The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on July 14, 1980 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1980
Page 8
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8-CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI-64601 CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE, MONDA., JUL. 14, i98u X -?\ /I V *t- V - I " * . "NX/' -'·fefiW, ·ivep'tf -jvakViK ·A If " -%YW* S.WP -M J H-..T fc^JvJcV*'- «**·: · · ,y',-V ' '-. .''/.'^.J-K- ±'^·'1 ;wmt Mftfti 1 re fuefighters were called to the southwest corner of the Henry Street bridge Sunday at 4 18 p.m. to extinguish the above grass fire. At the scene police were informed that three boys had been seen setting fire to the grassy area next to the wooden structure. The witness told police that the boys ran from the area as soon as the fire was set. Firemen used a booster line to extinguish the fire. They were at the scene for just under 30 minutes in the 105 degree temperatures. --Constitution-Tribune Photo 7:00 Hock Church 8:00 The 700 CJub 9:30 Rise and be Healed 10.00 Festival of Praise 10::!U The Koss Bagley Show TUESDAY Morning 5-00 Courage for Crisis Living r ,::w The Koss Hagley Show 7.00 Christ lor the World 7: til Festival of Praise 8:01) Uan G r i f f i n 8-. to The Chapel Hour »·()) The 700 Club Id: III Charisma Xflern lion 11 · 00 The Koss ISagley Show I.J: to New Hope J.OO Oral Roberts At Home w i t h the Bible 2. uo The 700 Club Transformed .i:.TM CI4N Update News 1:00 New sight 'HO i::w The Ross Bagle Show K\ cuing · (i-oii Puppet Tree Gang ti.'M Faith that Lives 7:00 Oral Roberts 7::iO Good News x-oo The 700 Club 9:^0 Faith 20 10-00 Today in Bible Prophecy 10.30 The Ross Bagley Show Get results with a Want Ad 1 · ..'/WHUmOff /·« ,4 s »,t" Pfione 646-2411 ttJCTIOJV vision programing mi ' . M \t V s 1 i u l K ( M i l ! Sf | l ! , K i I HI) 111 · f (l Mil ^ I l ) l H till W i l d t p u M ii ( ti I ' M M . i , 1 , I / I M C . i ! 1 i n l i i c 1 . i n i i K I ' i Anot hei Voice ·M S.mloid and Son .no iull\\ A "i Republican Convention '.i Roughnecks I'I MacNeil/Lehiei Repoit -II 1'uenty Years of Rock and Roll 17 Love American Style . ill 17 Summeishow 1980 l'i luck Cavett QUALITY FEEDER PIGS ALL CLASSES CATTLE TINA FEEDER AUCTION SUMMER SCHEDULE FEEDtR PIGS-7:00 P.M. - CATTLE-8.00 P.M. , B i l l , i i u l ' I n n t a l k to Livestock buyers and sellers \ e i \ d.i\ .mil \\e want to talk to you If you are ml i 11 sh i l in l i u \ i n g or selling c a t t l e 01 pigs, call us col- I ( I M"! " t I I t e l l sou whal's happening I/ .mi (In- Tina Feeder Auction Market Ri [mi I n i . i i l e i l to \ou weekly call us collect PIG REPORT RESULTS OF JULY 9th SALE Pig market fully ileodf on the quality pig and lower pricei rrqistcred on lower gradei, uncaitratcd, tailed pigi. Light Hock cattle sluggiili with best demand an cattle with weight. Slaughter cows iteady. !· oi on I he I ,u in a p p t a i s a l c a l l "COLLECT" l-Ycdcr I'itfs Cattle '1 mi Lock Bill Padcn !««·». - r I2-:H!)5 Res. - (.46-5528 Molnii- - 5I2-H»H Office - 646-5814 Auction -622-451:1 ttJCTIOJV 7 t \ Mr. Mrs. Leslie Hotfield Route 5, Trenton, MO FRL, JULY 18th. 1980 Salt- Starts Promptly «:.10 p.m. -, \\.l] l.OC \TION: Across the street from Baptist (.'luircli in Kdinburg, Mo. Heal Kstale n u . . i K i i i l l o i sale Friday. .Julv ! 8 : i t 7 - « ) P M is a 12 It i i innbi'e home silu.iti'd on :i acres more or less in M , I n n I' Mo 'I In- home featuies 2 bedrooms both w i t h H I i i s l i v i n g loom, kitchen complete with stove and . n u i i . t l n i H i l t x i l i l l trout porch which is both enclosed i i i.i i t n l 1 l u l l b.iths, u t i l i t y room complete with washer . i v i i sin.ill ciulosc'd back p i n c h , fully carpeted. C o l 1.1- I I ' i;.is l u i n.u c. c u r t a i n s drapes, storm windows i. u s I h r . H ie,!f,e is completely lenced and includes a nice , n w n h lull cement llooi, » i t x ! 2 f t outbuilding, fi ft x ' l n ' l i U i i l i l i i i g Rood c-ave w i t h sump pump, several nice i , n t t i - i s oiiist.indinR garden, and is supplied by city . H I v l . , I, is piped out OUT the acie.iRe Taxes w i l l be , , ,| I., (l,i\ nl closmR Possession, at closing Terms ', I. v i i d.i\ ol s,ilc, balance due w i t h i n 3(1 days or upon I ni deed .mil abstract For further information or , , , i , . i i it t i n - pi opeits contact Lowrey Bros Realty v , i , 1 , 1 n r . i n K 'ith.St'. Trenton. Mo. G4h83.Blfi-3S9 3985 lliiiisrliiiltl-l-.iiin TMils-Sli«'i'|»-Misiellanriius .1 ' I ' l ' i - M igmis electric organ Knlrrtainiwnl . i i ii i l u l l si/e bookcase bed, divan and m.itchmg chair. , ,· , n i I n n r. plallorm rocker ' cricket rocker, :l , i i l L, i. ml d u n s . d i n i n R table, dinette table; coffee 1 ,u. l i e \ I'.U it m TV. pole lamp: kitchen step stool. I K M I V I I n p i i i - l i l svveepei . 2-way window f a n , 7 quart in ( HIM. i . M i x M.-ister mixer, curtain stretcher, N.U I I . I I I H - I t m l jars. I H n a M a r k 113T. trans-axle l.ivvn miivvei w i t h electric 1 s t a r t , small heavy duty w i n d l i . u l e i pickup stock rack. 24 ft PTO hay · \ . i t n t · t i . n l c r axles w i t h brakes, pickup load of fire won,I sneep I ewes, l buck, 2 lambs, pony saddle (brown) h.inil tooled p.idded rnuhide tree, good, table saw w i t h i h p i ' i i R i i i i - . 2steel tables. I H f t wooden ladder, lawn, ,nl( n iV II.IIK! tiiols- exercise bicycle, covered barbecue n i l i . i h l i i i h u l l lies, pins miscellaneous items too iii.iri mils to list , M l ] H I \(I|||1M.I!I MOM IX M H · ' II I DU'H' i ni I -nil s VI I t (»Mi'. ( I V I I UN 1 . 0 W K K V IJKOS. H K M . I ' V I union M. si i n * Mit.1- I i m i o Hill "'"' \ l ( TION I ..Ili'i I ' X I nil h r \ m It ill. v in.1 Vi - in Mis II (loll. I I S U«M| f si ilr Hri'Ki is in Mlss.nni l.m.t A h u "Aiittion Mrans Adiori rfiicl Wo Gu.irantcr 2 4-=) Kepublic-cin Convention I'i National Geographic 41 Movie--"Rebel Without A Cause" i) Republican Convention 17 Movie--"Arabesque" 41 News 1(1:011 2-1-.")- l J News l) Monty Python's Flying Circus 41 Inn News I (l: ill) 2 ABC News 4 Tonight 5 Movie--"Sirocco" 9 M*A*SMI 19 C'aptioned ABC News 41 Starsky and Hutch 10:50 2 Barney Miller * 11:00 ,J^ 9 All in the Family 11:15 17 Movie--"The Mountain" 11:25 2 Police Woman 9 Bob Newhart 41 Rookies 4 Tomorrow 9 ABC News 12:20 9 Barney Miller TMovic-"KP M " U-55 9 Police Woman 1:0(1 4 Adam-12 41 Wrestling 17 News TUKSDAY Afternoon .1:0(1 2-9 Kdge of Night 4 Merv Griffin 5 One Day Al A Time 17 Flmtstones 1!) Free to Choose 41 Gilligan's Island 2 Real McCoys 5 Movie-"That Funny Feeling" 9 Partridge Family 17 Gilligan's Island 41 Tom and Jerry 1:00 2 Bonan/a 4 Mike Dougla.s !l Ilappv Days Again 17 My Three Sons 19 Over Easy . 41 Woody Woodpecker I: 10 9 Caiol Burnett and Friends 17 I Dream of Jeannie 19 Mister Rogers 41 Bugs Bunny .1.00 2 Adam-12 4 News 9 All in the Family 19 .Sesame Street 17 Andy Griffith 41 I Dream of Jeannie 5: J !0 2-9 ABC News 4 NBC News 5 CBS News 17 I Love Lucy 41 Star Trek Kveniiig (1:0(1 2-5-9 News 4 Cross-Wits 17 Hogan's Heroes 19 Doctor Who (i::tO 2 Republican Convention 4 Baseball 5 Family Feud 9 PM Magazine 17 All m me Family 19 Victory Garden · 41 Sanlord and Son 7:00 2 20/20 5 Republican Convention 9 Roughnecks 17 Movie--"The Flight oi the Phoenix" I'J MacNeil/Lehrer Report 41 Loggins and Messina In The Attic 7:.10 19 Dick Cavett H:(l(l 2-5 Republican Convention 19 Nova 41 Movie-"The Producers" 11:00 4-9 Republican Convention 19 Flambards 9.55 41 News 10:00 2-4 5-9 News 17 Movie--"Major Dundee" 19 Monty Python's Flying Circus 41 Inn News 2 ABC News 4 Tonight 5 Movie--"Tokyo Joe" 9 M*A*S*U 19 C'aptioned ABC News 41 Staisky and Hutch 10:50 2 Pol ice Story 11:00 9 All In The Family 1!::!!! 9 Bob Newhart 41 Rookies 12:00 4 Tomorrow '.) ABC News 12:15 5 Movie--"Harry O" I2::to 17 News Attract more customers to your garage sales by using the C o n s t i t u t i o n - T r i b u n e W a n t Ads' CHRISTIAN BROADCAST NEWORK CABLE CHANNEL 13 MOMMY Kv ruing I, MM) The Third Story (.- to Woid.s oi Hope Who? W W W W Mrs. Charles (Charlene) Watkins OILMAN CITY, MISSOURI SAT., JULY 19th. 1980 Sale Starts Promptly 10:30 A.M. SALE LOCATION: :! Blocks South Of Robcrson Funeral Home. Tools-Household-Misccllaneous Montgomery Ward 7hp riding Idvvn mower, electric start, lights, Mono li'j hp garden tiller, dump wagon lor garden tractor, I'., ton hydraulic jack, rubber tired wheelbarrow; Signature gas space heater, electnc space heater. Sears SohdOx welding torch, FhghUvay portableaircompressor, Schauer 0 12 amp battery charger. Village Blacksmith 10 in electiic chain saw, ,i hp gas motor, powei sabre saw, power saw, torque w t e n c h , dwell tach meter, discsander; motor grinder polisher socket set; timing l i g h t , " s m a l l vice, caipentrv tools, masonery tools, hand tools, soldering gun, paint sprav gun. tool boxes, Skelgas Constellation 16 en It upnght liee/er, divan, gold black, long, nice, Lloyd chtome kitchen table, 4 c h a n s , large leal, 2 large matching swivel lockers, 2 matching maple chairs, metal bed linens, 5 drawer chest ol drawers, vanity w i t h laige mm oi display cabinet, glass sliding doors, metal utility cabinet, Ig base cabinet Bent wood child's rocker. Hoover Constellation tank sweeper w i t h attachments, cast iron kettle, pressure cooker. 5-quart electric ice cream Ireezer, crock pot.dishes, stoneware, pots pans, barber set ( n e w ) 2 Ig electric fans, Iree/.er cartons, 18 in lawn mower, ladders 14 It aluminum extension, T ft 2 f l step ladders, portable shop store shelves on rollers, work table, wooden bench, lawn roller, hand garden plow, garden sprayer, many lawn garden tools, hedge trimmer, grass shears. 2 root feeders, lumber, 200 ft garden hose reel, light, glider swing, body equipment, barbecue grill, camp stove, cooler wash tub, 3 barrels, 2 3-gal gas cans ( n e w ) , wooden car ramps, bird bath, Christmas liee, decorations, fruit jars snow shovel, Populai Mechanics Do It Yourself Encyclopedias. Sheltons 1906-1973 Mechanics Guide cornice boards, extension cord, plus miscellaneous items too numerous to mention i vsii' ~~ " "sTrfTii sVn\sini i - i mi v ( mi MS M l I H I M . I l l M i l l h i l l M i l s | I I I I 1 ) 1 Hit s \ i i c I I M I I ( n n in I . O W U K Y ISKOS. K K U / n U C T I O N mill llli--Innlim Mo I'liimi (iilliil i«|iii IVi "Ml sun ,t Mike I nun i Hill Hi HIM i mil Ki t i n I! nli i Ki i l t . l l . ,.ml \ l l l l l n l l l I'ls I I I l l I - I . l t ' I l l t i l l I S I I I M l S S I I I I I I I ' l H . I K . l l l - . l " A u c t i o n Menus Action and We Guarantee S a t i s f a c t i o n " PUBLIC AUCTION As we are moving out of state, will sell at the residence located west of school house in Mcadville. Sat., JULY 19 1:00 P.M. C AR--K11)1 N(! MOWER--Tl IJ.ER--SCOOTERS--M ISC 1958 Ford 4 door, 6 cyl, st. trans, runnable, Craftsman 8 hp riding mower, 36 in cut. good; 20 in rotary lawn mower, good, rotary lawn mower, runs; garden tiller; 2 Speed Way mot or scooters, helmets, 2 older bicycles, hang onair conditioner, complete, except con-coil, for 353 Chev, some car parts; misc car and garage items PROPANE BOTTI.KS--SCALES-- PLUMBING SUPPLIES Approx 30 propane gas bottles, 100 lb size; portable platform scales, 500 lb; 1 lot various plumbing supplies; some metal scaffolding, misc plumbing tools; APPLIANCES--HOUSEHOLD--MISC Bryant gas furnace, counter-flow; 2 gas ranges; 3 older refrigerators, 2 are good; old Pepsi pop cooler; Kenmorc automatic washer, avocado green, needs repair, half size refrigerator, works; pedestal fan, squirrel cage fan, 2shop vacuums, Zenith console radio, 5 ft portable bar, 4 bar stools, 4 drawer desk, double day bed, end tables, foot stool, throw rugs, clothing, records, cameras, wing back dressing table, dishes, 6 ft picnic table and benches, good; metal lawn settee, old wood school lockers, 2-4'x8' peg boards, metal lawn wheel barrow, archery compound bow, dog house, other articles GUEST CONSIGNOR: 1974 Ford 700 truck with 10 ft dump bed, good. TERMS: CASH NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS GEORGE STREET AND DALE SMITH, AUCTIONEERS TOM AND CAROLYN PRETTYMAN, OWNERS. SEMI-ANNUAL SALE CONTINUING -WOMEN'S SHOES- DE LISO DEBS...MAGDESIAN...SELBY... JOHANSEN...VINER...TOWN COUNTRY LIFE STRIDE...VITALITY...FOOTWORKS... HUSH PUPPIES VALUES TO $46.00 $ 12 9 ° ro$ 32 90 ENTIRE STOCK NOT INCLUDED ENTIRE STOCK WOMEN'S GRASSHOPPERS KEDS $090 VALUES TO $16.00 ON TABLES MEN'S LEATHER SANDALS VALUES TO $14.00 $Q90 . ENTIRE STOCK DANIEL GREEN OUTDORABLES VALUES TO $20.00 $ 12 90 ONE GROUP HAND BAGS !/ 2 PRICE 25% DISCOUNT ON OTHER HANDBAGS --MEN'S SHOES-- FLORSHEIM...WINTHROP...PEDWIN...HUSH PUPPIES VALUES TO $49.00 ENTIRE STOCK NOT INCLUDED 90 NO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS! ALL SALES FINAL NO CHARGES OR LAYAWAYS PLEASE!

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