7. A OBADE OF DIMIT? THAT BOLD AT 102. NOW6XC. NA7T BLUE OAXJCOXS ALL 05C. LANCASTXK GIN6HAMB. ALL 050. PLESir Or OTHER BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. JAB. JE. WALKEK * oo. BULLDINGr LOTS. That I am selling DEBIBABLE BOILDIMO UT3 In North-Wwt Addition to Frederick, at froca $1.00 TO $4.00 A ntOBT FOOT V aooordlns; to location. THESE ABB BABOAINb, and now is the time to bay wUle theKan;b*»- las told at auob low price* aua ussy Mr**, Ifor panioaua* and location, «pp apr35d*w8m QXO. H. ZIMMimMAJT, DOLL'S. TRO LL'S HOTEL O»rx. HaTlnc flitel up in th» "Care" a SrjMlCEa SAHDEN, I will open tli* same on THURSDAY BVKNIS6 MXXT, JONB 4tH. Music will be f armlsbtd on thl* .oe oation aad » pltmanr ev«Blaf _ I* promised all. C. D. DOLL J. F. EISBNflAUJEB. JUST BECSI7ED AfnaiUneof MARVIN'S OHOIOX OBACKXB8 ARD 7AMCT CAK.X3. Hew Tomatoea, Peas, Cabbac*. A«pai»- Btts, JLenuo*. *c-. jou znnivea, dally. BsHANAB, OBANSIfiand LEMONS. A full line of Uquon, Imported ana A)*O ALL 6RADB4 Or BXEB. We receive dally Milk and Cream. . F. EISEHHAUER, A6XNI. JDUaNHAM'O WILDCHBSBT PHOSPHATE* A DEU8HTJCL 8CMMXB IT HITS THX SPOT WHEN TOUIABX THIB5TT. PBBPABXD IN OKI MUTUTX BTCTtU QUAST OB GALLON- 8MALL BOTTLSS10C. A. B.'jdARGrrr rnHB BOCKl THE BOCK 11 B OCK: Toct o c r t JLooK Aleo the MAXZXltBXXX Md ttMtr niaaa* at aJi leaAat Uase* and by tk«tr JOESTA.O. Lira. fi 1

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