The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 6, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1899
Page 3
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flwf5f z ·" -w-*~ ^~ g^v*nM4w0m Keeps out the badness. Uneeda Biscuit Some Farmer* tUwug a Little Expert- eace with Regard to taeTaaa- ttoa of Grata. At the last Marion of tbe legislature one of the hottest flght» waa provoked over the 601 for the taxation of grain totteratoot. TnebfllproTidwtflatafl grata ia elevators oa the first of Aprfl shall be assessed to the owners of the on the or Cowman, BUMfcfen* baaM of taxing thte the the , o« enough gain to pay toe prohabtetax " * f*ato to hoH t a dSte for ao one knows at *£ te lri8 «* «*» » * OoBwqa«rtly «mieof the the Rer Hirer valley that the law to them. The bar t h e taxation o f an grain * . tow and to prevent companies from es. c the tax, and lf«rteies thellttte *?°; It te stated tfiat the elevators is the state out their grata to IX CHEAP WHEAT. the Dakota hospital for the Insane . W. ARCHIBALD." Story of a Steve. ^ Tone bound hand and foot for years with the chain* of disease '» the farm of sla free, worst of at*b« could not'tajn'over'in £^^* Aft *JL Uf ? 1 * **?**** * trie Bitters she B wonderfully imp and able to do her ow» workf" llxsu Jreme remedy for female disease* qnkk- 1} cares nervousness, steRdearaeea, n»l- anefcoly, headache. h«*i*r^w^rL _-"T---- *or superintend, the next census for North ~ «t the Bapttet cfaards evening: to be Ttaee- handled and twenty ****** .JIVKun..*^!^ _ , T^ * . , to weak, sicky · _ _ _ * , . i r * * Argus* Tcsterday a young ,?* af y Morgan, who has _ _ _ ' fan- taught ami Fridaj , warmer B. H. Kaosiua, TBM OJTY. E. C. Griffith came la front the east -on tbe noon train. Mrs. B. tf* Hoskins haJ returned from a trip to Fargo. Mayor Patterson J»as gene to St, Paul on a busJnes trip. Supreme court win be convened in the city oa Tuesday next Several recruit* for Fort Yates ame hi on the BOOB train today. Dr. Treacy wa« IB Mnnrf« n this afternoon oa professional business. Mrs. P. A. Briggs and Mrs. W. T. Best visited In Mandan this afternoon. Anumber of flocks of geese are re. ported In the fields near the city and *p*tsmea are preparing ft* theaprtng hunting. Another death is reported in the family of John Pollock. Edward Pollock, the five-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs, Pollock, having succumbed to tbe game disease of which the eldest girl' rn. _ «*%^.A *i -- --'* ^^***v »"j«iMWH ter j , V ^ 1 4 W * w * uwiews anu iy,, .,,. The Jamestown Alert observes: The ???1 S^J^Lf 0 appHeattet to *»»**· All of the land wffl to ««*« --««*» Fargo Forum says mgresananJohn4id^^^^^ C ^^ ewift ' fcr SL^ ^* Bolt ""» »ew wtaerTwffl' EBt^rte ,, a dozen binder* and h«* fi ^/T^?: 1 f«S£ S2^ t *!!L'?-?^. ti R»«- and i a W. Preston, a banana- farm«. «f to w ""^ ^aa «» or i».,.j.--, ,. «««TM» numer or i emo tjje wergt gggg and ~J, waicteads me to can truthfully say I have fin- ied of fte roaltoe characte- _ , it wffl assume the 8 * «"· fop CoL Bobtnson . Pipe In the raflroad yards htt been repaired. Missouri river wefllarmfiM, ^V^ JtZZJ* 00 * |Olte BauuB S «*» npoo her jfimd. She 3S^££Kssr-^^ t^if^i^^vra ^^j^j^i^.^ Voteanie Eruptions Are grand, but akin eruptions rob life of Joy. Hodden's Arnia Salve carea- engines on the dirteton. Bronson of the weather bn- «*ao states there is no more cold weather m sight and gwjewl th wffl and family and will take^ a f« w ' wh «« W. P bis a as solkftor for a printing For sale oy E. g. Bearf«. the Uie «f Was Saved. by P. C. Bcmingtbn druggist -/saw iar-a.-ffK Forum: Ex-r^tenant Governor I^K^ffir^,^ Dickey lectvred on -C ' " ~~--"--=·---- - - . · " - » ·"»* «««? town, Tuesday evening, President Wdls. wfll piwv,u i0 ua with--bow to escape fire--in a hotel. ; .__ «;;-- ·;"--- ~ «--*·=»«?» n-wm OJL I H??; 1 *: ^ acute rheumatism for «~ years and I have used an NEBVITA MANHOOCk MANHOOD . ------ -- ' -- .-.-- -j Cures Impotency, Night Emlaaiona and ; * *anfeg «awsae^ aH effects of sett- or . owed, using Dodd'8 - "^ing two boxes I feel today ten *ears j ·· not' Ghmnotyper *"* » *· charged deatt of The __ ·· * « « * Wood bonder. Brings the pink glow to pale cheeks and ^-nnf !-·!!· AlU^K ·^ ^-* - ^_»»- restore* the fire of yooth. BymaU«Oeperbca;eboxes ^_-HwItli a wrtttengtiarra. ««e to one or retted the money. NERVITA MEDICAL CO. Cheapest place In town for first doss boots and shoes, also for all kinds of repairing neatly done. Logan Freize. of --- .--, ^.^ _«..«,= Providenee l»d me to nse those pffls. I can recommend taem to all sufferers from Sidney . as I have experimental on - - --v ----« ail Kinds' of mediciiH* «ind have never found its equal. my duty to let the worid merits. They haw made a new -nan of me." · , Mr. SbeWrk-k lives at 506 SiWey! street- He Is always ready to speak a good word for Dodd~* Kidney i'iltt. and many who have faB0we4 hts ad- rice have been wn-ed of kidney nwwses in, advanced stages, Dodd's Kdney pffls are soM by drag- gists at SO cents a box or sut base* tor 92,50. Sent on receipt of price «y Dodds Medicine Co., Uoffslo; X Y. sertons illness , m wffl be remembered Gjat ^ ^ of Smith's arrest one of his bands to«md to be badly lacerated, a* aresait «v TMe row in which poor Bates re- the Injnrtes which cost him his ' it 1* claimed, and M --.r «u*««-- *» resulted his recovery J «eel Itfto be extremely doubtful, know Its | --_ ^^^K.^^^ i»f WiUteaw iBtfanP!: BKP1ARCK ATHENEUM. Ttwsday, April MtN. TBATELING IN BIVER BREAK fP. Th* river break up wfll be late this year. The exceedingly cold weather of the past week or two when warm weather fe usually experienced and the ~~_ _. ice weakened and started oat of tie f v*? *"D from Chicago to Louisville river, has kept the ice m the Missouri P" f *?* Chteaga to tnnt-innati may' flna""M It wffl be some time yet be- ·saoe in private rooms over Penu.' fore the rfver breaks up and te dear.' T*?? 3 * 8h «J L ?" e8 -_ Compartment * Prophets of conditions along the '"" "" * ' --.ww»4n«« w4M*a vi* * *vj«n v*x7¥emia+ wntQ MOTT s mmui mti soar! are stfl predicting a flood of the '·""'--"~ along the river, , caw leaving Chicago daily at j "*"" *""·" touie afford See the latest »n icuct bertha, Capital Book Store--tbe An UyU of London by Dcocr,TM Banaden and tbe Choir Invisible by James lane Allen--tbe latest and be«t in flctton-are but two of a large number of fte latest fiction at tbe CatHtol Bookstore. --T--"TM^ *--«· w ·*.»«·,*· «A«tfT^r mr »'--»n * rn on the fast trains which ran solid to BIG «* tin mvt HI. HENRY'S eRBW UNIQUE, NOVBL MOST EXPENSIVE »F ITS PKO AND C4JUS. pucatlona to H. R. Dmngl A. G p Agt. 21S South Chirk itroeu Chicago TOE SUPERIXTEX- REMEHBEB TBtE DATES. Aprfl 5th to 14th inclusive Dr. H. J. _^, -^^. nd - ^« WecWJ»t, who nas vls- 34ILITIA LAWS. i ft** Bismarck for a number of years , General Miller baa had published a f S£L*SJS5? e "* S^ S^dficl* i s?« fsassarM;: Sf'S'^ssart kms. statmory law« as amended and in ' ,~^:s."ssv Dispatch says: The board of trustees "on th national guard of tbe state , of JJortb Dakota hospital have taken \ Ever y membw of the guard and per. i definite action in regard to the roper- ^lat ? e * tal M» tte mm ** wju "-l lateadency, and today the foflowing telegram was sent to Dr. Archibald, at St Paul, where he has been practicing since the former change in the hospital: "Dr. O. WeUlngtn Archibald. Lowry Arcade, St. Paul: Yon have been elected superintendent of the North, Dakota hospital for insane. Kindly wire me acceptance or declination at Special Ewmrsion Train j:w*v SAXjE. 1 The finest residence site In the city 1 ,, ,,,,.,, ,,,, «,T«^- , *°* * oonaptejte residence thereon con-' ctate at once the convenience of hav ? Ta ' n ' n g eignt rooms, a cellar under the ! ing aO ^je laws bearing on the guard fa » ase aeated by furnace, with namDatet of 24 naswL ^urf ! »«»xJ50 feet Situated on tbe ctate at once the convenience of hav I Ta fai n S eight rooms, a cellar under the' ing aO ^je laws bearing on the guard fa » ase aeated by furnace, with ground i la a little pamphlet of 24 pagesTiad! 73XJ5 ° feefc Situated on tbe OT*BW J General Mfller. as usual, obows that he · of Arel »ne B and First street, has a J Imotrft IThrtt fa cwwvl «M **%«, ««,rtt*4 A _^j fiTOOd barti th**rw»», 1?rw* n«vMn«n«B 1 Standan °° sate "* ^ «?«fio T B«t,arek«safe«t P, vnruCT«» ja uK?r, oa U»BU. «oows mat ne fcsows what is good, for the militia and for the interest ami information boys. good bam inquire of For particulars W. BRAITHTCAITE. : vtH^H* wwuM) VI W9tj mi-w* Aa ordiaar* consh di«*p- petn to*«n«l«n^bt. The ^·oon completely oat* Aody if not too far ^ tfto cotuibs of con* four 4ro0ist lar oat Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Piaster. chosen It i^l fte tcttoa ofdM Pectoral* If TM · Ot*Ji1tl f vrtM n fnuiy ToowiltneM*' ~ vptr tint »»T »· T|f ~ :il TM^v.«r,. and efforts will made to oomwn* his punlnbmen wffl strengthen your nerves, enrich yonr blood, sharpen your appetite, and bring to you sound, refreshing sleep. It Is certainty worth trying. You will not buy an article a second time which does not benefit you. Thfe preparation will do all this for you, as it has done for others. You will be benefited, and will ten others. Aid On*Son* 'A word to the wise is sufficient" and a word from the wise should be sufficient but you ask. who are the wise' Those who know. The oft repeated experience of trustworthy person* may be taken for knowledge. Mr W. St. Terry says ChamberJanVs Cough Remedy gives better satisfaction than any other in the market. He j has been in the drug business at Etk- . ton. Ky. for twelve y*ar«: has sold hundreds of bottle* «f tbte remedy Jand nearly all other consh medicines ' manofarrttreff. whfch shows DON'T READ THIS. 1 »j!t * w*i *m HJJK « KJ sjqjj «snn 1 * 8 «J -sdnms «o jo azjs TOaop oj« BOX » :«H}} «oqs v 301 aw "sTAMP°cSLu»l:* Opposite Grand Pacific Hotel. **-·-·. ..^.I.^M«*V tt^c^i, n u i v u SUUWSI tTJUPlll slvely that Chamberlain** fe the nxwt - ""-'-^tory to the peopK and is the Umattoo of J M. Ohnatpad. For sale by E. S. Beardsley Archibald was re-elected ASSOCIATION* ibest Valley StocS^rowers' «»- i wiatwn organized In SRnot. Joseph Roach of Minot was elected present 1 and C Xedrnd secretary-trpssnrw , Oorge H Stevens of McHenry conntr w-as elertpd first vice pre«Jdent aid 1 Tbarics Stafcy of Mcl^ean countv w- jond vice president, Tbe executive , rommittee is Jobn Mercer and Charles Baldwin of Williams county. Tbmuss * ortyth and Andrew GOberWon of Me Henry county. C. A. Watterroan and J." J Bobbins of McLean county and Henry Stammen and Martin Jacobxon of Warrt county. Tbe meerltur wa« at- tend«! by about one bundrwi of the most prominent stockgrowers of Vorfh nakota. Its object i* to provide for regwtraGon of brands and »"""nl roun.1 np» and a system of Impectkm at terminal points of shipping. ASYLCM OFFICERS. At the meeting of the asytam board, Jobn Milstead was elected a* steward i to nil the vacancy caused by the re*. Mr«.$. A. was re-rfwtpd to the powi. tktn-of matron. Dr. Branch was re-eiected a-vsistant i pnysieiao. O. J. Seller was re-elected, treasurer. Anton Fried of Wimbledon, who was appointed by Gov to fill tb* nnesplrerl tprm of -MUstead as asyhnn trastw, wa« _d secretary and H. Cornwall elected president of the board. ' Tbe board authorized the (to advrfcl«e for bfcte for th ill b* iststied to the amount of ... . .. Tbe bids mart lx. opened at o'clock Wednesday. Maj 3, at which a Urge MM of triaunrt a«t* Ifi Tramfe! Fm of Charf« i Vo two hats tnmned alflce. ( T _ SNYDER POLLARD i NEWSPAPFR( " BUY Tf« GENUINE "" SYRUP OF FIGS CAUPORNIA FIQ 5YRUP CO _ tWWOTK Tum HAMK. I. W. HEALY. HOUSE, SIGN *·» e*mf*«e Nutrtm. Calcimining GLASS AID GLAZING. LMIT* ordcn ·* _. 9i»ti trset. itWSPAPLKl

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