Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 18, 1854 · Page 1
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 1

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1854
Page 1
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I »f the CORIER BY .SMITH SATWARD. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1854 '«* « ·* Z n r t f o n ! t?onalgnmenta cf til deacriptiona ol Oooda, ·n-w£ieh tbev wil make liberal advance. All VOLUME XX..-..NUMBEK 171. Acadeuy, 4 4 STjREeT. The Boston Journal. ----;-- -- --^ "ally Whir a»d Coarier ever\ ·eiday m-)rnih s ,.i Oae Dollar Fiftr Ceolt J year in adr«ace,or Two Dollar, if not paid Ib J- I'ne publishers will not hold themselve, re, Milble fcr any error th.t may occur, beyoad the anaaM charred for the" advertisement Mr. T. B. P A L HER i. agent for their Isapert \drertmment. left, with him wdlbum mediately forwarded ^ 4"odTc«Witned to Ibeir trust will r ceive Ihe at ""»' «"»**, ..d promptly naul[over · te |j Commercial Sales, Boom, 9inpfre Block, . . . . vjnfoa Street ""* P O R T L A N D . ' M S A F a r 1 a n d * « « I 0 II U FIRE M A N Y important improve menu have bet-n made * the beginning of the |»re,enl eenlurv relieving and laeih '----1 the. labtrt- ol men bv nery ^hl other modern litnpleme.u, bin Irmalr, have been nrsrlv neglected until T HE «ub,eriler.havnr,le.,edllie room Torn. K.ILV m advani erly occupied b r Hor.ce R tfcreetei would IIMLI CnViM Jil _?7.1 ?^*"" l '°? 1 '" e " her . snwiy! or in Sim -- T E R M S . D*1LV in advance,. 81 -- --,-,.. ..-.^...o |.upu. eim -- _ . , clM, lor thorough inztnielion in Vneal MII.IC -- W F E I L T . . E.-J'.'TM;."" 1 -^'!"^-.TM 11 ""» '«?*« -"' JO»i.«".OHCAL,Vu"H,,A a.d DQ| Ian ft year ... bwo cenu "Thrice Weekly Journal '~ FOR 1854. * . ol«.,,XoMth. ..... e»pen,e t and d f r .--- ...^ ,.(,,-.,,,, currc*niofience in new yorfc Bo.nm|and the Bni,b Province, from wheie they will receive ,tp p | K , of .11 Je.cnpt.on. of manafutured articlea. AUo tender iheir «rrn TM?,,±M- t! "; i ",hi" v b."""" ^^K-rA-F.,^±.± r ^: ^^rxr.r-j^pr^iv^ at-i *; .'cT^-r..?." 1 '"'01 Gwd -- ^v aSan.®^ 1 '"-" 3 ^^ ^:^fisi7.a.rjiV: sf ^w3SS5aS.S.5 "^F«.'^ ,f-^--" tHTA Tfc H Iron combine* ec nom conV^ii- . c «tc. »*in]r of labnr .nd ife»|nteh, one eent'n eomtiint irJnin^ Hard wnml coil from ihr ttore will inawrrtbe Mine purpiwe It c«d be a.ed m anv mom or w the «pen »ir Hatters' and l u l «M' Irnni are eonslrurlnl upon the same prraciii e, ai^d IKWKCSS cqnal Miperinrity ForMle, trbole-tle and ret»a by »h* suWnbtr. who w the only Ar»nt fnr P r n*b9o.t (Vnn-v ALBER" NOYES. M.JI7 n , -- r --.«H,_HU ^ v c i j Bxcrc^e Wl be carelull) ad.pied to Ihe capacit) of the pupil Initruclion given upon Ihe Guil.r after Ue eel ebrafed melhntl nl Carulli ItT For term. pleae appl } at 44 1^1 Ret idencc at John r«oi-. I rai » Illnea Court 8t 0 " 3 ELltsrtAJWcKfcriNFi Jr Carriages for Sa-e. v """" Fnree Ituirr Waipitt, one loii nr,nv wilb rverelt. ".lent Con,, .linit A to, two light ~ The proprietor, of the ....Four U -hia cenls per 1 copy d ""'" 1 '» art g,ren previotoly th* genrfelbetf tc the !oss of thl8 """"earner, wuli the at. i, ; P»» - - j - . - *'v«"'o MueellaneoiK .nd New, matter "'dTM » place some of the particulars of thtf lain.' Sp" wh±T, l o'lv e r!h° l orl.n'*.,I;'n r 'o; ^t ^"^ *"*"' TM* n ^" WB °°" «»- the State gotremment .nd the elect,TM of an U S ^w .the m «TM«l f»ctt m the statement Sf * Stt^W" 1 .!* '"'l"«.«lvTM UK,,,,",'ndTM !'r SSTfe"" 1 *' lll ^ hlta «PTM«°o"pii»lp'iiTMTM r p ^ p ^J 1 ".V° c .?^ e i'TM ni "T l ¥ " *'".a. r «f» J"?TM."» '""e Wee loSDAY, W E U N «w "·*« increased tftiwmcxigly w thin q^ v yeare the on , plumaniluilipnewor [he Oa./if, *m, IKcilM, »Jl«T«.tinf with Ihe "TM» "" t«'uor»ia j aiTMo(, w i l l remain tlio item, ihu. urni.hinj i dail ' D render the *.eMion one of f Journal will be pablisht'd , ain tlio « .lAor »lll b,' price A FtSSBNQER s 8TATEMBHT. -A. passenger', name not given, makes I lona* iuiiaw= t~T-- -- ·*·· ·-£r*.,.. M1 .d,.e,n.p, tra^tfotward m.i???TM 1 . P " JACKSON, T-y.wna!Mt««,i.... or !.r«« talk .TATT.llR O l d TM ** * **" Helowuiweoltbe many n-sHmonlab we are ^***»JUA dJU _ dmly ,,c.,,,.. from all ,,.,,. «f ,b. .-ountry . nd (Chambers.*!,*.*, the a w iKbpeaki for itaelf Meuru Pond], fc [Inch x «*"*'«Uil'!J«or»WMirti!»te* directly under the - -- 4 - ·· ·"·« ' No. ,4^ Main H AVIftti relurrt.,1 with hi rLi» vrtitttffv ' "·-- " -.. ^ K *''"* : K,re«peclhlll( invite, the at lealionofhu Inend., cmiomen, and Ihe public generally, ti hi, r w Waior The Best Pills IL the World. H AKtrvVFAwn y V E R P T A R I E CA Til A K I'll, the best th.t can be found in anv«»hnr|y for J^midice and all hi] »p, trouble, lrspepi. Cold, Rbeumaii,m.and ever^ complaint inAnhicb the Momac.!! or bowel, need evacnalun or reinlatina, Yankee, hare ·· i ·' ··"« ^»,-w, iwi, iicni on I ...c. t n- i. , good article for lumberpii In last traveling · f ^ ^ssyrttttte isnS^^S^-^ - vz^^^^''ttz ^^ys^'srjKSF - - covered Meat Wa^nJ.,, o,wb,ch' ! «e ".%3 d ,, ^* omm S ·»» Evening repair and will be xild cheap for ca,h or approved NEWHULT''!?!." "··"'·/"'Km Hie VEIll LATEST .red., Appiyto ,f ^ M O RK,, IT"* TM^££^t^'^«?A rill be ONE ijOlfARVoli f r l E a, u,nat--payab e in advance ,, -t u detirable lh»l the names of subscriber, accoa panted with the money, thoald be tent in . week at least before the «e««ion eommei ce« , ' W H MrtPSON Anymla. November,, 1853 . _ » E Y M ! U R s R 4 . I . V A N I P ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 1 TMKIl["I,".f ^1" e l"" Ihe ·"""""'"I »d --·' "I'P'J »" M " munmi L manl of mlilmruui I, i j -----"»' «, IHB mo- · .. r --. ·«*. ···^%.II«I,I I ;MI MU rOJi IO til ·VZXsfZZ --'*s-- -s? 3 *~£^;£« .^^^^r^=:t,^ -i- ^-.-i^ r'.rr lie caIranic atfnrhmj».t i K,. i .__*_ j inougnt noining ot it. JBot i Hun round that N E W woid, A N E W S P A P E R ' and a, ancb n will repun and record the doinn of .1 lieji and mcl^ I, ,,,» g v . Mt and ,,, h g "' · oflbe Wartels · f ill ^ndateurafeS P - - -- -·-' »»·«= v M ,ujiie improvement, lie «i«le Ibe galvanic attachment It haa been tested ponant portions of which we publish H* describes the passage up to Friday night, ^*23d, when he retired as usual nothing havingvc. cnrred during the day'to give presage ef in* awftu disaster to follow: ' \ i Immediately after tea I retired to my room ( ~X and after reading two hours as quietly as if on \, undressed and retired There waa more roll 19 the ship than I had previously expen- mraii. « n d the wind seemed freshening, but I . niue inetaivanic attachment It haa been tested ';"'"5'" "xiuing 01 u. joqi 1 soon tound that ,11 M r g|lr ";'?,"' Ild ·""ver.allv adopted in the prac- '"»ere was no sleeping. It soon bltw a gale -- «rt»of IE! loading l'hy»(cian« in New York The ship rolled and pitched to a degree that it if List ,K °" "°" "." ju«ri.laees where introduced in "»» difficult to keep my berth All tne book! * Wi». lne imaimenloi all nervousdi.i*aw. nhi»k ..I..K anft 1/tA.. .r».«l«. ....-- .uj ..«.t i. .^_ h 4-gaj. fVm JfcftrS:;,^'"''"'"" thfp,TM rad-S't* "t^t??'" I " 0 ' to 0 " ! h " New *" !orta ««'t of Faahlonablo piragsa.35i'!«-: CI %,^SM»»B». tb-mo.tperfect manner AHhou.h it -a, cof resnngSIHM 2YlrMfnf.gS, Z£!3tt£^22L l ?!.»*!' "" For FaU and Winter" 1'race, «^ou;:^d,7^.:dir.b^.^'pr JL KK , an \ Wtoter race - u lh« mo,t mtenw heat it remained, rne ti «, Wfclch V W1 " »· »«PPV »· ou. to order, and ·aae and us content, when t.ken oat were not* . *»'r«ni t«ti\e entire satiihc inn «v-n worthed «d h«dly bore th. L.11 ^gr. -rfff-ftJV J Af 55S* 1 W1 " ·»·*«(! call, for ^~ -rho i s m w a n t o f . ,«,,,,,,·· S.liT, . 9 U '^'N«. oaWlAlfliNe G.rmeit«1oc thort who o«rd aziiiut fire we cVcrlnlly r,ec . ,1. l TM*f''((' !l °»b..aii will do ao,wilhprompt manufacture, harm* bad a ninonal TM ihoronjhire,, and good (asu 4 f their excellence Vou" trnt~ I oct» ^ I I ----- --- ... -~.,,.,, wucn la.en oat were DO ·v-n Korfched. and hardly bore the smell ol fire rOL.a one who -' - - ^ perfect ,«l«ro uxneace of uTe"ir"exce'lTence' Vouni~trnTy « F PONDiHIICHLOCK. 33 M t t l d e n L « n e , DOOR. rnoS »A3«ii; STKKFT,) WM. HCPARI.AAO A co. ' HENIY and Life Insurance. r.»a", De|Ht ' whep " "" * Mor "»cnt of all kinds and » TT R t,T - . Box Rauins, Dry CarrwU. Ord P A Gn Sweet Marjontm, Summer Satorjr. Nutmer,' Mace and Citron, Fie., Nut., Teas. Coffee, ' aov 15lh Materials ! ha.e on hand, for .|. at ·nlot the Cranbemcu, " Sweet Potatour, Apples, Butter ( _ , - . New Cider. Cora Starch^. ,1. ' ASSETS Baafc Stock (market T Joe) Rai Kvad Boads and Stock, Cau aad Satanes, f 199fTHOO II9*J0.50 fJ6575»0 Pure live Oil, Pnoie cVj,TM," N U U.4-cT*r. WM M A N N c -v ^emtiEs "f 78 - 38 S5±tt£ i ffiSS-^ -416,178^0 Co. Diguerreotype~Ha-A ^-^^^ If A C17a. i ··t' · - a n . ^,«v .. ,,. ^i Jing that thejiuman head can .eviseTr h'a'ndsr^ ecKte, why, then Inrn with admiring and cnnfit ing eves toward, every new medicine witii a for- eiinnamet Yankee, can and do, beat .Mere, lion 10 every thing they atlempl I h r n diaeprd yoar Mnitang,K.nx.roo, Ichnenm.n. Hyi«.,.ail Jll other aeh ttc.lhen«h medicine., and call It H.rdyi N o S H a r b m , Block, where on will «nd not only the ben Pill, but Ihe bew Medicin Js in, the i l l s t b a l 8e,h ,» heir to ' (except lean |ockel») and Ihe best Hone and O* Medicine, beaae. Remke'r, H A R D V S M E D K - I N K STOHt, I"" 16 ^ _^ No 3 Harlow'a Illock NOTICE^TO House Vessel Owners, rpHK inbKnber will Inrnuh CIS I LHNS fo- M ceflan pet ap in any part of Ihe cilv. aad tTc,TM 1 " 1 for °" Uo "" r *TM H " i · M 5hori ·"· A »i, venel. Water T.nk, fir two ctl per gallon W.terC.,k.,Kconthand f,rSet, SiMle H.rnei/Ca,ka far JS 00 Donble Harne,,Ga l k, for jflOOO Draw and 1)eck Bucket, for 50 ct. Kiri, for GO cla. Water Ca»k, coopered for one half Ihe antal price, Laaka taken from veHela and retnrnrdfree ' ofeipenM E P H . p. 1A . SItf n .^ Co«iper »od C»tern Maker ri?0rder, left .t W H Grernongh , No 40 W Market Place neat door to Flake ITale'., will be promptly attended lo ' Ban tor An«« I85S 6nJ, / · ^T^^^IST^^SS »^-" e °^r^mr^^^ K^J^ I ?Ht"f ?»?]««''«»·' 'nte,e», f f l l a,,d corn, P»«cl UrJ, ,i|the Cnre r,f rten, "d "ncnlne. 1 he ^ x a.\*Eve ?' artic ' e Jn the »»«ll Cenea ,.rTe«sll, which We umfnrm" a". D de. thou S hcoI flned -ff»""o«" ·»OUtin an alarm- lh« us, o/lb,(intrumen are , ,nfflcient «.n«. 1IB m ?" ner "*" oftt. taMitjM teneral |Tpt,cal,on 1 he "d"./ At ^ O clock I could bear it no longer. 1 ·ajrea (IthijoAJer other bupp,rter, are r o»e, dressed humedly, .nd went out upon the ,. ,, uo ..,^ 01 TM . . . lt «'3 I ' b ": action prewnt, a ,month .arfae. that k« My room was on the hurricane deck, oh UiaAn, --· TM doe,-5rt*etain heat or impuntie, which rm from the ff ward part of the .hip. 1 he scene, u I Magnetic Telegraph, TheTM" 1 ', Th 1' p ? re " d h " ll ° f " 1 "epP-R on d «k. »·« ««"hc ILe sea was» ^^« D »^-^" d^^SSSiovS S^«£WZ?£ G E o V FMtRSON, 1,^1^* i ^ k . ?*»-'' h'* Coached to t»,ce, arid hsd reaUy Kfock ml. agent for llungnr' and vicinitr. become unmanageable Her head was toward* sepiE djj-jy the wind 1-he whol» crew »ere engaged m ·» T; ^ -- --- --- strenuous but vain efforts to take m the sails' Preparation fpr Winter! 1^5riro^^r^ni ' twisting^ like a young sapling It waa large MORVINO AND EVENING, ill DC promptly all ended to TM « « , , i i v n n u RVBIVING, by application .nd attrition "" P"Pr"lo« areronab « lo rand by trit a ,hare of the pubbc pat Every Mai* aid Express ! I I which loarra th. city dun if tl» day thin fum Wlni I nMll. nur i.nrnw.,.-_.,.. f .c» . ~.l . r - - - - - - ^ *-~J -- -- J -~t --"u. to the nc ie.1 Old Book, re-boand done for I ibrarie. Blank Books made to order. IFUrderalellat Ihe IhiokMorea of E V Unten orGeo R Smith will be promptly attended lo *j,*F I H hopes, by ' to bis bnnne.., lo ranaxe ·» dec6 SidVoawl^p ^ 0 sT 0 ^ John 1£ Bogers Co, TYPE Thennder.iitnedh.vnij purebUt 'blruO^ I "'!,' "fl?° ' TP * '" d S «««°« I- »· «om f e,,, . w uHD'V*"indry ' Corporation, the Type pubhr.j,.,,,, r the Jc . . , r Foundry carried on «» teanv yea|», »nat l» circulation n now more tnan TFN TIMP4 AO hvih.lCnm-Hiny,propo,,nne under tUc LARGE . , , ,, 1843-and ^or., ",. 'B,^ T«SS AS above style th m.ntir.clnre »d .ale ol all ie^ I LARGE a. ,n J848-p«, «t, X ten and are yraSland criptiOn.of PrintlBX Material.., .mng .pec I?" 1 " tTT"'F"" 1 '""eTM" «r ^ - I.I atlentum lo the mannfaeinr, nf I .-- ?_ -^.i ' i" 1 !! 1 * * e J« « ve ^...^.. lvnTnl ,,,,, cpt y aunll g I(M a;t y ttau. furn *h nt th« ,»,,. nut nnf^qu.ndr fro» la to 24 hour, mrf.ani'S Ulc»« papcn which pfinlunl yra , j,, m j,,, fn.TM^ CVYV^r^TB^Is 8 !^ 11 ^ 1 '»*- 0 "" THOUSAND AN HOUR; and w* »«M/«r c» ««IJ the but. t arnnt demand, nowf rer largt, .i"T: ?,·£."?.' f U M ra ' M " ·"·"«'·"« at«nd.d th. BLLBHAUioCr K ' ~ -· «·»··*· we carnea no mamoast-- wai, wnttimg and apableorpnKinitTCA « ^ 7 - v » a . . . « T . ,' · twisting like8 young sapling It waa laftfe ·Van.'.TM ZoFg W ."jVof ' '° "" LalJ '" M "·"""«' »TM8l T f° r *J msinmast »f . gO ne thousand^ uc TM» which at.nded tne vHlOlCe Winter Goods. could not stand before u a moment, but I sen. ^JTtn'.WS?-STSli"" 6 n OT*Js r"?S'\ L "" e ' I '"'° "° d '"'· l « 1 "J' 11 """' brace connecting the king bolts, and rJ",Z. T ??tI I .if 3 . A 5 nS L" e d »H'PI ,,«, k r , . » «· »««y«i the scene fora moment. Then.1 threw riait, rixured and Plaid Sack Ft,AN[\FI S wi^.Jf «« -.« i r. -i i _ ^ j . -i - RAFFtArY i LEAMK, Ihe Cnat i bam Stre-l desire to call alt I tealion lo their FALL style which » I ji»t muedl while t ,ey aekDowledee I _ DO superior in Ihe Art of Haltin K jtnar ' anteeint; to ,el| AS GOOU A HAT FOR THK MOULT as any other bouse m the United States I hey A.nnilr Fond, . . - . . "flsinm ~ "X »i«ar DOUH m me United states I hey tttifi- 1 '**** * -*««^ "^"·^ira^S.rsx.s.i,.! IfcelimmrofhHhat They .re Ihe only H.Her. *·**"* - SSSL"" ^-- £brS.r-F- -°-- - l iJl *"«IK e " l ««P""l"f*»00,OOO. ! - inKe..l,r.,. ,hl. ..«i, u-i, ., I n\ better Oompanie. in the country losarc Iibertl rates aad p»v promptly » B-gor. J.^« 8 ^ Ht£LWIUGHT '*«-" u-Haxuaiau ai'iu r«Hr| | O"Reader, i, tbl, worth lookinr. at ? New York, Sept», 1853 4m -·iwi .r~o--- fv ^ E m*D. MO gall, Bag Linked Oil fmiii to Jutnat ye Insuirance, j "^teilTM 11 !.^ _ t^ZKJtiKAWIL^l r^SSS^ti^ ~Tf b l e "C^rtRi^ flss Ware ISAIiR i^ A L A R G P STOCK OF " "Crocker^ and Glass Ware. , For sale,I Wholesale .,,,! R eU ,|, ,, /(B| , ,, cm W bougkl i» A,,, kvgluntt consi.lini; of While, Glazed and Printed Ware, ot Ihe latest patterns, French and Eng ish qhlna, Aim ( O\HON IvA^bTof*v'e?y' v.tlely Dj Hnreh.^r, will 6nd it for their ajraolare to examine my nock at I AO. 15 MAIN S^REE*R J. S. RICKER pan far No* S3 .,,j«,TMfl_ r TO ADVERTISERS. "^- ^-- . had escaped from their pens on the wie'dak. ^l^pT* n f , ^ -r wi ^ b "^^« h ar 8 -- Th^treat.alu.oflheJoi,,.^ .,,^ aniovj,,TM", Met - lcl le8, PalntS, Oils, DyC8, broken StandefS. . . . , . . . . . ,, . . , . ln . u TM,yrup r.e,,ey. =., · --»- ·"-"^tr^ IT SSS«,'^^fSS^ ^ »ndOW GlaSSJ «VC., C. K m^'^ ^l'^ ^^ "^^ "^ saparill. Kenned)', Medical d1.eover,'. I"!"" «»"TM««J EX1KA rHARGt i^U," .eeuVMiVi 14/t have m.t ree«v.d 1 jj ^ ^ , preMouslv, and the sea washed over Anodyne I inimen.. Radway', Ready Kihe?RieV , """""«» «· » '". .*,.» pape,^ f, .,. ^^JSdlta »Vy foJmVr e«e"fve Mock"o'l H"""' ' «T ' "" tl * k TM" h "^ "'" ° f the » h 'P' «» «^, ard^n. Sherry Win. Bm.r, brant's Warne, c largest Ctrculabon «»«. V , wb'cliTow "nCf It ,h^^'nfo it ^m ' tf :TM TM e ?«TMSTMTM. »* * A«toa» w3 Lnimroi. IMIo. . ('.». do Gr«en O,,,l of any ^b^npt,TM ,,,,,.,,,, New E , anj ju^,. P'«l« to»be folnd ,» ,be city 7o K h,rh TM e ,,,, TMd tlmost "i"" 1 I "«le an effort lo rcacfi the 1 d^nVeX^'/noodKo-or'a-d-otirer "^ L'? tt^X^^JSt*" TM* ^--^^ TM^" '"« ' ±^T\*^!l 1»^' * » H f - t - Kaih^ron for .be hair Gourand . ,,.,,,,, M .d THE m ,JnSHlY JOURN A l · I w A4 . "n.I» ««TMWIT, ja. m up in B Illlllumi aept»a3 oawdl) l b e a d ; « , « t a,,TM m -- ,., '-- i aer The treat valt V*/ K are Ajcent, lor the »ale of Weaver', C,n noliuin miv In mfc T T l-er.ndsall Kheom-yrup K e l l e y . S . r TISEMEMTS *?,«, sapanlla Kenned)'» Medical di.eover J,,h n .n.,'. I"!"" *"Owa .., I I 1 S..-P p.:;'K,;,er dKL 1 ; zszz '.'rr,?," TM E SEW ,.^iS^:v mv *xu. erv olher Patent Medicine now .old--for ale »l ?" P"" 1 " 1 "" 1 Tt«,n»r and Fn o.r moinmg, ,t "lutDol mannUcturer'. price, GUILD H A K L O W ~ hna in .dvmee It ra,,!,,,,,.,, tae Sul,TM"^"Jj OCI5 Corner,, and York nreet. Sr^in^c'.ren'K,""*' "" """ *"*'·""" " "'"·"· price l O f i S r W E t l ) l - S l l 1-EEPHES warranted *·"*·' ""aalety G f S A t t l . E N I ' I ° ? 7 Mo SCorner'Smyb , Blocli Qlove% Gloves. O UR repot.liun for selling Glores 19 ;nch t h i t Iff aauA.t nnl. e _ _ Jt _ . . ."ma. e need ooli dec?9 Hammobd buec't. I tango.- Cloak Fabrics apd Thibets. 1 aUK stock lii vet the best and uur urlce, t VF tocrert janS McCI Uttb, LOTHKOP * CO Bronchial Troches storm all the while increasing. About I o clock the foremast cutne down almost over my head. FAMILY AEW8PAPER ·"·"···RewiiMy iave.ll exelM«*ly-lc4.,J eneBt ol the pel Ta» ;r«ate,t nsk taken ita a life f 10 000 "Sn7. , --, IjU, awnbnted amoM the membtr, evert «flh I»O W l t O , 8 S5-K,; l j£^-£Zr£Ji, »"*«. Mw,an g Unime.!; . KaT^S^-J?·-···«£' F^rj i ^±s.v.s^"r 1P * IM *- ·F««a. of application a'nd pamphlets of the Com- i SAMDF.I. E PERKINS, ·pany, aad its repuru, tu be had »7 " , No I Kendu»ke.g Brid«. 'H. i * 8 « VH *-BLWRIGHT,A,*ai general A t enl Eastern Maine ^r jnr.J..et4 1858 "-^ | kRANhLS Lemmi, brape,, K.r,,a. Pr..e«; *ITV OF^ANGO^ Ll' f ''TM wt ' ot '^i a ^"r Cherry Pectoral, ftHie l»aV b ^ Ci Rome Fcrnuhiag Goods, * ££ _*e»i"' "·cCLUREjloTHItnp J. nrta A V,l£l;^ otK of Pral1 ' R «p*»- H A , ^ C ° ' SK' 6 "* "vorv, Kalanced i Handled and l nntmunTABLr, C U I LERV tni- iale at the Itnocil pnret at ' NO 15 M A I W 8THEET. ^ ! .ror,lVov J!L J J ^,g^ IOgBR Havana Cigars. .50 0(111 f * A V * f i * «-l(,AKS.oftke b.,1 « M · Vi M . *· ·"""« wl " cl ' m "·· K " merrlda'j EIHanno'.Md El Divan*, Abo large stock ot American Cigar*, n* Tobacco lor «le by SAM'L K PERKINS «"' No I Kendu,k..g Bndj._ Boots and Saoes ~ I H E A T I , * 8 O L K n WITH Yolpanized INDIA RUBBER, j. enjoyed an enviable lepuauon durrnj a | o ,_ _.... xss* ssssttssr "" v L «^x% HOT ffivTlTr.,"", ·*""*""'"· . ~"1 E JOVter "' tL FJ " CALIFORNIA USr«.E t l V b i ) sfre-h Bapply nl LadwJ '·"»»«»? prmi to th«,ailmi of each mail steanpr ~ f^:^XTM%:^^ '-^··· re "'""^!^ M *^'" «P«"" .-^^.u±s,aSir^ Sji1 "«»" Shoulder BraoeiT W H «TM.^TM.«f. B '«''^ .««i«i«a fro» .. -flc,,!d« 0 m.";,r"h7c° bdTM" 1 "" ·--* l ^ssssfsSL^^^' ««· ** - Moral asaeela of City Lifi b, Rev E H Ch.pio ^"^1!?^^^ '*"*-««° *. p U n u h.r,, Prieat .nd H»,renoi,b r aotborof · p rl e« A Kmr' Noah and hi, Times by Ulmitead, Puliil For trail, of American Preacher, by Ou T," Co. vent and the M,n,e, H,,r,d«'.thr,,,,.i Wo,°d by M.nrice, Rhetoric of Conversion, \.y H.r- vey, _rh.^Und«r around M W , a,..,' ,,» ^ -- -- ^TM-- «aaA A A Wl/UCB *a*CII«CU UttlfLCI I M f l L I lielound.ffibciu.lin alla T ine IrrllR- haps 200 sold » T HOB or Illflammittloa of the lironchul i n o e i . u l Ihro.t bum ol an a«u and chronic Character Prep ired by John I llrown .V *on BostiHi^iod for (ale h y S A M ' L h PfcKKINS, decgf' ^ N o l K e i w l i i , h e a w ItridKe ' =adys Book f o r J a n i a i y rectned by O B I J G H L K PISHT flung, and determined^) seek refuge below I went first into th*steerage, but aa they con* menced battening down the hatch with per« "" """ -1 J and we ' S L E E P E R A, ROGE'RS, JOURNAL BDTLDINO ta^u5sr..srs Borto " Ma - Western Cha nnelt, Lite id AIVERTISER, inn QOTs -- 11 nt 60 quit, Old Dun ! i,h, 0 BbB, Nape, and Fins, 50 Bbls H..d, N»'jf, .nd Fin,, 2SIH)1. H.libat Head,, iabbl. lonine.andSound, K bbl. Pickled Herrine--at I I I O S A I A Y I . Q K 4 CO'S Stuart's Syrup. R L A blnart'. Golden Svrnp ' d?4 i HO s A i AYI-OR co dec? d!3 --AT-HEMENWAY HER9EVS 18 .nd 10 Hji. .(,,.! "Maoaroniok." C URB F'OR PILES-A ,n.rely V.,.t.ble ElectuYr '"""" ~ NoO'nJment--i* di,,u,",,, «lmi^rriu^«. aTadMll^Ire"^, 1 ^ JTM.'TM'^". "·"hTa.e'w^.rt 1 Ur, " d ' "*°'" than one hnadred cac, t«,tify ta andVrl.'undTlo'^ UMthelpasttwomoallis Forwl, by "°^ ....J ,, S t PbRKlKS °« IIS No 1 Kendo*.., Bnrf.. .ep!2 Pore Cailile Soap for ,ale »«lren -'- G I b A R G E M , Ko 8 corner Smith', Illock ing here two hoursi with no abatement in the fury of the gale, I crept into one of die soldiers' berths, pulled a blanktt over me, and after · while fell asleep 1 he first ray of dawn aWAke me, I arose, and through the atore room and paitry succeeded in gaining the mam aaloon. Saturday morning, the 24th, had at l»at dawned "P* us, and this a«ful night bad an end. Whfle-pnsaiiig between the aecohd and after cabin, I felt a tremendous «ea stake the ship, bu I had no idea of the awful contequerjeee. It »a, the denouement--the fipale of the aw- fu' tragedy which had been going on through the night. An overwhelming fcs had Struck the ship on her starboard quarter, earned away the starboard paddle box, both smoke stark*, the whole promenade deck,abaft the paddle *" boxes, two lows of state rooms,, ofitwelveeach . · V Full Telegraphic New* ! Desirable. nmaltaneouly with the BoaH the attention uf all who are d, , fur Latest From China. H 'SfJJRV ol the Insurrection in China h« M , ^ WC.llery »nd Vv.n translated by J Oa Una and the Fn«li,b, th»ir manner, Irenes, lalely receded at ^ tlam street hatch. ITipj was the smallest part of the haf« oc. At one fell bwoop nearly one mndred and fifty humar beings uere swep* into etenuty. Ihe m»jori v »ire pnvate soldiera of the dif. ferent companiM of the Third Arlillery.' On* ,._. ,, noenfcera. 15 Maroelline Silks. ceived 1 a deel! \8 cumpiit-nr irs lor lininc, ia,t ra ·I KEN PM, 7 M»m Mra.t to the fact, thuibe Adi morcm, the »m. new. by lel.jrr.pi, a. wik' I'n pear ..theft,,!., mnremg plner , ,,, ,,,,, ,,£ a ^^xz^TM'- ·,,-·;. EZSE^Sf*TM- 1 *"" "^' k " v.r,^M o . t D ,;rvT.^'e°. d ; Mf "°" jof "" A " MATEKIALLr LNLAflaED, --, ,,,,.,,_ _., H , wc , ii£i,pu, inrir manner, and --«.!--.«««. iu^ AUIIU ^xriuiery« Una caMom. With an account of the late war Out! cimpary lost all but ten oF»t» menjben. four lor.aleh' 0 " lh " r bl "" r " ! '' Bonl " office " went wltl1 lhem --Col Wlahington, t)t U I Z K K N N K D Y ' S M K I l DIsPOVF.HV Fw d ""^ IJle1 "'l 8in i £ li Ihe see waa covered *t» l-Ouz Mone'.Syinp Velrbw Dock rwith diowmng men 1 he roar ·of the tempest °o Arer'^Cberry Pectoral smothered the -bubbling cry *f strong swim- theiiagoW" In a few momenta thry 1-1 S T E K L P E N S . BltbM's Albata Pe», do patent do No! - - - · " · q T6 Stable Keeper* and «0oi R'R Rehef K Uoi Mnil.nx Liniment Ito. Weaver'. Salt Kheam Srrop ^ Uoz Weaver'. CnnkJr Cure Coo|[h Syrups of every"- for ..hi ba (, en, do No JOS e: ha.\ali,yf}i||ot - "'"SiLt H. i :vrc.";s.: ..,s.*.v t ; 8 ··-- - szsfvss:*; -""" BBIa Cra^berrie«. 8BL8 Craaheme. in pnm. order bbl or qt, at tb. lowest market Ground Sage. *BS Ground Sage, fur ' |6 ' G I ,,,,.,, No. 1 Kendtnkea, Bn^e"rl'an 1 .or later strained--lor al« br · x j r D t t . . . . ^ ' - Ion. LinfaaAit.aad --T»-TM" - «.w«i» crn, no r Ira fi.«fl»4ie. J do Gatta Perch. r °l»aa.*ya*l«a« . TreachV TJ.'rS'VTnd 11 * e '«'"r c '" - -« "»··*»'« pnce. ^- ^ «« £fS.t.i't IVH '" I " "-^ 1 J i , DR A. wr I'"« PEIfClLB. .-t*"*, 1 *···a»a»a*dgndaated felTcib,do Fa ami I liil-r^ , L r- "'!·· · «aroa'a, aad Taora..'. do German En- R LL i OTT 2, L «"«ra. u Yeoat Me. .nd " SkSS^BrawB .i pTuTm Vd,Vn« "' *" "" W1 " "* "^ I RI WKtKLV ADVERT1SFR, 1JM annual --If paid«,nhin the - -- - -- -- - advaacef3,00 ~ Ood Liver Oil. 7. UllKlMbl I'd OIL, U» Wilbor's Oil and Lim., at B F SARGENT'S, No 8 Smith't Block nle and retail, at F SARGENT3 ~-j _ ". BUHUB'K, -j '»*Ka»mea I Bnd I .7B,.j.r «;NTY LAND WARRANTS ttf\-TTfLtrm ihooid'b;^'.^'t 1 '" ll i lw " ID01 " 'Me'ieraii; S^i!*"" 11 ? 1 '*".-?*«"·'" '« "· ·"". .^atoWSk Baskete. mers in li.m ·gwnj ^n * sew momentai Ulcr aunk to nae ho niore till tl$e sea give* up her dead. Two of ail the crowd succeeded in re- gsmmg the ship--Mr. Rankm, an armysuttler, and Mr , merchant, of Rio Janeiro, A few momenta had elapsed when I reached tleasloon [t w» filled with water to the depth of nearly two. feet. Ihe females and children, mostly in their night tlothea, and wet l to the skin, were Mattered on plank, aome wailmg and sobbing, aome apparently ·tape' Bed, some calmly awaiting what seemed th«r inevitable fate. All anppoetd the last boor .bad armed, and m a Aw momenta they would, jngct their Maker tace to face. * V * · · * * Ascending the companion way, from the av ' loon to the main deck. I seated myself atth* head of the ataireace, and surveyed the scene. The steamer waa, in all her upper works, a perfect wreck Foremaat, smoke stack, th* -, ..««»»,, » 0 w^h^w^Jil'Ti^KTM""""^'"*^ k . "BOUGHT ^"J^''£te'££* 0 « t r3Z£ lTu*s.»aanWr..k...ii.s_;. --fcate--aw sale at No t H.rlov'. HUxTk J TWMMI B'ASSSfff 1 " * lU Kj** m ·*-" , _j-_._.TT^^r" uo **M WairsAt_i.»r*kMu.»L A j*^.-- Edacatw l^^^^WSS --.----.---1^ "^f ^3TM~» ' ^ ··»« 1-yolS.rKa.pBJro^ IT'OR softeang, e.rliaju..d haMdvinr ^ l LA*-«^fslr«t?«.«r f th. r.a y 1NOKAHAM * 7 FUL c «5Rj.-fw« V ""^ INORAHAM i FULLER East Side Bookstore;-- I»amp OIL L i L *·"» ji " ~ " * » D r o n r n « i O rrioaorTHi sr.TKii'or ID TTZTTM '"" ....rain 'TTM ·,-. mock t SSSSSi^SSffi BicfeGloves Mittens! adruu aad will be hvari ° °° B "·*· ·* *« sta«*id Buck Olov., * o i e r , w o as lulled instantly by the falling of the deck. e c . A few feet further lay * man groannur and Bear n u r a *»tb, from mjun« received at theiei,. Writing Desks anc IAVIW, CA8b8-A,«rf rtwrl...,, ,,,, ' '--·· JOHN tLl,l8*CO S HAVING for sale .h.sff ·Oft TMW -- Tea*. PACKAGU) Prlaw T BtVOAKflU |Q E?JHS?A*?*L" - ··wi ) nVrvakadtMtar. Rsvaaa WUuBijar *wl* THO» A TAYLOR * CO RY, TRIBUNE, 1854 RSWt wbklac lit rae.iv* ta. Weetlr - 8.awW«ltly or IHilly ft-* Tnb....ea. du M M «ia pritr,, by (.Iliac a** ih* araaJL PATSrTCt.EWlS, Ho 3 Smith', Bjtck, Bugor visa wards us, seemed about to pear into ear shattered deck and sink us. · · · · · · 4 W. had now (Thursday, th. to) retched tka «i«h day mncs the storm ooimanord. W* were about to eneouatrr death in a new farm, A very Urge portion of the ship's ^terrace had been Uled with cargo, mlht.rj storei, fa. Th««onseq«enc e »..a u it !)ortlon L-ft fc, the ·tldtei wmmoA crowded? It bad bit. «n pasted we should a ran be in fin* weather, aval ff * T \ i v S W ^ P i f i h L \\t-t

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