Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 17, 1854 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1854
Page 2
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Courier^ _ J ± _^J _. L. I .««T «r. ««run» u«fl£d, BUaa., ha. on A Idur or Union LOR.--An old man'a hto pmniM an a(ipl« tree whleh meaauna »«nory ta . qo«r pli«. Indeed, it ramble, and rlelded 20 «W^« UK L4leev-Hkfd . Golden Ql«»,for l hw *o BenaL It kt blfUy FIRST y y TieW«l prwfowly to UU. about 1 JO buaheta . - In eonv.TMtio» yealerday with an old m«, ' f . T p p p ,, « M p n ,, n D -, «1 ,».r. It waa earned to Litchfield (torn Hot- who h » P»««d « long and useful life, and with 1 A 1 f*K I ttUlll £ U H U r Ji, .if aaTt, OUHHV, .m saatrrtroL, d. itkblfU; ^__ (·net deHcat- |^^* Jiii far According to our advices from the Hooaa of 'Representatives will mis* the (or the . *rd by the-BrBr.etlioa of. the former town borne' deliciou« fruit 130 yean. whomIllw ft » nton summer, we were im.?"* h ? ""*""·"* n » de -- n *" lr CTmty AOIUVAL OF.THE Union Block-Store to Let. \r»~~*»v*i^" l.eBiorei. UnU»tJl»ek, M ft by SB, _ V «g«lableg. to renl for t or 5 yean. Tim interior of J3rOTATOES, I .Ike above lurelsikomirhly Cniabed with * «rj ' ike best material., aa4 no pnins hav« been spared J «°H .. _ . - - ·«make il one asaonr Ik* very beat and moat con- aitoffotnirnlmpey. It renovea audrUT, prevent, e- vanwnt dry guods ilores in this city. " mptiona tomali v, and keep. the«ea]p clean, smoHb .ad tiase to neenre a food store Now is th* E U R O P A AT NEW YORK- ^ A fine apnn anow ------TM~ =-"TM ~~ w TM. ip ---j -- --fr ,-,-- -- . _ , «*««· aj ojiu uy, uamoiceQ anow-neitee llngeml ·amdae of ailing the vacancies in the Senate, T«"«TM«y morning and continued all day vie d- in his hair,* and he saw them drifting over the -Which ought to have beesHdoaw eeveral days 1 la H efficient anow to improve, the sleighing F'TM °f one after another, whose feet with ainoe, and would have been dose but fqr .the whkn h «* «*» n««ly deetroycd by the previ- 5jt jlj,* d ^"""t "" momiD *. de *TM together.-factious andVdisorganising action of the seven Ions rain.^ , her who knew him when the Wildcat democratic Senators in trying to dra- rsr , « A fe TM* nnn n. rf ui- . v , -u ahadowa fell to the weatward and "the day waa goon the Hou»int.a«o,irw,wh}ch would hate l J^A"TM»TM*P«Pa«of BUot Va?entine, before them both-wbo never thought him old, BIJSSIAN AND TITRKKH W4«! e of the State' ^' unite m a demonstration of though all the world pronounced him so. Ev- Vaalai ' AaU 'W»aUSal tMsa. 1 . TM _T^' ipgarf for him will find a subscription open at "Jbody aaid jrhen aha died, -it is a terrible _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,, -.TZT taken . ptogres-- T5. officet ,,, wMoh ^ ^eated to add blow , to *" mn -" «" d · fe " * d -» «»ey HIGHLY IMPORTANT ! ! Wildcats have, canted an lh ^ namea, co , uld *° mlke him forget, but there waa no unnecessary expenditure of several thousands , ,- V , , ' J.J need of that, "for," aaid he. "they didn't think Narw Yorn-, January 16th. of dojlafj.of ihe money of the patient people, sjTPnntera in Boalon andflfew York will *^,?«* J maudnrn^oiy taht^nurmtm- Europa arrived at ten o'clock in. tbe du^d'row. they will own up that they are beaten, and ^9 eelebrate the .rmTvers.ry of the birth Those few words, indeed, contain . world of *" forenoon - """ I8 ·ttome into th4 arrangement without complaint, "f B « n JMni« Frafflt^ln, thU being the I48th an- meaning. He did mist rfeoMerbo/ from Their trick to block the v, heels of Mvern- "'""^T »f, the patriot. phflosSpher and printer. orT '? tllble '- Tw » P«n»of eye. had T ' / «· rainbow; nut one pair beheld it no 1 raentmttat not be forgotten. Their reckless- J · ^ " ---~ » ._ %-_j*fc--» ? .. TM ness and disregard of constitutional provision., and the determination to defeat Ihe will of the alnato appliealbn. Ladle? wbr l«am lie value in uu. re- ·pert will never be without IL Mte enu W 3. HUBD, Proprietor, 304 Broadway, New [rk. 8. B. PERKINS, Aaent,BanfDf. ail? 3m , ,, ,,.. *" 4,18^ I*NIEL WARREN. II Notice. Z subscribers have formed a copartnership ·; · - SL under lne,nane of Tewkabnry, Ooobmc tke Gracefhl Or at Co ,|for Ike parpose ol bnildinc aad repairinr aament of VVomaui.' veaaela, and farnisbinc and making apara A share u Jlare more flornaa or more beautiful than "* "" P"" 1 " 1 P"TM"J 1 * 1,'^? 01 TM!!?.' 1 , to sse a ricb, utxunant bead of nair on ettlK r man or wo* manf And wlMn Inoee rich Dnaee^on woman berln to decay by dbeai e, bow Imports*! Iba) we have eome pn- venuveorcm,'T1iereare.ica«u«nddlirerenlpre P ara- WANTED, a. above, from 100 lo 200 tons noa.bnn|btUtoiue,pun(iftInVto|inveaibalirninuilI »ood Jnniper timber, a quaillty of larre Hud InfoO-.orcanjlntanewannvtl wbn u» bead baa be- Wood Timber, 4P or 50 large Jumper Kaees, for come bald, but all oflitde or ncuie, and ycry often injur Ki ""f limbers, from 400 lo 600 good Juniper taHf tbem good. Bui K n e M -· lir «« P« rt °t tbem f rom 7 to 10 mehei, -IIMMINOS J. CUMMINGS. ItTlATlvW I tyDeerfro^the^h-aTeWntomake ^j^i^^Zto.^!'*** actloT " """"^ "" "° '**TM iftSl'SZZZZFi?*'* "*"· w '"»" fi ^-.^l^^ t ^^^L». , eir nnTM.TM n ~. :,, tl,.lr «f A v , TK remembered i»- and imperfectly now. Who ' ... , : · ,1 """""S""""TM" «f««ano» Andto ndoc. people O IJdoz.acarl.nd'. Remedy, ^^ J ' eir appearance in the Hartford market Th-y wouM have lifa's little thread extended,'till he Nothmg farther from Aaia. 4 i»«y «, »e Wbolenle A«en of Banioi oa%r, for a s «* Weaver'. Salt Rbenm Syrnp-- and vari- g twelve and a half cent, a pound forione too, should be compelled to take up the word. The Treaty between Russia and Per.!, was "***"** mra w Pikrant* a s»od bead of Hiir on any P" 1 atk " "«*e'aes. for sale wholesale and retail sv.ssul thtir abettors as long as' their political tive. exist. ' ' f'tecft, and higher for others 1 ; TThe poople.of Bath are organizing a large Ice Cotapany. and say, her!"--; [ miss somebody to help me remain- ratified Dec, 18th -"-- i'ribone. Peni . . Wira,"Ml8l«ras AND LADY. This paragraph from the German most happily hits the attrj.- attack 1 i at Constantinople the Sultan to organize a Pol- three luomliK ti COOM one. come on noth.M to try ,i tlui preparalion la called J HAirEESfoREB. B.a1 ST. (bllowinj ce7- frmn k (entlenian wall kno%a in Ihmclly, a. well ·"* by I." '"' 6 G F.-SARGENT, No. 8 eoraer Smitb'. Block. 25 BOOKS. APSaadMuhapaof a T \. | .School tthnries. ' ' __ from the German moat happily hits the attrj.- '"** «° persuade the Sultan to organize a Pol- "** " el * YMk · »,,»».,, rw B ·«« A very serious defect exists in. the public C*»««F«»«eiice of the Whig said Coauier. butes of wife, mistresa and lady. It is just as ish Legion. «·'· ir»rf-WarSir-ibaveb«ataidteih.l.stfiv* ioaoz "naee ·ahool. of our State not being furnished with AWOUSTA, January 11, 1364. ""'JS" 1 " 1 The British Parliament « to ,TM, m . . -. KlTa'tYn^iT.^''* "° d *^ r "^* fM1 «' were Sn^T *""'''· * lil L'* ry ^uMelibTMTM.. Th^^proh.blv.iewob? Br... t#orrf th, Whj^ %£. I marrTZToSder.^.^.^.'!^' ± ^^3^ "" * SffiS*$~X£ZSl.Si GttlSSESZZK.,. ^jeot. which ahould more engige the pnbuc at- You have probably RriiJVKttie attjnjjon -» are Ioved% your v.ife.rega,5ed Sy your mi Sweden and Denmark have formed an turned ""' ° 1 ^"- ' 1 - ""' L ? Mrt ^ uced to °" «' """'^ " " J tentltn at the present tune'than that of fur- »ff»irs here. , The course of proceeding by the Jress, tolerated by voo£,lady. You have a wife League against Russia. , r ooi ' Ei * 1 " y~»~ * - w Th. LoM Ha Oor», bew editira. C.pdrrty of Napoleon at 8? H«'«"i Bnrclm,b.P.alCreyton; The!' ^!»9 ' ·*''' ^ GE f · «· 8M1THL . - -- "ciminencednrnjit'.bout".iTM^eek.^l l 5mh°a (7 " """ T d "'" """* "" H will produce bmir on any ftaOd aWd. *** " D ° YODI. truly t c PARAND, 900 Iba Yellow-Bar Soap.--and Fancy Toilet covered SM| ' "' ""^ k *"'fO". ·»» aale by "SSJJ Janl6 O F. SAflGENT, ieaiBndie.Wboleeale ,. IdtHattew.Oeo W -i- · uwd*n3m jan!6 Pure penirarla Arrow Root. " "'", warranted of Ibe very best quality, U F. SARCENTM, ianl6 No 8 corner Smilb's Block. Feather A SUPPLY jaatreceiredbT 1 GUltU IE. HARL.UW J7 J earner York aad^Eaehanrs itreelt Sur«erb Ladies 3 ClothsJ Cloth m , Wrapping Paper. THOUSAND T M B R O JJEAMS^SIraw, Urowa,aad 1 Manilla Wrapping .. - ....^JCH .McCLURE, LOTHROP £ CO'S 4v»nf.ld»g. ' , tendance of .bsent nWber. ; but the right t, shed tears, your '·^^\i^^^^ m ^ X ^^J^^^ mftatta On omition achqo.1., more than on an r other ""pel altfcndance i. when a majority arc cho- wc f TMurrnng.-' * . Account. » reliable a, can be obtained .tale .cause under.Providence, depend, the genera! ·« *«*· do no, or 4,11 not attend. I, followr A R ^^OL.V,TM At l»t ' he »Wt number of per»n» on board the San djffuaion and Berpetu.ty of tho*= great national ol conoe, that wSn a majority , 8 not elec ed the mining wortc of London has be?n electAfi- Francisco at 6SO. and account for them u» : blesaings and pnvilegei,Which tend to the true WBy cjn do no bnsmpss, but must adjourn fron ed by the astounding news tbal the oopper mine Tran.ferred to the Three Bell, .t N m V n rk exaltation of a pioje? Iree school, are the ·% o day, and the Supreme Court havedecid ·« Cornwall, called by the name of iVemolfett ummmM to tfta lfiree Bell, at Nev, York nurseries ' which rcpi clearly an guards agaihst vSce. Without, . ·can long exist and] uouriih j with them, wisely Wildcat* ' Vf so -doing they can a,t the firal Journal. Postered and generily. supported, no tyrants conventional] arrange a. to choose additional ,, --, -- »w*y can long continue, no bigot', views be W Ideals enough, ro give them a majority in tht ' widely disseminated. ' Senate, and also * quorumi i.t \y aeon* I -, jl ywir face or£and' Havjyou^ny mvollTM ilmdt' Have you nich a thing u ran Have you nue|o madly jidiit ' Have you n the railroad »ped Ilaveyou -smaished" am blnke our bead? Ihveyoti Kn.defymj sk 11 = Have yon tuts that almoal kill lUte you Ichos in looth o- ear» , Ha« you pitTM ibat feel IK queer ' I Have you mteaofany ki idf Have they gill, ot broken 1 winit.'' Have lliey ring bone-4-b.r.: It! cure ' Have Ibey tup bead to endure? Have tbey aciatcbea 01 cnckad lied, Have they cbalea Ibat W-1 reveal ? Hiveth« apavin--norm ban all ' Have they ' 'Have 3OO Rma. dnoe Paper, different mes, lor sale by D. BUGBEE. jaa 16 MajiaiandCamb foliar.,Cbemlzetta.Camb.aa. Mn.I» Sleeves, Muslm and Caail.. ' IiitteU's laving Age S U n S C K l P I IONS received tor the above JIT 1'"'6 ^ _ Xard Oil. P liUGBEE. nt.M Unt.M tulwrmr L.rd Oil, for «ale by jl* , 1NGR\HAV1 and Me I i liO bV " er's Ointment. received and for ule vert low it. FULLER, The following i. a list of U. S. troops lost as ..."* Vault-- Mother "Birth. near ' T ·* c » n be ascertained from the Sergeants Exchanges--the transplanting «f the nursery of tie Companies. ( Co. A. 9 men, Co. C. 7, and garden. ' · The next moTe"i«ill be to organue the Sen- Deposits--Happiness, sobriety and manly in r ty According to New York pspsrs the ate, which ifcy -will do, and theu thev have de PTM dcnI:e - · .welling of the closely packed graul » the| pow? , to decide on election return,. ' T he,i ^SSs£^S^ of Co. B. not fully made out. When the Three Bella arrived at Ne* York. BTREETBR'S AMEIUOAN^ SOAPS. ' - ive you f UI! we C4ll-- IIaveou Hied ine Doctor I Stuff- Have you--nil ou've got sitough ' Take adve now kindly ft3nt-- '* "Vit the MU,T«!,O LiniiK^T." A.C DKAGC t Cj., Proprietor., . ,, 304 rroaowiy, S. V. . luitKi^Ceneral Agent, «o. 1 KenduakeaaBnifffe i : ~l ~' · "TM«"«, -*- , for«ilebyC ii.» t, , VV t i! ALoVj and c.' j'r"VS OB hand and lor «ale at the kme.t pricea] W JfHcnoi , dec-W V[I. Jaw Spicea-J-Spices. ' S PICES ot all kind.-- .ho Citroo, Eng. Cnr- rantj, ExtracK Vnnilla, Roie, Lemon, aVc , * i - H ' · 1U M , Stitched Hdkfa, tame very cheap, at ,£0 cents . ...ALSO. ..... , r S '"°' * '"*· ·*·--*·»« 1 , of every material at much leu Ikaa usual prices, to reduce Stock. R I B B O N S . TRIMMING GOODS, Worsted Sleevei, Hooda, Children'. Gaiter., H». aiery do, Misaes Woolen do/Jlovei of all kindi and a variety of other tood, to whick ' lae attention of parcbaters is invited J. P. JanIO X -I i . , No. 48 Main Street. ' d4;w3ni Bay Rom. . C ennine article for ale by 1 N G R A H A M « FUULEK Buck Gloves^ ¥ OST RECEl'vED.Iolof Lamb Lued Glovei af ^Ifo Moose Hide Millets, at I W. G. H GOODfilJE'S Kendnklai I J.nl0 _ . . . - ,, , . , , ,, thee. manoeuvres they w i l l h a v e a vrhiob he kted up to h.nd."and'";7e';,''Wd^o Hook, and took Tb^ not an ^ratton of the cffecu strong majority in,he Senate. I ' der«r,ed.-[Bo.ton Post.] by that vessel'from rte S, n Fr.ncL vtth th. proahced'in society, by the constant labors and | lhu«, by holding two or three conventions, thoughts of the mi · §miih'i~l!ioc'k~, t»W ec,ual. it not interior,'to any In tbe mar- *Golbic Block, Gi(.ld t ll.tlow, k«l--for aale by GbO. W. EMEKSON J'"'! No. 4 Smith'. Block. md York auvete. j, v ' r Now. we ask, aught-a-man to be excused exception of Mr. Falcon, the Brazilian Consul, Dr in.. r _,., v_ wl -L ^ ^~* oimenwh^dividud- they .defy 1 the,-fll of the people, aid change ^.nakjng au.h a joke ,,,hat -fNe,v Orleans H J m . Bi8!e( , Mr . .^ Mrs Abm an(I ^ ^Z^^SSZySSStft*. 1 make buHiUle shower noUpto tW v-orld, the politicalIcharacter of the Senate. Such i. Ke '^ m - J J ' SddTe^ho^tdTto"^ -the,r«mb,nedpov.or r ne ia nre.«t, wheth- ,h. ,ame. , . --.,£ ^^ ^^ -A |rom , he R iftcr ^ySy-J^SS^S^S "' 'V^S. « f« g«d « evil. ^ , 1 |Tle consUtut on provides that on the first «dE,.t last. W. TM^TM»£^'«*gTM parting fronyhc San Francisco on the n-ght of ^ c " r - fo " ! - I " d ^ *"'"'»"· ^ " HTMw, M....1 D. Ins is the nrst successful prosecu- tDC ^Sth, the K.lby cruised round two days m The fine was paid and bonds giv- search of her and the ship being so badl) fcrip- . , Wednesday of January annually, the JJpuse of to s iyitis.^dth,ngforaboy to sink down s^n^pa^ Wlth .. suchrS en.tor. a, are *» ',ndU6renceJl'orhe.*onb«om e ,^^^ £«, mpp ly ,he vcancie, in the Sen, ~ the Smn Francwco on the n'ght of ''"*· ^c^^c.,--feee Adveniann ut t of ,10th, hi. /eeiing. blunt- ^.. Ja8 making , he . c pepolM , he eleotors or mote conventions and roll up their strength ? he M..J · ,t » « "" M the r ^ olol *8- TM* wholc P lan "»"""I ] _H (Uifri joy,, than to 1* apemg the man of .ffa., go/up bv ,f e w^»lf politician, here.- * - Currier's OIL. A PRIMC artnleol Currier'. OH. lor aal« by GEt W. EMEKSON, j a n l l No 4 SmiUlV Illock Sardines. A FRESH SUPPLY for aale by j.all «EO W. L DEAD! R E A D ! READ f READ I -i D R . H A M P T O N ' S VEGETABLE TINCTURE! The Great Rettoratm «W hmgorator of tkc J Sytteat I ' 1 his article, whieb baa made soniaDr ivnadartal '".^JT" ""covered by D, JEMI, HiiTiTosr, jf Louisville, Ky., now In flue beahb in the 70th yeat of hu Me and » acknoOMnd by those who have uied it to be oedtefne in use, and a .wmatc. fr« ^, 16. mild action on-tieStonarb of tbo» ,,' tut family 111 the House of Representati elasticity, its! hopeful aspirations an a medal, for icious and gallant conduct, was finally pa*a-i*. I iidand bondsgiv- .earch of her and the ship being so badl fcrip- j m , r , mi , «,, ^TTM^ , TrUSBeB and Supporters. ._ Pled was obliged to desist ,n the set-rcn. Tier ^^^^t ZZZSZ* \ ^l*****' ~**~* Sve.. on Wednes- cargo was broken in the hold to mske room lor """*'""L^ ?*?,TM^S"- TM Y °" 1 - i.nll ' OEO w. EMEKSOi , a medal, for hi ^ . , , number of s _ Fr . nc :... 0 .,.,,.-. tei^sL 1 ! 0 *' «'«·*«· Twrt aad' thwa..^.!.^; . I RI ,-«.P O , UJ ?? l «?** 1J .y: . ,, . rfghtybytheloveofthebeo-theslowmovcf ETerfOody L.J it Md tneHo^ofHepre.^ . «·" the confectioner, have got to m«,ng S^.rf'^I-TnT ment-the indifference to appearance and the . t : T - dat-nol ho hrr,,,.ht i« n TT TH I . Ind '» rubber into molasses candy, a cent's TM lout '" ° cloclt 1Ml "' ! !±!±1jr^l^i n ^.r .r --^^IffJCt iSr;; :r,r,hf t rethS wBybetwrent ' fo th " dren T*?-_»T-*- J_-_ltj.i. la . il and mighty small The emigration into Iowa, the presei The total number of San Frnncisco passen- PnTljutclphia gers on board the, barque Kilby was 103 Those -- ·"" by the, Lucy Thompson arrived in. this city ight, in a most pitiable :old, hungry, and almost naked. The larger port were immediately taken to the Astor House, wherp ever) thing nec- Bnncor lynlly niuri tc co jaiHt larine Joiroal. Cough Candy. » FRESH UPCLY of Blood Koot t\. «ale by GEO W KHERSON, I I' 0 ' 1 No.*8milb'sUlock. A Fresh Supply of |_JOT CpHN iu.1 received and for »le by jam, with all Cbtonic Complaints, aa Oynrpna. Cmgh, AiOima. Himn Affection., P.m. m the BeA, Side and llrc..t* Oomnmption. Scrofula, Fit. Rbenmalum, to^ut, Nenralgta, Fistula. Bowel Complaial, , Worms, and Nervnu Bebilily, wilb »ll di^u«. arising from Impure Blood. A i a Female Medicine it baa no equal. It will cauie the complexion from a pahd to a Moominr one SAM'L E PERKINS. wbole^Tareul No ,1 Kcndn.kea- Kndge aujtJ 6m !"·!» premature decay of youthful activity in ,the ,,, le |r oilcd by , eren . b*jwe al«ays suspect the exhtencc of some ,,,,,, ,,, h',. I if. «n l . f i S P1 ° : The delegates from your, eity wont be likely three wagons passed a single point in one montt. pnetora and their boarders. d »r date il 12th, .« ihe venel. ·AonTon 7 ihe beachirom " - -, i - · · 2iT in 'a he r" of h th : "r TX U ·· ^ v-*^-*TM**** *, ^ - ^ *- fe ° f ^ w - -i n ^ ^£^^^^^^^ iy The Lcndon Time, states that on the TTf* " cleilr and ""doubted and in due'Bmc npealled-for letters at the present low rate, the 'he Lucy Thompson, being toj, much exhausted 5" ""* Ll| " t -. M° r "»»» 18th nlUmo the 1 Great Tinkish Council was wjl b6 . exeitaa i f nothing else can be done.^ P" 1 " ""i on| y "* cellt » "»««· to venture into the - D. BU6BEE. Youn?, i iMiM Inn *" v vimjjmuwu iiinj iuwa, tho present fiCOSOn. " r , , e i a the ronndatlondf ^ I ' fa TMP»*dented. Seventeen hundred and forty^ "'"* for thdr «mfort »as done by the pro- n,e »,entof u ,d The delegates from your, eity wont be likely three wagons passed a single point in one month, pnetora and their boarders. der date ol latb, p.«i t over this Hobensack's Worm Syr-rip tA ' H t sare t I by SAM'L E. PERKINS, On Kenduikeai Devlne's Pitch Lozenges People go according to their brains ; if these convoked, and that after fill discussion it was The Hon8! feel thl * lhe y * re ri S ht »nd the re- agreed that the collective note of the four pow- 'P 01 " 1011 '*'^« nd vraate of money in this disor- l* r in'thefr head, they aludy"; "if'in't'he belly^ * hich ra ihould be accepted, the Turkish govern- K" n:Mtln «»»»·»» Wildcats. The three par- «bey eat; if in the heels, they dance. the sense of thi . I tlM Waifs ifaftffMatlwl T*l!fstill(*« at fVio mrinllm OVA _ A 11 HYMN ON THE CITY. ment, thcrtfure, consents to name * pteupoten- tle » "*° dented Pilabury at the polls are well tiary to pfocecd to some neutral capital, not ·"«*· ««1 "and firm. »»d *Ulin the end work oein s Vienna, to treat for peace. It accept. out «·« deliverartcs of the State from this barid tfie'declaration of the four power, that- the of P 01 ' 1 "* 1 ?"»»'*»· ] Yours truly,. (Late Melvin 40 S t a t e S t r e e t , BOSTON. Plans and Not in the solitude thus speaks rf tfon. ' plate be presented to each as their magnanimous conduct, or sec It was also resolved that a petition be pre- sunny vale th^pre^t Deity-. ? tnled '° Con S«»'- requesting that the louea Or only hear his voice incurred by the commanders *and owners of 18 Where the winds whispered and the waves rejoice, these vessels may be indemnified b+ the government. Mr. Million, mate of the San Fran- heroic condnct ol the Three Bells, An- TM2Z~m'^£?S££?;TM^i'£ f °~* """ " V " J tartic ani Kilby, and providing that a pitce of ·* ch Amba«pador,of Sed|v,cb, u New York Irotn WU r * p mmpon, M\ na. Inrown on net bum ends in Jheavy testimonial of HW gale. P-- -- -' ·'--·' ·--·· --J ' · ·j.oU , I Qlallly ol n«a. for .ale by SAM'L E P E R K I N S , No I Ke.duske.s; anudst the crov.d . .powers that-the evacuation of theTrincipilitfcs U to be consid- *red a line quo nan i i fe negotiation, and that jjd» ard Everett: he territorial posii^cn of theHussian and Ot- « Public aerument, like a ttighty tomon empires is not to;*e changed by. the war. setting in towards Edward Everett. From'the ~-- --|X-, 1 hills of Maine, r from the vaat. interior of the Even here do I behold !y Tbe Inaugural Aduwss ofl Governor Continent--froin the sunny South--from the Thv steps, Almight '--here ami Washburn o, M^^sett, » « admirable ^SS^S^^^^ISS^ wS^UtfTurm^ ,oud_ document, claMica^ ^shj» style, dignified in These ar« gr«ai issues ahead--great resjfitaV Choking fe ways that wind tone, ani progrewive ^fi3. . P ,riJ,".nd advo- wahTng the touch of lime-nlw dearies for Mon P" tne Wudpilea, the work of human kmd.' cates among other r,«9,fn», the election of Sen- 'htoyoun|IdjuuUc. Calhoun is golie-Clay Thy golden sunshine comos ator.hy«paratedl.t*tJt4the election by the .fXdrf^ "S .h 0 """ Bve TM tl ', '** b ? lom From Ac rounVhcaTen, and on then: dwellings hes _.. , f v . ~^Ji^^ 4^ . t . f«end of one, ann} the companion of the others, And hghtttfielr inner home ,-people of cc?tain c^c^TrTow chosen by^lhe staMi to-day, tbe living representative of their For them Itfeu 811'st with stf the unbounded skies Legislature, or appoir te,d by the Executive; varied Jualitiet, beautifully blended in his mod- And givest them the stores the .ubsUtttdon of the*rl»rklity for the major- el «1«»«. -^ « num, patriot and repubh- of - » CKIn ' and tht; harvcstof its shores. Uy ayatern in eleojona generally ; and a modi- 2 rf h^um d rymerwhich*ev O Jh ".Sy '.ntoos!^ House of Eepresentatives, so as to render it cmice. VVe mean more than we aay." anore equal and democratic. " , T . ., u,. ,.1.0129*. Articles for Gentlemen. B LACK Italian, Fancy-Colon, and Napoleon Silk Neck, Uravata-Lmen and Silk Pocket FOB DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING. Boston, March 9. 18SS, cisco, state. lHat she was not scuttled snd is of opinion that she must have gone down in less than twenty-four hours after she was abandoned. L A D I E S ! : Polk* Wllminf. CU, baric J W AndiiWa, Frenc»Vrartrai 0 7 btia S H Ctaylon, Bice, Gutyama, Aleeu, laakell, 8«|ua, Tiberi », B»nb.ll, HevlOtk^., Zav^la, tit,,, pVuin, La, Brazilian, lln), t*tunuh. ^ ' ' j.nlt LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES Tbsjobicnber M T J S I O A I . i * Clua] (of pcraoiw «' liplB-^r lltb, «* On UM , DMrt-tt, Jack^n- vill«fbrBi^B » - ! · · - , At xncbur ia the Sound !3lb, ay. «tk D S Goodell, (of M for IkMRon. - ' M jai.10 ADE lo mea . and wlcd with India Rob- Considerably Below Cost! Also, we bave the remaias of . Last Yeart Stock ^ v - i "K. ,u Micature, ana mica Wlta ..«.- No. 19 West Market Square, by! of Laalfef Faitent RUBBERS, which we JOHM AY6R. "· -- , that sweep along, Voices and foot-falls of tbe numberless throng-Like the resounding'sea, PenoM intereeled are nqueeted ta calj at Ibe aul room, 44 MalnJI. EI.I8HA HcKENNEV, Jr Janl3 (Mercnry copyj , S Rubbers--Rubbers! ,-T Julia The vaat and helpless city while it sleeps. Daniel Colemah. Jr., son of Daniel Coleman °* Uke the ""^ ^mpest, speaks to thec. , Home Journal" U Jhe ^Nrwbnryport, w« wounded by the accident- And when the hoor. of rert T a weekly piper just started in Gardiner, * d jf*"8 e ° r j · g" n °« Wednesday afternoon, Come, Uke a calm, upon tbe mid-sea brine, *j A. M. C. Heath, Esq. It makes a eood. an -*° Sf h » "eovpy is doubtful. He waa fore- Hushing its billowy breast^ rLranAP nnj h. ..t^.« 7 v. *~ "^ ** breech rf lhe oTM into · ««« »»* *« T"' 1TM=' » f thc moment, too, is thine ; pearanee, ana By attention to home matteTM, muzzlo toward, his breaat, when it discharged « breathes of him who keeps «vill deserve jnd doubtless receive a. good atap- 'be Contents into his stomach. The vaat and helpless city while jwrt: We learn |ry U-.QiaC the people of Qar- We 't"n by a later account that young Cck- diaar are now agtfatia^Ehe subject of supply- «"·", oied last Thursday morning. He ingl their city with ga». I The experience in this gunning in Br field when the sad accident *ity,anj probably Jn every plwe where gas haa curred. . i tteta intradfueod is al together m iia favor. «Ati THS WOBIB xsn TH ·OTA. week, ago lart % 8ttnday evening Eev. Sugh PreaidenM^r^S'Sot'st'v'this Mr. Battles lectned upon the rabject of Snaw did express the hope-that between the TJr , aad ItrraUfioils- ·dgj'Mtion., whereuppn at the ? ute ' and Mexico "a laittag fnendabip" miirht ||. . - , ._ . . , - . . be faonnrmed and ntm»tttaiMA" Tk^... - - raetaaag BtYnia^jthe Mechanic* Association ap- peawd tH. nllowfiig eonundrura: Why wan the performsnee at the Univer- "·«5« Obueb tw Son day evening like the frol- i snow. NOTIOE. AnntialJIeeini|°« *Antnita on°\VEDNK8DAV, Jan'y IStb, IKH, coramnclol al 10 o'clock A. H Tbe Hem lien are hereby notified, and the tnend. of education ren- erally, are Invited to attend. jlUacwlw ALBERT B. WIGGIN, Rec Sec. N O T I C E . Tbe Mercantilenraollna- R»oam* Llbrory , - - . S^^ta. per Pair Heikenway Hersey, __ _ ISaadSOijaai «reet- ikfot f A D I E S p »'e»t Metallic RUBKERS, alitlle fp-BT-p . returned V · oltod -l ! J''»S ·* at BO cents per pair-- also, ***·«=· iiiblofllih. i- «·""· a few pair. o» M«»a'at 75 eenta -Sid 13ib, bri| C an Miller, and i k Ibe above^ " PemacoU-CId Wh, bn| J Men., Hem*. Havana. lanlO h«M. ;i. «... 8t Mark.--At*b,b.rkUkalia, Inmabaoi kinxnon 1 SSSv jiS ^ M - *'« J G *·«·»«·, Delan^Kew Yotk. ° lmo °' J ' Savamiab-Adi Deb, bns; E Doeie, Loriiuj, Ireiib't or ta per pair. JOHN.AYER, 19 West Market 'No »P T'sHT^ 1 X i. OL II HAS COME. More U^iT for Wigs!" Balnmoie--Ar k|tb, bn| Warn i Guddard Wlacbeater, man, eca H £ Parker, M'Dott|is, Eaatpor (wnb loaa of deck load and boat, uil. Bnlit, «c.) New York--A! I3ih, »ch. M I. fill, Tibbets, Daracoa .,...,, ,,,,_._. . ._. . , , , , o , baa been remnvM n looma In Bownun'. New Block, JPteble, 8lra,t fjanen, Amtnuuaot, Allen WlmunfUn aud an now npep, fcrUve, and to. dellveiy of Book.. "C, 13th, bn( ga th Tlnindike, tockland. TnoDinclonl invila Inoee wb are not aubacnbera to ;ll '*», "'l ' Kelley, Hea t u, Bavanntb. rriHE cop.rtner,hipber«tolor. existing between i- JL the uoderogaed was dnuolved by rnitaal -nseat oa th. 7tb mst. WALTER SMITH, N PERRY. Jr., I l U A N I E L ROBINSON, 1 Banior, Jan. 13, IftM dwlw* becoan an, by ipplylat lo Is* Librarian J. a WIIEBLWRIOIIT, OEO. R. HHITH, J. BICKER, AKAD THOMPSON, W. H. PARDONS, R.«r«, Dec. BO. 18S3 lath DinacM XBEIGN PORTS. Ar at Deal SSiii, By mo, Noren, nnm London fcr Off Flynxxlb, Ztb, Jota Spear, Spaar, 40 d. Yoik lor Uavre. Cutlery! Cattery! 1U8T RECEIVED, my Spring Hard's Hair Restorer! T ECEIVED mis da» a Larce Invoice of la. K, Wmierfiil by a eel- ebrated caeatlat ia New York for Ike , RESTORATION OF H A I R ea Bald Head.. WrittengaaraiUeesgiven, f»r« reasa«abl« ma. to prodaee tke effect i. S moatsi Ine or f/O PA? · AMJ^E. PEBK/W«$. Wo. Bndfe. XX) MOT FOHQBT, II yoo nav* a coua or cold, boarHneaa, sathiha, or any Ihini of the kind, tbat PiTarn'M BEMaoiAt. CoHnwno, a pteuant nmedy, au t*ni encb dl^iaee^ Htrei«oo.of Al u Eocbelle Wlb, Lodebar, Skmntr, WtMern lalee Ar at Malta Ifitt, CbMireilli, Dfekey, Cardiff Ar .1 lloog Kon Nov 7; Livini A|e, Hoknei FURS--FDBS--FURS t Not leaa than £2,972,000 waa remitted from - tt - MaehOTioi- Aaaocialion on tinned at the name rate, upwards of four mil-1 i-x.. - . t i u_, lioB * mlul h * ye "x* 01 "nutted m the isat sU debate is to take place before yean. BUJAHTOSa; BStAmtm* "Having been solicted wilba nnrt and ^^uaatteoust, .iTn K»I. ewt. i L _t » oauwn.-UH aatAJUUTT. 1 (.n«,»l*,otbetanicl«.lnvain)Iobuln«l . bottle of r *'S lb "S"'^ (Ml ,r fe krif Blmi " * »»"», 8«ith, ,rt_TKD_^ , TH "«W*V,Jae. 11 l)r P,Hi n ". ··.medial Oonpo.nd,' wliick enlinly r. fl °f. S*"*" '· * *?"·. . . SITM Hae.p^ul.1 a» H^hi'"' °"°" **"°* TMf" ""** '"**" "f£"""' r «" "TM f ~ very fc, c^^Yul,' ' "*" MiM *f w - »·«·«. hMftaaLfSirj^i^A. 8 **· * »1ra.L)n»a.ailiiwlasofscleiiBTaati,'wno' BaT'oeen JS"^± a " le . «P«"aa, put iutorapair danuiea, and Table and Pocket Halve., Solaaora and aufrOrm. i«l n «. I .J.wd»».W.dr.B..cb.r'.R. t tl.r. 4 8MALL_b.l .elect M, ol VICTORIES for Barber*, use. Abo, a very large nock «l ' ·£*. aad C ..,,,, ,,, Waterville Knives, o_ SZc.V." Hid r« luennoiou, »lt, buk r»«y, AvedU, New Or- for sal. al Wholesale and retail by r M. SCHWARTZ. auvM vile of sdeifratan, who nae been . E. FEXKIH9, Apnl la Banjor. iiecniKiniAaMrni, Brown, i, put into repair dannre., and Ar.lBtTlKHnai 9MnIt,ech G«o Bavwy, of N E W Gas-Fixture Establishment, a«l CUFFS, which will be eoli at a very email advance from c»t Also, Far, Plash, mt ; at STACEY'S, jaat __ Bo. t Wast Marketjaasrt__ A New Kind of Brush, V ERY axial, in fact alaiael iadiapentablr see- ecssry wherever elothes are ironed or W patsswept, saay be (onnd at tha Draf Store al S, Pendants, Brackets, 4-e , of jaa7 corner every vanetv, jait received and eoaslaally receivinat, direct from taw beat manalaatone. Oaa and Lamp Fixiares repaired..e GUILD t HARLOV7, iekaafe »ad York rtrecli 'I AM BOUND TO TRAVEL-' ., f m ' m * *" th TM **» rf Lme: "A letter timely wriy 1 aara TuprHr, i. a nv*tinlb»chainof afleetion. 4

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