The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on June 12, 1891 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1891
Page 4
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I I- Utf Y TtUB*U*ti BAlte (niln« of -Bt. - J- AM III "f trilled M«W by ,kD unknown M^"in, ··ppmed tu have boeu sob* orn«d by the «J-Utx-ratie i""-tyj rccult, *-n. "thy and fln»l duitructlc-a of b»lr.h Independence. . London d«ilved of its ch»n*!i§ by - at- KB II. . I7*» Municb taken ly the Austrian*. 1#»- Birth of Hirriet Martineau, JiiBtori"-", pMioBdphei- and alleged athetet. U 1 Levco at Oiro, IH»., broke, canaimra '^» of |» r J.O(»,000. UU--The paper duty abolished in IWi First railroad in Japun opeuwi. 1000-The Egyptian obelisk ntarte-1 for York. 1SS8 Railway collision nnar Ai niR»U, In 70 killed and 100 injured. 1W Southamiiton, on Long Island, - Ite'two hundred and fiftieth nn'n hights Recent Kec-IJed "HEY. RUBEI" AN OMINOUS CH¥. It Meant) ihnt tbi 8bow-en A.« U*adj for the 4 Pray and JRvpeet to Ivnlp or Get Whtppjd- u «ipoD*lblllty for the VIOT! »»... .. t8 ib t hl o f * tit* wary of ft to Vbdmj, v HUNT J^OR A DIAMOND THIEF. The M»n Loeat'Hl After a Search f-attlng a \iy. After -a year's alniost cpntinuous search the principal of t h e daring diamond rgbbery of "Mfay 1, 1890, in Cincinnati, h a s bee-n disjcovered; and he is in the Michigan p e H i- tentiaryon asscven ·yearti'sentence. It turns out that he 1 is among the most .famous thieves of tha-day, and under various names is ·nioreor less in demand i n m a h y P. T|LLKIt. f: t ,f places. His real name is Clarence Prentice. Tiller, and his life is a romance in-crime. But u few years ago (for he is still young) he.was a Nominally hopest lad in fkraifr. ville, Kj-^, where his father, and brother still reside. He obtained a confidential position in the"St. Louis office of the Southern Pacilic express and astonished th,e world by getting away with *94,o601n'cash and about S20,OtJO worth qf jewelry. 'The execution of the _rpbbery was adroit, and his subsequent movements were bungling. He and his ^'pal" lay coucejiled in St. Ijouis a few days', then divided the swag ar^d separated, Tiller going to Milwaukee. There he carried a valise so old mid rotten that when lie sat (it down in H -hotel it bursted aud the money fell out, thus caus- · jng luHi'spgfiiy arrest. For this robbery he and George five yea ft each in-the Missouri peqitentiary. . On the 1st of May, 1890, Tiller and \Vil- liaiii Burns tried the grab game on a tray of diamonds at Michie's Jewelry store in »-· Cincinnati jn.the busiest h o u r of the day, and with u crowd in pursuit Tiller escaped with the diamonds, but Burns was taken and consigned to the Ohio^.'nrison for seven years. .Tben*I)etective ^'Jpn Crawford began the long search for Tiller. Sev- · eral times he thought he hail.him located, but^when Mr. lie.ury Miohie; from whom the tray of diamonds was snatched, t^ok a view at the suspected, he declared it was not the man. In July, IS'.tO; a man ; who gave his name as C. IT. Plice was sent up from Detroit for raising'*!! check. H» wan jaht h a i u l l i n g the .*1,WO receivi-d for it "when_a1 tested. The St. Ixjuis detectives soo^ discovered that the friends of I he Cincinnati diamond thief, Jjurn.s. were n'lso-friends of the new conviot in ·lacfowjk Mich., and two of them had lately visited there to s-ee what they could do for h i m . On t h U h i n t Mr. Micbje and Dete:tive Crawford went' to Jackson, and at the lir*t glance the former identified "l'rice"_as t h e long sought Tilli-r." He refused to give any inforiiiatioi'i about the " diamond!-, atid wlien assnn-d that afu-r liis seven years at Jackson were oiit he would get seven, more in Ohio, h-: coolly replied, "A good many- things rn.-iy Impiwii in seven years iiiayle I won't be here, and mitvbe some of us will.lie underground." AN «uy one who £jmt bosn a boy aud, ia now that older boy, called A luan, forget the .absorb- fi»lt yet often sur- reptitiouw delight nnected w i t h the arrival of a circus! Not one of these new fangled monopolies t h a t travels by train and exhibits only in Urge cities, but ^ the .small, single · '·""' ring show, with the animals, in a side tent, or oftener under the. same canv" with the performers. The advance agent generally "came to town "aggregation." He wrote nis name and business iu a throe fahoct- poster hmid all over a page of the tavern register. Then he distributed free tickets to the proprietor and employes, decorated the olllco- with large and gorgeously lithographed "hang- era," and under pilotage of,, the willing .hostler sought the publisher of the local paper and 'the town "bill sticker." Both received him cortlially, and to - tjotn he told stories and talked business. With the for- nier he.left the copy for a hylf pnge "ad," and cuts for the embellishment of the text. Al«o several "reading notices," a bundle of pass?^ anti«n order for certain specified dollars on the owner of the attraction, "to be paid at the close of the afternoon per-- formauce." W^'r the latter he arranged for the immediate billing of the place, and eventook'part iu the work himself in order to prevent any "monkey business" or slighting qf the job on hand. Several lads assisted the two «je,u', covered their small' fpriiis.witb 'p lls te and went home a.t dark tired, but with "tickets fer der show" in 'Wieirjjockets. " . Then came the great day, momeiitous to all the town and country side. The circus had arrived like a thief in the ni;',ht, and put up its canvas in Jones' v/icanf lot some three blocks fronj-the court house. On'the tent's tall roof there waved in the morning air innumerable banners the "flags of all nations" the announcements called them. At the rear wer^yarked the vans, and from the interior rose ever and anon the, trumpeting of the celebrated trajneil jelephant or the growls of the royal Bengal tiger. I ·Family carriages rolled into the .village j loaded wit.h the farmers' boy* and their I Smiling sweethearts. The. old folks fol- ! lowed in their -strong country ' wiigons. ! Their days of romance were over, and they left th.e "piittjn 1 on of style" to the youngsters. At ,10^-a. m. the grtiud pantde oc- euri'ed. The callithumpiuiii toot«d, the world reuowued lion Uwner' sat in a big -i«.t» crii"ijt*d uut or purcb«f*l Ur tbt NA polioua of nhowdoin Qunvtrou*oth*4» b»v« uqf-« Into exlHtenc* durintf th« ^-»t t««lr« One of lh--, kaown «« W»H«ot'.i , had a tough t»ne of it not long Ago at n 0 y City, Fa. A lutof cicketltetw pco- pl« tried to force their wit y Into the evening «nteitnlnmeut. The doorkoo|»er» re4isted,L %ud were ^rerpowerod. On gaining ad- '··iswiou the rioters atUtcked the performer^ and ^?ent HO far iw to seice one of the fe- f iiritf .,ieiub£r» of the wuynuy rfnrt tTBg her about the ring. The usual bAUle followed, It grew so flCr'SS'that the whowmen threw away their clubs and- broulit their piatoU and g u n s into use. Th«y fired at ItHJtt fifty shots, drove the crowd back and made their way to the depot. Some stood guard w h i l e ttio others loaded the train. As the last employ* jumped alxiard the crow'd made a fresh rush, but wero "stool ott^'ivith Winchesiters,*and the engineer pulled out to thu music pf rifle balls and the disagreeable wlili Ur- bulk/er but less deadly missiles. A dozen townsmen were wounded, at least.three seriously. The casualties among the visitors are not known. Whisky has boeu directly responsible for some of the hardest circus lights ou record. Back in the late sixties Noye.s' ahow exhibited at Jacksonville, Tex-., and during a subsequent disagreement his men killed four of their assailants. ' This was "laid up about tea daya before the j agin" all show people, and when llobiusdn visited tjhe town in 1873 trouble followed. At the afternoon performance a drunken man who had seated himself on the .ring bank wiisX-fsjectedr-^htngH looked so ominous that at the close"bf the entertainment 8CHUKX AS A W.RIXJSIC, __. j MIS LINCOLN ARTICI* ATTRACTING MUCH ATTENTION. I* If a U*«*»rkaI»U Pafiir, CoatelMliv to ·"·-all Span* All That Ii "f-iatlal *V "*; Known of »S« M«n Uho d«nt Unrlnf **·« War. ·· - «-.! NEW YORK, June a The recent paper on Abraham Lincoln, writteo by (Vrl %»i-ir\ in i- -BVMA| ft_/p«M% ,, Twry ,^r markable article. ' Taklnfc the volo--lbon* biography of Abraham Lincoln, which WB« written by Colonel John Hay and Major Nicolay, n» H tett, Mr, £c*mii hn« o«an ivbi« iu u siugle brief -article, which m»jr be r«-d i i r U n l f An 'hour, U tell the story of Abraham Lincoln HO that all of tbe i.-- portnnt and well known events of bis ea · e«r a^e.fset forth, and some new and tu- able suggestions deduced therefrom. V f .... -/ ! MACI I IN-l H Plumbing and repairing -promptly attended to Wl ^1! RN llOUfii .. 18 THE BK8T $1,50 HOUIJE IN T"R CITY, BOOMY ' _EJECT:D FUOM TI?E Robinson decided to~pack, up and get out;\. w h i l e it wasyet*dnyligfit._" A mob gathered' nnd- sfi tiiS. .l.VCkSOK. THE WORLD IS HOLLOW. ' in* Strange Tlew« Kntertalne.l by a C*M fiiruln Society. ' Of the many queer little societies in the U n i t e d Stales, - one ' of" t h e very queerest is t h e _"K o r e s h a n," . vTli i'r h numbers some fi"rrty people, and l i v e s - in a j^Toup of houses at '£$)· No- tTrvct, S a u -I-'caiu-isco. The K o res h :\ n " h a v e W o t t h e scheme of t h e u n i - Ttrsse down lineT" It is revealed to* them that t h i s world is hollow, and we live-jjw t h e ' i n s i d e nf it. "The moon," sjysi Jvtire»h, "in but au idle shadow of the earth." · - - ' · The everyday, btitoH(es« nam-' of their prophet and chief is Dr. Tci-d, hm |ii»~ devotees call him sometimi.H Cyrus, b u t most fnerally Koreah. Themselves they call JreHhati, and there is nothing in tire con. tstitution to forbid it. They hnve all thing* in common, and there IB no n-arriage in .therr system. When husband and wif* .. jofiUhey must lire apart and only meet'as brother and sister In'the lectu.e room, whichjst nil very well when both are ftuit«d, bat when one partner joins and the other doesn't the crt*ein awkward. And tfate is _ tbe,little hitch which has brought the law into pfavnnd forbodrs trouble to the Ko., , abac, (hirtlt-ularly In, the c*» Of "Mr. *"»d Mr». Frank -.Jackifon, who have been aapa \*it«d by the "creed." Korean *as oqvti a pbyaician. One day.he. was 'Ul!umtnat«d. M »»d atraiRhtw/Ay proct*ded to make con- re. (« in Chicane., where he still hMaoon- tion. i of the me-Abe.a were wealthy when they joined, bat it *U went iriU) the co*"pot. One of them was a beautiful. and talented pe w tintftr, who went to S«a ~ ". rith the He*» company. Kpiyi.h fc--, prophwHed thn he will die a hia.tyr'*' death noon. Some of hi* disciple' erp«ct tbit h«i will be iuarde.fd.|v some world- 1'ftR wHfi^o-^/ainily p?«x^ ne hi* invaded. »r$ that Tie'* ill I* snatched to h, ven in a chariot of fire. HER UOL'HD THE KING'. 1 cage triiinip-lmnt over a decrepit kin«{ ot beasts, ami tinsel pageantry wtiil noise abounded. Tim l i K h t n i i i K tirkptrViUUr 1«- gan operations at noon. The KidwshowK, fakirs, Jemonade stands, wheels of fortune and so{pn did a rushing trade for a couple | of the propensity of t h e Rtudi'-nt* . of hours, and then the circus itself, motwpo-j- the show" mid drown all other :ioi? lowered the sTi-.-iugei-s,« illi abuse. The -bvs.s carivusman asked his employer what-to do, ^ ' T j t t 'ern cuss all They want t,o," replied Kobinson, "but if any of V.m shoot give'em the best you've got." The contingency arose about 4 {.-m.-'.Som?.one fired, and. tin; circus men. who carried t-;ir- bines, j i r o m r j t l y replied., 'i lie k i t t l e lasted u n t i l m i d n i g h t , and-^iuri::g its j^ogress twenty-three "persons were; k i l l e d and more t h a n twine thitt.nui'iiber wounded." · " · Uatr -KicH, the veteran clown, wiio-has recently returned to business as the proprietor- of :t h t n a l l 'iold tinu-" show, once | ex'hibited in a. southern village, w i t h dis- ; a.-,lroi#»-.resntTft--Two intdxicatcd Uiafera ! trieil to get adrni.s-'ion w'thout oaying. An I altercation followed--and then .a rior. iu whrclrfour men lost their I j v e s r w h i l e a score rer-eived moru.or less h e r i o u s - i u juries. Hut i.t is by no means the casj,|.hat t h o f.-inlt for th"es(? dea4tj-tuicount-r*'always" lies w i t h , reiiients if the jilut-UK visited. Only "too often the Circus 'penpie^javt .mif- ffred severely anil j u s t l y f u r t h - i r . .sins. lycmg years ago they got a lesson at PJym- outh, Ind., which they did not forget, f.ij- many a mouth. Jacob Thompson. 1 who died recently at .a good old agi-, t*»k his f a m i l y to the show. W h i l e he was b u y i n g ticket* a canvahinan grossly i n s u l t e d his ( h i u g h t c r . T'hmnpsnn s o u n d l y thrashed the fellow, and .ul.;o u coMiradc w h o c.'»mo to his jissisu-inpe. Then he i-nlored t h u t e n t wiHi h i s - w i f u ami c h i l d r e n . W h i l e t'lu- p l u c k y M'Kisier WILS l o o k i n g .-it- t h e |«fF- formancc! the clown-hit him i i v w r the h.i-ad w i t h a club. Thompson's frien H rallied got to his support, and, when .tint show o u t u f tmvn it WJLH a total wreck, and 'had on its Jist. of disabled i:rn;lnyi's a dozen badly liirttvreil specimens of h u m a n i t y . It ia_not o n l y ' i n m i n i n g and iron working regions tluit the Cffcus has "mot up 1 ' with serious trouble. College t o w n s .Have Ixwn the scenes of m a n y a r u m p u s because horn w i t h ,At.,im.onla for Hair Rt-u»hf».' The owl WHY in which to clean i» w i t n n-piriti ot ammonia, ·· ft« imrnedia*, No rubbing In ,* cold water can I* nsnd just -f ' a« w'ar.n. Tike H tiMtxpoohfnl . i n aqnitrt of vtjifer; d i p t h i "fir pait of the brtijih without \retr.\ot the iO»ment the KT**^« it rt lized all a t t e n t i o n . The audience laughed.. 1 , the hideous din of t h e i r tin trumpet.-.. I n at the. down, api)laudt*d the tumblers, held !' deed, m:jny \vteWis dread an'' e x h i b i t i o n thrir b r e a t h act, iind la w* air, but not in " brttU the trapeze a r t i s t s did t h e i r stuffed t h e elephant nod monkeys w i t h peanuts. HttJ, everybody weni home impressed by t h « fdna that there, existed a law discrepancy between the show as advertised..and the show «.« tfive.n. ' Those \v1io attended t ho'night performance included a ftanpr'of laborers from the .new railroad who we.r*e Iflfi-d with- ni*1t and spiritous liquor iiud y\- inflamed rMolvtt not to be nwindled.jXAs the mo- menta passed the.y protest-id, -Ant to tilery- *eUea, thjjn audibly and, tnen in trumpet ton.^ 'The peaceably minded took warning and departed, their fome.nkimi scurry- InR on ahead like a flock of frightened Mail. The town constable, wbo had a -lively appreciation of what -was good for hia health, went to bed. . Meanwhile, inside the tent, the H»g- ufuter had bren struck behind tbe ear with 'an ovei iipe-tomato, which up*et hisdlgnity and trirjfled down on his well worn diY ~ B"itt. The "lady cqufjitrjenDe," a» the pro- K.ftmiue termed her, succumbed to tha joint remonstrance* of an egg and a cab- "flB, and with her trained Acrtblan COU.iSf Osd to the dressing room. "B*y, Rube!" .. It *n»'the'lJtviier of tne circi)« »»ho ut- ttr*d the.war cr'. He had acentetl trouble, -nd fc-Tinn locked the c-»h rr.cerpt* in the tn^-are wagon and srtn tbe vehicle s-r(r- ii fot f be next MAnd tn custody of a ti-uat- Ul driver, .ibod'r.fikdy to do battle. "Hey, Rube!" In nT*ned th» oanvanuen, th* athl " « and every ,niale employe of- th«! nhow, ^-t?V u.»ed ' with a mallet, a stake ora^el-ft. "Git, DOW I" * a* tbe ortler to tbe di«tarte«a, «*Kl they qiiailwl and fled before th* n-oO- d motley array. Then nli \n**nf wci« told off t6"nuard the friph*- ened women perforiAeiH and i»rort them bs yondthe !«ntfer line. The rwtt fell to w orM at once. . £Ue. t«nt earn* down on the run; The anim;tl f'ajtea **r* ojctsd, all the V.~g- g*S»5 and pn)[iertlu p-tcfcad, the lio,,-irn put time the pi-mating r-horem had rallied and»alnt«lthe flttinji emoniy s*ith j»ho«*.i of »t«nPk.- The frnraa \\\tiA an honr or to. i on l)i(h tA\im rtCftivM dangwronn but w n e u th* ran came up in UM IK the-rmly thing* toft to lxiiaM* aeireoabttl Howl OB Jon*.' h at a "sear, o f ' learning" far more I hail t liny do at sume rnut;li outpost pf c i v i l i s a t i o n . That they ^IIIM iimpli: ju.stification for MILS fi-nr i.s HlKMvn by the i«cent exiwrienre of the huge liarnum Bailey outlit at, New SCHTTR2. . . : As a specimen of compactness and Iqcid- ity the sketch in "soriiethiiy; remarkfable. Quce^ejid....^] adequate conce'p,drtn of- Lincoln's Driver, of tbe elements, which mnde the strength of his character: as well as the circumstances which illustrate its weaker side, are'-obtained by tho reatfer.,' The sketch has all of the wonderful prepision,^ sharpness of outline and completeness which are to lie found in some- of tlie Italian cameos. In these respects Mr. Schurz's work is a model. .No one can read it with-- out-kiK)wing"ail that it i.s really essential to know of Abraham" Lincoln. At the same time the critical'spirit is shown', so, that we have what hi some respects^ ~et -new view of Mr. Lincoln, offered to us by a man capable of unalyxin^ niatives; -one who also had personal acquaintance \vith' Lincoln and has always been'posec«scd by the profoundest admiration for tlutf great character.' H;ul Gf-tinrnl Schurz been «o disposei^^e miyl?t;liR.vir'conrriljuted from his ptJSijual experience/ maiir uuecdotes of Lincoln. _ The rime; lias'come when a u y t l i i n R that maybe told of per-ional experience with Lincoln is worth p r i n t i n g and w o r t h eead- in«. Kvi;n , t h e most, trivini anecdotes readily, Ii mi t h e i r place in the p u b l i c press. Mr. L i n c o l n «eefn« to have lic-;i aitraotf-d early-to (·rt'.nei'ul.Scliurz, alt,liou;h at t-ltat time i^-huiv.-w.-iA" n very y o u n ^ man. He- had ln;ouLfh"t w i t h h i n v f r o t h ' G e r m a n y the romance of association s with the revolution of ls*S. j t n d o f adventujrous and'dramatic participation in t h a t queer and s-pa,-jmodic effortT His J n - i l l i a n t talents, Jiis rpaiarka-! ·ble ' a d j i i p t a b i l i t y , the eilse w i t h whdch he coiH)i:erci}i)ur lan^unge, atn} tht; readi- I ness with which he made himself .in spirit, us well ,-x.s jirofcssion, an Americar. citlxen, hatl-mnde him a power in the hew Republican p.-rty.. Lincutu recognizc-d this, afid «ent him as our minister to Spain/ Tula of itself suLfKe-sted a'dramatic contrnxt to the early experiences of Schiins, and it ^3" an i l l u s t r a t i o n to tiie Old World of t.hopos-- sibilities which were offered World ro men of Schur/.'s i ftbilily. He .had fled, a few v political refuse wiili a price from Kurope, and he was ret;irti«l reprpsentntivu of the Uniu-i'l Sprites court n t ; L . l l . H t i o r i o n n n lirt ' J i - \ t j f r . th.'it tiniijc- especially important N. B.-8pocW r»t«« by «.« wwk. d.-n. B. H.'BEABDBr.FY. Proprietor. Hard-ware, I'tumbing and Steam ^itting Goods, · ^ *^ · jf . Sprinklers, Garden Hose', Ice Cream freezers Main street, between Second "id Third stroote. ' . MFltF iu S l A Y , ANfJ utJNT YOU FORGE i h! J'On. FOB I rcsh andoalt Meats-and Orocurios, f t So Belter Place Can be .Found, The Old Stand Mahi Stroot. fURK WINKS AND it yv I A j ,H"! X" JL-lnl ''nifmm. of ^ h i I · ; K · · l py fill Wholesale ' iquor IL/enio 13 West third Street, ST. PAUL., . ;n tf he · Detore,j» his head, as the to the and at to bold in f r i e n d l y 'relations with the Unitw-d $tat*». It was at. Lincoln's \tish also, partly, that Cieneriil Scburz was. a*isitfn»5d an ini- porUint cotumiind in the Union armies TRIED Trt rORCI THEIR W A T _ I » . H»T«IJ, Tb« Yale university "man" out tn fo/e* to vi«» the pn.ode and toi |^do«H at thetioi wh, elephant H an ··niiiial* until the poor heists grew frantic *lth r*c«- and terror. Fcn i hi» did not ·nffirc, If the New Vork Sun's ncwwat i* to bt orfdlted. It (Wtyn: "The li*dy rider* . and his service there, though conspicuous! has Iweii partly TorKotteniu the subsequent brilliancy uf Mr. Schura's political fav^xr. He mst Lincoln many tiiiitts. H^ was not so anuizwl, a.s were many Anieri$ttia, at the peculiar mannerisms and nfChe lack of conventionality which astonished and chAKriiird -so many of .the cultivated men of the:iM, wlio could not ««.· through this ouj,,w;lnl crusr,, formed, by-Lincoln's early life'of poverty an'4'lu(riL\l)ip, to.tht soul of tin; man w h i c h w».* beyond. Schiiry, did ura the, m a n n e r of m;in waft far yooner than m a n y of tht/Ameri; cnn.s, and he wns _oni- of tiie lirst to *ppre- "ciate that the la"k of those manieri»'i-« andconvt-ntionalitit's, which arc the stamp Of K"»d l»ri--diin£ and early cultivatiou, djd not t,'D ti t!j heart of rhe man, and tKat he was one of nature's true gentlemen.. A recent w f i L u r in a most critical publication a '.standard London weekly--ha» poititecl out whai so mnny Arnerioarui have not yet recognized tb»t ^JQcoln «rtu», Ui | spite of certain defec^ of fanner, on* of j tbe Infest gentlemen M^at igver lived. A"d the niinouncement ha» betn received tn thia country with aoiue gratification, « though it wei« a new but accurate suggestion, \et General Schu,. y«ir» before had uttered tbe san.e truth, and had boldly de clsred that Abi*-h«m IJiu^oln _ - H » Tlnur X*ntleman even than »'C«t ot those who *ert --sociated witH hlru. Schu.^'s Hilicle on Uncoln. will be Htely to rerivw diticu»on rfupectlng the *rit"-'t literary powers. It h*» iiecmed to thcie who have alwaya adinir«d -Carl Sch",*'* titernry tatent that it wa* a -uisfortuhe' to letters that he had p.'actloAlly abandoned literature and, btosoje one of th/wn who ·- e bn^ied in trad-and conao-erco. Whife he b"». It, Is true, ·e3itj«d-to be wholly ab- BoruftLl iu the excitement* of conjn-*[ *^j lift of rtoenfyfAfs, this i.*^iy ahow tblt h* ban lent none of his K**at power -t a writer who tr'^ the KiiKlish laoi;tia~e ·· a »fMcl«. We kave no aiuhors of A»«.i- c»n birth whoj^ commtind of Kncll»h ia-rr.or* accurate or fluent, rn ·,, ho «l- p.c-tic^ ideas with «, enter lucidity, and fat l.rfiih-erl. That thn mayor and common conneil · p f . t l i o c i t y o f Hutnarck. N. D:, do dwni iihd · hpri'by ds-olarp it to bu neCcriHary that Kid«w»lSs bp made had corintracted in said city am JBltowv On th* northprly nicfe ol Rvcnoe "A." from its intersection w i t h th«- pantprly lin» of Kirnt Htrcct f-nut to i l B intcrfertion with th6"westerly litio of oecoad utrwt. On HIP uorthcrly side "f avcnnp "A," from itt mti-rt-action with the pasterli' line of Second itioft, oixt to its intftrveftion with the wcstprly Liupt»t..Third «trwt. _ On the northerly side of slvnoe "B, ' from itfl inti-iTprtion with the santttly line of rhird street, *Mt to thn point where the sidewalk in front of thfl preminoo owned and occaoied by Aia FUher On the northerly tide of Hv«nde "B,' from its int«r*wlloii^Uh the caeferly line of Foarfh- Htrat't, TM»t to iw intei jcction with Use wrwterly , line of Fifth street, \. On th« northerly tide of Avenn* "B," from itc inutrHoetlou with thn eaoterly line of Fifth ~ " , ~ ' NOTIC". TO WHOM IT MAY (iq*H'KKN:_ '·~^.- ParnaiiDt to the proTioions of ppctio'n l( ch«pt(*f IKi of the sceninn laws of 1*W, tli miKHiiinerB of railroade of the ctste of North kuiH will aiakn-..thftiT-Bnnhal vieit to the tionn on the line Of (he Orettt Northern. r«i and brftnche*, BB follows; to wit: on, DeVillo, Hanl-in»on,vatil^ xl, m the cuonty o f ' Kichlmid on f Jnne. le and Onelph. in the connti IJickey; CtrnnhTill.., Rntland and Cnyniia, it county of Sal-Kent; Dwixht, Colfax and Wni Jn ihe connty uf Richlund, Kindrpd. D»pn| Durhin and Pa*f City .in the coanty of Cntf, Hope, m »he connty of Steele, on th6 llth rt« JOne. Armenia, Arthar, Hnnter, Erie, Bipon. h «rt. »nd Cjimlton. in the co'.nty of-^n^'t Bin »rci, Mayvilje, Por»l»nU. Clifford, (iaJeobprir Uatton, Ir the ooanty of Traill. and North* In the eorttity of (Jiand Forke, on the J2ih dn " · with lin»«f ' ^In the nertherly tide. of Rvtwe "B," from tfif intercecUon with thfl ertstprlylineof Silth »troi-t TM«t to it« inUtraoction with the westerly -tine of On the northerly «ide of avenne "11,". from itn int»r»octiin.wiWi th» eartcrly lin« on H»vpnth i-tM-rt, pant to it* int'-r^ -etion with the wmterly lint' of Kirfith Rtrwt. On thn northerly Hide af avmnp "B," fmra lt« int«rr*ftlon with th« fta»tprl -Irae of Eighth *1} tn its intpnicction with the wcntwly W l n t h ttrwt, . lidMwalk «hall be fivp and one-third toot widij, mmii- ot tw(i-inrh plankf soonrely nailed fci tlircc ·trlnmsrs. cxvch »tnn«-r two by «ir inqhoo. - W M . A. BESiTl.EY, l i"g;u»»»tTM M ^ or : - Oty Clflrk. forth Dakota' Agricultural College. proposals for Two Brio* bid* for the conduction of two brick ·tone- trimmed bniltHngB on the property of t^« North D«kot* A|i l^nltaral Collsi^, mar the city tion*, which can- be KWH at the o*n^ »f trteA*ri- All blrf»iutittb*»«int to th« AaikcltQi*! Col- }rfff, FB..O., N. D., UhfJhd "PrOpMiil* f»r Build " bl 8 P, m, Joneia, ot the colkc ·K« ri.Kt to reJKt toy or ill bidi. Coplj^of nB** will bo fi'iii tondfn* blA* .·«* ..qni U Farther ·nf6.alaU«« L .-o be obu'vad ; H. If trTOCKBRlt ' ' ngdon, OsB«hro«k and Milton, In tlito ' t avalier: Edinbnta. Park liiver aeH ( ·i the cotiDty Of Walah; -Inkottr. Orr. , l^nmorn »nd NiiiKHni, in "the-'coimt , Fork*; Petersburg, MichlifAU Ciiy. Mi -*knt«. In the conn'y of Nelson; Unit Crtry and IVviln l Jikp, in the connty of H cei, on th« 13th day of 3 and. . i. Orand Harbor and Chnreh't Fnrry, in'th"iv ty of Kam»«y;('-ndo, in (h« coanty of Tow Holla, and Ht. Jbho, it, the I'unnty nf lioli lVil», York and Pleasant Lake, in the connt Bonoon: Kohy Jnnctioo. fn the county of I'ic Willow City and BottinpHQ. In the oniDt HoUiorna.ou the 10th daynf Jnne. i ro*h*r, ln-thci connty of McHpnry: Minoi th« county of ward; Stanley and Whitp *'ji in the county of Monntiaille; Willinioo Bnfonl, In the coanty of Boford, 0^1 tlip dftyof Jnne, - _ .... __ " Heche, BnUiK«t«, Hamilton, Olanton, N f . T' sn t'hryptal and (Ifttnllef, in the oonnty of V blna; Aabufii. G*aftoD. Minto «nd ll-A- k.ip nonnty of Walib, and Mwivel, in the cimn't UraLii Fork*, on tbe 18t» day Jnne. Grind Fork*, Ojm'*, EmeiMlo, Ai villv Thru ·on and B*JEoW«, in the connty.of (IranTl Foi flQittm, Cnmrnlni*. Billtboro und Eelto. in connty of T.aill, B.^ndin Oarrtner, Ai«nevi Hamnodnnd Panto, intbeflotmty of (iuu. the 19th day of Jone, 1861. OFO. H. WAi-^H. CK«ir U .«Ti Ro^w] o f Coimrilf»ion«re of Hftilnn M. J, KBOMLtt. f Inth* -lljrof -lljr DAKOTA, i Bull-'OB { v\t I *t« of A, » **«, f** Intt ·eT*rnl of 'them would have fallen from tb*ir honuj hi»d It not brrn for the tnu* o the att*-ndMjt« nbo rode*rieiirt,h^th. At ft «** HT«r«1 of th« hrti »·» IM troiUbl*. and, l«:vtng t h e d«»b«d A«ay with their ri1rt-- " It I* to b* hop*»1. ho*ever, th.f the .^ Tlv»l nf the ikiinor ctrcn. « i u not, land to n rt»( J!M irach HH t L .« ,,, - bol th« fr*cr..« at .\f»b«lK7 C»ly «otiXJ .1 \n, »o Indicate t i n t t b « O i | A f "Mfj, Rui^e!" H IUM« to 1* *4i:ided more OMM owe thtoanoHapr «M »tf»*l for ttotoe niH 4wUy cwnbat. And when «e reniumber that Ciirl .Schur* hrt*l rtai-Jied niitn's H*t*te beCora ht knei* a word of the language, thi* po^ I of Kia »e*ms all tlie more remarkable · ttt m(tbt «ell b« choatn HH a, model tot tfa wba d-«4.« to ituxly V(j,i,po«itioa'th«% t*C ?"«« t-*y diacover wherein tb« « of a «r- T iJ«t fskA «tyl* IK to be found. ' I ''» It is Mid that Mr Scbn.a b" othii Ut - ary worka iu riew, the oo.-pK.ttonof **-\** --' : wlllJepsiwl npo.n the U--· he «at Mi daily bruitu^w.; Add to hip* that h« tb«M intervaja w frtqiMbt aad oVJoek. p. ·., of viid i* i, htiof a !«i ot a' ·»» 431*1 tA^iH Of tht* v-0rt, to-Wlti itf thft "Ajt_fEfi, inVl. at thfl oftyotof thfk jn^n-i \ft Wf *0* 1K ly wnrt, lU ttwrrltj of Bi*ll)»,ck. in till IMUB(JI of I Kit. l«Uh. fc h- i Mt for h«rt»«^W Milk*. ;'·« *^d mfiifr »«y ptirHjfi IktrKttH "SJ *.fS*" r tnu wfij th* . ( f. O. THAflK, of LS» C^»«ty Cxrart. t« IlorKt «f the _ t, c*n ft.ji.lfli yon ·· CHOICEwr of FiJw*n- (*'·* . :jror*-»«nt oj id1l»r »*Hl hoaw'pl' »o4fti Ao^er tecito. ^n' Jtoi - -.-»- promptly nU GREENHOUSES, MiMeiprlkMii {NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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