The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 29, 1903 · Page 8
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 8

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1903
Page 8
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Co WANTED n in by with, fair education, sober and industrious. Good reference* and security. Address Chronicle office, A. B. 4850 v liom tlie standpoint of the manufacturer, the Par- MO! MUCH is aver; from the standpoint of the consumer fcow i« the time they are most needed. ^fe have just purchased at ahout half price a large lot of tfe«hoi5est and prettiest styles-all new goods, ' perfect in everj way, worth from 11.75 to 13.75. These we will sell in two lots. WANTED--A reliable girl to tend baking and confectionery store. References required. Inquire Gem Bakery. 4/QQ WANTED -- position as bookkeeper or stenogrpher by a graduate. Can famish references. Leave word at this office. Address A. L. care Chronicle. 4347 WANTED--Font more girls at the Fay Stocking Works. Inquire 98 One lot at One lot at at the office. 4350 Optimism vs . _ _ * * · _ . _ _ The pessimistic sentiment with which traders have viewed the market for the past few week*, is slowly giving way to a more optimistic feeling. SHREWD TRADERS are free to ADMIT that the BOTTOM HAS BEEN TOUCHED and that from now on the general trend of security prices WILL BE UPWARD. If you share this faith in higher prices, we shall be pleased to re- ceive a portion of your business. We open'accounts In sums of from $100 upwards; exceptional New York connections enabling us to execute order* in io-share lots on practically the samr figures as loo-share orders. (No discretionary accounts accepted.) We shall be pleased to send free to your address any or all of the following: "Wall Street's Golden Opportuni- the May "Railroad and Indus- tnai-Quide,"' or our Daily Market Review. We also issue free to .present or prospective clients the "Stock Market Annual," the most valuable work ever issued on this subject). Whether or not a customer you are invited to make our board room your business headquarters. Phones, Main, 586-Cuyahoga, £-49. The Farnham--Rhodes C o m p a n y Bankers and Brokers SUITE 704- 706, NEW ENGLAND BUILDING C L E V E L A N D , O H I O , WANTED--Man and wife without children to occupy furnished house and board owner and child. Inquire at No. ia8 Clark street, afternoons and evenings, or to Chronicle office. Wanted--Several persons of character and good reputation in each state (one in this county required) to represent and advertise old established wealthy business house of solid financial standing. Salary $21 weekly with expenses additional, all payable in cash direct each Wednesday from head offices. Horse and carriage furnished when necessary. References. Enclose self-addressed envelope. Colonial, Caxton building, Chicago. 3700 Fifty toM is the weight and 11 nlles tfce ·*ectiT* rang* of a cannon ·which has Just bs«n mounted at I/Orient It is state* to b» the on the French coast. «· fmt O»* CfctaMM? ****·. If a chimney catch fire ran to the salt box and empty It out on the flamea. They will be reduced as if toy magic and then further steps can be taken to extinguish them. $1.39 . _ _ -- OO We offer Best Quality WASH SILKS sold by small dealers at 50c, now 25c yard. We also have marked down about 50 pieces of Fancy Waisting Silks, WANTED-Places for young men and women to work for board. Send address to Elyria Business College. Phone 461 220 ° WANTED--Address of those wishing to take Elyria Business College students, to board. Send your address to the College. Phone 461. 220O -- . __ __ OO- .--o We offer a special line of Rust Proof Corsets at 39 cents each. _«.--. -- -- «- -- -- -- -- --O FOR SALE FOR SALE--Mealey seed wheat recleaned. Si.oo per bushel. S. M. Mason, R. D. No. 2. Carlisle. 4752* FOR SALE--Good sound horses inquire Joe Copas, Elyria, O. 4648 FOR SALE.--Nearly new runa- about wagon. In good condition If you want it before September 1st, $30. Inquire tf S. H. R. Chronicle. FOR SALE--Sleeper go-cart. In quire at 130 Rush St. 4449 ·w** 1 Special lot of 45 and 50 cent Fine Organzines and Silk Mulls reduced to 29 cents Mark Down Values in the Following A large lot of Laces at halfaprice. Embroideries at ,3c, 7c and Embroidery Ap- tliques in white and linen, worth from 19c to MUST BE SOLD AT ONCE A new ten room house on I4th avenue Lorain, Ohio. All improvements electric ligbti, gas, path-room com plete, steam heat, cemented cellar water closet in basement, barn i6x 24, must sell at once, One-third cash, balance to strit. Frank Smith Brq., Elyria, Ohio. . H«rrlble Death. Trotswith Effort--It mus* be turr'- ble ter die in a railway accident. Getson Slowly--Horrible! 'Speshly in one o' dese washouts.--Boston Post. Low Waa~e. Seamen on native river craft in China get three dollars a month; on sea-going Chinese vessels, eight dollars. They furnish their own food. GRAIN AND STOCK QUOTATIONS Bt ScBurrs-McRAB PBMS ASSOCIATION. Chicago, August 29%--Closing Si; corn 5oji; oats 34H; P° rk $12.56. Chicago, August 29.--Cattle 300, steady unchanged. Hogs 9.000, opened steady, closed weak;; sheep 2,,ooo, steady. Herrs Island, August 29.--Cattle light, steady; sheep light, slow; hogs 10 double decks, active. LOCAL PROVISION QUOTATIONS "He says that he has paid every cent he owed." "Where did he get the money?" "Borrowed it."--Brooklyn Life. Chinese 1» Africa. According to a recent census there are upward of 600 Chinese in Johannesburg, of whom 180 are in business. All are reported to do well. A ,Wondrom« Well. An artesian well in New South Wales is 4,086 feet deep, cost $51,733 and yields 750,000 gallons of water daily. Egyptian state railroads bought last year $3,757,239 of material, of which England furnished $2,5*6,000. ANCING AT FOR SALE--Fine residence pro- perity on East Third St., 66 foot frontage. Charles L. Morse office 208 Ely Block. FOR SALE--Home with sH acres in town of looo. Good railroad connections. Inquire a this office. FOR RENT FOR RENT--Store, best location on Penfield avenue, Lorain, number '1630. 45-47-49 FOR RENT, ROOMS--Five and pantry, four on ground floor, large room upstairs. Water in kitchen, use of cellar. $8.00 per month. Inquire at 1334 Lake avenue. * fr«B* Blanket*. The British medical journals report an outbreak of typhoid fever on a British training-ship, the origin of which was traced to infected army blankets which had been received from South Africa, and which had been in contact with persons suffering from this disease.--Good Health. She--So you consider Mr. Doubleday a genius, do you? He--Yes, in a way. He's soiC£tMri£ of a lawyer and something of a musician. "But which is his profession?" "Well, the lawyers call him a musician and the musicians call him a lawyer."--Chicago Daily News. K.O.T.M. HAUL SATURDAY N I G H T -^ Cleveland, Aug. 29.--Butter, bcs:, creamery, 20^-210; dairy, firsts, i6-iSc. Cheese, York State. full cream, to}/2-iic; Ohio State, new, Ohio, full cream, Eggs, 19^-20. hickens, ioV-iic. Broilers, per lb., potatoes, choice. 55~6oc. Dressed meats, steers,, 7^-8c; veal I/-QC; mutton, 7j4-8c; lambs Wheat, No. 2 red, 2c; No. 3 red, 3oc. Oats, No. 3 white 38-39^- orn, No. 3 yellow, 59- Flour, winter patents, $34O-$4-OO: straights, $3-2o-$3-5P- Hay, car lots, choice, $$i3-Oo; bulk, $i4«o-?i5-oo. Straw, rye, baled, $8-5O-$9-OO per :on; wheat, $$6.oo; oat, $5.00. Prime clover seed, $5-65-$5-75- Prime -Timothy seed, $i.6o-$i.OO. Wool, washed, 38-32c; unwashed, 23-26. Eiogs, mediums, $5.80. Yorkers, $6.o5-$ Calves, $6.oo-$7.oo. Cattle, steers,$3-50-$5-i5- Sheep, lambs, $4.oo-$5.6o. Mixed sheep, $3-2S-$3-4O. Menu for Baking Day A SACK OF Red MIH Patent flour in your kitchen and a good meal b assured ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT The following is corrected daily. J. A. Reublin't Grocery Quotations. Selling New apples, per pk 20 New potatoes, per pk .... 20 New corn, per doz ...*-..... 12 · Peaches, home «rown, per qt 10 Elbertas 15 Green gage plums, pk. 25 Red plums, pk., 25 Spanish onions, lb 6 Green Onions, bunch 3 for 5 Turnips, per pk 25 Onions 30 Savoy Cabbage loc per hd. Cabbage ea 5 «J 10 Bermuda Onions per lb 08 Dairy Butter, per lb 22 Elgin Creamery . . . " 28 Clover Hill brick... " 28 Strictly fresh eggs 22 Cauliflower ea 15-20 Egg plant 10-20 r.hubarb, home grown per lb 3 for$ Tomatoes, 2 qts. 5. Beets, 2 bunches for 5 Celery, 3 bunches 10 Spinach, home, grown peck 20 Cucumbers, each 3 for 5 Squash .... .'. 2. for 5 Carrots, 2 bch for £ Lettuce lb. '.. 15 Parsley, 2 bch 5 Indive, head '. 5. ?eas, per pk., .. 30 String beans, 2 quts. for .. 5 Sweet potatoes, pk., ........ 40. New Comb Honey,, .per lb 20 Maple Syrup, ....per gal t o o tf. Y. cheese, full cream, lb 16, Ohio cheese, per lb 16 Switter Cheese, per lb ao Tune Brick Cheese per lb.. 18 granulated Sugar, per lb.. 6 All gradeg light brown ** 5$£ Cut, Cube. Con. Pul " 8 Water White Oil per gal.. 13 Palacine Oil, p*r gal...... »£ Gasoline, per gal,, ..... 15 Southern Vegetables and Fruits. Bananas per doz 20 Oranges, per doz., 25 to 50 Lemons, per doz 30 to. 35 Watermelons 10 to 3O Musk Melons, Home Grown.5 to m. Rocky Ford Cantalopes 6oc basket. Pineapples 10-25 ELYRIA MILLING COMPANY ELYRIA, OHIO Night School Commences Sept 2 Jackson Bros. Meat Quotations. Spring chickens I2j^c; dressed, 2pc. Ducks, paying .. · s 10. Beef live, per cwt 4-00 to 5.50 475 fat Sheep, per cwt 3.50 5.00 Calves, live, per cwt...... ..6.5O Lambs, per head 2.00 5.00 Hogs, live, per cwt 5-5° A large lot of White Goods at 61-4c a yard. Jay** lilmttm £·*!**·»«·. The government of Japan now limits the number of emigrants to Hawaii to 226 per steamer, of which the number of men most not exceed 150, the rest being women. This is to encourage the emiga- tion of the married. "*ou'v« destroyed my peace of mind, Bessie," said the despairing lover. "It can't do much barm, John," replied the truant lass, "for it was an amazing small piece you had, anyway." --Ohio State Journal. Bookkeeping Shorthand Typewriting Penmanship Arithmetic Spelling Correspondence Plain English The Elyria Milling Co.* Grain Quotations. , Pay- Selling. ing. No. 3 yellow shelled corn..50 Yellow ear corn per cwt...72 No. 2 red wheat 78 No. 3 red \vheat ., /6 New white oats ., 33 Hay, Straw and Feed. .Timothy hay .._l2.oo Straw , 5-00 Hominy meal 24.0O Gluten, per ton ^ 24-00 Chop Feed, per ton 24.00 Meal .... 24.00' Middlings 24.00. Bran 20.00* Flour. Best Patent Flour, bbl 5.0-1 Straight 4.o»- '.lorning Glory Flour per sack t . l , :ed J!?!l Pat Flour per s Now is the time to make arrangements. College office open every evening V«ry Hatvtal. Husband--You don't appear to Ilk* Mrs. Sweetie. Wife--The horrifl thing! I hate aer! Next time we meet I'll MM her only one* and I shan't aak after her baby.-R Y. Weekly. - - College MXODfrrRE, Mn. Irrtng MM*., Mid : raB down, mj appetite alt- rtruf. art 1 WM wuMd to a . M«ck of CM co goM, ··??«· wrtruf. a WM wuM to a eketatoB. 1 conMat ·fe*p, awl I muta up »T xnlwltlmtutaw I MOB ncetved kelp I mn* lie. TheBWUefcMtltMkwmmdtoao ·« BO nod, mn4 1 WMI trvly a ptttobto *b]ect. Iwat w wk JfeouW ImMly «Mtly ttllhtflM HOW* BIJTMMIOM I ken* of BUKM result WMh»ply -^1 -- -' ~ i I BBtl OOBWBI M« dtMM. IHK. tkOfM to AM. «*·«*. v H

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