Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 11, 1854 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1854
Page 2
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isr ;f , *»* f U I .·r. took p ·" lc.lion from the War of ,,,,, ^.^ of . loft and Ibe Iflenda o?education ALBEHT B. WIOGIN, Ree Sec. o out the Brmgor Courier WBO*B»DAY, JAr^ll, CHOICE OF OFFICERS--B. M. A ·Ml day. put, hare been delayed on ^account of *' "" ""·""· progrewiTo anU con- Southern and Western members wi th» faotiou. and lumrapnlou. effort, of the MrTMur « m «" of the old Mhool and pillars of f aTo . wnat PUabuty WUdeai Democrat, to rule or to ruin. tha _Stale. It^totild be a great joy to us to ao heme« m their sections of country, without , regard to the known objret^on. of the President wan given to the Cour- - into .nth* own w.y,, hey «. Wiling . n d -- ·· ------ · ---- -E- i --- o-- --- .«-- -TM« p. .»!» , th.bwine»of Ogid.Hori. no matter what the wh » *»«!»· l»"g Utne e-e-BO m«te, wh.t prorWon. of the ConMl- ie - k "« S"* ^' h »»· charge of by week, to our ·"* our »»nw., .nd in .11 our ruled la- T ° *· ^"w »/ "» men do we find them, and A.ylnm. Courur : «, ». ,,, ^ ,,,,,,, ,, Sekia) - tutioii are trampled upon-no matter who »uf- 3° T " w., .n n . our rue a- » u an ourur : ,,. to,,^ ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ^ ,,,,,,, ,, Sekia) uiidw fen. They aeera to thirik that they have a pro- bon - Kfght true men do we find them, and W'H Jfou rilow me .pace in your paper to any y?' OM1 S?'" tf »·«· Lmieaeki, Wakedew, Turner, MriptirtJ right to th. control of tk« State, .nd " ea """"^"K «"* »"« ««rt. to fu»ni.h them · tTM" **4* '" ^^ "f the B.ngor Fem«lo «, mU ,,, , ' ' ' ' ' «Ut any courw of th. people wbieh doprtre. lthe »·?--* mOTen^ent. and dotng, M d Orphan Asylum ntabltohment m oureity? an ^^S Uem of thi. right la t murpatioi whioh they thinklr xr5« of the world in advance cf others. ""tilution benevolent in it. objeet, and hitherto "· »f "id ScbotL -Hurd'i Itolden Glost,for .--[preparation w bleb has no] equal It perfurned, and imparts Ibe frafnuice 0/lbe most "" . It makes the hair I SbrT, oioSST, AKff/ BBA^tFUL, { It to |roW luxuriously, prrtMiting it from fall' lA X? ffor tumin l grey. It removes Isaidrlff, prevents e- rnplkns tormmg, and keeps the scalpfaean, smooth and bealiby. It ha. cured nervous and link Headache by I 'arid ""·'· ·Pflieaiion. Ladles who lean I s value In Una rj_. iht sped will never be without H. Price Z ts W 0. HUBD, iV Pioixielor.SM Broadway, New York. 8. E. PEKKINS, ,, Ateit.Bangkr. JanS 3J|| i N O T I C E Tht Mercantile Rnidlng Rextm* Library bis been removed w Bjnms in Bow nan's New Block and arenow open IW we, and tha del ivery of Booka. f»e Directors invile Ibon who are not .unntfbeie a bscoaae no, by applying lo [be Librarian J. R WHEFLWMGHT.l I GEO. H 8M1TH ' ' 1. 8. RICKEB, No 4 Sraiib'j I Hock. *~ CuSrier'irbiiT ~ A HKI.ME article of furrier s IJ.I. for sale by 1 GEU W C M I K S U N J « " H No 4 rmilh's block Sardines. ' A FKESH SUPPLY l,,r kale by J » n l l OEO W KIUKKSON Trusses and Supporters. ~ · - · · · · (.net) of Ibetuo.t a l , l irovcd pat' '- '--r by GEO W EMEKSON. A L * Ktl '- «»"«t} of ^* term, for file low by Cough Candy. , A FRESH SUH-LY 01 riuuu Koot Candy.for sale by " ' " the Iriah *«TM ··** · It u i handsome paper of .ixteen new paper i, ' A toll attend.^ k Mme.iiyde.ire4. W. U. PABSONS,' Bn(or, DK. SO, 1853 fn.u J GBO W EMfcKbON, No 4 Smith'. Uloct. BTRBBTBH'B AMBrUOAN SOAPS. 50 151 h,jf bo..', S1 JI, S 'jnst received and lor _ RAISINS. ile by Jan 11 who are reanonnhle f- " Anme E Arnold, - jnratnn, R E O P E N E D . insofBangorand ^^^^-^"^K^^^.^^^^r^-^^fJ^'^ ,,,_ ,, , l: ss^ss::r ?r-~TM ~= =H^~E - ----3Bx S=SS!=«^=^?=;t=r4=: ·««==-- --,--.-- J NORWICH SHAVING SOAPS- wanantef to be the best ever offered 11 Hue market--tha same which received tbe Premium at J* Fair of ibe A- mellcan Institute in 18M and 1846. T KOBWELL B.8TEEETEK (tome Ij^Boyd t Slrwt- £00.1 BV .-il^!iTi t ?fS I S; t *'2 1 '£ 01 i"'__ *·* J*'°.V"°»'e V»VW Ian. "1m JqtlN A KICK It. CO -'of sale ST" "?,* "-V * oargBm tfo 8 comer Smith's Block, Si)a» tlden A SOB, No. 4 Gothic Blneki CuinJ It Harkiw cornel ofEichanieand York streets. "«now, Jan 11 *l m ding at Franklo-t. and for lale bv .JOHN ^ Rich fc CO Dr Morse's Inrlgora The only sure and safe Remedy H-atlaJDord '.yetdiKJovered, dial, furt.Vn Books--Books. » FREhH bUrr-LY of rber Bngh-hope'. /\ Old M,.', Hnd«, One Year of Wedlock±Se E5E5TM^ r^=sp=K=s« Uoipattngthe hour of nWing, the Committee .hould ^,^7Tm«£fTa?%? '" '""""' **:»-'«--' fund --M »· on Credent! J,, « th.T th. Tabor of an hour .»dCo%i« * mort ^'"f 6 ' But th»t we have not, and, to mlarht be snro.H «».r ih. .,,.».,,»· __.!.. ,, ' ' ^1 i ' ', my jnind, the next bat available recourse is might be spread over the .pat. of weeks or month.. But the' convention of the members of the House, cured thi. matter very suddenly, to tbe consternation of small-jfy tricksters, by enlarging the committee andfgivng it a' '.ittle Mfdls : A BOOK FOB BOYS. By \Vm. Si- Om " nnu " 1 " ubs!ri P''«n- This bear. Jightly ion*, author of '·· Boy'. Own Guide," u f° n aU ' B0 lightly a. not to be felt, by even Friendly Word.," etc. with the poorest. One dollar a year is all that is so- ostc,r,: Gould Lincoln. 18«. i, rftei ^ it on!jr ,,,,, half of Ae tabm m than Have Yon 1 Have you lot rheumatic pains I , Have yon rol any aches or anrains ' Have you cancer on your nose ' Have you corns upon your toes ' Have rou 11)7 running son*? Have you lumps that count by scores ' Have you Jurat your face or bands I Have you iny swollen flands I Have you «icb a thing as (out Have you cause to madly sbout ' Have ypu n ibe railroad sped Haveyio, 'smashed" and broke yiur heal? Have you itch, defying skill! Have you cuts that alinoal k II' Have y-m ichea In tooih or ejr Have yon piles ihal feel m'n.eer Have ybu brutes of any kind P Have tbey (alls or broken wind ' ^ Have they nne bone--bard lo core ' Have they big head to endure. Have they scratches or cracked beel, Have II ey chares, that Mood reveal? H ive II ey spavin--wone than all » Havelbey' Have you? Lin we call- jHaveyou tried the Doctor's aruff-- Have you--nil you've sol enough Take advi» now kindly sen _ "Use the Mu.Tino LinmEirr " A. C BHAOU tt. U.I, Proprietors, 304 Br,adW.iy, K Y R E. PiaciiJs, General Agent, Nii 1 Kenduskeac Bridie toajr Mb, bu C , » n t, II... ~_ ur r * - TM*Q only sure and safe Remedy.yet diicovered forsGen ,, . "'** * "TM« "ne rear of , Debility, Ph,«e.l 1-roarauin, toltabiiiiy, ,iT.°| "'""O'of my Pels and Recollection, of rny Child- tire vnrious tram of nervous AffecnoW, it wiii also re- hood ' SoB * g ' IJtlle Ones, for sale at H^^fST 1 ' E "" eln TM'; D'shke of Society, IncV WM. OAR I'LE IT Jr's nacitv for r3tudv or Biiflinnaa TA.««f U.«..».. u._._, T.: ...n ^...» »**. «^m , * f », East tilde. Mn .«..,» [run, ,, r nervous AtreclKM4. it will also re- rtwu , ^ ^"H^fS.""^"* K TM*«"»tj Dislike of Soci«y, Inca, pacityifor Study or Business. Low of »imory, Mental De\ 1 an 11 ility, etc, Jtc ,--?ee Advertisement, -- "I DIGEST' Such Is Ihe tme meaning 01 me word iMB^,iCi« own w me ime .,,-- _. -- ,TM±!' N i.. orort . h «»»G'eek word, from which it is illtamt andtippropriate mleol ls|||l»^TM " ""^S'^lSeni of L.6 o», in anotbei Penobscot and Kennebeo R A I L - R O A D . ' NOTICE u hereby given thai an »s- v*h Corn, fflUbbl. Pork, 100 kegs Lard, IbOOqil 100 boxes Tobacco SO · Sosp, ' SO ·' SCO ·· lOjldoz Brooms SO boxet ere lOjaak. Rice, V bbl* Vinegar. £0 bh,l s Molu..,, udle.. ^. Good, to atll j u, e , r L A D I E S ! '' olka Considerably Below Cort; Also, we hare the remain! of ; Last Tear's Stock - w H, uvreoy given tnai an ks- AjaBb X ciu^S OtQOA ^s^yy^'.yz " '^ssswx**'?'** « i ihe Penobseot and K«.m.h. r *T-!~ " * TM cts per __ ________ TO THE AFFUOTD. GOLBERGER-g GALVANO ELEC7RIC CHA1VS. Th»«Cliaip«anireeo,iimendedbyal Ih* fim PJiym ciaiw n Europe a* a apeedy and certain relief for RHDU- HATiHrmd all NertToas CoHPL«ti«Tfl. G«ntletjien in this cily mwexpeiiencad great iMmfit frornnUeir use The ZMmvKZSJgZfSSS; *° r "", r " s E 8esamen_,_ Vk'n 0I1 he"f.nob"s«ot".ndKe«.'bee 1 V^ZZZZ?'"^jS"' ulroadCompany bja been made and UcIDeilWay OL He.SeV dered by Ibe President and Direc- )an9 ia ,-j en M ' .. apany, anil that the said asseument ~±-- 8 ' Dd SD M " ln "«"J will be due anal pavable to the Trewnrer «f said " ~ Companv at hisNtfflce Mercanlilei Square, in Baa ·_·»* UUKJV mil r......^ j , gor.on ,b. ,.»,hH.y o^ebr..^ n£u . . H 1 ^ K " '"« " ^ ·?£$·£. \ ELIAS MlbRKILL, Treasurer of I he Penobscot aj.d KeKnebec Kai load Companv ,, ., ---- . Baldwin ApplfeS. BBLB goodij.MwinAuple.lhr "' leby'l OU. I l\ IIBLS EktraNa. I Lard Oil 7Z£tt'XZZ22XZ£ tr^^^^S No one with.Human hear, can ed up . few, «cord,ng to thnr hking, .,'d re- ,ons, .,- the ^WnZ. necZrv to d i^'t *"*"* '" "' Ue Wh """ """ *'* " my '' ZtZZZZZz =rtdsSEr ~g£r?-~~ .^-.zaasRs: sr:st=.,v.irs ir:r~L - -- r^S'-Sf-rr; 3 ---"':r:^^-- «tb« of ,h. p«,pl, « th. poll, .ud do T ,ol.nce store of S. F. Duren'ne.r th* Post office 5EL , 7 I 7" h ' " The Gl °' r " M «» "" d th « e ««M «*· to lie popular sentiment of the people. - V ~ . ! MMhtn! I appe.l to you, when you press to nunent of Woman.' This trick of the Pilsbury Wildcat Demo Ta jA WwD-Srimrr AND-THE RAM-GODDESS vo r r bt " oms thMO treasures of your hearts' *-Wh.t is ih«e more ,l,.r,,,,,» ,,, more beauilfuUh.n oral, has del.i od the leftislation sin... th, «,,, '"«V I «^ fTM"" 'he Oeonsri of M. Schlim- DMt offections, think what would you ask front w "" ' '"^ '"···« head of baa on »tbei man or wo- r.. "f?h . IK i » T^ = ·""'L »T Turner Mantel. 'Wuh woO(^« : u^ your fellow beinga, were your own little ones """' A ""» ta ' tb« rich traTMTMTM woman »eg,nto ti»"«lsy.H.Jriday, Sstur desigh-d by G. Scguin. Boston: CrBsby jlft tb the eoM Th.ri, I A f KML w^ d "" y "* ""·""' »» "nportanubat ».h.v. «,mepr« I THUESOAY J.n 5. -t d^(, Moridny, .t an expense of five hundred Nichofe Co. 7 !* ft ^ ' he CoW charlt! ' 6f a 8elfi » h world r- venuv, or cur,! There are. tbo»»nd different prepar, *'«'*«'00 Beef C«t!e, 125 Sto«=, aihSneepjind dollar, a day, the I^gtsl.ture been kept This i. a ncaf, channing rolume, bountifully Thl "^ of JTM"'' M » m daughters, mo-.herless, ·lonsbrougbtin...^.^^,,,.,.,^TM.^, hm , rfmm r .,, *L»t-e b«k by ,h» trick, to. present an,«.on mus-hi^. ,nd| will proredeeplf interesting o ^T* .y" 1 ,? 0 "'W--'-- 8 -'«»- Z.^d-T.'.S.SS*'* """" r*,««dbytheCon.tUuti,r,. , | y^uthfa! readers. The Tolum. i, h TO dso me |^, %*' P T "T" '"^ them com P ani6nwi ^ .n^d^^^^-TM;" ...,,.....-__,«,.,,,,,,, . The.object ha. been ably d«b.,ed bot^.n Panted. , bound ,,, a good w d SSSS ,,*! T ^'*" T^' "P *«*»*« ·-* *- »-^s which b^c.^been^'cot.^^ Iw^T'fiJ^.S-.SIo^tJ.^c.d banow, "^ ' = theHouse and tbe Senate, and « the time ol 1 niraner. and will Intake a capital rift book for B quy ion home, suffer it W Mew York, Much WILL prevent Hair rrom bum. out, «*1«». "««rnn.ry3i.,atreuii5 i u61. .11 ttjt*!* 4i *-«» thi. wnting we ar. antic.p.linit that the House the younr. - ^ - """"W y our ""onghte, and I will not believi »"« I. e i.,,nt, K| to produce a p»i .rowth of Hair on ^^* : - J 1 M 1 1. trial ^^ *J»l I .tJF. O TM i* B ""·" ·"·*' »*vi*oa; ^ B,. i , . i v _ * _ ^ _ i .. . .. . _. headii that h»v*, kamr... k.i.i i«7- i . «. fX«i^I«. --.* »-i, « _ . . . . _ . _ ^--* A Fresh Supply of ^CQRJSI ,,,, naeiv.^ .'nd for s THE^GO~OD li and" L. Jistoo Fa", "X O MoFC Use for WlgS I HtmJ'a Hair Restorer; DECRlVEDlbisd.y.Laree ln,.,c. rf 5Z.J%±Z U L'^Vl '",'«'.-.«« b, a MB E snj lavne IORTA Mica i , DR low by O F very tb» -- -- .. *v"; ^-Mtwtc'y, ia,ei made bi aeel- ebraled chemist in New York for ibe RESTORATION OP HAIR on Bald Heads Written guarantees ijiven, fora t.une or t _____ dapud Derinejs Pitch Lozen^es\ I s OHO for sale extremely low b \ \ J'O a_F._SAflGhNT l^'fYJrS^*!. ;»:' 1 *« M "i'"s ^QQ ^'J?.^^" 0 ^TM" 3 .""? °-«-»«*-.i- BRIOHTON MAREET. THUESOAY, Jan. 5. SAM'L E. PERK1K8, No I Kendnskeagjiridte. Home Scenes * NlXHOlrit: 80UNUS, byHrs H Ma, i» on Stephens, reed b; l. BUGUEE. \ I»li9 - - - U G a S S O Ilitrd't25a 5 ~3 r m|! Oxen--$6», 75, 88, 92 I Ilia MS. I and Calves--«ao. 25, 27, 31 38 ?4i - " 75,8, 275, 325, 4, 550 a 6-35. a Buds, for sale by « F S i K G E N T , No 8 cornmSu-iitb . lilock 1 8 5 4 UV'S A L M A N A C for sale bv B BUGREIi a? 6 to $l( he tune ol 1 "*«ner. and willlmdte . capit^Lgift bo* fo, " Ma ' ? Bn " 8 tfce ^ ^ hOlAe ' uffer !t W "«/·*·*» this wnting wear., ntKip.ling that the Honse the young. - ^ - occupy your thought*, and I will not believe '"^ «-""·"' wJIUpeedilyunit. with .uch. memW of the i This w ,rk may be obt«ned »t B. J 1 . D««n's *f* T. '^^ h OUr -M*-"» "«« ^ofln'eS Senate M hare bemSlected. in wcerjui.^ th ff near the P«t office. i ' not rtopond joyfully to our appeal. No matter u,c.n.f y to ,bJ M ,bor,b..bov. And ,o mduce oeopi. A ,ia «*x. nH i« ««^ *K^ ·..».·.: --i --...j.- , (.. 1--_ J W«M tlpc little sufferer may be. by what name to try it. th» 'rVfaolmale Agent of Bangor ofiera for m Hernunn, ihe Is called, or to natinn. or t^rnwl Rh» re«wn«bit* sum to .niarantM A ·TM«l h«.i ««· rt,., .».._.. A TM«fi««t ing the qtugs 3 * l9d toprnduc* a g»od growth of Hair on --"'" - !_ L_ ' ' " »-4».»»iiii»^.».i .v. becotue tuid. w« tiave one UH m BO»- Sailing of Oc«an Steamers frcin the U fl .-.pond joyfully to our appeal. «*~^ ?^tt££^ tt £££.'£z J?*- ^ Br "^~ x '^ ^ Extra Goshen Butter J? tWl " d " "» -- ""~" ' - - " P " ' KkSfe*,,. Cow«, SE-i? SELLING a, ,9«,s by .neke^-SOc,,)., r.t.,1 'ew Embroideries. attrana that the Maine Educational As- msy claim affinity, tbe call is in th* name ot ||jj* TM ho """ "r " iborougbij', m ibm month. ni», or on Wednesday tho 18th. inst. The who placed the love cf our neighbor secon. HUHO-s HAIR BKS-lOREE. R«^°lT."f,,ii,w.n("c«r" ecncstion generally in the State are onI J r " tne love of our Ood, move the hearts! llfi " M fTM 1 " · leiilMnaijjvell known in ibis eltv,as.well to be present, and to help foruAr'd of those who have hitherto turned coldly Irom " **" Y ° rl1: N . w ^r amfi Dec a test. I work which this association Was ° n interest m this little flock, (small, only from 1 . e ^ H ^-- Dsl ' air --I''«· been haM far ihe past live , Liverpou. Liverpool. ·Mindo and thecoPstitltUon.l candidates, and "i_ T _, " » * 's.~i"^"i ' - - - · - * --,-,-- ~.../» 8 TMi w oanaor oners a, a . _ In rightly and conMitutionally Bllmg the vkoan ^^ l!en| bjr ' eferrfn r5 to · notice · Be » ««IM»«. or to wl at nation, or creed, she "«wn«ble sum to fuarantee a food head of Hair on any SSSHiiia h' "W'l h tA '"f ao ' «i», ,nd thus .dam of the Senate bring organ- '" °"! cofcmn ' tht '«« Maine Educational As- °"T «l«u. affinity, the call u, in th* name ot, *£££'£. llT"^' '°^T ·"""-_·--· " *TM^- '?·» York", "Lifer^ «d for bua,na.s.^3rhe growling. . nd b.b- ^ c '" llon « · ho" it« n«t annual .ession at suffering humanity, and m.y the spirit of Hint blings, the trick. v aS4 contnrancc. of these , "B"* 1 "' ( Wildcat politician, nwuld only bo regarded « r " endg TM showing the necessity for wisdom, prudence re 9 uc(el . . , .nddet«min.tion. It is cle« that rf the Wild- ' ° 5°" "°* wh ' ch thi "««*"«»» «·· "" «»«ere.t m tbi, little flock, (small. o»/y from; .,,,, ,, .randf.u,.,.. f am l y were J eat politician, had tho cower in thoir hanri. rormed to P'Omote--dhe education m the best the want of meani (o support a larger number) bald .1 an ,,,,,!, ,,,. ,, wa , c\,n^red betnTtar, ud they would not scruple to block t is whe«]"of milnnOTo1 «"*« *i dren itt tht Stats and of to wnd the needed doUar to cheer -h. K..W- '·?·»·" !··»»?'"»» p th. State rather than allow an organiiation ad- ' * ' ^S^^^^^zzzisr .'Sr..,»*»*. ItibcUevcd, ha, all who attach value tr J^l^S^^i'SS^KS^^^. Aeent for Bantmr^ Al« .»IH t.., n..i ^ .v n-.i * ^ ^ ..T ^A cor.espond4t of the New York l.mes ****" °' h " 8en "° oomini " e «. our city rcpte- ,th.t th. posi-ilof thelepubllo.-;:" ^""'?^" W-l^-ffl. »,.. ».de an " Tf^ ·«·..» 11«UU» gontfiti..* fl -)u_ ·t»t^.| that the poeicion of the Republic of Peru »«·*-*· * .»_ ^ ·_ » ~ . . . . - - - -- Xlf ,, oeueTeu ^ nB1 , BU WRO auatn value IT San , . ,,.,..,·? ., effecuve.*e,h which » commended on .11 the moral ,,, ^ A^iir^n.^^ ;ersoll pouease. the abihtv to ,_.. ^._ , L . .. * ' Emersou.w L AU.U. "*-*· .....*...-.;- Ponland, Hoelon, New York, _ Boston, Live'rpnol' FK01B EUROPE. Liverpool. Bunon r t Liverpool, Boston, Liverpool, New vJrt Liverpool. New YoraT Liverpool, Portland, Liverpool, Wew fork Liverpool, Boston, Liverpool, i N«iv York LiVfrpool, NewYo-k, Bram'n via Cower, New f»k Oallfdmia Steamer., Cowes, Dec ai Jan 4 , i Jan? i Jsn 11 J a n M 1000 Ib. Common keje Haibet, by Banxor.Jan 10 · "t u^la ay loe Ke)[--itu ct Extra CHfcEsE, at II els LK dies le they Alfa /imert being now very complete Li i obtain .ay common, medium or net sse. McOI.ORE, LOTH HOP A. CO \Kind"7if Brush, or5«p 5C» On do at 10 cts. at Kendna M. E. RICE. dwlw y BRY u»elnl,iKl»ci almost mai^e,.,^,' ,,,,. essary whereter clothes are ironed pr car- N American, (iirl to do the w irk I n a small pets swept, m.y be janT conterG Havana pr c Drugstore o/ ILD H A R L O W , nge and York ureeu. .* n,uci,cKa \»in to ao tne wirK in a sins ._ familv, lo »*n,m large wages sriU be p-ompr- » TTI . ... . , -_ ,, r j'a'n'fo Ap9P ," C 1 ti "° "'" b * "" de " '* «*«· W_ ..IbeT,,;. "^ dec 14 Dec. 15 Dec 15 Dec 34 Dec 38 ··· _Dec31 Mu.lm ind CamlJ E M B R O I D E R I E S , siucs, 4UCH AS.... W E r^""J'.V!.''' d ' d Imported fiesn ·'. HAKLUVV X^ Is a rery critical one. Uaiaed in a feW years from * .late of national bankruptcy to onp of ·* -vithout aiy exertion upon bor part, eacti montb. Vork - of the guano 6cposiw, she has been plsyiig the ^...i"."!,, partof the "beggar on horseback." Men wh." i .utedocaUon.,^,, , mc rit of any de-crip, "" " ·° C1I P lilied tion, have been rabid from a state of absolute the abihty to ^^ ^"inLo^n'ovcVour'oihe; «ry '**-·'« L *»*-~ ~ "TM »^"^' legislature, and to ei- ^..f,,, p roT 4, on5 , or th(f ,,,,,, Wi(h , h)Be wh(j ^ NOT PQUQB,, mere by tt e soundness d(J ^ 8rgurnent ,, oul() b j It f"".b«'e a .oogn or col., ho,r«,ne«i, swhm., or sny s argument*, and the «» t» , i ~ i'*"«·»» kind, thai PIT«I«IS BaniDtio. Comouitn, a .v i! . . i MM-Hattlm, 1 on Court street, is Treasurer »*·»« remedy bu cor^incb di E uek, Here isoneol ,e» with which they fpr ,,,,,, iMtltall |,. and ,, behalf of the i,ttle| ""Hivn^beeri ,ffl,.u«l w,o,, mer ,.^ 4,,^, c«,,b, ones,iwho are sufering the sharp gripe of pov- ijp'pintin* °^t 'ed'lT'r 11 vam ^ , oollu n^ a boitie of '. Scwall of thi. oily has invented a T» 'be'noart-brealdng.soul-destroyisg eflecta nioved mr ct»(et,TMn a'tewdaraTlu'efr.^^" purpoyeof of "fje'-K* and cru-lty, I ar* of you, father.' *Tj$M,l £? " "iiSr, 1 , MARRIED. ' r tn JreHtsr, by Rev Mr Caldwnl) Mr t~th VIA* A Jr, o» Ori.t.J!. a, tiiA jlarah E BrVan., naJlngrT* 8 *- U I E D f [rone u 1 '",' ? i " Dl ( I """'· Cheinizells, Cansb and Die. Oleerek, Muslin and Camb B.nds ,. Flouncinzdn'Bdjinss.Bmb and Bens'd Hutched tjdkfs same very cheap at, 60 cents ......ALSO V ,,Tfi,'«,^ J?* *", u s """' A Ur s" ««TM-t«e«i »r l«»WNh. m.of every material at n,,i;li less than n^ual prict-s, to reduce Stoctr. ·R I B B O N S . TRIMMING GOODfe, W E offer a splendid asso^l Dress Silks, includmr those McCUJRE, Bales o All of. tWeloet dee 19 BO Physician's Visiting Lisl,\ D l A K V and Book of engagemenTs lor IS64-I\ new work ol treat nnlity Alio, tbe Fir- -iciau's Pocket Companion, Family Fxpendin.TM l)»ry, and a treat variety of other Diane* for " lel) r , \ j f M . B A R T L b I T J r Wotripl Sh eves, Hoods, Cblldrc s(Sr»"do, Mis-es Woolen d " were also very lended it A LrHAif. ui been «er. one M- ,.^^^ ° f ' -SZZ"* »- , and receive- KrS- H»KIN8, Apr t i n Ha-irpr. Onagers, the ^" ""* t TM ( "" ' , ergoyoniy in name republican principles cnamcal and executive skill, and this invention tOT T " UMelr » '»« thank, of the Managers, the J ·-i»lrealivy,«biol«te tyranny-. There is a 8(01* will be. iralaabte contribution to the profcs- V*jm and bleasmga of the widows and the v _ i.»Tiurr. ^ an earthquake slumbering, which njill sion, whic i he has adoped and is destined to or P BLn8 ( « nd «b« abjbrobation of jour Gbd.' ' Xrwri - rAUWEp, j bust forth. Indeed, it may be said »1- adorn. , I A-,--,* « m _j_.,_.,... ,,,_,__ Csiheonl Bangor Ually WHI3 k COURIER Marine Jonrnal brewing ' - ,--, - v · *v- A^^jLiaaafin, inm Nmapaper ami Atvtrtuiaa Aaml. 'Sj,? n J r ,"" ll * r "* l ** mt h * "»' ""I"' '» B"'TM «nd Pbiladelpliia. Heis also oui Alent in New York. TCOTt "Vtava altu VHTI0 ----- - o Ip, 'r led *"" "* c "y y«««d«y to en g .g ein «w next Presidency, has actually taken up arms w g'Khng the Oldtown and Lincoln against t h( president i ami th n ...i. {railroad, vhioh has been contracted for, and and young n^n from our SemiarieaaSa unrig the 8 «iunervacaUon M tern- ICOOOC UHION has 8collay's Boil. ,n«, Court Elreet*Basum Tn engaged in the mis- "j"«. «sw Fork, and Corner Third ami £beei ·of years pastitias ""'""elpbia. if ^ T a our Seminaries and ' · At Roclinort, We, Dec. 31, by Messrs Talbot Jr. Sidelni S"'^ Si"TM" nf 17C toM CI "* d "" K 1 TM 1 "o"' """ed b) Ibebulldenvandotners, and to be commanded by Cap* Oliver Jtmeebury. , -^ Al South Project, 32st ult. hj Mestn C S t O Pletch . e r:_*.5"; b l!' k "J«"."·'.«]·« a» »PS«I of ti,e s.-a ^ v «p, .Bangor Gas Light Co, en's fiairtrs. Ho A U 1 V I U K N U of six per cent on the cspitil . . -- Gloves »f.II-inds, f*j 1 " lek of tn " Banaor Gas Lijhi Co bsi ben «d avjriel} of olber e ,Hd», to nb eh I ^'"ed payable al tbe Hank of ibe atalc cl Ihe attention of purchaser* u invited M.ine on the tenth d«v of Jana.n next T T» rtWsfp- TTlT-i ' K ,, ' ' W S DtNSErT.Treu. V , X;. *^" i-. §-. , ,1-, ]f\ Banyor. Dee 30 1853 No. 48 Mam Street. Water Cure and Phrenoloei. Janl^, *.*.! » * ° Buck Gloves J l ibune Build- Capi H C Clifford, of Prospect (wl» is to MmmarSbtr"' itrefita, *oa oUietv. ( - niSABTERS, r llicfrujmeoMcfa ve*scl of70i.r 60loi F which wnctted near Wlnte talati ' " . o Al« tloose ^h 1 \V. Si G tcn«, at i H GoOnHUE'S, Keni'u^t-air Iridgei New Year Gifts--1854. «fw.ri,J,,tw M hoped and r^ortedThev r f , '"^ AMOcUUon - "" ^" P"« « their a~ h t^yST 1 "-- " "" 8 "^ »££ i and the government oau^edT^eyI S""" "T" "-"» We "*TM « h "«- -da^^^Cl^ttl^^ £ ade by their own offlcer.. who. of course ol ^ t " st " and earno * «P iri '« of other time, is tended to a portion oftl. s^Sion neg^ecJS JreaU report faTorablv · hti» tt i. .* » j · to be inrclt.ed, and the MBoeietton unite in c ^^ ren °f ourlan3,but cnra.sii.itea for the minis- °° lh * ·wij , uu, K u »uted on rood «. u . . _ » . . _ _ » .. . try have received a tnuntn«y nTJr aD t vn i,,» «^j three i ^ L - A D I E V BOOTS A N D SHOES M A D K lo mea^irr, and mled with Ind a Rub ber, at Nn 19 tt st Market hq mrp, by: Rubbers--Rubbers! IDIKd' Patent Mrtatlic KIJUMfcRs! a L A U I K d - Patent Mrtatlic ... toiled, Detlma; ofl »t 50 centi per jJ^ir-- a lew paira of Mens* at 75 cents per pair i J U I f N AYEU, 19 Wea» Murkei e^nat *,?.*' Exc little holder, their large ,« P««,n«ndf .«» W fourora«ffl 1 l|i, industrious young mechanic of Co- 1 lie, found an elaboratoly wrought purae.oont.imng fifteen dollars in bright gold. nd out t|Uir error when too late. * The Panama Herald, from a _ _,,--, ,,. -- ». fc ..,, V j. ^u ^|fg t Mod tlw money s.v«4 from th.t allowed her for family Whoever see. that manMwenty years-hene- wiUl aee a millionaire. H ly Bsmnel H.; rSy^..?^"^^-^'' -* w New Orleana_Ar, no date, sliip Ocea 3 tttof, Curlin,, -«-!--·---·» ·«" i". amiiiwiy ivcwwiTva WHO tn* tJlcvotiQa ol ·ae«ioa(a» * *atwaa.issr'fe wZ^^d^p^^^r- icT^-^^^y-diairpr ^^-=i..t»,^^ c^.-^^^^^---^-'' nously e«st, induced- ^ t LmU» bsan twd tisy irould Ban rsenmd. Nortlk-ad«.. brl. B Strout, persoBs to undertake the office of teachers f^^ ,,,,,., ,,, HEaptV G. CLaXAND, __**» fork-Old «*, bark Eflan gate more than. .r~ 18 years service · oyuiitrd and set u^motum , fbr sch Lu- ^^ u » "om a papsate oori Cf R Wapwdent, learn, that th. .uflering of\he p.r- mirT.^''^ f,"° U ChM!!!d S- torm.n.thecolOf.yof the J^ ma . hP .« %££££* "J^^ '~ ' ·*.» T«r ««.t, and that many have deserted State ^?«^ rW r baraI ""«««« to ^though the Peruvians do ever, thing to L .e«n^ e . r ..___ · in tteir power to prevent it. Provision, aw Hr A ' TMrth-eatt mow Monn eommenert i So7«ndrr^,I{ "~~ 'l "" "' . ·.erjr icaroe, and eon-Utenly of plantain., gor T T»«"d.T| following .pretty otjld nirtTand. *»-°«'TMl«»«Q? moral «»d religious teaching ta(K «K| meat, which is diBcult to be got.-; §|U1 T ~f iil » _^ ^.^a^inle.L^e.uSta' 111 "TM ?1Ult "'' Hatchet, and other implement, to dear the, r»---l, «r C- ' ~ ~* I "uaUacostfromaiiy class of Uu , Wood and commence cultivation a re vary scarce. ^^ Washington correspondent of the The. writer expnatse. a^ftsr thaif »h i».i" C° u r(er .ndiBntjuirer nys : -* Hung will prove, failure .nd " Th '*«"" of River and Harbor Jtroct, Sawyer. Mr Indies. Eglantine, UleVaon, Canin- Pr IOR SALE by Bonnet and CSoak Velvets. I N all ibe chnieoj colnrti, and Ueairable rumlitiei, maj be obtained at _j9^ McCtURE, LOTHROP *. CO. Flour and Shorts, I AIMIHIVK from ichooner Glendower-J 100 Ubls bxtra FLOUR. . 400 Hash heavy 6nc SHORTS, lodfersaH by THOMAS P, ROWELL, j.1^31 _^_ No 11 Kendmkeag l)nd t e NEW BOOKS:; H A 1'Sind Mishaps of a Tour in Europe, by Graee Greenwood, Eight yearsoo U e Slsie !.« M _ _ .^ .. . * «W2 . \ . n V! * C\ lor the C.WK! patrons of the t a»l fide liuok- ptone A'nio, R them are tn bir 'ouoil ibe Ko-e nl- ~bamn, May Flower farter Annual, AftVclinni (lift, Au umn Hfinrs Gems of Iteanti. Amaranth Klnval Uem, Magnolia, c ver} cheap lani · W M UARTLbTT Jr Home Scenes + tili H O i K MniND.-, or the World from £"V nay wmiluw, lor salt- bv PATCH * LEA is, ' ' Knoksellen, iai,9 Ho 3 braith s tllock B * P O * R R CO TJnolaimed Baggage. r 11HK following articles rejnam ai v tbe titsiis tibn^i n. D.ilLG^L J. H. LAM From lot latiosii will ear in ffce Ute codca Boston, I in Hangnr, dnelarmed ·! this'dale die Ulan , ·, is'are J «m ill Trunks. 1 Valiee. I Carpet Baj, 1 b«i nkets--non. of thep. marked · E. ·HARRIS, Are.! Jan.arv 1st, 1SS1 _,5 ~^ Eng. CTurant*, sonerior quality, rec'd and for ssle sr |5 i I N O R A H A M -FULLEB. Remember tbe Fact, That 700 can partbtst .Hats and Caps . J of every »tj le and oaalit;. --MEN'S- Cal^ Kip and TWcJf Boots, ? i _j.--j _ _ j u r* ......jad polka B_»OTS \ ·nan uiuiuiajaii. t ·(S M as. FMria,FebW,lM« ^.^"eYL..^TM 17 * 1 'TM 1 ^? 1 TM- 1 ""««, Cap. C«l NN'v^KJ'iTM N CoceJ, ta ff i*£T£FTM t ··»"· .notaer cnalerfct, »· lor Alusadna, · load (or litidon. *"**· m J. ! ?J . ! ?* l ;*t M ~ Me J' TM lhl W.RFaX , Islln^.l.tai.liiTTiKKRIo.ofHirtmnoli 13 rabfan jUninMnt tbe DWSI danse"»i« «r .11 h_ flu RoMnn o..^.«,«««L _^L _ » _ .'"'asuu, » benate t.l» bavlp J lr» .Ii. y«nt dav, Utcla ·--·-"'«»e ureeilwood, fcijht yearson tie Stlre, Ladies'and Misses Gjiter^nd Polks BOOTS l by Mrs Anna Mo watt The lost Prince, Hot ... SHOES "S^tiL.d"ssnd M,,.e,KUB. ftrtelofFnnk. gorn, new edinon, Capli.ity of N.pol.ontt 8t BBafS.TM e ',S$ .tv'l« B FF*1 ROB",..^ ^"V..^''*.'^ P " 1 C ^i»i J'»J«.«rt'- " W.!l?Coo.,f,h.wl, *-****»-, ZZZfSK; - ' ja.9 GEO. R S»,H H. ! r.z.of-Si's; fn.-s.Sror^T^.^" 011 ' 13 *» V^SSSSSSttESFSR ·SSSSSS?" "* ·* "*"- 5" IU1 - f » ·*- ailaa. andihsT will pertans oclrdisOTtr .···tou»miitai.rUs»»i.,|iijn.J.l -f. n *· J*«l ·" only SI. kflled and 1« an BOS- Amer.can Almanac ~" rjl«R 1844, for Ml* by , GtO. K SMITH. _J«n9 i Feather Oustera ' SUPPLY ju.t received by ~ G U I L D it H A R L O W , corn.r York and Enchant, streets limed .Ml onbned,] Woll.Coon.^bswl ano rs.c, ROBES, (the best a.«ortinent lo be fonnd in tbs city;)--also, Buffalo, Coon, and Se.l OTerCoats, and tbe But Selection of "LADIES' FURS," of all kinds, ever offered HI this rbarkel sad If prices au Low a. Ihe Lowest, at No. 19 West Marlpt Square. JOIW AYER. Banjnf; Dee. 10 j dw " 'Masons. ...hin, Ib. .Ic.,t Black Cl«b ever rrOpOBHlS--JHTCK BiaBUUO' in Ibis niarket, saar find Ibesamevfor r-lHE^subscnbers will receive propossK « « _. Backsport, till Marc* firw aeit t" lsy.«TM McCLUHE, LOTH ROP $· CD'S I T c k , Ihe walls snd chimnlei of a buiUinr-' 1 * ^-....^. W*m*7n TSTTT»*^~s kaseaa«.tof wawli » aosapleMd--of the (nllssTsJ t UJtS ytlHS FURS I «s«nplK)a. 100 feet «v 40 leei, kwr «or«, «JJ * VHW « UUW ^* ***»O · of 16 a~l tbr« .f I* iaches thickness Ii"' 1 " A ^c^S tt£2?%?TM* *^"£3^£TS*?t£** »?.!!?"·"· f "J«-*- "*'-. J«1 ?l«a., T 2 No. t W^ Larket JJejswra. 2ftss H^ nr Bll , ^i..q ^"H-P^KV , orLU^NOX f» ^ J V , 4 S ? ^ , E

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