The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 10, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1899
Page 2
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* t- · i' STRtCTLY Calumet Baking Powder NOME 80 yGOOD tlie nvw si«jjer fieM 114 i» now (VUlrUinl !v thr Lntti-r w 'jo t wu tlu lit-ittNifnu aad -he llei-uri Tbetv i»n t a Ijeticr iif»sjjai«r niau j a i the rntf tlian btrtxter uur uu» »}«m tbe press- t»o}- w ill all GIUK- quu-kf r to j 2*e Non-Irritating T!M Easy to take «I«T u i.pera,«-- 1 Hood's Pills THE SAC«" TRICK. torn Thf« ( 1- cr IIIuBia Those who fi- ' M r\as m performing trick* at i r IH . g rxioju entertain raeuft. will Cnu - i xn_fc trick MUioU' to rhe - with for By 3L B. JEWTSLJL. -··I iit-U . u r \ ·,» ih f»- tl njl iiit. pa _u next tar If the Baby is Cutting Teeth ui thj; old and aell tried \\ al«n » Soothing Sj nip . t.-i-kiug It soothes' tbe i- *m gtia»s allnit, all pain,! »ir i (.-.jilt- and is the best rvrnedv bottle. j l.«iv or , of riboon pound tiu. ihl bi fu jjoNjtdn ft»r Diib, cme rear ., Weeidy, one rear Daily, bjr earner, per mt-oth. W O O 50 ' V\ Ai. CADKTSinr evatninaiioo of opplU-ants. for ap- ] iounj; \\hift.--lajiutrti-'i".«l to tears . Bt wh it hour in hu^KiLd couu% home ot nights \ t ilo vrhat 1 uU, I camiut k»xp awiki, and he i^ ulva,-,, careful not to Bfeine » j-arT.tle cf IHVI-* Is tbere any drag w K h protiurts wak*?falnw4s* UKl \.hife--No neixl to buy drugs. Sprinkle ti e floor with tacks. tt hil* thf H«UiBg service Is proceeding to Japan the bnde kindlt* a torch ami tbe brldegrouii ii^tlit* » fire from it and burns tbe wife « playthings. ·Speaking of gcaeral lubcituv pro- ·»' targo. Wednrvla^, May 3. rins at 10 o dock a. m will report to aw at my i Italian* posture better ii» not geawally fnllj mitotH} to w hit an extent the ln»rae-» "f the country was hrfd in restraint by ihf jrajr^ nn- certaintJ«"e created h» tht- ^Uver agitation front the jear l*Ui to tlie end of 1897 Capital was. alarmed anfl rv- fnsed to w into p-jra-ant-nt Investment tmtfl tberp Tras xune certainty as to what vht il«l be ihe future value of the dollar The consequent absence of new enterprrfs was of itself an important -otme «f industrial depression. In all direction, tbere was a contraction of ooa8unipUou. Domestic expenses were reduced, few industrial eater- prises were started: industrial plant was allowed to run on without needed repair* and with few extensions: the same rule applied to public works generally, the railroads and snipping deferred outlays for repairs and replacements; yngress and tbe legislatures tvere compelled to restrain public outlays within tbe narrowest limit possible: and besides these influences tending to tbe contraction ot trade, financial institutions were moved by apprehension to restrict their credit operations within the narrowest limits. ,, Tiros, for 8ve years, tie business of the whole cmnitry was heM in»a state: of virtual paralysis, fat that period, the ordinary wants of seventy millions of people were only partially supplied; and ia that way a vast acemnalatkm of unsatisfied requirements was postponed until pnbBc confidence was restored. That restoration set in with the defeat of the sUvec candidate of BlSfURCK ATMENEUM. ,phv«ical exanunadt»n and tim** foond - in th«» Tbe person passing tlie esaminaoon j tuost satisfactory to tUe i-xamuiing, board wdJ be uootinatpil for appoint- i ment, and tbe second bt-«i a alternate Tbe appoint?* mavt he a resident of North Dakota, between the age- of fifteen and twenty yar*. phyxieally sound, well formed ,-uid of robust i-on- "titimon. Information as to the mental requirements, etf can be obtained h* ad- drvssing me. B F SPALPLVG Fargo April t. ISO llfll IliP. Buoate from San Prana«oo to V«?w \ork Cuy NEW OFFICERS New City Officiate Qualify and Will Awtune Their Duties « a Meeting Tonight. Then came a year of crops, with the restoration of prosperity and good feeling ia tbe a^tealtniail west and south. The year I89S gave stfll more abundant crops and a consequent unparalleled surplus of exports over imparts with a. general revival of business. This change of conditions has brought orders into every market not only t» satisfy tbe liberal wants incident to the cnrrent general prosperity, bat also tat the sapplr of the accumulated wants of five successive years of postponed consumption. Tie result of this concurrence of circumstances now witness in a condition of national prosperity perhaps never equalled hi any period of onr national history, in some of tbe staple branches of manufacture the existing plant falls far below the demands of cwisamptioa, and this situation seems likely to continue indefinitely. etty officers and aldermen chosen at the annual dry election last weak fcara qualified and assumed their offices, taking the required oaths to. day, Tberfe isjtittle- change in the Ifc of officiate, only one or tw» of the ok ald«Tnea reffiring. There wffl be a special meeting of the eily council this evening, hi accordance with the usna. enstom, at which the aid council i finish the business before It and g»»«s way to the new which wfll begin upon its work. THE BIG SReW OP TUB OAYt HI. HENRY'S M GREAT MAJESTIC MODERN INSTRELS! wsimm THE MOST ORIGINAL WfQUE, NOVEL MOST EXPENSIVE OF ITS tONO ANO CUUS. HI HENRY Wateh for the grand, parade of m Henry's Kg dty Minstrel aggrega tton of fifly aff white perform*** on Tjoesday, AprD 11. on which date they e IS.^ a spare *» te «aoute fro» »aa Francisco to 3?ew York s ""- HI Heary is a veteran of the the rebeUiou and tarries by bis -"_-_--* M tattle fi«ir tinder which be toogbt the battles of his countryTM Hi Henry was promoted to mounted bearer of dispatches, in the army of. the rt^^L.^L, 0108 * ^sPW^Ms Poal- tam in the entire army forces. H3s minstrel attraction has ev*ty- jnwe been pronoanced the finest seas isnsrws __ meeung of the state veteriaar- pteee ** 6l «ad Forks Editor Mcdare tafees another whack at Editor Wmship on tbe prohibition question, and caHs to the attention of tbe Grand Forks editor that UK first attempt at prohibition was in the garden of Eden--when the apple was Ini qnestioa-and it failed. Over 900 persons have been vaccinated at Devils Lake, because of the recent small pox scare. Tbe city of steele wHl endeavor to raise $5,000 with which to pay off the bonded debt of tbe city. Senator Croaan, who has beensaffer- gfj? 0 TM CDns ? tioa of thc h*^* ** Fargo, hag so far recovered as to be out Shoplifting seems to be a fad in Fac- «. «-- - -fc£|! known young lady was i the act of porloming some articles. ALL WHITE PERFORMERS Special Excursion Train from 9*adaa to Bismarck. s«u»teMandanoa sate mt D, B. Tajlor's S arekoosate * t p: c - Ewall « t S5,50, Tioents and ft* Cbfidtm ...XEW { Millinery Store! Whatn Brildlij«, Jlain St. · triMi 1m? Satirfay. · Utest StylisTa Millinery asd \ ...Millinery faate.. Urt* MM of tri»n»sd h»ts .oahaatf at*H timss IB Triifflieg fm of Cbrft ~ Vo two bate trimmed alike ' You propv* ' in a Kict n ith t 1 neck ·« th»ii ' | thi* px r^on i*) ^ t out I FurthiTJt -^ \uu ·viy that j»u «ill seal tfcc nb!xn n k ti-i 1 u\ In box anU p^. tb«? k t j tti a ...eutkjiian in the sudi enw Th» trick i« tn make ;uxjther person, t who ait oj tJ^ fa x prrrloos to a curtain t beir.g drawn u\cr, cbanfiti plaoe« p*«rl«e!y with t IK- OIR- acalml up In the sack without brooking t:-t »t-al ur cLuoojring tho «s^k. To tl i thto you i«n»t Dr»t ubt.iin a IOIJB sack (atxut 5 feet « Inches long). »ith a somewhat tltwp be.i, at tlw top Twenty wxliKbesof ribbon hbould he prcm«l and, cnrting it In fcaif, sew ca«h piece to tbe enda of a pleoe of d«stic tbo sunc width to tbe rlbbua, bnt untr itt inches long, Has-ins doa« this, insert the ribbon and elastic mto the hem of tbo sack, baviiiK- thtf «Uv-;ic exactly opposite the slic in tbe hem Upon one of the performers getting into tbe sack, poll ihe mouth of tbe «~ck level with the neck and, drawing th* ribbon in the bttm light to the neck, tie a few knots and ba\e tb«a sealed. It eeems impossible for tbe person in the sack to get out without either breaking tbe ribbon or damaging Use sack, bat, owing to tbe elastic stretching, toe peison in the «nck ·imply has to uae a little care-in stracehlog the elastic in tbe hem and so opening the month of tbe sack is quicily able to step oat. Tbe one ijittiog on tbo bos bas a duplicate key, so that directly the curtate is palled over the bos la unlocked and tbe ·act trick performed. The new occupant of the sack takes his place in tbe bos. which la again locked. The tnck i* equally effective without the use of tbe bos. FIRST VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD. ·BSellu* trtnm^kMl Timmit.** ··« With an expedition splendidly fnrnUlied by Emperor CbarksV, Magellan sec sa0 on Aog 10,1518. He croewd tbe Atlantic, toncbed at the bay of Bio de Janeiro, fflade his way southward, repxnssd SST- ageqr a dangerous mnttoy, sad oa Oct. 8J entered the strait which beam his name. Oa Nov. 88 be passed out of it with only three of bis five vesieU left and Amnd Mmself and bis rejoicing craws in tbe Pacific. Hefett that be bad racce-ded, «mt be hod miacalniatod the vast extent of the new ocean and, sailing on for days and days, hi some fathtaa missed the oomjttea* Islands of the Rjdflc and did not flee land anttl be reached tbe little groop which he called the I^drone* because tbe inhabitants stole a boat from Wm. There Be lingered* short ame,ei- tifc* at BotBor mthecoriooa harbor of 'Gushan. From the Ladrones. which wen diocov- eredMatthe, 1381, the weary voyage ws* continual nntU a new arcbipelaao was reached, OB the fifth Stmday of Lent BONNETS GOME HIGH At Easter, but the women must have'* them, so what can the poor man *? ' StyfUh shoes, however, which are just as necessary to a well-dressed woman, come surprisingly low when you consider their many good points--that is OUR shoes, of course. We always carry i a full line of the latest styles on our ' shelves, and the prices will enable you to pay more for that "dear of a hat." W. T. BEST illtSili; :i; A Few Donts to be Remembered as Precau- . . . tions Against Fire . . . P. E f ^.Bismarck Bank. Only Snpcrior Companies Represented. Agent fof Home of «ew York. New York Uwltmriter*, Alliance Intttrwoce other own. SNYDER ft POLLARD ---- , o en Gmdvially a» magnitude of tbta new discovery hecaBw appareat, and ^-^"rn named tbe new group in honor of St. Laz- arntv out who» day It was disooTerei Tbey landed a» Mii^ aDBT made their way to Ceba, flattered themselves that they had converted and mbdned tits Inhabitants, and then, buoomiBg ivolved m a t**bfl WM, Magellan was killed, and his chosen successor, Serrano, was left behind to death and torture, Twoghigr escaped, one going east, and one, tbe Victoria, under Elcano, which feft Timor on Feb. 11, sailing still to the westward. On Sept 6, 1523, alter many hardshlpa and perlta, tbe Victoria roacbed Spain, and s gnat "ravage, tbe first which circled 4b« globe, second only to that of Columbus in conception and beyond all in tbe daring displayed and tbe distance traversed, came to an end.--Harper's Maga- YOU ABE COBDIAIAY IXVITED T« SMOMS » «Mik«r of th« ·f HOME HEALTH CLUB. THE lirrBB OCKAJT PCS, Co.: * «»««»« Healti The North iba.kAA vdanteers were selected out of L3oo picked tnen-to make an advance with General Lawton and flear toe enemy's eonntrv-- which shows tliat tbe boys are made of the njrht «tnff-and the officers ia command know it There wa*. a Wind pig raid in Poster eoanty the other day and the Independent objects to the slur cast upon States Attorner SobUaj. who was ig. nored in fbe uiatte* Tbe Emmons County Eepubiican has Passed from tlie control of C A. Patterson to that of Editor Streeter and Ja nwstown Alert says- lawyers wurorndy pronooace the TwicheU nneoastitnaonaJ. 11. W. HEALY. [HOUSE, SIGN - te sti6ed before at Oraad Forks, in the! of Tonrteiot vg. Whitoed, a ease * ^ Grand Forks no CAMIAOE PMnriRe, ....Calcimining | antf Paper Hsaf^nf GLASS AND OU2INO. 3IHBn« Co are involved. t. PATTBRSOV first Xatemal Bank Block. Fi-«tPnblicarionFpb.3 VTE OF NOBTH DAKOTA. COtSTV OF " 10 dwtnct ""**. »«l judicial . ·' i Danwl Cr mmin dvtmdant, i I T»A ata*.. ..f Vt-Ak. T^_l .. SomaoIL ' Bank Block. . One of Scott's faToritcT»al:i« IB tbat of making foreigners or aoedacatrd people mangle actual names In a verycomfeway, In Boosters wivcl's mouth poor Me. Bbrt- tergowl becomes Dr Bladderfiowl and Dr Bothcrhowl, while, en revanche, Dauster- swlrel's own name la gloriously mangled by Edle Ocbiltree-- Unstasdsnivte, Dnster- deevfl, Doustcrdcevil, DunkerswiTel, Das- tersnlrel, and, best of all, Dmtansaovel Betnerhowl aad BtMtaluboTel! Then look at the delteionfr way in wblcli Mr*. Blower meddles Dr. Qtjackleben'» name-- Dr Cockleben, Dr. Cackleben, »r. Kfckaipin, Dr Klttelbcri, Dr Kittlepls, Dr. Kite£ ben, Dr. Kickherben. Hero is aa "atr with variaUons" indeed! -- Notes and Qaeries, IIAETBT HARRIS. **"· SST4TB ATD ^, R ^ Fir«t S atton«l Bank Blxwk Toa-DaoietCnroma- are hen-bv to to answer tb^eoa-plamt ui ftis «ctK,n ·errp a copy of yonr an»»OTo|»n their office in Bumarck. ra and .tate afoiwud. of TEHERONHANOS JBats. .Atttee«niyi 1 «»il»»oBklbeion!«llo«r, setts* I eoald not Me Oca u »n, ux! wen m ·Mtrtbu elesr WM*T, rm, amutRt Eke flre. tttt*miont my «rta«. seek, madface. I lud C?.*TM 1 ** 1 iL?T* cilir »' *!*«« benefit. I f fMv boctitt ot Ccnccti: Octrees* (oiuam^snl tte. Bn^tnoMad ·*·*··. sma.CB«ar.-u- j T / n T HUtorr. A Irttte bo? w«a wafting with bis moth^^ ^^^ **** P 888 ^* 1****- sfon of scboolgtrta, arracged to order according to their ages. Tb« nkirtsof tb* pupil* varied in tengtb accoidlng to their year^aeyoaBgert having the ·bortest. tlie oldest tbe Jongest And the boy laid *o hte mother. M be remarked tiUph*. nomeaon wttb intxxet cnrkntty ^^ "Mamraa, wby do girfa* legs grow shc«er M **rt t '**"' 0 tniijflm_K A r'oTITRAJFK. T, . _ . |»«»t]fr« a*t»rMT. Bwmsrck V. B Dated Febroa ry ZSUi 1SW. Tk« . "Tbe w««aer," mid tb* oldest inhabitant, -s not what it used to be when J was s boy *' "F* Oat natter," comimmted tin ·mart young man, "tbe what it was ctndd n o b e SB boor. : First PuNkatios April 4. 1«« C U,T. FOR STATE BONDS Nonr-e is hereby giTen^hat the un ner^tsmed. treasurer of the --fate of North Dakota calls in the following «i«cril«d brmds for payment and can- ceilatioa agreeable to an option and provision ID said bonds contain^ twenty-thrw bonds dated May L 38S8. numbeted from ow to twenty tbrce inHortve. twenty two of said bonds beics foe one thousand lollar« p«fb *»] one for seven hundred doOars, i»- fw^J by TwrttoiT of Dakota for the nnlversltv of North Dakota at Grand Fork*. Dakota Territory AJ1 of tbe above bonds being delivered to X W Harris * Company. Principal and interest payabte st th* Chemical Xa- ttensl Bank, New York. AD interwt *» ?»« b^* I** ««»e on and aftsr N.D,lfa«*2BUa». 1. W. DRI8OOLL. of th* state of North Dakota. _.Tte well knjwn Eignnh , Tigbe Hopkins, began his Ittenay career as an all pcrand man on a local newspaper. One day an article on tbe agricultural oat look wa» required. Mr Hopkins protested tbat be knew nothing of farming and bad not time to interview the farmers. "What books have yon bere?"wssthe sharp inquiry "A Bible, Shakespeare and XnttalTf Dictionary " "What more do yoa want*" returDed the chief coolly "Qoahesd with the tender" _ Tk« CfcUd's ««ntl«ms. Bom with every child is a dlnpositkm to ask questions, which, tf-aUowed to be fully gratified, makes tbe youngster a perfset nuisance. Tbe scolding or impatient par. ent never succeed* in patting down tbe questioning A wise sad patient one may do so by answering to a Judtefcras man- VKT tt is not wise to answer the same qnewion over and oter agate, for that tends to stunt tbe, growth of a child's memory. Questions from a child sbouW never be allowed tointrode upon a conversation of it* elders. c ' « ; a n w Subscribe ** once and get the special lesson Sip · Painting,,, Pla»» the ejf« «od pra- r MT».-- JOHN HAASSEN, I «UUtA«C«. WOOD- tee- . OATS . SBORTS Cot. Second and Broadway. I^^coo^tocsrrjreisctrtewlfBS far elevator ao4 mine cages areformsdof ssartosof paper itngswoand sptrsily witk jps^e»vered wltt s woven^Se, tls ^ »««»» bjsl ; Didn't Wmmt to Be R«4e. £bf wa» plunged In tbougist and paid no attention to what be wag «aytog. Bnt sbo fathered ht«clf togetber Jastss be *»» ««ring 'I wag la Hawaii," "whydkte t yon stay there*" *h« asked, feeling that she ratwt say sometbintt of ho wooW think her rode.--Sew York Cean- awrcial Advertiser Vl«1i« B* Wen*. Tbe ra«hion a man has of keeping bit bswUln bfspocketa fa, pernap?^t ete- gsnt. but it is not morally culpable, at i* the pr-ottee of ptitttB* W. hand* in tbe pockets of dome one else.--London Judy. ...Rr5t National Bank KOSTIl DAKOTA. fe «. LITTLE, . P. ». ""MICK, Vie. . ». «. PTE, As.t CssMsr . Pafd on Buklnc AJfClKffT ORDKti VftlTXD VOaKMSJf \ ' \S'«*S9*«S!3»3gS SAFES. SAFES* 1 I QEO. C. QARROW, *gsot, St. Flrsand burglar proof safes, vaalt doors, ssfe deposit rsulto, steel j«Jl ceil*, «c. · WSP WSPAPLRI

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