The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1900 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1900
Page 2
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TtE tflltL U«rr TOWS. ·Ma*? ,··«··' Writ«« of *.*«·(* t»»*t Ma4 to of tt« T is l 1SMAS FAMIXK HKK.*S. FIGHTING OLEOMARGARINE. ttiGS S3 A WttfX. ;».'. »eI th«r* Cat *Ix ms.-r«*sth watery. 8"r?o*t Jfcec tr*'li feo will »i: «:*" tu '-fce ".V ctttaiy \v.i. i-f TWO soatfc* «o * - 7 it ·viiih c.* err* spun in i».i to* Jervcr of znidscaoivr. What * wxiccber it ha* NWL! It ca* entirely killed the rtrmw- t*=.ri« and MXix-hed ihs pca» I« ba* si»i*th» ic* m*n happy ass tse ta be joyfc! has to t* weil :c«st ifeoojth sosie that what k*ei* oct to* cold will keep OB; th« he*t The hoo»w »r* well ·«·- ·oat*! with Ju!y t f a r , at* ffc* f«-*iy fiy tticitih ck»tr than a trot her Mu*- ;"a:to«* are not co pletilaL. bet ihe e»t- erptllar i« lorU of the jrarde*, ** well u the bag* i the potato patch. Bui uide f zvuu i tic hut ware, wt- are glad we are Imcg ic tbi* neck of the wood* « Society if taking a well-earned r«tt, except for a cool dance on the mono lam cr a piccic in tbewooda. Everybody is home from school, and the new *chool- house ha* reached the basement. The house- warming will occur tome time before the next century dawns. Madame Grundy i« taking a vacation, at tout it *e*3« to. t th«r« isn't enoorhcoMip Scaling to convene any of the societies. Barrett is finishing, with good re»o5U. Wheat jnmps and fallt. Your "Uncle Hez"i* miking up hu fall ·wardrobe, preparatory to the presidential cam- patgs. Sunnier villas are foil, and judging from the empty beer keg* that *et on the cnrtwtoae* Monday morning* it is evident many people are full. And tb* Emancipation picnic and the Frederick fair come on apace. · Aad what of the week:- There were trolley paitiw. general danoei and select daoon on the brow of Oa toe tin. I am told there waa plenty of ioe water, but I wouldn't wonder if demijohns were in the hamper*. Maryland school teacher* had their *n»n»i outing down at the npw Chantanqoa. Harvest sopperi bare been a source or pleaiare to Tiiitori, The Fourth was noted for hot weather, considerable powder and fireworks, fish- ine along the Monocaoy and a general jollification. The fire laddies won lanr- reU at both Hagerstown and Martina- burg. Braddock Heights was jubilant with pretty girls and sky rockets. A good many persons saw ittarsbafore they got home straight. Athletic park had a big time, base ball was fully ripe, and generally speaking the gad-a-bonts had a right merry time. Around the world we hear of terrible times in China, famine in India and the like. The Republicans are bappv over the McKinley and Roosevelt ticket. I wouldn't wonder IS Jesse Clagett got to be one of the Rough Rider's Cabinet, in case Teddy gets in the chair. Democrats have been stewing over their nominations on a sixteen to one platform. After considerable fever over it, Bryan has actually been put up with Stevenson as a mate. In case of his election Joe Chew looks for a pageship at the White Heuse. Now that both tickets are filled we'll await further events. * Around our own county we rejoice to hear of the good missionary work of Colonel Baoghman. TTo are happy that the wheat harvest is good and the peach crop promiiing. The Clarion has pat on a clean frock, not before it was needed. The Valley Register has brushed up its flag to greet my first trolley party. I expect to attend Allen Grumbine's and Billy Tyler's picnics, with many festivals thrown in between. So when you don't see use in town you'll know that in some wildwood of the county I am climbing the peach trees or gathering huckleberries. « Next week I invite your attention to the anniversary of the Battle of Monoo acy. The Board of Appeal will meet to consider the taxpayers' grievances. Dog days will begin, and that means continued warm weather. Maryland bankers will go to Bine Mountain to get a cooling breeze. Anybody that has the wherewithal can go to the seashore cheap for two weeks. Those who haven't the necessary spondnlix might as well stay home. There will be plenty of picnics and mountain parties, with preserving in between. And if any thing startling should offer itself watch for its announcement in these columns. « So now with a cordial welcome to the fiery month of July I'll bid you adieu till the eve of the middle of the month. Myersville chickens are ripening and Middletowm ham is all ready to be baked, BO look out for the exclusive parties over the mountain's brow. MARY JAXE. Xe»«" ' Mr. Cil*tti Willctt. | BUKBAV June '.*. j ! tav« :e*t returned from another i acd EiT^t txt*tr}~3 tcor of th» famine i districts and with sain* o-rn eyes have aeard cf the »a2enng ami distr*** yf . ttt*c »:arncR people Ctildrtc wan-' dencg aboat like chips adrift oc the | s*a, people dying along *n« roadside J t hroagh ti**r lack of food, jaekaJ* and vulture* fea*Ung cpon hamaa tt«*h-- all th««« jtnii«r«*r«- ociv too true The laed ·wanc with multitodiooo* tomed to to* *ic«t of rtotuachs hollow- j *d out hke b**iD*. There u nothing i rozcastic la hi* form of *off«riojr, for j itarvation, 10 Iu vuuble form, ii um- ply and only hwlemu. The de*th r«t« U appalling, dMpile the fact that th« Ckverome/l U doing itb lev*! b«ct to cave hitman life. The money raited aod KE by England u doing a lot of jrood. bnt the money the* ·ent is not yet cntacient to cover the widespread dictre** nor the mnltitae of uni un the {j*rt of the native* in charge of the relief work*. It is a pleMare to add, however, (hat the fond* tent here by the people of America nnd entrusted to American mi**ionarie* re*cbea tho cofferer* in a UNFINISHED TALES. 9torle« Thst Aatbora It ImpoMible to Flnlih. The inability of an author to finish a piece of work that bt has engage! to do and has already actually begun is not so very uncommon a Uiinp. It is said that Dickens began "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" without any clear conception iu liis mind of how the story was £oing to turn out and that had ho aot died, lea via:; it unfinished, lie would have found almost any ending difficult to reconcile ·with certain hints contained in the earner -baptcrs. V»"e reiueajlH r a ralLt-r curing ia^.iDM iJ the same port a? having happened a food many years .iso. when th e!].-r Bonaer was editincr the New York Ledger. A very injjK-ruiiioi!;- literary roan yosit to Bonne- ;he fir^t chapter? of ;i n--t ir str»rj- whu-b cave jroaiie of ns jn«t the ·'ort of thing \vhi--h readers of The Ledger used to Tbe story was accepted and ran on un- latenr.pie-lir and rery mccessfnlK for about four v.-«ets. -when all of a sudden the author"? invention gave out. For the life *f him ho tould not go on with the tsle, and be had to go to Mr. Bon- oer and say so frankly.. The next number of The Ledger appeared without the expected installment of the story, btit with a brief note to tie effect that, owing to the sndilfU iiinesf o£ its author. Us further pnblication wru temporarily enspend- ed. This was to give that embarrassed person a chaw* to recover his inspiration. Mr. BoTsner asked him to dinner, tr.ok Kim Driving and Jn vari- ow wa^ tried to brace him up for further work, but = * was of no ase. Re elroply c»uid not v on, and K the rut of tht story never taw the light-' Y«tt CtownMI AdrerbKr. J , HUM ..».._,.. TM ~ *·* ...~ . . American dollar* go farther and do more good than the same amount in English money. The scene* I hare witnessed are heart- rendering in the extreme, and surely they *«rve to emphasize the fact that the help of the American people is sorely needed. The money sent here from the United State* through the Christian Herald is doing an amazing amount of good. And still more money is needed, for the rainy season approaches and Heaven only know* how thete unsheltered sufferers are tobenred. At the poor-house near Kadiad I found 1,200 people, many of them down with the cholera, dysentery and other disease* common to a famine poor-house. The place was fearfully malo lorons and the patients In tb» hospital were shamefully neglected. The condition of things at another poor bouse, about fifty miles from Ka- diad, was infinitely worse. The stench of dead bodies filled tne air. Oar verv clothing was impregnated, and we carried the dreadful odor away with us. Cholera patients were wallowing in the mire. One woman, whose mind had given way, sat staring vacantly at the scene of misery all around her. Oat of 874 patients admitted in 1(S days,.all but 30 had died. At another relief camp, near a place called Vansar, I found 7,000 people at work building a reservoir--tanks they are called here. There was no shelter provided for day or night, the whole 7,000 people being compelled to work in the full glare of the fierce son, prepare their meals and eat in the sun, and finally, at night, to sleep on the ground without blankets, with only the sky for a roof. At the poor-bouse in Ahmedabad, my attention was first directed to 200 applicants, who were seated around the gate without shelter, and who, the superintendent said, would be kept there twenty-four hours under observation, to determine whether they developed signs of cholera. Ont of 145 patients in the hospital, IS had been incinerated that evening. In walking through the wards wo discovered six dead bodies on the cots. The ceiE day I called again and found five more dead bodies on the cots, and in response to an inquiry, learned that those who died after the oorpes are removed in the morning remained oc the cots in the hospital until evening, v hen the time came for the burning of the dead. At the sight of a fiook of vultures, one of our party got out of the carriage to ascertain the occasion for the gathering of the winged scavengers, and found in a ditch two dead bodies about to be consumed. All this territory and more too has jnit been covered by Dr. Louis Klopacb, who, during the last four weeks, ha* been the foremost person of interest in the famine stricken area. With untiring activity he has carried out his determinations to ascertain for hinuelf and for the thousands of American people who contribute to the Christian Herald Famine Belief Fund the trut state of affairs in this blighted land. Within the last few days Dr. Klopsch has received a letter from Lord Northcote, Governor of Bombay Presidency, promising a speedy investigation into the matter of employing nursing mothers and pregnant women on relief works, in violation of the Famine Code. In this letter Lord Korthoote says: "May I once more thank you and your countrymen most warmly for all you are doing; and assure yon that India will never forget the kindness and generosity of the American people." GILFOS WIU.STS. EXCHANGED OVERCOATS, At Fir»t by Accident sad Then to R e c t i f y the Error. "Ciieer shhiycs have happened to me !n Chicago." said the robber goods nu». "but perhaps the queerest of all was the way I lost and found my overcoat last winter. It was all the fault of the check boy. He gave me out what 1 took to be my coat as I was reniiy to go to tiv depot. It fitted me ail right, anil so :;d the gloves In the pocket- It was not until 1 hoarded the train that I found some letters which proved that I had the wrong coat I bad a lower berth for Detroit. The upper berth passenger came Jn after a bit, and as be sat down he «Ud: - -Well, I thought 1 would Ret oat of rbicago This tiaac without anything happening, bat I'm disappointed-Through some Locus pocus or other I've lost coy overcoat--that 5s, I've rssie ~~ exchange with some OP*-" " 'Just say case,' I replied. " 'Where did yon stop? 14 'At the Auditorium.' " 'So did I.' "Well, he had my coat, and 1 had b!?." continued the rubber goods man, "anJ 5t toe!: osly R minute to effect the exchange. We were both bound for Detroit. bo;b Intended to put up at the same hotel and both had business w'.th the same firm. It was a qneer thing, taken all around, but, as I said at the beginning, there la no place like Chicago for surprises, A year ago I was hurrying along State street with the crowd when I ran plump Into a man whom I bad left for dead In Mei- leo three yaars before, and the first words be epoke was to tell me he wac hard up and dun n» for fC I owed bin!"--Wa*U«U» Pc*t Mar 'i'Lv ;."::.»--:. ^v.!^!i::ns JLat tl»*r ln-v«-i;; ,aw - -ixuii^t t^v ^^^k of Lut- tr =.-.( *;·".!.- 'Jii-f.i.f f - '·-.'.· r'v«!. i-s\i L A S;« i.". *!! ^ 'it- l-!.:i;ia i-'ara..-.-. £ - « f a tt." ff«-B* iKlif?- Ull. » «,·? *JLJJ. ?*···*** ·--: L.X '-' '''.-"!.·* i-t ·'-· li^:-. is I^L:{, ,:r:,r i» r t [",*·-:;/ l !_.».· a rui ·; - n«T, a f_vrv L2.L.ltvl '.a .^.-t. " Hit t!.* butUT fV. t.j ^-.-l law? fwr t£.i: 1-ut i.;. u licit* "tiUt" lu tt.t 1 nz. ·-«· i.uw ;u:-t.lT awl vr.'tii ccrtasu- ty t.'..- .,-Si«-*-r ,i f»-!- S«u w!U Liy^ i.:.':. «iu%\i. asid ile»trvr his i»rv|«-ny. N-j cr, t:M« to »f«?l fbt- Toftt-d States district atio. M-) to iiruMt-irt«r hit:.. No. sir! Ilr U trw-^l x-j;\ »-ttxJ auU ra.V^aii- -i to the jM-c;t-n:..;r In kbon orucr. Now. why thin il-ff«r«-iii *·? Why can *rh^k.y tiifii Kti such prviupt and tbor- o'licb irt-'.Ut tloa tu their l)U»Joebj, while ttw tiuttt-r u-jkt-r v-au get uo protection at all? U i: U--ause wlilsky Is Tuore valuatiie ttinl tuore uect-jmary to the well U-iu£ ami futtifurt nm! happiness of tiif [x-upW than Kuod houest butter? No. It U because the wlilnlcy men are thoroughly orgaulreO ami ready and dHi-rmiued t« down w i t h their votes their demands. No [H-titlim for them. Tliey dou't pettUun; they demand. Ronietlii»-H they get Kl^natures to a pruper bettlriK forth of what they want and hand or »en«l It to the proper public officials. When the official receives the document, he know* exactly what it means, fur It tells him between the lines that If he don't go "right" be bulldx h)R nolttlrnl sarcophagus wide autl deep, ami-- well, he does "right** every tiui?. There Is no politics or sentiment In whisky. Let nny party enact lawn Inimical to It. and the makers and dealers fro over to the opposition In a body. The politicians know this; hence they get such laws as they want and get them enforced. Is there any such cohesion among farmers or dairymen? About Batter Making;. When I was a boy, nearly every one tuvr.-L-u ni cvtr.v liiiug, ia3 *V. L. Camp In The I'mlrle Farmer. They guessed at the temperature, for there were no thermometers hi that part of the country. They guessed at the time of night nnd day, for no one had a clock or wntch. When 1 ~wns very younp. I worked by tho month for well to do farmers and bad a great deal of churning to do. Sometimes the butter would come In a few minutes and be yellow and nice. Again 1 would chtrrn an hour, the housewife In the meantime adding eold or hot water as she judged necessary. I remember of thinking that there ought to be some way of knowing how to moke butter so It would always come In about the same length of time and always look the rame Instead of coming white and soft one time nnd the nert time perhaps hard and yellow. There was a great deal of good butter made at that time, but It was considered the result of good luck. A good many of the fanner* make butter In just this way at the present time. Later In my life It became necessary for me to again do the butter making. At this time 1 sent somewhere in the east for dairy information. In a short time 1 received some papers full of valuable Instructions. 1 was told the value of a thermometer, how to feed and care for my cows, how to milk, how and where to set thcfmtlk, when to skim and the Importance of stirring: the cream when new cream was added. 1 learned what ripening-meant nnd the Importance of dolug It right, how to churn and when to stop, how to saJt nnd work the butter. It Is Inexcusable for butter makers not to know all these things at the present time. I made ?55 worth of bnt- ter that winter and sold It for 6 cents a pound more than others were getting. Balanced Ration* For Btlllf Production. Most farmers now understand the necessity of giving milk producing food to the milk cow If .-he is to keep up her production, but many do not pay any attention to the food given to ewes and cows when they are suckling young, and they go to one of the two extremes, as may hare been their previous habit of feeding or ns may be the food they have or can buy at the lowest price. The result Is that while one man will have the mothers growing fat while the lambs and pigs are not growing at all because they do not have milk enough another will have them looking plump and round at the expense of the dam who turns all her food Into rn^k. There is as much need of a balanced ration for them that will cause a good milk production and at the same time keep up a fair amount of flesh ntid strength ns there Is for the milk cows. Milk Kro»u Farrow C«rrr». The milk of cows that have long pn?sed the season of greatest production, which Is soon after farrowing. Is much richer In butter fats than that Kbich the same cows give soon after dropping their calves, says The American Cultivator. If they had not been bred, the milk also usually contains more of the albuminoids also. For this reason It Is harder to digest, and. as cows' milk vs nt best unsuited to the stomach of a young Infant, that from new milk cows, where procurable, !s always to be preferred. The rcilk of the cow is too rich in fats, causing the Jn- Zs^i tc diroT7 !t "U 1 ^ sect! c^tcr t^tin " - * quantity. It may be improved by diluting !t with warm water made quite sweet with pure sugar. Even farrow cows* milk thns preparea may be used with safety if the infant is oMisred to suck it through a tube, through which it can cot a smaJ! srr.cnst at s tins*. - \4vtce* of l»fer*«t ftom Iaw- Sooi* very interesting matter coo- ·r%:c^ th* c-oaduioc* in Dawson City tc* Yckoa d^trit; is farnuhed ta* j tJutt Ltei«rtiD«ct in a recent r*iwrt frx^ Uiuui S?att* Cocsa! J. C. Me- It 1* PerftctlT Reliable. "We h»ve soM many different cootrb rem- «lies. but nore ha* fiven better ssti'Jiction thin Chamberlain's ' »»rs Mr. Charles Holz- h»ner. Drueelst. Newark. N. '.1. "It is perfectly safe *n5 can be relied upon hi all cases of couth*, colds or hoarseness. Sold by A. JU Pearre. An Epidemic of Diarrhoea. Mr. A. Sanders, writing from Coconnnt Grove. Fl».. ·sar? there ha* be«n oalte an epidemic of diarrhoea there. He bad * severe attack and was cured by four do*es of Chamberlain's Colic.Cholera and Diarrhea Reaaedr. Be *ayi he alto recommended it to others and ther say it It tha b*»t medicine they ever us«3. x'or sale oyA. L Pesrw, Prow!*: heitiT-,. "u be^tanic? ID l · lauto apprArailOr- are aov oesog pfe;«red for that is, f'jr waesiag thsgold from the large damp* of earth sake a oat of the claim* daring the winter month*. Keeidec'i are very laccb gratified at (be exotitenl m»ii M^-VIC*. liu xa*ii corning and going reKalarir every week all through the winter; letter* only, however, from the Uoit«dSiat-». Mail* were brought in IBIS vlater from Bennett in *cven dart; next seaaon it will take n*« d*y* from Skagway. Provinoiu are a little cheaper la ·ome liar* thi* ipnng. There i*. hovr- e\«, DO change in «*t of living-- per month fur board in a fairly guod hotel and f 100 per month for a bedroom. Egg* (froMOJOo»t fc 50 to tJ per dor whole- Bale. Orange* cost fSO per case of HO and retail it $1 each, and apple* (.not very good) oo*t 50 cent*. The licec« on saloons has been reduced from 12.600 per annum to f 1,500. Two dollar* a gallon duty it a*ce*ii6d on wines, liqoon and beer brought into the A. UM,^ib* * V 4 A a b V 4 J · All kind* of boat* are being fitted up to convey people to Cape Nome, bnt a* many people omine into Dawson this winter ai went ODE. There are reliable report* a* to the riche* of the Koynk Btction. Several parties have left here in the put ten days for the Koyok, going over the ice to below Fort Yukon, then overland some 175 mile*. Bennett, British Columbia, the starting place for the winter route to Dawson. is a small town of some 500 inhabitants and i* the present southern terminal of the White Pass and Yukon railroad. By next August the railroad will be completed to White Horse, seventy miles nearer Dawson. Prices at the best hotels are $3.50 to |4 per day, according to whether TOO occupy an "upper or lower bonk." The price of horse, sled and harness averages $150. Some 600 horses came over the trail this winter, freighting and carrying passengers. One has to take along enough horse feed to last him on the trip, which can be made easily in ten to twelve days. White Horse is to be the terminal o! the railroad next August. The road will be finished then, and in summer stesuners will leave there for Dawson, the ran being made ia a couple of days. White Horse will in time be the center of a great copper-mining district. Companies are organized to pat ap smelting works, and the Canadian Bank of Commerce has established a branch there. The trip should- not be undertaken at this season; from the 1st to the 10th of March is as late as one should come in over the ice. In the months of December, January and February the trail is always in good condition, and fast time can be made. Ventilation and Air Current*. While the milk room should be well ventilated those who still use the open pans should be careful that there is not a direct current of air blowing over the pans, says The American Cultivator. There are two reasons for this. The outside air Is not pure and sweet It may be ladeu with dust or It may bear with It odors which are not desirable In the butter or bacteria that will produce bad flavors or early decay. But even if the air is all right it toughens the surface of the cream so that in churning It does not break with the rest, but either goes away in the bnttermilk or mixes Into the batter, usually most of it doing the latter, and then the butter is filled with white specks which are simply sour cream that will not only Impart an undesirable taste to the butter, but cause it to become rancid very quickly. We learned this by a little unpleasant experience of our own many years ago, as we have k-arued some other things, and we advise our friends to be warned, before they have to pay for the lesson; One may remove these particles of tough erinm by straining the whole through a fine sl»ve, bnt it is easier not to have them. Place a screen between the window and the milk shelves If It Is necessary to open the windows to cool or ventilate the room. Beware of Ointment* fbr Catarrh f bat contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely deranee the whole system when entering It through the oracons surfaces. Snch articles should never be used ejf cept on prescriptions from reputable physicians. as. the ilamace they will do is ten fold to the stood yon can possibly derive from them Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney Co- Toledo. O.. contains no mercury. and ii taken internally, aottne directly npon the blood and mucous surfaces on the system. In buying HaH'sCatarrh Cure be sure you eet the genuine. It is taken inter nally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Drnjnrists. price 7oc. per bottle. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Say you saw it ia The N«w» Uncle Sam knows a good thing when he sees it. There is always a BEST way of doing things. The American people are never satisfied unless they have the "TEKT BEST." The best dinner in this town today will be cooked on a gas range. STOVES AT COST. No charge for setting up. The net rate for fuel and illaimnating pas, when both are used, will be $1.2£ p»rthoii«- *nd. ISABELLA GAS WORKS 35 WEST PATRICK STREET. He ware. Thtf e conte a lizae to BG vomea ·when tbey soust face the f satrr« of wife- bxi ac'i irotherbuC'L Wual »?·» future |. t :^ » for them drptod* largely » ~. . * , . upOK Ui«:;Jc.vtv To t h e aad of narr-j-tge ere a MBCELLAKBl a :« cf *" oo S7. Ccc-e twt »«* ta^ct. sf NOAH E. CRAMER. REAL ESTATE. 1C AN AND INSURANCE. HluHEST CAfcE I'KICES PAID KOH -. STOCKS. J1OBTGAGES. .'L'DG- J4ENT*?. SOTES E^TAITS ;r ra^ "s Eocdf bcstd br Tnm ?.§ To 3. vntrotn «cf. fcrrag frc«n trreg- Vi war* '.O save THE B££. 5 »^c ^ j*r ceci. ^Z -^ SA tfc IE »i«5 of tbe : HOUSE p»ovc a misery such exists Dr. Pieic«'* Parorite i"re»«_rip- tioo can be u*ed with th* ucuraace that heahh will speedily be re' U U the ; can give a jpcaractet on its goods ; aiwavs stand bj its prod nets and « Wh«s« I w:ti new Kood* any article that fail* to i ' jTive et'ut; satifrfa-nion. This is the way j i we gcaracree oar goods. By this method j 4?i.-- hr..- (JrretUrz ^.v N Martci S jii.-- f r.xtii. »/ xerc*, \. Tktimonu viz.-- l s r ijiaj i-a VS. re:.;;: fct. ' kiae koown to medical acieoce for th* cure of diseases which affect the -delicate womaalv organs. " F a v o r i t e Pn- aeription" i* a noo-alcohotic medicine and i* also free from opium cocaine and other narcotic*. · At a» early Max* of mamn! life." writes Mr*. Ftera Am. of Dana*, Jackaoa Co.. Wo.. -I was mMr fcodurtd with attend period*, ateo a troublnomc drain watch naderra me TCTT wtak and unfit for work of aar kiod. 1 bccam* to · t-t_ .1..... .**« *.~.t.(_~. *_A ,~r*»*K... .V.« Air* ttat. itr htiiiiinrt $*camc alarmed and got me a bottle of 'Favorite rreseriptioo. 1 After to a»w tte woad*rl ikcta of that one be fat ·* two mon. and after I oacd thoae up there w*» n» mofe p*ln, and I beno to gain in Uta Tery rmpidly. I ow* all prafte to Dr. Merc* and U* wonderful curative madldaea. · Dr. Pierce'* Medical Adviser sent fre* on receipt of stamp* to pay cost of mailing only. Send ai one-cent stamps for book in paper covers, or 31 stamp* ia ·loth to Dr. E. V. Picrc*. Buflalo, K. T. have a eojBplei« stock of Watches, Clocks, and Jewfeiry that is up to toe times in style* and fair prices. Fine Watch and Jewelry RepairiEg, that i will give perfect satisfaction. High j grade Engravipg in all in branchw. Interested parties will find it greatly w their advaatage- to inspect oar goods and repairing and compare the price*. WHJJAM~L SIMEONS, NO. T. N. MAKKET STREET. E STRAY.--TAKEN UP ASESTRAY on mr farm reeeaitir one cow arJ four JC.UDK cat:lt. Owner can e« «ame by pay ice all expeascr. John Klipp, near Hitli Koob. Tg OARD CITY ASSESSMENT. Notice If hereby elven that the Board of Aldermen of Frederick. Aid., will sit as a board of apreal. at the office of the City Reei=ier. on MONDAY. JULY 9. 1900. at 0 o'clock p. m.. and continue each evening until the 13th. adjourning at 9 o'clock p. m. Acy tax pajer who m»r feel aerieved at tho valuation made oy tub Cits T^z CuEui£lAdIui.£ra. rc0ci.llj ^it- tine. mar appeal to the board whose decision In the case will be final. Don't neslect this. By order, ^ WILiblAJl F. CHILTON. Mayor. E A. Gittlneer. City Heeister. J3d5t J^OTIOE TO OWNERS OF DOGS. Ordinance No. SO4 deelare44t to be unlawful for does to run at laree within the taxable limits of Frederick durine the montb of July and Aueast, unless securely muzzled with t. wire muzzle, Owners of such animals are hereby notified to comply with the provisions of this ordinance or be subject to its penalties. WILLIAM F. CH1LTON. j30dlm Mayor. PHOTOGRAPHIC NOTICE. From this date you can get cheap and durable Crayons. Onr six leaders--13.00, 53 98. *4 00, $4,98. *5.00. l5.9S-either of which will Please yon. We carry a hieh trade of For traits In crayon, oil. Ink. pastel and water colors that are not excelled in the State. Give them a trial. At THE BORGER ART 6ALLEBY. j2Sdlm 23 North Market Street. PROFESSIONAL GARD TKYIXG S. BISEB, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE, NO. 58 W. CHURCH SHIEST. FREDERICK. J1D. june29dl; D R. STEWART P. DEAN, DENTIST, SO. S3 NORTH MARKET STREET, FREDERICK, MD. . R. C. NICODEMUS, DENTIST, 50 NORTH MARKET STREET. P*RICES MODERATE AND , GUARANTEED. A LFBED BITTER, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AI LAW Equity Practice and Orphans' Court Bttii ness. Commercial Law and Collection*. Ali matters entrusted to my care will rwttri prompt and careful attention. Offlee-Conrt Street, Frederick, Md. O 1HARTJCH p. LEVY.I ATTORNEY AT LAW. Successor to C- V. S. LEVY, Office--Court Street, opposite Court HCBM Special attention riven to secular De«r*w for the sale of Real Estate, Prompt and e» rt- tnl attention will be riven to all buslniil placed In mr hands. janl5d*wi» FOB BENT. F o R E K T -- HuSBNO.-72 EAST Church Street. Apply at No. 74 East Church Street JyCdtf C'OR RXNT.--TWO LARGE SEC- JL ond story front rooms, also storage room. Lewis S. Clingan. jl9dlm T?OR RENT.--HOUSE CONTAIN- JL ing seven rooms, all furnished, convenient to four PetersvjUe. Md.,2K miles from B- O- R- R-. fine spring of water in the yard, abundance of good shade, stable for two horses, good garden and lot. with abundance ot vegetables and fruit. Apply to E. E. Mateney. PetersMlle. Md. jisdlm* F OR RENT.--I HAVE SEVERAL pianos to rent by the month. H_E. Wilcoxon. Music Hall. 100 S. Market St. apZldtf T7OR RENT--TWO-STORY BRICK JL? house No. 127 South Market Street possession immediately. Apply to Mrs. G. D. MllJer. 131 S. Market Street. Wdtf F OR RENT. -- THE FORMER RES- ldea«« of the l»te Dr. J. W. Htlleary. slt- nated tn PeterrrtUe. Most attractive home and Jf sirable for a phrsJcisa of ezperfesee or a family wishing euoutiy lifec «3 acres of attaea«o; pcmoccioa Apply to J. C. CKDoimeU. PetenvUI«.Md f^ SUMMER RESORTS. HOTEL, FREDERICK. MARYLAND. Why not spend a portion of your vacation where yon can have city conveniences and country life? High elevation; pure water; no malaria: fifteen minute? 7 ride on the electric cars to Braddoek Heights, commanding a rsssniScent view of the falcons Frederick *r(l Middletown valleys, with daoeiac and. other attractions: flue bar? fishing, bathing and bOBtfor on the Monocaey river a short distance from the city: fine macadamized roads. cheap livery. Reduced rates to summer **2£5ii P. ..LONG. J26dlm Manager. B ALLPEOQRA NEW DESIGNS. not rpHE BIGGEST TON THE BEST COAL --AT-TEE LOWEST PRICE. WELL SCREENED. PROMPTLY DELIVERED. ACCOMMODATING DRIVERS. MARKELL TRAIL, OFFICE AND YARD-CARROLL ST. jy2dtf . . . 1*5 *cne fariz S.SAT city. LfcWU. »·« »c:e». . . CMAMJSii B-R-SOHEDULKS. ON A-S0 AKTEH SUN DAT. MAV 20. A. M-. eieepl Sasday. tot INGER AT.TC EXTRA ROYAL GINGER ALE. LIME JUICE. SPARKLlNG-vKOLAFRA, CLARET. _» BESANT E^OTT. S\LT?S OIL AND JIAYQK AISE. STRICTLY PURE OLIVE OIL. SHREWSBURY MAYONA1SE, and ROYAL SALAD DRESSING. BESANT KNOTT. JJINGS. You can see a biir lot of new Bines at Landis' Jewelry Store. They are beauties. Have also eot in a laree lot of new thtnrs in Jew- elrj suitable for the season and all the new ideas In everything. More STERLING SILVERWARE came la today and yon can hare biechoice for wedding presents and sonvenJrs. ' PL B. TMWPIB. THE JEWELER, 35 N. .MARKET. 23 S. MARKET ST. Best amKQaickest Eepolricg- and Artistic 'Phone 202. Old Gold Bought. D O2TT WORRY.--"WOMAN'S Blessing." safe and sure, positive cure. The newest disco very. Box free. J. H. Home M. D.. Drawer Vf. Chicaeo. Ill j23dlm» JPOR SALE IN FREDERICK ONLY AT THE CITY HOTEL BUFFET. HIGHEST AWARD FOR PURITY. The report of the Government Chemist at the Agricultural Department. Washington, D. C . enaranteei Heurteh's beers to be absolutely free from bicarbonate of soda, salicylic acid or any otner preservatives. Senate, llaerzen and Lager are the brands. J22dlm S 'PECIAL NOTICE. We invite the public to call and examine our STOCK OF CHEAP RIBBOSS tn all the newest shades, at our new- Store Room, XO. 22 WEST PATRICK STREET. Opposite CItyEotel. apr25dly BLUMENAUER CO., Milliners. FULL LINE OF HATS in all the latest styles. Onting Bats of every description. Ribbons in all styles for the neck and waist. Also Ribbon Velvets tn all widths. Ladies' Muslin Underwear. N R. * D. XANTZ. 16 S. Market St.. 9r*d«rkk Clty.Md. LOAN.--$12,500 TO LOAN ON first moneaee in sums of J2,OOO to SS.OOCT. G. B Hammond, New Market. Md. jy3dlw*wlt TOWN-SEND SCOTT. A. ELZST WATERS. FRZD. G. BOTCK. JB. ESTABLISHED 1S32. TOWNSEND SCOTT SON, BANKERS AMD BROKERS. NO. 15 NOBTH STREET. BALTDtOSE. MD. W ESOOTT, WTLOOI * HDBSTO5, N«. 142O F St. H. W. WashlnrtoB. D. C. REAL ESTATE BROKERS. MEMBERS OF THE W A S H I N G T O N STOCK SZCHASQE. LOANS ON D. C. AND MD. PKOFEBTT. SKC0BITIES. O. S. AND MUNICIPAL BONDS AND LOCAL STOCKS BOUGHT AXD SOLD. W* can offer for sale · limited number"*! real oetata note* secured on Improved Wa*k- Inrton. C. C-. property aettlac the Investors to 6 per cent, inter ««t. ATLANTTO OTTT, N. J. fTpHE OSBORNE. " ARKANSAS ANDl'ACIFIC '.VES.. IATLANTIC CITT. N. i. One fcroare from ReaklJnr Depv » . Sthi beach. E««Hent in ererr appointment. Fine tab'.e: electric lighting; elevator. Rate*, 8t^n4. Booklet. 'MBS. R. J. O8BORNE. . 60O A.M., (ialtr. for WatMsrtca lied atU War Statics*, Pciladetoaia «d New York, usd except Sunday for Bae- ersiowc. Due at Wat Morton 8.30 A. M. t.'-*0 A. 5L, dally, for Baltiaore and PMladei- phia acd Now York. Dn« at Baltlmor* 8.10 A. M., tscto'. Scrdiy, for Baltimore and principal Way Sutiona. Philadelphia acd N«w York. Ia« at Baltlmora lO^s A. M. a.20 A. iL. except Sunday, for Harper's Kerry Winchester. Harrisoaborg aad Lextoe- toc. 9.40 A. iL. eicept Sunday, for WaihlBfton, Philadelphia, and Kew York. Haacen? town ana Way btadont. Cincinnati, In- dianapolii, Plttsbor* and Chicago. Dn« at Washington ll.SS A. M. 1.35 P. M.. except Sunday, for Baltimore and Way Station*. Philadelphia and New i ork. Due at Baltimore 4.30 P. M. i 10 P. M.. dally, for Washington and Way .Siauocj. Philadelphia and New York. Cumberland, Cincinnati and St. Loult Dae at Washington 6.5O P. M P. M., dally, for Baltimore and Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. Da*' at Baltimore 7.10 P.M. 6.20 P. M.. except Sunday, for Washington. Hagerstown. Winchester and War Stations. Ptrtsbnrr, Wheeling. CMcaro. Philadelphia and New York. Doe at Washington 9.40 P. M. AJtBTVALS. B. 3sA- M., except Snndar. froni Ctnelnnsrt Plttsbnrg. Washington Junction and Way Stations. Baltimore and Washington mall arrives on this train. U.50 A. M.. except Sunday, from ML Airy and Way Stations. 835 A. M., except Sunday, from, Winchester. Hagerstown and Way Stations. 10.15 A. M.. except Sunday, from Baltimore. and Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. 10.50 A. M.. except Sunday. from Washington and Way Stations. 11.27 A. M., Sunday only, from Waihltgton and Way Station*. St. Louis, and Chlcarc- and Wheeling. 12.28 P. JL, Sunday only, from Baltimore. Way Station- Philadelphia and New lork. 2.U5 P. M., except Sunday, from St. Louis- ****l**u ^*** ·· HJ UhAfc4VU0* 3.45 P. JL. Sunday only, from and Way Stations. St. Louis. nar l.OO p. M.,eicept Sunday, from Baltiauir*- and Way Stations, Philadelphia as* New York. 6.45 P. iL,except Sunday, from Washington.. and Way Stations, Philadelphia. New York. Pittsbcrgaad Chicago. 6.50 P. M., except Sunday, from Baltimore and WayStation!.PhlladeIphI»aiidNew iork. 8.05 P. SL. daily, from Baltimore and Wav Stationji. P. M,, except Sunday, from WaBhlncuiu Cttmberland, Haeerstown, Bmcswlek and War Stations. W UBBTKBH HARYLABD B .B.. wrm P. 4 B. R. at BHppembnrc and Norfolk^* Wntern S. B. at HagentoTf B. 0. SaHroads at a«erstoWB as.: Cherry Rnu: Penna. B. B. atBrncr Ttlle and HaBorer. and P. W. * , . . B^ N. C. and B. P. Bail- roads at Union Station. Baltimore, Md. Schedule tn Sfeet June 24, 1900 MAlNLLNft. Read Downward 930 931 »47 953 1002 10 15 510 S 13 625 530 S3S 535 STATIONS. A.M.A.X. Leave Arrive* "S^f Clear Spring Charlton WUl'BMptFV Eagerstown Arrive Leave 5 42Wllianuport.4r Smtthslwtg F. M.IP. x. A.M. Leave Arrive ·f 10 i C5j ? as »- I ^ ' T J O 4 *9j S 39j T K 4 36 » »· 7 36; Kdzemont 4 4X| 3 45: 7 42| Bine Mountain 4 «.' 2 4* 7 44', Pen-Mar ·i 49 2 51 7 4S^Buen» Vista Sp ....jSK 7 SO, Highfield P.K. P.M. A.M. Arrive r.i *l. S M an 4 IS 481 4 « P. P.M. 'if. 5ZS « 0 t P.M. BJghfield 81C 842 904 »20 9 33 M.U.M- Arrive 93S 9*7 10 II A.X. 4 55 5 21 S tl! S 16 53$ I U 8K » » « « , . : 5 4E! S 51 8 « 1 3 W; S 49 5 33' t OB S Ml 6 OT 4 STJ 9 10J ....: 502; .... e 3T 5 03! « 4SJ 3^1; New Oxford Hanover Porters Leave Leave Arrive Porters Spring Qrove York Arrive Leave A. x. Leave 780 Blue Ridee Thurmont BockyBidr* ~ Brldee Lin wood New Windsor Westminster Bmory Slrndon Arlington Read -K.LT. M i S 49I124S S 43 12 45 8341231. S 29 12 29 8 SI Ii 2ft', S OS 120S; 90E-* S 01 - S47 '· 810 » FK- ·1203 S 05. 12 52 7 SO J U 46 ' 70311 3S 6551131 6 52 11 » 6 4911 27 11 22 . . . A.M. P. V. A.X .... U 22 ....4054 10 2S 1005 949 931 A.X. r. A.M P.V. 7JSJ ~^; !· 7 " 555 5 3 9 1 5S6 4 3 9 00) 4 1 .A^^AStej 6 « ! 11 20| 7 15 r 6Sl!10 311 6 47 f ....!103» 636 SO*,102Tj 653! 5 5710 IP ..10 15 5 3S 9 53 .... 918 5 10; 9 12 4 S3! 4 Oil r.K.-p.x.'a.if.'Arriv* Leav»|i.MJA-K. i. * _ ; is; 6 oii 10 ni Baltbnon ;*4 aoj 3 i: 607' 60i« 543.1 Blue Mountain Eipresi. (Parlor Car}? leaves Baltimore, daily except Snnday.3.22 p.l m.. stopping at WestminRer. Sew Windsor. 7 Union Bridge. Bruceville (connection for 1 ! Frederick). Thmvont. Blue Ridge, Bnenai Vista Spring. Blue Mountain. Sdzenont, I Smithjbnrg.Hagerstow-D. Setoraine. leaves': Hagerstown 6.4O a. m. daily, except Sunday Arrive Baltimore 9-31 a. m. Additional trains leave Baltimore for Cnior i Bridge and Intermediate Btation? at 10. 1" a m. and 5.00 and 6.15 p. m,. and leave Union ; Bridge tn-r Baltimore and Intermediate Stations at 5J20 and 6.40 a. m.. and 12 55 p. m daily, except Soitday- Sandays Only.-- Leave Baltimore for Unior : Bridge and Intermediate Stations 9-35 a. a and 2.35 p. a. Leave Union Bridge at 6.45 a m. and 4.17 p. m. for Baltimore and Interme diate Stations. B. £ C. V. S. R. Leave HarerstoTU for SbSpr-eEsbcrg and Ia terTDediate Stations at 6.25 aad U.O7 a, ·m "~ m. and 1.10 and 3.00 p. m. TRAINS VIA ALTEXWALD CUT-OFF. Leave Haeexstowxi for Chambertbarr anc Intermediate Stations at 5.57 a. m. aad 3.1' p. m. Leave Chamoertbcrg lor flaeerstowc arc Intermediate Stations at 7.18 a. m,audT.4 p. m. Leave Rockr Ridge for Emmltsbtirg at 8^ and 1O 3S a. m. and 3.31 and 6.36 p. so. Lear Smroitjbnrr for Rocky Ridge at 7.10 an. 1O.OO a. m. and 2JO and 4L9O p. m. Leave BroceviHe for Frederick at 8-38,9,2 zd 10 40 s. 33. and 5.3S atd e 30 p. is. Leav BraeevUle for Colombia, Uttlesbtmi ac Taceytown at 9.47 a. m. and 3.45 p. m. Leave Frederick for Baltimore at 7.50 a. K and 3.00 asd 4L55 p. ». COSNECTIONS AT CHERRY BUN. W. 71 B. and O. paesenrer trains leave Cherr Run for Cumberland and Intermediate point daily at 8.51 a. m. Cincinnati, St. Loots an. Chicago Express dally at 12.50 p.m. Chisar Express daily at 10.39 p m. * Daily. All others dkily. except Sunday. J. M. HOOD. B. H GSISWOLD, Prwt aad Gon'l Marr Gcn'l Passgr. Ar

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