The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on June 13, 1891 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1891
Page 3
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¥?*'**'*$ \,~~^ f ":',".. f .\ - IT - - ·* / ' - *·* ~- .· »f -JT ; rtwSVfcr M »p- t « v «ftb7«Tl- b» iiutbutad. to yn-'iu*./' ;y jfc""i«" ,~ I I K ' C I T Y . BI»**^*f lr fir *»*I ~V. CoTPerkins h«« add** a «oat of bis residence. Bentley and. Col. P*rklnr to meat next weak **"»lc older at Fargo next District court #U1 convene at B o'clock to Ifternoon The Ko«^«t c«e to ^ong {bise twt will be dtopo.Ba ,ofl. -~ Professor Feizer's orehrtUft .««nt to ntRht to furntah J»o«ic tor Sf Fhytbi" b*U « vwr it is the ewt, which i*very *tl, w »y »est of the M|»sl-*ippi h*t had ol 'jl^iK^^r*TM^^ band aud wife at the day evening. jsPViO- - clatiDR minister.' Bon voy It «*»-« t« be gV'ng qolte the propsr B»- for Montana people * try the »H* rtf er .onto iO| St. f ·ouls wvl o**i» *outh- *ia points. Th* latMt addition is thw da » D rib*d by tb* "llr City Journal: "w* yMwdt? hrl th* honor of teeing the "Petrel," the er»U to lit' piloted ao * n the river to St. Louis by Loo finning in tne esrty pall of J"»y. Tbe di -tnalon* of th* iuft are-14rt feat and la very strongly built, with a ·BsMng captclty of « least Ivwtt four good ilted *-/··. The-doctor Is well p)e»»ed with the oaaatrnw"on of hi* Teanl and t* c*g»r fa* tbe day to eo-e when he #111 leave tt)ft*ot of M«ln *tr«ot on i-ongne river ii his veuel for the pi?-»Ibt, thonph dtngetfNii trip he h*^ planned. The launching of the "Petrel" «U1 probably t«ke plaoe today or to-m 0 r- 10 A with all tbe 6ere--onias that *e*e ever neeorded the ItrgMt --an of-i»r that A»it dipped U» ksel Into the briny doop. Tbe .doctor h*i accorded us »« invitation to tte a fall tilth hi- sove ifc-e before he »*"ls, which will be gladly accepted*" Scdttle XefcjU-rl: Hoo. Jodaon T « lloare of PV*,,^*, H^p.. «nd Captain Al- Grig!· t* Ofind Fork*. N. D q «re the pi**»n«ot V-lUh»4n the city. No mo -^*ffefe hw^ --ore to do «tth tban on tht nt = UBji f *- ·' tine, and h* IW*. hoe- je, , - WIITB i«i'.d li-*Titd »«d doll«» Wt · ·J«-- l i«h *nd iiw »n ·" oat of ii-v. j' Wh a joo're itnpid «t moit »"d tsTe,-h n |lvM r»V*h »"d notb"i J1). McDonald n»·» r-~-· --« --^«----j Thursday by the arrival of bU.-i-ottter and sister from MonUeal, Canada His mother retorts a very dry aenoon in O^ada and J3; Swudty ice one half inch thick WM ioruied. Rev. Anderson, althongh .«uch improved) Is still under tt;« charge of a Me * York occuHst "and will bo unable tfc ip- - same his duties In this ei? Sif'Wtey." There will, vlierefore, be no nitfrnlng service. In ,the evening young people's service will be .held. ' · ' ' Fargo Republican: "Far-er" Little of Bismarck, ,wuo represented that district in the state senate iwt winter, h«f potatoes ID blossom already. F««.er T.itue's »nc- cessi/akT!hosen profession U undoubtedly dvre to "sticking to the farm" while othersVre talking politics. Vive la fttfmer Little. t, ,, Jamestow'fi Alert: JVW. C*,thro, deputy V ' superintendent of puplic Instruction, came 1 : 'in from Bismarck last night and bas spent the day at the city schools. Mr. Cathro came here to hold 4he examination for gate teachers 1 certificates, but the^i were -'·"ho applicants for the exa-iinatipn,. He leaves In the morning fur Carrlnnton. - ., bol Sunderland ami wife, tho left about a month ago to make their future home in the wfst, returned from Centra'la, wash., yesterday, accompanied by **tfr, Tilda Ferris and Miss M. Nicnols, both ft«-ier residents of Bismarck and relatives of Thos. Cunningham. The w«st has no " charms (or them, as ill health h-* txxh ..their lot since leaving the ozone State. The postoffice'builetin bo«d h*e a notice ofleriuj? 8100 for, an,ftwlst-nt bvk cashier of Marshall, Mich., Mho is charted with the embezzlement of a large su-- . of money. The sheritf's description ends with the following brief bnt. self-explanatory statement: ,"He is a DOI feet gen tie--an .in appearance and n.aksft friend* very e-".- ily, bfiug a slow, · plemnt, talker; is a church member and had been a Sunday school trscner: Is quite fond ot playing billiard*; t\M no other b»d baWt* that 1 . know of. If arrested, guaro closely *£ T 'flli,'the b"i. ·i'Jbfl surest and boat of all remedies for all disorders of the liver,'stomach and blood U Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. 7 Servlcet. Rev. Goo. Kline, D««- hlnn -at 11 a. m, and 8 p. p». at 12 o'clock." Morning topic; "The Rent Vall's Teachings. «vejp !»]«,' topic: "The Father's Appeal for AffeVs- tion." Sunday School at 8iO p. TM. *oung Eeople's mooting at 7:15 p. m A cordial fleloo-e given to all. MKTHODIBT Ttpisco?*i- CBUBOU: The u*ual services «irl be held In the |-ornlng and evening. Morning --subject: "^The Outy of the 'Church Toward Children." casing subject: "The Prodigal Son's Brother." Sabbath school, aTi":l5 p. i". w andEpworth League, at 7 p. ?. The general public is cordially invited to be present 8. E. RYAN, P«stor. ST. GEORGE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Baptismal service, Sunday * evening, June 17 at 8 p. m. All are cortllally Invited. G. A.'CHAMBEBS, Rector. these, -ihey mere * *»g th* *»ry . . , . *hite,'U«tt to liUlemthof tteVoity *l«th s«nd«"»i, the line upon *hlch tne territory «-f divided. **r. f »V«ttr« proved nn on the ".it gove.o-'*nt clal-- in th* noiMien half. »ad Oapteln Orliuft toltomed cioss in the Hake otlS% old Hudson Bey Furcoiw- ptny in nav'gatfog the gieat Red River of IneNoith. They h*v« both been at the fioot in pallf 4_ and »»ll ».^*ei«lal enter- prisiw ttisre for ~ora than twenty ye^is and still hold lading pooitloni*. Captain Qrigg* KM toy»o terrr»« chalrn«*ii of the state railroad oW-'lsslon, while Mr. LaMoure hi« been a we-^btT of the legislature for fifteen or -'-ore years. Of the latter It is told that on one oe t ^ion, when chairman of the railroad comnktttM of the teit'ltorlal council daring 60»e session in the dii- past, he had withstood the i«po.tnnlUM of the .allroad lobby for weeks, finally two of its repre sentativw rxwa,r,e unusually urgent In pleading wi»v* particular pi*«Je of levlqla tion, but lust «B persistently stooied tslear of "buslnwis 11 -never once" »entioning the Influence ihich an fflB tradltfon »lle«ai makes the pa*4« go*. Mud," ·« he Is f*«.ll- iarly called, «.owlng tired of this long preliminary skl"-lsh, stretched - hlwself out upon a sofa, closed his eyes and ea»u- ally reniarked: "Boy», Just wake »·« up when you sign This expression, with all Its wealth of meaning, has become a political text throughout tbe length of the Missouri ar-d. MUslsalppl varleys and .»-ade its author famous. Mr. LaMonre is noted for being r-ne of tbe best poker playq.s In A»nerlo», »nd Captain Griggs is no mean understudy. - These gentleTM*n are kne«n to be mtl- peruonal,.political and business ftlends of Pieoldcnt James fllll of the Gieat NortheiSi, and have boon fur a decade pa«t. Mr'.' iiaVoare- h«« decided to leave Dakota and en»«e In business so-o along the line of tbe Great Northern rtt ^n th i«!n», t***^« b ***'* 1 " hiso bt t « one of tk» .nwt in it .rH IK B i 'i -' lf^«X A " ^ * ' ' S M vJ* J v * * I* P.W, extension, w a paitner of Mr. Origcs. Tho'wh, of eonrsr tripj* admit Is a safe bstH* gamble that Port Gardner is where thev will locate and are here now for some such purpose.. ' - The report thatpri*on*rs h*ve b*sn lodv* constantly, -^sraplng from t"^t ,MUi»"nt ' ·by the s«iy.lfet'- i * (1 «aptlr*a Postotter's Stomiwh Bltths fti«,«wy lay,* 1 ** «*a»s by which they |*f rid ot their fvtte.. Few ·'to- few -.^ .vi-^-mted with Itt sl«i,a. f ".^--' thronrfb the tight side -«d Ian od tongue, ye wn, ^,^',5,;' dViitpil! *"*-"- rt »UTM - h Bit. rr i*L*Mfr»» tbe^mibi^ Operations were co^'-'-encod yesterday on the new water system for the penitentiary. Twenty convicts co'»prlfe the dU- iiR gang. A pipe laying fbroe trill bligin to-day and follow close after the excavators. r« avoid caving Tne eoufrx-tlon .tith the city water works is --Ve at th* eoruer of Main and Fourth, otr^sf The conise will be «-»t to the r*o« Mtck; south to the Northern Pacific right of «.y;"«t to the corner of the penitentiary giutinds; thenee direct to the building, fLe d 1 t-^o, to *MJ laid is about one and one half inliAa, and the work will occupy »-Mtof the«u-v«r. c. c. Bcrwsfield: I ret »'ue4 y»iit*rd^y moraine from the seision of the Soilh Da* kou Press «*socfatlon «t G.«ad ?c«k». We .K ft J er ^ enthtt*l-«tU» gathering, st«di»» the editors prerent repoAtd U »¥«ty profit" ble reunion. TbedAv/rent pifto of the swte wer» ^11 rep, e*antBl The patett sheets I am gluing ont wen J=do.^4 and highly spoken of. We elected 4* delwitei \ the naifonal convenuon, to ha hM T» St. laul this month, M. H. Je,.elliof the 1st* , tSK, sionator H. *·. Aruold ot V t F -H?,ore Pioneer and the vers-Ule Cojonei Don*»of ' F »rgo Argus. The w it Vent of the ". " on, Judge .Bennett of ·TtotHn»tt, -*sd 'areei-o w clo delegate i. ihe ne«t v will be ttfFvgo. ; J»"»*OJr'*".- . ._. The l F«M«n- ihe Plntoch syste* of lighting by TMea«* of co--piflised g". is pronounced by co^pe". t*at Jutges to be the boat knoni. mean* of car, illumination. It is safe under*uy and all clreu"st*ncor* I t « » not -*octed by atmospheric changes. Humn more ste-itly *han any other light In use. Although very brilliant It Is soft and ^icaable. It eiptta no smoke, is ordorU w -nd pwfsctly clean. It i* so efl^ttlv* and evenly distributed that traveler* . In any p«| of the car «n Heyttone Quickens tbe 4ime, Chicago to New York. A solid Pull«ah perfected vestibule .train of day coachas, baggage, smoking; dining and sleeping fears, leave Chicago at 10:46 a. m. every day. reaching New 1 ork ihe next day at 2. o'clock p. m. over the Pennsylvania 1 lines. o extra fare, and onlv ttrst-clMs tickets accepted on this tralnr Attention. All delegates from the several fire companies elected to attend the North Dakota firemen's convention and,trustees of Bis ,f.arck Fire depftttiuent are "guetUg to jwsenibltxat tbe city halj to-ulght, hatnr- day, June IS. |1891, at 9 p. m, for the pur- poaa of considering matters of l»».poitance. . ^'OrlefB^b. w hat »ould be a "-era indlgulty to yo« I* · ·poeiriv*. crwKy toachiW. Don't fwa yo"' chlld.en on a«e*u C-"dy, *' it li i ltd by ·*·* confeutiQDei^, u too rich for the pto-»-arb of- tife* happy-go-lucky Mtrich, and tt aliolnt* und^ir.etrievabl* ruin to the' dig*rt,!on of a 1 cbild. Saddta the bi«t coHrttyit ever entered the Derby "'" *»« iwiBai"^ c*ight, and. he fw holddtf You »d\ll»"yonf child JT!« oddf ·*· J you §t»rt it for tV-«» of life «vith a poor dlgiKto^ i S tVe bmby drink concent.atii lye an«^. hi done *fth It, bnt dba't gire tt «sa and , T-jfd TJfi e lualiU au«Mi =-*·okl-NT a aho.1 day plp« in the atri»t». H* «* *·» 1H** piir *od not very **U off. H*- dlnlttg too^- w-i|« a.o ado.cj-i with tf-io.J- clay ptplt a r i*n M ^»" aUr* "»d crowBn, lUof. which over 500 have boon Swokcd by b" lordship. It is aaid tttH be' ^ould h».« IK»Q eKct«d a .^pruvnt-tive peer of I*» l*nd but for the fittt that his brotberuo- Tjlea ^ sre afrn'd that he would ill««raM the sa .ed body of corone*- by amoving hi* ·ho.I lay pipe OD the tef.t-.* of the honif of lott s. Twr I Gardner, bi-on of hl» title, {·one of tbe ne«» English' peers * ho not only decline to live In their own count. J. bat go otit-ofvthe'tr »ay to unanglUj|l tte"-3clT6s by eccentric fo.elgn marrl»»,!i ·rbU nobleman tivou all thi ye»r rottnd in India, anoTtitrbaroB a.,.i*'k daughter ol I?ilnos Mlia ShJkoe, a gi'»ndwn of the late king of uelbl. She to a corTee 1«dy ( and enjoys her bet«l ntit" tho«iughly M ft Nautch girl, ^er lortl's household la al--liar to thjl of Kil India ..»j»U. , _.^." I-ord NewrJuQtb point bunk docIinAi to be either an EJngH»hn»w of a Swtchman, although he ia the tenth peer of his title. Count Bandlnl perhaps one of th« only inst*'""*TM on i«sord «hete ^a "»an p.*fe.s h Ur an lulinn count to a*f English e»l, 1 VTs5»u«C-T*»ffe, an Iriah. peer, positively declines to be an Irishi».a» of any description. H« and his father be'o.e him «te.« naturalised Austria^*,' and the country h«-« Agioed ao well «ith hini that be n*« risen to the rank of pri^e iiintet*% to the En.rieror Franz Jewaf. He also calls hi-'.- i/'"»^Aiat Count'T-*rTee.- But you have an instjmce'of ranqnclation of pcc.»hjp »" well «« citizenship in Dr. Contso Fairfax, of Vinslnlft, «ho, us «·· well known, Is eleventh Bifton Fairfu* in the peerage of Scotland. But be find" ft, however, a. greater honor to be a clti^n of- the United St«U - - London Cor. Chicago Hail Insurance tb« jK--«nf :i -n " V:.. V $:ilA,GfM* » V ,, . -J^T. JL C---.1 r 'i v ,,' - i -i ···_ * St* Paul Fire andM^rine.hs, Co At tow ,,,«· t*:-» *t *h« old ".pot. i. i, mm -4 in. *·.»' \ . r t^ IV v UW, '·I A V ' f --BX ,,, .;!·,,,, ,|«,* JT«IOOuio.iiI H» to «»f jo, 9«t ail »* l «, Dw^' Uk«. ID- ·Mi *««' «on. BAM »' _ 5' yv: ail** §*'· . MI* ---·· It V- «· .§"»· i It fat -t .% risk _· aar VJ -t of «tt - 1: · Sc-ort r » , = " B » W . W «r ».lt« to F. t tt I ** Mi tl9 JU»«»« »«J* »· ww mw Thr barn owl, when she has young, brings to her nest i mouse evtry twelve mia- nten, and »t f-he Is actively en'ploytdTwth »t eveniOK and dawn, «*bott m(tleand fe.f.«-i» hunt, forty mice a day is tbe lowest co."- putatlon «e ciin i».ake- How (toft is the plumage of the -owl; how noiseless her fllgfit! -Wfttch her «" she floajs pw»t the Ivy tod, down by tbe ricks, and nilentjf over tbe old wood. Theu away over the meadows, through the open door and out of the loophole of the narn, round the Uchened tower, and aloagtbe course of tbe brook. *.. . ' Preo^ritly she return* to ber- four ·ymiDg, .Titb, a -"Out* Iu one o'aw rvole in tbe other, soon to be rippol up, toru and eaten by the gi.'OTly, snapping Tbe young %-^ ptodacod f*on April to Dece.iiber, and not lnfi«ruently both yonng and «g e . a.t» iound In the "«'·? n i. If yoa would aw tbe mjdrtny aUsi of the ow)«, cll'nb up Into some hay- «*o«*. Tuer. in an angle of tbe tit'n yon.*ill _ k their o«lahips, anoring attd blinking n W* their ».««( round ey««. Their duet «- order* promptly attended to.' . \Vf.BB ««O8., Bie'^arck, '· North Dakota. The lark f t - " iuent in the city. All tbe late .J patteni in gilt, ei^boiitd and plain liaixu* for fl«npl«* AfM. M1CIIK150N, . Alexander McKeoile «rrtv«d on t mornmg train yeatetfay. _.- . .·/ n P«?iflc: John Dwttaiton *T O. M P»lnt*.d w-oodn; Peter O'^on, B s"n, .iterliag. . - It I* sin-pie Iri opetstioB, absolutely re liable *nfl of «on«t*nt auallty. Although this aystonJ hafllxscn In «oe on ·oo-eofthe leading lin«. in tne east fcnd- Kllriropa fot «M»O *lTMe, the eradit of nrtt inbodncing It in th« northVe» : belongs to ··the No»th*e«teru fclnB" C,-St. P, M. A O_ Ftv ~ ~* The vostibulad, train* on this line, leaving "Inni^polU at « W p. '». t Pmwl, 7« p. .-..dajly.'tor Chlcw and I lighted throntfhont «ith to the snpvrior of the Veptng*»-*tfBt|»3 btOUK-t l%ht ^fla- Pierce re:otiiedyu*rdj/ A_ trip to Chiew " there on a Tl»T«K Wenldn't a drrd "baby, provided tt to heaven, bo abont -- *t,HoVT v a dried *l*p of nswa, a »i-^ed little «' old birfor* iu tiTMe, .Hth a ito,»-ch t»nn«d lenther *n4 n^vu like N,{otwf No witter rfhat «»*ybody «y* tbe contiftf*. t«» -od- «fl*» v* drtn b « for child.«D and tend to p.scoUty, I "»«-ett-^a «'«h a ·trcng, nholBrj-».ean«*l heaven to t*«ch poor mkMte how to c ·tor «ii« bwnUfnl and wonderful ... j,», of ths body. He wohld bare hi* falLbringing up ah»tt«r*d and ...«H 7 to the pV*foc*tfftand ·Jh" go li*r*W" ·'*·,! ' " w to 11 * «i* *t. ~*. you *v«r ·111 The legUIatui«« of eight drfierent §t«t : of tbetfU^t i»jt cont«n»pi»te ,th« ««-/.- ,A«nt of TMOPB stringent g»i*-a lata^ but it t» probable that the 1"« big bo.n -»^«p of the Roeklei »rtdlh«)-t *IW tnrkey of the Al'BgbenU* will hat* followed tbebn^^hs to the eternal hunting »*mnd« 4 bra th* *« of irlori' 1 * "ill atill -ftod a Groceries anH I'rovisions H 'act .and 'W'onU In . U no«M-i btttr- ·*-· · M»t , -fiti « :the ..Dining Car Line, ·* «. j · · · *-- ' · Pollen Sleeping C^'s Diily Mo Hit * 11 -rt" l* *4"l»..-3nt W**t Si ,, n «K1i Air rtllvt*, Clara Whl*TM*/, «ho sa ..- i* ej r- wlfcd than d*»* ," *od «* his nev|* '·lied to a»A(l««y l-iA^ve-eot flkely to Mi Ito to it HSiAfc, i^*ety or pleas"' e of ti;t ghttawl, * · J "" Of. i - ^ v«in..,_ Theie will b« «n opvtt/«t -drill of the oof'i* G»*.1l* ^W-^y. et-nlfig at 7 Iff, By order ot T.J. ^LAVIW, , Caj»t«in. rne bw'k "r*mk.,«a tb.asghout have b*an v«y *»-j the ii:t " ."* of tht Cut* you ·rue 4r»*nlng rf tb* Everglade e tniflnee,» that have tonntlH thi and ^J t«nty ' - defltd the ent«.p rj -^ of tht ao, wnUt«ly I«dn4 if iif«« cor 11 * upH«bV1» -fu« ^ao* ho*. *»n ^.y^to do its stv* on* of th* *»«» i on the tftbkv a. .-ng*the «hi L -ite B'QM *bont it, alto « -s upright u_.4tli Jj ., · the ^o"*Mn»«ion "tt» on* hl»-i *nd nu it into'th* «aUr in th«!tab 10 -- 1* ite the cort»; Uien .-' ± of V-e *»t*r '*».d I t |t «hlc\, h-f the depth of !*- ft ta »UU Jy -- ribtd to tbe ernptkm of 'tons. of Ice. We »-e no* ri*dy to deliver I»AKOTA Gplmb lor the jta, i ·» *"f O**Wr j,, -- vVUi not l«sue -i «r weigh. Will-nil your IM «ui fcijop them f"U with the Bisiharck Coal and Wood .C'y tb« an obtwlned In «···- lfV»y,tbe width of one Globt. ST.PAUL.and MINNtAPOLlS. M\ A»-«ll» K ^^-i.,,,y g that tbt i.^- «f anotM. / in tlbVWrfU^ o( S^tton B«--OM^ up la K* *-i*-^ "In the oouMpltoit ·/ ^7 ' r.»««i y, - . f, tnrt ,rt and tt floAelL « J« ._ inttix. trh'M 1 kill t L y do " tU, pi r i " J rj .. hat ^ into tbdr him _a* *!*-t-4»«-*hito^ · b f b l w t i pjfc'lw*. th* i..-(Bding v » ~d of '* ~ nartV ', ^ to contole t»« I * " U. S. w-rt lu-f^rt, Anf j!A*a aM|M»'-\MJI . WSPAPES NEWSPAPER!

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