The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 10, 1947 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL.. WEPXKSPAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1947 The Daily Register OMabllafccd 1869 as Salto County Register.) PnbllBfaed evenings except San- fays and holidays at 35 South Vine ! street, ~Harriaburg. Illinois, by EEGlSTER:PUBtISHING CO. of Harrisburg,,. MBS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as 'second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, IBfooIs, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, 55.00 per year in advance; $1-50 for tfanMf months. Outside Satin* and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for -three 'months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business Institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news Item or a paid advertisement. Quick, Boys! Start Harmonizing! BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY Every life needs an anchor. Drifters get nowhere.--Ilebr. 6:19: "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Sept. 10. Who Is My Neighbor? --Luke 10:25-37. The Daily Register, 20c a week. CIUAILY WASHINGTON I-. «.«. tf «.ft« O*. MERRY-GO-ROUND B y D R I W M A R S O N ing. Already the FBI has found I Sccrctary'Marshall has decided to that some industry representatives head the USA delegation at thi; have been keeping deliberately United Nations. This means an, false minutes of their meetings other knockdown, drag-out fi»h t ,to cover up secret price fixing . . . in New Yoik--beginning j.^ The State Department has receiv- week. ed word that-the "Bad Boy of Mos- (Copyright, 1917, By The Cd| cow," Foreign Minister Molotov. Syndicate, Inc.) will head the USSR delegation to , , ,, - -the United Nations. As a result, I The Daily Register. 20c a ELDORADO · Due to help shortage will close at MIDNIGHT " every night EXCEPT Friday and Saturday Open i 1. \Ve paid $26 billions in lond- ! lease to England with · the provision that Empire preference be abolished. 2. When the British said they could not live uy to this, we paid them a n o t h c r $3.700,000.000 through the so-called British "loan"--again on condition they j abolish Empire preference. j j 3. At the Geneva trade con( ference the British have told us i they cannot live up to prior agree- i ments and Empire preference must tint Senator''Brewster call,be restored. ,. ..,,,;- M r k to Washington f o r ' 4. Finally the British plan to "iTther «-oin«-over Republican j have us buy back the abolition ot leaders av" tlutt the way the probe;Empire' preference again when we Mokfired'in Brewster's face was i give them more funds under the ' ' bad politics and lefl a sour i Marshall plan. t,xfe in the public's mouth. They [MERRY-GO-ROUND want this taste removed. J. Edgar Hoover has assigned Brewster has assured Yanden- j several hundred G-Men to track DREW PEARSON Sas: Senator Biewstor to reopen Hughes urobe in November: Stalin , mistake of trusting his ut-neraK; Senator-Taft stumbles o\ er Colorado* river. \\ \SHlXGTON.-Last word has ret been heard of the Senate mobe of Howard Hughes, the Hol- 1\\\ood plane builder and chief o\\ ner of Trans World Airlines. InMde fact is that Senator Vandenberg of Michigan and other i;uP Senate chiefs Jwve demand Woolen Rules Observe the woolen rules--lukewarm water for both suds and rinses, no rubbing or wringing, dry away from heat--for wool socks. Stuff crumpled paper between the folds to speed drying and absorb the excess moisture which may cause streaks or the blurring of designs. 'Grows Gold 1 on °©rmer Dust Bowl Acreage T.y GLENN MARTZ WESTKOPE, N. D.. Sept. 10-O:--Farmer Howard Henry said today he was "growing gold" on I have moved my office to 21 } /2 N. Main Street. Over "Kresge's ' " John ABSTRACTER stalk of wheat ber° and the others that a rehear^"will be held, as soon as his sidekick. Senator Ferguson of Miohisjan. returns from an European trip in No\ ember. To this end. committee sleuths are doing their best to dig up more dirt to tlnow at Hughes when the gong --ounds for round two. Xote -- Meanwhile Democratic leaders have not been idle. They aie quietly working on evidence that Senator Brewster was linked ' \\ tth Pan American Airways, rival i to Hushes' Trans World Airways.! If their evidence shapes up. they | \\ ill move for Brewster's impeach-, ment. INSIDE RUSSIA | While it's difficult to know ex- i ?ctlv what's going on inside Russia, one "significant fact is that Stalin ,,s not making the same mistake i Hitler did of trusting his generals. 'The Russian general staff has now been thoroughly dispersed. i While Hitler broke up trade unions and disrupted private busi- iness. he kept the German general staff intact. Eventually this prov- 'ed his own undoing. For about i the time the Allies invaded jFrance, the general staff turned {against him and in July almost as- jsassmated him. 1 The Russian dictatorship, how- e\er. has made sure that generals down conspiracies to raise the! price of food, clothing and hous-1 Trade In Your Old WATCH on a fine, new watch from our outstanding selection. HARRISBURG BULOVA DISTRIBUTORS Winnerman 's JEWELERS Winnerman Bldg. Harrisburg, 111. beeded at "CATERPILLAR" OPPORTUNITY TOR BOTH GOOD PAY -- Beginning fa-ctory rates now range Jrom $1.12 to SI. 15 per'hour for night work. Skilled jobs pay proportionately more. OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN AND ADVANCE. Job openings include rust proof helpers, wash tank operators, heat treat helpers and many others. Call at-the "Caterpillar" employment office any week day for a friendly interview. Cdtefcftflto* £4 ,, _ of ground and in the granaries .Marshal on his farm by the end of the tne reli week, an3 that represents a lot of Odessa. . ,,·,,,,,,,,,, SKS TSishSr 1 SelUng ^ m ° re I from'Uoscowtdlcafe 6 that the But there was a time when it i Politburo is determined to take no waln't even worth the effort to chances with a strong Russian gen- pour gasoline in a tractor. That eralstaff was in the dready dust bowl days. TAFT STUBS TOE "Being a $50,000 a year man--at Presidential-stumping Bob Taft least this year--I can afford to laugh about it now." Henry said. "But it wasn't at all funny then." In those days Henry was a tired, hungry man. He was farming near the tiny town of Rolla, N. D., without even enough money to buy a tire for his beaten-up old truck. Big Man in Prairie Town "All we did was wait for rains that never came," he said. "All of Bottineau county was just a desolate waste of Russian thistles." Year after year he and his partner, Bill Shaffer, borrowed money like the rest of the farmers to stave off creditors. And they waited for crops that never seemed to come. Finally they had a fairly good year. Littld by little Henry and the other farmers made a comeback. * »:g The good crops got better every This year was the best of year. all. Today, acres clear, tired. The wheat has made Henry owns his 1.700 His partner has re- Henry a big man in this prairie town. He owns the only hotel and restaurant and is building a theater and a 70-room apartment house. Besides that, he's vice-president of got off to a bad start with western voters when he tripped over that old political stumbling block, the Colorado rixer. Innocently Bob scheduled a two-day air inspection trip of Colorado river projects under the auspices of the i Colorado River Board of California. This is a state agency dominated largely by wealthy growers. Nothing could have made neighboring western state more indignant, for they regard California as a neighborhood bully whose *reater size gives her a loud voice in interstate affairs. To provide water for her growing population and thirsty farmlands, they claim, California has helped herself lavishly from the all-important Colorado -- at the expense of other western states. Credit for this political boner ·roes to California Senator Bill Knowland, long jealous of the dominant role his Democratic colleague, Sheridan Downey, has played in pushing California's water ambitions. To offset it, Knowland arranged for his friend Senator Taft to travel under the aegis of California in visiting the Colorado river. , Too late, Taft's office realized the mistake. They hope to smooth RENT AN INSTRUMENT ON LUDWIG'S RENTAL PLAN tow rental payment!, which can be applied to purchase price Icter, enable everyone -to enjoy the m«~of a-fine musical instrument. Easy payment! can be arranged for outright purchase. There's fun, friends, and valuable experience awaiting members of the school band or orchestra. Here's the chance to help the school . . . to enjoy an entertaining hobby ... to prepare for a profitable career. Musical training is an essential part of everyone's education -- so don't miss this opportunity. -- - ' Fbr'fuir dTetails and freeTliterature "on our Rental Plan Consult your Band Director or Write direct to: 71 Years of Musical Service Band and Orchestra Instruments · Accessories ' Records · Piano and Organ · Radios · 709 Pine SI 3535 So. Grand Bird. St. Louis, Mo. Repairs · Television Music , the state Flying Farmers chapter it over by suggesting that the Ari- and a member of the board of cdu- zona board go along, and De \\ ill Sage, who helped plan Tafts tour, is on his way to California to urge cation. Next summer he's going to build children's playground. "All my money came out of Bottineau county soil and it's going to stay right here," he said. "I've learned it pays to have faith in yourself, the soil, and in the gold that grows in every kernel of that grain out there." Brushy Mrs. Catherine Riegel visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Walter Patterson, of Harco, Sunday. The Mt. Monah Sunday school held its meeting at Karel Park Sunday followed by a picnic dinner at noon and recreation during the afternoon. Elvis Smith is the superintendent. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Droit have purchased the Robert Meier farm south of Union Chapel and will move there in the near future. Mr. Meier and family will move to _ return ,«nrpty bottles promptly Askjor it either way... both trade-marks mean the same thing. »CTUED U N D E R A U T H O R I T Y OF THE C O C A - C O I A C O M P A N Y 6Y THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF HARRISBURG,* ILIJT © 1947 Th« C-C Co. Carrier Mills. Douglas Lockwood visited his son, Charley and family, over the week-end. John C. Small and family were dinner guests Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Eva Childers and family, of Harrisburg. Other guests present were Rev. and Mrs. Sidney Stine, Mrs. Myrtle Riegel. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Riegel and daughter. Pat. Mary Louise Childers, of Tcrrc Haute, Ind., who has been vacationing in Harrisburg for a week, returned to her school Sunday. Ira Monroe and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. .T. W. Johnson, for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee Gal- lihcr and daughter, Annette, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gallihcr, over the week-end. this compromise. Maddest of all over the Taft boner is the famous novelist, Arizona's state GOP chairman, Clarence Buddington Kelland, former Republican publicity mogul and an important leader among wcst-j ern Reublicans. Note--Despite the fact that Taft and Republican senators passed a special act of Congress changing the name of "Boulder Dam" to "Hoover Dam," Taft's press release made the glaring mistake of stating that he would inspect the "Boulder Dam area." BRITISH GOLD-(IIORSE)- TRADING Foreign Minister Bevin's proposal that the USA give England back some of our gold has only made U. S. monetary officials mad. They recall the fact that the British have a habit of selling us a commodity once, then taking it back and soiling it to us again--as for instance with Empire preference. In the case of gold, some people may not realize that most of the gold we buy comes from the British--chirfly South Africa. If we quit bu^ng gold. British gold mines wou! 1 really be out of luck. But h.-.ving sold us the gold. the British now which means, of want it back, course, they would sell it to us a second time. For we are one of the few countries where they can exchange goods for gold today. Selling us the same commodity over and over again was what happened with Empire preference. On three different occasions the United States in effect bribed the British to abolish Empire preference (the sys: : whereby/ England gives other members, of the British Empire lower tariff rates than the rest of the world. Here is the histoiy o£ what happened: w NEW QUONSET 40-NEW QUONSET 36- NEW QUONSET MULTIPLE- FRAMED WITH N-A-X HIGH-TENSILE STEEL FOR . . . GREATER STRENGTH -50 per cent greater strength than ordinary steel. LONGER LIFE - N - A - X HIGH -TENSILE steel is more durable, far stronger, and able to withstand much greater stresses. GREATER CORROSION -RESISTANCE N-A-X HIGH -TENSILE has four times the corrosion-resistance of ordinary steel ! Quont«l building* ar« products of Graal Lokas Steal KEITH BUILDERS SUPPLY Telephone 100 or 456R Mill and Locust Ask for Kenneth Keith 'APERf

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