Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 20, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1947
Page 8
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fAGTi ft-KAIKUTPCK NBWS (COW.). MOXPAT. JAKV20, ml - Church Notes - St. Mary's Noveni devotions for Our Ltidy of thc Miraculous Medal will ho hrld this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Tho High School Study Club will rnei-t after tho devotions. A requiem Mas* will be culebrat- rd tomorrow morning at S o'clock for MI-M. Martin L,. Culne ut tho reqiltwt of thc AlUvr society. A month'si mind Mass will be celebrated Friday morning til. 8 o'clock for Matirico Cowan at tho lequt'Ni ot the family. Thc wofkly pji'lnh. entertainment will IIK j;lvi?n Thur.scliiy r '. d'rlnck. St Michael's ( Uracon Full*) Novpnu devotions In honor of St. Joseph will be hold this ovu- nlng ut 7:30 o'clock. Tho grammar school children will play basketball this afternoon in the church hall, The servicemen will play basketball this uvn- nlnK at i»:TO. Thcru will bo religious instructions for grammar school children Saturday morning. Bingo purtl«» will bcr dis. on- tinucd until f\irthur noticr. because of thi: uncertainty uf the wtiuthor. St. Francis 1 The Senior choir will rehears tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clocl The Junior choir will rehears Thursday oven'ng ut 7 o'clock. The cast of the musical revue t be presented under the auspices of all parish societies will rehears this ovenlng nnd again on Wee nesduy evening. Tho review wl be presented on March 19 and 20 There will be a bingo party Fr' day evening at 8 o'clock. Religious instructions will b given for grammar school chlldre Thursday afternoon after school High school students will meet fo Instructions Friday afternoon at o'clock. The Council of Catholic Wome will hold a .special meeting tomot row «>viMilnK at S o'clock at St C(!Cflia's Hall. A first anniversary Muss will b celebrated for Michael Honan Sat urcldy morning at 8 o'clock. St Hedwig's Tim High School Study club meet toni;.!lil at 7:30. Religious Instruction for pub lie school children will be given Thursday at 3 p. m, and Sunday morning following the 9:30 Mass. BEACON FALLS (Cf>ntinu.'d From 1'nK'' I>UIHV SII4TCSN More than 100 uouplew iittomlrd thf dance held Saturday "-1 H'-c- rpiitlon club. Tho affair was s'.pon- •lored by '!»> Beacon Fall: 1 . Fir* 1 Department. Music for dancing was supplied by Jack Heavens and his orchestra. The Boards of Education and Juyvcfs Win Th<: Junior Varsity team of St Michael's Bulldogs edged out ntronj; quintet representing Fred Hi-Way Restaurant, -14-40, li O played recently a-t St. Mi ui'l's Lyceum. Raymond Lee fea .»:-.:d for thn victors whili? "Lefty' Farrnr excelled for the borough .five ohu tun: .luror.«. Notified William Lon, Sr., and Milton Sen m it?, have boon summoned to Common Pleas from »ve towns j the Waterbury '.M-"nt"ho Capper Kettle on , Court to serve as jurors on • term opening next week. Mrs, Lor ettit Baukat and Oscar Johnson tho Mcrlden road Thursday r.lght. The Wolcott Board of Educaclon imcl teaching faculty were hosts. The guests were entertained were notified to report nt the Su perior court in Waterbury to serve with n miMlcal program and mo- ; on the panel as jurors. lion pictures. Present from Beacon Falls were Angela M. Santorc, Elizabeth Hilton, Marg.u-i.-t Donahue, M«iry B. RnhhiNli Collected A collection of rubbish and ashei was conducted throughout the town Brenmm, Frances Russell tj. Shatllvld, Vnlentina Mikulich, Susan Coccniola, George R. Lut'- pc'i, Jumes M. Rourke, Donilnick J, "ml Clnra O'Shea. Men's League Mf-nibe)* a! the Civic Men's League will be entertained by mn- Mabel Saturday morning by town crews. NlltCH Many bnske:b,ill teams have been formed In town. Among them a girls' team comprised of Barbara Benz, Elaine Ploss, Jan Leopard Claire;i, Patricia Sulima Forida Gandet, Arlene Stanley Helen Click. Nancy Archambault gician James Holmes of Seymour I Hclcn Lusky and Coach Mary Ellen at a mooting tonight at the United ; church. Thi: ut t* o'clock. meeting will start ' Another team is made up of Lee i Lennon, Donald Doiron, Charles ------ ! Hackett, Robert Sitar and "Bobby" Mitchell, This club recently lost Unltcil Churcli - The United Church will observe j to St. Francis ^fJs'autcaUicli, 11-2. tin- Sacrami;nt of the Lord's Sup- ' per lit next Sunday's worship Thi; annual meeting of the IjMlli'd church Is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 27, nt H p. m., In the filiureh', Olllcurs will bn elected at ihf meeting, reports of cluirch officers nnd soc~ft~i!S will be given, und other business will hi- transacted. A congregational pot-luck sup- piT will precede the mef'ting. Homo Miss Marlon Lennon. daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Raymond M. Lennon, South Circle, htis returned home from St. Mary's hospital after being' « patient there. Child's Colds (Mint Miiwy -Ruben Tlim-TntN StWHKTAHMI. KKMWTIMi ipvrliiiunrnl In OrrlK Wlmrlhiiiiil Hi III!) ivjnii. Nrw llrnnii IIPKIIM .liiii. «7. IM1. THE "PERRY SCHOOL ••OFFICIAL Hrown Illd*. UOINO AWAY? GKT YOUR LUGGPGE At FISHER'S 111 South Main St., Wutcrbury Deluxe Straight Bourbon Whiskey $4.24 J. K. STORES CUT HATE. MQVOItS, WINES, BEERS Fr«e Delivery Anywhero In Borough {Ml No. Main St. Tel. -1071) Beacon Fails is now well represented in the basketball activities of thc urea, with three different squads having been formed to represent throe different uge groups. All three teams use thc court in St. Michael's Lyceum as their home court. Thc Bulldogs represent the Oldest group and show H three games record of one win and two losses. Hoth losses, though, were by less than four points. Their victory occurred in the season opener when they played St. John's of Shclton. Since then they have been edged •13-40 by the strong Highlander quintet of Naugatuck and 38-38 by tho Varsity team of the Waterbury Boys' club. Thc Junior Varsity team, who perform as substitutes for the Bulldogs, have played only one encounter, winning that one 44-40. The third team is called the Whir. Kids and'in comprised of local youngsters of grammar school age. They have already won both of their two games played this season and arc now looking for other opponents to tost their skill, Members of this squad arc: Barry Smith. "Hoop" Patcho/sky, "Conny" Mcnnilio, Donald Chlcb- owskl, George Mitchell, Ed Ploss and Victor Rommano. Opportunity for Learning while Kitmlng The JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE KvuninK Division Starts Fell. 6 CourwCM In Introductory Ac- countlnR, Bu«lnc»» Law, Sales- nnuiHlilp, utc. WHtc — 'Phone — Come In 3H9 WHITNEY AVE, 8-7003 NKW MAVJ3N 11. CONN. YMCA Discussion Group Hears Talk By Edward McGrath Edward E, McGrath of the In- West Side Club \ , > • ' r (Continued F.rom. Page One) Luca, Mr, and Mrs... Irving "Johnson. '"..'• • . Mr. and Mr». Carl Brecelnlk, Mrs. Blanche Galeskl, Mri and Mrs. Frank Nitpwakl. Mr. and Mrs. Relations Department of! Joseph P. DonaHtte, Mr. and Mrs. the U. S.' Rubber Company, ad- j Malcplm H. Wilson,. Mr. and Mrs, dressed members of a discussion | ' »roup at Saturday's 80th annual •onvcntlon of the State Y. M. C. A. n Hartford on the subject of "An Industrial Recreation Program." Mr. McGrath spoke to the group studying the subject, "What Docs Industry Expect of the Y, M C. The convention began with a legislative session in tho morning at which a budget of $40,225 was approved for 1947, followed by the election of members of the state executive committee. At thc lunch- oon, Dr. James Lee Ellenwood, oxe- •iiUve secretary of th« New York State Y. M. C. A. spoko on "What Should A Layman Do About His Y. M. C. A.?" The remainder of thc afternoon was given over to a series of sev- n discunsion groups. The annual banquet was held In thc evening, and Mayor Edward N. Allen of "i-tford welcomed the 400 delegates. Thc main address of the eve- .ing was made by Lyman Hoover, issociate general secretary, Nution\\ Committee of China Y. M. C. A. on "Our Part in Rebuilding- a Ruv- iged World." Naugatuck was well represented by delegates to the convention. In- luded in those attending wore Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Brown, Mrs. Edward Fredericks, Mrs, Kenneth Frodsall, Mrs. Robert Hartwell, alter D. Harris, Mrs, Harrison A. HolliB, Mrs. Albert Hermonel. Otto H. Jensen, Mrs. Adolph Kazemekas, Wilson B. Kirkondall, Mr. and Mrs. Krity. Klambt, Mrs. Elsie Kohn, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J, La Point. Edward S. Muller, William J. Neary md Robert M. Whlttcmore. Valley Teachers Meet Wednesday In Ansonia The first annual meeting of the Valley Teachers association, which includes teachers leagues of Naugatuck. Beacon Falls, Derby, Seymour. Anaoniu and Shelton, will be held Wednesday evening, Jon. 22 at 7 o'clock in the Congregational church, An.-tonln. Election of officers will bo -conducted, with a slate to be- presented by Harry Neville, Derby: chair- 'iian; E. Eleanor Smith, Shelton, and Alexander Krayeske. Nau- jTatuck, nominating committue. • Miss Smith will submit a report ;>f the salary committee; other reports will be made by Miss Horary Brermin, Beacon Falls, public ?'. Gamble, Mr. arid Mrs. Clay-, ton S. Davis, Burgess and ,Mrs. James Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Pray, Mr. and Mrs. ; Bart >Rus- sntl, Mr. and Mrs, G. W:. Schaffer, Mr. and- Mrs, .C,. E. Keenian, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. T.urney. 'Mr, and Mrs. Fred Pray, Mr. and Mrs. Don Leary, Capt. Peter E. Hanlon, Madclyn D, Thuraton, Mr. ' and Mrs,-George H. Blrdsal), Mr. and Mrs. John Ernst, Mr. and Mrs. L. W, Donnon, Mr. and ' Mrs J, H. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Matthews, Mr, and Mrs. F, J. Bugley, of Watertown, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. Jean, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Musto, Mr..and Mrs. G. M. Hubbell, Mr. and Mrs. Chus. E. BOH- sidy, Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Davis, Mr. and M'rs. Henry C, Koski, Mr. and Mrs. Elward Lyons, Mr, and Mrs. Vcrnon Foulkrod, Mr. und Mrs. Wilfred Webster, Mr. and Mrs. B. Ernest Belval, Miss Pcy Farrington,: Ralph Trepana, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ayros, Jr., R. Murphy, J. Dorun. Mr. and Mrs. John McCulloURh, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. F. Wohlke, Mr. and Mrs. A, T. Martorana. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Howard, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Even, W. J. Fitzgerald, Bui-genA Creslo Klimaszewski, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McNeilly, Miss E. Morlne, R. Beau- detto, Mr. and ivu's. C. Strusduns- kas, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Emons, Mr. and" !.7rs. J. L, Dick Hylund, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hlo- er't, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Dry, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. Mlglio/zi, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hetzel, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Poynter, Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Ralphs, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scank, .Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scank, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Elmore, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Marquiss, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gelish, Mr, an Mrs. Joseph McKec. Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Kes son, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Rimkosk Mr. and Mrs. John Quint, Jon Binettes, Mr. and Mrs, Mutthcv Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Phili Koch, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sme> Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Smey, M and Mrs. Wm. C. Imholz, Mr. .un Mrs. M. Cirello, Joseph McEvoj Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Moody, Mr and'- Mrs. Leo Dowllng, Mr. an Mrs. Ossie Tower, Jr., Mr. an Mrs. Tully Shelley, Walter Lyskit wicz, C^ L. Howard, Alfred Shults. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ploes, Ml and Mi's. Lawrence Monroe, Mis Local Driver Held In Ansonia Auto Crash, Five Hurt Raymond A. Baiter, 42, of 83 Chestnut atrect,- Nuugatuck, was the driver of a car that collided houd-on with another, in Ansonia Saturday night, according to police. Five persons were injured. Frederick Pepc, 41, 21 Derby avenue, Ansonia, was admitted to Griffin hospital with seriouu noae and car injuries. He and the others, who received treatment at the hospital and were then discharged, were riding In an automobile driven by Peter P. S. Matejek, Sr., 30, of 204 Derby avenue, Derby. The Matejek car, according to police, was struck by a car driven by Baker, who was charged with operating a motor vohiclo while under the influence of lifjuor. Held in bonds of $200, he will appear. In court Feb. 3. The others injured, besides Matejek, who received outs on the face, were his nine-year-old daughter, .Theodosia, who' suffered a brain ; concussion but was allowed to go'home; his son,. Peter, Jr., who received bruises of tho face. Bulletins (Continued From Page One) BUS CRASH Stroudaburg, Pa,—A New York bound bus crashed into a telephone pole and tree near Slroudiburg, Pa,, injuring seven persons. Police say the driver swerved tbe heavy vehicle off the road to avoid a head-on collision with an 'automobile. BAR NEGROES Atlanta—A bill spontiored by Oov. Talmad|{e to bur Neifroett from voting- In party primaries huH been Introduced In th« Georgia HOIINC of H«preHi!iitu- tlvo*. Supporter* of tho niowt- iire way It would take the Georgia primary out of federal jnr- iMtllctlon by making thi; election a purty and not a Htute affulr. . oOo REVIVAL BILL Washington—Republican Representative Landls of Indiana has introduced a bill to revive the government's wartime power to take over vital plants threatened by strikes. He also outlined a method for compulsory arbitration of such disputes. oOo no ruceivuu wi uia«-o w» *.,.~ .~~... , y-vT-k » A 11 .!• Also treated at the hospital was j GOP Installation Mrs. Anna Pepe, 21 Darby avenue, Derby, who suffered from shock and bruises of both knees. Evening School Class Cancelled Because of the inclement weather conditions, there will be no session of evening school classes tonight, Mrs. Gertrude Madigan, director of adult education in Naugu- Luck, announced today. Ol' tho states, 39 end their fiscal of Barring-ton, years June 30. Throe end theirs' ' on September 30, two December 31, and one each November 30, March 33, May 31 and August 31. Program Delayed Installation ceremonies of the Naugatuck Young Republican club scheduled for tomorrow evening have been postponed • until February, It was announced today by William Ploski, retiring president, FREDERICK 1»ECK Providence, R. I., Jan. 20—(UP) —A leader in Rhode Island banking, industrial and political fields died today at a Providence hospital. He was 78-year-old Frederick Peck American troops participated in 13 major battles during tbe World war of 1917-1918, relations committee; Mr. Neville, i Pauline M, Wood,- of Woodburj egislativo. Amendments to tho! Paul H. Mansfield of Woodhurj, 'institution, submission by execu-1 Mrs. Anne Granger, Mr. and Airs •ive board .of recommended activ-1 Albert Lawlor. Mr. and Mrs. Joh Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. .Edward Miff one, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kinnc jr.'. and Mrs. Henry Kucki, Albert Lawlor was chairman o lieu for the association program 'or '.hp year and other business vill b« transacted. A legislative program will open t S:30 o'clock, with Miss Fenessey Canty, nlialrm/ih of the LPBislativi- Vction committee of the Connecti- ut S'atP Teachers' association. md Lyndon. Pratt, executive secrc- arv of the CSTA. as guest apoalc- rj. Superintendent of Schools Har- Id E. Chiitenden, Chairman Sam- t! I. Lyons of the hoard of edu- ction, Warden Leo J. Brophy and enator Luke H. Stapleton- have cen invited to attend -the meeting s well as other school superinten- lent.s, board chairmen, municipal- ty heads a.nd senators covering the rea. the arrangements committee, as istcd by Mrs, Merle Hyde, Mrs John Haas, Mrs. Matthew' Hous ton Mrs. John Lynch, Mrs. Ed ward Mlgone', Mrs, Robert McNeil ,y, Mrs. Wilfred Webster and Le Dowling. NOT GUILTY Florence Chielewski, 28, 66 Ward treet, and Bonaventure Stoppani, 1. 35J Edgeworth street, Water- ury, were found not guilty on vlo- tiou of motor vehicle charges in orough court this morning. Judge Martin L. Cuinc presided. They .•ere notified for court after an .utomoblle accident at North Main nd Maple streets Saturday at'ter- oon. Republican Senate Leader Reported Wishing To Resign (By United Press) In both tiie house and thi senate today, there are Btories o unrest within t h e Republican If You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Parrar Tel. 4233 Table ii nd Floor Moilcl 15" DRILL PRESSES $90 to $111.75 Complete With Motor IR TOOtS ••AVIN1.S \T II I S JJ4I DYE WORK EMBRUSKI No. Main -SI. Tel, 3807 FILLED COFFER CAKES HARD CRISPY ROLLS PASTRY OF ALL KINDS CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANI. Prop. Maple Street Telephone S«7S SLIGHT ACCIDENT Anthony Swinarskl, 51 Pear) trect, Ansonia, and Floyd Trap- auskas, 175 North Main street, An- ouia, were charged with viola- ons of motor vehicle law follow«.n accident on Riverside drive al 1:30 a. m. today. Their cases ,»re scheduled in borough court Friday. Patrolman'John Hanley investigated thc accident, damage was slight. Police suid BURGLARS BUSY Burglars had a busy week-end in Now Haven. One safe and two locked cabinets were opened at thc -iciioral Ice Cream company. The osis has not been determined. Bur- jlars also ransacked the home of .rfatteo E, Mlgliaro and made off with $600 which was kept |i a strong box. WORK STARTED A steam shovel is at work on Rubber avenue leveling off the former woolen mill property in ^reparation for future construction J.n the site now owned by George Naugatuck. ranks. In thc upppr champer, the re port is that Wallace White o Maine—the ncnate Republican lead cr—has twiqe tried to hand in his resignation as majority chieftain But top Icnrtors of the GOP sue cessfully dissuaded him both times Even senate Democratic Leadei Alben Barklcy ho£ joined thc chorus of voices pleading with WliJto to stay on tho job On the other side of the capita building, a prominent, house.. Republican has expressed concern a< what he calls a "disruption" of par ty dUcipline. This GOP leadei isn't identified at his own request He says. he. refer*, specifically to committee- chairmen who issue statements on party policy without first consulting the house leadership. Two Charged With Attempt To Escape From Reformatory Bench warrants will be sworn oi« l within a few days against two youths who attempted to n Snturrfai' night -from Cheshire reformatory. State's Attorney William E. FltZr gerald says the pair will be charged w'th attempt to escape. The youths, 17-year-old Bernard Finley, of Wilder, Vt., and 18-year- old Frank Springer, of Stamford, are being held in detention. _ They were captured In Cheshire Lag'ass'e was employed"~foT Ylong w ' l hin two hours after breaking out Lime at the E. Ingraham company. • of thc reformatory. They gtft off thc grounds after slugging a guard APPOINTED witn a m " k bottle. A former University of Connecticut professor has been appointed assistant director of • thc Bartlee School of Tree Surgery at Stam- 'ord. He is Professor Emeritus Shot man Hollister who will teach under the Veterans' 'training program. FUNEKAL TODAY Funeral services will be held this afternoon at Briutol for Joseph M. Lugas>.se who diod at the age of 9S. There are only three counties in the state of Delaware, Mrs. Rose Draoko Injured In Fall Mrs. Rose Drapko, 68 Arch street, suffered an injury to her right wrist and forearm today when she fell in the back yard of her home. She received treatment, at St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury and then returned home. Additional Classified Announcements Real Estate Wanted MTAMJINW It*' IF YOU LIKE TO LOUNGE AROUND YOUR OWN FIRESIDE AFTER THE DAY'S WORK IS DONE. Just lounge gracefully in a State- o-Maine lounge robe and watch the old Hickory logs sparkle and crackle and the sparks form constellations of shining stars only to be wafted upward to oblivion with the draft of the flue. With a Corona Corona to add to the picture, . a State-o-Maine lounge robe is the finishing touch. $15 to $50. Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave| Tel. 4935 For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WAT%R STREET ; FULL LIQUOR LICENSE j r| "»- NOT RESPONSIBLE NOTICE On or after this date, I will not be responsible for any bills contracted other than by myself. Signed: FRANCIS L. RUSSELL Address: 121 Aetna St. Dated at Naugatuck this 17th day of January. 1947. „ Houses for Sale NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. General moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702. NOTICE rNCOlVTE TAXES—A tax expert will make your personal report. Certified 'tax consultant. Ovide V. Philibert, 596 S. Main St., Wtby. 4-8034. GUITAIl — Instructions for beginners and advanced pupils. Instrument loaned free. Fred Bredice, Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St. Tel. Wtby. 4-0136 or 3-9120. VACANT -4 room cottage, fully furnished. For further details, call A. Shopley, 2433 or r>144, HOCSE FOB SALE —14 room. 2 family liOuee In good condition. Two furnaces. No agents. Call 4157—396 Scott St. FOR SALE—Curtiss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room hous>c with large piece of land. Scott St., two family house, II rooms. New Haven Rd— one family house, one car garage, large barn and seven acres of land. JOHN HEALY. Tel. 5031. Employment Help Wanted—Male WANTED—Young man 'for chain grocery dept. Good working hours and good wagos. We arc approved for G.I. Training Program. Apply Fulton Market, Union City. WANTED—News Carriers in all sections of town. Inquire Mr, M. T. Dillon, News Ofllce. RECENT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located In southwestern part of. Conn. State In detail in first hand-written letter, age, education, experience If any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Dally News. VACANCY Feb. 15 —An 11 room house on Millville Ave. in A-l condition. For further details call A. Shopley, tel, 2433 or 5144. FAIRCHILD ST.—Between Gorman and Lewi.i. A brand new I family house — all modern improvements. $12,000. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agen-t, 172 High St. Tel. 3458. 4, L*nd For Sale LEVEL Lot, 75' x 140' on No. Hoadley St. All improvements. Good residential section. Tel. 2832. LOT on Rivorslde Drive—lying between two Highways—1,420' frontage, 73 to 100' deep. Must be sold immediately. Price $2,000. Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel, 7-3625. Established 1870 Deposltl Fully Guaranteed ARE YOUR SAVINGS INSURED? YES. AJ1 deposits in this bank are guaranteed in full by the Savings Banks' Deposit Guaranty Fund of Connecticut, Incorporated. i GUS SMOKE SHOP i:<02 North Main St. Union City Gun KliniUNzewKki, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Highland Package Store ; 93 Highland Ave. — Tel, 3983 Anthony Farrur, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Part* of Naugatuck Real Entute Agent* THE NEAGLE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 63 Bank St. Wtby. 4*4256 7a Wanted To Rent WANTED — APARTMENT OF S OR -t ROOMS. NAUG. OR VICINITY. TEL. 2041. SALESMEN Wonderful opportunity for ambitious, live-wire men to become a mrt of our sales force .to introduce i special offer by N. E. Largest Photographic Studio. No car or ex- j pericnce necessary. We train you. See Mr. Ray, 10S Bank St., Wtby. Room 30. "EVERY DAY IS PAY DAY" WANTED by couple soon to be married, 2, 3, or 4 room apartment. Call 2870, . For Rent Boom* To Bent FURNISHED —Heated room -for gentleman. All modern improvements. Tel. 2969. Help Waited—Female Announcements Logt and Found WANTED — Housekeeper for middle aged couple; simple cooking:, live in or out. Near High school. Pay good. Tel. 3804. Real Estate Wanted Houses tor Sale FOR SALE—2 family house, 3 and 4 rooms on lot 50' x 203'. Garage and shed. On Walnut St. Tel. 3744 mornings or between 5 and 7 eves. NEARLY NEW—1 family house of six rooms. Built with pre-war materials. Oak floors bro£s pipes, hot water heat and garage. A. Shcpley, tel. 2433 or 5144. 'OH SALE—One family, 6 room house. Furnace heat. Telephone 4013 after 3 p. m. rVESTERN SECTION— Two family house with modern apartment vacant for new owner. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE ohn C. Kiernan Eve. Naug. S707 20 East Main St., Wtby. •4-3129 LOST—Bunk Book No. S7.682 on Naugatuck Savings Bank has been lost. Any person having claimd on said hook is called upon to present the same to the bank within two months or thc same book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a new one issued in lieu 'thereof. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., Jan, G, 1947. Jan. 30 & Feb. 3. LOST—Bank Book No. 51,44s on the Naugatuck Savings Bank has been lost. Any person having claims on said book is called upon to present the eame to the bank within two months or thc same book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a new one issued in lieu, thereof. Dated »t Naugatuck, Conn., Jan. 0, 1947. Jan. 20 & Fob. 3 WHITE FISH MARKET:; JOSEPH CABRAL. Prop 8 South Main St. Tel. 50O4 SALT und FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SALE Ten room hou»e, D roomt fit* floor, S room* cecond fl»»r, I bath-rooma, hot air electricity, 2 car ffarar Formerly S tenement ho«» •nd owner xvlll re-conwrt M I tenement* and irlve ImmedWl occupancy to first fl»or. Located pant Hide of tow« Mi may he Inspected In itttntt*. I F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Bui! Church Street TIIY CLASSIFIED AM LOST—Gold lapel pin. Onyx charm attached. (Lost during holidays.) Reward. Tel. 36S3. reraoDM SEWING and Alterations to do In my own home. Tel. 3232. WO Family House on Greenwood _^__ St. Three rooms in each apart-1 MONUMENTS ment. Immediate occupancy. Call j Spfiolal Price* On All Memorial* or see Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union , W. RICHARDS—260 3o. Main St St. To), 4928-2952. j Naugatuck—Dial M8? ATTENTION — TRUCK OWNERS! On our hilly icy roads, it is necessary that yonr trucks be equipped with good chains to do their work safely. We have in stock the following sizes of tbeie hard-to-get accessories available in limited quantity: Truck Chains / 6.50-20, 32x6 Single Pneumatic 7.00-20, 32 x 6 Dual Pneumatic 7.50-20, 34 x 7 Dual Pneumatic 8.25-20 Dual Pneumatic Cross Links 7.00-7.50 Single Pneumatic 7.00-7.50 Duel Pneumatic We have a supply of Truck Chain Spreaders and Truck End Hooks for chain repairs. Also — For Your Passenger Car Mud hooks for 6.75-7.00-7.50 tires and chain spreaders. The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE Try NEWS Want Ads-they bring

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