The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 4, 1924 · Page 5
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1924
Page 5
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Friday, April 4, 2924. THE DECATUR R E V I E W PAOKOTB, DIWIMISSIKC ^ FROM Clinton Man Sought for Av- Cllalon. A*»tt *-- Tad WllUaau. · ClIntAB man. I* tola* *on«ht by th* follc* doartBMBt »P*B r*a.»*at «f **ard*t«ira amhorrtka ea a warrant ·hats-la* him wlik ' th* th*f f *t · »»lBBh»* diaaioad tr»B itt» horn* of BIchBfd TBomaa !· (Ml elty. From Inforatathm *-U«a Mil. William* *·» a rldtnr at th* Thomas hem* for a*r*ral day* a ad Itf( W«da*aday with Ih* rtaff. Chart** M. Scott waa appointed eonatnrator for BUtr Goodrich o f | Citato*, after a ··aria* h*M h*'or«' Ju4»o Btdlagvr of ih* eoaaty court Tanraday aflcraooa Tb« Jury w»« «om»oi»J of* TU*B-|«. W. A. ropa*BB*r«*r. Honor McAdoo. P*«rJ Kvaaa, R C Maw. Lftttr gtaa*. l:«y JthlnaMMB. Oanar Joahlaa. Kd«*r MllUr. HUMMll Cobb. Max Bt«mml«r and Hrary B*lh»r. A h*arla*r In tho e**4*aiBaUon aulti wh*r*la th*, rial* )· Iflcattna; a fctahway through e*rtala land* north ·f Cllatoa. waa b«M b*for« Jud«« B*dla«*r Thuraday. Th* hlrhv*? r«a* Ihroafh th* C. M Moor* and John IfrCanc* a»d C. R Prak* ««- tat** Th* Jury In Ih* ca*« wa* tom- 9***d of th* Mm* at* inker* a* (hat ·which i«r**d la th* Goodrteh h«*r- V»IT. U K Klchard«oa of Chicago U ·Von* for a f*w day*' vUlt with hit -nartnl* and friend*. Mr. RtenariUnn !« ««n«r«t. yard mast«r for th* Illl- nn\t central ta Hawthorn* yard well ·f Chicago. MM. Niooraxra Die*. Ilr* Olio NtendemBa 41*4 at th* family horn*. 4tT v*Mh Qvlncy *lr**l. Thnr*day even la*, following an *»· United Ilia*** do* to heart trouble Bnd dropay. at th* *·« ot fifty'»lx. AMI* ryruai waa hora In M*~dl*on county. May I*. t«(7. and wh«n a ·mall . hIM th* cam* In Lake City. I l l . with h.r parent*. wh«t* *h« r«- ·M*d tor forty year*, la January. 1»JI. th* famlty cam* to rilnlon. wh*r. th.r had (lac* r**Med. ·he I* attrvlved by th* huabaad and ·n* dauchler. Ur* F. C. Clark. z:« W*M Van Ilnren *lr*rt: on* irrand* ·on. Ralph Clark two ulalrr*. Mr*. t«ura lUahta of l«h* City, and Mr*, ·allle Wll»on of Klrtn. BBd oac wrother. Jamea Byrwn ·( IVcitur Th* rejiala* will b* taken to txv. tnanon. H I . the old home at l«h* City. wh*r* lnt»rm«nt will b* ··ad* la Keller cemetery. MAKTIK OeOflXO Attorney L**t«r Martin of Bloom- tactoa will deliver the addrera at the Maatialc Oab Uincheon at their hall Friday erenlna- Mlw d*o v Stiver* vlll foraUh ·*v*ral mualeal nutn- w*r«. MIM Haato Iteadl* of OlBlon I* to ·B*B B h*a«ty ahaa la th* Medland hat Mar* IB Moor* court about th* ·alddl* of April, aad to this end ha* ·BaTBf** 1 aa mrp*rl*BC*d operator, a ·rawwat* of th* BarBttam ·chool of Oatca«» Th* room* at* now beln* red*e*rat*d BBd will h* r*ady for oc- ··B.B47 a*«»t Ih* Ulh. THOMAS FU.VKRAU Faa.ral a*rrl«*a for Mr* Qeorir* Ij^hnmaa of Blrkhcek. who** d*ath occurred Wa4B*aday a(t*raooa after a troloBV*4 IIIB***. wer* conducted from th* Flnt Chrlatlaa church at CUatOB Thanday «ft«r*ooa ta chars'* ·f R*r. X. A. OHIIIaBd of JaB*avltl*. Wla. lUr. Ollltland waa aa*lat*d by ft**. R. U CarlwrlBht. paator of th* toeal ehnrcK Burial wa* mad* la .Woadlawn. Pall hearer* w.r. aephew* of de- ··aMd. Ployd Thoma*. John Thoa»aa. Hoy Tfiomaa, Coy Torbet. CharU* ·Mlnhour and Ch«rl*» ArUlncton. A DAUOHTKB. Mr. and Mra. Patrick Orlffla ot aw«th Cllntoa ar* th* pareaU of 4a\B*;ht*r. L*v*rn* Iran*, bora to at th* family haw* oa W*d- ··aday. WOMAN INJURED AT STEWARDSONj] ·t*ward*on. April 4--J«*t a* Mr*. K Oollocher *tepp*d fr*w th* d ·t th* Frank WllllatM Hardware ·lor* after ah* had T*t»d at th* tewaahlp electtoa Tw*aday aha fell, ·trlhtav her head OB th* aMcwalh. CBttlaf a **rlo»* caah ta h*r far** h*ad. Dr. HOIBMB waa «alUd and dreand th* woand. a%* tk*a waa tak*B to her horn* wh*r* ah* I* r*«t- "*r ad- **v*ral froai «r* att*ad*d th* «*B*ral of O*or«* Ktreher to Strae- w*r« Wedanday at«rB»»B. Harry Mtclti wh* had h««B work' *a« la Fraahfart. lad, haa r«t»rn*d 1* hi* horn* B**r thl* city. Alfred Vtmtr *f iBdlaaapoll*. Ind. ^tolled hi* parent*. Mr. BBd Mra. Henry Ulm*r *»*r S»Bday. B. B. Om*y of ShBBiway Tl»lt*d O A BraBUB*nl*dt and family IB ·tevardaoa lUwday. !. Rth*f« ·! WiB4»«r traaaactod .»a*taea» her* Tmtawajr. KlBMr palk ·* Herbora transacted fr«ataeaf he** T»**day Mra. Chart** F. r»U»a Tlalud In **ra*b«r* Monday. Mr*. Corta Fow.ll of lBwr*B«*«1»« m. *W»*« »·* pWBta, «'···* Mr » * h*r* «»*r woa««: . .WllUaai «o*.a* j«ha *arha K. a Tat** a ·· 4a»* r*«*Btly Ar*h Tat*a lraa*a«t*| h«MlB* KfflBChaBi Saturday. WlllhtBI KkMkW tf«BB»««4 »«M to BffU«hBBt aaturday. Kra. Itel ntakatta *f D^«t»r. «t*4 har »ar*Bta. Mr. aad Mra. XHabla la th*. «ltf t*a la.t . Mra. at U C»»r*» »WUd r«latl»** IB rhlanii tka laat vaak. ItaWrt Maahart aad to»My r*tara- M la their hoB* la D»rha». Okla.. ·fur TlalUa* r*laUT*a h*r* th* laat | tw* Bioatha. Jaa*k Tah«y la T«aea4* §at»rday. Tlt-BHa (L«w4«B: "A gw«4 srllat. ··14 ta* «f»wta« a»aat*r. "·*· tun a ha*py fas* tat* a ·arrawtal OB* with B f*w Thafa with BMm*rl*a *f ·«v*twl ·t h*m*. "My tether «BB d* H with ·n*" Tit-Bit* L*Bd*a): The telepbeae la a w*ll-hB«wB ··rt»*a'a oftlo* raa«. Wh»n ^h* «*atar aaawatad. th* ··to* at th* ·**·« UM KM k^plrO. ·Wha to thtor WILLIAM GUSHARD COMPANY Smart 16 Button Silk Gloves $1.50 f}F excellent quality silk w with doable finger tips, these gloves are notable values at $1.60 a pair. Paris Point backs. Choice of Mack, white and many spring«okrs. Silk Gauntlets, $1.50 --Of durable silk, with double silk tips. Strap wrist style, with contrasting backs and gussets. In pongee, grey and beaver. $1.60 a pair., New Gauntlets at $2.50 --These are W e a r - R i g h t gauntlets of chamoisette, with new French turn-back cuffs. Embroidered backs. In biscuit and trrev. $2.50 a pair. FIRST FLOOR Gordon Chiffon , Silk Hose $2.50 QF very fine quality are the Gordon chiffon silk stockings. They are full fashioned, of pure, high grade silk, with lisle tops, heels and toes. In black, beige, gun metal and other spring shades. Excellent values at $2.50 a pair/ Phoenix Hose, $1.85 .--Full fashioned Phoenix silk stockings of splendid quality pure silk, with lisle tops, heels and toes, are just $1.85 a pair. In all the wanted light shades and in black. Children's Sox, 50c --Thee-quarter length Gordon «ox for children, with plaid rolled tops, are in all the new spring colors. They are very durable. In all sizes. Priced 60c a pair. FIRST FLOOR Handkerchiefs At Moderate Pikes MEW glove handkerchiefs *' are of pure linen, with ·dgts embroidered in 'colors. Priced Me to $1 «*ch. --Colored handkerchiefs of silk crepe de Chine, 50c. --Women's handkerchiefs of ·Ok pontee, with colored borders and embroidered corners, ·re priced 26c each. --Swiss voile handkerchiefs in bright ·hade*, with wide hems and ·embroidered corners, 26c. nasrrtooB Tht aob of stamped kom»e apron* at $1, and of fmdge apron* at 45e» contimtut on Saturday. In tht An NotdUwork Section. Saturday! An Event for Nature Lovers! Third Annual Sale of Roses - Plants - Roots DEAUTIFUL roses, ornamental foliage and lovely flowers of every hue and tint will bloom in the gardens of those who buy at this sale, for rose bushes, shrubs, bulbs, roots and vines of many kinds, selected for their floral beauty and for their ability to grow and flourish in our soil, are offered at prices low enough to permit everyone to choose a liberal assortment of favored kinds. --Only healthy plants that are brim-full of stored-up vitality will be offered in the sale--sturdy, healthy plants that neecLonly the reviving touch of earth to make them produce loads of fragrant flowers and blooms to beautify a garden and delight its owners. / --Every plant has been inspected and certified in accordance 'with the provisions of the Plant Inspection Act of 1917, amended in 1919. --Our sales of other years have always brought great crowds early in the morning, so we advise early attendance, for, though we have liberal quantities of everything, the moat popular varieties sell very rapidly. The sale will open a t9:00 Saturday, on the fourth floor. Rose Bushes · 35c Flowering Shrubs. 35c --These are dormant, 3 year old, field grown rose bushes. Many fine named varieties. 35c. American Beauty .. .red Paul Neyron.. .rose pink Ulrich Bronner. .scarlet Black Prince ..Tmaroon Capt. Christy peach Mme. Plantier ...white General Jack red Climbing Roses. 25c --Dormant, 8 year old, field crown plants, all ready · set out 25c. Crimson Rambler . .red Dorothy Perkins .. .pink Dorothy Perkins . .white Shower of Gold . .yellow Flowering Shrubs, 25c --Hardy dormant field grown shrubs, indispensable for landscape effects. 26ceach. ' --Spire* Van Houttei, (Bridal Wreath) spray like clusters of white flowers. --Weigelia Pink -- deep, rose pink blooms. --Deutxia White, showy double flowers. --AJthea Bush Rose of Sharon) doable blooms in red, white and pink. --Philadelphus Coronar- ius (Mock Orange) clusters of fragrant, waxy whit* flowers. -- Buddleia Magnifica, (Butterfly Bush) fragrant purple flowers. --Kerria Japonica, with double flowers of lovely golden yellow. Shrubs at 50c --Hydrangea Arbores- cens Grandiflora (Hills of Snow) large clusters of snow white blooms. --Lilac Purple, fragrant purple clusters. Climbing Vines. 25c --Clematis - Paniculata, fragrant white blooms. -- Honeysuckle Hall's Japan, pretty buff and white flowers. --Wistaria C h i n e nsis, finely formed blopms. --Aristolochia S i p h o, pipe shaped purplish yellow flowers. Fruit Plants, 25c --Grapevines -- two fine plants in each package, One is Concord (blue), the other is Niagara, (white). 20c package. --Dewberries (Lucretia) sturdy plants that bear an abundance of glossy, x Mack berries with rich, . fine flavor. A package of four plants, 20c, --Early buying of Fruit Plants is advised, for they sell rapidly. FOURTH FLOOR Growing Hedge Plants -- Barberry Thunbergi bright green foliage with glistening red berries. 35c each. --California Privet -dark green foliage with white flowers. lOc ea. Bulbs--Roots --Canna roots, Dahlia roots, Peony bulbs and Gladioli bulbs are here at prices ranging from 6c to 20c each--and many others are here as well. Canna Roots, 5c -- Allemania, Shenandoah, Pillar of Fire, King Humbert and Q u e e n Helene are the varieties. Dahlia Roots, 15c --Jack Rose, Wm. Agnew, Storm King, Delice and Marjorie Caatleton are the varieties. 16c. Peony Bulbs, 20c --Hardy bulbs in fine mixed colon -- plants that win flower season after season without special care. 20ceach. Gladioli Bulbs, 5c --Peace, War, Schwaben, Halley and America are the varieties. Colors are white, red, yellow, orange and flesh p i n k . They are hardy bulbs that will produce large, beautiful blooms. Good Shoes For Active School Bfoya QURS an shoes that give gpod service even though their wearer is the most active boy in the neighborhood It's because they are solid leather shoes, carefully made --Boys' lace shoes of tan calfskin, with welt soles and straigth tips, are in all sizes from 1 to 6 at $6 a pair. --Tan calf oxfords in blucher and straight lace styles, with welt soles, have English or broad toes. $4.50 and $6.60. --Little boys' shoes and oxfords of black and brown calf, with welt soles and broad toes, are $4.60 to $6.26. THIRD FLOOB 5 Yards White Pajama Check $1 WOMEN are buying this for " dainty summer lingerie and nightwear. It is a soft, white ootton fabric, 36 inches wide. 35c value, 5 yards for $1. -- Other Special Values --18x36-inch plain white tur- kish towels, 5 for $1. --15-inch and 42-inch linen finished pillow tubing of fine quality, 50c value, 35c yard. --$1.65 value, 81x90-inch bleached sheets, special, $1.19. --42x36-inch pillow cases of fine quality, 4 for $1. FIRST FLOOR New "Luxite" Silk Underthings IUXITE underthings a r e dainty garments of the finest silk jersey, fine in every detail of design and manufacture. --Luxite silk vests of lace striped pink jersey, are lace trimmed a n d embroidered. With silk ribbon straps, $5. Pretty step-ins to match, $5.60. --Hemstitched Luxite silk step-ins of pink jersey, with orchid trimming, are $5. --Luxite silk jersey "teddies" in pink, trimmed in blue, are priced $8.76. --Luxite silk jersey union suits in pink, with picot and hemstitched tops, $6.75. FIRST FLOOR 36 Inch, Fast Color, Pre-Shrunk s Imported Dress J^inens 89c L INEN is by far the most popular wash fabric of the spring, and these are imported Irish dress linens, thoroughly pre-shrunk, last colored, in the most desirable shades of the season, so thrift-wise women will realize that they are splendid vavlues atlhe price of 89c a yard. 15 popular new shades are in the assortment. /65c Ffench Ginghams are special Saturday, 49c Yard. 65c Printed Voiles in new patterns, priced 49c yard. FIRST FLOOR Boys* Durable, Well Made, Wool Suits $10 F VERY one of then all wool suits is made to glv» TM! service-- and lota of it Tfcty are made of good looking wool novelty cloth* in light and dark shades-- and both coat a^td pants are full lined. Paat* are reinforced where the wear comes, and seams are taped and double stitched. Sixes 6 to 17. $10. --Other good looking Uo- panta suits are $7.96 to $18.60. Other Good Things for Boys --Boys' percale blouses in light striped and checked patterns, sizes 6 to 12, 89c. --Boys' school shirts of plain blue chambray, neck sizes 121/2 to 14, 89c each. --Boys' wool cap* with an adjustable inside size band, are in grey and tan. $1.25. --Wool coats in tweed and grey and tan novelty woolens, for boys of 1 to 8. $6.50 to $12.50. THIRD FLOOR Pretty Frocks and Coats and Hats For a Girl's Easter MOW is the time to buy Easter clothes. If you start to select *^ at once you'll have plenty of time to see everything-, and to compare styles and colors, so that you will know that th* thing, you finally choose are the smartest. Everything- that a girl will need for Easter is ready here. A few important items an named below, and visitors will see dozens of others equally smart. School Girls 9 Linen Dresses, $3.95 --Charming dresses are these, in graceful, straight lines, with youthful sleeves and collars. Hand embroidery is used as trimming. Colors are fast, and there are many new colors in the group. Sizes 6 to 12. Junior Girl.' Silk Dresses, $18.50 --All silk crepe de Chine and Canton crepe fashion these new dresses for junior girls of 14 and 16. Tucks, panels and plaits are used in new ways as trimming. The colon are navy, almond, cocoa and black. Many at $18.60. Others up to $27.60. School Girls' Spring Coat*, $10.00 --They are of soft, alt wool Polaire in new shade*, and many are in stripe* aad plaid*. Both straight tin* and belted models are in the group. ^Quality is fine and making is perfect. In sizes « to 14, $10 to $22.60. Madge Evan* Hate for School Glib --Adorable hats of Leghorn .and Milans, trimmed with hand stitchery in color, gay pipings of colored hemp, ribbon buds and bands of gros grain tho* are Madge Evans hats for fills of 4 to 14. They an th* prst- tiest hats ever. $3 : 96to$«.W. Saturday ^ BASEMENT BARGAINS Petticoats, $1.69 --Silk jersey petticoat* in all the new spring *hades are very special priced, $1.*9. , Muslin Lingerie, $1 --Pretty chemise*, *tep-ins and night gown* of muslin, in ·white and favoscd colors, are special priced at $1 each. Silk Stockings, $1.15 --Full fasaJoned silk stockings of splendid quaDty, with lisk soles; heels, toes aad tops, are in black and many favored twkws, at $1.15 a pair." Crocheted Quito, $2.19 --They are perfect crochet quilt* of good qnaBty, size Six M laches, so this prk« of f t!9 to r*ry low. Seamless Sheets, $1.29 --Bleached s*anlew sheet*, ·Is* 81x90 niche* (9-4) are- ·pedauypriced at $1-29. Men** Shirt*, 79c -Th*M durable work ·Urtt of blue chambray art tM fit everr day wear aad th*jf art shirt* worth niqch ator* 1 Ttc. Siw* 14Vi to 1*K. THIRD FLOO* For Saturday! Specially Groupwl Smart Easter hats $3.85-$4.85-$6.85 WOMEN who seek smart hats at moderate prices are certain to see many suitable models in these special groups, for many charming hats in th* smartest styles and most popular colon of the season ar* included. And they are all weD made hats of good materials. Unusual values at $3.86, $4.85 and $6.85. SBCOMD Saturday! Fourth Floor Dollar Soap Sale 10 big bars of Quick Naptha Soap... 55c Yalne 1 Package QnUk-Naptha Soap Chipo.SOc *a*M 2 Can* Smtbiite Cleaner ISe vahse 2 Cake* Maxine Elliott Toilet Soap. .17c Tabs* 1 Market Basket. ......".... .».40e Tal for$l IEWSP4PER

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