The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 21, 1955 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1955
Page 4
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to My Rtgbi* The Washington Merry-Go-Round ii if DtlW HARSON _«__--_ at ·f Mawek 1,1X9. By Canter to Mil ta taw rl«ht to be sole ar nfectlaa for Me either M DREW P E A ft S O N Says: Kiseahowrr Administration Decides spirit Of Ueaeva Is Dead: They Do Not. However. llreak Ibis News To Ike: Republicans Start Money Drive For '56. WASH1M. l u \ 1'rcsidcr.t Iv »'[;h'vver n«s not been u i v e n the lull impact and w o u l d be distress- .ei if he k-ievv it. but his u d n i i n - 'istralion has deci.!el that the , ' dene 1 , a S p i r i t ' is dead This v e r . i i c t was reached by the National Security I'ouiiei! exact ly CHIC w e e k ayo at a meeting in the W h i t e House with Vice President N i x o n presiding. Tho verdict \vr.s based p a r t l y on a viber e s t i m a t e in.ide by Allen Dulles, brother of the secre '.TV of s t a t e ;irid head of Central Intelligence, that the cold war is c o n t i a u i N - . : . t h a t the present Kus sian leaders cannot be trusted. and t h a t Iiis-sja would be able to triple lier defense budget \\ithout any prulest hum the Russian people S e c r e t a r y Dulles, \ \ l i o \ i s i t e d the President 'n Demi ·:-. h o v v c v e r . did not a c q u a i n t him \vilh t h i s iirim outlook. Though he spent 2."j n , n ute coi.tine.I m.irks Me «a Pre-idi I..1H t '.'. . 1 Ule hiinsell to a!»otii east w e s t K'ai'ul of up'( 1 eco\ el \ li.,« i.ev er In e: Ki -t .lies reins the he pti the . ' · ' l l . i l . I h e V;t ii'di :u th II. ! U i i , HOUtDNT CBtTAM JOB -- YOU BETTER IF YOU HAVE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT FOR Body Work TO LARGE AGAIN GUESS WORK Phones "Your Harrisburg hevrolet Dealer" a r i l v r » . : i i ( l i :u t i c | e s i m ; s t r - ·en. n e h a ' .'o ol d : - i a : - i n a m e t i t , -'t'.l :ias -..emiine hones : r « r l d I' 1 · · ' · H " . . e v i : . vv .!h t h e I';. -· de.-t ,:v. ; i \ . i t ' s i h e Pentagon ;ind t ' e I ) , d i e s ( M o t h e r s v. ho are call it!;! the t . i r e : ^ n - p , , l u y t u n e s . (.RACII. PFUST-S KARRIM.S One c o m m i t t e e of congressmen v ho look a t r i p to A l a s k a this fall v o r k e d .s,i h a r d t h a t they could ! a r d l v ·_·-. f i s h m . ; . according to Kep I.e.. O i'.nen Nov. 'York I e t i ] o c l a ! · M i n i t ' t t , K i of f a l i i o r m a and Kep C r r i e i e I ' l - i s t , I) , ot Idaho I'ad to i'et up at ." !iii one m o r n i n g !· ^et 1:1 soinc !ishri.:'.." reported I ' T ' i ' i c n · i h e i . . u.,s a h e a r i n g -··.·hoduieii l o v S ",i a in t h a t ( l a v "They e;:n:-.- h a c k w i t h one fish. a b o u t ; s [ i ^ a v ; , s a r d i n e . C.racie ' . n s j ' a i h e r J ' M H K ! o t it. t h o u g h . ..nd v. nen ! t - , ! , l I,ei to c a t c h an' :her on.- .-r.l m a k e herself a p a i r 1 I e , \ n : ; : - s [)oy, d i d she Uet .dter the Mercian, Moore i i s j i « t : "I never saw anyone take such a beating since the \ \ i l l a n l - D c m p s f ) batlle" Replied De Sapio Wait ( i l l V o l l s,.,. u h a ! we do to v m i !el l o w s n e x t v e a l A recent i t e m iii t h i s c o l u m n rep.irlinv! t h a t a six-t, K .,i Indian was m the i'.qt tol s p i c t u r e of I'ocahotilas. hr, - u y h t a r e m i n d e r I nun e x t ' o n -;r ssnian K n u t e K i l l of W a s h i n g ton t h a t vie forgot to mention a three-arnu-d «irl in the pict;ire ol iienerul Washington resi;niii;: !:!s c o m m a n d at Annapolis It mn;ht lx added t h a t there is a ihree-lej;- xed horse in a frie/e alxive these pictures, as w e l l as the unidenti- f i e d i n i a n e of a v o u n i j ladv on a tii-e t r u n k . these l l a v v s could have been intentional. M u r a l artists are notorious for adding indi- v i d u a l touches to their w o r k , part i c u l a r l y such additional w h i r l s as a i m s or less . There is a three- leaned R e v o l u t i o n a r y war soldier in a portrait at the" N a t i o n a l Art t i a l l e r v The Doily Register, Harrisburg, Illinois Two r i i l a \ . October 1955 llr AIH.INKS Postmaster Surnnierfield his postmaster M K R R Y ( . O K O t \I! v i - . i r . M a r g a r e t T r u m a n : utrc-d t! ,- x i , m i n e r t h e a t r e c i r ( ' n t i:i " A u t u m n Crocus." a play .'eaturm.: the late-bloominsi r ( - inanee of n s p i n s t e r school-teacher v hen she w e n t to Austria on vacation. M n r y a r e t played the role "f the teacher This- s u m m e r . Mar.i:irct went to A u s t r i a on v;t cation, sent M a r c u s and A n n "vfay follow members of the " A u t u m n rrocus" east. .1 Inte-flovverint; crocus f r o m the Tyrol . Rem a r k e d t l O P C h a i r m a n I.en H a l l to D e m o c r a t i c C ' a r m i n e De Sapio AM) FOOTNOTKS General A r t h u r is q u i e t l y lining up across the country to back h i m in a bid for the rice presidency While other COP hopeful* h a x e their eye on the presidential nomination. Summerfield is shooting tor the No. 2 ^ ( l t At a meeting of the na" t.on's postmasters in Detroit, Sum- rnerfield pressured key postmas- t e r s to p-ilitick for him in their home di.stncts. Since he's their boss they could hardly refuse Surnnierfield mav find himself on the congressional carpet for using the postal s y s t e m to f u r t h e r his own political ambitions Con Rre.ssmen. so rt . at the way he h i g h pressured them to vote for higher tostal rates, may j u m p at a chance to crack back at him TWO FEATl RKS AT .RAM-- Mara Corday and Lex Barker in a romantic moment from 'The Man rYom Bitter Rid^e," in color, to show at the Cirand Fridav and Saturday Also on the double feature program w i l l be " A n g e l a . " st.nTiiu D e n n i O'Keefe. State Health Department Releases Plans for Distributing Free Vaccine sl'KINC.FlEI.D IP -- The State M i a l t h Department today released MS p l a n s for d i s t r i b u t i o n of "free" Salk p'.lio vaccine tu be made a\ :n!ab!e b\ state and federal ;p;,r,,;riations starting b e t o i e tin- Geological Field Trip Saturday in Moon light and RoSeS Shawneetown Hiils AIM! *~ " " " ' --. . Heartburn! New's the ttm* for TUMS! A roll of Turn? co5ts only a dime. But it's "worth its weight in gold" whenever acid indigestion strikes. Turns neutralize excess acid almost before it starts. You feel better FA.T. And there's no acid rebound with Turns. No water, no mixing r e q u i r e d . T a k e Tunis a n y time, a n y w h e r e -- tor you never know when you need relief. Get a handy roll today! So *«ono«i,co,' -- o«J» 1 0 C 3 r f«R YOUR fAMILYS GOOD HUlTH An Earth Science Field trip for teachers, students, amateurs and collectors, sponsored by the Illi neis State Geological Survey, will be taken into Shawneetown Hills Saturday. The trip will begin at 9 a. m. CST at the Shawneetown hi«h school and will end at 4 p. m Those going are asked to take a car and a packed lunch, or arrange for space at the assembly point Persons going are asked to take a hammer and a cokl chisel for collecting fossils; a knapsack, and paper wrappers to protect the fossils. Anyone interested in geolopy or collecting rocks and fossils is welcome. The tour will include the old salt springs where the Indians and early settlers made their salt. Tour members w i l l see old sand dunes now covered w i t h timber, thick loess deposits, buried soils and many rocks of Pennsylvanian and Mississippian age. some of which are faulted When the rocks were crumpled and broken, t h e y were displaced nearly 4.000 feet'and in places mineralized This is the t h i r d of six scried-' uled Earth Science Field trips. All others are upstate except an April 14. 1956. tour w h i c h w i l l take tourists into Randolph and Monroe counties. There are indications that the t r i p i n t o Ciallatm county will be well-attended. George "Davis of Decatur. president of the Central Illinois Rockhounds. is brinsinn a «roup of members to t a k e in the tour. Mr Davis. w e l l - k n o v n ! t h r o u g h o u t the state, i.s inanaKrr of the Consolidated P r i n t i n g and Supply Co. branch office in Decat u r The company's main office and plant is here in Harrisbura. I V l:u;': C h u r c h , c h i e f ,,f t i e i l l i a r ; i i i c u i s b u r e a u of coiu- m u r u c a b l e disease cm'trol, said l!!iru-!s' share i f f e d e r a l f u n d s unu'-.l he s l i i ; h i ! \ !!-.ore t h a n a million dollars, in addition to a million dollars appropriated by the 195o Legislature Dr Cliurc'.i sa.d the money should prn\ ide enough vaccine for about xs per cent of Illinois citi- xrns eligible to receive it. or some- w h a t more tiian one million persons She said the vaccine would be made available im a distribution factor based on each county's population under 2tt years of ago and the median f a m i l y income in each county t a k e n fr'im the 1950 census. Poor Counties Benefit This would allot more vaccine to pixirer counties, she said. Eligibility under the law is l i m i t - t d to persons under 20 and to pregnant women In a brochure prepared for dist r i b u t i o n to Illinois physicians, the department outline.-! these points in the distribution plan: 1. "Federal allocation to the state is based on 2 cc. per eligible person to allow two innoculations of 1 cc. each w i t h an interval of three to four weeks." Vaccine presently boin;,' manufactured loses its effectiveness v.ithin about three or four weeks, Television Programs War II Vet Seeks To Refund Sailor Pay to the Navy WASHINGTON U- _ A .md s o m e w h a t nonplus.sed tuld the s|,,ry t o d a j of a W a r I I v e t e r a n w h o '.'.ants proud Navy- World to re- IT'S WHITE GLOVE COOKING BECAUSE IT'S SO CLEAN! f u n d his ^;|j||l^ pay nut of srati- t n d o In the N ; i \ \ .-ti'l ihe c o u n t r y The N a v y said t h r refund wa-i possible h u t suyt;eslel the ex- s a i l o r m i u h t rather contribute to a s c h o l a r s h i p f u n d or the Navy Relief Society T h e \ r t e r a n u r n t I h e N a v y onr helter He enrloscrl h i ^ f i r s t cheek to repiiy h i s World War II pay on , the in.stiillnient plan and said he i i l » w a n t s to contrihutc to a i - c l i o l a r s h i p f u n ' l I His t o t a l h a s p pa\ a n i o u n t e d to i D e a r l y S:..(KH1. and h i - special pay ··'"·I a l l o u a n c e s to another *4.000 Ihe n a m e of the f o r m e r sailor I as not disclosed at his request. ' The Daily Register 2.1c a wek ly carrier hov , WStL-TV, HARRISBURG Channel K FRltlAY P. M. 4:00 -- Movie Matinee 5:15 -- Movie Quick Quiz 5:5O-- Crusader Rabbit 5:55 -- Weather Vane 6:00 -- Cactus Pete 6:30-- I.ucky Leroy 6:45-- Front Page 7:00 -- Film 7:15 -- Mish School Football 9:30-- Hank Wright Show n 45-- Four Star Final 10:00 -- Family Playhouse 11:0« --Sign Off SATl'RDAY A. M. 9 ")f» -- Sian On 10.00-- Here's Lucky Show 10:30-- Coffee dub 11:00-- Bar 22 Ranch U 00-- Remote Telecast to 3:30 P.M. 4:00-- Movie Matinee r:30 -It's Fun To Draw 6:00-- Cactus Pete K.'M -- I.ucky Leroy 6:45-- Front Page 7:00 - F i l m 7-:io-~ J u n i p e r .Junction «:00- --Dollar a Second ft 30- Sports By-Line 9:45-- Final Edition 10:00-- Family Playhouse 11 00-Si«n Off You get full value from the foods you buy. because Electric Cooking seals in Ihe goodness and natural flavors. Health-giving vitamins and minerals are saved, not poured down the drain. There's no guess-work with Electric Cooking, cither. Time-releasing too. with automatic controls. And it costs only about a penny a person per meal! BE MODERN - COOK ELECTRICALLY! 'YOU ARE THERE" -- CBS t«Uvi»kn -- »,*r »i h.story'i 9reat ·ventt -- E V E R Y S U N D A Y GENTRAl fLMNOIS PUBLIC SEI 'I ^ COMPANY YOUR DfllRV QUEEN WILL CLOSE SUNDAY October 23 Tim« to say so lone ihankA. We arc sincerely ffratefnl for your loyal patronage thin punt HMUMMI. Bwt of luck to vmt and we'll nee yov next KFVS--CAPE GIRARDEAU Channel 12 I riday Afternoon and Evening 5:00--Looney Tunes 5:15--Doufila* Edwards 5:30 -- Ramar of the J u n g l e 6:OO--Watchinjj the Weather 6:05--The Scoreboard I 6:10--Cowboy Corral I 6:2.-Crusad'er Rabbit 0:30--My Little Margie 7:1)0--The Crusaders I 7:30--Waterfront I 8:00--The Lineup 8 30--person To Person, CBS 9:00--Dollar a Second. ABC · 9;.'W)--Old American Barn Dance 10:00--You Bet Your Life, NBC 10:30--Justice, NBC , 11:00- News , 11:15--Sign Off i T_ r .. _ Saturday Morning and Afternoon 8 :*0~ \S inky Dink, CBS r ilm fvrtO- Andy's Gang 10:00--Big Top, CBS 11:00--Uov Rogers, NBC 11:30--RFD 11:45--Industry on Parade 12:00--Film Saturday AfterMM ·nd Evening 12:30--r.iwboy Adventures 2:30-- Hollywood Matinee 4:30--Western Roundup 3 30-- The Big Picture 800-- Film 6 2V--Crusader Rabbit «'3O--Honcymooo«r», CBS 7:00--Camera Four 7:3O--Star Jubitee, CBS 9:00--Your Hit Parade, NBC »:3»--Damon Ruayon Theater 10:00-- M«*qwer»4e Party, ABC 11.00--Grand O*e Opry, AUC 12 department retain u i i h d r . i u oninty yllut- ihf\ w i l l not In- its*-l in prt-MTit w c i s t a ^ e nf the j y i i i l ihc ri-.'lit t int'nts it HUH- t,i v a c c i n e . - An ;ii;' p r i i i r i t y has bct'ii set .T w i t h i n tin- eligible group by the i i . i t i n n a ! poliomyelitis advisory (.·''iiiiiiittee I h e current priority includes children from 5 through 14 :nt| p r e g n a n t u.'tnen As the v a c c i n e supplv increases, more | ; - L ; ( ;,!· u i i s \wll !«· included in the priority group. Ixxul Department Duties : ·! Local health departments u i l l receive allocations of each lot »''_ vaccine ior di.stribution. "It ·A i l l he the respon.sibilitv of these- i l e p a r t m c i s to provide vaccine for -ill orphanages, clinics oriianued fur low income f a m i l i e s , and to practicing phvician.s in their jurisdictions who request the vaccine for innoculation of children, and to suntrivse any large sroup or mass program " The e o n i n i u n i c a b l e disease con- I -Hi hue r a n mil s u p e n i s p distribution in ;ireas not covered bv l u l l t u n - health departments I The American Medical Assn and the Illinois State Medical Society h a v e yoric on record acree- "SJ to adhere lo priority regulations for use of the vaccine. Doctors are expected to jjivr- all vaccine, puri-hnsed by them or issued from state supplies to in uividiials in the priority bracket The vaccine \ \ i l l be distributed without cost, but personal physicians may require payment 'for niakinjr the innoculation. To Interview Applicants for Overseas Jobs Charles II Thomas, o v e r s e a s emplov inenl represent a t i \ e t r o i t i Seott Air Force Base's c i v i l i a n lieriumnel office vvill IK- a! the I l l i nou State Emplo.v inenl Service. 1820 West Poplar, from y a in to 3 p. m.. Ort. M to interview ap plieants for positions at Air Force overseas bases. Men ami women u h o iualifv u i l l be selected to till positions \ . . c a n t at time of interview Trunspm- tation is furnished bv the govern ment from the point ( if hire to th«- overseas eoininuitd Applicants selected must SIKH a t r a i i s p o i t a lion aKreement w h i c h requires tin' employee to remain in the o \ c i s»-as command tor a |eriod of u to 24 months. Departure d.,tes t · persons selected w o u l d be IM l o u r or five »veeks Persons s,.|,-,t.,i w i l l be required to pass a t h - ' i ough physical exanimation A , limits for females is L'l 4'i m a l 21-55 v»ars. I'nder certain eo:^ ditions lamilies may join the e n ; Jjlo.vce m some ol the o v e r s e a s areas. Approximately 100 positions are vacant at the present time The-e vacancies are m a i n l y tor re.Tea tion leaders, stenographers e t i v i n eers. l i b r a r i a n s and ai-court;:"!-- All positions are for skilled pi-i sonnel. Salaries are the S.MIH- a those paid classified Serv i, . emploves in the Tinted States \\\\\an overseas differential of Ur to 25'. of basic s a l a r y authori/ed for certain overseas aras. K n t r a n c e salaries range from $3.175 per annum to Sll.rtlO per a n n u m DOES YOUR CAR SHIMMY? SHAKE? Cm H 10DH1 WHEEL BALANCE and ALIGNING WILSON I I I I U . I IIIOU.HT I O K TOUAV Ami lt.iv id put his hand Ml kfc hai;. and t ··k Iliciu e a sUm*. s l u r ; i t , an.! -moi- the f o n i i . a d -- I S»M. in hi Th 1,1. : \ , ' i ' ! \ t I I . e . ' , I ·vcl'ipt d in the huro- i , i( , i ·!-.: sheep from '! . i n a i my later. u n i m p o r t a n t tasks. li\ Mrpl;me speed . i t iu miles p«r :.!· an altituJe Horrisburg -IN THEATRI itt. .It. -onth «f tllUTMIMU* TONIGHT iwmgatlkair _ \ \ D _ The Desperado umi'iir \\'avno Morris !?i-M.rl f i a r l a n d !,' At Heart Shown First SATURDAY It costs the A r m y $.1.200 c.i'the. maintain and tram an ductce the first six months of xrvice. to in- i 1 II TIRE COMPANY N. Vine Harrisburjr ·i MR LJU* -AND-FARM AUCTION I. J. IV. RORF.RTS. haxing decided to quit farming, as I other employment to take all of my time, will sell at public auction to the biRheit bidder, my Registered Herd of Uhiteface Cattle and all my farm machiaery, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1955 Located at my farm home four miles North of Raleigh School at Raleigh. Illinois, cloae to the Jot-em Down Store, or ten miles North of HarrUburx, III., beginning at 10:30 o'clock. REGISTERED WHITEFACE CATTLE m 1 -ui. R 5* JS "' red Wn| X fa «' '«»·· '2 years old: 2 Regi,u n ,1 Uhiteface Cows, 10 year* old: Registered Whiteface Cow, 0 years old: Registered Whiteface Cow, 8 years old: Registered Whitefaer Cow. fi years old: Registered Whltefacr Cow - ye^rs old: 4 Registered Whiteface Cows. 4 years old; Re- iitered Whiteface Cow, 2 years old. FARM MACHINERY AND TOOLS ,. !£*!? . I '* r 8" (w " Tractorr 2 bottom 14 inch Ferguson I'low. will fit ford: Ferguson Cultivator, will also fit Ford: Ferguson Mounted 2 disc Plow, will also fit Ford; 7 foot Ferguson Mowing Machine also fit Ford: Rubber Tired Wagon w i i h Box; Wooden Wheel Wagon with wide tires; rwheel Imple ment Trailer: 8 inch Hammermill. like nen: Tumble l.ii Tractor Scraper: Horse-drawn Corn Planter, fertilizer au.uh' mem: 7 foot Disc Harrow: 12 inch Walking Plow: 6-shoiel ultivator; Manure Spreader: 8 disc Wheat Drill; Jd-d.s, Wheat Drill; Garden Plow; 4 Cirease Ciuns; Dump l| i!V Rake: Hay Rope: 2 I-awn Mowers: Corrugated Roller: I'.at ii Bro » 7 : , 2 Oil Brooders: Ix»t of Harness: Saddle and iT. : u lx i °f J * ed Luinb « r : 3 A-type Hog Houses. Other Articles too Numerous to Mention. K, K / re ° f ,""' Fairfa * ' W « * ^ tows are bred back for Spring calving to a Registered Whiteface R o l l 1 w i l l sell all that 1 hate listed to the highest bidder, r«"';ml- less of pnr«. Terms of Sale: CASH. Not Ke.spon.sible for Accidents. Lunch Will lie Served. J. W. ROBERTS, Owner Endsley Bros, and John Endsley. Jr., Auctioneers Harrisbarg, Illinois -- Telephone County 22-F3 or 42-F.", BRIDGES · IMOMC SILVA \\ine t h e Hawk First. Shown SUNDAY --MONDAY WEDB HUSSET AND mrc \una GhYNOR-BRASSELLE-HUNTER * '" " '*"-- - ' '^.H . »..«..« », 1O»C«**VPM Off you're like most people, youl ·have trouble reading priritecil ·words crammed into a dark area! Ilike this. To read under surl conditions is confusing to your tsyes. because they're forced tf 1-id.jtist to both brightness and| larknesfl at the same time. T . hharp contrast is distracting and| (unpleasant. -\ m a r g i n l i k e t h i ^ ; » ty|" cjis;- nl».-;is;inicr why books w h y Sylv LIC.MT. t l i \ c ir,;i ii TV I r a n : , - ft jrivrs you TV read" picture. and Stripes Forever Shown First. ""iind lijcht" .-nio .- i;'.o(l .·u:d much · ·\ c's. Tliat's I'KiiVs. That's h;.. MALO!' ". nrroimrl l o r }M y c u j r oyos. " r i v "oasv-to- I K I . 141 SYLVANIA IS YOUR BEST BUY IN TV? Call Us For Home Demonstration! ESTES TV SALES IIAKRISBt'RG

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