The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 11, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1899
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T NINETEENTH YEAS. A QUICK Ceneral Lawton Boats Rlipinoe at the Upper End of the Lake, Having Started Oat For That intanoes Escorted by Gunboats. American Loss Was Six Wounded. Filipinos Left Sixty-eight Dead. Opinion Pretty General ThatSome Filipinos Will Hold Out For a Long Time. tematck path) trttonw BISMABQg. NOETH DAKOTA, TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 1899 wia»band«cfanndr«asof men and to sness or years to come Foreigj^mManfla think the Amerl tens are too optimistic as to the effects « the proclamation. They say that the feaknessof the proclabon lies u»the fact that the native* have so Jong, dealt , a Spanish thaFthey are^mable toreanajwhat tto words mean, and that the pnrportof its promises ta anything but a snare. Tbe Spanish system of defending Mamla by a line of blockhouses may tie ^m v~^~^ -- ··"·^*'**^^* authorities nere during the wet season, as it re- quiresfewer men than the trench de- lenses and lessens the chance of sickness among the defender*. LIVES LOST. · **· ToUowatoae at eieadfte.. Benltote ma Overflow. BOSYBANDim Biey Aw Already MakingTbtags Very Lively In Some Portions of Cuba, FIVE CENTS SOTED AS A JtTBIST. In Spite of the Nnmerons Arrests Made They Are Inereasine in Numbers. . Field tte r*4*m Cwwt, Betired, Ufa* at W w g a a . WASHKGTOS, April II. -- Justice Stephen J. ReM of the United States ·npreme court, retired, died at Ma home hew of kidney complications. About ·is bedside were his wife and fe«r sister, Justice David J. Brewer and other close friends. B* had been raconscious MAWIL*, April 11.--6-M p. m.--Gen- eral Lawton has captured Santa Cruz, «* the" extreme end of the take. He drove tie rebels, who were commanded by a Chinaman named Pao Wan, into the mountains. The Americans had 6 men wounded. The rebels lost 68 men killed and had 40 wounded. WiSHisaroH, April 11.--The following dispatches have been received"rrom General Otis dated April fi and 10: "Lawton now opposite Lagunabay witt 1,500 men. Condition of troopt excellent, sickness alight." "L»wton,'s command captured Santa Cruz, chief city of Lagnna de Bay; casualties, six wounded; insurgent troops . , Hon., Apnl 11.--An ice gorge is the Yellowstone river at this point censed the stream to overflow, ^°!? l ^_^ Pen"** Three spansof tne steel bridge are washed oat, ousinz · low of t23,X»T the Horihern Pacific trades are inundated and possibly washed away for some distance, and the loss to Hve,*tock by drowning will n Tolvealargesnm. The dead are: Mrs. K. W. Snyder, wife of rancher; Hiss General Breddnridge Gives His Opinion of the Future of the Island. No Trouble While Onr Troops Are There--Some Wrong Methods. ,,..«,,» wuou ueea unconscious Saturday morningand death came painlessly, Stephen Johnson Field was one of the four remarkable Field brothers, sons of Bev. David Dndley Reid, a Hew Eng. rSlUte?*"- The ~ ******** we» ^^ ^dfey. the great codJn«r; Cyrus West, who laid the Atlantic cable, and Henry. Martyn, the distinguished divine ·no religions editor. Stephen J., who was to be A justice ofthe V t a d a M K n n o , court, was RIOT ATPANA Fighting Between Negro Miners and Whites Caused Six Deaths. oo m PStny \««- auiolak W^L^f^ 1 ^ 1 *** 5 JCa8 ' Bose Wybrecht, a visitor to the Snyder ranch; George F, O'Connor, and James Sulavan, wife and six children. The tee began moving at ?ao ia the «*ening and continued flowing until 930p.m., when it formed a gorge. The Snyder party, noticing the Backwater, started for lie Korthern Pacific tracks, - . TM -------"·»*~f*«4*www«, was oorn in Haddarn, COJJIL, in toe Berkshire bills, HOT. 4, I8ic When he was 13, he went with his aster Emilia, who hadmamed a misaonary, to Smyrna, te tne purpose of acquiring a knowl. edge or the Onental languages. Upon h»return from the East, at the age of 1«, he entered Wiffian» college, from wmen institution lie was graduated in 183?, standing at the head of his class. Ttum V- *^r » .*_ . * _ _ "^ Addition Several Others Were Wounded, Some of Them Fatally. , Apnl II.-- 1:"3 ^ m.-- The rebels along the raifarad fired at » scoating party near Maldas. wounding The TTmted States gunboat Bennuw ton has gone to Baleer on the Eastern coast in order to relieve a Spm-fob m. risoa of 47 men which had bees be- Trouble Started in the Ae~ tion of the Pana Mine Authorities, WhoSoaghtto Restrain Some of the Colored Miners From Leaving. It is considered significant that the Oceanic*Espanola,formerly rabidlym favor of the Filipino government is now counselling disarmament, advising tteKhpinosto accept the inevitable. fthascarefaByjmalysedthe prodaaia- . --'--'~-TM»*j «*a^»gr*i»j*ei w«r j'T'fTifKTny- turn irf tfc e United States Philippine is increasing instead of dimfe. The gendarmes are practically Amer- w taxatg broken Francisco, where «* *° fije water was waist deep and they took refnge in a:tree, O'Connor to be washed from the j._t__ , . ~ : ' --""»""«· «vwj» jce struck tne tree and tw driven, tearing «8 dead on the field and carrying off Hiss Beagan. large numbers of wounded and number Later developments found eight more captured. Lawton wffl pursue west- j persons who wen victims of the over- FWt« ** i HinaV Mtttlnvtn 4A £^£. _*H MM. _ , Ufa., Apafl 11 __ In »riot which woke out at HfcSO a. m. on one of the mam streets in front of the telegraph /tffi*w Iuv4«w nn «. __«-**. . ______ ·* v * . _ " -- ·"··«··· **m**ts , poteting ont tt« adran- tages of 4he Sefinite policy determined npon. Kentenant Stennenborg of the Idaho regtoent. a brother of the govamorof Idaho, has been placed oa trial by court- martial for caffing 3tfajor Figgina ^UbHB_«bl -,--. At- jT-« . ^^OO "*TM «~.._u, ui uw presence ot bts company-, ft» expected that hewOlbedisinisse- gemtfae service. TJffiEATES 6ESEBAL JtETOSR I»rtM» ia SoMKeaUern Route An Xaefc n.--The St. -- - -- _»,,,,.= ^^ uuul , ,» u, B teiegrapn f --UOSDOX, April 11 --The office^ between white and black miners, j barg eorre^ondent of The DailyTete m which depn^ sheriaVtook part, five|«»»b says: F ielfr menand one womaa were killed. Eight j A serious situation which has recently persons were wo d e d m the « ward tomorrow. HAIOLA, April 11.--The expedition of 1,000 men under Major General Henry W. Lawton, which started with the intention of crossing Lagnna de Bay, « . f l n « " wrfea ^«««WiaKm, whose resi- Aiken the nearest river, diaries .., f in Cnbafpfeme court of California. When in w ~\ ~^T ~~i *VT^ 1 * anT interview, says: j September, 1859, Chief Justice David «·* I .J^S^PS 1 *"* States has been in I Terry resigned, Field succeeded Mm and filled that office until appointed to tiie supreme bench as a war Democrat . persons were wounded, several so sen- onsly that they wdl-dfe. Thekfltedare: .Boog, Frenchman, ?«*»«» , * *«ntory in- negrowomsn. one foodaad compeBed t» Cross sanitary sweeping the country to the south, con- doors and windows open and the entire ·tats of 200 «ha*ndnn»« »1.~«~. »_ I family Aa*A ft* «,« ^1_ afetsof 200 sharpshooters chosen from tiie various: regiments, Hawthorne's mounted battery, Gale's squadron, three troops of the Fourth cavalry, un- mounted, Tappan's battalion of the Fourteenth infantry and Linck's bat- -- - »*" TM«^» l***M4lfl*9 UUBU fl *amfly dead in the room. CAUSED BY A CB3500K. , , has naturally measnreay an- e supreme ench as a w a r n o c r a t proved* Ihave no idea that there is any oy President Abraham Lincoln in WML d««erof an insumction against fl* p» 1880 he was placed in nominattonby Umtedaates. Themindsof the peo- ha supporters for the presidency at the pte at momentare on awqnestieB Cincinnati convention of- the Demo- they will drawn. . ASACOKDA. MOTL, Aprfl «»»· Standard trcn' -, ,,,,,_ to the Cuban I cratic party, receiving 65 votes on the After this has been settled, I first ballot. In 1878 he was appointed --* themselves to adJs-i *y the governor of Califonria amember Trm/t- «* «,,«-- ' of a eommfamoB to OTOTT.,-,^ tfr e codeof . . -- ."^of that state and prepare amend- troops have been with- 1 " 1 "*- ^^ There wffl be no trouble Cubans aa a people during JSgBras-lSSBS-igS · """ "· · ··*.!· a +*ilttt^ right arm shot off. SS^^*"^**** negro miner, shot -- - -- » ·«*·» VMUCttVUO the misguided Tartars. XBIALS * » *·«·* *iaoot w t , General Lawton and ·tarted from » Pedro Rang river, moving towardtn just as evening waVsetting in. wfwn "* General »--r wMm» %*»^ u«v ice jammed the month ofthe Tongue river, toeing the wifli ih« ifrf,*^ 1 5*^ °«*«J»tB tteentiref south side with the Iwntest of theoty was under water. Seventy! I five houses* had to be abandoned, " e """"51"* «-»"vwaa plan was to reach I BO quick had been the rise of water Santa Crnzat daybreak, to capture or Laterm the afternoon the water broke destroy any rebel gnnboate or shipping, over the track into Main street whew to take ihe town and then to scour the' '*·«·« · *A«--* ^* country to the south of the lake, a district not yet explored by the Americans. --- -- --« «·»,«.« v* Mfcuiiy tcie Ajipttnfl for self-government in the right war It seems tome that the first thing we ought to do 13 to have an election by the people of a convention to draught a constitution. If that constitution is not satisfactory, we can set it aside. Bnt we ought to find ont what the people ftK» wilKttfv ***A «l«t« «~ *~ *^ ... f. negroes, to protect se w «v» uv* jet ezpioceo. oy Tne Americans. The tactics will be ftose of the old-tiine frontier fighting, and it is probable that the command win be divided into squads of 12, under non-commissioned officers. The withdrawal of the 18 companies constituting the expeditionary force made a gap in the line from the beach to CuhcuK. just scrath of San Pedro Macati, which was subsequently filled by the Fourth regular infantry. Tie rebels on the extreme right bad evidently been informed of the withdrawal of the troops and they attempted to sneak through after nightfall, but they met with a warm reception and feB back ia disorder on discovering that toe fine was still intact. MAY LAST A LOSS TIME. Centrally Could*!** mt XanOa That JU- iBforeenMrBta WSI Be TTnnrimj. HAIOU., April 7, via Hong Kong, Apnl 1L--Though hundreds of Filipinos are daily returning to their home* *nd are desirous of resuming peaceful pursuits, and though the proclamation issued by the United States Philippine commission ias given an impetus to th» movement, the war » far from j wwwl. One of the foremost American i generals said recently: ' "We will see a hundred thousand I the Philippine before the } it ran a torrent. Pacific and passenger trains are stalled all along the ane, but the details are slow in coming. DBWEY AGAIN BESIE **· Admiral laatctaBe HM Xo AmMttoa. NEW YORK, Aprfl 11. _ Admiral Dewey has given to the Mamla correspondent of the Associated Press an interview regarding tie suggestion that the admiral be made a candidate for presidential honors. The admiral said as to his politics: "I am a sailor, and a sailor has no politics. The administration is his party, and Republican or Democratic, it makes no difference. Then, again, I come from Vermont, and yon know what that means. To be anything bnt a BepubEeaa in Vermont is to be a man without a party. My flag lieutenant comes from Georgia. He tells me that to be anything but a Democrat in the South is to be a nobody. If!lived «.* *v uw, ABlb UJ, QH» by American soldiers, --------·» -^.praiMrch laws on which are engrafted American ideas, the result be- inff prtTvFnotsm .ing. confusion. Porto HI Htwth ·The peopleof Porto Bico are much better situated from a climatic point of better situated from a climatic point of _J"^' qrew * "wwie knife in order to view than are those of Cuba, but it is f* ev ? lt her arrest, and both were sent evident that unless congress takes ac- f!? P" 800 - wn«» they were released tion, under which the products of the f ^" were Jes P e rate and practically de- island may find a market in tiis conn-' ?5 nted *** threatened Justice Held try, there is grave danger of starvation ' hfe openlj '- SrVr-SUBrS were sent * **-- --« t-*---·-- - .. . . *" a *M*lAA.«u4 4 I learned that the coffee planters, having no money, hired laborers on shares tosheU the coffee crop, giving their pay in tobacco, sugar or what not. Between now and the time when congress can pass lawsm favor of the Porto Breans^a number of months will elapse and there is danger of suffering. The Porto Bicansarea contented people and General Henry is doing all he can to aid them to gam a livelihood by spending money m public improvements.** CUBAS BAILBOAD STBIKB. South I would crat" probably be a Demo- H*ViSA, Apnl 11.--The strike on the united railroads is assuming a serious character. The nntnber of strikers has been increased to 1,«00. A comi representing the strikers waited Jfepatj Hanbal a* » Protector. His friends warned him that the ut most caution was necessary on his pan and. accordingly, Deputy TTnited States Marshal Jfagle, acting under instructions from the attorney general of the United States and Marshal Franks, accompanied Field wherever he went At Lathrop. Gal., while Justice Reid was breakfasting, Terry approached him and without warning assaulted him from behind. Kaglewasat hand anc very promptly shot Terry, fcUBng him instantly. Both Deputy Marshal Kagle and Jusface Field were arrested, but nothmgin the way of punishment ever came of the arrest. Justice Field retired from the supreme bench. Dec. I, 1897, his term of .^^.v^^u^ujj mo auTKeis waited upob Governor General Brooke and explained their attitude. The general warned o strikers has . , , s erm o A committee 8er TM c « *** tribunal being the long- waited UDOU ' 88t on record - H * «*» succeeded by _ WJ«*»* A tfjtl^iA*. fl^MUHU.1 *t-tf -, _ * H« rt His health would not ad- 1 his * pawengers of wanted to " «««" ««» «u for S a u *»t he ----··' " ··*» crw*^w^r««cU JJJ Attorney General McKenna, also of ·"*--»' .«.*.* a»«c4UUt jtOC-- ----j «.J»V,TCUO their departure. During the mght while deputies were guard- mg the negroes ia the Penwell district i they were fired upon by unknown persons supposed to have been negrcesand prival«,gnards at ihe~FenweH mine, and fully 200 shots were exchanged. The firing greatly terrorized the residents of that section of the city, who appealed to Chief Deputy Cheney for protection. Deputy Cheney thereupon sent a special detail of deputies armed with Springfield rifles, who patrolled all t$IA e^WAA+i* nnJ » * · _ itMneh ." "" "_··'""***·"*» April ll»««-Tbo trial of ex-United States Senator QuayAad hason^BachardBL Quay, oa cafes «« conspiracy in the misuse of funds of fl»e Peoples bank of tins ch\y, hasbe- gun before Judge Biddle in the coartof quarter-aeasions. There was not much in securing a jury and the exami- a of witnesses begun. Thaw no sensational testimony. *ASKa¥~^KPOBT. Dvteth Grate. , tbe streets and succeeded in restorinir s n i r quiet before daybreak. Several negroes were arrested charged with inciting not, and the fatal rioting began while hey were on trial. Grabt. · ____ »uj«»aJOLts. April 10^ WHEAT--April closed, Xo. tXorthern. Sic, May, ©fc; July. tOijc. On Track --Jfo. 1 hard, JOJjc, Xo. I Northern. 68Kc- 'a. S-Xorthsru, 6T?fc Steoot Crty tire Stoek. Swcx CUT. April la HOGS--Market strong. Bange of prices, 13.60^3.70. CATTIjJc---Market active, strosff to i« higher. .«roJWWlWJ SELECTED BABTLETT TB1PP. furioat Xtettter to Austria to a* Our ConmiMtoner. -,_^».,.w lv ,.,, Apnl 11.--The presi- lent has selected Bartlert Tripp of South Dakota, former American minister to rviVfTIIZ.''. --' "*~"^" 1 "*' "*=" w Austria, as the United States represen- Qdlfffma - tativeontbeSamoan^oint commission. SopreiM Court Adjoimwd. ·"*" ^npp. who is at present ia Yank- HDSOTOX. April 11.--When the ***; wlU ^ ^"^ *° Washington nn- Umted btates supreme court met, the Ined j atelr to receive his instructions, death of Justice FieW was announced ' tws »° reni nient M disposed to as- sen* to the desire of the German gov- R.06@t.0ofor cow«,Jtnais and mixed- |3.30(jj4.t6 far stockerg and feedeni 13.60 -- " rorcalvesand yea " ""*** ^^ Hogg, aco^ i 8C Pan} ram Stoek ,^_ SOUTH 8t -RaUi, AKU ML HOGS-Market thade lower Bang, of prices, |?0«a». """·· CATTLK-Butcheroatttaflrm and ao. ttve. good demand for ·tockers and feeders. Sates nn£ed at tt.lO«aw for cow.; ·3.10 for bolt*; »4.30@4.33 for ~--TM v .V^^JCUMI are neCTesarv, cnere not being a sufficient number of" American troops in the arctap*laj?e to make conquest of the island of Luzon and hold the port* occupied: and it M thought that it would bo cheaper in the long run · tributes of the American peo- to him. be could not and act be a candidate for the presi- ^ncv of the United States under any tondi tiona. file Bol Irian Revolution. LIMA. P?ru. Apnl II.--Advices can «nprem»cy effec- q%ickly than to temporize WiA » score of rebeUions, All the stones told by prisoners and Wendly native* agree that a majority M the insurgents would be glad to quit, nut that there are enough professional revolutionists left to infest the country in Bolivia say that th* situation at Ornro, where President Akmzo has en- tabhshed hw base of operation, is desperate. It i* added that the federalist*, or insurgents, are pushing their operation* and that the bank* of Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, have refused to furnish any funds to President Alonsa't family njwn the mail tram, and n their refusal to do so. the conductor, en- J gmeer and fireman were arrested. The company has advertised for men totakp the strikers places. Commercial and personal interests are Rnffermfr. and it is declared that the stake will prevent new men from work, ing. If disorders occur, the nrilitar- authoritrea will interfere. Forty MM* stnu«*u --.--iDPABlt, Jf. J., April 11 In the tournament of the Interstate association 40 of th* contestants shot straight in the uve bird handicap and divided 1505 between them. death of Justice Field was announced , - *· ~ «=- and the court adjourned as a mark of' 9eot *° Jf * 1 re of the German gov- CATTL respect. j erniuent that the commission stall pro L** 1 ** ft Iceed to the scene of activity at the feo ** Lr5 earliest possible moment Mr. Elliott the Bnnsh commisssioner, is already in this city and it may be that he will" ceed to Samoa in company -with Mr Tnpp. and the German rej who. it is thought, will be one of th* _ _ secretaries of the embassy in Washing- SH\KOPEK. Mum.. Apri! n.--The aty *TM council has appropriated $3.000 to the T Christian Flonnag mills of this «tv respect, Kz-S0ea*or Tabor Dead. DESVER Apnl U.--Bon, H. A. W. Tabor postmaster of this city and ei- ITnited StAtes senator, died at 9 J30 a. in hcitts after three 'days Cniea*o Cnion suck TanU. Cmc vao, April ift HOGS-Market strong. «uls razi^red aft ^ t53 90 for mixed and butcher* 8.80@ xS5 for good heavy, fs flug 70 for roiurh heavy; ts.63 @ i S3 for urht CATTLK--Martet mo-tly lOo lower, t»rod at H OOgs 7S for»»~~- for cotrs aad helTenj, ^. S.OO for Texas -ite«rs- r «S.SO»iOO stofkc- and feeders. ^HBEP-iUrket steady - ' rsnired at RLSO^aOO f ·0 for lamb*. to help defray the expense in building a sidetrack a mile and a half in length. It is expect**? the sidetrack will be completed thi« summer. Tacnaite Goee to MaaUa. _ . _ YOSK, Apnl U.--The United States auxiliary cruiser Yosemite has arrived here from Norfolk. She will go to the navy yard to fit ont for a roy- aire for Manila. SaJooa Men Want a · HALSTED. Mum.. April n --The new villas* council has a contest on hind, as thenaJoou element is getting ont quo warrairto proceeding and win try to have a new election Thw is because the judges of election refused to aDow th* residents of Peterson's addition to vote The council (prohibition) have passed an ordinance prohibiting playing pool and cards for drinks and are coa- templatlng a curfew ordinance. Chicago* CHICAGO. April ia CLOSER} tKICKS. WHEAT-May, '-IXTlXt. July Tn CORX-Aprii STij^o, May. St^o. , September Si)ic t _

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