The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 19, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 4
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Baking Po*der A craut cf tartar hafrf-f powder. otatl a tenure «aw3*tk.-iatt* ftote) Gael Jtxrf Bivrt, ibULtata FOWOEB co, sew Tort TEE DAILY NEWB. FBIOAY.Jl'NB 19, 1W« XEWS OP THE STATE. f Interest Hero and Thcrr YtfCterOjtjr aad Today. The Allegany Medical Society elected Dr. Carr, of Cumberland, president. Caning and ahlpplog manh grata, to be fed to horses, li a new Industry la Somerset. Enlghls Templar of Salisbury entertained visiting officers of the order from Baltimore. Howard count? election *uo«rvleori oremalzti and dl Tided the £lll:ott City district Into two precinct*. Preparations are being made for the execution, Jane 28, of Trust for the mar- der of Captain Camp, in Cecil county. Wood Cha*e, charged with drowning two men in St. Mary's county two year* ago, waa lodged in Jiil at Lronardlowa. The Maryland authorities are Investigation the recent cpture ot crabber* by the Virginia S.ate fishery force In Pocomoke sound. GoTernor Lowndct appointed Patrick H. Dongbtrey supervisor of election for Allegany county. Be also named a number of magistrates for various counties, The Court of Appeals handed down opinion! in fourteen cases, Including the Cresger Hoop* i city colleclortlilp case, VFhlcfi the court says mast be tried on itB merits, and the building association cue, In Wilch the court decides that the mort- Kages of homestead associations are exempt from taxation. Incorporated. Commencement exercises of the Notre Dune Academy, of Liberty, will be held ia Church Ball, there, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Jane £0 and SO. A flnt program wUl be prepared for the occasion. Mill Eleanor Davta, of Lib- yrty, will graduate from the Institution Vt that lima. The Notre Dame Academy has been Inly incorporated according to the lawi )I Maryland, the articlei of incorpora- tlon baring been filed this week in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, through Hon. Fred. J. Nelaon, attorney. A Clever Swindle. A neat swindle is being worked with neat success in many towns. A woman book agent appears in town and goes from home to house leaving books for examination. Nut day a man calls to see if the books are wanted, and if they are not he takes them away with him Usually they are not wanted. A few days later the woman appears again and on being told that the man has taken away the book, weeps copiously, says the vllllan tas been collecting her books all over town, plesds poverty and accepts the proffered compensation. Ran Ait sty. James Dillon, a ten jear old Brooklyn boy,*who is a pupil at the school in Bm- mltsbnrg, this county, ran away to Baltimore yesterday to "have a good time" He waa captured by the police and taken back to Emmltsbnrg Gladness Comes \A/ith a better understanding 1 of the » * transient nature of the many phys- J»l ills, vrhich vanish before proper ef- forts--pentle efforts--pleasant efforts-- tightlr directed. There is comfort in Ihe knovrledge, that so many forms of iJckness are not due to anr actual disease, but simply to a constipated condi- tton of the srstcm. which the pleasant ·Jtanily laxative, ^yrup of Fips. prompt-J removes. That" is \vYiy it i 1 - the omy *medy with millions of families, and is Perynrhere esteemed so highly by all irhoValne ctxd health. Its beneficial effects are dne to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal Cleanliness vrithont debilitating- the rprgans on which it acts. It is therefore -'1 important, in o*der to g«t its bene- " " effects, to rote -when you pnr- _ _ . . that you h; ve the penirine arti- , which is~manu actored by the Cali- i Fig- Syrup C. only and sold by JL reputable drngr sts. If in the enjovr ent of good health. ad the system ~i* ejrular. laxatives or -jther remedies art then not needed. If dieted -sritfc anj actual disease, one fay be commende* to the most skillful ffcysicians. but if i need of a laxative, ^e should bare th best, and vrith the ·ell-informed "^ rywher«, ?ymp of *igs stands hip-be^ and is most largely ·fcd and gives mv*- general satisfaction. HIRES Rootbeer right where it is most needed does its best iwrk, moistens the throat* cools the blood, and refreshes the mind and body. . SAHM DILL. SAHM A DILL. IH SORT! AFRICA. Frooi Two rr«4e**cfc Oo*»ty Traveler*. ~ Mr. CurkK H. tad Dr. Klchol»i J. WortUsgtoo, well kaova ben, tent of the late Xtehclu WoriBgtoa. ot Vafe eoesty, fc« BOW IE gosth A?ric«. Tbe* kT« wrtu« from Joh*aa«*barg ui U- tera*ti*g Icuer to tb« WtacbMer, V*_, Stwt, from wbkb tbe Jollowtag extncu BRIEF BITS. pwugc oa OBC of UM oioo- »UuE«ri tU: ply between New York »»d Er^jlUh port*. on« c*a tad!; talk* tbe 3.000 mllw IB from tlx t M*ea dr. TbH put of Ute rojtft U u«- »U» utertfitf al tad not alwsy* eej 7tble. Tbete l»rje ite*aer ue balil mainly for ·peed, ud wltb their imrceme bollen throughout the vessel nlcht and day. which is anything but agreeable. This a pleats nt featmr* taken ia connection tth the usually turbalent Atlantic will, in tbo saaj wily cf passengers, induce an attack of seasickness, wLicb. owing to the brief time across, wears cff only tbe last day or two before reaching England. We may leave London weekly for South African porU, either by rail for Southampton or in one of the boats from tbe London East lodla docks provided by the Union or Cwtlc Liue for paatea gtrs to Southampton, at any rate we i eighty* mile* from London, and then lake passage on one of the Caallo or Union Ltne tieaters. Bo we tteam, on, always onward, forgetting in oarenjijm-nt that there U an? inch thing aa terra firm* until about tbe elx'.h or seventh day, when the Canary Island* u'e sighted, suddenly bringing us to a realicitlon of "where we are at." We anchor at a very pretty harbor off the town of Las Palms*, which Is alto- ated on the capital Grand Canary Idand, and are eooa met by a swarm of rowboalB propelled by the Insignificant and iwarthy Spaniards or by the dark skinned natlvei, and filled with fralu, oranges, bananas, i., which grow In profusion; with atio a plentiful supply of clears, tobaccos and perfumes. A ready sale Is msdc with the passengers, who are then rowed ashore for a three or four hoars' recreation, tak- In? the train or one of the numerous vehicle?, soon Retting to the rather pic- turescqae one storied town. Las Palmat *· t ..!»» ^ V f » « » K *·£«*·».·* £t l»p l£.*r»)t.' Resuming onr ccurse we take a last look at the Isle of Tenerlffa with Its high volcanic peak, tbe lait veatige ot land we are to see nntll we reach Cape Town. Of coarse as we keep on oar Southern course itgets wanner and warmer, the air becoming hot until by the time we reach the Equator U is almost unbearable. Of course all have heard of the glorious sunset ot the tropics, as well as tbe brilliant star-lit beivens at night. These cannot be described nor painted; they mast be seen to be appreciated. About two weeks after leaving Lai Palmas land Is again sighted to the east. U jjmeana that we haye reached the end of our delicious j inrney, for Urn", Is the Southwestern coast of Africa, near Cape Town. Table Mountain nearly surrounds the town, forming a grand back ground nearly four thousand feet above the sea level. .The streets ars well laid and broad. The buildings are mostly of brick, and some very handsome ones there »re, too. Tbe Parliament House would be a credit to any of our own cttiea. In the suburbs there are some very pretty villas, making this a most desirable place to live. The bottnnlcal gardens, near the centre of tbe town, are quite extensive and well kept. The extension of the mala street Is called Government Ayenne, which la a wide gravel promenade, lined by dense foliage over- banging the walk, making It a veritable passage. The town ttielt and the beautiful suburbs has a population ranging between 60,000, and 75,000 people, English, German, Dutch and French, with a goodly number of Malays, Indians, Kaffirs and half castes. All In all, Cape Town la a very pretty place, much resembling an English town. The climate is a delightful one, cool evenings and mornings and very hot at mid day. -- To Johannesburg involves a railroad journey of three dayi and two nights, about one thousand miles, and a most fatiguing journey it tas pro red, too. i«tng tbrongh C»pe Colony, Orange Free Si«ie and then Into the Tranavaal, the scenery through Cape Colony is not picturesque, nor is it the least exhilarating; rather the reverse. Yon soon weary of long, low htlla, entirely devoid of vegetation of any kind; broad plains likewise naked and bare and hot looking. Now and then some beany Dutchman has had the temerity to build a little hut and live alone with his family and his dried up looking abeep aad mules. Occasionally we see a herd of cattle, sheep or goals, and how they manage to live puzzles me yet. Passing on Into tbe Orange Frea Stale we meet with only very alight improvement la the appearance of the country; herds of horses aad cattle are more abundant and signs of civilization more frequent. Teams of oxen or mules ate seen occasionally, driven by the uncouth boer with his long whip. The train is compelled to stop frequently to wait until tbe sheep are driven off the track, the railway not being fenced in and tbe company having to pay for all destruction of animals, coon reaching Bloomfonteln, the capital of tba Republic, and a very pretty little town, with a quantity of trees, strangely contrasting with the surrounding plain or veldt, u the plaias an called. Tblny-five miles more to Johannesburg through the now beautiful veldt, green and covered with large herds of cattle, horses aad sheep, by far tbe prettiest we have yet pasted throufh ia South Africa. We soon see the long shafts which mark the sight of the mine*, in lac; the plain is dolled frith them, very curious to see them mining right in the open plain, the richest mines In the world too. Here we are at Johannesburg, the end of our journey, about eleven thousand | miles from onr beloved Winchester, nestling peacefully and happily at the base of the Blue R!d«e in the beautiful valley of the Sbeaaadoah. WOETHISGTO*. South Africa, April, 1S96. Liberty"* Foiutl. of Joly. Tbe preliminary arrangemants for the patriotic demonstration aad parade In Liberty at 130 o'clock, July 4Vh, have been about completed. Tbe parade will be participated In by the O. U. A. M., cf that place, under whose auspices the demonalrviion will be aeiii, who wiii have a band of music; Predonla Council, of Frederick, with a fine drum corps; OliTe Council, of Union Bridge, with the Union Bridge Band; P. O. 8. of A., of UnionvilJe, ana delegations from neighboring beneficial-patriotic organisations. Several hundred men ars expected to be ia line. A !arn delegation of Mechanics will go from Frederick on their bicycles and the day, if a fair one, will be quite enjoyable. Prominent speakers, vocal and instrumental marie, and ekwutionists from Baltimore avd elsewhere wlfl be of Bright It lairrtft. --Summer kcgtos tomorrow. --Barky harm! IB tale cousty !t aboni over. -- Suaday wt'I bs th* !9sg*et -lay of Use season. -- Weatcxn Marylad College coav mtaocistfit took place yesl«rday. --A mlak or wa*sl kilted twenty odd chkkeaa belonging to Mrs Jane Brooks, Liberty. --The clover crop U baint eat It is very short, which seemi to be tbe ease all over chli and ad] 3tolag coaatte*. --The Bxjcjboro Frail Package, Saw aad Pisaing atlii Company eow have a force at work making peach basket*. berry baakeU and peach crate*. --There are C53 grave* la the old portion of ibe Booatoro cemetery aad M graves in tbe new part, or a total of W3. more than the population of the town. -- Meesrs. Mac. Paeobus and Join Alp- pie, of this cUj, made a c itch of fituea doaee frogs along AaUeiam cmk on Wednesday Bight last. --A well-known medical authority cays IB a recent work that cheese should be eateu at lea it once a day. "It is the moat valuable animal food obtainable," he says, "from two to three times as nutritious as the same money value of ordinary meat." -- When It la not convenient to broil iiih over an open fire It may be very olcciy Droned ID a v«ry Bo; oven, i're- pare the fish as for the usual method and lay it with tbe skin dawn on a piece of oilsd paper in a roasting pan. Cook on the upper grate of the oven until browned, tirst rubbing it with batter and dusting with a little Usur. HYMESKAL. rnoy FLOCK VAUUISD. Prof. Cyrus F. Flook. editor of the Examiner, waa married to Hhs Eby, at Farmergviile, Ohio, on Sitarday last, the 13th instant. Tbe ceremony was performed by tue Rev. Dr. Kepbart, editor of the Religons Telescope, ot that city. After the EflTiage Mr. aad Mrs. Flook left for Denver, Colorada, on a wedding toar. Prof. Flook Is a delegate to the National convention of tbe Junior Order United American Mechanics, now in session in Denver, and left Frederick some days ago to attend the convention. Mr. and Mm. FLOOK will reside In tots city. MB1XHL--BAXTOK. The wedding of Mr. H Bruce Melxel, of Philadelphia, and Miu Alvie Viola Saxteo, of Woodsboro, daughter of Mr. and lira. John A. Hasten, occurred at the bride's home yesterday at 13 o'clock. Tbe couple will be at home after June 25th. at fio. 2143 North 82i street, Philadelphia. WISCHELL--EDWABD9. Married, at the rooms of the Y. M. C. A. In this city yesterday bv the Rev C. W. Btinesprlng, William H- WIncbeU and Ida Mary Edwards, both of Montgomery county. BASK BALL. There will be a biz same ot ball this evening on the North West Addition, between the Bentztown Bards and the Frederick Juniors. Batteries for tbe Juniors--Biumgarder and Ely; for the Bards, RIddlemoser and Brnst. There will be a collection taken up for the benefit of the club, to help fix up the diamond to make a more suitable ground to play on. Everybody is invited. The Frederick Unions atd a tcaoi selected from among tbe visitors at the reunion and pupils ot tbe Maryland School for the Deaf and Dumb played a game on the school grounds yesterday afternoon, which was won by the Frederick boys by the score of 10 to 8. Where to Get Them, Since the Board of Aldermen at their last regular meeting passed an ordinance compelling cyclers to equip their machines with a lamp and bell, It will be to the Interest of wheelmen to call at THB NKW office and inspect the large and varied assortment of sundries, for which we are special agents. Handsome and load ringing bells and convenient lamps can be purchased at a remarkably low figure. Our bicycles this season are the best that can be found on the market for the price. Everyone sold under a special guarantee. A Bad Fall. Mr. Daniel Haller, the well-known paper hanger, accidentally fell a distance of eight or ten feat while engaged in papering a room in the Etcblson build ing on West Patrick street yesterday afternoon. He struck his left side and received a painful Injury. Dr. 3. 3. Maynard was the attending physic'an. Special Petlce. His Honor, Mayor Yeakle, has sworn in Mr. Samuel O. Titlow as a special police to keep order at all base ball games In the city limits. j-Snco 1S7S there hnvebftn nine epidemics of dysentery in dil'ferviit parts, of xhe country in which Ch.imlwrl.iin's- Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kcmedy was used with perfect success. Dysentery, whro epidemic, is almost as severe and dangerous ns Asiatic cholera. Heretofore the best eilorta of the aaost ·Otillcd physicians have failed to check its ravages, this remedy. hoireTcr, has cured the *t malignant cascs^fcoth of childrea and nlts, and under the «x«t trying condBions, which proves it to he At-best meJicine in the world for bowel complaints. For salc-bv A. L. Pearre, Frederick:\Y,K. Kudy, Mi Airy. Relief In Six Hour*. ff Ktdner aad Blmlder dlM«*e«'re- lieved in six boar* by tba "!V*w OHUX Socra A.MUIOX KIDXO Ccm».~ Tb's new nswdy li a erect raiprls m tnorinm of Ifi ormnMlng promptne» in nlte*ia( pain in tk» bladder. kWneyj. back and every part of tbe Hrloary pawn In male or ferailo. It reltorce retea- ttooof wtteraad pcioln pMBlnfit »lma«t Itaaedlfttely. If you wiatqaicfc relief «ad car* ihi* it yoar retasdr. 8ol* br J. A. WQ- Smauoa. dragsUt. Frederick. Md. msotwoaem, KarT* Ctorsr Boot Te» is a lilcannl nmi for OoaMpaSMB. Far ·»!· by AlbsrtL Faan*. SMUtou BaiMUdc. Catarrb Oared. Health aad sweet breath aoaared, to Shfioift Catarrh Bemedy. Price BO cents. Natal Ia- j«osnrfr»«. For «U« by Albert I* Pearre, a BnfMfti*. A 2f araral BeaatUMr. Cart's Clover Boot Tea mnaea tbe blood aadst*Ma d*ar and becoUfvl «CHani*itoa, itor sate br Albert U FMrra, Kteataaa Solid- Ing- A Pact Worth Knowing. CouauaaUoa. LaSnppe. Pneumonia, aad an rhroat and ton* diseases an cured byShflob'* Tore. For sale by Albert !·· Pearw, Ssehison BaUdln*. KarTa Clover Boot Tea la a aan ear* for Headache and nervous 'Als- ·ana. HotacreUevei soqolokty. for sat* or Albert UAaim, -- " -- -------- saptoveeaeeU. Tb» towa coeiflUaiioaef* of villc have iapoved the roa Is and pive- Keau taroaga tae town. A WalaxrarlltedUzMsayt that Itim flO.OOO 10118.000 wih be spent IA that lows this yea; as cijirci lap-Gv«sa: and church baiidlag* aioae. A. large teifry asi c ^»2:l»-;ii aii!- Um to the frost of tae T. B. Chorea at Waikcrsrtll* are bate; b tl!-_ Tbe ciatci will be ^eaeraliy remieie4. Tbe coaaty oaisa'isi aers are baviag a cttesa foot aldfiioa pat to toe Hopewell sesoj) aMM, aear CtemsoaylJe. /. H. Lampe, of Frederick, U aow engaged la re-fretolag the M. E church in Liberty. Tbe oiaer ImprovemsaU to the edifice will be made in qiick SEC- ceeei^n. STRAW KITS! STfUWIJJLTS! trim* Sakiii Straw bts State Robbed. The clothing store of Lewi* Cohen, at TbannDBt, thiicaaaiy. m.» broken into Wednesday elfbt aad thlr:een salts of clothing tad a lot of other good* ttoleo. The thief or thieves filed the lock off tbe door while the people of the towa wen at the high school "*"»»»i»f«mffa^_ tad did their work at th« time. Totem made an atteapt one nlgbt tut *eek to rob the store of Martin Overboltz«r, U the tame place, bat were frightened off. Bay TOO uw it ia The New* Bwlft n'a* aad Htti «Q»n« at · emu r*t» mavbtteialaoorcn*-. Ha-KBi3?Ui«. We bar* ourksd *ood* d3wa wad uu public know · ·oodthtar w»ea (kerne it. Good turcBtaS yetrem»»o If voaraaiabat.BOvtt tbeUao to cct on* cheap. We bar* Straw HlU nng- tag li price iron 10 eeau to 11-50. QEO. A. G1XBEBT, Hoe. IB * 18 MoRb Market Bu. rnd*rtek.lld. Bargains This Week -A.T- GROVE KINDLEY'S, YOU 50 DDKE 1S96 BICYCLES. Up to date in every way. Regular Price, §60; Oir Cut Price, $39,50, They must go. Call early as they are going fast. 20th Century Lamp, $309. 10,000 BILE CYCLOMETER only 91.00 A lot of second hand btcyolea at bargain prices. We sell Bmttb Premier Typawrltsrs. SMITH'S Temple of Fancy. Graduated. Mr. Leroy McHsster, son of Mr- John It. McMsater, of Wxlkersrllle, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs Samuel McMaster, ot Liberty, graduated yesterday from the Walkereyllle High School, he being the only graduate there this year. Con for Emulaehe. AS »reaedr for all forms of Headache Blec- trlc Bitters has proves to 05 the very beet. Tt effect* s permanent c TB and the most dreaded hablcusl sick tnadaobei yield to its influence. We urja all who are sdttoted f prooore a bottle, and BITO thli remedr a fair trial. Irr casee of h»blta»l oonitlpitlon. Klec- trlc Bitters cures brglvtQK the needed tone to the bowels and tew cxsei loac reiist the use of this m^dialm. Try It once-- Fifty cants tnd'tl.OO at A. L. Paarre'i Drag Store. All Reoommendlt. Ask Tonr pnT»lol»a. roar drannst and TOOT friends about HhUoh* Cure tor Consumption. They will recommend It. For sale by Albert L. Poarre. Ktchlson (tulldirur. Free! Freof Write S. C. Wells * Co.. ^« 8or. N. T-. for lampleton "Pour rTsaonal Foe*" aod saaple of taeir cetebntel Karl's CiaVer ttoot Te«. For sale ttj Albert L. Pe»rre, Ssohlson BmW- I4re« Erary Dmy. Thoosnds of cates of Consumption Astbma, Oonam, Ooidsand Croup are oared every day by dMloh* Cure. Far sale by AJ bert L, Fearre. Ktchuon BoUdlng. ONE-HALF SOE OF BOX. POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER \ has been the standard for forty Tears ana . Is more popular to-dar than ever t«f ore. ' POZZOM'S | is tbe Idoal cotuplcxlon powder--TjeanUfylnff, . refresbinp, cleanly, bealtbfol anil harmless. I A delicate. Invisible protection to the lace. . TOtbCTeiyboxofPOZZOXTSamag- I xOOcent ScovUTs CM»U PCEF BOX u given tree of cHarge. ' AT BBTTGOISTS AXD FAXCY STOKES. fiav yon saw It IB rh. News. Tcorfanan. often I eats his roncbea. the same bench ·where ho does bis work. Tlie office; man snatches a few minutes from his occupation and tarns his desk into a dioingr- table. Neither gets the exercise he needs, neither talcs the proper time for eating-. It i* small wonder that the digestion of both gets out of order- Nature trorks as hard as she can, but there are sonc things she carmot stand. If a tnan gets some foreign substance into the works of his -jcatcb, ht- doesn't expect the ·watch to nm until the impediment is re- tnorcd. His c*rn digestive sjateia is a much more wonderful and delicate mechanism than thn. of his watch, and vet he neglects it and abu«es it. He lets it get ovt of order, and refuses to help it. In the end hss neRlect reacts with tctrible force trpon himself. The reaction conies on gradually, however, so- that sometimes be scarcely suspects the cau:£ The cause of nine-tenths-of the sictness ·f the -world u constjpntion -- a condition so common, that tour, people ont of fiTe take it as a matter of course. Frooj this one eanse come indigestion; disorders of the stomach, liver and kidoeys ; biliousness, headaches, flatulence, hcartbuin, iapnrity of the Wood and the scriocs conr^ltcalion' that foUcnr. To be^in -with, conrtipation 15 a little thing-, ami s little thing- will cure it Dr. Piettx's Plc.nsant Prfiets are tiny, sugarcoated graanlrs. They give to nature just the little help she needs. They are as gentle as ttc-r arc efficient and win per- frcfly core trie worst cases of constipation. There i? nomine ip tbe world like them, ·= there can bt nothing " jost as grood." The drogjti«* who tries to etl yoa something else Iras bis o-ra interest fat Ticw and aot ycnn. For a free sample package of from 4 ts 1 doser ri^rc^s TTir'.d's r^spczsary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street, X Y. SEASONABLE GOODS. REFRIGERATORS. GASOLINE STOVES, OIL STOVES, GARDEN HOSE, BICYCLES, WATER COOLERS, SPRINKLING CANS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, WASHING KETTLES, Ia fact a finer line of every- thiag in season than can be toond anywhere in the State at prices which have been marked way down. Call and be convinced. Yery Respectfully, Any coe cadrasr 2« ooe-cent anpi to caret cost of cuihm; --.'T. win i ?.t;»; free « copy of Dr. rierce's Cwnsica P«»e Medical Achi«r, Tbe «xpT3«e of j-- Tdscinp this Traserfsl book but been raid bv th alc of S^ow cotnc« at tie regular pnce Ji jo. It has norr Jeen decided to give swav ct-il*trfy frrt. ca edition of jco,cco copies. Address «s SAHM DILL. SAHM DILL. EXCELSIOR STOVE HOUSE, FREDERICK, MD- SAHM DILL. m m 4fe. GAH 8ET THEM TOO. Other people say so acd you will excuse us if we say so, too. It's honest judgment and is due to honest endeavors on our part to do what is best to secure the good will and respect of the public. I No one here has a larger or more complete stock of furniture. Everything under the sun, in our line, can be found here. Goods that no other dealer has, and everything in many varieties and grades. Values that you little dreamed of and at prices much below any quoted to you elsewhere. No difficulty proving this. You can be convinced by a call at i ·Sfe. Sos, 42, ii ad iS M hlriGlT Street, Frederick, Xd, UNDERTAKING A SPHCIALT!. LOOK FOR THE LtRGEVTIBE SIGH. IT IS VERY PROVOKING , For a ladv to OST» her dre« dyed and Had tti iklrt shrunken savfr»l Inches tnd twisted au jot of shape. We now hare the ONLY PROCESS IN AMERICA to- preveat thu In made-up Dresses. When cjjwd by u» the skirt it not shrank and retalrr Its- shape Uke new. By oar method of Doing Up-Lace Curtains they keep clean longer, hang better, do nc' get torn in .flashing, ms thar frequently do b other methods, hare A Beautiful Finish HOOD superior to any other, and prices mucb lower. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS, CTTMBEBLAND, HD. Get a price list from L. B. ADAMS, 74 W. Church St. A HORRIBLE LIFE CAUSED BY CATARRH. Few, If any, human bemgs ev«r suffered aa d i d Richard SewelL 1413 W. Lombard St, Baltimore, with Head. Eves, Ears. T h r o a t , Chest and Stomach. He, lifcc you. thought j Catarrh incurable. To- Sday he says "I am well f and have had - - return for orer one year." USED'ONLY ». 6EO. W. FiSBER'S CATARRH CURE. PRICE 50 CEHTS. BY ALL DRUGGISTS. SAHM DILL. 90 CiS. PER PAtB. LADIES OXFORD TIES. Sharp Toes and Patent Leather Tip, Neat, Stylish and Wearers. 50CTS. PAIR Come early before they are gone, at LOY PERRY'S. RUSSET TIES in all the KMT SHADES and COLORS. .«EW EFFECTS IN CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright. Cheerful and Up To Date effects in this line. Rex Rheumatism Cure! WILLCDEK Erery Form of Rheumatism and Purify Iho Blood. for sale in Frederick by BROS., DrugtUts, 1O2 North Market Street. DO YOU RIDE WHEEL?' __*·,, K TO do not ve wiU t«»slx yoa ta » «hort tins. Wo ohvce; to pnrchwer*. ""· _ 1I *»l?***rl«nd!T-o*ll.irswjB't«»lte It nnp1e»»»atb» nrelog yon to bur A --- ~ s . fc *7?S? JS 8 * 1 * 1 S** 4 on ** f anTjK!»r«nteed. for $50; beKeronw for $75 «nd --,- tt ,? a ^L 8L ? a i, tte »«SrOH «S.Sfa, for «00. We tell on time payment! ^TJiWiendartred. Sea QK we wQl treat yon right. BICYCLE SUNDRIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 351 if*?· 'iTM 1 * ^nwk**. t^ 1 *»«»· tool*- cToiomrteTM, ben*, toe cllpt, fort brmltM, ^ Ulmninuing and lubrio»tln» ofl», jr»pblte. cement, *c_tc« «t prion lower tiac ever. " · Sire o * wul, we can iwr» you money. THE NEWS, Frederick, Md. |g*WATCH THB TALUABLI OFF1ES MADZ TO BAMBLKE R1DIJBS. FURHITU The best made goods on earth, and the prices lo^rer than staff it takes so "much talk" to sell and then yon are not happy. See Oar Floors, See Oar Stock, Learn Our Prices We buy the goods by the Car Load. No other furniture house does, no othsr house can show a bill of lading ior a car lot. We are on the ground floor for prices. Our opportunities and connections enable us to sell High Grade Furniture at Low Grade Prices. Our furniture receipts each season are greater because our sales are daily increasing. H. B. The Furnisher of Homes; UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone No. 122. MM. 1 0 and 1 2 South Market St., Frederick, Md.

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