The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 6, 1900 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1900
Page 2
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S 7 THE DAILY NEW ih*y differ w : ,d*ly from opiaicos --Baltimore Herald all _ i The iiupcotr r n now u that the GOT- i rcMJM TM ·** t ernor Smith Ytoe Presidential boons was i ITSOVTBXBNPKUitlKtiAXn | ^f^r ,tored IB Cotoeel BanKhmaBV rf»»*«wr»rv.i cOMPAXY. j ^.^ JJQ tie first «ction of tb* Maryland j i train to the Kanan City Acd :t *a» BO doct-t m mighty fiy there with th» ooogh good! rnft+im'fl UBPOTUai part of O* eoa»Uj. I l i n i i aU )tn*n aad Uitgnai to rnxxirs FRIDAY. JULY 0. 1900 JULY 190C SyJMoJTuJWe.lThjFri, 1 8 15 22 29 2 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 24 31 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 28 6 13 20 27 Sat. 7 14 21 28 ( Tt* crdiratce reiicirg tht EaUrlt ? of ' the vat«r commucioiien to a \ v«arl? fU3 U oertaioly a tep is t.te nght direction Men will terrt ..n the beard from cine pride, not btmcte of the rencmtratioa, and a saving of $470 a yea.- is not iBcocsiderable to a tows u hich u impelled to admiai*ter fiuajac** i with the cimo*t economy The i*r- i ~ 'fi Fif*! 0* %-I»^ O--Sy *.XfSOJA i^ ftp cf tucliuts inat u u not neoeMary so draw heavily on the treuury in order to hare Kood men at the helm of the city government. The property qsaliicaiion a al» a proper provialan and the ordinanne deaerve* nnaoimOB* support. -- Cnmberland News. "1 congratulate the teacher* and school ofccialf of the state npon the icc- ce«a already achieved by them through the present school system, and al«o np- on the bright outlook for the future, both dne to their zeal, energy and con- aaenuoua work." The*e words, fpoken br Precident Lonis L. L. Beatty io hi* annual addreaa to the Maryland tfUte Teachers' AMooiation, are warranted by the factn at they itacd at present, and bv Ih* promie* for the years to cmn^ Maryland has now a very large army of teachers, and there has been even within the last decade a notable improvement in the work of instruction, in the methods employed and in the results attained There is more money spent now than ever before npon the public school system in the cities and in the counties, dne, in large measure to the action of the Republican legislature of 1* and 1K8. There is a larger attendance of scholars, and better school buildings are being erected in all parts of the btate.--Baltimore American. MOON'S PHASCS. 4 7:11 P-ta. M3 12 New 19*£ 26 £ Ms. did. BRYAN iid he'd do it and be TK*----·»·'» TTttl .1 .^^.k · I -.... became converted all over. WE hope there'll not be another hot time in the old town tonight. A MAX was sued in Baltimore yesterday for allowing the water-pipes in his booae to freeze. The plaintiff in this cave must be a very mean man. "SoicE of the riders in the handicap," eays the Hagerstown Globe, "accused the race officials with favoring Frederick and refused to ride." Until we r-ad this we supposed the Mail was the only comic paper published in Hagerstown. Strikes and the Law. The grand jury of Allegany county was reconvened yesterday to investigate several cases of rioting and assault Trfefch have grown oat of the strike of miners in that county. 'One of the cues for the investigation of which the jury was called together was the riot at Lonaconing which broke up a meeting in opposition to the strike. Another case was the assault of a man who wa s on Ms way to work at one of the mines- la laying these cases before the jury and directing and investigation of them and all similar charges Chief Judge A. Hunter Boyd made a statement of the legal limitations of the rights of strikers ·which it is a pity the Ailegany county miners did not folly understand and observe. After explaining that the miners possess the right, under the law, to law down their tools and refuse to work, until their grievances, real or imaginary, are corrected, and. that, "however much it may strike us with amazement that men of intelligence will use their hard-earned money already laid up or further involve them, selves in support of those in ease and comfort whose salaries or compensation matt largely depend upon the continuance of differences between employer and employe,'' nobody can question their right to organize for what they deem to be their interests, if they see fit to do so, Judge Boyd said: But, while this is the privilege of all who selexrt that course, it is equallj- tme that that those who desire to do so have the unqualified right to accept work when it is offered them, without any unlawful interference by those who prefer to be idle or those acting with those who are commonly called strikers. That is not only a right, guaranteed by the plainest principles of justice and liberty which authorize any man to tise his own capital, whether it be dollars or cents, brain or muscle, as he sees fit, as long as he violates no law of God or man or does no wrong to his fellows. But it is one that entitles him to call upon the law for protection in the exercise of it. No one has any more authority, legally or morally, to prevent by force a man from doing honest work which he is employed to do than he would have to forcibly re- more one of you from that 3ury box because he did not want to serve for $2.50 per day or other reason. The same statute that makes it lawful for an agree ment or ccmbinatioa by two or more persons to da or procure to be done, any act in contemplation or furtherance of a tiiC,* ~!£^J.tC ·KslWt^Ti t ...p.«^£T £MM workmen, if such act, if done by one person, would not be punishable as an flffeiute. conclude* with the provision that "nothing in this section shall affect the law relating to riot, unlawful assembly, breach of the peace or any offence again** any person or against property." It is a sjrwt pity that the miners of AllegacyootUity have been disgraced by ta« act* of violMoe which hare occurred. In prosaptly nooaTftlag the gra*d jvxy tbe aatAoritie* ot the caanty have adopted the'best means for patting a etop to toe disorder. OWTHPOtAlI GOtOOn, MT* without TB!M H1R1JTKS OF MEKRIKBS3, "Have yon noticed any difference ift your wife since she became converted and joined the church." "Yes; she asks me to wait an hour for her now, instead of a minute."--Harper's Bazar. * "That girl accepts rings from men she doesn't know." "How can she''" "Has to. She's a telephone girl."-Philadelphia Bulletin. « "Yon gay that yon have a wealthy uncle,' 1 said the judge to the colored culpru before him, where does he liveV" "In Georgia, gab. an' he's powerful rich--he's a melonaire. "--Chicago Times-Herald. * "What is co-education, ma?" "It is education ·which gives girls a chance to show that they are smarter than boys."--Chicago Record. « "She ia romantic. Every day she goes oat on her ·wheel expecting to meet wiih some prince in disguise." "And she has never met one?' 1 "Xo, The nearest she ever camo to it was to narrowly miss being run over by a coal wagon driver, who asked if he couldn't call."--Cleveland Plain Dealer. THE VOICE OF THE PRESS. UNITED STATES AS AX INVESTING NATION. From the Chicago Tribune The position of the United States as an investing nation is shown in striking fashion by the placing of German municipal bonds on sale in New York on Monday. Daring the last two years t he United States has taken rank as an investing nation. Shipments of gold an for investment as well as in payment of interest charges. Monev is more plentiful in tho United State* than any where else, and it commands a lower rate of interest here. The rate for money is less in New York and Chicago than in any European capital. The only ons ·nith which comparison is possible is London, where the quotations are less for long loans, aUnough the advantage is with the United States in loans for short periods and for demand money There is talk of American investment of capital in Europe in manufacturing industries, and some concerns have es tablished branch factories in Germany while more may follow. The twentieth century is likely to see the United States take first rank as the great investing na tion of the world, the only respect in ·which it is now excelled, as it is now the greatest in tfie production of every kinc and, according to Mnllhall's latest fig ores, the most wealthy. A GREAT SHIT. Krom the New York Commirdal Advertiser Complaint of the people of Maryland because the name of the State was chosen for one of the three new armorec cruisers instead of for a battleship has brought out some impressive facts about the qualities of these craft, though the plans hare not been drawn. The truth is that the modern armored crnif er is shading into the fast battle ship, and nomenclature is changing to suit conditions. One of the last three cruisers was called California, and these are bigger and stronger. Like the British Powerful and Terrible, they will be among the most effective fighting machines afloat, though not callec battleships. These will be superior only in thickness of armor, which is seldom penetrated, and in possession of the four big guns which seldom hit anything Most of the work is done by guns ol eight inches and under. The Maryland ships have four eight-inch and fourteen rapid-fire six inch guns, with a very large secondary batterv. They will be bigger than any battleship," have 23 kcots speed and the greatest coaling radius in the navy. They will nave only six inches of armor, but this will be Erupp, equal to tea of the old kind, .mey wiil carry 700 men eaco, Idv more than a battleship, and will cost $500.000 more each than the big new battleships voted at the same time. Naval opinion it coming around to the belief that this is the typef the future fighting ship. L*dle» Can Wear Shoe* one size smaller after nsinz Allen's foot Ease, a powder to b* shaken inlothe shoe?. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy, jnces instant relief to corns and bunioni. It's the greatest comfort di«covery of the aee. Ceres and prevents swollen feet, blister*. e»lio::« aad sore spots. Alien's Foot-Ease Is a certain cure for sweat inc. hot. aching feet. At alt drairrUts and shoe stores. 25c. Trial package free by mail. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y. It 1* Perfectly Reliable. "We have sold many different COD eh remedies, but none h« given better satisfaction than Chamberlain'*" says Mr. Charles Holi- haue*. Drnreist, Newark. Jf. 'J. "It is perfectly safe and can be relied upon in all eajM ol courts, colds or boareene**, Sold by A. U P«arre. TB£ SOCIAL HOiLD. DUTCH WOMEN DEFEND THEIR HOMES. f r P t t y or homely, yot-CK or old, poor or comfortably situated, the Boer women out for their country and their flres.des All shoot well, but lh^r» are a number cf the yonnrer women whose skill is biich tnat .n«y have been given the tide of sharpshooters; and It Is to them that the absent Boers leave :he defense of tb» hills around Pretoria. ^ jj- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOCX)OOOOCXXXXX3COCXXXXXXKXXX}OCdbcOOOOO(XX} MOMES18 WITH THE 1TO8B. 1WO BKLLED BOSSARDS. Him Heart. "My ring ia on her finger Aud iii our oroa»t my hoart- My poor heart--lores to linger, And in her eyes my hope ia And when her sweet lips part In smiles my soul soars after The ripples of her laughter. As the bow-string wafts the dart!" Upon her soft, her slender White finger gleams his ring; Her eyes are full of splendor And she is richly dowered With gifts the graces bring; Bat 'tie not in her breait that His fond heart is at rest--that She's wearing "on her string." --S. E. KISEK. Frlenda- Not he that counts my errors, Not he-that holds me back With doubling words to show me Wherein and how I lack; Not he that sees my failings; And seeing them, is free To take my measure by them-He's not the friend for me. Bnt he that learns my virtues, Who takes me at my beit; Who notes my greatest failings And overlooks the rest; Who, after I have striven And have not failed, is free With words of commendation- He is the friend for me. He that forever warns me Of dangers in my way. Who donbts my strength to-meet them And ever bids me stay. May truly seek to shield me, May wish me well, but he Whose faith is inspiration- He ia the friend for me. --CHICAGO NEWS. KBWS OF THE STATE. Brent* of Interest Here and Cne** Tewterdav and Today. The Allegany county grand jury reassembled to take np strike cases. Children's playgrounds were opened in various sections of Baltimore. A large meeting in the interest of the Indian relief fund was held in Hagerstown. A severe storm passed over Cecil county, doing much damage in the fourth and fifth districts. James A. Gray, of near Rockville, was shot and dangerously wounded by his nephew, Edward Bradley. Joseph Den tier, chief car inspector for the Cumberland Valley Railroad, Hagerstown, died from the effects of the heat. x The residence of Charles R. Hewitt, Cumberland, was burned, and the family escaped with difficulty in their The Maryland State Teachers' Association, whicb has been in convention at Ohantauqua Beach since Tuesday, finished its business and adjourned. An offer from a Philadelphia firm to subscribe the full 960,000 capital stock of the Cherry Hill, Elkton and Chesapeake City Electric Railway has baen accepted. The steamship Rhein. of the North German Lloyd line, sailed for Bremen with over five hundred passengers on board, the largest crowd that ever left the port of Baltimore for Europe on one steamer. The first peaches grown in Washington county this year were offered on market in Hagerstown yesterday. The crop will be one of the largevt ever gathered. The growers in southern Washington county about Sample's Manor expect 200.000 bushels. Pry Broa.. near Keedysville, who have 00,000 bearing trees, will gather from 50,000 to 75.000 bushels. An Interesting Fact Disclosed by an Item in "The Xewe." The statement in THE NEWS yesterday that Mr. J. Murray Davit, of Fountain Mills, this county, had, on last Monday evening, seen flying over that place a buzzard from the neck of which was suspended a bell which could be heard ringing merrily, was a very interesting piece of news, for the reason that a belled buzzard was recently killed or wounded in Georgia and the bell taken from its neck. For some years past there has appeared frequently in different parts of the country a buzzard such as described by Mr. Davis. It has always been supposed that there was one belled buzzard but now it ia certain that there have been at least two. This IB proved by the statement of Mr. Davis, following this report, which recently appeared in the Fort Gaines, Ga., Sentinel: "The fishing party we mentioned last week as having gone down the river in bateaux returned home last Monday. They brought with them several trophiei of the trip, among which is a bell taken from the neck of a buzzard. While opposite Dickenon Landing they heard a tinkling sound above them, and, looking np, they were surprised and very much interested to see a buzzard with a bell suspended from his neck. Mr. R. O. McAllister shot it and broke one of its wings, and after a chase of 200 or 300 yards through a canebrake caught it and took the bell from its neck. "The bell is a sheep bell, made of sheet iron and the parts riveted together. The clapper ia made of a small tap off a bolt, and a small piece had been broken out ore corner of the bowl of the bell. The bowl seems to have been bronzed, but moat of it ii worn off. The bell was fastened to the buzzard's neck by a small leather strap, which was passed around the neck twice and buckled and tied with a rawhide string. "If this description should be read and recognized by someone acquainted with the particular* of the belling of the buzzard they will confer a favor upon Mr. McAllister by writing to J"m t addressing R. 0. McAlister, Fort Gaines, Ga." The St. Mnry's Beacon, published at Leonardtown, Md., in commenting on the above, says: "Captain Benjamin Foxwell, of Leonardtown, remembers the belling of the buzzard in 1847. The captain thus relates the incident: 'Ignatius Joy and Thomas Johnson found a buzzard's neat in a hollow stump, and caught the old buzzard and put a sheep bell around her neck. The bell was like the one described in the clipping, and was tied with a rawhide string. The last heard of the buzzard in St. Mary's county was in 1857, and in i860 it was heard at Nornini, ln Westmoreland county, Va.' Captain Ben further says that the incident of the buzzard gave rise to as famous old song long sung in St. Mary county. Captain Alex. Jarboe, of Leonardtown district .knows the song and sings it well. Ask nun about it." IS IX RIGHT. For an Editor to Recommend Patent Medicine* From Sylvan Valley Sews. Brevard. N. C. It may be a question whether the editor of a newspaper has the rirbt to publicly recommend aay of the various proprietary medi cites wasch alood the market, jet as a preventive of suffering we feel It a doty to say a rood word for Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. We have known »nd used this medicine in our fatally for 2O rear? and Lave always found it reliable. In many cases a dose of this remedy would wive hours of snfferin* while a Physician Is airaiied. We do not believe in depending Implicitly on any medicine for n en re, but we do believe that if a bottle of Chamberlain's Diarrhoea Remedy were kept oa hand and administered" at the inception of an attack much sufferinc might be avoided and in very many eases the presence of physician would not be required. At least this has been our experience duricff the part twenty years. For sale by A. L. Feme. Croreist. Hagerstown*8 Big Time. The following are some of the Hagers town Mail's notes of the Fourth of July demonstration at that place: General Douglas wore a Seer de lit j shirt and cravat made specially for Mm | for the occasion. That Charlie Rouss crowd was a corker. All the bands pounded out fine music. A beer glass was thrown into Phrae- ner's show case smashing the big glass. Frederick and Winchester contin- gent« went home happy, each with a I pair of prizes. Ksbcr fed *iv people Wm. Orndorff was in town. The crowd went np against snowballs and soda water. Owen Hsnaon, colored, was in line with the Juniors of Hagerstown, leading their mascot dog. A Potomac-ave. mam related water from his pump to Winchester firemen, making them feel very sad over their treatment. On Comaaitte**. At the final meeting of the Maryland State Teachers' Association in Baltimore yesterday Mr. E. L, Boblitz, school examiner of this coaaVr, was elected a member of the executive committee. Mr. Boblitz WM also appointed chairman of the committee on elementary and secondary schools, and MissM. M. Robinson, of thifl city, was appointed a member of the same committee. A I Tbe Mcoad cf a series of dance* at Bndcock Heights was held ISM eight and wac a decided soeeees in «Tery i*r- QceLar. A *ps*i car conveyed ie far'.y tc tiis K««!is* _5 T v cl^ck *d another party yactd the first at eight o clock T^* ra:s ear!y is The tTeciry bad, cooled is* HtsatfiuKG very much and Eraddock wa* a decidedly pl«M»et plio* to *pwBd ibw fcvt fcveniog. Mssv- was fcrsiinsd by the Frederick Select Orchestra. Tbe chaperoce* wer* Mrs. C S Howard. 3tr». Wa». P. ·ttanM.y. Mr* J. A Wilhamfon, Mrt. C. W Be**, Jr , Mr». Dodiey Page, Mrs. Jacob b. Tyaoc d Jii». J. W. Hcay. Th» litil daace will bo hfcld oa Wed- evecscg July I ^ AQ Kpidemic tit Diarrboe*. Mr. A rMUltrs. »nnct ifva: Urvre. i'la. . ?*}» '£.:» Lu b*vn Otd ti-tre. Hr Uul » Mvfrrr u:c4 bl to^r !»*· o£ Outm . h t ' t r r a a e c lI»rrhe» Jttaatdy. He *» J » L.C *£M rtcotci2i:Ed«d ii u other* at.d «r il I it. bet! EBttUelBftibejr eftrr . For »i!r by A- L Peatfe. lnirti»l PUBLIC SALES. rpRUSTEES' SALE. By rtrtut tit a decree of the Circuit Court for KrwicrlcK Coucty. sluice a* a Court of Equity, pa»"-ti oa tbfc 1st day of June. laoo. in a cause entitled E!i;a A. ADrteitt rs Lotnti N- Abrtcht et »!.. «nd known as No. 71^0 Euuuy oc iLf docket uf Mid Court, the uiidfrsiircetl trustees will offer at public aale. ON JjATl'KDAV. JULV 2s. 11 oo. »t IO o'clock a. IU-, at the Court Bouse door. In Krednrirk City. Krederiek County. Mrylaod. the following described real estmle, lo-wif All that lot or parcel of ground situate antl beicg In Krederkk City aforescid to what IB commonly called "B*ntr'» Addition." being known abd disUngulnbed ta said addition as lot So 22. lying on the north side of West Patrick Street and being the same lot or parcel of ground conveyed to Rebecca Abrecht by Luther N. Abrecht et al by deed dated on the 23rd day of February. 1H5C. and recorded In Liber J. W. L. C . No. 4. folio 1S9. Ac., one of the Land Records of Frederick County. Tcli U the property in whicb the taid Rebecca Abrecht resided at the time of her death and U Improved by a OXE-BTCRV BRICK DWELLING HOCSE, containing two roomt and a earret. with cellar under the house. The house Is ia eesd repair. There Is also on the property a quantity of peach trtes, also some plum, mulberry and locust. Terms of Sale as Prescribed by the Decree. One half ot the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale, or the ratification thereof bv the Court, the residue In six months, the purchaser or purchasers giving his. her or their notes, with approved security, bearine Interest from tb." day o! sn!*, or sM ··ash. at the option of the purchaser. A deposit of S50 will be required from the purchaser on the day of sale to insure compliance with Its terms. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. RICHARD P. KOSS, JOHN S. NEWMAN. jy6.144Jl.27 Trustees. TUBLIC SALE. I will sell at public sale on SATURDAY. JULY 14. 1900. at 1 o'clock p. m.. at No. 15 W. Seventh St.. a lot of new buggies, daytons and carriages of all kinds: also 10 head of good work horses. Terms of Sale.--A credit of three months will be given on all sums over J10 by the pnr- chasers giving notes, with approved security. Harry McHenry. No. 15 W. Seventh St.. .Frederick. Md. H.R. Lease, Anct; Jos. Bussard, Clerk. j3dgt*wlt NOHOES. TOARD OF .APPEAL, CITY ASSESSMENT. Xotlce is hereby given that the Board of Aldermen of Frederick, Md.. will sit as a board of the office of the City Register, on MONDAY. JULY S. 1900. at 6 o'clock p. m., and continne each evenicz until the 13th. adjourning at 9 o'clock p. m. Any tax payer who may feel aerieved at the valuation made by the City Tax Commissioners, recently sitting, may appeal to the board whose decision in the case will be final. Don't neglect this. By order. WILLIAM F. CHILTON. Mayor. E A. Gittinger. City Register. J3d5t ·VTOTICE TO OWNERS_OF DOGS. Ordinance No. 804 declared it to be unlawful for dogs to run at large within the taxable limits of Frederick daring the month of July and August, unless securely muzzled with a wire muzzle. Owners of such animals are hereby notified to comply with the provisions of this ordinance or be subject to its penalties. WILLIAM F. CHILTON. jSOdlm Mayor. PHOTOGRAPHIC NOTICE. From this date you can get cheap and durable Crayon?. Onr six leaders--$3.00, $3 9S, S4.00. $4 of which will please you. We csrry a hieh grade of For traits in crayon, oil, ink. pastel and water colors that are not excelled in the State, tiive them a trial. At THE BORGER ART GALLERY. j2£dlm 23 Xorth Market Street, FINANCIAL. T O LOAN.--$12,500 TO LOAN ON first mortgage in suras of $2.000 to $3,000. G B Hammond. New Market. Md. jy3dlw*wlt D SCOTT. A. ELIKT WATERS FRED (7. BOYCE, JR ESTABLISHED 1832. TOWNSEND SCOTT SOH, BANKERS AND BROKERS. NO. 15 NORTH STREET. BALTIMORE. MB. TTf ESOOTT, WILOOX * HIESTOH, Nc. 1420 F St. N. W. Washington. D. C. REAL ESTATE BROKERS. MEMBERS OF TEE W A S H I S G T O S STOCK EXCHANGE. LOANS ON D. C..AND MD. PROPERTY. INVESTMENT SECURITIES. C. S. A N D MUNICIPAL BONDS AND LOCAL STOCKS BOU8HT AND SOLD. We cac offer for sale a llnJted nomoer'of real ertate notes secured on Improved Wart- Insrtoc. D. C- property netting the investors to 6 per cent, hrterwt. o!6"i*»lY TTTJT.P WANTED. white or colored, (rood ware?, family of two. AppJy_ No. s? Weft Third Street. Mrs. Wllttam Warner Osborti. jodlw WAGES PAID for a good cook. Apply at IS E. Seeand Street at once. Dr. J. M. Radcliff. 35dlw« W ASTED.--AN EXPERIENCED cook; good wages to oae reliable: 197 North Market Street. jySdtl W ANTED.-A EOT TO ATTEND to stock: rood wages paid. A. Ke»p. No. 64 Madison Avenue. J~3d3t* W ANTED.--A COMPETENT COOK white or colored, in a' small family. Apply nt 18 West Patrick 8t. Frederick. jySdlw* XTUESE WANTED.--WHITE GIBL -i^l aboat 15 or 5 G years old to unr«e rmall cbild. Aa»ly tp C. B. 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It* 'Jrd-- iirsa ir l-i_-- Brict .. ·ta--- Troi^.'!. tra.-- 15 U.'s iOic SAL- 1 !. '*- · -y vjUsi-t, «.'.. for !ui i.:iiiig SOo N. Market St. _ W JO^-L s: .-u:e ir-.i. trty. Ea E STBAY.-TAKEX UP AS ESTRAT on my farm recectly oae cow and four youoz cattle. Oweer can KM same by paying «J1 expense^. John KHpp. i-t-r Hieh Kcub. rr»HE BIGGEST TON ---r-- THE BEST COAL --AT -- TEE LOWEST PKICE. WELL SCREENED. PKOMPTLY DELIVERED. ACCOMMODATING DR1YEBS. MARKELL TRAIL, OFFICE AND YARD-CARROLL ST. jySdtf IKGEE ALE. EXTRA ROYAL G1NUES ALE. LIME JUICE. SPAHKLlNGJvOLAFRA, CLARET. BESANT KNOTT. QLIT.£ OIL AND MATONAISE. STRICTLY PUKE OLIVE OIL, SHREWSBURY MAYONAISE. and ROYAL SALAD DRESSING. BESAXT EJSOTT. "DINGS. You can see a bie lot of new Riaes at Landis* Jewelry Store. They are beauties. B»ve also got in a laree lot of new things In Jewelry suitable for the season and all the new ideas in everything. More STERLING StLTERWARE came In today and yon can have blecholce for weddine presents and souvenirs. S* JjAHDIS. THE JEWELER. 35 N. MARKET, S3 S. MARKET ST. Best and Quickest Repairing and Artistic Repairing. 'Phone 202. Old Gold Bonght D ON'T WOEET.--"WOMAN'S Blessing,"' safe and snre. positive cnre. The newest discovery. Box free. J. H. Home. M. D.. Drawer W. Chicago. Ill j23dlm» TjVR SALE Uf FREDERICK ONLY AT THE CITY HOTEL BUFFET. HIGHEST AWARD FOR PORITF. The report of the Government Chemist at the Agricultural Department. Washington, D. C.. guarantees Hecrlch'a beers to be absolutely free from bicarbonate of soda, salicylic acid or any other preservatives. Senate, JUaetzen and~Lager are the brands. j22dlm S PEOIAL NOTICE. We invite the public to call and examine onr STOCK OF CHEAP RIBBOSS in all the newest shades, at onr new Store Boom. NO. 22 WEST PATRICK STREET. Opposite City Hotel. BLUMENACER CO.. aprSodly Milliners. A FULL LINE OF MIDSUMMER HATS in all the latest styles. Outlnz fiats of every description. Ribbons in all styles for the neck and waist. Also Ribbon Velvets in all widths, ladies" Muslin Underwear. 1TB.6D.MANTZ. 16 S. Market St.. Frederick Cliy.Md. oct7dly FOB BENT. F OB KENT.--HOUSK NO. 72 EAST Church Street. Apply at Xo. 74 Ea*t Church Street. iy2dtf TJ'OR RENT.--TWO LABGE SEO -a_ end story front rooms, also storage room. Lewis S. Clinearu }19dlm RENT.--HOUSE CONTAIN- ine seren rooms, all furnished, convenient to four churches, at Petersville, Md.,2% miles from B. £ O. R. R.. fine sprinsr of water in the yard, abundance of good shade, stable for two horses, rood garden and lot. with abundance ot vegetables and frnlt. Apply to E. E. Mateney. Petersville, Md. jlSdlm* F OR RENT.--I HAVE SEVERAL pianos to rent by the month. H. E. Wil- arietSl- ap21dtf F OR RENT.--TWO-STORY BRICK hon?e No. 127 Sonth Market Stre*t possession immediately. Apply to Mrs. G. D. Miller. 131 S. Market Street. Hdtf T[X)R BENT.--THE FORMER RES-A? ideaee of the late Dr. J. W. Hilleary, sit- nated in Petersville. Moat attractive home and desirable for * pnTsfcian cf eiperteee or a family wlailn* country Hf»t 4 aerw of cronnd atracbftl; poMMaio bavedistoZy Apply to J. C. O'Donueii, PetenvUhuMd. * i?«*wti SUMMER RESORTS. FREDERICK. MARYLAND. Why not spend a portion of your vacation where yoa cxa have city convenience* and conntry life? High elevation; psre water: no malaria: fifteen Taivnttt? ride on the electric can to Bratoek Hdcats, eom«iandinc * lifteent view of the fmmoas Frederick and macula MUdlc ldlet»wa TmXtars. with daneta* and other wrtlsfis: fine bays Ssites, batilsr aaC boatinr OB the Monocaer river » short distance from the city: fine macadanilied roads. livery. Rednctd rates to sommer s. P. T. LOK6, MM.iicer. J26dlm TTOR SALK.-FOTTR LARQEOM10E JL' Deaks suitable for aay «flte«. ThM« detkf aie in eserileat eoBdttion **d will b* sold cheap. Apply t» C. E. Baylor. B«cfit*r of WH1«. 1UL. -- H-a.a, u A . UiA*J£ . ffiMr'.c tt = R. B, SOHEDDUES. ON AND ATTEtt SCNDAi'. MA\ io. t .35 A. it-, except Sgniiay. for ffaihltrtoa. Jxmcuou and Way Siatlou*. 6.00 A. H-. daily, for Waahltrum Csnscer land and Way Suitlea-. ehfladelptla acd Sew York, aad except Bnnday for Hax- crciowu. thtfc at WajiaiafTOB £O A.JL 6.'M A. SL, dally, tor Baltimore and Philadcl- phia acd New York. Out u Balilmor* B.50 A. M. 8.1O A- U.. except Sunday, tor Baltimore ard . . k and New i'ork. ime at Balttmor* 9.20 A. M-. except Sundcy. for Harper*! Kerry Wlneheeter. HarrUonborr and Lexington. 9.10 A. M., except Sunday, for Waihisetcc. Philadelphia. andKew fork. Haaetn- town %nd Way Stationa. Ctnclnnac. Is* dlanapoUt. Piirsbnr* and Chicago. Dn« at WuhlsKton 11^5 A. M. 1.35 P. M., except Sonday. for Baltimore ad Way Stations. Philadelphia aad Keif Fork. Dne at Baltimore 4^0 P.M. 4.10 P.M.. dolly, for Washlntton and Way S-aUocs. Philadelphia and Hew Tork Cnmberlfind. Ctcclnnatl and St. Louit. Due at Washincton OJO P. M *30 P. M.. dally, for Baltimore and Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. Dee at Baltimore 7.10 P.M. 6.20 P. U.. except Sunday, for Waihlnctca. Hacerstown. Winchester and Way Stations, Plttsbnrr. Wheeling. Chicago, Philadelphia and New Tork. Dee at Washlnetcn 9.40 P. M. AJUUVALS. 6. 38A. M.. except Sunday. Irom Cincinnati Pittsbnrr. Washincton Junction an Way Stations. Baltimore and Wuhisx- ton mall arrives on this train. B.5O A. M.. except Sunday, from Mt. Airy and War Station*. 3.35 A. oL, except Suuuay. from Winchester. Harersto wn and Way Station*. 10.15 A. IL, except Sunday, from Baltimore. and Way Stations. Philadelphia and New Tork. 10.50 A. AL. except Sunday, from Washtnetca and Way Stations. 11.27 A. M., Sunday only, from Washington and Way Stations. St. Louis, and Chicago and Wheeline. 12.28 P. M-, Sunday only, from Baltimore. Way Stations PhlladelphU and Mew York. 2.05 P. M.. except Sunday, from Si. Ixmii- CinetnBti andCMcaeo.New York. Phll- adeiphia. Washiwrton. HaearstowB. Lex- inton and Way Stations. 3.45 P. JL. Sunday only, from Washinst«B and Way Stations. St. Loulj. Cincinnati 4.00 P. JL. except Sunday, from, Balttmor* and Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. v 6.4S P. M..except Sunday, from Wuhisetoa. and Way Stations. Philadelphia. Sew York, Pittshureand Chicago. 6.50 P. 3L. except Sunday, from Baltimor* and Way Stations. Philadelphia ana New York. 8.05 P. M.. dally, from Baltimore and Way Station*. 535 P. M., except Sunday, from Waihlnetca. Cumberland. Haeerstown. Brunswick and Way Stations. W ICSTKBKMABTLAjrD B , coxszcmte WITH S. Ss R. B. at ShippensburK and Q«tty«tatri Norfott. £JVestera R. B. at Hagwwwwa; B. O. Railroads at Hagerstown «x6 Cherry SUE: Penna. R. R. at Brncr vLUe and Hanover, and P. W. A . B.. N. C. aad B. ft P. Ball- ' "--" roads at Union Station. Baitlniore.Md. Schedule in Efeet June 24.1800. MAINLINE. Bead Downward STATIONS. A. K- 930 9 Si 947 933 100-2 1015 510 513 525 530 S3S 355 »- A.M. L?*T* Arm* A.x. i 10 I OS 1 01 .... t ao 7 K « 38| S 29 7 *7 « 35) J 381 7 36 4 45' 2 45 7 42 445! 348 4 49 -1 51 .... *S6 P.K.IP.M. A.K- P.M. 166 S M 393 415 431 445 P.X. 7 BO 816 8 49 904 920 835 A.M. Arrive P.M. 5» 5* *« P -*' 1 »M «... * ot 4 55 25S 521 SJl 52S SS 546 5'53 sremont Blue Mountain Pen-Mar 48 Bnena Vista Sp " Hlghfield Arrive '44 7 SO 4r* 947 1011 P.K. A. x. Arrive Btt 344 354 3 V ) 403 S 54 6 07; 4 37 » 10 ...J 5(«! 8 37 3 03' 9 43 .... 5 3b 7 IS, G 01 P.M. P.M. io an Arrive A Cherry Bun fife Pool Sprlnc rwS'fpv Arrive - Leave Leave Arrive Hlsthfleld Fairfleld GettyshurK New Oxford Hanover Porters Leave Leave Arrive Porters Sprtnr 6rov» York Leave Bead Upward. X. P.V.I F.v 49 IS 48. 9 05 8 45 12 45' I 01 S 84 12 3* 347 *, K. Leave 750 7 52 816 8 K 8ST 84S Bine Kidee ! Thnnnont , BockyJUd«« | BrucivtUs Union Bride* Linwood ; New Windsor Westminster Emory 6rov» 6Iyndon Arlineton Baltimore ^ft^Vfi G 45 11 20 ~ 15 6 SI,10 51 1. ....11035! 6 0310 2; 5 57110 19 ....11015 5 50|10 OS 53S 933 918 S36 Sll A.M. Arrtv* Le«v«i».«. A.X. 647 635 G2S 613 607 6C2--I 542 ·Tss 433 401 Blue Mountain Express. (Parlor Car) leaves Baltimore, dally except Sunday. 332 P. m.. stoppinz at Westminster. New Windsor, Union Bridee* Bmceville (connection for Frederick). Thnnnont. Bine Ridze, Bcena Vista Sprine. Blue Mountain. Kdeemoct, Smithsburz. Hazeretown. Retnruln^.leaves Hagerstown 6.4O a. m. daily, except Sunday. Arrive B-iltlmore 9^1«. TO. Additional trains leave Baltimore for Union Bridge and Intermediate Stations at 10.17 a m. and 3.00 and 6.15 p. m.. and leave Union Bridee for Baltimore and Intermediate Stations at 53O and 6.40 a. m.. and 12 55 p. m. daily, except Sunday. Sundays Only.--Leave Baltimore for Union Bridge and Intermediate Stations 9.35 a. m. and 2.35 p. n. Leave Union Br=d*e at 6 45 a. m. and 4.17 p. m. for Baltimore and Intermediate Stations. B. C. V. B. B, Leave Haeerstown for Shippeasbare and In- ter=ei!ais Slitic^s ii G^5 aid 11.C7 . s. and 7.OO p. m. Leave Shlppensbanr for Hac- erstown and Intermediate Stations at 5 4O a. m. and 1.10 and 3.00 p. m. TRAINS VTA ALTENWALP CCT-OFF. Leave Haeerstown for Chamberslror? acd Intermediate Stations at 5J7 a. m. and 3.17 p. m. Leave Chambersbare for Haeerstowo and Intermediate Statkms nt 7.1 a. m, ana 7.49 p. m. Leave Rx;ky Ridce for Emmitsbnre at 8.26 and 10.33 a. m. aad 3^1 and «-3« p. n. Leave Kmmittburc for Rocky Rldie at 7.10 aad 1O.OO a. m. aad 2^0 and 4^0 p. m. Leave Br=;evII2s for Frsaerick »t S.3S. 3^5 and 10 4O a. m. and 5.3S and 6 3O p. m. Leave Bracrrtlle for Cclambla. Uttlectown and Taneytown at 9 47 a. m. and 3.45 p. m. Leave Frederick for Baltimore at 7 50 a, m. and 3.00 aad 4.55 p. m. COSNECTION8 AT CHKBR Y BUN. W. VA. B. and O. p*ssen«r trains leave Cherry Bnn for Cumberland acd intermediate poisu daily at S.51 a. m. Cincinnati. St. Louis and Chicago Express dally at 1X50 p. m. Ciicac* Express daily at 10.39 p m. ·Daily. All others iaill. except Sunday. J. M.HOOD, B. H OBISWOU). --*£ Eft?

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