Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on June 3, 1928 · Page 17
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1928
Page 17
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n « n Betty, daughter Ikrr. was found tb ^i-o was no evl. firt the child win " South Chicag * lth v hls t her home, . r M1 SS Ella ahradka band has ^agon and pVa t ! p t work. i tP »^ y and win op£ for 20 men ^h£ ued thereon To" [s of the Preaby. hool ln wut °£ cn,c at the Kitch- iv They were ae- '· Harry Haywood A » report a fine i enjoyed at the SPORTS DECATUR HERALD SUNDAY, JUNE 3. 1928. Section Three COMMIES WIN 1ST OF SERIES FROM SPRINGFIELD SATURDAY, 10-6 yrmge two-quart, liot water ation syr- nd connec- bargain; $1.00 Box 'Coty face 'owder »6c 9c ner -wash ing all the jvely 40- New do Prints ando rrhifrd In t 11 the n i f r RhJirtes- , ^ idd--tovHy d K^om otrl oft 1 TJoniP pa 1 - U-t In l l « h t Mora--'won l t i ·) -- salts 1.58 *GS! d Spreads lutiful Ray- silk Bed cads, s 1 x e 106, w e l l ;th up to $5, newest col- Salo price-$3.65 JfJM/JV CHECKS SOIOJVy BATS W FIFTH WHILE COMMIES GET 14 HITS OFF THREE HURlERS Patterson Leads Commie Attack With Three Hits; Linton, Blenkiron Get Homers; Frank Wojack Out of Lineup With Injury O H I H Hoolti Ib .. WoJicU .b . if Union, c MUvuln. i .. " Total' hi KIM.l I b l . U I i 1 W 1 1 U 1' '"' ' ' \ V o l f Ib l L U l U ) l l l t U U l l l l t l I f . N\ luglltlil. c lotali D u n t u r su,!lmtl_elcl Two By BOB SINK SPRINGFIELD, J u n o 3. -- Wllh four victories out of tho first live I nine* on the present road trip funk Dessau's Commodores will be cat to make it two In a row ovei Springfield here this afternoon, the Commies took the first of the Krles. 10 to 6 In P. free hitting lilt here Saturday afternoon. A good poition of tho credit to' the Saturday goes to Hatolcl McKaln, who stepped Into the gain? in the f i f t h inning and held the ben- ilors safe while the Commies con- siim'i ."".i tlnued their assault on tho Spiitig-! M " I U I l f field pitching staCf McKaln cntei- id the game w i t h the score tied at jlvo to five, and lunncrs on second and third with one down He tlr.- Ijhed the inning w i t h o u t being scoi- id on ,and allowed but foui hits und one run in Ihe balance of the en- lountcr. Mojack Injured The victory was a costly one, ns the services of Ftank Wojack bee- cud baseman were lost to tlie team (or an I n d e f i n i t e period. Wojafv pulled a tendon running bases in Ihe seventh and collapsed after he scored f i o m first on Pickering's triple. Nat Mickey finished the game at second. Four doubles, a tripl" and a home tun were Included In tho Conuno- doies' 14 hits, whlrh went for a toUl o(22 bases . The bolonj also Incluci- (d a number of r-'tta baso l.ita among their 11 hits, most oC theui coming off Dutch Gransback i n j the first five Innings. Tatter-on Ix-ads Hattori Floyd Patterson led the Commit- ittack with three hits in live times it bat, including two doubles whuo Urban Pickering had a single and a Irlple Claud Llnton got the Com- mle home run. The Solons started out Impressively scoring three urns off three hiu off Gransback In the first Inning Blenkiron and Wolfe singled In su«- I etsslon and Smith scored them bolh 1 »lth his double. Smith went to ftlrcl on Mlzeui's Infield out, anu ftmham scoied him with a long fiy to Gill Commies Tic Score The Commies scoied one In the lecond and two In the third to tie the scoie In the v jond Hooks, singled took second on Wlngfleid s passed ball, and scoi ed on Wojack'-* sharp hit to left. In the thlul Granabac-k opened the inning with a double to right, and scored when \»c blow to tho same place. P a t - terson moved to third and scored on two long flies to the outfield. Gransback had set the Solons down without trouble In the second and third and had two men out in the f o u r t h when btewart, Solon hurler. doubled, and Blenkiion hit i homer over the light field fente to mukp tho count 5 to 3 Tlie I Commies tied the score at 0 all in Ihc fifth on Linton'-J home run, \salks to Patterson and Goldman and GUI's ilnglc Score In F» Irs The Solons started pounding Gransback in theli half of the inn- Ing, Smith singled and Mlzeur doubled to start the Inning. Graua- back threw out the next batter, but McKaln was called In from the lull pen to take over tho hurling. He loiccd Veltman to foul to Hoolu and threw out Ewoldt at first to Md the Inning without being scored The Commies kept up their attack «n Stewart In tho sixth, Wojack 'Ingled to open the Inning, Picker- Ing was hit by a pltohed ball, Llnton itruck out, but MoKaln moved both runnerj up a notch with his sacrl- NOW LET'S REPEAT DUl A1LII A B II H L'ullorson c f - r f ......... 3 i l l l K o . rl-.b 4 0 Goldman. 03 1 D V 3 J 0 0 0 4 1 13 i 0 (I 0 A E 0 o 1 o i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 ol 10 14 J7 j\B K 11 P INDIANS RALLY TO WHIP TRAX IN TENTH, 6-5 Hits by Riggert and Conway Push Over Winning Margin PLAY TWIN BILL TODAY I (By Associated Press) QUINCY, June 3--Quincy overcome one bad inning Saturday, tlec the score at five all In the ninth and defeated Peoria In the series opener 6 to 8 in the tenth on hits by Riggert and Conway. The teams wil! meet in a twin bill here Sunday and will take a day off Monday. S 11_J7_18 ' 2 O- 2 210 _ bnao hits. Smith, btewut. Mlzeur Patuiboli t (..runalmch. 'ilnco baso hits I ' i i U r l n g \vlnstlolcl. Home run B enk- h o n , LnitoH. biolun buac U l l l baultlcc Dunham, Hlckej, Gulilman, Ltnton Mc- kaln t,..(t on Imse. Utcatur. 9 Sprlug- f k l d 10 l.i"» on ball" i M c K a l n 2 b t e w u i t 4 'J lottur. S. b t i u t k out IRKuln .. Sto\Mirt. 2. Trotter. 1 Hll« olt oiujncr 6 In I :-;. b t e w a i t , 6 In 4 ' Lrollf.1 3 In 2 1 - J , Gran.bach, a lu 4 'l-3. Hit hs pitched ball b t e w a r t i r i L K c i i l B ) Btilk. M i k a l n Passed ball { inil i « a \\lm.ini pHche, M, Kali, I.o 8 lug p.ubor. bit » u 1. Umpires. Ward arid oujclo . Tlmo . 05 _ ^^ Homers Help Tots Defeat Bloomers, 4-1 (By Assotmitd Prc s) TERRE HAUTE, June 3-Home runs by Andrus and Shepherd aided by some timely hitting by Woebei enabled Terre Haute to defeat Blomlngton in the second of the series heie today 4 to 1. IM.OOMISGTON A n R H C _ i n | I)* 1 !! 11 M-nnmn If I ' O l l K I f U l c w .t Sunnc I b Knox Dh D i a m o n d c M e n ffoi ,p Kru r son.x Glcunon -tv 0 t 0 0 0 n 1 11 0 7 0 ', 0 I 0 0 0 0 Ti:r:riB HAUTE AB K H C B u r n e t t _ - H.i liner Cb 4 ( , l l : u c o If 4 4 Wopber.rf 4 Shpp ei (1 tf 4 Amlnn 3b 3 Frank L 3 rocht.p 3 P.E,UFtIA AB f Batcher 5 1 Bran n Jb T 1 L » u f f j If 5 1 b l o w n rf 5 lj l\l g'l.c 3 Krehm' 8 TliomaMb Wood h 2b U l n k l e p I*dm d n,p H t 1 4 1 5 2 4 o : .' b 0 4 0 14 2 7 0 1 0 0 1 35 E 8 48 QUINOV l l u i l . S b W IM r Jb J.owan cf fathr'd r,8» McGeo 1b Lonw'y rf Smith c St h'aUe p Meyers -t Robot U 4 0 5 I) 4 0 5 1 3 1 2 1 5 0 2 1 4 1 0 1 0 0 1 .1 1 9 1 0 3 7 1 4 1 10 1 3 1 8 2 4 0 0 0 0 Totals 34 6 1 2 4 8 foi S hpmirifake Ift 9th Totals x--Ran \ J oorla 000 140 000 0--5 Quincy oil opt I Q l ' l -- 6 Rriors--E Kiuegt'r, Krclimcyci, \V Kiutger. Sthielder. LOIITVUJ. famlth. Two bnse hits--Bates, C Krucger, W Kruo- ger, Kthricbcr Shcinanske. Hurt. Oomvay. Homo luns--U Ktucger SUiemanskf Sacrifices--K K r u e g e r i H u r t , Rlggett 2 McOee 2. Stolon basn--Mr(,.cc Double plays--Schemanske, to Kruefjer to McGee S t r u c k o u t -- H l n k l o 1, Edmontlson 1 Sihemansko 5 Baso on balls--Hlnkle S, TMmondBon 1, Schcniaunko 3. Hits--Hlnklo 10 In 8 1-1, Si.hcinani.ko 8 In 9 Hit b plti'her---B bLhemansko (Brauscn), by llobcrta (E K i u e s e i ) " \ \ l n n l n s pitcher-R o b p t t s IioalnK p l t hei--Ktlnioiitlson. Hubs Bunch Hits in First to Beat Vets, 3-2 Ey Ai'tdnutid Prf-i 1 .) EVANSVILLE, Ind, June 3 -Bunching three hits with an error Evansvillc scored three in the first to beat Danville Saturday, 3 to 2 Derringer held the Hubs helpless after the opening inning The above eight men have been hosen to represent the Shelbyville Country club on the links during the South Central association matches. Club teams In the conference play a egular ro\ind lobin schedule during .he summer months. The team D A N V I L L U AB R H C \ -- U i i t t u c l for Hennlger 9th xx--Kan for Diamond 9th Totals 33 4 8 40 Murphy.rf C o l l i n s Ib I uc'llo,3b (. otpllc.rf Slum ^2b M Onll si D o u t h l t . l t Artlfi a c Dor'fcor p \llen x O t u b kl IT T u i o Hauto 001 000 000--1 020 -'00 OQji-- Summary --En ora SOcimnn. benne Bur- ruj't I otht. 'J w o haso hil 1 ? Bandrlmor, \ \ o i h c r Homt. i n n s Audi in, bhophoril S'oU'ii base shepherd Amlrus Double nta^ ( ' BdiHlrliner to Burnett to Bolton 1 ni on hnlli off r o r h t 3 Stiuck out Uj F u t h t 1 by H e n l i l n g u 4 DENNIS HAR'DWARF , MEETS VERNON TODAY The Dennis Hardware baseball club will journey to Vernon Sunday afternoon to meet the Vernon semi-pro team. Smith and Collins will form tlie Dennis battery. Axmmster GS in rich designs of and taupe; est patterns ular $1 oil idow shades, tly · U b- ndards. A big ain Monday with 14 $1,95 EVAiNSWLI/E AB K H C Bouton !b 3 0 0 5 K l e i n of 1 K l n g 3 l i 4 \\ ado rf 4 Welkcr.lf « Yoargln as T U e m a l b 3 M'Con i-ll c 3 F Whe'cr.p 3 1 2 4 1 ' 1 2 1 4 0 11 0 4 0 3 Totnls 33 2 7 4 4 Totals 30 3 i--Balled for A r l l g l i n a In 9th. xx--Ratted for Dnrrlriffer hi Dth 8 38 D n n v l l l a . , n n s v i l l o 00(flOO 100--2 300 000 OOx--3 --CULclmiclIo Cotcllo dementi Thico h.iso lilln--Collins K i n g Stulon biuies--Murphj Saorlrkp--Cotelle, Left on b a t e -- D i n v l l l o S i:.ans\ Illo 6 Base on b u l l s -- O f f \s heeler 2 Jjorrlngcr 2. b t r u t k o u t -- D y ' U h c e l i r 3 J D r c r l n R c r 4 umpires --Holloman and Tuinoi Tlmel 40 Milwaukee Teachers Win State Track, Field Meet (By As MADISON, Wis., 3--Mil flee and Patterson,scored them both wltn his second double Two more runs came across In the seventh Goldman walked to open the inning. Gill struck out, but Hooks shot a double into center and Goldman would ha\e ·scored standing up had he not fell tetween'third and home. He was thtown out scampering back to third. Wojack then hit one to Wolfe, but Dunham dropped his throw, Hooks scoring and Wojack taking second. Wojack scored on Pickering's triple past Miieur, Trotter relieved Stewart, and Llnton filed to Bl«nklron to end the Inning. . McKaln and Patterson singled to McKain to third, but Trotter then walked Goldman and Gill to foice tho tenth run across the plate After the Commies haa completed their scoring, the Solons added one more in the eighth on Wlngfield's triple and an Infield out. waukee Teachers' college won the state teachers track and field mee from a field of five schools Satur day afternoon with 48 2-5 points Whitewater was second with 381 Oshkosh was third with 36, Lacrosse fouith with 30.9, Plfitteville flftl with 171, Eau Claire trailing with 4 Mike Ward, LaCrosse, tossed the javelin 181 feet, 5 Inches for a conference lecord. The old record was held by Schwager of White water, of 164 feet, 5 Inches, estab Mshed In 1925 Represent Shelbyv ille Club on Links shown here is the one tha't opened the season's program against Hillsboro last Thursday, but a few changes may be made during the summer, If other members turn in cards warranting a position among the "coveted eight." The men shown here are, back row left to right: E. D. Bube, O. L Dearlng, Gus Pundt, J. H. Htte, C. H. Beetle. Front row: R. I. Pugh, Glen Foster and Bob Foster. J OHNNY Duggan and Lany Van Houten, profcsionals at the Decatur Country club and South Side lespectlvely are practising dally so that they will be at the top of their game by next week when they play qualifying rounds for the National Open tournament. Both pro's sent In entree fee's several weeks ago and weie accepted for the open competition. With more than 1,000 golfers from over the country entered for play, qualifying rounds will be played at 17 different points on June 11. Duggan and Van Houten have been assigned to the Riverside club at Riverside, near Chicago One hundred and fifty players will be named to compete from the various sectionals in the c'. ampionshlp matches to be played over the Olympla Fields course In Chicago, June 21, 22, and 23. Both Duggan and Van Houten are old and familiar names among tournament entrants. Duqgan has been entered in several national tournaments held in the east, rala- west and south, while Van Houten's play until now has been confined mostly in westein states. At present both men are in good shape for competition. Duggan has been playing near par figures since coming north this spiing, while Van Houten too, clicks many holes in par or better. But for a misunderstanding, Decatur -would have had four gok* pro's among the competitors In the Open Joe and Jack Sturm, of the Sunnyside and MunicipnL courses wired entry fee's last ·week, but were not accepted since the entries were closed several weeks ago. M ARTIN Pease v»ho cut qulto a figure In Decatur golf tournaments last season whuo playing at the Countiy club came down from Bloomington Friday night and Saturday played around 'the Municipal course According to Noonie, hn game isn't so good this season, but according to hib score card, it must not be so bad He played the first nine at Nelson park in 33, and then wasted several strokes by missing easy putts.' Pease is playing with the Maplewood club at Bloomington this season. UALIFYING rounds for the College Inn tournament will continue at the Municipal course Sunday with all the preliminary rounds to be palyed by evening when entries will be closed, Ihe tournament proper will start June 9 and continue until the 24. Thirty- two players will be matched in the first flight with a cup to be given the winer by the College Inu and one to the · runner-up by the D. G. A. Another interesting tournament will be staged at Nelson park today when players will be palrec in a two-ball fouisome meet. An player holding a D. G. A. card will be eligible for the tournament laffd press) MADISON, Wis., June 3--Unlver- ity of Wisconsin finished its base- all season in a tie for third place ith Chicago and Indiana as a if.- ult of a 10 to 7 defeat Saturday at he hands of Minnesota. The game was lagged throughout jn both sides, errors being numer us and slugging heavy. scores will be started a the Decatur Countiy club today and a medal handicap tournament has been arranged with each play er allowed to name his own handi cap. Three prized will be awardci F. P. Cigars Have the Full, Satisfying Flavor of Natures San , and Soil Something that only really fine tobacco, fully ripe, can possess. L. Try a Handful! F. P. CIGARS Sc 2 for 15c Made In Decatur by FRANK PAHMEYBB at 487 N. Broadway For The Motorist Who Wants Real Tire Economy MICHELIN TIRES shows the way. 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Pairings will be made In three flights, with a cup to be awarded the winner of each group. C. A. Evans won tfie trophy for the first flight last season Natural Hazards Feature Sporty Course at Shelby Country Club Straight Shooting Required to Avoid Trouble on Nine Hole Course With Only Two Sand Traps; Interest High Among Members EDITORS NOTJK--This Is the second of a series of articles on leading golf courses in Central Illinois, which will appear In the Sunday morning edition of The Herald each week during the summer months. By FAUI., BEBBYHIJLI. If hills, valleys, brooks, trees, and .rouble In general have anything to do with the make up of a sporty golf course, then the Shelbyvllle links meets all the requirements. 'Go straight, young man, go straight", were the instructions given us by President W. H. Craig of the Shelby club as we mounted thc'first :ee. Later your correspondent learned exactly what the club prcxy was speaking of. Without counting the hundreds of trees that offer resistance or serve as a backstop, the Shelby course has 17 natural hazards. And these, too, are exclusive of the rough that is found in abundance over the course. The natural hazards are numerous enough on this course that it has been necessary to build sand traps in but two places. Course Well Kept Upon our visit last Thursday we found the Shelbyville club team in a match with Hillsboro in the first of the South Central conference meetings. According to the books kept at the last hole, our friends from Shelby came out on the wrong end of the count, but most of the men on both team turned In exceptionally good scores for a tournament held so early In the season. Members of the club state that the "golf bug" has firmly entrenched itself at Shelbyville and from the way the course is kept, their statements are easy to conceive. The club was organized seven years ago, and since then has grown according to expectations. At present there are a few more than a hundred members and most of these are active golf players. Only a few women take well to golf at the club, but feelr social functions are numerous »nd welt attended by both the~young and older members of the club. Foster Shelby Ace At present President Craig has E, D. Bube, G. L. Dearlng, Gus Pundt J. H. Kite, C. H. Beetle, R. I. Pugh Glen Foster and Bob Foster playing on the regular team that engages with other South Central teams Members of the team are selectee according to their scores, and It may be that several other names will find their way into the lineup before the summer is over. Gregory Shoaff, usually listed among the best players in the club has not practised much this season, and as yet has not been named oji the team. He probably will find time soon, however, to get back into form, and no doubt will be entered into the matches before many more weeks. Bob Foster continues the ace of the Shelby team. He won the Memorial Day tournament last Wednesday and then played a 74 to capture thn low medalist position in the Hillsboro match the next day. Last season Bobbie won the club championship at Shelbyville and the Individual medalist trophy In the South Central conference tournament held at Pana. Have Sand Greens Getting back to the cours* ever which these men shoot "birdies" now and then. Despite all the trouble, It is regarded as one of the beat little courses in this part of th« state. Its main draw back lies at the greens, which are made of oil and aand. When the links was built, officers were forced to put in the sand greens because of a lack of a water system needed for bent or grass, Now that the course has weathered seven years and .enthusiasm Is still shown by the members, rumors are afloat that the sand will be replaced by bent. Fairways are as good as any golfer could desire, and tees are in good shape. The rough provide* one of the greatest hazards to those unfortunate golfers who lean toward a hook or slice. Off the fairways, the gras grows tall and in many places tall enough to thwart most any attempt to play a ball out. Then the trees offer another regular hazard while brooks and deep ditches are found scattered near or across practically every fairway. Second Hole Longest The first hole calls for a nice drive and usually a short Iron shot to the «reen with only rolling hills and rough awaiting as hazards between the tee and green. Many players starting to play the (Continued on Page 19.) GET TOUR BICYCLE BEADY FOB SPBINO USE. VTe Moke Tale Key*--Sharpen Momn--Retire Babjr Canton*. Bicycle Tire* »1.50 Up W. B. SHYER 119 K. Main it. Phone Mala 3111 Visit'ouropedal \kcation Time Display Learn how you can pay all or part of your vacation expenses Everyone'will find something of unusual in* terest in the vacation time display we have arranged in our showroom! 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