The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on June 10, 1891 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1891
Page 3
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BISMARCK DAILY TRIBUTE: WEDjXESXJAY, JUIVE 10 1891 jjinsAiOmoK.Si3XvxcK.Jcas 9. ors. .~per*ture, 70; jauuau KI. tot»Ipreci. JO , C-, Jnna.S .--Xorth. JJkot*- edj ·winds. ,- _ scent of the Ira D of. Darkness, the Idol om in » J aimsh Tempi*, and - a aiagrufi- cent apotbeosls ^hich closes the"perforni- *nc«-~ Tfeerei fnli\ be -nroKeiowss, nine acrobats, eijcht Ot»ripos»- dancers, idle. Bertoto, a iiKntrnnx change dancer, and an nay o£ young and pretty xirls. BiU Winn, the hunter arx^ trapper, -who returned the other-day from * six months. : expedition through- ta'e.'ijrestern country; i"as amODK his'-collfction.,of Curios a petri- iedsnail of ;giK«ritiesiz.e,'compred to the ;naU of to-day. .It measures : about eight ncbea la distueter and is. of a species ·now probably einnct. He found it in. the i»d Lands and -prizes it \ ery highly. Farxo ^Republican: Contractor Bowers is making a sheep dip for Banker itears whiqh -wjll be about four feet -wide and 'opiyeizht feet Jong. It is to be shipped o iieaoken -where there are -t^OQ- §heep already armed, Mid as many more are on tie-wayJrom the west Tce.sUeep'ArStQ" £e dipped in Fernoline, asjpecigcfor. scab. 3£r. Mearsis to u^e this xDrecauhon on all sheep hereafter shlppeiin by him- Dawson Standard: Th£ teachers insutbke lor ETtddec county, m session bree dV^sthis week, at Steelivvras one ot the inosf larjrpJy attended," Interesting ;and profitable"ever-neldin the countr.--; v lt^vas n charge of that thorough and practical educator, Prof. Cathro, deputy^state superintendent, -and each subject under " eu'iSiQn was handled m a masterly manner. Jle was ably assisted by onr efficient county superintendent, iliss Pprtner-, wbose"suKgesttans-*£sre timely and pointed. P-EESOA'Ali. A texander McKenzie is confined to ins t. Paul, with a dad attack of neuralgia. f Tne regular weekly prayer meeting will be celd at the Methodist Episcopal church this evening. ThegaUanrKnifihts of Pytmas returned froiff-rfickinsonlast night; They report a pleasant trip. _^~ The Kajanka company consists of thirty people-IheyhaYeseeured accommodations nt the Sheridan'. - _ A broken rail caused among trams yesterday. r C B Little-reports his potatoes in blos- «om and \vagers he" will have new mnr- ")he= this month. _ ,, Jndge Chase -was Bttending to his official f dutieh* 3 esterdayr^having-recovered Irom his late illness.; Thomas H. Frood, of. Cromwell, and Mi s Marj I. Landers, sit Bismarck, were licenced to wed, by Judge Chase, iester- day __ _ ·The Book of the_ Law Found," is tfie topic of ttie meeting as the Baptist church tins everiTn?. The public is cordially invited," Colonel Perkins boasts" of the finest straw berry bed in the city ami-invites'- the doubters to take a-look: -and satisfy themselves. A bolfof Jigntning struck"a"tree in" lilt; i. a Fisner' yard yesterday morning, rnaking'kuidling- wood of tee same^ in short order. - Tbffdate of the graduating exercises has b?en changed to Saturday evening, June 1-ith The program will appear m to-mor- Dr, Harcourt removed, a {bmor-about two inches in diamater .from a laH^i Monday- It was a very--painful yel^ snc- ce=-ful operation. * _ ~- __ a slight delay The rail broke "i\ r o.-53 was passing, but no damage.wa done. ' Rev Rjan-returneLfrom Wahneton yes tpidav He reports a \ erj pleasant time at the lavmg of tne coiner sione~of the Red. PiuerTallej university. r- Major Trvme writes thd.t his address in , tht future will be Oahe, Hughes county, b. : D- Oue o£ the cjianges made bv the aban- ' domnent of Tort Lincoln. ; The ca^e against John Hobidou for vio- litmK thb qiti ordinance relative to run rung m unlicensed hack will be heard by ~ Judge liase-this afternoon.. _The Fir^t National bank block was~~re- ceivjig its,sunply of awnings. - L terda}. ^o\ if the -.1111 will deign to show his face, Cisluer,\Vhittaker is read} for ' _ ^HJLPalmet, foreman of the job aepartment ia pending.a vacation in iarco ProDably^omethm^ in the \\aj of nev, features to the band will be the result. Ilis scholars of the Methodist Eoiscopal Sabboth school are requested to meet at the church this evening at 7 o clock-Sharp EO practice-on the ehildrerrs-daj program. A sieat dejrl of water fell m aihort time earh j e terdftj^niorumK. It is a noticea .'bie.face.-: that _the .weather.-bereau.areibe- gmnm^ to predict shower tor North Da kota: · A meetingTof the board of universitj and chool lands \\ill be held at the capitol to- dij Prot Ogden being absent, attending - on institute work, he-wilL-not be able ta attend " ' ' Will it rain tournament week, is a question an\iouslj ask^ the firemen. After all the tiara w,ork tney.have-.gone-through makii.g preparations, it is to'behopedtheir fear are groundless. Some of Bismarck's population is on the movt -Michelson's tjcotchmau bas-"gone to J o - , l n 3 emporium.and banders'Indian chief replace him at thff nopular cigar rendez\ou opposite the Tjfif F irmers Vr ho have planted corn this year ledl \ e r much encouraged. The crop is promising alUhat could. be-^4shed While 'iear-is-fe'jofable foralf vegetation,-it a b - - raised on the Missouri slope An old timer vows ne heard the nK and crashing of an earthquake early ^fcrda m o r n i n - dnrm t n n o , morning, dnrintj the pendency o: -"· Llcctrical storor. Having had almost everj thing else this spring, one of these menial evidences of power would be m order ' - Conductor Jfashold has joined tbe independent order of grass widowers, his fami- r h a v i n g Rone east orra-visib--Thi* order i- growing rapidly these days/and numfer ou-acces ions are being made to the ranks. * no will be the next one to become a member? Fargo \rgcs: Charges preferred agams pastor fijsn, of the-II. E. church, Bis marck-smack largely- of malice ilr · '3 a good man, a worthy'citizen, and wr-o_know j-tiis church service wil" rh, ' T own onmion--regardless of ; tQoasaua Peter Millprs The case of Nils IN". Fore f admimstr-ator til? Fore, deceased, appellant, v=. xil c , tate °f l^ars 5t. Fore, deceased, rev ^Pondent, was filed with 1 - the clerkTof the -upreme court jesterdaj. This is-an ap- - P alfromTraUlcountj. A. B Ltvisee ap- o ars tor the plaintiff and F. W. Ames." for jollyBrompton snrvey- - * - "HrarrSoTile, the or r isinth9-city. '^Secretary chants^'St. Paul, : yesterday. Charlea "W-Sagenot* Mound City, registered at the- Custer yesterday; Frank A. Woodtrary of ;Sew York was registered at the 'Western_j esterday." Chns-. ifassaccar was up" from Steele yesterday, shaking hands ^-Editor Packard" Of "the Mandan Times was doing business at the capital yesterday. - . E.-Johnson Lvons, the rustling real es- fate and implement dealer of "bteele., isin the^city. j H. Black, one of the. industrious Long Lake grangers, was-doing "business in the capital yesterday. Presiding "Elder-Sheckler went east last night to attend a meeting of the conference at Steele. _ -- TE. S. Vreeland."o£~~Walla WaTfa, Wash , arrived on the Atlantic express. last nightj ahdjatopped at the ^Vestffrn.,' Dawsoa Standard: Will tiperri', who isr smas"hing baggage on the Jsorthern Pacific faetweenlBismarck and Helena, was visiting at the pate'mal roof the^ front of the week. At the Sheridan- J. H. Ehle, C. JiL Pe- noj,-bt Paul; J. FJRemems, ildwaukee, S.Jb. Levy Fareo; Af. Darter, Leadville, "^ W. Smith, Mmneapohs;~Mrb. M. C. Collins F.ort^Y afes. _,,, C-C.^Bowsfield leftonlhe early morning train for Qr.andjb orks. where he -goes to attend the annual meeting of the North Dakota Press association, of which organization he is secretary. --· ~ * where sh^wili r*-_ better this year. eapitml city, bundmVj nuOiTaujtU welL . ^ The bay crop -will :bc than iteTerhttotK^ub*; Tha farmers are all happv and hopeful. If taey^et a little more rain next month;at;,-!east'30 hushel»-ti£ .wheat'tQ the ^cre^' _ _...-. iL b'Dangberg- held a meetlpj? at hls;bouse.^Sundsy- list;"which was v^reil attended. ., John Anstrom and Postmaster J-onnr Ecklund.were'in Bismarck yesterday; '.and Mrs'. Jqnnson'arid.Mr-'andilrs. ^J.Bamrichot Grass Laie-er^ at Join 'j'on'nEtBackman is dzgcinfi a cellar'onythat for stories toldiu good faith as actna} ils-claim. ' 3^ T. Z.. tspeneuces. of tho relstor they mast b* hIs"Claiia. ' .Wfcea you're Unguid sad doll ia- the epriag of tie year, -^-- , AVten. btonittcli arsd hrer are all oat or gear, WhenToa'iB EtapU stvraorn ATid tereriib.-.. at glree Telisii_»ri3 notlurig goes nsht. Doa T t trj RUT coetrufi^aliiir or pill.-- **Gclden Meditftl Disooxery" 3^S fiJjs tho bill. The suj^st^and-bact ofS^remediea for all disorders o£the liver, stomach and blood Is Drv Tierce's Gulden 5 -Mrs. .TVtaslow's'' Soothing. Syrup: should, always be used for children teethlne. "If sooths the child, softens-, ther-cums,, allays all pain, cures wind coke and Is the bestr remedy for diarrhoea. T-weaty-fh e- cents abottle'. ' - -- -- . Hose.Company Xo. 3/5Ie«tIn^. All members of hose company Xo. S are requested to be at the hose house at 7.45 this everunjj. Important business demands yourpresence. By order of the manage- .merit. ~ "" Auction Sale "of BaSk Stoc-k" ~ .-jyt Will be sold at pubhc auctfon in front'of the Capital National bank on Saturday, June IS, 1891, at llo'clock a. m , ten (10) shares of the canitalstocfc of the'Bismarck · Nano^al bank o^f this city." CAPITAL " UWT rUS BEARD IN A W!U Sererol evem5gs"»labe * p*rty o^ Qpa- ·nnal spirits had a«««aibled, as w»s th«»r wont, in"-3 cc'to'a pl»oe--which shxiLl« »arn.e!e«5=-withiri tSe limits; of ^tHs'citv 3 *' -d-itrict. Th*er» wns one of 'tae- oiuaJIyre««CT»d his story un til the Utter part of th« crenm?,. and oa ruch occasiqcs .those o6o»titiitiugiiep«rty lose and departed slowly homeward situ ·th*story was finished, »«r« to a man awarded tKo palnu Tiie~t»le was told a* "It ^-as while I vrns mthe jiorthera p^trt c£^tl£uce on-tPhuntjn^ tnp -with p^irty of toer»' from :~KnKton-. .-Thyv- byV-good' Iii'ci: ·yirh small,' but they--iramed moose, rtold'thera that*I .wou.l'd'show thenxjong before long, Aad,: i,Oio..: Gu« or lAVo-daya after they begxin asiong me where that ^moosa wasand kinde^sot,me tiled. Itooi rnygun and. told':therri that I'd get."a moqsa pretty quick if tbsy wouldn't comq. racing rpund like: a ,uack of ^steers. Off Lwent, ami had goue'about a mile when I heard a ,nolse. Igps upa-tiSTas soon as possible, and had jasc got fairly seated when two ol the finest moose I evec set eyes on. cam^ tight under the tree. Here was luck, ana Ttook aim at the largest'and pulled the trigger." At this point the narrator.looked rsther theepish, as if he had no particular desrre to proceed,"but after considerabla nrginK· hscoatiaued. "The truth of it was, boys, in my hnirj from tho camp I forgot^ to bring my cartridges, and didn't even have one in my "jun. "VVell.Tkjuocked my head against a limb and tried to thmkhovs-I wai goihgjto get one of those moose, who. all tteatimo Trere eying each other like cats ana dogs. All of a sudden they started for each other and came kerplunk; together. They then .hacked off .-and-tried it ; They kept at; thifo'r r]rnt-» « ***"'-» t 0 _* 0 _ij " ' P-KJM* . nyls list arc - br yoor wrr-to « il«t»ioc StKKt. Lat- prut BISMARCK BUSINESS CARDS »t XAW. M J · Koosi ?io, 1, Ceatrsl bloclc." T 4CHESCE ·J-J * Cert- al Block.' 'Hain SC.'- IJave got 3,000 acre^ot pasturage, will take fifty horses tt pasture. Katet. reasonable. , There will be _a meeting of the Lames Aid society at the SI E. chnrcn Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock for the election of officers and other business". By order of the " _ '__ PSESIDEXT. PplT,T-q r\f · Tr^f^^-n^gf!- --On Sunday morning. b Hev G-e"orge Kline, pa=tor of the Baptist church, W. Hanforo, White, M.^D., and H elen Eaulding Smith, both of ^tew Tork. cit\. Thei p started for the Yellowstone Park the jnextidaj, and then thej^go abroad, JspaiE being the objective point. _ Gould. EDITOB rEiBtrxE. The TErBUE of the 9tii sajs New York bankers will tak? sixty millions govefnmeat 'bonds at 2 per cent, and that feecretary .Foster's name ought to bo written! high up on the scroll of Jarne, as a financier "i es, ;New lork bankers, i. e*T\ all sireet, will gladly take sixrhundred million at the same Tate, and lend it, to the granaers at 12 percent and never shed a_ tear Tfhis financial 'exploitation smacks -itronger'^O^JaytTontd ttian Calico Cliai- lej. --^ ' T *r\- P ^ Fii. Go^s" to "trie Reform School. - Dmmon"s County Record In the case of the state of North Dakota vs. David Lindsay, indicted for burglary in the third degree, a plea of not guilty was at ifkbtentered This w a afterward withdrawn ana a plea of guilty entered. On account of the respectability of his parents, who are honest and hard-worKing people ind good citizens, and 'at their request, Jucjge Winchester sentenced David to the reform school at Plankmton, 6 D L nder this sentence, should the boy's behavior at the school bp good, he may be returned to his Barents at an early date. He is not sentenced for any definite term. ( . A* Lawyer* Opinion " v'curb and corridor" fiend of the Minneapolis Tribune writes as follows concerning a Is orth DaKotan- "Edward Winterer, one of the lejidmg^attorneys of Valley City, Dakota, has been spending a few days at the univer ity, of which he is a graduate, in both the scientific and law de political law Ai is "the devil take the hind- business man- I have been ef*?cting. council to provide bghtforour least, but it begins to 'nough they did not intend to do i u the matter. Just think of it. pltal °£ tbe great state of North ,V " a Sota witheut a street light of any description. not eveji a kerosme lamp. wln have lts first represenra- ity Fnday night. The man- say that thlTpubhc can be pre- to «ee a superb displa of handsome ry, beiutiful costumes and transfor- p Q ? 3 ' Tno Piece is in three acts, and 0 Q. C f s c e n p s Wl!l show the Bower of MI i ^ he Ru in'' of a Brahmin Temple, . izebub's Care, and the wonderful Dfr- . been ttie. hindmost to place a ticket : In; the field' they have : - succeeded quite uniformly m y v a l k i n s o f f with the satanic persimmons. An Alliance girl knocked Winterer butfor superintendent of schools, 1 in.a' republican county aijhat And his brother, a roeferibbed democrat, captured the county attomeyship*. Ex-GoT. X)rd-wa- ComiJQE.Back. ' According to theJIinn^apohsJlTibune Correspondent, Hon. X. G Ordway i^TTn his wav to this state, where. he will spend several months for his health. The governor has been sick for. some time, and was once given up by" his friends as beyond Tccoverv." Ho has declareoTthattie was through Tvith .politics, as he was getting too old to stand the brunt of the fitfhfc as before,-but thii Tribune intimates that his- journey west is not entirely -devoid of political 'significance, and that itmay concern the next senatorial election.'" Itisnot believed- that the; ex-governor' has any further aspirations · himself, but now that his health is on 'the mend, his old waY-like spirit moves him to get into the arena again, and there is no place like Xorth Dakota for a gladiatorial 'combat at any ·season of the year/: Gov.' Ordway still has many property interests irUhe state. _ In 1890 20.000,000 potmds less of foreign -wool ·ttereTimported into this country than ·« as the case the year 'before^ It i3_possibier--witli some "carp and trouble for ei ery fanner to ha\ e profitable duck ponds and fish, ponds Given -only a "brook that passes through, his farm and does' not dry out in grimmer and he din VY ork winders. At intervals along the- stream one may bmld dams and excavate ponds Erttier a pond may be built alongside the brook and water conducted into 'it ' or the bed of the stream itself can be dammed and excavated. Galvanized wire netting at the entrance,, jiid exit of-the water of the popd will prevent thlTescape of fiah. ~ Shade your fish pond^and "dnck pond with treea, either fruit; or nnt The lst_o£ Jairaary, 1891, there wgre nedrty 43, J007J60 -sheep in the United -States. Of these more than half belong in the eight state" of Texas, Ohio, California, Oregon, Michigan, Montana, Colorado and Kew York -Texas is the head" sheep state, with~^m ronn_d' numbers, S.OOO.OOO^he rest of the-states followmg. in the order named. The territories of New ilexico and TJtah have together more than 3,000,000. So w e are becoming a w ool and mutton producing' country - -Fish will devour greedily almost anything that a~lmman. being vnll, if it is jthrown to"~them in small bits. Bread "ana'~ce?eal produtta are g.ood food for them.-- The- young fry to stock jf^pond can be obtained from "a state fish commissioner or from the United States fish eominis'=ion_at Washington." "You 11, have to--pdy fral f f.-re for that ooy, madam," said a conductor ' He is certainly o\ er fi\ e years old " ^"Indeal he isn't 1 " replied the -passenger "I have taken thic child free foro-sersix years, I'd ha.\ e y on understand-, and 1 doa'fc mtend to begin paying fare for him now." tmg..kind o' tuckered jaufc and were walk- Ing round and round till they got their wind. _The largest one was right under me andjl colild almost.touch his antlers. --T cevtr knew how it happened, but down 1 went head o\ er heeb and lit nqht ori thai -critter's back. Ho.didn't seem to Lke this sort of surprise party, and just threw back his head and went, thff other one following after. - · "Lucky for me the trees in th it plac« 'wece.rather high, and-;there .wasn't/ much danger of being knocked off the limbs. Well, the tune that it takes me to tell thia was tame e'nough for~that moose to" go half a mile and the smaller one right behind all the time. I was clinging to the sides of that moose kko-i cockroach to p. biscuit; it was all I coula do to breathe, and I had lost my hat long before. Inpticed that we were going toward the camp and we soon hove in sight of it I gave a shout, and as I did so felt something slip dowj) my throat. The boys heard th^ shout; and looking up, saw us coining- Down, went the boardTthey TV ere playing cards on, and off they scudded like so m.iny jack_rab bits. We wLre now right in the cimplng place and 1 wanted to stop there, but just about a hundred yards from the camp the moo=a stopped suddenly and I went over his head .yjto a brook. I « asn't much hurt, and scramb\ed*- out like a grasshopper out of a knothole, and right in front of me lay those two" moose, dead as herring I put on 'as straight a Jate as Icould and talked up to the camp as unconcerned as possible, " 'Here's the moose I promised you, hoys, 1 I said, and we all went ant to cut them~up "The bo\s ne\ er said a- word until after sup- Tho .Walk of Some Great-34en. The \va'k_of "President Harrison is studied- by all The chief executive of the country has a long body und short Ics-p He has been deicrvbed as the tallest man sitting down, and the shortest onestandmg up. He -walks very-slow, putting one foot care- fully-befo~e the other -He picks his steps and invariably takes the^shortest route. Miv Harrison wears -his sboe3~dut on . the. .'heelj for hethrows his^^vekchfc at that point. "He does not'turn over thotlgh, and the sole of his shoe wears evenly. ChaunceyJM, Depesv's walk is i sym partmPnts.-He says "the Barnes -county phony. The great orator and railroad " *^" ' ' president has what is known as a magnetic -walk. · When Dr. Depevvwa/kd He"sets every one else to walking, and all keep in step He has a. neat, and, I might say, 'handsome.foot.iT.Heis a rapid walker, -but. picks ; his steps -with great, care. There is an air of a successful man about, Dr Depew. His =tep is?springy and tidy He never trips, and always pnts his foot down squarely When he promenades he is the most gracefnl'maii imaginable.-.. He 'could, readily .be picked .out for a great man and fc statesman. - C Mi ALMERS CITY HAND ADOBCHESIHA. Doubles la brass »nd for all occaiioas.' Price* ppeisonable. Addre«« H, H. PataSrT Bisaurck. N. i). Pliyslcians. B. -Office at retidence, sreaues B and C. treot^ bctwoea S. M.-Pye 'Co., ^ ^Is prepanxl to offer Hail Insuran . On gronrins «rraln tbo coming eeeson in __tne^jld reliable.: _^ St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins, Co At lower rata thmverer before, for cash. Fire, and Tornado -- : Also at favorable ratos.'. At the old stand, opposite Depot Watduoakeis and Jewelers, BISMARCK, -_- -- JN. I Dealers iTuV^stchag; Clocks;' Solid 6 old; jBwelrjjfiilTerwirp, fins 8peotiicleii;anii. : lie pairing of all kinda^dpue in urstclaw worionahjsnip at reasonable prices. per, ishen one ot them handed me mirror', I really did not know myself Just ~as~sure as-1 amTtelling this, my beard ·wag- gone, worirbff by the rapid progress J had made-through'the air, and two 01 m\ froiiV 'teeth had been -knocked: o'ut^from the same cause. "Both:" moosej hadr: run : themselves .to death." -- Banl;or ise\\b. ?_ 'B.ov, the Hogfi U Ib Caught. The hognsh, usually found in compara favely deep \\ater, was caught by the sportsmen off £he sjreat reef at low tide. The dLad coril heads, which had been beaten into a -wall^ind formed the hiding places st innumerable living forms, were partly bare, the water deepening suddenly to the blue depths of the G-ulf. Standing on thiff Vantage ground, bearmg the crawfish Jbait and ettra tackle, -with the dinghy hauled up in smooth water on the inner side, the fisherman easily threw beyond the gentle breakers into deep water, tenanted with a score of eager fishes, whose sa\ age attacks npon the iwscious bait only served to draw :the greater-game."The bite of the hogfish was a bteady strain, but the-momcnt the hook was felt it became a game fish worthy of the beat effort*, of the fisherman^- Often were oar sportianen forced amid the breakers in their attempts to drag the highly colored and harlequin like creature from its home into the still waters of the, inner reef. With its - enormous" moutH the fish, has'a peculiarly svvinelike appearance, fully re deemed, however, by its rich .coloring and the long and richly cat dorsal fins and taiL It ranks ne-rt to the snapper as a table fish.--O F. Holder m C^ctury ' * SlangHtcr Items.. D., June 9. [SpeciaLJ-- Olof EranKlund of Bismarck has been here this week, working on his tree claim. . Amund-Thor is. in Pamted.W.Pods creek, after a'n estrayed broncho. Oscar W/Ecklnnd took a bugify : ride to Washbarn, last Sunday, in. company with. Wm. Asplund. Miss Josephine Backman broke her' arm Saturday evening and-was taken' to the Diamonds from the Sky. Carbons have now been yielded-.-by aen lites or meteorites "in three different stage*; of development. -_-. Uncrystallizell graphite has long been known as one of the constituents of;meteoric, irons ind'other stones that fall I^hjne sky. Graphite -crystals have recently Tieen found in a meteor that fell in western-"Aistralia, and a scientist has just report-ed on some diamond corpoa- clea that were found iu tbe.Siberian aero HtQ that fe.U in 1SS6.--St. "Lords ReDnblic. "It seems strange to me," said i rasa Who had recently ;-retarried " fvom Enrope, "that some of 'the Now York iriercKanta- who sell dry goods, carpets. furnitnre r ^tc-^. do not have show windows-sncfi' ai, are jeen'on the continent, .which' extend, from the basement to the ceiling of the ground 'floor. . If one finch wero arranged it wonld 'not'.only attract great attention on account of its noveity t but^ also because it would afford sucu an excellent^opportumty for' the Display of goods, mfe Ipnges-t portiereg 'Could be hungup in it, and be seen tomneh better advantage . than ia^possible .in-most of the present Windows. ., "An idea., of some .o£;.Jhe merchant.a;fn Gfermany 'is to bare their show windcrir» of this kind divided into two floors. '.The top one is fitted up'as a library or reception room"and.thc. bottom·· as a kitchen or din- inKroom. - The, effect^'is. very realistic, a* the window; looks like the section "of a bo use. "--New York Tribune. Highest of all in Leavening Power.--TJ.^S. GoVt Report f Aug. 17, 1889. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE OBDEKS FEOSTTHE CQUNTBX PROSIPTI, 7 ATTENDED TO^ orders promptly attended to. WEBB BEOS., Bismarck, NorthSDakota. The largest assortment in the city. AH the latest patterns in .gilt, embossed -and plain papers. Sen_d for samples. Mail fl A. E MICH-ELSON, JJannfactnrer of- Fine _ Cigars nnd dealer in emokinp articlos Main street, op- BISMARCK.' YEGEN: ^9 O . JtJSTlf AKCK.j N. I DEAiES'.lU. JOHN WHITE'S LI¥ERY ",1 ' . STABLE. SUad. JC*Hoy*» to J JTheBt. . I B»OT»X «nd Great NortlirR'yIi With. *,*» mn«« oi »teel trmck it roc»-U«r«»i«l COOEU»« in. JliwwtoU. KortifDakbU, Soatk" . p«Kor and Unlctk, It forci»h«« thrqo«h cto«* conaictior*. th» ·md ,c)««pfltt "rocte^ to all pohit» ' la Idaho, Utih, C*UforaJl», Ortfoo, Wajhir^cip. Btit- t and Sfaaltob*; It Is thscfflly American 'Ita'e .irait ot Chi c«4to fc«T- s truck bud ·with £5^oticd«t*«l rail and its eatir* isu«iufio«et «qalpin«n.t iof . Day Cosche* aad 5r»« CoIo«iIitJ8^tp«n. ! - ( Itla ths oUrect rente be teea St. Paal, Jt Anokv St. Clood, Jnlnth, "Vfeat Bcperioc, Fcrgm Falls, Crookston. Moorhead, Tftrgo, X Grind Forks, Grafton, Winnig^. Daril* ~ lake, EUecdaJe, Aberdeen, Enroc, W»»hin«- ten, fiioox f«ll». aad fiicnx r ' It Is tho qnly lias running through thjBffcrwt" ~ Milk. .JliT!f itnk'nr»uo», -with solid tnla* 1 withoatchsB^e Irom fit-ftnlmd MimsMpo^ ha to Fargo, Grand Fork*, Denis Lak*, Ml- not,'WUIlstoii. Bafoid, Glaagoir, Chhioci; Beaton, Great Fall^ Helena sndBntte. IThasrthree'llies in ths Bed KiTer Tallej- r l» tfc* onlj- hne to the Turtle Mountains and- ha* three IJIJAH inSoiiti Dakota. It reaches Uw Jaxgest u-ca of froa goTemment laud of a^ricnltural vnlno now remaining la rtkecooatry, For rates, rickets, maps and grades, appljto any agsat of ths company or write tc T. X WHITNEY, Gen'l Pass.*s^n c kBl Agent, I Northera Railway, ~ A T T E N T I O N la directed {o the Wisconsin Central "Lines 35 the direct route to aa'd from Milwanlcce.'Ghicago 7 ond.all, points east and south.: ; l!wa throaKli fait" trains witli Pidhnan Drawing Boom Sleepers and thcr Gehteil'B-·· fmnons '-Tining,GBT8 attached pach war.:dni!jr," between'5IinneapolI« r :BMci'.:B£, Paul and Milwaukee and.-CHcsgo. For tickets, BloapinK car reservations, tiffi«is-* blea and other Information' ciipbA to- any ticket aeent Uttha United Sbrtes orVanndn, or "St city otficea,'corner. Washinzton and Nicolett avehn«C' MinneaiKiliB, ami 162:East Third street, Bt-'Panir or to y.H.AJiSpN. ~ :Gen-'.Nortiiwestern PsasVAgt-.'SIinnoapolia Groceries and Provisions . . . C«TY BAKERY 860 "Pons^of Ice. We are now ready to;deliver and inuke family use, at §1, Sl.BO and S2 per month. Will not issue ic.e tickets or weigh. - Will fill your ice chests and keep them fuirwithitiie_ best oflce. Jismajedftloal and Wood Co f y : ifr.-P.' SLAT-TERT, Agent BISMARCK ATHENEUM "ONE ONLY Fciday," Jtfne 12, '91, The only bif? Bpeetacular company visitirfc; Bismarck this =«ason MltLEB BKQTHEBS' il 4G- MF1ED, Bli 3 EHIAL,,PAMOMI5nC CLE. The grandest prodnotion. Ox-any ; ago or conn- try. Handsome Scenery ! Gorgeous Costumes!European Novelties! Eeceired ' -with orations courttle«! thon«»nds. of applanae '. from gorgeooB epleador »li iormer nowon»«l*»t SnLITAK X - - O f f i c e of Chief QnnrtermM of Dakota, St Paul, Minn , SJUM, bEAliED EHOP08ACS will be raceiycd at this. ofSco, ornttha-followinpnamnd/posts, and at Helens, Mont., nntil 12 oVltfcfc-tn , on Jnly 1. IS'JI. nnd.opened immediately ofteiy^in-r^resen** of :bidder8,.foritirnlghii3g and delivery; ofcsuch OATS and BUANdnrinjif thofiscul year commencing- Jnly 1 lefll, as may be reqnirea eX Sr._Panl and Fort Sn-'lhng, Minn.' Forts Abraham. Lin. coln.-Bdfoi-d; Pemhina and YatesvNorth Dakota; -Forta.-Bennett, Mpada.and Bully." South. .Daxcta;- Jleltna and forts': AEsinaboiniiCiister, Keoghi- aiissoola, Hhsw ind ( amp Poplar KirBn. Mont., nnd Fore Yellowstone (lata.»Ganip Shpndan), WTO ; and. HAY at Helena Bjid Forts Cneter, Kcogh.andShaw.-'JlIont^anU i'ort;.Yellowstone, Wyo , as called for in requiroriientB of this date. : Preference will bo-given rx articlesof homopro- dnctiori or mannfactoro, ; conditions of ^qnality-, .and price (inclmliiig ill the prica'of foreiKn prOr. dactibnB or manufacture the dats'tiiereon)-b6in cqaaL Blank forma of proposals and fall in- stmction 1 ? to bidders will be fnmiahed on_»ppli- cation to tniB.oOice, or to tho cjaartermastcra^st tiieTarions'points' named.^-JOHN V. "jfOKBY, Quartermaster, UV ^:- Army, Chief Qftariennazter. Dfcklpsou, , Edgeley, Oak es, :Farjto, and. ."West. Thoro Li nothing better than tho Beryice^on. he-Dining~Car~"Linft. TMOIIGrT TICKETS fie Railroad to- points North, Jvrt, Sonth; and We«t, la the .United States' anJ.Cp-oada. THCE Train No, I. Westbound - 9:25i.i. Train Mo. 3, WesfBoand - 12:15 M. Tnin Ho, 2, East Bound - 2:05 t.i. Train Ho, 4, East Boygi - 8:05 p. ·. . For l^tes. Maps, Time Tables or Speciannf or- mation apply to A^ent, Northern Pacific li. IL, atBismarctor -- -^ OtIAS. S. FEE; Gen*l-P»»e. and Ticket Agwit, " 8T. PAUL. 5IIN5 Korth ' Dakota Agricultural College. Propo»al»~ for Building Two Briok Buildings. , , Scaled bids for the 'ooiretractioa :c£-- t?ro brick rtonft-trimrDed bGilding^ on the. property of tt«. North DakoU^Affrtcnltnral Colie«e. ne«rthB citjr of Fsrgo, in'wxjordance irith plarj! and »p»ciflo«- tiorm, which can be. seen, at the office of ti» Aprl- · cnltuntt College (Farso ooll«e f boIWiat) U.d»- AU*iidismn»tbe»entto the A*ricalr«rml Col- l«g», Furto. N. D^ l»beU«d."Prop»«ta for Bnild- injr,'"Mid c irraiitbflrec«iTed.bjr 6 r , m,, /na« 18, The board: of directors of ·tftion to 4"!

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