Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 14, 1854 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1854
Page 3
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\ FRESH STOCK; ....OP.... N E W GOCD§! OXO. W. LADD, COMMISSION MERCHANT, --AND-- WbolesaK Waler la Oroe.rie.. Oil.. Flour, Graia. Fia|f a»d M.rehaadJM generally, HO. 4 AROAD STREET, UANQOR. MB.. f -- A S iV reeajred the ftOkfwIua;. which, be of- ' 1 COOg a»b Cora, JO) bbl. Pork. 101 ««· Lard, Very low : "? ·- - * 100* bbls. common and; W Bbls. Whale O I L , ««rs FLOUR, · bleached, ,, U bbla SsUr.lua. jlOO chests Soach. Teas, M ·· Oflleug do 100 bbl»«e«.eJ Sugars. L tb bxs Bro. llav. do 60 bbls Muscovado do . tOk.fs8od, . 5 bbl. Cream Tartar, IPO hexes Spio... ·100 · Pip.. . ,; 10 keg. HaltpeUs, :,AO Jars Snuff, S IOO M Spanish Cliars, 1 10 kale. Wieklng, I 60 bx. Peppersanoe .; JO " - " ' 'PenobMot and Kenntbeo R A . L - B O A D . " AT "i^l^Pi^olesE^aS a e t a U r B R ^ i S O O D s \ Ha.^iS-. 1 ''"*^' "K-uebj. ^yfspj^^Q^jgj^f^ ,, I J ACOB GUNST v No. 11. Main Street, " i NO. 19 MAIN [STREET, H AS on hand, lor sa|e on terms to suit custom- tf A s i«« received . Frah La of Mtfpieces of i _ iU _«' 1 « : ^«ockWPIewly_aeleotedB.K)d.,suited ** New and Rich * «-/^.ecesoi · inform the . . w c . . o - . or at*, lor Cut or approved credit,, '»rs ol .aid Company,.,,,! lht the said esKstmenl f . !J!_ " d TMP ."." d Payablelo the iTreairarer of said ivw ,(·- - ---· i JOCssii Coffee. I 100 boxes Tobaeeo, I J« " Soap, I 30 ' til.rch, MO * Rai.ln., JOOJ.W BrowM, · Wholes gr* Coff.e, i JOOb.|rsKin.8sll.. j JWKoxeaChees., 10! cask* Rice, * bbls Vinetar. W had. Mousses. .. .. l ItTTboae wishing to jrarcbee. Ooeda to sell .* gai.,wjjsdowelltoeainMfor* makng Ibeir pur- * Ba.ror.Jai «, l«64 | ' Cost! · L A D I E S ! W E have/, few pairs ol HoMtH and Gaiter Bool*. B l l l M y n i l f t f c d Kid Sboct, i little out of dale, wki.h we wi S to dispose ol nmuKately, «M! we shall offer t em for . lew' ·d.ia -... a n p a y a e lo t e i r e a u r e r M sat. Company at his office. M-ercsiitilo Square, in Uao lor.oa, Ihatonthaay of February ne»t. ' . ·.· . LIAS MPKKILL. i ; I . ' Treasurer or Iho Penobscot '' and Kennebeo Kailroad Company, ll.nror. Jan. I I , I8S4 |FIO papere cony-- KaMern Mall. Water- No. 2 Exchange Street, Phillips' Block, a ^* w ""d E)rten*i»« «§iortment of ] fA.VtO'V OMafma **V**jW.,ff W S TOTJMENTS,*C loa Bloc«--8tore to (Joe .-"to-n n Uninn litoek. ail 11 lij GO, Injrenl tor 3 · p 6 j ,,,,. TKe interior of . '°f " b ."'» "·* i" tlioroi«hlj- Ani.»rd wild tb« be.l maWnb, mdfno pain, bar* been spared lo mikn ilooe anm t h, »,,,, b e. and moil con- reaient dry) gi-ods I orti in tills titv. Now u the time to wcire a food |ore Califoraia Steamer Carrying , he ' . Co Selling J(uroi Metropolitan R E M O V A L . fidvrard Lambert Co., IMPORTER* AND JOBBERS OF SILK AND FANCY GOODS, Having removed to their I NEW H A A E H V V 8 B . CHAMBERS STREET, ' '- NEW YOHK, "(Opposite the P.ik,) d staple cover!..;. ,,.,,.." ,, .TM. · , H* *" ' comprising iu p.H Ihe lollewiog, nled, and Marble Checked, fflaid, and Hlnped. More nl Ihose e-i- r* ·* lr* !· n «.. ~ - THiOK'fS md MKKMos. *i''ars, Violins, Bass Vio s, Banjos, homy. *m JK «» *m Fillips Fife. Flacrnlalc, rU,: nn ._ Stained WASHSTAND3, P.lnt.d «nd *5«CHAIIl8,i. Mubotany. W.knt, ..d .1 painted at v Ion; 75 MATRESSES, fa, P.In. »rd Huik. SHAWLS, In great variety, from all the best manufacturers. E m b r o i d e r i e s , dee 10 No. ,19-Main Street. KICU, «0 LOOKINfl GLASSES, in Gilt, HoaewooJ, and Mabor.any, ' , · 1'onelber with all Ibe minor article, moall} found In an exlenlire furniture K.Ulli.hment,-- and will be .old at Wbole.ale pricea. · | O"Purcha«er. are inriled to call aid eiamine tbia S(ock before piirchxinr eliewbere. Uec.30, 1863 H O L I D A Y S ! Flutes, Fifejs, Flagolets, Clarinets, Accordians, Flutinas, Ganes, Whips, Umbrellas, Parasols, Porte Mommies, Pocket Knives, iair Brushes, Shell, Horn and Ivory Combs, Card Cases, c., c. AIM, INSTRUCTION BOOKS ol various kinds .... ., --.: Violin, tiiiiur, Banjo, and The soulhekv Tenement in Ibe double ? Ur °" s " 1 " ia ' r . »" d then the lai s brick linn .'oS Newbory .tree! is offered ^P«lpon«d If. Ibr lolloning Mor. , --,' 01 ·"'« at . b r rcain, or it will be lenled . Arral) g eln *hleh8»e now (,Ven coi lo .good !«,,.,,( T h. J» u ,e i. convenient and in "" "TM" U «· « ' JOHN I . I I M K F I I 'or San rrncico. i Atlantic Mails and n l.i s of 'aaiH»« day. · J UST KECEIVE1) at ' Rieli Assortment of I, OODS, , Considerably Belov^ Cost; 7, Abo ( we bar* the reaja^a^af SlABQJfi. KMBXOIDEKtES, 4 United^ Btales are solicited Last T jind Variety, Gold and Silver Watches; RICH JBWKLRY, consisting of «old Chain. Lockets, Crossea, Ear Drops. Pins, Rings, ' Pencils, otc.ftc. Silver and Plated Ware. a ^ m , at LrMllea- Pitteot RVBNutBS, wbleb w» Jan» la believed to be unaumamed Ii into melropoU., and e- dapted to the wants of Ihe very best In Ihe ctnntryjTall of which will be oAbred to Cssb and H -a class six month. Dunn, on Ihe mosl bvorable ie.m«. T r 18 and 10 Alain slre.t. A Frein Supply of ' JOT CORN A j.uS inat reo«iT«Vi and Cur . ale by ...... T H E G 66 D » T1 M E HAS COME. " ' ' Wigs!" \0 .10 . fi»i lot Restorer ! l.rolo. of tki. BATJSWT AOENOT, Iftf.rSS STATS STKEtiT,--BOSTOfl. SAMUEL~COOPER, ! Latt Chief Examiner in t/u VnM Klata' Pa- tmt Office. P.lents in ibis .nd Foreizn Conalrres. . Kt/tnjien:--Tbe undersigned Principal andAs- u.lsnl Exaromer'a iu th. Un ted Patent Of. -2u.'i? M J 0r Mr * ri1 rears been well acquainted *llk*lr San-uel Cooper, lately a Principal E«- stein.r In Iblt dffiee) and take pleasura in ·lalinr, moral char* D. ,O. S T O N E '(raid hereby ft.TM public nolic* tb.t he hn re mov«d bit stoc1r*.f C L . O C K S . W AND FORE10W T "El «FANCT ff'JODS, To the NE W STOKE in the corner ol the hud- some block lately erected on be Corner of Exchange Street and" Ken-; duskeat,' Bricge, F FANCY GOODS--Work Boies, Wnlinr Dealt. Portfolios, Oressinr Cases Couurn. ' Stands, pard Cases, die. All of wbich will be sold at the LOWEST Cash Prices. JOHN ELLIS GO. doczo House! ---' ~- -- - « -- w , M . - . mc^,,m, ^fmilfS, · » U l p » | « ; C . Melpdeons and Accordeons laned and repaired Whips also repaired, and Jobbin* of all kind, ekeeulcd In tbe be.t manner, at short notice. All orders from the country promptly attended lo. ,, . H. S. MOORE, In. 2 Exchange Slreet. PhClipy' Klt-ck. ' uov 4, IVS3 GaTyiping A N D F I X T U R E S . '11HE s.b.cribrrs having secured the continued M. services of Iheirtia. Fitters, are prepared to elecnl. orders for Piping Churche., flsll,, I ke"*'' ' "" Hlorei .'" the moi.1 workman- Office All work will be tested wilh a force-iiumn .nd warranted r3a..,:«k* · t ·"·" Kousel^r Salt). A well a-jilt modern , ly i., ,,,,, ,,,,,, -louse on GarMnd street, i. , ow offered . mr-m.'"rs.le .1 ^ fair price. AOply to tb* subaejiber, on tbe trei ises. rv " ' ,, THOMAS CATES. B.njror. Nov 17, 85: tf I House ·pr^tentT A convei ien Tenement on E-sei St t-r r. nl low b; GEO. W. LAUD novH .. . " - « . « » r .d 8MO «.age, wilhou !«,,,; dfifntiou on Ibe JnhDjU.. Nollce to P««8 n ^r7"rrom Panama to T. ,, ., · I'slllufnia. «d on' " " ' *?""'"" ^··"P«»r l«l call- w.ll,* .y ol , and tick- !·· ; or J\le«srs ARAl" ' ) , N e w Oilcans ''AVmiiE.Sec'y. i in's Bloc(t, --,,. ,,.,, Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor. ·E h.Ve opened a beautiful est.bliabmeut lor DR I. STRIOKli.Janj.'"'' " SURGEQN' DENTMST, 30 MAIN HKV-KKT B A 1C G O .... ETFormerlT ollfirm Le-lch it Strickland, llorton! dec14 ''_ i · Dr. H L.Tnowles, --No. 22 Wtest Market j«pg-i |BA_N op«. ' SpwE±^^r^TM^ T.^.UL'ASikoiA., Portland kave advanced wilh tK. r»... .:..- :- IIANt OIL «AIM|.' ' AUSTRALIA PACKET LWE end K O C K r s . c ol I n d i a w h i r f (north sidel or to V E K N O . N - ' o f Portland kave advanced with" the' rscenl ri.e in iron, copper. c. | The fnllowioR cfrtif.enle wilt speak for il.elf t Ihose tntert.ted FEMMlj. $, HAI.E, liu Street. I l A N t O l C A l A I N K . _ »«mce~Xo. 26 Cicala* Block, West M irk« f and Somerset slr;etv. , , .. '".»« ·' iHelbo RESTORATION OF HAIR . e» Bald Meads. Written guarantees jiven, for a ZZFZtt-fr'""""'"** »--*· * ' ,, SAM'L E. PKRKIN8, !«·»_ No. I K.ndu.Teat Bridxe. ytJRa^-FTOS^FOlS! A S H A L L , hut .elect lot, nl VIUTbRINKS sod CUFFdfwhich will be sold at a very .mail advance fi · '·- "-- "' :kMh Cap.; s t ) 0.|L. UANK, a o i te»«. ^ I T. H.PEALE. * THOBJI. EVERETT, Fruit, Confectionery «V Pastry. »_J t 1 a . . . . .. _ _ . oiCo U Ticket, in the «* al CAKK't) . . f ·»'* rchant,' Kxthan». urae^,M..r«. o*T|'i n l 4 9 . f l-'aldtaell, .if Pa ROOMS, , s o U T H O A T E w l H , Cuimi*iri- W. CHAUNCY LANODON, . . From lonjr aei)oaintanee and intimate officii I re- '·' l ?"7"* Mr.Uooper, I full, ,nd hearlily con- :'c".ll.-.r.' 0 /v!rr^v^ f tlvfr y /.off Principal ET**nrr o/ I'alrnti. Bo.lon, pec. .11 . ISap JlaaV I r ,6 janfi coal. Also, r"nr. Plo.b, and STACEY'S. No. t West Market Square. , .Addition to 510. Home Scenes A ND npMK 8 O U N T ·· Btepbena, reed by V ^ 1 8 5 4 L AIIY'S A L M A N A C for sate by J9 . , . , U · 2Vew Embroider-es, O UA asaonmeft beiaft now very Co.jipt.te L.- di .a eaji obt.m' «.y common, medium or rich .rtlcle they _J7 _ McCLURB, LOTHROP «V CO. ^« New Kind of Brtsh, 'I/KV useful, ia tact almost indispensiiblv nee* w cssary wherever clothes are ironed or e.r- .petsswept, may be found at lb«" Dru r 'Store ol dec 19 j, - . G I J I L l S H A B U I W , j..^ ^corner Excb.oce and York .treets. Havana Cigars. "~ IT/Klare uow retailinr the be.t Import ed Pilrar. yV in th* city.' GUILD k HAKI.ONV. O UR LarA.nd Vefr Stockef W I N 1 KfS 0001)3, we are opening thi. 'lonk Clotbl, of choice sbxles, 1 Super L.oogahawls,rrom " - -- -- · - » B^-«,M n,iir .ueir rionses or Stores and who wish their work done by competent work men, and in the best manner. L E O N A R D MARCH, President l!angir Gm ComKanv ALBERT EMERSON 1 * * M. L. APPLKTON, I ,.. J A M E N DONMNIi "ireetors. ALBERT HOI.TON. I morninx-- O A T A1* ttTnTin n I rt-tn 0ifSTERS ""«* ·" «« t»« «ri«u. styles SALAI1, ,NDER SUF3S PIw i OF ALL u7Tbe entrance lo tbe Ladle.' Saloon is "P*!* *J«-r"»r entrance to the Mercantile Asao- cialion Readiui Room.JT, l 'lr»ls', .nd geollemen vi-ilin|r tbe eily with Ibeir wires do not like a Ion,-, tedious waiting lor a aet and formal dinner under the ponderous machinery of a hotel, and our plan is to live them an elegant meal in our Saloon, without tbe loss ol time, and at {about half the hotel price. A centleman in a hurrjr. a genilem«n belated or ob structed by a ttormy day, ^an pon in, get a nice meal without trouble, aud with little loss of time We made the beguninr in one of Ihe most convenient .nd popular arrangements suited to the f'"-ANDELIEKS, Pendants, Brackets *c of times, and t» intend to keep up its respectability ^ . *TMT "riely, just received aud constantly 64. anH ·~'"·-'"' recemn*, direct from the bell manul.ctone.. P* a"" Gas and Lamp Finnres repaired, cleansed, n- ,,-, colored, and put up in Ihe best manner, .nd war- T ranted perfect. r -* S C AT ci! .*'. D !"' lli ?S'j Hotels, Sl.res,4ic., J . H . D O D G E , No. 3 Bo ivman's Block?, East End | of JCeiiduskeag Bridge, · *HESE rjxims ara wed fitted up, and beautiful and life-lit, Dawerreotypes l.ken in all aor!6. tf ' ^":i\: Feathers and *" * Caaes handsome .|tle Prints, from 7 to IS ols, ._ On. Opera Hbods and, from 6Jjci. to 1,00,- ' Bile, of BLANKETINGS, ! i .' . FLANN3LS, I DOMESTIES.C. . Atl of which we offer .1 prices wbich vul [.lea.e *" tb«. CI.M.SI buyers. , " Hatch, Thompson Co., Main and Wall 6tsJ Itw . , 7 T , n , , piped and Inrnisbed at the lowest prices. VGa« Work of all kinds promptly eirrculcd at John Stereos Go's., 10 iM»in.nreet. Main Si reel, Bangor. HE subscribers wouPI call the atleu^ion ol -- those who are about |«rchain«,to their larre a.sorlroei.t ol Rich, Medkumj and Low Pric.d Flirnilnre, of the lsre«l vrvles,consisting of RICH PAa-lUR SETS, In Brocatelle, f\m\, I) A ereat variety of Tans, Kockinr,, ^ .k and Hair Cloth. . _, Tete-a-tetei, l)i- Parlor C H A I R S , in -- Dresses. Silks, S-lks. .,9Mrta«nt of fMfhianablv " idiag Ihofte (or Evening ' LO'I'I^ROP . CO. of "" **" T H B "' d el '" D /"- Physician's Visiting £i«t. D lAICr* and Book of engsgemeuis for I8d4--a new woik ol treat utility Also th. Physician*. Pocket Companion, Parody Eapendilnre DUry, and a creat variety of other Di.rtes for «»l« by \ W M . BARTLETT.Jr. . iaul ' . · " Pangor Gjs Light (JoT A D]VIIrJMoi sit per cent on thu eanilal i^-V.j"rilTV "' t"° I";."»'' "" *·" "J'"« .lock of the U.ngor'o., Li,ht Co. ha. been *!M ? , T r t" 1 "",'"' "" *^' "*'"·· declared, payable a I Ihe U.nk of Ibe ; Sl.te ·' *"-'- """ of " fr!tl1 "" c Haiae OB the tenth car of ueit W I L D E R ' 8 Lamander Safes: ......ALSO | . I f ' , ' . 1Y? A D A M S * C O ' S E A G L E S A F E S , filled with the material s. other S.fe. «f- frred for sale in this pirirket. Hawples may be seen a* -' 44 Welt Market SJu.rr, 1«u3 Agent. iVr Wm.Wlto.'it Coi Oysters Uystera, 87 1-2 Cents pier Gallon. FOR OYSTKRS fresh from Ibe *?""-* 5T" n TM k Seamen and fflarines U, on the coast ef o f f M a r b l P. PHIUtrtOOK woul n~-- TM -- ... wnBTTin, on itie en a it M "t leTjuruie i on Ulai California..from May ISib, 1816, lo Feb- Ire, Sola, Card, and Famillea and Parties served with all varie Rooms open from 10 A M tifll M--from.J tilli P M, and from 7 to 10 in the cycling. P I O N 3 E R L I N E OP MOIVTHLT- PACKETS FOR A U S T R A L I A . : Pffice 116 Wall-st, New York. The ALSKKT FKAKKLIH, Long, o^"TM.TM T r '° "'! on lst K E B R U A . .....», .,, c aitrtf ill ,,l the above line for MHLBOURK, PORT PHTLrP. -v The prices of passage-are «r IplJows-- t T In First Cabin, - -' . {5^25 , IB Second Cabin, . · - . .* j|4Q Every tiling is provided for Ihe e«- cep^ \\mes and l.iqmrs. Towel* and Soap The length of p«sa»« v4ri«-« Irom SO to UK) dm-- KiTwen cubic leet^fl.,,«, g e.or »t exceedin,- 2oO Ib, ,,, weight is . lowed to each .dull. N* berth will be conside-i d as «ecur?(Ttill M least one third Ibe amount ol passage ha, been paid arf a depart. An experienced surgeon aecooTpuies each vesse ,aud every alle'njancc requisite Crlhecoii,. fort of paneniers |roi ided free of charge. "" " ""-"·-'"ill succeed Ihe ALBERT New York. J tiyrus W. Field At Co.» A N D D E A L E R S l.\ PAJPER ' .TO «rt» r ,e,c.irTioT*oV| paper Manufacturers' Materials.. Year's Presents! B OOKS In Ihe rariou, dcpi rime DM of Art. Literature and'Science. - -- -* *V :B.. H. WADE, Auction Commission Merchants EXCHANGE STREET, BANGOR, MAINE, W. solicit business. Hale, made and settled promptly. Liberal advances on consignments, and always ready to tuy. Our jeftrrtKt is, to those for whom we have done business. · Oct ZSth r P O E V S We dotiuinessin R E A L ESTATE, and in the street or ekuswhere, as may be required. , No. B I | D I , E 8 . , EMf . and Commenlari.s, ooimd in Various aty ea, and of door, dilterent sizes,from tbe miniature! volume to Ibe quarto and tbe folio form--with a-yarietr o f Mlsbellaneous Books,' all siil.ble as lift, for New Year's Day for' rale E. F O U i E N , fear Ibe Post Ofllce. TO LET--Ibe four story Brick Store, in "Olid- den Block," same recently occupied by Messrs. blder, or. if preferred, the star, we occupy, next H ""' B'. A H. WADE. · ",»· »-»* u i r.ikci ireiQ iron ine * j j * ihell! the Eehan c . Oyster Saloon. '°'°'y '""I for. f .1 - -- --.-.._.. %u ,. _ __,_.,... . -r--r Havlnr. made arrangemenls for Oys ters i^the shell by the cafro, I will iell (Jyslers ntof; Dec. 30, 1893.; W. 8. DENNETT, Treaa. AMES, LtJKl 1 4 HOWE'S Bangor QuadriUe Band rjlHE undersigned resjiectfnlly inform the citi- ,, . . . '--: ·- VIP..TM. X zens of llanssor, and vicinity, that they are Hook is Ihe best of friends, Ihe same prepared to furnish Ihe matt papular Music of the "_"·'· ; ' I ^ jI*J p (|2 r , ltaM ';'2 l ' l S MM ' Pr "»'« P'rlies, Route. Coatings ! Fresh Figs, -: ...-,, and Prunes--auo, NUTS of all m.*. kinds, for sale by SAM'L E. PERKINS. ~ Cotton Warp. |~\F.the best quality, for sale al Ihe lowest mar- r~-- « 1e £_P r '««. i *T__Il. S. MOKISON oi. CX» ' iWorTd^Fcdr rpOBACCO.ofthe above celebrated stamp for ,·. sale at No.46 West Market .Sqi.uro. dee-0 Lady's Book fqr January,^ ^Nl SOSTOJI A L M A N A C lor IBM, (or Bedsteads, Bireaus, Sinks. Extension. linin ? , »d (|inmon TABLES. hv r;NEw'voKK ,,u,,,for th, , or:,g ,Nos 9 a n J . W U l i f T S t r - n , i\, ajld 1 184;hri»lo|,h,r.fitrei.t. s» CU " T , . _ n Street. i ur,n. nocking yy . nn ? , » inmon A hverystvleofCaneandlVood .Seat, and Dining CHAIRS. ; ' Elegant Gilt Pam^ MIRRORS. ' M.hogany|aid Walnut, in Gilt, ditto Best .lair, Colton and I'alm Leal Matresses anl Feather Beds, coiutan' ly «u hand and nude lo order. SPRING hEDS, -,VIl»t)OW SHADES, Picture., T\seli and Cords. House and Office Funiture «l«by G E O R . S S i n H , , iCrSubscriplions for all the Periodicnli for 1B54 every description m ,Di.(a lured to order, by , received by GEO. RjsillTH. P*""" 1 ' "'I f.itbful workaaen. ,,deci7 ICP Tue public are r isiiec.^nl'y inviled to ITTand examine out Sto-4 bcfow purchas Cr-elsewhere "^ Uec 19 diw now offer »t iht lo,» e ,t whole-ale prices, , for, or ,1 fa'ar-ory notes, by far the mo»l i eiten«iv^aiidrlesin'il, : st'oc. ol all articles connecled with the r», :r Trade, or Manufacture I h a i p a n be found in thu, or any o'ner country. Uur lm g experience a i d .rest facihlies.eiiabW "has ?, ' " I """' ll 'F'"' v inducement, to large pnr- «Mi'*ii r * *"'' ! """ 4 r ."'* «.»l«br.led Victerii .Jlills^ Wnlin« Papers, which we aell^y the ease We are also sole «;cM« for the sale of Ibe p*. df rsol many other mills, *i,d aeenls for almost all '.per Minnlaciurers in the 11 S.. , A. LONT,., A M E S A GREAT VARIETY of Overcoating., a them is I pa. Extra Hnper PITVOT as Promoter v£,tn Water Cure and Phrenologi- cal Journals. W of the above Journals It !D cent. p«r .mum. or both for 9O cents. New Year Gins--1854. A 10000 V A R I E I Y.fCI,oi«. ready ** lorth. good pitrons of tbe E.rt 8ide llook- afcsron, Msy Plow.r .farlor Annual, Aleetmn'a Ktoral S0?lt£$i*, "t'.'i»""i,l' tf * m ""*i" s [_ wn BAR;I-LET r. jr. ' Home Scenes A NU . HO *!K SOUrlDS. or th. World from ·*» ·» »Indow, lor a.1. bv v PATCH d LEwin, BookaaHers, " No. 8 Smith's Hjoek. ^_ _^ .»;· T · · · » , * R. R. CO. undlaimed Baggage TM npHB following Jrtlcl., remain*.? ib? St.,!.. F -I' lnB.. I «.,...l.lm.d.tihi.dat.: Mag t ;." E "" A ' H ' RI S.A»e.«. J« _,,. ... .. ,, j . , as a board, for a Water Proof and Eitii Premium Fire Proof Stfes! «·*·-*·*---- H r'j^r,:.T"'"' · · · · · CUrtoaeit. ..·S 01 " 1 Viulm anj loabte n.i«r. A- tf.--rrtT.te garlic, attended wilh any num- JOSEPH FORBES. , MERCHANT TAILOR, Ha Ih. L.lesl Fa.hians, and will make IhenTlp 10 y"°V««.« ' ,' E 0. SjM ART'S, * nov2J» No. 3 8tri,|l.ud'?Bloek,^ ] v Gloves" . , . " KO ri , t ? Z '. l . R of "°«k"«io Uned. Fur, Kid J -- , TM TM . TM , «*V» L|ed, Berlin a.d Cassiraere Liaed and and are not, mferior olher vaajmie. of Ol yea, for sale Iowa ' toanj|inth.U.S._ I ^J. E. C.'SMART'S ··«? · ' No. 3 SlrieMand'a Ulock. Also, Oloves for Ihe Boyt t.s above. ., Agent*, 2 Smith 1 . Block. W« bav. 'wen ap- polnlad nnn lor Ihe aale of tbe I Sale. whick loofcvhe premium at fie- l.te, ireatdww mOeaton. W. believe Ihi. Sale , fcr keefc ing books, papsrs, recoros, sndj money, from Ore and tbievea. oof and E»ra Warm . A-/^--Prrv.t. parlies an. there W.I tone hsd. .berjof Instruments required. ·snva-atvirv I ILT'Applv to O. A .LUNT. · I I R R K S . i t o E IKJVVK .1 Mr. Mill'. Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, and Fancy Goods. . . . A . TiTcowrn, °' e8 * No. 6 Kendu.keait Bridge. jy T I J R E !i H. S. SAOWN "g ,tshnr,u a ,iee. lib.r.aUdv^; ^l ",,"*%. mgnments of Paper and'nther merch»ndi,e. Cash paid lor K«.. and all other Paper M^nnf.cfurer*" dl'..r,i a- our Kag Warehouse. jan7'54dly H AS now ia Store , FnlllSlock for WINTER t- TRAp»:,«! purchaser, a gZa *· ISAIAH BUDD YOUJ. . j-"« - - · - · ar -vj * - " ' rk declO 3 S »*ffi*.v«;-i l - r *l~ Styles . DoC8kiBS , , articles, amone whi^h maf be'fuund Chamber Furniture, Of K .ny, I ' 1 Wahiul, i Binfoere Maple, ml,,. ,bem u, ''^^"-""^'^"^ -^ ""^* No.3SlriokI.nd'a Block. rwy desirable Doeskins, for Panla; at C. SMART'S. i and Oak lAbo. I snlof Flowered, .ndlmitatio.s of th^dinerenl WooJs, CuUery! duttery! 2Ob pr* 'I A VEXN If UPPERS tar sal. by _'"* d*w ; H E M R f Llrj'LE* CO. ton Alm ad for sale by for 1854, D. BUGHEE. Ready Made Clothing at """ supplied on *·A VOKABLK TKRMS ,, ... ,, «· C- SJIARI'S, *VTM No. 3 Hlrick land's Block. ' ·*'·. ' ' P a r l o r ' S e t s , Sofas, ~cofnmna or-- Bockinr, Easy, andlParlo* Chairs. Divan.. , Extra Mar lie to| Centre Takjes. , Gilt, Franc e Mirrors : Mahogany, Rosewood and ~Val»nt do. · .. Secretaries, IVhaluelt, ExknauHf'KVM*!" "" ' ' ' "IPJJH***!"--fH«l3 ee. of wood or iron (Late ftlelvin Young) S j. * i-. . · °' t a t e S t if- e e f j Bosl.i-ON. and Specifications ! , ' FOB ETERY - ' DESCRIPTION OF B.UILDINfe -Boston. Marcii 9.18JJ3J .- i r Green Mountain Vegetable i ·aaTeai-.v^^ll tT ' a «-""»TM«A«bai»-^atac,.ofw,»«lo,iron ^ f.7^ !^of.? e ^^ ve8 ' ^ tive (^ese I5A-?HERS andi 0 * WIIOll»M*,JtM Ft*tlll'vy --'-"J ** ( mar m nt «n -^ « - If n ft « i 1 » . ' t ,,- ,,...'."mm ..-fifimww't* m ·*-*»»I-L_ ^ A T* ** A A ^* J!c 3 B fi M . · M BXUTLKTTj PATCH LBWIST 1 Ui farti' ' · - · - - - - -------V - ~~ - ; Insura ,ca \ FEET el I aM IJi«b Smlher. 'f 1 Pine-BOAROrJ, some of which and Aqawera.'' t^ah tbe Hem Yorlc l the sub- ' f . C.JKB OK af'ofair"'' ""* H °^ W "^ B * ramtati ' at IE Hi rectors and Company of Ihe' M.«k»t. B.^, at Baugor. reapLlfullv M.T.8TICKNEY.C..bicr. workmen, all kinds of Office Firniture | M O K K N China, Giis,. K.rthen Ware,-.mxg - i (ancy A r t i c l e s of evefiy drscnptionj-ep.ired ! and mended .«in» it .J smmj a, before broke., without injnnni us appearmce. " 1 hi.TBfn.ent. which ba. · ten proved to be at Kreat strVnglh, » til he lo,. u particularly useful in evprv r^milv. ,1.. ..»...,. .___ _ r - . ^. , manner ol itK application w The .·S.' Ten Tiousand D R. G. HEATON.onio.tod,",,,, hM d...ted many,ear. t6tbe treatment of Hernia or Rupture ...d htt disoarered . mode of car. .ki.b h*B nnavitH .HM..../..^^ ../ . -r "·"" "*··· **" 1 . ""^ 8 P»n» Oil, bv tke A.sw.r_t IIIANN'S, ' B. B. MAOB, at Lrw. 1 Al| BOUND fO TRATKU A ND BOMB SOUNDS, by H. M, Btai . r**"/-- vwy ««t...lT. book. foraiiU Old Papers for -ale ^.yjct 3i? B * T 3 H°^.T..."r:«iT«i ."".K..:..':^^ 1 ^:;' "" TM* ····. . tmnhl«.·»» .j.__l-:... »t . · ......ALSO I cue. of loo. of Ihi : . 7 ·'----...... .«a aiiwier nrml of ihss ALBtl «TMubUsom«complainl, thereby r.nd.rl» In. .TsT .w A-^JL®*.... Sssi?«s · r * d (T«'of'u,,»y ' ' trealmentandcureof Varicoul. A P vdroc e'le H. " "*'on. ' - ·" -*°"** H". H. GREKNOIIfiH. morrhoi... or PUe.! Urinarr di«L.. ."····"- £ast Bide B * . : * * " ' _ _ L_J:_ o /! T*W * Boston Almanac Ibr 1854. _~C~ ". ' »·· ·*-*':*· F OK Si«" i · ,, r J3 MK TAYLOR HOPKINS, _ -- - " V «H- ^ · w'wn.Eiii . 1W_ · · · ( » i . . 3 * GREKNOIJGH. .^w. T II W 8 8 B 8 AND SHOULDER BRACES. « m . i s V a n d cbe.nest of S OL *.*" ENTS f " «« C UNTO1T COOK ' ofTa- » ,. 8TO VB "bieh I , ? " *«« Farmer's Cook Stove in a qa»»lion |ha 1~"«».«« 4S,o"h Block. JJ. 5 9 1 ? ? ? · K A D I READ! *EADI RfAOl br mtU promplry Ww.rwll _ ,,-. · w3 " .» Floor and Hearth A t» INUkULHAM i i w _ ^ ,, - ^' «Vt' l^'JI.^^"**""'^^'" 1 ^- 1ki..r,icle.whieh'?.'.'^d. »mar-y wonfcrW lor..aircasta t m discovensl h- Dr. J.u. H.aim^,rf Loakv Ren.en.Wr, No! I, Broad St. 2!ft*- ·--'--- E '--- · a f u »^ TAZLOUvA JOPKINS. ·, A»rii u imaj dfcwti fV'V n1n Ia*i»)»n«.C'«s(|r«, Aalim*. u^ara - A».A-..r»«i .A

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