Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 26, 1890 · Page 2
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1890
Page 2
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ft* ffeiOfertfet fotwttteihro. POliched erery Bvenloc md Sunday Mora tut. (8»turt»v evening exoepted),bT J. E. HITT, Kditor. a. W. PA.TTOH, Business Manager. TERMS. Including Sunday edition per KOUIO. »«.«...--»» M. H ....» n .». H »H.MH«».»..« BO Oneyear. if paid in advance . .,,._....18.00 Sunday edition, per month ......_ XI ·eml-Wvekly edition, per annum........ ...11.50 ·· ·· ajj[ Ta^j^tya - - 75 In clubs of ten ,, ____ tut , Bend money order or draft at ourrlak. Ad- *reH"Oonstftution Steam Printing Co." Chll- NUMBERS BUSINESS OFFICE....'. 1*O. 4 JBDITOBIAL BOOMS No. 104 ·oath Washington St. Three Boon Sooth of Mansur Bank JUVJBNUIO XDXFrlOH'. DEMOCRATIC J*or Supreme Judge, JAMES B. GANTT, Ot Henry County. "v« Supt. of Public Schools, IL. E. WOLFE, i Of Randolph County. For Bailroad Commissioner, H. W. HIUKMAN, Of Stoddard County, For congress, Second Congressional District, CHARLKS H. MAN8TJR, of Livingston county. BEEO AND THE NEQEO- Every intelligent and discerning Democrat prefers the negro Repub* lican to the Down East Radical. For thu negro Republican, there are many excuses. He has many good qualities offsetting political vicious ness, which in the Down East Radi cal has no extenuating feature. John M. Langston, negro that he i», would be a far more respectable figure in Speaker's chair of the House of Representatives to-day than Tom Reed of Maine. Langston is Reed's superior, in education, in breeding, in refinement, in all that goes to make a man tolerable in his association with his fellows. And as he is better qualified for the speakersbip by nature and by education than Reed is, Langnton has a better right to Reed's seat than he had toVenable'e. The Republicans hold Congress and the White House only by virtue of the negro vote, without which Illinois, Indiana and other leading States of tha West would be Demo* cratic. Without the negro vote, the Republicans would not control a single office of the thousands they have given to white men in the attempt to avoid the confession that the party has Africanism as its foundations. In any House where John H. Langston sits as a professional negro, Reed holds the chair as a usurper. The place is Langston's by whatever right the Republican party can lay claim to it, and if there is a single Democrat in the House who would not to-morrow vote to unseat Reed and seat Langston, the Republic neither knows him nor sympathizes with him.--Republic. A POLITICAL revolution ia about to fall upon the country in November next. When we look at the I disasters that have already befallen the Republican party since the inauguration of President Harrison, and before any actiye campaign has been opened, the supposition is a Waterloo defeat awaits that party this faM. The luss of Chicago hy 10,000, Milwaukee by 5,000,-St Paul by 2,000, ChatUnooga by 1,000, and this startling political" record is supplemented by the loss of Rhode Island, including State officers and Legislature and the loss of a Giv- ernor in Oregon, and still later the loss ot 15,000 votes in staunch old Vermont, and a democratic majority of 100,000 in Alabama and 30,000 in Arkansas, H would be idle to assume that these defeats in rapid succession ment nothing. They were too general and too decisive to be slightly con - strued. They forebode sn'l greater disaster. The cyclone that started in Oregon on the Pacific cost will sweep down through every state into the Atlantic ocean.--St. Joseph Ballot "Answered-" FAIB DIEEOTOBS MEET- The officers and members of the North Missouri Agricultural and Mechanical Society met in Maustrr's law office, Saturday afternoon, Sen* tember 13, 1890, pursuant to adjournment. Present-J. Postelwaite, Georgo Milbank, B. B. Peck, P. Wait and Dr. Waters. It was moved and carried that a roadster ring be adopted and put in DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. For Representative-JAMES F. ANDERSON. fo* Sheriff-E. I*. TAYL.OK. fat Recorder-S. 3. HOQE. For Circuit Clerk-J. A RYAN. For County Clerk-- HBNRT COWGILL. ·or Treasurer-M. H. SMITH. For Froeeoutlag Attorney--0 B. B. GILL. rat Probate Judge-O. A. PKHBIN. For Public Administrator-AMOS BABODOLL.r For Presiding Justice County Court-- fi WAITE. For Judge--Eastern Distrl«t-- i.-f, HOWARD. For Judge--Western District-W. F. BPBAB8. For CoroMr-- Dr. W. A. B3SNDEBSON. THE binding-twine industry will not be hurt by the placing of this product on the free list, but the trust which controls it will be broken. Just as much of it will be made in this country as at present, the men actually engaged in its production will receive the same wages as now, but the manufacturer's profits will be lessened, and the consumer will be benefited to the extent of 20 or 30 per cent by a reduction in prices.-Globe-Democrat, Sept. 8th. This is the grand tariff reform truth in a nutshell and is so plain that even a benighted republican paper can see it. And if putting binding twine on the free list will benefit the consumer 20 or 80 per cent without cutting down the wages of the men engaged in its production, why will not the same treatment do for numerous other commodities now in the grasp of trusts which are protected by our robber tariff? Surely the scales will yet fall from the eyes of the western farmers -- Louisiana Press. The CONSTITUTION is or the opm ion that "the Democracy of Ohio have every confidence in their ability to defeat Maj. McKinley." By democratic gerremanding the Me-. Kmley district has been fixed with 2,000 majority against h'm, and DOW the "Democracy of Ohio," not the Democracy of that district "have every.coafldence"that tbey can defeat him. Possibly they may, but will the "Democracy of Ohio" receive any credit for doing it, that is from the stand point of modern justice and modern intelligence. Will the CONSTITUTION please answer?--Tris bnue. Yes sir? This art, of gerryman- denngjby Elbridge Gerry, a republican governor of Massachusetts, and followed by both parties, since. Take your own medicine. It is a good principle to fight the devil with fire. the programme for the 8f th day of the fair, and that the "five jack colts of 1890" be stricken out in page 91 in catalogue, and the best jack alone to get 810 00 premium! second best, *5.00 On motion, it was ordered that 1 'Livingston county" in all compete ing rings, be stricken out from the catalogues, except in the two races m the first day's programme and special premiums ,, Premiums in roadster ring, as laid out at this meeting, ia as follows: Best stallion, four years old and over, drat premium, $10.00; second premium, 5 00. Best stallion, three years first premium, 88.00; second mium, 84.00. Beat stallion, two years old, first premium, 85 OOj second premium, 1300 Best stallion, one year old, first premium. 85.00; second premium, 8300. Hawley. Come let ns draw and old, pre- "HotTroe." Then they had the county committee to meet yesterday to consider the OaM. O'Reilly was there and was Mked to withdraw from the ticket, bat declined, bat later, after being bulldozed be handed to the press the following card: To the Democracy of Livingston ·onnty:--Having discovered that the Statute law of Missouri rendered me ineligible to the office for which you nominated me, I herewith resign. Tbankfog you for the honor yon have conferred upon me, I remain. Yours Reap'y, --Tribune] J. F. O'RxruT. There isn't a word of truth in the above portion written by the Tribune. When the subject of Air. O'Beilly's ineligibility was mentioned to him, he, in company with a well known reputable lawyer, hunted up the law and as soon as fce read it Mid, voluntarily, ··! will band in my resignation to the central committe at its meeting here to day,"and did so. No one asked Mr. O'Reilly to resign, but being a Democrat, a sensible man and a gentleman, he acted at once in a sensible manner and wrote out bis resignation, handed it to the commit tee, which was accepted. These are the facts In the case; all other state- menu are false. A CAKD. The above statements, by the Cou- STITIJTIOH, are facts; all other statements are false. J. F. O'RwiiT. We incidentally met Dr. J. E. D unbar, the eye, ear, throat, catarrh and lung specialist, who has been quartered at the Cameron House lor several days past, an example of what prominence a young man can attain by close application to study, and with an honest view of becoming prominent and beneficial in certain professions. The doctor has made these ailments that are so frequently and commonly complained of » special study, with a view of becoming a benefit to bis fellow men, and his honesty in all cases is beyom question, as he gives consultation free, and if a case is incurable veri quickly tells his applicants so. This is not his first visit to Cameron, nor will it be bis last. The doctor has great many friends here, and patients who are living witnesses to bis proficiency in the specialties he makes We are of the opinion that hones 1 specialists like Mr. Dnnbar are a general benefit to mankind. The Doctor goes from here to CbilUcothe, and will return later this fall,--Cameron Sun. The Eemedy. It will be a burning shame for the American people and for the State of Missouri to permit the wife of Gen. John C Fremont to continue longer in destitution in Los An^elos, California.--Cameron Vinchcaton. Why don't you apply to the old tension dispensatory, G-reen B. Raum, proprietor, Washington, D. C? Missouri has no surplus to squander. Beat roadster mare or gelding, over four years old, first premium, $10.00; second premium, $5.00. Best roadster mare or gelding, three years old, first premium, (8.00, second premium, 84.00. Best roadster mare or gelding, two years old, first premium, 95.00; second premium, (3.00. Best roadster mare or gelding, one year old, first premium, 15.00; sec-, ond premium, 83.00. Best roadster mare or gelding, under one year old, first premium, 95.00 second premium, 93.00. near see what Hawtejr, the Shoe man, has to say to-day. Our word for it, it is vastly to your interest to attend closely. Ah, BOOTS! The Hawley $2.50 saddle seam warranted Boot, is the first under consideration. Only one FACT to mention, and all has been said that need be. Last season over 600 pairs of this Boot were sold, and NOT ONE WORD OF COMPLAINT. The Giescke $3,00 Boot! Hand made, side line, and with an unimpeachable record backing it; this extraordinary Boot to be found in inexhaustible quantities at the Hawley shoe store. A FARMERS DRESS BOOT, of which the firm is justly proud, one that never gets hard, and will stand the wear and tear as well. If it is BOOTS you want, go to J. F. Hawley Co. Take your choice and fit from any of GREATGLOAKSALE FARMER'S STORE! lines manufactured , in price ranging Me nt Wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been selling- Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen'e Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled rem- ediei that sell as well, or that have given such universal (satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merit*. For sale by N. J. Swetland Co., FIffl 1 NATIONAL BANl OT CHLUJCOXHB. HO. Capital Stock, 8 00,000 Liability, Stockholder*, 1OO,OOD Surplus Funds a ad Undivided P oflts ...... »12 500 00 -"-OFFICERS Adamantine Johnson, President. Ge Uj'Nrak, vice-president. J, W, Hyde, cashier. DIRECTORS ,. 3.. Grace Ceo Miltank A Jonpsor, J. W Hyde, f . O Biowc, r KirUejr. J Mat G rdcei, A. Lowensteln H. S- Norman, Henry Wallbrunn A ftejeral bankm? busicess done Bull ifles r^BpectrullT ·o'i*il*d Hippy Boosters. Win. TInunons, Postmaster of Ida- vllle. Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters baa don* more lor me than all other mediolnee combined, for that bad feeling arising from Kidney and Llrer trouble." Jobn Leslie, farmer and atoekmau. of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be tb» ba*t Kidney and Liver medicine, mad* me feel like a new man.'' J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says Electric Bitten Is Just the thing for · man who is all run down and don't eare whether be lives or dies; ne found new strength, good appetite and felt Just like be bad anew lease · III*. Only Me. » bottle, at N. J. Bwelland * CD'S Drug Store. tUHft Cwtorl* "A Mud Sill." The Democratic central committee will convene next Wednesday for the purpose of selecting a candidate for Representative. The "silks" of Cbilllcotbe who worked O'Reilly from the ticket will be on hand, to see to it that one of their fellows is substituted. These poor "mud sills" need not apply.--Tribune. Farmer Anderson, who was nomi nated on the Democratic ticket, Wednesday, for representive, can, and will, we hope, resent the dirty fling made at them by the Tribune. To call the tanner element of the county ·mud-sills" is an insult that we hope will be resented at the polls in November. "Two Sights." The Chillioothe COMSTITCTION giyes nearly a column to the election of officers by the "Coon Club." The Star gave five lines. The two papers must have viewed the importance of the news in * different light.--Trenton Republican. We do not know how this is. The COKSTITDTIOH gives all the news. ; Col. F. M. Lowe who was the prohibition candidate for governor of this state two years ago is now making speeches for the democrats and advises his followers to vote the democratic ticket in opposition to republican principles. A man in Ohio, sixty years old, has been sued for 92,000 for wantonly and maliciously kissing end hugging a woman of the same age. She was an ol«l maid and had probably lived beneath her privileges PEOPLES -THE SAVINGS BANK, 9. McWTLLIAMS, , - President R HAWKINS. - · Vice President Wv.B. I/EACH, - - Cashier FRANK SHEETZ, - Bank Attorney DIRECTORS 8 Mo Will lame, Wm, A. T.ans, James A. Grace, George Milbank, T. H Abshlre. John W. Bniner. R_ Hawkins, Wm. B Leaoli. CAPITAL STOCK, $5O,OOO SURPLUS , ll,5OO Does a General Banking Businessa. Tour Business Is solicited, and will beglveB prompt .t tent Ion. When Babj »·»**, wo g»f«ne»OB«oria. ·Whaa ritowas a Ohfld, she orled for Outorla. ·Kb** sb» became Mtn, she clang to Cutorl*. TOMB Ib* bid Children, she ga« them CMtorta, CHILLIOOTHE Savings Association Chillicothe, - Missouri. Southwest Corner of Square, o-- ESTABLISHED 1866. OFFICERS W H MANSUR, · - Prmidmt J B. MIDDIrETON, - - Cashier a H. HANBTTR. - - B»nk Attorney - DIRECTORS A. MoVey, Isaac Hlrsh, W.H Mansnr. J. R. Mlddleton O H Mansnr. PAID UP CAPITAL, · $30.000. SURPLUS, 10.090 the leadin in the U. from $2,00 to $5,00. RUBBERS! You don't appreciate them yet, but when the "melancholy days are come," take your whole family to the Hawley Headquarters where you will find them light or heavy, and to suit every ta»te and fancy. They have the novelties, too, which cannot help but pleaie you. GENTLEMEN have "you worn cork sole shoe*? Give them one trial and they are forever established in your good! graces. You will find them in lace or congress and the luxury of a perfectly ?ry, warm shoe, will make you a Better natured mnn fiom taat dav on. FELT BOOTS AND SHOES, a charrr ng air. % will surprise and delight you, Oct. ist, at the Hawley Shoe Rooms. LADIES. to It that your husbands reaSl these words of wisdom and piovethem for yourselves. Jn t us issue, we have only space to cal I y»ur attention to onf fine SPOCS," hand sewed, from i3oO to $5,00 Look them over at an eauy da^e, and we insuie 3 r ou a fit 'it you" will but give us time. To one and al, a hearty welcome awaits you af I. F. HAWIET CO., 3ioi; id Slues, LOW .FOR TWO DAYS ONLY.. More than 500 Garments to select from representing over a The very latest styles in Cloaks, Jackets. Capes, Newmarkets, Ulsters, Wraps, Etc. The most elegant line of Plush fiannento Ever shown in North Missouri. We have made arrangements with one of the largest cloak manufacturers in America to have their manager with us for TWO DAYS with their entire line. Every Garment will be sold at the LOWEST WHOLESALE PRIC You cannot have the assortment to select from later in the season. This will be the ^RASOJEST CLOAK SAUH we ever had. Such a chance to purchase Fne Garments wifl not be offered again this season. 10 extra clerks will assist us during this sale. to the FARMERS' STORE. Stevens, Conger Botts, "West Side." JOS. BARTON. Prosecuting Attorney, Notary Public, Office, north sida of 6q uare. over Reynold's book store, OitlJIoothe. Ho Does a general Banking Business on lib eral term* Collections made and promptly remitted Deposits solicited-' CITIZENS' National -:- Bank CHILLICOTHB, MISSOURI. CAPITAL STOCK,, . 15 (Liabilities of Stockholders »100,0( 1,000 00 0 00) J. R. CAMPBELL, Dentist. Office.--Over Citizens National Bank, Southeast Cor. square SEEP* This article will be short and to the point. We have Chillicothe, Missouri. C. D. HURXTHAL, OMITI.K complete to dat for all farm and city property In Livings ton county. HONEY TO LOAM at the lowest rates Office, second door west of Hoge A Grace's, ChUllooth*, Mo. Fair of Men's all Wool Msxtnsu, Kansas. Dnnraraaes, Distress SaS;rRtatatheB!ae,4o. White their SICK Outer's EttOa line 90H uc nealatetheboiNlB. BnaUl HEAD * lawman? wmysUiat tb« *m not b.jffl. ItofloTrtZhonttlim. ButatlorallstoltHxa ACHE " o many Ural that henittrhMt OapUlaoanttmUM WiriaiytoMke. Oneortiroiiiu»nake«.Ise. Buwarestrlotlynntattoanddo cot gripe ot Thos McNalljr, President. L A Chapman, Vice Frest. W W Bdzerton, Cashier. P E Kiley, Assistant Cashier E. 3. Broaddns, Bank Attorney. Business Directory--Wm Mcllwrath, Thos McNttlly I M Timbrook, T F Scott, Jos O Mln- teer, B W Weatherby, 1 A Chapman, F I! JAMES L. DAVIS, Attorney at Law And Notary Public. Has resigned his position In the Circuit Clerk s office antl has opened an office In the Barney building, opposite the First M. E Church Be will do a general practice In ,,;. the Cou Blley, W W Edgorton. Business respectfully solicited. ll-7wtf BOOTS AND SHOES, Of the Best Makers in America, at Rock Bottom Prices, AT .***»» RENSCH'S SHOE STORE; West Side cf iauare. TO THE PUBLIC. Dr. E. W. Wright, the Old Sellable veterinary Surgeon, of Cuillicotbe, Mo,, has come to stay, having secured a lease of the O. H. Gale stables, In the rear of the Alliance Meat Market. Corner of Jackson and Elm sts., which he has converted into a veterinary Hospital, where he can be lound during business hours, and at night tan be found at bis residence, on east Jackson St., firs* bouse east of Grave's lumber office. I will have first-class accommodations for stock, and stood oare guar anteed to all stock intrusted to my care. I successfully treat all diseases Incident to the Domestic family. All chronic diseases guaranteed. Prompt attention to all call* in the C'ty or country. Remember the doctor has been with you for four years, and It is my desire F to stay four mfro. ,, ' OK. B. w VBIOHT, SOO-dAw-tf Chillicothe Mo. that are*going to sell tor $£.5O, they are worth $3.50 to $4.00, but they are lots we closed out from the manufacturers at WAL We have a great many other .A-R-C-A-I-N-S in the house, but these Pants are PRIC The statements made by us in the past have-been. ALL WOOL I A YARD WIDE so are the Pants in this sale. Youcan't help but buy if you look at them, very respectfully," The leading one-price Olothis :~*XStM,

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