The Lafayette Gazette from Lafayette, Louisiana on May 16, 1903 · Page 6
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The Lafayette Gazette from Lafayette, Louisiana · Page 6

Lafayette, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1903
Page 6
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r el brase d eore beaa g 7 to It was a hardemtest tsfrom beginning ,"t win the game beeMutled to the last hit. a pretty evenly matched but Lafayette was a little than the Crowleyites. Lafayette boys will go to Nw Iberia to-morrow and play - alust the team of that town. We always have ice. Phone 53. Just msay Clark". That means Srst class photography. Fromn a Cat Scratch on the arm, to the worst sort of a burn, sore or boil, DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is a quick cure. In buying Witch Hazel Salve, be particular to get De- r Witt's-this is the salve that heals without leaving a scar. A specific for blind, bleeding, itch- ' ing and protruding piles. Sold ti by Lafayette Drug Co. Eben Morgan, left last Mon- Jr day for Bowling Green, Ky., E where he will take about a six- h month course in the Bowling Green Business College. The Wastes of the Body. l% Every seven days the blood, muscles and bones of a man of J. average size loses two pounds of i) wornout tissue. This waste can- le not be replenished and the health Si and strength kept up without L. perfect digestion. When the so stomach and digestive organs fail to perform their functions, J the strength lets down, health Br gives way, and disease sets up, 01 EKodol Dyspepsia Cure enables V' the stomach and digestive or- A. gans to digest and assimilate all mi of the wholesome food that may tor be eaten into the kind of blood Pe that rebuilds the tissues and es protects the health and strength L. of the mind . and body. Kodol Lo cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia We and all stomach troubles. It is an ideal spring tonic. Sold by his Lafayette Drug Co. Bui Mo Police Jury Proceedisngs. Ad Lafayette, La., May 7, 1903.- The Police Auj Jury met this day in regular session with Ad: the following members present: M. Billeaud, Chi ., J. C. Buchanan, F. G. Mouton, John wits Whittington, J. O. Blanchet, P. R. Landry, Ro3 Alex M. Broussard and Alonzo Lacy. Ab-. . sent: Saul Broussard. N. The minutes of the previous meeting Opt were read and approved. Ale: Mr. P. R. Landry was appointed to fill liof the vacancy caused by the resignation of gan Mr. J.A. Labbe on the committee ap- Isra pointed to settle with the tax collector for man licenses and taxes for the years 190o and tus ] rgg1992. paui President Billeaud and Attorney Mouton N. I S submitted a report on delinquent licenses Prej and same, with documents, was referred to S. S the committee on settlement with tax col- Thet lector. Supt. Alleman here appeared and pre- Labl . ented the petition of the tax-payers of the R. B parish, praying for a special election on the n.on question of levying a special school tax of .lan, three mills on the dollar for six years, for Alce the purpose of repairing building and fur- John a nshing school-houses and for maintaining Arce public schools in the parish of Lafayette La. Coen By motion of Mr. Mouton the petition of the bois, property tax-payers of the parish of La- glini fayette, La., praying that a special election be ordered for the purpose of ascertaining Paul and determining whether or not it is the sense and desire of the property tax-payers L J of the parish of Lafayettu, that a special Reau. tax of three mills on every dollar of the as- tOvide sessed valuation of parish property, be levied Land, for the purpose of repairing, building and Berna furnishing school-houses and for maintain- Berna ing public schools in the said parish, was re- Ihilip ceived, and the following ordinance duly I na adopted in reference thereto: tC. Br AN ORDINANCE ordering a special elec- Josept tion in accordance with Act No. X31 of Lacy, acts of the Legislature of this State for Matthi the year 1898. (as amended by Act 178 nier, J of 192o) and Article No. 232 of Berna, the constitution, whereat shall be sub- per S. mitted to the property tax payers of the Ancele parish of Lafayette, La., entitled to vote Bourqt under the general election laws of said I). State, the questron of levying a special Weber, tax, at the rate of three millson the dol- Cleberl lar per annum, of the assessed property Bower, therein for a period of six years, begin- Felix ning with the first day of January, A. Broussr D. 19o4 for the purpose of repairing, D)esire building and furnishing school-houses Alexan, and for maintaining public schools in Emile the said parish, in conformity with the lebert petition of more than one-third of the Ernest property tax-payers of said parish, Grange hereto annexed and made part hereof, Breaux, providing for the mode of holding said MIrs. V. election, making returns, etc. Pilot, A Section Be it ordained by the Police tiolais, Tury of Lafayette, La., in legal session con- Alcide vened, that a special election is hereby or- Kilchris dered and shall be held in said parish of La- Roger, fayette, La., on Thursday June I8, A. D. Ernest o903, at which election shall be submttted to leaud, S the property tax-payers of said parish enti- G;reig, C tied to vote under the general election laws Alcee M of the State, the question of levying a special sard, his tax of three mills on the dollar of asressed tole MIor valuationon all taxable property, in said Ambrois, parish annually for a period of six years, lancon, I - beginningarith the first day of Jan. A. D. seaux, D sgo@, for the purpose of repairing, building Leonce I and furnishing school-houses and for marn- rouard, : tainng public schools in the said parish, in Albert L Sthe parish of Lafayette, La., in conformity son, Al1 with the petition of more than one-fifth of Henry R. the property tax-payers of said parish hereto his mark and made part hereof; said tax to Rufus I he levied and collected according to law on Cuming, terms of this ordinance, said election Burke, ' ordered upon the following petition, Paul Bout by more than one-fifth of the prop- A. F'ore -,tax-payers of said parish of Lafayette, Pryor, Al .to.wit: H. Prejea the Honorable Police Jury of the par- guet, Ada EIafayette:-The undersigned property tave Duhc oif the parish of Lafayette re- Erast Gui ipetition your honorable body to mark, A. al, tax of (three mills) (3) on the Irien Dubo  lnmpm aon the assessed valuation Judice wit yId parish for a term of six Cayret, P gsh the year 30o4, as re- James Wa - 31 of the Acts of the tro, his mm of Louisiana of the tavie Cayr - - yr honorable body do w;rd Brea= for .the purpose of F. G. Tub • tax-payers A. Judicet ton to levy seld mIt a- Forem Patio, Eate ;·S anc d co A. Jdlcy - . m b! . e atemlestelw y rde repair-bo sd !r latsM seg pmbUil aschooLs I tmhe Aý» Ish sad the uald tax shall be wid & up overb th tax colleetor to the Sch Boasd teeerer for the purposes herei.t. above s.t oerths 7 to 5 Hebrard Girouard, George Malagarie, SbIard Jules Girouard, Zenoa BoDurque. A. L. roassard, D. G. Bernard, Felix Gironard, ginnIng O. A. Breaux, Ambrolae Brouasard, I. 0. ag be- Gironard, Andre Girouard, Anare Bernard, O. D. Girouard, J. N. Breaux, Martin GiLast rouard, N. Reaux, Ursin Comeaux, Martial Labbe, Chas. Billeaud, Chas. Grevemberg, Ophe Girouard, Andresie Savoy, Nicolas l a little Girouard, F. G. St. Jullen, Rodolph Bernard, G. L. Labbe, Eleonard Gironard, leyites. Dalcon Lapesse, Eraste Landry, A. J. ll go to Mouton, William Ophine, E. E. Landry, Falip Langlinais, Fusien Dubois, Madame id Ufemon. Chas. A. Boudreaux. D. Doucet, LOWn. John Billeaud, Theophile Begnaud, Jack Matthieu, Alex O. Boudreaux, Arthur Bilone 53. leaud, Israel Prejean, Mrs Joseph Beg- naud, Louis G. Bteaux, C. Brandt, Felix means Bernard, Odilon Broussard, Theophile Sonnier, George Weber, Abel Mouton, John D. Bertrand, B. Morvant, T. E. Stirling, Louis h Iatin, Adam Cormier, Abrant Broussard, Albert Albarado, Martial Hebert, Auguste sort Claude, F. II. Latiolais, S. Begnaud, BWitt's Adraus llebert, Lorance Juneque, F. J. Mougou, J. C. Nickerson, Chas. D). Caffery, quick Eraste C. I.andry, A. T. McBride, I. R. Hazel Mills, Alcee Broussard, S. J. LeBlanc, Felix et De- Girouard, J. Gaston Mouton, Mr. Jules e Jeanmard, Miss Bianca Patin, Dreu Castille, t ar. A Jeanne Dominique, Tubusse, A. i t Bacque, William Guidry, Mme. Alfredti r itch- Voorhies. Clovis Mouton, Alex Duhon, ArSold thur lioffpauir, Antoine Baquet, A. Patin, I Alexandre Hebert, A. I). Breaux, Alcide lebert, Alcide Landry, Deperan Morvan, n J. I. Bernard, jr., Espany Matthleu. F. II. Mon- lubbs, R. U. Bernard, Antheol Bernard, J SKy., Edouard Girouard, Louis Bernard, A. Dela six- hommre, C. C. Brown, Edgar Landry, Fran- ,, cois V. Comeaux, Omer Bernard, Valerien w OWling Landry, Rev. Father Johanni Roquet, C. d 11. Mouton, R. C. Landry,-A. Judice, Julian p Mouton, Martial Billeaud, sr., DarmasA Landry, M. Billeaud, jr., Robert Girouard, n dy. M. Langlinais, J. S. Broussard, Onisiphore di Comeau, Felix Meaux, O. H. Theriot, Ed A blood, J. Comeaux, J. A. Roy, Ambroise Broussard, m tan of J. K. Melancon, Ulysse Reaux, J. E. Bonin, hi ads of Drozin hMeaux, J. 11. Comeaux, Chas. Bil- hi ,e can- leaud, Paul Billeaud, Andre Billeaud, Ad- V; lar A. A. Meaux, Leon Bernard, G health Simon Breaux, Ovide Arcenaux, J. Richard, ithout L. E. Bernard, Alexan Breaux, S. J. Brous- ni the sard, Mrs. D. Cayret, per Leo Judice; Leo N rans Judice. J. L. Chiasson, Jules Jeanmard, A. Armand L. Guilbean, G. Juvadu, Edmond G tions, J. I)upuis, Edward E. Mouton, J. D. health Breaux, J. C. Martin, Ophe Melancon, -r is up, Overton Cade, F. E. Girard, M. I)., F. E. Si, tables Voorhies, G. A. Martin, P. Gerac, Louis Ba Lacoste, Ed G. Voorhies, Eloi IBroussard, At Te A. E. Billeaud, O. F. Comeaux, L. J. Alle- dr te all man, A. Mouton, R. K. Comeaux, M. Mou- p. may ton, Eloi Bonin, J. G. Broussard, Victor de Wi blood Perrodil, C. K. Olivier, 1). Landry, Phor- pa less Landry, J. H. Bernard, A. T. Co- Sy and meaux, Irosin Dubois, J. G. LeBlanc, P. jo lngth DeClouet, Paulit S. Ilebert, E.Guileau, sa Eodol Louis G. Stelly, C. N. Estilette, John Mc e Weber, Charles E. i)upuis, Preston Benton, T. his mark, N. P. Moss witness; A. B. Bras- Boi seux, Jos. Guchereau, Auguste Prejean, Ad d by his mark. N. P. Moss witness; Charles des Burke, Walter Nolan, William Wagner, Wa Moise Baker, per, N. P. Moss; Eloi I)uhon, Ad, Adam T. Foreman, Lot Tans, Jean L. He- Wa bert, per, N. P. Moss; Alex M. Broussard, IHu Police Auguste Perry, Eiias Spell, Ben Avant, Wa with Adam Morgan, W. J. Holmes, G. Mouton, Wa leaud, Charles Hernandez, his mark, N. P. Moss Sa John witness; E. Landry, Martin Prejean, P. B. Egi andry, Roy, Mrs. P. A. Dupleix, P. A. Chiasson, No, Ab- P. A. Chiasson, jr., Demas Roy, his mark, Bro N. P. Moss witness; Clobil Hernandez, Alci aeeting Ophelia Broussard, Z. J. Francez, M. D. Alex Hoffpauir, Silas Hoffpauir, Phineas [let to fill lIoffpauir, E. E. Dermiston, Solomon Mor- Den ion of gan, Edward Foreman, Israel Prejean, Bod e ap- Israel Racka, per, N. P. lMoss; Alcide Fore- Fran Dr for man, Dave Spell. W. J. Horseman, Augus- Fanu I and tus Faulk, per, N. P. Moss; Rufus Hoff- Brot pauir, Armon Perry, Mrs. A. Foreman, per L. S louton N. P. Moss; Gus. A. Breaux, Jos. Sulem Blan censes Prejean, his mark, N. P. Moss witness; T. red to S. Singleton, R. Ii. Comeaux, Mrs. O. Scol- Therlot, per N. P. Moss; O. Melancon, C. Srea Moss, Paul Breaux, per J. N. B. A. A. Mel pre- Labbe, A. E. Gauthier, Robert Duhon, J. Mel f the R. Reaux, Fred Trahan, jr., Mrs. Huphe- Ada; n the n.on Bernard, Edmon Comeaux, Pierre A. ax of Mamer. Ducruiselles Forustier, his mark, for Alcee Potier, Louis Homer Dugas, his mark, Sonn -ur- John Roger, his mark, Placide Prejean, R. Fran ining Arceneaux, Eustache Roger, Louis Estrace Ther. La. Comeaux, Hypolite Comeaux, Ozeme Du- Edwt the bois, Lucuis Duhon, A. Olivier, Jules Lan- H. C f a- glinais, S. HIerit Bernard, Eraste Guidry, John ction Felix Landry, James Smith, Felix LeBlanc, Adan ining Paul Bernard, S. J. Montgomery, Gilbert Vince the Bernard, Mozart Girouard, Emar LeBlanc, Edga iyers L. J. Landry, Joseph Bourque, Emard Brous 'ecia aux, Julien Comeaux, Arestie Savoie, Reni as- tvide Comeaux, Delma Boudreaux, Homer J. O. vied Iandry, H. Billeaud, F. Jermin, Ursin J. Zacha and Bernard, Elie Ulo, Carlos Broussard, Dilia Wm. Lain- Bernard, Andre Billeaud, Ulysse Duhon, Tanne re- Philip Duhon, A. Langlinais, Lucien Ar- Ristro duly ceneaux, Leceus Guidry, Edwardl Dugas, Edwa C. Brandt, C. 11. Sonnier, J. P. Guidroz, Romao :Iec- Joseph Sonnier, John B. Sonnier, Joseph Don I of Lacy, Mrs. Jacques Chiasson, Francois Prudh for Matthieu, Albin Richard, Mrs. Bazile Son- 178 nier, Jean Richard, Etienne Mouton, Numa jr. JI of Bernard, J. C. Broussard, 1). Broussard, D. S tub- I per S. C. Broussard; Aladin Martin, Evan Forest the Ancelet, Sosthene IHebert, Trasimond Hoffpa ote Bourque, Joe McBride, Marcel Begneaud, Floyd taid I). Arceneaux, A. G. Mouton, Romain Edmor cial Weber, Daphnisse Labry, Fenton Patten, Franco lot- Clebert I)ronette, Elie Vincent, Euclide ue, Bower, Jean L. HIebert, John Broussard, Ulysse in- Felix Trahan, Voorhies Vincent, Placide pauir, A. Broussard, Eloi Vincent, Donat Vincent, Ramon ng, D)esire Vancent, Joseph Thibodeaux, Duhon, ses Alexandre LeBlanc, Alexander Vincent, reaux, in Emile Vincent, John LeBlanc. Amedee uhon, the Ilebert, DI)esire J. H-ebert, Pierre Cormier. mark;J he Ernest Cormuer, Renis Trahan, Ferlusse soit He sh, Grange, O. J. Polaird, Odon Guidry, H. Eloi Du of, Breaux. Pierre J. Mlouton, Paul Martin, Prejean cid Mrs. V. E. Dupuis, Mrs. V. E. C. Blanc, I Pdilot, A. X. Lamulle, Alli Noel, C. F. La- villeCot ce tiolais, Therence Guidroz, S . Breaux, Breaux n- Alcide Gu:droz, Eustache Roger, Edgar andre B r- Kilchrist, Simon Latour, S. I)eleglise, Jno. Broussat .a- Roger, Albert Mouton, Trancors Arceneaux, Homere D. Ernest Crouchet, Joseph Breaux, Alex Bil- to leaud, Sidney Greig, Leon Monte, Arthur Villere Li- Greig, Chas. p eaux, Odressy Broussardr, J. vs Alcee Monte, F. I). Prejean, Uclide ibrous- Ovide A al sard, his mark, Luc Oter, his mark, Ana- lix Benor d role Monte, Gil A. Monte, Ii. Melancon, Iroussar Ambroise I)uhon, i mark, Gaston Me- James , lancon, his mark, Fernand Mouton, Rous- Broussr ). seaux, Dugas, S. J. LeBlanc, Ed. Parent, M. Br g [Jeuince iariviere, I)rozin Meaux, Paul Gi- Crochet -rouart, Saul Broussard, Lombet Brenux, E. Coy SAlbert Landry, P. h . Landry, S. . Parker- Baptiste y son, Alphonse Broussard, Marcial Fabre, Mrs. J. Henry RohanAlex Breaux, Glemie Thibodo, Felecien ro his mark, A. J. wite ness; Sidney Comeaux, Cuiry. u Rufus Hoffpaur, Claborn Foreman, A. Lodoiska SCuming, A. O. Clark, John Nugent, John Comeaux, /Burke, August Simon, Sidney Foreman, H. Then Paul Bouike, Walter Foreman, Mrs. Mary G. W. Sc - A. I'oreman, Nathan Hoffpauir, E. W. Parent; L Pryor, Alice Broussard, Adam Sonnier, L. Esoud, S H. Prejean, Alcide Cormier, Etienne Cour- Bonnemai guet, Adam Breaux, Adelma Prejean, Gus. Parent; C tave Duhon, his mark, A. Judice witness; Dyer, L. Erast Guillott, Wm. WhIttington, Jr., his E. Spell, mark, A. Judice witness; Jules Sonnier, Val- Avant, B. rien Duhon, Pier E. Simon, his mark. A. Spell, J. Judice witness; Valentin Duhon, Mime. O. Guidry. Cayret, P. H. Mouton, F. E. Sterling, N. Cye, James Walsh, John R. Davis, Annesime Go- Pamingue, tro, his mark, A. Judice witness; Miss Oc- C. D. Gra tavie Cayret, Miss Nita Cayret, Louis Ed- Leon Lagi gzrd Breaux, his mark, A. Judice witness; Bertrand, F. G. Tubbs, Thelesmare Nawtiez, his mark, beaux, All A. Judice Witness; Adelbert Domingue, Sam- W. H. Ste ui -Foreman, Dintnique Doger, Louis his mark, Patio, Esters or E]lle Comeaut, his mark, lonbus G, A.-, JndJlt wmitseuAccidUo i, his mark, A. gneaux, A or repir. wtamee,4 Alea Martin, Jr.. Me marl, kc-ho wtusea, Dr. P. M. Girard, per A. SIn the diee;jaleeDeUormme, Adirk Btamtward, ibe h id m A. witmess Louis Donlamw Sc aer Joseph Baex, Teledano BNegnad, UI- herei- ger ex, i arku A. Jadice wit.ess; Abe . outon, George Webber, Leone Malagarie, Martin his mark. A. Judiee witness; EliA. Sonaler. Adam Chieasso, his mark, A. Ju Giroar dice witnese; Alexandre Delhomnme, Jr., . I. O Jules Bernard, G. Baptiste Peres, ulesJ Bernard, eaux, Drosin D. Dehon, his mark. A. luartin Gi- dice witness; Antoine D. Trahan, his mark, Martial A. Judice witness; Pier Trahan fls, his aeb mark, A. Judice witness; Hippolyte DroNiol nete, blvaret Duhon, Cleobule Parl. hid lib Ber- mark, A. Judice witness, M. J. Daniel, J. Uirouard, Bob Daniel, W. S. Smith, E. O. Upchere. , A. J Hi polyte Savote, Honore Martin. his mark,' A. Judice witness. I. E. Patterson, Paul DoLandy.m nick, his mark. A. Judice witness; Brassau Doucet, Domin e, his mark, A. Judice witness; J, Jack ames Duhon, Ansemime Dory, his mark, A. hur Jadice witness; Homer Rimon, Hugh Wag. h B ner. J. D. Hunter, M. D., Ornon Spell. W. t, Felix C. Mohen, Robert Nalon, C. H. agner, John Nugent, Nathan States, Cornelius John D. Spell, F. N. Sweeny, Adam J.. Spell, Guy J, pell, his mark, A. Judice witness; Felozi ouuardts Berker, his mark, A. Judice witness; Emile ruuss ouke. his mark, A. Judice witness, Ares legnaud, Hoffpaur, Sidney Foreman, his mark, A. , F. JJudice witness; John Nugent, Jr., Ohnez Caffery, Chiasson, his mark, A. Judice witness; Dee, I. R sire Monte, his mark, A. Judice witness; ac, Joseph Dugas, E. Cayret, Amede Domingue, . Jules Alf. A. Delhomme, D. Doucet, II. BlanCastile, chard, C. Doucet, J. S. Raggio, Gustave gias, A. iacque, P. A. Chiasson, Jr., Joseph PeleAlfred tier, Jr., his mark, A. Judice witness; Clehon Ar- ert J. LeBlanc, Alcee Guidry, Seville SoPatin, nier, Felix Benoit, Anatole Bonin, Edmond Alcide Bonin, Henry Bacque, Alcee Bernard, his I lorvan mark, A. Judice witness; Samuel Jenkins, I F. It. Adam Cormier, Clote Louvriere, his mark, A. Bernard, Judice witness; Alcide Martin, his mark, A. A. Tudice, witness; Gustave Domingue, Paul Alcee Broussard, his mark, A. Judice wity, Fran- ness; Me. Similien, his mark, A. Judice. Valerien witness; Numa Chiasson, his mark, A. Juset, C. dice witness; Jos. Hernandez, Jean Bernard. , Julian per C. Brandt; Louis Bernard, per C. Brandt; a Darmas Arcade Caronthers, his mark, A. Judice wit- t ironard, ness; Zano Louis Malapart, his mark, A. Juisiphore dice witness; Robert Blanchard, his mark, 1 lot, A. Judice witness; Emanuel Allemand. his I ussard, mark, A. Judace witness; Neville Trahan, e lionin, his mark. A. Judice witness; I)uDre Patin, P as. his mark, A. Judice witness; Rufuus Peck, a 1, Ad- Valery Boudreaux, Paul Doucet, Telesse P ternard, Giotte, his mark, A. Judice"witness; Lucien a Uchard, Judice, his mark, A. Judice witness; Ado- 51 Brous- nice Domingue, his mark, A. Judice witness; e ,e; Leo Narcisse Dugas, Edoice Caruthers, his mark, Lnnard, A. Juidice witness; Mrs. Desire Doucet,Oneil T 3dmond Guidry, Obert Domingue, Aymar Comeaux, c, J. D. J. R. Langlinais. Onezime l)ronette, Pierre oi lancon, Trahan, Olivier Trahan, Ursin Sisse, Eme at F. E. Simon, Ant. Broussard. Charles Hernandez, o Louis Bajamin Bourk, Emile Simon, Jules Trahan, sa ussard, Auguste Verot, William Knight, John Lan in i. dry, Alexander Delhomme, G. Baptiste st Mou- Peres, P. II. Mouton, John Hebert, Mrs. tli ctor de Widow Martial Broussard, Philip Martin, pa Phor- Paul Martin, Alex Martin Jr., Alcee Dugas. re C. Co- Sylvian Richard, A. Judice. Leo Judice, a: fc, P. John Roger, Antoine Bacque, Odilon Brous- er ilbeau, sard, Dominique Arceneaux, Mme. Widow sp John Moore, Alfred Delhomme, Jules Delhomme, lenton, T. Begnaud, Zepherin Boudreaux, Osma sa Bras- Boudreaux Phil Crouchet, lhelix Malapart, Lr reJean, Ad. Chiasson, L. Guillot, Charles Hernan- tic harles dez, P. J. Scanlan, Arthur Bonin, by Hugh L1 agner, WVagner; John Ewing, by Hugh Wagner; sai )uhon, Adolph Wagner, Vitman Istre, by Htugh da . He- Wagner; Eck Langlinais; Pascal Bord, by ne assard, Hugh Wagner; Albert Stutes, by Hugh tis 4vant, Wagner, P'aul Bonin, by Hugh Wagner; ed Duton, Wagner; Cepryen Leger, J. Ovey Moss Savoy, Desire Savoy, Emrile Vincent, F. P. B. Egena Vincent, Jos. Manasse Vincent, All asson, Norbert Larrivierre, Oliver Simon, Prosper P. mark, Broussard, Jean Simon, Elodias Savoiz, indez, Alcide Broussard, A. J. Burkett, M. D, Br 1. Mitchell Breaux, A. C. Denais, L. F. dac Hebert, Joseph HIebert, Mrs. Gabriel tha Mor- I)enais, Mrs. Jean Baptiste Hebert, Onezime fut ejean, Bodoin, Mrs. Dumas Broussard, Jules Baker, rev Fore- Frank Clotio, Leonard Demats, Oville cirs ugus- Fauzin, Jules Desormeaux, Eloi D. the Hoff- Broussard, Joseph Sellers, Adrien Theall, tax a, per L. S. Broussard, Arthur Comeaux, Stanislas app ulem Blanchet, Mrs. Gabriel Broussard, Mrs. off T; T Jos. Meaux, Alex Broussard, Theo. J. vote . Breaux, F. W. Courtney, M. D, M. Trana. . Saul Babineaux, L. H. Prejean, Geo. J. una Melchior, Anatole Cormier, Sidney Dupuis, resc J. F. Magnon, O. Bertrand, Alcee Dugas, Laf Adam Bourgeois, Jos. Billeaud, V. L. Roy, R J. P. Francez, M. D, Louis Ancelle, Geo. the all, C. J. Jordan, C. L. Villere, Basile for Sonnier, Silvain Richard, his mark; Ernest here R. Francez, his mark; Arthur Landry, Alma cern trace Theriot, Hypolite Dormon, W. H. Smath. vant Du- Edward Miller, P. Guilbeau, Wi. Butcher, Se Lan- I. Comb, N. H. Breaux, T. Dupre, tV. E. the dry, Johnson, A. D. Verot, D. E. Brousssrd, thing anc, Adam Roca, T. Broussard, Theoville scho bert Vincent, John Seymour, Wm. Broussard, atior anc, Edgard Landry, Louis Talbot, Alex H. tratii Hard Broussard, Nemar Beuvit, Emile Bernard, Ti oie, Reami Broussard, Adali Raca, D. M. Verot, varic 'mer J. O. Trahan, Gustave Benoit, Alfred Bonin, paris a J. Zachary Comeaux, Geo. Beadle, S. Philips, grans )ilia Wm. Beadle, N. N. Higginbtoham, T. J, purp Tanner, E. Marquis, G. N. Marquis, Ar- Ristroph, David Mouton, Frank Paterle, addri ,as. Edward Begnaud, Louis Romagoss, Paul the c roz, Romagosa, J. F. Gulley, E. T. McBride, ing a eph Don A. Greig, T. A. McFaddin, A. suppc Bois Prudhomme. J. M. Cunningham, Mr. Be on- Albarado, Onistran Steiner. Alber Foreman, dorse ma jr. J- E. Spell, Columbus Spell, Adam tiong d, ). Spell, Lasky Morgan, Adam Honor. and,, an Forest Laughlin, Ollhns Hoffpauir, Silas and nd Hoffpauir, Philibert Trahan, Mrs. T. M. pledg d, Floyd, Mrs. Julian Dehon, Andre Broussard, an am in Edmond Voorhies, Hervillien Cormier, school ni, Francois Mouton, Felix Baque, Pierre Ba- namec ide que, Alcide Richard, Abrard Coussan, viz: d, Ulysse D)ugas, Veranns Spell, G;olden Hoff- collect (e pauir, Thomas Debarge, C. A. Montgomery, tions ii t, Ramon Spell, Middleton Morgan, Bennett entre, x, Duhon, Felix Begnaud, J. P., Paul Boud- Yea t, reaux, Frank Spell, Enoch Morgan, Alcide and I ee Duhon, Elie Duhon, Erwin Trahan, his Moutol r. mark; Josephsait Hebert, his mark; Edvard- e soit Hebert, his mnark; Julien L. Hebert, as indi; . Eloi Duhon, Cleobule Babineaux, Paul O. Mr. , Prejean, Alexandre LeBlianc, Aurelien Le- osition . Blanc, Numa Begnaud, O. P. Breaux, Neu- same s - ville Cormier, Jos. Sulen Prejean, Adolphe Mr. , Breaux, Miss Marie Coralie Simoneaux, Alex- amica r andre Bernard, Ferdinand Breaux, S. A. d . Broussard, Ignace Breaux, Anatole Cormier, , Itomere Bernard, G. J. Abbadie, Armand - L. Guilbean, Mis. G. Abbadle, Mrs. E. r Villere, Mis. M. O. Conally, F. Abbadie, I, Mrs. Desire Olivier, Saindorst Arceneaux, Ovide Arceneaux, Sosthene Arceneaux, Felix Benoit, Simon Breaux, G. L. Villere, A. Broussard, C. J. Richard, Joachim Breaux, James Mengate, Pierre Mames, F. A. Broussard, Joseph Potier, Julien Bresux, M. Brosseux, Esdras Broussard, Ernest Croichet, A. Lamulle, Frank Dupont, L. E. Connelly, S. Latour, Alcee Prejean, - Baptiste Saunier, E. Bernard, A. Andrus, @Urm Mrs. J. Bernard, Philibert Vomingue, Wom IFelecien Martin, Hypolite Hebert Gaston TH Cuitlry. E. Simoneaux, L. Bernard, Miss Lodoiska Breaux, Ernest Broussard, J. E. Comeaux, C. Breaux; Jean Arseneaux, O. H. Theriot, P. A. Dupleix. J. Tabeler, CAL G. W. Scarnton, Francois LeBlanc, per Ed. Parent; Luc Hidalgo, per Ed. Parent; B. Esoud, S. Morvant, per Ed. Parent; J. Bonnemaison, P. Lavare, II. Tribe, per Ed. Parent; Girrrd Lopez, A. Duhon, A. L. Dyer, L. A. LeBlanc, Rosemand LeBlanc, E. Spell, T. R. Davis, H. Hutchinson, C. Avant, R. F. Hoffpauir, W. W. Post, R. Spell, J. L. Cain. Edwin Ash, Jos. E. Guidry, Jules David, M. Prejean, E. A. N. Cye, Alcel Dupuis, E. Allemand, L. Pamingue, Pierre Gilbert, Albert Guidry. C. D. Gray, A. Cheffer, Jacques Domangue, Leon Lagnaux, Erodille Broutassard, Octave Bertrand, Leopold Pierret, Arthur Guil- An if beaux, Albert Broussard, Firmin Qagmacer, I W. H. Steiner, Dosite Duhon, Luc Duhon, his mark, N. Laurent, Arthur David, Colonbus Guilbeaux, his mark, Felix La-I I 3 neaux, Andree toqtte, his mark, .Pierre m , Crs. Lae ream , Albert Brasa, Joper A. mp Doming.., per J. C. M., Alex Cooa"d, atSatin, Mmr Alex Coustantin, per J. C. la- Gab Matia, J. . in, U. A. E. Martin, J. d, UI 8. Martin, A. E. Mouton, J. E. Mouton, itne; Louis Mouton, Arthur Mouton, Win. ConL-oace ret. Mrs. G. Bernard, per Win. Couret; a; Ele Andre J. Martin, Mme. Victor Martin, A. J- S. J .Martin, Edmond Martin, Arthur i, Martin, E. Areeneaux, J. B. Mouton, Jule J. G. Bertrand, Thelesfore Broussard, V. A. In- Younger. Mrs. Ulysse Hymel. Lucas I mark, Bernard, Desire Bernard, Travila ;irar, T. ia, his Bernard, Gabriel Bernad, A. Broussard. e Dro- his mark; E. Broussard, L. Broussard, [tin, hip Alcin Comeaux, Esdras J. Breaux, N, del. J. L. LTapisier, Mrs. C. Salizzoni. pchere, Fernest Martin, Alex Delhomme, Simone, mark, A. Arceneaux, F. W. Courtney. M. Dt aul Bo- Amede Mouton, J. D. Bacque, Geo. Dupuis. rassaux Geo. E. Brown, Esteve Breaux, W. W, ritness; Lessley. R. L. Foreman, Frank Foreman. ark, A. Edward Guidry, his mark; Clate Louvia. Lafayette, La., May, 6. 19o3.-I, the ll. W undersigned, Andre M. Martin, assessor of gn, the parish of Lafayette, La., after a careful r ius examination of the assessment rolls of the Guy said parish of the year 190o, do hereby cerFelozi tify that the property tax-payers of the said Emile Iparish whose signatures are on the accom, A.i panying petitions constitute more than one'h, A. fifth of the property tax payers of the said Oh parish. De- Witness my official signature this sixth itness; nay of May, g903. A. M. MARTIN, roigue, Assessor and Registrar, ustave Lafayette Parish, La. Pele- Section 2. Be it further ordained by said ;Cle Police Jury of Lafayette, La. That said le So- election be held under the general Imond election laws the State La., and at the 1, his polling places in parish and nkins, the ballots to be used at said election shall rk, A. be or written according to law. rk, A. Section 3. Be it further ordained. etc., Paul That the board of supervisors of election for e the Lafayette, La., are hereby auadice. thorized to appoint commissioners and clerks L. to serve at said polling places to give due rnard. notice appointment and the time randt; and of the holding of said election, e wit. to the Police Jury according to law. k. Ju- Section 4. Be it further ordained, etc., mark, That the assessor the Lafayette. i. his La., furnish to the commissioners of ahan, election as heretnbefore authorized, a comPatin, plete list the taxpayers with the amount Peck, of their assessment respectively in the corelesse porate limits duly certified, p ucien and shall also furnish a duly certified list of Ado- the electors of said parish to the commission- J mess; ers election. m s nark, Section 5. Be it furtner ordained, etc., 0 Oneil That the commissioners of election shall reeaux, ceive the ballots property tax-payers B 'ierre of the parish of Lafayette, entitled to vote Eme at said election uuder the laws of the State T rder, of Louisiana, and before depositing the P than, same in the ballot box endorse thereon Lan in the presence of elector, unless the ballot tiste shall have been so endorsed, the name of Mrs. the voter and the amount of his assessed irtin, property, and the commissioners shall make igas, returns the number aof votes and the Fi dice, anoutnts of the assessed value the prop- F rous- erty voted for and against the levy of said A idow special tas. A ime, Section 6. le it further ordained by the J' Isma Police Jury the l.afayette, ' part, La., That this ordinance the said petinan- tion of tax payers be published in The [ugh Lafayette Gazette,. the newspaper of ner; said parish of l.afayette, La., for thirty Lugh days prior to election, in the same man by ner as provi.led by law for judicial adverlugh tisements, and that this ordinance shall take La ner; effect from and after its passage. )vey Yeas: MI. Billeaud, jr., J. C. Buchanan, Ju ent, F. G. Mouton, Aloozo Lacy. J. O. Blanchet, is ent, Alex M. Broussard, John Whittington and of sper P. R. Landry. po oiz, Messrs. N. P. Moss, O. Cade, J. O. D, Broussard, S. J. Montgomery, Alcide JuF. dice and Supt. Alieman appearad and asked Ba riel that the Jury pledge a specific amount for Pa ime future school appropriations out of the J' cer, revenues of the parish. Rumors had been 'ille circulated it was alleged that the Jury, upon D. the adoption of the proposed special school all, tax reduce or withdraw the annual Ap las appropriation now allowed. The following, Irs. by Mr. Landry, was lost by a tie J. vote: na. Whereas the Police Jury adopted by a 13al J unanimous vote, Oct. 2, igo9, the following Bal iis, resolution relative to public education in Ba as, Lafayette parish: Bal )y, Resolved That the Jury fully appreciates Bal o. the necessity for increased appropriations Bal ile for the support of the public schools and Bal est hereby expresses its deep interest and con- Bala na cern in the welfare and adth. vancerment of the people of the parish. -r, Second. The Jury pledges itself to do in E. the future as it has done in the past, everyd, thing possible for the betternment of the Ile schools and will make the largest appropri- Isaf d, ations consistent with the proper adminis- TI -. tration affairs. I. d, Third. The Jury would suggest that the TI ,t, various wards and municipalities of the T. S n, parish avail themselves of the privelege W- J s, granted by law, of local taxation for school R. V J, purposes. A. 1 And, whereas it appears from a petition Stew addressed to the Police Jury this day, that Trah tl the citizens the parish contemplate levy- A. E ing a special tax on themselves to aid in the Billea support of the public schools in the parish. Ino. Be it resolved, That the Police Jury en- K. B dorses anew the views and recommenda- R, CG n tions contained in the foregoing resolution, Ant. and, as a further mark of its earnestness A, I) Sand good faith in this regard, hereby I'. R. pledges itself to appropriate in the future L. Ar an amount for the support of the public 11 schools equal, at least, to the special tax H. TI - named in the said petition of tax-payers. Water viz: 3 mills of the general tax levied and Leon collected by the parish. Provided condi- Falk tions in the future are the same as at pres- A. Oli ent revenues and disbursements considered. A. Bil Yeas: Landry, S. Broussard, Blanchet I). and Lacy: Nays--Whittington, Balleaud F. . Mouton and Buchanan. Jno. Marguerite Jean Pierre was allowed $ oss & as indigent. Moss I Mr. Kee reported adversely on the prop- A. E. osition to repair D. O. Broussard ferry and E. G. same was approved. The Mr. A. J. LeBlane appeared and asked liceJu amicable settlement for loss of a horse due to a defective bridge on the public road. I C MiO FF T ' CuoresChbolera-lnfanfut, i-. DCiarrhoa. Dyscntery, .nd the Bowel Troubles of Children of Any Age. Aids Digestion, Regulates the Bowels, Strengthens the Child and Makes TEETHING EASY. - o l > 25c to G L., I SL. LL@fS, a I-ties ad Hives and Thrush. Removes and Prevents agg gyp .g. COUNTERACTS AND OVERCOMES Ts UPP · C SOP b MM HEAT UPQN TEETHING CHIIDREN. CALL AT'L Krauss' Jewelry Store And see the display of pretty things Suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS. And if you need any kind of i Jewelry, or have a Clock or Watch (to be repaired, call at ... Krauss' Store Where Goods are First-class and the Kt 9 Prices arp Within the reach of all. .- --~.~ . _ , - Mr. LeBhase asked $6o compeasation. SCo. Masse. Medleaka and Taylor, of Crowley A. C. represeating H. J. Andras also presented rtin, J. claim for l$0o for loss of a horse and Inboeton, juries received, due to the had dangerCaO- ous condition of the public road. Both Looret; claims were referred to the attorney for exMartin, amination. Arthur Meaurs. Brousrard and T. Spell subSouton, mitted a report on the dams in the second ",I, ward. The committee reported floodgates Lucas in dams and recommended that inasmuch ar, T, as the damage to the public roads was inussard. signiticant that no immediate action be ussard, taken to compliance resolution ix, N, adopted at last meeting in reference to the litaoni. dams. Laid on the table. imnone, Mr. Landry introduced the following K. which was lost: Whereas rumors have been )upuis. circulated throughout the parish, that the V. W, Police Jury will, after the tax is carried, reman. or reduce the appropriation .ouvi. for schools. I, the Resolved, That it is not the intention of sor of the Jury to reduce the present appropria:areful tion, but on the contrary to Increase the of amount whenever circumstances will persy cer- mit. te The sum $268, polls by ccom- clerk, was ordered paid to the School a Board. Ssaid Treasurer lMartin submitted the following statement as per resolution: sixth Statement showing receipts and disburser, ments funds from July I, Igor, to rar, July 1, 1902. h, La. RECEII'TS. General fund 25,172 90 it said Licenses .............................. 6,040 oo eneral Other sources...................... 25 75 nthe Road Taxes, all wards............ 6,068 85 shall Total.................... $ 37.507 50 etc., I)iSI;URSEMEN'rS. n for Tax coll'r. corn..................... I1,265 19 ay App'd orders, Police Jury......... 21,853 76 :lerks App'd orders, District Judge...... oo due Appiopriation to schools............ 4,500 oo time Jurors certificates ................. 1,581 8o etion. Witness certificates.................. 383 40 Roads, etc.......................... 5.563 15 etc., fette. Total.......................... 36,185 30 rs of J. E. MARTIN, con- 'Treasu rer. count Lafayette, La., May 7, 1903. cor- The treasurer submitted his monthly reified, ports as follows: ist of 1o the President Memblers Police sion- Jury, Parish of Lafayette, La.-Following is a statement of receipts and disbursements etc., of the parish funds since my last report: 11 re- IR. iyers Balance on hand last report......$ 7,345 56 vote Tax coll'r. taxes coll'd. March... 126 49 State Taa coll'r.licenses coll'd. March. 90o oo the Parkerson & Mouton, premium reon refunded........................ 41 44 allot 4 e of Total receipts,...............$ 7,603 49 tssed A sake CR. the Five per cent coin tax coll'r.taxes $ 6 32 C rap- Fiveper cent comt. tax coll'r. lien's.. 4 50 ti said Approved orders....... ......... ,879 75 Approved orders Diistrict Judge... 564 75 1 the Jurors certifica:es................... 299 70 o :tte, Witness certificates .................375 to - >etiThe Total disbursements.......... 3,130 12 rr of Ialance on haud $4,473.37. irty Respectfully sul,mit!ed, fan J. E. MIAC TIN, ver- Treasurer. ake Lafayette, La., May 7, 1903. To the President and Mlembers of Police pt tan, Jury. Parish of Lafayette. l.a.-Followig aet, is a statement of receipts and dtsbursements and of the spaecial road fttnds since my last report: ill 0. R. Ran Juced Balance on hand last report........$ 1,o43 6o e'l for Parish, drainage 8 wards ........... 4oo 00o the J. Whittington for 8th wardl...... 102 oo Tn Total receipts.................-$ 1,545 6o ool ct. tal Approved orders ... ........... .. 426 55 'g, Balance on hand $r, r9.05. AS FotL(LoWs BY \A.\RIs: a Balance on hand Ist ward... .....1.... 31 42 n Balance on hand 2d ware............ 25 09 in Balance on hand 3d ward........... 320 48 Balance on hand 4th ward ............ 63 03 Balance on hand 5th ward ............ 143 30 ns Balance on hand 6th ward ............ 24 05 ad Balance on hand 7th ward ............ 85 I Balance on hand 8th ward ........... 326 57 Total .........................$ I,11g o in Respectfully sbumitted., j. E. FMARTIN, toUreasurer. .i_ Lafayette, La., May 7, 190o3. s. The following account was laid over: II. Vandercruyssen printing..............$2 50 te The following accounts were approved: te T. S. Spell, hauling lumber, etc...$ 48 40 We V. J. Holmes, 300 lbs nails........... 12 oo I R. Guidry, building bridge........... 15 oo A. I)ugas building bridges..... . to oo n Stewart, Lewis & Taylor, lumber..... 43 41 *t Trahan & Brandt, lumber............ 58 30 A. E. Mouton, lumber ................ 7 ,S ] Billeaud Lumber Co., lumber...... 94 87 Ino. Whittington, road machine..... 235 on K. Blanchet, road work ............. 56 on R, Guidry, rad work.......... ........ oo00 Ant. Broussard, road work............ Too 55 A, I)ugas, road work,......... ......ot 50 P, R. Landtry, road work............. 20 1 L. Arceneaux, road work............. 17 75 VW. II. Adams, blacksmlith...... 75 H. Theall, corn, nails, etc............ to Waters Pierce Oil Co., oil ............. 7 58 Leon Plonsky, blankets............... oo Falk Mercantile Co., blankets...... 12 oo A. Olivier, coroner's juror............ 2 zo A. Billeaud, jr., coronier's juror...... 2 to I). Prejean, coroner's juror............ 2 to F. G. Miouton, com. work............ 5 o0 Jno. Broussard, repair maps, etc... I oo Moss& Co., lamps...................... 505 Moss Pharmac3, files, etc.......... 2 25 A. E. Masicot, cement work......... I5 30 E.(. . Voo:hies, juror certificates... 25 00 There being no further Itusinicss tile Police Jury adjourned. .1. BILL:,I'Axt, J:., Presidenlt. R. C. GEnzt;:, Secretary. and intlsond to the e table. re been n. .. carried, tprintion of propriatoe the ill per per follow follow isbursegor, to 1 72 9o 040 oo 68: 5 EXAMINE OUR NEW STOCK 50 5ia Of Carriages before you buy. They are perfect in all their parts; durable in construction, and we can suit s 76 you in style and price. 038 oo Largest carriage and harbware house in Southwest 383 4o 563 to Inent7 5Southwesters Louisiiar a Industrial Institute. 26 41 44 LAFAYETTE, - LOUISIANA. 8o3 49 A State Institution for the instruction of both sexes in the 3 Arts, Sciences, nual Training, Domestic Science and Commer, 3, cial Branches. Otftrs five courses of study, requiring one, two, 79 75 9 1) Cont'nt3ci E uip n i . adanualr Trainingt Course. 50 12 Requisites for admission: 14 years or older: satisfactory examination in gramm1111ar" grade branelchs, including arithmetic to surer. prcentow-c-, and elementary ; ge~ography and history. Handsome new buildings, commodious and modern in ap, p"i""ie. Equipmuentlfull in all dep> wh nts Healthfulness Sp'lendid new brick dormitory for yountg ladies, with all modern conveniences: iron single b~ed for each student; spacious and well furni.shed bed rooms, heated by steam and lighted by 3 electricity; riltered water from city waterwo'rks for bathing, uo water for drinking and coo,,king. Apply in advance for board. '2 Young men board in private families at $10 to, 12.50 per month. $ 60 Second Annual Session Begins Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1902. Catalog sent on application. For other information write to I 42 5 E. L. STEPHENS, President. 9 30 05 CHOW GIIKAD.rreslent. W.ML. CLLEGG. Vice-prestL. JI.. DAVIDOND. . asi. 44 BANK OF LAFAYETTEL 50 --IRECTOHS: 40 . A M ton, Sa m. Clegg, I. Juilfce, Wn. Campbell, Felix n le, Jules oo J. Mnouton, E. G. Voorhies IG, F. II. Gregory, Crow Girard. 3 CAPITAL, $25,000. 87 Prompt and careful attention given to all business entruusted f o --to, our ('are.--Seain We solicit a share of p'ublic patronage. 5::5 n gE n h io r . Columno Y mOf prl'aise w!l be; dec l tivoted the excallhent TFf lutIlOcar rur di are ready to de c e n: o intg, rbealolirac? suott;r · into thai ro lsuhbeat yard and d, your rte.ericidr ci so, rebsults rn tche arptnt-ir's oar cabineftmaker's handicraft in turningl 2 ouumenbar nrv te lf'mbol into or outdeor dncrations. 1~ 42 A. E. Mouto n. Phone No. 4. LAFAYETTE, LA. B. FALK, in General Merchandise, r Will always quote you The lowest prices and sen o-The best goods.

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