The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 22, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1896
Page 4
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Baking Powder A c-ets. ci tarar bak'rar ytr- :e «*»«ta«f s^rmfih.-Lisiat L On»t food Kfj-ort. RAKING KWDKB co, x*w York THE DAILY NEW MONDAY, J U K E », BRIEF BITS. A Bol£i*[ of Bright Item* of mnl General In --When the Negrito*, a people of the Phtlipploe Islands, are united, tb« whole tribe It assembled and the affltnccd pair climb two trees growing near to each other. Tb* eiders then bend the branches until the heads ot the couple meet. When the heads have thus come into contact the marriage Is lerallr ac- COffipttiaetl add great rcj )lciag l»to place, a fantastic limce comple'.lag the ceremony. --When a Russian f uniiy moves from one house to another tt U customary to rake all the tire from the hearth ot the old domicile and carry I 1 , in a closed pot to the new residence. --Vac»t!on Lodge. B!ue R'dge Summitt, has been opened for the season. --The English workingmsn has 278 working days In the year; the American, SOS; the Hungarian, 312; the Russian, 867. --By actual measurement of fifty skeletons the right arm aud left le fcave been found to be lorger In twenty-three, the left arm and right leg in six, the limbs oa the right longer than those on the left in four and In the remainder the tncqnal Ity of the limbs was varied. Only seven out ot seventy skeletons msascred, or 10 per cent, had limbs of equil length. --Plttsbnrg has jast eclipsed all rec- OT£* Tor^^rf ?*· £2* t( ? r ? bv t3r!i!E v fot one capable of measuring one halt million cubic feet a day. The enlarged meter wai made necessary by the movement to utilize the gas product of coke ovens. --There is one emerald tn the Sultan's collection which is said to be as large as · hen's egg, and there are enough watches ·which are set with pearls and diamonds to fill a large portmanteau. There Is a golden cradle, covered with precious stones, In which the children ot seven different Sultans are said to have slept. --Among the four longest lived trees are the olive and the yew--both ever- · greens. The ma::(mum ago of the former is 2,000 years and ot the latter 3,880. --The con tinned muddy water in the Potomac River is giving the bass a good chance for their lives. --It is estimated that 18.000 Confederates will reunite In Richmond. --John White's circus has been billed to give a three dsys performance in Fredick beginning on Monday next. --This is harvest week. . --Archbishop Wm. H. Eider, of Cln- cianad, will attend tin commencements at Mt. St. Mary's and Mt. 6t. Joseph's, £uuttiUbiirg. --Fanners in the vicinity of Mount Pleasant are through harvesting. Standing of Gradnataa. In the account of the graduating exer- ·cises of the High schools, the name of Miss S. Elizabeth Thomas was mentioned as being first in standing among the graduates. Miss Elva Jennings stood -first and Miss Thomas second. 3ay yon saw it in The Hews. Gladness Comes \X7itha better trnderstanding of tie v V transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper ef- forts--pentle efforts--pleasant efforts-tightly directed. There is comfort in ttie knowledge, that so many forms of ockness are not due to any actual disease, bnt simplv to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant JamilT laxative. Syrup of Fijrs. prompt- »ren)oves. That is why it is the only jfenectv with millions of families, and is pBrvwhere esteeraed so highly bv all irho*Talne sood health. Its beneficial tffects are one to the fact, that it is the One remedy which promotes internal Cleanliness -withont debilitating- the ·jrpans on which it acts- It is therefore 6 important, in o der t-o get its bene- al effects, to : ote vrhen yon pnr- tase, that yon h; re the gennine arti- Jeiwhich is maiui actured by the Cali* ·flmia Fir Syrup r-. only and sold by "fi repntable dm?-- sts, ' If in the enjoyr ent of good health, **d the srstein " : j- egnlar, laxatives or jther remedies an then net needed. If 8icted with an^ actual disease, one -.jiav te comment" to the most ski'.lfnl tvsicians. bnt:'. : need of a laxative, tieshonldhave if best and vritii the . vell-inforaaed «r. rrwhere, Syrnp of ' *lgs stands hiphe*-' a~nd is most largely .ted and gives mo?- general satisfaction. HIRES Rootbeer contains the best · herbs, berries and roots nature makes for rootbeer making. Take no other. -v. r.. ir_-~ r«.. Scsi c SAHM ' DILL, 3AHM DILL. This Week's Great Everts or the Pouekkeeosie Coarse. IABVABD SEEKS TSE FAVORITL Bat Columbia »iwl Curiurll Ar«- ecllrol t-r»«-«»«c M' Cmrrr Tb'ir CulI«-*« C »l Kx- r Mar fruut. lot Pn'-o^rrr'-^'E X V , J-jri" J« -- Tb- CKW iiVil » . ! . - th»- \li'*-r"\'vrf\a'r !«j»t rxto . '.r tu it u Uiv,rv c»tuiu»:!y caiU*l. ttu- f- .ur r*v r«.-xt r'rul-vy ofsemsxa w l l j nut ha\ea walkovrr N«-\-r »'MvS«/uri-rvw*iiiorv«.'Vi-iily matched than the \anCcv i-: K -hu u! Harvard, Cori-ti: CvJiimbU and thr l"t-ivcr».ty «f IVu«-! vania. Tbv emirs.- ovirr \»ku.-h th* ra».«' i- Urbi- rvjw.xl anu»|.-n:ft'vnt rtrvioh "J \v.-»!»-- extrnding f. r f-^ur iulU- a* straight .is-:: fcrruw in fr,i.t «.f ihU my U pn.tnl !y ;hi- Ut-jt.1 iwlvaUt.f^vju- «-«'Ur»r f«;r a »«! r.i»« in thii i-ountry, ami cu!I«vt? nu-n inu-rvhd tn thi' arrau(j«-iui-i)t- coining rt-v jintlirl that It w i l l U' LriKuiiit mju.'itli- i-«iin»".t Itt ih«- K»^l-r\ »f cullcip.- i»i;i» In Aiih-rk.i 'I h« «'ll-v vri:r«;irrv ··*;«·«·? n lafjfi-r nti;i!»-r "f -[··«·· tutor* than event* «if th! Uliii! ar»- usually favor»-i with, Invau*!? »f the»- «i!h wbiih I'tiu^hLtx |uJ- i'.ili !»· rvai h-! from Wn- Y "J- ' .-' ·· »» ·' i ', '· »·-! ..... ' . ·»-..- }*mt. f.i-i innt wt-- r. Tht.'crvw» that un- tniln:ii({ nt I'oui/h kivpsle h:i\o \vur.fl h;iri! -.iru.' thi-y c.uiiv Jur«. All h.\c l»in in i h.'irt^- "( t'iin|»- ti-rit fttu'. [.i!!i-t;il.l!i); fu:u-hi*i. wh- b:»v ( - niaouxl the rin.-t mii-fieiitiuUi i-lTirt fr"!ii thi-ir iiii-ii. ;»!i! in .-\vry in-.t;:nn- h.ixo in- : wish a willing H--IKIIIV from the cr«v\~ S» l!lc!tl»'rK.u-; h:i* r.-ji (; . r-w !a)«'r-.!. niul M \v-ll luivc thi-y all «-hi- \ « tl rc--t:li». th.Tf If I-, a (tillicul; t:i-k ti Jlti!^'i'. lr MIII- IKir!-i':i uf :hv f.»:ir i-n-ws, !;n'.\ i\ii h ^ :. · will mvi!nf fi. r itNi-lf In the hi^ rn-- "ii Friday, and It i-. iuit»- a* hnn! to (!· k th.- winnrr uf r h t - fn-Ahinun two inili v n n f . which will t:ikeilav un WtilnesdJiy, two iLiy t*'furv t h ' 'vari-lty crvws From nil prvM-nt inilirntiiiui it id [iivtty certain th:it tin- lH-ttin« fr:v!-rnity arv u- iiV t-j - !.·, t :!. H:irv:;r.l r.'iv, .'.-r fa\. r it«'S in Inith Rid 1 -. Hiirvunl hn- iinilutilit- etlly tho U--,t "van«ity anil fn'shincit cri-wx it hai turnttl out in yi-;ir.-. Thi- frvshnii-ii crx-\v i-» ivrtalnly » ln-:iuty. If anylh'mtr. thi 1 mon shinv iK-ttcrforni than tho 'vurslty. T,..^ *!,,.. l..,-r * 1 M » tU, .^x,,.,.^ I,. fK.,1,. I ' r drive th;it i.s in tin- «i'iii»r txuit. Thry h:i\'- Kt-n rowlti(; in pim-tlce thirty-four .stniko*. to the minute and have lxtni'l-urliiKalHini five fivt of wutor. Thi- Harvanl 'varsity have also loou rowing thirty-four ami clearing M«ut six or seven fis?t. \vhlrh !·« certainty faster than tho other crews have Ixvn rowint;. The Columbia 'varsity h.'iu np]innntly not Kvn coached us well as the other-; The cr,-w shows a lack of pxid systematic conchiiift, duo to the fact that Walter Pect has luiui uiinMe to train the itieu. Arthur Putnam, who has had little experience in eoachin.ff, i.s filling Peel's plaeo fts best ho can. and for the past wei'k has boon jriven valuable assistnnco by Owy Kichards. Sevcu nieu In this year's crew vrerv ini'iiibers of the victorious eipht of last year, and they are determined, if possible, to retain their laurels. Although the crew hits not been rowing as fust as last year it has shown stoidy improvement. The Columbia freshmen do not row in pood form, but they are i|tiite steady and have plenty of the sand mid grit lor which Columbia frcahmun are noted. Courtney has made a radical change in the Cornell slrokesiucu la-styear, (ImppiiiK it from forty-three to ntwut thirty-four u minute. The crew kept the boat- very well on its txttom, but as yet have not shown much speed. They do not emphasize the first part of tho rcgfilvory, the slow slide and the c»tt;h sufliciently, which may almost be said to be the three essentials of speed In a shell. Tho Cornoll freshmen show.up well when compared with the 'varsity,and they should give a pood account of themselves in their race. The Pennsylvania crews are the most ambitious and the most conscientious workers of the entire combination. .Hut they have been hanilirapped in o nmny ways that even their enerp-tic ami veteran coach, Ellis Ward, h:is little ho|» i-t th-.-ir making much of a howinir in the 'varsity race. The froihiuer., h ".v.-ver. have -hi 'An wonderful improvement w i t h i n the \vi-t fortnight, and they have an excellent outlook for securing; nfroii! place In tl: % fre-!i- ruen A KEY KETB. CreniHtvcl in IIU lloit«i». DOTLESTOWX. 1'a.. ,lune -·-'.-- An ji'-ed man, known in the vieinity of hi- home :i- ·'Datldy" il rtvnleaf . his ritrht name In-itiir John, was burned to death on aturd.iv. He resided in nn old hiiu-n- alone near L'- bronska, and his hou-e was de-truye.1 by fire early in the morntnj*. (ini-nleaf w,-;s supposed to le nearly Hut years old and tt have POTOC money. It i believed that the flre was started by an exploding lamp. The bodv was found in the niins. Tiro Mnrrlrml by Tmmp-«. Minn.. June :.--Two clti- 7x;ns «..f this I'l.-u e. named Paul and Hays, were shut and killed by a couple of tramps Friday nicht. The wanderers had at- tenipfvl to hold the men uf. along with ]r. Ko*t«-r. of St. Paul, who was on hU way ti vi-i; a ;uitient in the country, and durincihe lijht that endued the former were -h«t. Ine tramps e-=eaped and are pur-i:«~l They will probablr be! If ,...;^ht inr^ Ilrr fr.r H.-r nrotlicr. P.vrF'ZMiv N. J.. Jii!-.-TM--Martha Jackon. a 1. -y-.xir-old o-ioretl cirl. W:L- struck and in.»:«n:!y k:5Uil by ,»n engine on the Erie milr'-ad "hi!'- v.vjns her lin,ither from a like fa to The ehihlren were play- Ing near the tnn'k. and the boy got on the rails »? nn e:qre.- train came along. His f\fter saw the hny'* dancer, and succeeded In s-winsiRR him clear from the truck, but the pilot struck her and killed her instantly. Thre« Tear* for Enticing Children. SCSAXTW. Pa.. June 22.--Mrs. Mapcle Conway. wh» was cor.ricted on Fridar of entJcisg Gwcnnie Thomas and Mamie FiliCT-, la-year-old pirls. into her house for immoral pnrposrs. was on Saturday sentenced bv Judire Edwards t« spend three a fine of lw and costs. EASTOX P» . .lnr.r22.--T).iT\c\ Ehlr. who was shot hy h:« -Terxon. ,Tnoib A. HUlcer. last Tuesday. d»5 hew on S.-»;nr«?.iy. He was .t2 year--·!·!. and Billo-r :* 3?" Bill- per ^hot li.iu Ic.u-*; uf -^ far.,i'.j- tr,v.;'.-,le The murderer i- now in jail, harms given himself UD after the hi -otini:. Brothers Fich« » IVadly Dopl. * .o. .Tune ;£ --Kuc« in- auu Kminot £kcdi, Virfth^r:. f«'Uj;ht a duel with rc- volvErs la.-; evening The latter was ;hot In the left breas'' and will die. They live la adjoininsr houses on Elsin reei- Both are teamster? and arc married- For some time past there has been a rivalry between them as to vrho raised the l«st breed of game chickens and a renewed discussion of the subject led to the duel. B»T TO* uw tt U TlM Nrw. A matting of the Key MoBttmeat A»- , ·orUUoa of frederiei vf!i be ht'A la lie · eUv regttter's c£» u the City H*li on . Tae*d»T creitloK. Joae -.'31, i". 8 o'clock, wbeB UapjrUnt batiaew will coot* up for trasMC'Joa. The ie*l3O *ad tntrgette U3kt of tie Aj»ocUJon ire vrtBflzg » Fraadi Scou Key Feu, to be held tt the rink cm Emtt Patrick i'.ree'. dtrtaj ice week of lb« UU «BC4mptaea' n whtcli p to be oat of Uu mait delightful of the kind ·»»: held here aad ihoold receive the generoai and liberal iBpporl of th* pabtic. Coffimltteet are being appointed aces beiatif ol Utractioc* are tetog arranged tn the way of Irtlit , Del- sane attitude*, mule, etc., and all In all th* Aatoclatlon hope* to to able to giro a treat to Frederick people at well ai eo- teruln fa a mott deligh'jQt way (he T!»- ttiag ioldlor boy*. IH THE LAW'S «BIP. CUB DIBMIM1D. Char Itt Crarer, of near Yellow Springe, thi* county, wa* arrested on Thoraday last by Officer Uetzbaagb, charged with carrying concealed weapons, it a hear J«-T K»,»r^» V^-»l«»^n»w H««»»r ryn *i^1r;~r^my aiternuon La*l the cue waa dlitnlued. The application for an Injunction by the Frederick and Baltimore Turnpike Company to remain the Frederick and Mlddletown Railroad Company from laying rlla on Weil Patrick itreet, was heard before the court on Saturday lait. After hearing the argument the court dla- missed the cue and no Injunction wu granted. THE SOCIAL WOULD. JfSB DANCE. On Thursday evening next the annnal Jane dance will be given in Junior Hall by the young me a of Frederick. The cnapcronea are: Mrs. \V. P. Manlsby, Mrs. F. P. Smith, Mrs. G. W. B. Bhriner. Mrs. Liora Chapllae, Mrs. George Ed. gmllh, Mrs. Dudley Page. Mra. F. B. Smith, Mrs. Charles W. Ross, Jr. Wanned Oat. After the recent heavy rain nearly 500 small relics of the battle of Antletam were fonnd by the boys and young men of Sharpsburg, who gather tbem for Bile. Tlirer Younc IVop!*- !rit\vnrt. Z.\M:SVII.LK. U.. .Iniie-.'. 1 .-- tir.nst Harvey/ and Mi-w Kmma Culliti-. of South /.-in-- rille, nnd MUi Lnella KV.IK, of Mayville avenue, this city, were ditmiutl in the Mu.-,kinjrui:i, M i n t h ut the eiiy. vv-.l-rilay aftoruCKin, After walking down the river on the west side for aliotit two miles they utt«mpted to c-rovs the »trvam in an old skiff. It K-piii to 1111 with water M nip- Idly that when they were in the middle of the stream Jlr. Collins, who iiccompanletl them, juniix'd out to push the Iwat while Mr. Harvey, who was unable to swim, rowed. The ladies became frightened and rushed to Mr. Harvey, ijapsizing the boat. The three drowned were found clinging- to ejvch other. An Alabnmn X..vrtcliiii|;. BlKMiXGHAM. Ala-. June-i!.-- On Friday night la.-,t N.-^sie. th,- ' iUu^lit*;!' of Gwyu Puekett. a prominent farmer living near Hortzell, Ala., was kidnapped by Leon Orr. a negro farm fc»lorer. She was later found in the woods, where the brute, had assaulted her and left her in an unconscious condition, fatally injured. Orr mis captured near Danville and confined in the court house. At an early hour yesterday morning n crowd broke into the buildinjr. strop|K'd the iiesrrn to a horse and took him to the s-cene of his crime. where they haiifreil him to a tn-i-and riddled his body with bullets. his guilt. HI" Own Ftinornl POKTSMorTH, O . ,Tnnt i.-- The funeral scniion of u HviiiK man. plain old Ixirnnzo Dow McKintiey. at- which he was prc-n'tit, was preiichrti at Fallen Tniilum. twenty miles froin here, yesterday to an as-seinbly of b.lHXt people- It was in a primeval for- estof (riiint oaks,campmeetini:-.tylii It»-v. Forest Kvans conducted the vremrmie Just behinil hiiu j»t the living lnrenze Dw MeKiniU'y. A committee of eight venerjiblu men. in lieu of pallbearers, conducted the snbjei-t to the platform. The text was. "The time of my departure is now a: ham!." At the conclusion thecon- jcresiation Hied by, takin^r leave of the de- (tirted. tearfully shaktn.chiin by the hand. niilwrreil IjinTrr S-ck5 Koln^tatcment. LASCASTEK, Pa.. June £!.--Lawyer G. C. Kennedy who was di.sliarrcd two years ago. has jvtitionetl the court to reinstate him. The rvnson assicnetl i that hf was acquit tvtl of all the charees of forpery. fal«o pn'ton-*' iind enilvzzlement. which were the IKI-J;- of hi-= di-barment. But the rwil r\-a-=on f'-r di-Kirment was that he claimed to lie in-one. The people who lost money through Kennedy will probably ob- jtx't to hi-s tvin^ijiu'inent. Rn««iftn Knrtorr 1T:tnl« on Strikn*. ^T. PKTK!6?WK(i. June S.--There are 4.f*l(l fiictory hand* now on -»triko. They are quiw p»'av.klik'. 'out apparently determined to obtain their demands. It is stattl that more than 1'Unn in the province of Tver hnre re-Hlvod To co to the railway when th.»C7ar returns t« St. Po- t«Ts-bunt and *ip the train, and rhmw themselves on Jhcir kn»x\s to indutv the emperor to receive a memorial of their grievances. Since Ia7S tlitre bave been nine epidemics nf dy.^Tjtcrr in diffenmt parts of the country in which Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Ihrrhoca Kenwdr iras used with perfect success. Dysentery, when epidemic, is al- s =CTcre 2s5 dan^cro:)5 as .\sialic cholera. Heretofore the best eiibrts of the most skilled physjrans have failed to check its ravages, this reanxly. however, has cnred the rr--t m.'O.Tc^'iTM* cnso^, i^th of ch'ldrsii and * a:«l under the r.y^t trvjriz conditioas, which proves, it to be the best medicine in the worl^ fi*t lwwe-1 cmmpUin?'. For aJe bv A, L. Pearre, Frederick': W. K. B-jdy, ML Airy. 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Now excuse us for dropping from this high subject of politics to one so commonplace as furniture, bnt then you mast have furniture even if .you have no politics. We can do better for you when buying furniture than most dealers here and you should see us and talk about it before you purchase. You will be acting wisely if you visit i %..* CAN CET THEM TOO. 50 DUKE IV.H; BICYCLES. Up to date in every way. Price, $23; 0:r Cat Price, $33,50, They moat go. Call early as they are going fast. 20th Centnry Lamp, $399. 10,000 MILE CYCLOMETER only 51.00 A lot of second hand b!crcle»at bargain prices. We tell Smith Premier Typewrttari. N:-, 42, ii ssi i$ 2st Patrick Street, Fataig, Hd,. TmDBRYAEINa A SPECIALTY. LOOK FORTHEiSiRJEWIRBSICfjr. SMITH'S Temple of Fancy. IT IS VERY PROVOKING ! Tor a lad-r to have her dre* dyed acd flnrt tl ilrtrt shrunken sen ral Inohe* and twlited au jut of shape. We now hare the ONLY PROCESS IN AMERICA THREE KILLSD_AT A CROSSING And .laotliir Fatud.v Hurt Iiy an Atlantic t°it Eij-n--s Train. ATiA.vnr I'nv, June -*0.--Thive men wetv in-fcinrlv killed and a Sourth probably fatj.tty iiijsirrt! in :i grRxta crossinp lit :ii A I- f-un vt-tvnl!iy TruMlcnd are: Ceor-a.' Hul-or. :iy\v.\ rid ywir*: Frederick Hii!u"'. his ·MIII. ;i£r'il :£ yo;irs. nf itr.s 0111:11;?. ami Harry Huui/.- icr, of I'hilniii-lphia. the inj;ird man is Jo-'fph rtihi. of G.ill'wruy. a. roejuber nf thi* board of fr vhohK-r^. Thr iiu-n \:-fr (!''r:!i:n i.1 tibonf T oVIfV-fc vn the* nior:ni:r f i r a ihiy'.s plt-a.Miro in :»- by -- of top i'.-v«-r,\l v.-.ipon Upon tlic Jiniiuiils i :th"r iK-r or tho tlnviT. youiiu' Huhcr. ntto the C:i;.»t!»-n :msl Atlnntii tniin urr».» rhe tnu-'K- The trnin v±- ,,r the "-ariMif ~i»iy iniU - in hiar. to Thss WJILJIIII \\."~ [i;;rr!y tho tnuii -itru -k i: u.i:;l tlin-\v !- mill i:riii:i,! \r.i- · o. e--:--^ Tin* HII' cngiuo win 1 with u hir~' OR toi f hi.i. S»hl ·»-u his s'ulo on tho jitji:fnrui. 'ir.vikiivs in two plsitvs. fnu-turiiisr thnv =il.-= an«l puticlurinr:i htiicin oiu- «f hi^ r'L.i. Sia!: A^ain AZiu-mctl.. MADRID, Ju:u.iJ.--Tru-platfonn in St. Loui-- ciasc-i unni un««i-inosc in Spain, mill it is litirpd that. « rorjlict urith the TJaiSfd bfat.~; ha-- nnw alnioht a. (Lsctl date. The envi'mim-nt ha- hastened to buy two 14.*rni ton ir'wUi'l? at (Ttfao;i f prio- ;i ft\v. il.iy^ »i.-.r \v;u- thouprht to bcuxco.-'.vo. A p\!n; jvirt vl the lo:»n Of llX),rtAM'J pkllf:i I.Klllf 'lS KlJth: child on will p' Snake*: While Mr. and Mrs. Wtn. Roberts were In the vicinity of Llnganore Hills yester- dy Mrs. Roberts waaattacked by a large copper snake,, which »prang tiro feet from the ground in an effort to strike her. The reptile ws» afterward dispatched by Mr. Roberts. Belief in SizHonr*. Distressing.Kidney and Bladder diseases relieved In ill hours by the "NMW GBXAT SOOTH AitEmiOiH KIOKKT CURB-" rh'sneiv remedy Is a irreat surprise on account of tta exceeding prompenms la reliertajf p«la in the bladder, kidney?, back and every part of the nrfo»ry passages In male or female. It reStovBi retea- Uooof water aad pain IB. puatng it almost (mmedlateiy. Cf yon want qoict reUef and cure ihls is your remedr. Sol.-'rJ. A. WO- lamion. Arafsxt. Frederick. Md. to preveit this In made-nn TJresset. dyed br us the skirt a not shrunk and retain- Ita-thape like neir. By our method of* Doing Up Jjnee Curtains they keep cleai longer, hang better, oo- of i get torn in finishing, as they frequently do ii othersiethodR, hare A Beautiful Finish ouoh superior to any other, and price* much lower. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS,. CUMBERLAND, MD. Gat a price list from L B. JHMMS, 74 IT. ChurcftK for Asa remedy for all forms of Headache Eleo- trlc BUters lias proved to b: ihe very best. It effect* a permanent care and the meat dreaded habitual sick headache* yield to tts Influence. W« urge all wfio ara afflicted to procure a bottle, and. give thii remedy a fair trial. Incites of habitual constipation Blec- trlc Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels and few cuei long- reilst the use of tuts medicine. Try it once. Fifty cents and 11.00 at A. L. Pfearre'a Drug Store. 10G,rtAM'J pUii i-i.-i.- i.iailf ! jy Koths- '1 Id on the A!tn;idr:i 'jiurkj-ilvcr mines ) I 1 p-ilir.My be iituiujtHatfly applied to !· | h wtirs-hip.- ;is an- now fnr--«il?. The S = A rro- Kno ,.f ':· . c o:: 11 r t '. is the m o t h e r v . a healthy, h a p r y child. She a-.-ver reaches the fnH degree of womanly development until she has felt the pleasing responsibilities of d maternity. ATI this ~ happiness may be marred or SUIT be turned into misery such warship, ;»# arv now f,,r-^le. The !j K = C^^y ^==' jf *e child.b not a govormnonr. n^.ml« n( .» rh, ^«bted J ^^ rffte ^^ ^^^fc^ national scntmuuit. :iul trusting: prob-1 rf th e mother, both before and a2er birth, obly tt. tho hi-lp of ( .th«rpow.-s?s.sscms rp-4 Herefflty is stronjr. and it is every woman's finty to give her children the best possible [ int · --Jisr seiaitf a. chance in life. Nothinif that she conld poa- i ja'«- -in - aibly jrive them caa be as Talnabla as health, "Wealth cannot be enjoyed trithant bealta, Notbinr can be enjoyed -withont health. Health is life. People -arho are not healtty are only half alive. The child'who «tarU out with a. lobast body and -rigorous, virile tcalth, has evcrrthing- to be thankftd for «m4 nothing to be afraid of. Yoacaauot expect such a child to sprin? from a-artak and sictly mot2ter. Most aU of'woctan'a ·weakness- and particnlarly the weakness that most strongly influence* the health of tildren, comes tVo-n some derangetnent or solvni r Liberal^ h.i\c iiiTi-ih motion o-r.^ur::;^ th V«trran Kncini-»r« tw- Itetfre. ».s. ,Tune.-_£.-- Chief Engincars Greorgc F. Ki:i7.-and Jj»'-.'\N". Thomson, of tic navy, vnll Ix.- n-lirt^I from active th" -'th mr.. NR h:ivsti; c plctcd forty yexr-' -«rvjcp antl made application for ruiirrinrnt. Th«ir loss \viij be {seriously fdt }y tic engineer they are rec»smiroi to be 5wr» of the capable and exporiencel officers ol branch of tho nawil .^rricc. Both have been pron»in-.-ntly idonsifiotl witl the haildinc of the m-w navy. disease ef the distinctly feminine JcQ ssclt troable is as unnecessary as it i» terribly distressiaf:. Dr. 3?ierce'a iKvorit* Prescnption trill cere all troubles of this I nature. There is co gnest-work abort thia I statetuMt, aad there is- no qnarifirarion. J. The "FaTorite Prescription" shocld t* . Karl's Ckx**r Boot Te» U R. jlraaant mrr* for Ooo»tlp«Uon. Tea* aale br Albert I. Pwure, BsoUwn BnfldM*. O»t**rb Healtk awl sweet braatt _ CMarrtEemedr- Fries- SO oeota. Maaal to- rat aal* toy Albert I*. Piaaare. A !E«nmd BeutMer. KarT* Oover Boot Tea pial*a« tbe Mood dear and toauUftii eottPtextoa. StoUton Sofld- ·nd assists in the health ft: 1 an* regular per- foTT=ancesof all tie natural fractions. The "Farorite Prescription " should be token tegnlarly by every woman dnrujgthe entire period of fjestation. It crre» strtgtA to aH tbe organs involved, lessens tt« pains aad danger of childbirth and insans tha tealth o? both -oother aad child. Jf TOO tarr to tg-vt an *%oct the Trescrlption." and to read the testimony of bnn- A Fact Worth K*owlD(. T A^n 1*1^", T* \ifw IITOI ifr, and au Throat «x) Lancd]s«a««ai« onredby Sbflob's Ttrre. Vtoraa2*byAJberiL. Fecrre, Ktottton SaSMtag. SAHM DILL. SAHM DILL. r g 5 y g " f . to corrr'cost cf maiU=sro«^f. aad weehe free m of Dr. ricrcr's Coasiao-a Sense Medical ' Address. WorM's Kspca-arrSlc tka. Xo. 663 3Uia Street, Bnffalo. H. T. ISAHM DILL. SAHM DILL. To the Young Face Poceoxi's COXPLKXIOX POWDER give* fresher ekarms: to the old. renewed yonth. Try it. . PJEK PAIR. LADIES OXFORD TIES. Sharp Toes-and Patent Leather Tip-,. Heat, Stylish and Wearers. 50CTS. PAIR Gome earl; before they are gone, at LOY PERRY'S. RUSSET TIES in all the HEWSMDES EFFECTS IK CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright, Cheerful and Up To Date ef fecta in this line. A HORRIBLE LIFE CAUSED BY CATARRH. Few, if any. bcman beings ev*r suffered as d i d Rictard SewelL U12 VT. Lombaid St, Baltimore, with Head, Byes, Eais. Throat, Chest and Stomach. He. like you. thought Catarri incurable. Today he seys "I am -well and base baa r. - return for over one- year." ONLY JR. GEO. W. FISHER'S CATARRH CURE. PRICE SO CERTS. BY AU, QKJ661STS- SEASONABLE GOOOS. REFRIGERATORS, GASOLINE STOVES, OIL STOVES, GARDEN HOSE, BICYCLES, WATER COOLERS, SPRINKLING CANS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS. WASHINGKETTLES, SG.^C, In fact a Sner line of everything in season than can be lound anywhere in the State at prices "which have been marked way down. Call- and be convinced. Very BespectMlly,. EXCELSR STOVE HOUSF, FREDERICK, MD- TEGALBLASKS. THK NEWS 8TXAH JOB OTflCB. Rex Rheumatism Cure 1 WILLCtJRTE Ens? Form of Rkoumatam and Purify the Blow!. For lale In Frederick by STEZNKB. BKOS^. IrK£ci«ts, 102 North lUrket Street. were at school did yon ever try the plan of studying only questions which would come to yon in jour regular turn and skipping the test ? And did the unfeeling teacher ever upset your little scheme by beginning in the wrong place? Some stores advertise on that plan. They are crammed, and ready with answers and low prices on cheap wood cuts sold by the peck that don't represent stock that they are not so ready to stand examination on. We sell D B tiltu R E __ The best made goods on earth. W. H. B. ETCHISOISr, The Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone No. 122.

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