Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on February 3, 1882 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1882
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GREAT SALE OF WATCHES! We are Still Offering Watches at the Low Pnces of December and January. In oilier to take advantage of all the diacoiiuN given Jobbers, we made contracts* ttir gr-,at numbers of §xftg TERMS. fer wttk t payato to Carrier, One pear, in advance, Six Manila, ·' Three MonOa, " ISCt*. $7.00 3JSO 1.7* PKIDAY EVENING, FEB. 3, 1882. makes of American Watches, i ow. LOCAL MD GENERAL HEWS. WILLOW Clothes H; :upere, at E. P. BARTHOLOMEW k Go's. Count has adjmi, iied until Feb. 24th. RIDOITO clab party Wednesday evening. THE noisy show outfit on Merchant street has evaporated. ORDER Chestnut No. 4 hard coal of Pen- iwell, No. 41 Xorth Main at ret. 2-dlw THE festive ground-hog had plenty of opportunities yesterday to see .hit shad- SUNSARD CALENDAR Tin»c '4,···(}·, include all ^I'j'lc- Of ROCK FORD, ELGIN, W A L T H A M . SFRINGF1KLI). M A M l ' D E N A; H O W A R D , and a jrreat many of t h e Fi VEIS i M I ' O K T K I ' U'.UVI/KS. I t ' M i l l i i . i ' i l :i jjii «l W.itch u ' can save you ino.icv ; l i n t u c DO NOT KEEP any "Snide Watches for trading purposes," ss vo'i ;ir ! -i) ii|tc;i a tu be delivered during December, January and February. We tia\ e l."(jn making a SPECIAL SALE of go_dH fur two months, and .vill continue during this month. \V do this in order to enable us to i,..ll» these large quactilit* of V. vrh--s, and thereby get the dis- cr.!int« nuly t" lie had ly tho.-r w h o can handle enough Watches to R A N K AS A JOBBER. BALED hay in Deeatur is selling at $211 per ton; timothy hay commands $11 to 810 per t»n loo*.-. THK veterans of the late war who aie in favor of un entertainment for the benefit of the poor, sire requested to meet lit B. McGorra^'s offine on Monday evening, Feb. Oth, at 7 p. ra. GET rubber boots, all sizes, at Ii. L. Ferrise i Go's boot and shoe store. A ujic bOk and satin la Jj's handkerchief pocket, nicely decoiated, and containing a lace handkerchief, was found in this city last evening. It can le recovered by the owner 011 calling at this office and paying for this notice. N'i:w carpets, the very latest designs, on sale nt Abel S; Locke's. Hrou MOONEY him commenced his aear'h f(jr coal at Niantic. There is cash to the amount of $8,000 at the back of the enter]. riso. Success to Mr. Mooney's efforts. THE December term of client court lias been in session 37 days. THE renowned Neil Burgess "Widow Bedolt" combination will appear at the opera house next Tuesday evening, Feb. 7th. Secure your spats, and see the garrulous old lady and the deacon. THE largest stock of boots and shoes in Decafiir ,'ct L. L. Ferrks i Co.'s double store. Tin. funeral of Mrs. Kachael Spruce, a^eil ~~ \earo, uf Wheatlaud township, took place ou February ]st. The remains wore interred iu the Mt. Gilead cemetery. Yor should call on Abel it Litekowlien in need of housofurnishing goods. Their stock is complete, and prices low. Tliii was evuuimitum il;iy in the pub- t h e r i l » . Siv \\'t i|iirstions W E W A R R A N T EVERY! WATCH COMPLETE. lie sehooH ii cm fourth (lage. Si H K ' . i - i ' i i:'-i ! ..MI- ,. ' -,'.1.1 b\ ell braicd all iii-st i- Ho'iiMiiiaii ci- ldss dealer". '! oii-, tu the liiirch ill tho The meeting ;ti JHT succcstiful of the interest was deeper than i.: \. ie i i i i e 1 aeee. ' - . i p oi the I'. 1). . 1,1 III last i' r t'Ui]g. ihe i ! t h e and the VJD WALL-PAPER. The first NEW PATTERNS for 1882 just received by ABEL LOCKE. S. G. Hatch Bra, 10 MERCHANT STHEET. Will continue their unprecented ('HEAP SALE TWO WEEKS LONGER, A REPORTED ROBBERY. An Aged Englishman Overpowered ami Relieved of £2*5 in Caxli. Yesterday forenoon a bold robbery north of the city was reported to the officers, the particulars of which can now be published, as the .three alleged robbers are behind the bare in the county jail.-Mr. Joseph Sutclifle, a widower and an Englishman, aged 56 years, resides in the Wheeler property on North Water street, near Mayor Waggoner's residence, just outside the city limits. He lives there We'll Go to Moscatane. The regularnieetingofBescueHose Co. No. 1 was held last night at firemen's headquarters, and it proved to lie one of considerable importance. There was a good attendance of the The matter of accepting the invitation extended by the fire department of Mnscatine, Iowa, to attend their grand tournament in June next, was referred b the company to Geo. Knift, Frauk Winebrenner, Charles Devore, Al. Piehl ami C. P. Housnm, who, after a short consultation, voted unanimously to accept the invitation. Tile company acquiesced, and the prize hose alone and cultivates a "garden truck" \ team will go tu Miucatine, and run for patch. Formerly he was engaged in some the sweepstakes prize. 5000 in cash and sort of business in one of the basements whatever special prizes may be of- in opera block. The old man is verj ' fared. The boys n ill be j.ul in training economical, but has not been in the habit of depositing his savings in any bank.- Thursday morning, at about 2 o'clock, lie claims to have been aroused from his peaceful slumbers by an unusual noise at his door, and aa he awoke THREE STRANGE MEN, as soon ns the weather is fa^ orable. That SGOO is a good-sized cake, and the Res- cue» will take it. Death of Mrs. Martha Lark. Yesterday Mr. M. Elson received a telegram from Millersburg, Penn., convej ing (one of whom had a dark lantern and ! the intelligence of the death of Mrs. Ma. another a revolver}, entered the room and I tha Lark, which occurred at Millersbury And then comes Stock-Taking. We are; determined, and shall make an extra effort,; to REDUCE our large stock of DRESS GOODS, CLOAKINCS, PLUSHES, VELVETS and WINTER HOSIERY. What few Dolmans, Cloaks, Ulsters, Cir- eulars and Children's Cloaks we have left will be closed out WITHOUT REFERENCE TO COST OR VALUE! Come and get them at your own price. Remember, No. 10 MERCHANT ST. . G. HATCH BRO. Jan. 28, l«82-d*w th:jt ni j i n \ prcvioiiH eseuing. Herviccs again to-night. The jtnlilic generally in united to attend. YOIIK utate buckwheat Hour at Pcni- well'», No. 41 North Main Street . feh'J-dhv IHI: citineim of Jit. Pnlaski are getting down to business on the coal question. They lire hnngr for cheap coal and a shaft, and have subscribed nearly $1,000 to be used in the bearcti. They will have to come down with more than $1,000 if they want to find coal near the Mount. It t»kes a pile of money and lots of faith and patience to find coal. dry stove wood ot TVniwell, No. 41 North Main street. tebllw THE Prof. Leonard Assembly attracted another large crowd of merry dancers at Guards' Armory last night. The pro- gramme of dances embraced Ifi numbers. The music \v:m very good, and all had a happy time. OBI.EKS for DECATUli NUT COAL, screened, promptly filled by E. McClelland. Telephone at Cole Bros.' drugstore. janl3-dtf THE police didn't put the legal »erews to John Hockinberry this time for his attempt to break into the opera house the other night. John and the boy, Cussins, svere let ont of the calaboose with a sharp reprimand. LEAVE orders for Soft Conl at George Strolim's grocery store. Jan. 31- -d2w«- ED. MARTIN. THE members of the Rescue Hose Co. No. 1, have decided to give a grand ball at Guard's Armory, on the evening of Valentine's day, Tuesday, February 14th. The committees have about completed ar- i angements for this afi'air which will be Hint-class in every particular. THE grand cheap excursion train over the Illinois Central Bailroad from Deea- hirto New Orleans, Jacksonville, Fla., Sim Antonio and other points in southeastern Texas, will leave this city at 8:10 p. m., on Thursday, Feb. 9th. Fare for tho round trip from Decatur to New Orleans. S'JO; tickets good to return in 30 1 days from date of sale. The train will i arrive at New Orleans on Saturday, Feb. i llth, nt 7 n. m. Witness the grand Mardi Gras parade, 011 Feb. 21st. i! -dtd DOX'T foijjet C. B, Trescott when you want real bargains in pianos and organs. Tire case of the city of Decatur vs. Timothy O'Connor, arrested on a warrant charging him with violating the ordinances by selling liquor to minors, came up for trial before Justice Albert on yesterday afternoon. A change of venue was taken to Justice Corley's court, when the trial was continued until Monday, Feb. 6th, .it 9 a. in. Cons, oats, baled hay and all kinds of mill feed ai Peniwell's, No. 41 North Main sereet. feb'2-dlw THB annual report of the directors of the Illinois Central railroad, just issued, shows that the gross earnings for 1881 were S8,."iS6,000, against S8,3G5,wO the preceding jer.r; not eardings were 83,227,OUO, or ?iy-',OlKI less than the preceding year. Besides interest and two dividends, there was paid 3925,000 for extraordinary expenses in Illinois, including a new elevator at Cairo, 103 miles of track, three demanded that lie hand over what money he had. Mr. Sutclifi'e states that he was terribly frightened by the threatening attitude of the robbers, and he took what little money he had in his pantaloons pocket and gave it to the men,at the same time telling them that that was all he had. The men said they knew better, and while one held Sutclifle ;by the collar, the other two searched every article of furniture in the room. They jerked a mattress off a lounge upon which Sutclifle had been sleeping, and under it the roblers found the old man's savings, 8285 in cash, 810 of which was in silver, aad after securing this booty the robbers left the house as fast as they could travel. Mr. Sntclift'e lost no time yesterday morning in notifying the police, and gave as good a description of the three men as lie could. AURE.STED OX SUSPICION'. Last night Officers Mason, Burek and Tucker arrested three suspicions characters at the Union depoton suspicion of being the parties implicated in the robbery. They were brought up town and lodged in the county jail, where they are still in custody. They give their names as John H. Smith, of Nyack, N. Y.; \V. A. Thrift, Springfield, 111., and Frank King, of New York City. When searched the three men had no more than 810 in cash between them. Mr. Sutcliffe saw the prisoners last uight, and thinks he recognizes two of the men as the parties who robbed him. No More Smallpox. A Ceno Gordo correspondent writes at follows about the smallpox that has ere,.- ted more or less excitement at that plac« and in the eastern part of this counts: No smallpox cases now in town. The quarantine lias not yet been removed from those who had it, and every care is being taken to have them clean up well. The town board have rescinded their order prohibiting church, Sunday school and other public gatherings. Verily, the i ing- ing of the church bell was a sound of joy. Sunday was the first services since New Year's ila\. Teachers' Meeting'. The following order of exercises will be observed at the meeting of the county teachers, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 4th, commeiieing at 1:30 p. m.: Too Much Help--Arthur Dresbach. Teaehera' Influence --Ada Wallace. LI. S. History--William Kvle. The Mound Builders- B." F. McClelland. Young teachers are especially requested to attend. .1. T. MAOON OO. CIRCUIT COURT. December Teem, 1881, Judge Smith Presiding. on Muiida;, Jan. 30th. at 10 a. m. The deceased had been ill for ,i long time with consumption. Her age was about 56 years. She was a sister uf Mrs. Dr. W. A. Barnes of this city, and of the late Mrs. I. Elson. A Card. EDITOKS REPUBLIC AX: -1 desre through your paper to express my grateful ac- | knowledgments to the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company and Samuel Tibljctts, Esq., their gentlemanly agent in this city, for their adjustment of Insur- j acce Policy No. 1!),!'71 on the life of my late husband, Martin Forstrnyer, and cheerfully recommend said company as prompt and reliable, to all parties seeking life insurance. Srs\N T FOB.STMTEB. Approved, H. II. Bitowx, E.vec'r. Jan. 2.-i, 1882. Coming Amusements. Tuesday evening, Feb. 7th, we are t have Burgeas'version of "Widow Bedott," of which a San Francisco paper said: The Standard Theatre has been filled from tloor to ceiling every evening, and on the Wednesday and Saturday matinees, by delighted crowds, who cachinnated copiously, even to the bursting of coreet- ·laccs and the cracking of ribs, at the drolleries and quaintnesses of the Widow Bedott, as portrayed by that very clever charactei actor, Mr. Xeil Burgess. ,Vo sac jiratiotint'Cit sheet's* hox cccr been j murlr ii Htix fit}/; not ercn the f/rent hit o ' ~~ A GRAND BECEPTION. Emoyable Social Affair In Mnron Tow 11 sin u The most noted event of the season in our vicinity took place on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at the residence of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs J. D. Kxws, of Center Eidge, Maroa township, iu the reception given Hev. G. W. Ross aud lad uii their return from FallCitj, Neb., wlmre they had been united in marriage at the residence of the bride'i parents. Mr. and Mrs. Newcomer. At an early hour Hie guests began to arrive, and by 1 p. m. about 40 friends and relatives hod assembled, soon aftei which the dining nxim doors were opened and the partj invited to partake of dinner prepared by the groom's mother iiud sister. To make an attempt to describe flu: delicious dinner spread before us would be useless for want of ability to do I the subject justice. In addition to the j numerous presents received at themar- ' riage. the following were' presented today- Gold chain, fathei ,iiul mother of the I groom. Silver tea spoon;-, groom's mother. Silver butter knife, Miss Viola Ros«. SiUt'r sugar spoon. Willie Boss. Silver butter knife, B. Frank ROBS. Linen table cloth, Lizzie Ledder. Linen towels, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Boss. Linen table cloth, Mrs. Wykot}'. Pickle caster of baking powder. Little Albert Stuart. Pair vases, Lidn Applcgate. Silver pickle caster, .1.1). Lynuiu. Handsome vase. Ira Gepford. Pair of vases, Annie and Jane Gepford. Glass set, Mrs. Hasket. SI in cash, .1. M. 1W. 830 in cash, .1 I'. Kos-. The day wasven pleasantly spent, music being furnished by Miss Lida Applegate, Miss Bridgmiui. Mix Long and Mi 1 ' G. E. Shockey. Otheis ji lined in the merriment of the day, and ere we were aware of the faet the time for depiiituie \ \ a n a i hand. After listening to an elegant reply of thanks for the presents received we bid the bride and groom goodbye, as they will soon depart for their new home at Mt. Morris, this state, where the groom has charge of H congregation. ONH WHO DID THE Rp.pis-i .Irsricr.. Skating Festival and Oyster Supper. The ladies of Haworth Council No. 5 Koyal Templars of Temperance, will have a grand nkating festival and oyster supper atj the Tabernacle, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Feb. 8th and Oth. Mr. M. L. Parker has also kindlv cor of Mi: DcniiKin Thompson, which was | sented to gheu an exhibition of his feats thouyht something fubnloun, fiti, mm- j ou Ul(1 bit . V( , lr . Tlll . ivcatui Band will ' ' FRIDAY, TED. A. Coin t convened at 8:30 a. m. PKOPLE'il DOCKET. The People vs. Owen Roney; robbery; defendant waa tried by jury on the 29th day of tho term and the jury failed to agree; the defendant entered a motion for a reduction of bail and the motion was allowed, the bail beiu^ . . .-,( from 81,000 to 8500. COMMON LAW JKJCKET. Jolm A. Lehman vs. J. J. Peddecord, L. Burrows and Wm. Lenk; ejectment: suit dismissed as to Lenk; trial by court by- agreement pending. Frederick Aholtz vs. William Maples, apjiellant; appeal dismissed by plaintil)'. CHANCERY DOCKET. The motion entered iu the divorce case of David Garvcr against Lucinda Garver for temporary alimony by defendant, was overruled. M. F. Kanan vs. the unknown heirs of Stephen Shiprnan, deceased: chancery; stricken from docket. Mary A. Jacobs v«. Heuiy K. Jacobs; divorce; continued by agreement. Ellen A. Chapman VH. Sarah McBi ule, John I. Hulett and Wilson S. Gage; chancery; John A. Brown appointed trustee. "Duriuda Kepler et al. vs. Wm. E, Kepler etal.; chancery; report of special commissioner approved and decree warded. Jolm S. Sargent aud Abbie M. Sargent, f.t iiartf, for the adoption of Viva Davis; petition; heard by court and decree awarded. ADJOURNED. The business of the term having lieeu almost disposed of, court adjourned at 10:30 a. m. until Monday, Fek. 24, at 9 a. m., when Judge Smith will reconvene court and dispose of one or two cases that are pending. He will also hear several arguments that are yet to be made. iron bridges, two new docks at Chicago, and important additions to the equipment. No PATENT; No PAT. No model required. Only 20 expense in case of failure. Quick work a specialty. L. P. Graham, patent solicitor, at Strohm's marble shop. JaD,23-d2w ASOTHBR car of choice eastern apples received at Tonng Bros.' to-day. janlMtf pan' ifith thr ii'esritt setinoii for attrnt- I j tivii. Who has not seen the Widow Bei doft has seen nothing. | " A Life's Mistake." a new society. dn'ina, will be presented on "Friday evening, Feb. Kith, In Alexander Caufman and hi- |.'fter(u! New Yoik coiapiim. The advance agent for thiK attraefioii was in Decatur to-day completing arrange- incuts for the apijcaranceof hifc company. PERSONAL MENTION. C. H. Fuller yesterday received ;i liox of fruit from his son in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Hutchinfl nre vimt- relatives in Kiuney and Clinton this week. Mr. A, Nebiuger on Feb. 1st took possession of his new and capacious residence on West North street. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Heeley, of Chicago, are guests of Dr. J. W. Mitchell and family. Mm. Then. Euing and son, of Kansas) City, are guests of 8. IS. Ewmg arid family on West Prairie street. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fenton entertained a large party of ftiendu at their residence Wednesday evening. John T. Brush, of Indianapolis, Iml, is in the eity to-day. He is here on business, and may open a n e w clothing store in Dc'ciilui if lie can secure a suitable room. Conductor Lee I'udge, of the Midland, who hud a foot cut ofl some weeks ago, has so recovered as to be able to be moved to his home at Mattoon. Malinger liatnes made a ten-sliike with the HnrriKons lit Lincoln Wednesday night. The Iinll WHS rilled, and the audi- | enee was delighted with "Photos." | The Chicago Journal of hist evening I chronicled the fact that ''Mr. aud Mrs. C. I L. Griswold, of Decatur, nre at the Palmer House." Charles Pempsej, one a! the express messengeiH on the P., I). \-K. road, between Peoria and Evansville, took n layoff Wednesday to attend his hi other's wedding that evening. Dr. W. A. Barnes letunied home last evening from Florida. He left his wife nd daughter in Florida, where they will cinain until late in the spring. Mr"-. 3;: rues' health is improved. Mr. and Mrs. George T. Tucker yes- crdr.y moved from East William street to lie rooms in Milburn (tlore's residence, urmerlj occupied by Alex. Montgomery, where they ^ i l l be at home to callers al" r Monday next. John B. Ooiigh, the noted temperance ecttirer,is ronoited ss riuusly ill in Wis- otinin with neuralgia of the stomach. He was compelled to cancel Thursday night's ectme. He is booked to lecture in ity on the evening of Match 3d. Charleston Plaimli-'iler: Kcv. G. W. Hiller has bo far recovei ccl from his recent llness as to be able to attend regularly to lis ministerial duties. He preached a The Eldorado Fair and Festival. All the ladies of Decatur interested in the matter are requested to meet iu the council room at thefeity hall ou Saturday, Feb. 4th, at 2 p. m., and assist in making arrangements for the fair and festival, to be given at the tabernacle on Feb. 17th aad 18th, under the auspices and for the benefit of Eldorado Hose Co. Xo. 2. On Saturday afternoon final arrangements will be made tor the fair, and nil the la dies are urged to lie present, without fail, at 2 p. m. 2,1 -dot The Continental Life Insurance Co. Hartford, Conn., ·y Is one of the solid old companies. You are always safe in carrying a policy with it. Take an endowment policy: 10, 15 and 20 payment plan--no dues or assessments. A young man can lay up a little each year and draw the endowment him self in a,few years; don't tuict to die to icin. Call and examine the diflereni plans. Office over Abel Locke's store BOTD BBADEX, District Agent. Feb. 2-dlw wl Do SOT buy before you see the stocl and prices of Fleury, the French Cutter comer of Old Square. Ton will save janlldwtf very excellent sermon on Sunday morning. N. H. Gardner, of Springfield, spent iast night with Decatur friends. He came lere for the purpose of visiting the K. U. B. Lodge, he being one of the Past Grand Commanders of that order. There was some interesting work in the lodge accomplished last evening. 'THE DRESSER," the nobbiest and iatest style hat, to be had only at uov-kii-wtf. B. STINK'S. Tor. Eldorado Social Club will give a chiicmg p.irt;.- at their ]i'v IIOII-M.- »n Thursday evening, Feb. '«h., .-.lid it will be :.n imltali.'ii .iT,:i' 1, Miring next e ripat:y will p: "badly ji-r and festival nt the :.n month tK:s givcim oyst taijernncle. he iu attendance and enliven the evening with some of their licit wlectii nt. An elegant cmoking set will be given to the heat geiitlenvii 1 skater; a toilet set to the best lady skatei, and ,1 large cake to the poorest skater. ICegiihir supper will be served from o until 11 oclcek, in addition to oysters, ice cream, cake 1 , etc. Admission, 10 centH. feb'Jdtdwlt A Novel »nd Perfect Cure for Broful,i. Salt Hhoum, Cancer, Etc. A discovery has recently been made which adds luster to the Nineteenth Century. It consists simply in an extract from tho Ecd Clover Blossom, a-s extracted by J. M. Loose it Co., Monroe, Mich.. who'have gone into the business largely in order to supply the increasing demand. For sale by Dr. A. J. ST NER. A Hu'ght testimoniid: TOLEDO, OHIO, Jan. 17,1 K *1 .7. M. Loose Co., Monroe, Mich.: QentlentQti--yLy wife has for some iiuie been afflicted with something like a scrofulous disease, nud found no relief until she gave your Extiact of lied Clover a trial. I a"m happy to say she has experienced great relief. This is but a slight testimonial of my appreciation of your efforts in behalf of ImmimitT, which you are welcome to use for their benefit, t am very respectfully. U- ARMS. Feb. M. 1SH2 JArwlyr Rooma to Rent. Suits of looms mid'single rooms to tent, just finished and neatly flitted up, with all the modern conveniences, near tho old square. fionix k BILLS. Feb. 1 dfid A. C. Srr.VHXs is now established in his 'fiiee ovr Abel k Locke's cai pet store, where he will be pleased to sen all persons looking for extra bargains in eity proper:y; has also some excellent Macou county- farms for sale. Call |and see him. Jan. 2S d2w Oiiir.K Indiana Block audDecatiir ooa' of IVniwell, 11 North Main street. 2-dlw Hay for Sale. 1 have for sale in the barn cm the f a i m , eight miles from Decatur, about 20 tons good timothy hay, at SI") per ton. Apply on East William street, one block we** of furniture factory. Jan. flfl -dlw ANDREW Jf. GAKVI.H, MARRIED. In this city, at the resicluiipo al tliflni!'/« parents on West Prairie Btroet, nn Tliur»luT evening, Feb. 2,1882, by Rev. Lanclgruf. im«Uir fif the German Lutheran church. MH. STCWAIU H. WHITEHEAD and Mi.«« HF.KTIM r \ \ s both r f Decatur, 111. The interesting ceremony was witnessed by a large company of friends, and all partook of a splendid wedding repast Mr. Whitehead is a plumbor, in the employ of Korsmeycr A: O'Neill, and the bride has been a saleswoman at Pi. S. Bohon's store on Eldorado street. The attendants were James Fearon and Misa Annie Kuebsameu. The gifts included the following article*: From Mr. Charles Faas (brother of the bride) and Miss Kate Linder, of Chicago, a handsome silver castor: from the groom's mother, in Pittsbiirg, Pa., a pair of fine quilts; from a sister-in-law of the groom, a beautiful tidy; from Messrs. Korsmeyer O'Neill, a large mirror and half dozen cane-seat chairs; from Messrs. James Fearon, Oscar Zimmerman, Ed. Adams, Erail Stear, Morris Adderly, Jos. Tucker and Dick Hardy, a magnificent easy chair; Mr. and Mrs. Boyer, a handsome lace tidy; Charles Young, a half dozen bottles of imported wines; Miss Annie Ruebsamen, a handsome glasw net; Mr. Will Meyer, a fine mantel clock; Miss Mary Eonan, n fine glass set; from Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Faas, of Chicago, a iine set of dishes and a lot of fine household nrti- SWEEPING DRY GOODS From NOW LINN SCRUGGS, COURT HOUSE BLOCK CORNER. December 31, 1881. DECATUR'S LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT, Corner of OLD SQUARE, under the Managemeni of F 1 THE FRENCH CUTTER. I lii^ r-'nliliMlliir.ill inhi' \ i ilHBihl ol u.! .hi mfllliw Slon-l in Ihi-nllll. »»'l «UH II F nii.- iin.l I'TM-M nf IB kind In order to make room for urn- Sji 1-'()HTY DAYS, onr stock of iiy Stock. «·« now oflVr. for tfc« »ext ·u M i c h low rlg-m-p- Hi".:Jlinnt I* tominam* tu-rr u!-r. .*» the IH»I «l HUP ISwirti. »r» mMll- f;.rtiirfl exi.r**-K !rn». We Will Save You from 20 to 30 per Ceat. ON SUITS For Hen. lots. BOYS and CUnse. mUi i l/UVUWi AJ W i W UAV All Our GKi.K ar- Mmkwl iu Piai» Kit BY TELEOKAPH. UNDEKWKAK aud WOOL HOSIERY Splendid Pisplav, am' Kft BanjsMts. Big 18. CHEAP STOEF. jnn30Jtwlw F. D. CALDWXI.I has plenty of Lacka. ·wanna Hard Coal - -Chestnut No. 4, and stove. Office with American Express Co. Orders promptly filled. dec30dtf. Wanted to Rent A dwelling house containing five or six rooms, within four or five blocks of the old square. Address "X," BEPCBLICAS offieo. · 23-dtf. Tl i (".ivintj fvAal'uin» at )lcinvrtrr i umin'it-iim Roomf. nt 1 p. m. 7VM)/. CHICACO, K b. Wb«it -- l-- i 1'eliiiiurv: ?1.3Pj M fl.32 l , April; - Muv. Com -- «)'. Fclinmry: Hi' Marf-b: (Vl'i June. Oats-- U'.F.-!;U- 5 MarubU^April-.lj^Maf. Pork- lUJOFebttVUTli March;$18.70Aprtl. ljml-tllJS-4FeL:tll.42!4Mareh;?Il.i' April. fXIO.V «TOTK YARDS. "" HogB-- Eatlir.ateil rf.fipts, ij.i.W. 1'r.ct'a uncnangol . Until**, Mtimmtx. (''rLoii. Wheat ....... 21.BW l*,vo '3 Corn ..... 194,27* -»c),358 ?i', Oats. . . 61.2S.-i 98,+W 56 Rye . . G,m; 2,71-' '' NEW YORK. Feb. j. Corn-*-, to is-; Ca»h: 73 May. TOLEDO, Feb. 3, Whcat-Sl.W-J *'ii°h: tl.4»'{ March: May. rorn-SI 1 .. Cmh:«7"-5 .May. May; Great Reduction in our Merchant Tailoring Department, i which ih under the personal -in-M-tllaiK-e of Kli-ur*. the i:'renob Ontter. Our Gents' Furnishing Goods Department i [HSt^kc-l withlh.- IJ-M 4. »-!-. a-la|»i.-«i r-.i .nl -lni.-«-*trr tr*«l*| i Our Department of Hats and Caps prl«e«tlK'!'taiik'««!»pll nniw \\ --uliv a».l if.oniuci-inlc. ilwlf tu tlw »M »d r«mf The Trunk and Valise Department (oXSTAVTI.V AS LEADER OF POPULAR PRICES. FLEURY, THE FRENCH GUTTER. Corner of Old Square. B»c«lur. ·!.. J««. II. lli.'

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