The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on December 28, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1870
Page 2
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, «. . 0ttSuttttlOtttluSl. . 8. MOORE, Woilnesrtay, December 28, aiul j W d " , little, prkca, after This To our ·We Invo rolwpd the «ulwrlntiou price of th-CONSTITUTION'M.IST I" "»« ' "* ' liltv cents A, ear, Vg the acluiil cost in working I ho, newspaper. ''Oio roiWtiou In price U nvide 5n view of Otc fact lint vituli in advttin-c in wo)'/A wr-re I/tan f P«d tt « future time. Therefore, nil subscribers who would avail themselves of tho reduced yrii*, must pay in adntnec. No rcduo- bo made on subm-riptlons i ovor thirty dny* from f»« expiration of the mibscilptlon. This arrangement places tho CoNsriTWfiox- ALIST within tho reach of every Immly In tho ootinty, and, if tho now nrnui({cr- mein is strictly'observed by our suLscri- ber«, H w i l l be a profilnblQ arrangement for them, anil apt nnprontablo for UP. 1'ho Sau DomluKfo Job. Whatever tcnitory has hitherto been Utt \rulcd by military awns ft \vovinee and a school of or be admitted as a State ttnpnblllty lo manage free in- »ll»\uUns--tho dupo and footllck of tvlrky and in-hemlng politicians. Thorp can be no doubt that tho country will be better off without such annexations. ty 'I'ho Dcniocnwy of Wnyno coun- will hold Iholr fourtonnth niiiuml ooiumcinorntivo of t h o b n t l l o of Orlcnns, nntl of tin- Hfu niul chnr- ttdor niul Bliitonmniifchip of Axmu:w JACKSON, in AVooster, on tho ovoiiliiff of Wondny, January 9. ho UommU- loo of ArriuigoinoiitJi hnvo had oracled specially for llml occnsion a wigwnm i h f t t will ncoonimoxlnlo in comfort from 1,000 to i.SOO pcraoicj. TJio occrnloii pro.miics to be one of nnuaiinl inlcrpst. V« nro in roccipt of an invitftllon to bo preitcrft, bnt wo \-e%nt t h a t a proisuro of bitsdvosa will dotcr ns from nttond- ConjfrosHlonal Sumninry. DKCKMIIKU 22.-- SKSATI:.-- Tho Senate remained in ncssion nil night ln»l night, nnd at six o'clock this morning passed Mr. Morton's Snn Domingo resolutions by a vote of 31 to 9. To-day Mr. D. T. Jewell, appointed by the Governor of to nil tho vacancy caiibcd by converted into and Ion of Mr. Drake, was sworn calimn took possession ot mo *mw»» -T| » HOI|QO b|| , ,. Broo ,.j,,jy t |, 0 po- ,-onncilt \yns contiguous to ihe tnon e x - j ^^ debilities from certain'cili/.ens jilting States, aiul by migration ami s e t - j f v i | s (Iflb , lll , ll fm . n ghol . t 1 ' _ ^ . ! ! ! . . « A t * l » n i « f P I I l l l i O , O ' - , ,-% . i 1 time and laid aside, nnd tho beUato adjourned until January 1th HOCSK.--Tfie House met In tho Committee of the \»hole for gunrftrf debate tlemun' was readily StniPJ. settled by om- own people, rnch Stuto formed a new pilhr and imp- poit to our system of llepublicnn (iov- ,,r.iniont. But the ways of Radicalism diverge, in all rejects, widely Irom former practice and precedents. Hu acquisition of Alaska wns selnloot by men who were pecuniarily Interdict! in St« acquisition, and n Urge sum of the 57,000.000 paid for tlic territory wns traced to tho pockets of l»ese scamps. The territory can never be the nbodc of civilized,moil, and miut bo governed by pro-coiiMtN and. aoldiere, or form rotten on the President's Message, and at half- pn»t iwo nd)ouined till tho 1th of January. Tho War. A dispatch from Versailles states Ilia on Tuesday the lire from Iho fortitica lions ot Paris wore active, but inolTcel mil, during which n soitio was made b the French ngafnst tho Pl-ussinn Guan and the Trrelflh Corps of Saxons. bonoughs to grailly the niiihiiioiT ofj fighting lusted several boms, unprincipled men in sc\tl» in German loss wns smnll. iho two Houses of Congio»s. For ft time Mr. OKANT has been half lonp -. frantic for Iho acquisition of S»» Domingo. Hi' sclicmo of Requisition v»»» debated nt tho lust session by tho Scn- ato U wns then alleged tlmt Ihc scheme- put forward by the Preaidenl icckcd with corruption-that valuable franchises had been granted lo several of bis pets, conditioned upon annexation, including :U tho mineial renlth of Ihc island, and the most vuluabli- poitiou of £t» public domain; that the pretended Government wit!) which the President negotiated tho t r e i t y wiia usurped, and sustained by Ihc President by "»e of tho United Sta'tes navy without authority of law ; and it was more than Intimated tlmt the President himself had pecrovt- ary interests in view In the course he pursued. But tho President \ cltv Blois dispatch of Ihc crowded. It I»Hs Th Til sas U not been s SKWS npsnis Three stoamow u o arrived at ^ a from Spain, brlnv'«"X 2,500 troop'. blftHt, containing elxty.two thou\ : r ^ " * , ,t,st.°fc«"'« ·cek. Mrs. Fniham, of LaGrange. . In, burled her sixth hinbijml tho o ho i v' As tho llrst spade of earth rattled H ) f H , o ooSSii she feebly oxelnlmod, next. 1 ' SSr?±-KWS B'ffJKST £S5g "urllftii* to Plymouth, brought a cargo f slaves to Kuropo. Mrs Ell/aboth 11. riii'lps a wealthy ml w'f n - h n o w n patron of thei \Vomftn« HnllYngo movomoiil. WHS arrested At Now Vork on Tuesday for inking » o j f c n n d v , worth twenty-two oeuts, noin c ' s s t o r o on Sixth avenue. Juslioo , cy'sstoro on x releused her on ncc. An ays . her own rcco','nl/.- H« Rll/.nbothtotvn, a. "· «i»i'»«."» Tho thomomctor for a week past en from eight to twenty-eight VI h » t, J t, .-'T.oiilii IMMcrat, the Kepubli- can organ in MlnTjoul-1, which is opposed to Iho corrupt Snn Domingo sheme o f Grant, says: · ' ' . , "What we! hnvo long known as the W ASTKI) III ovory town rlllalilu BiAKE MONEY.amT . . . . MJiiVor Woman to net n* Local A (font for »;»»' Ward llu-chor-ii Orunt llflll/jloiiH Weekly. KlKlit mm ben, w i t h llniTlet Heechp.1 Kl««'« niwStory, " ooons. , . i Jiipoib 15 Stcul KiiKravliiK plvon Away. Mam now niiiMiiKtlHtolSOpcrOfty Incnuli, Hum- H now been from eight .- ... . . ,, m below /oro; eighteen inches of ,,,,,, at Taw, Now Mexico, and two (o hroo feet in the moffnlrelni, Insuringnnr bundniil supply of water and nn en- otiraging prospect for m i n i n g nextHoa- ni. · An u n k n o w n man, whoso name, how- over, f i o m p a w n tlokots found in hUpos- cssion, Is believed to bo 0.- Ncill, was elected from a westward-bound tram by much excited since the memorable Gen eral-Assembly of tho Slates, held pro tions to the formation of the War Lcagnc. The troops are all under nrnis». T h t j r o n t c Innumerable ttnms for sup- pi} trains i\y(1 ambtilnnee wagwtis, aifd thousands of stragglers jumbled together in nn inextricable mass. Inter- m l t l c n t lighting has continued w i t h o u t any concentrated force sinco Iho capture of Orleans. Constantly feeling Ihe Fionch lines, thu Prussians hnvo did not rest oa»y Milder his dolVat. Ho returned to the undertaking in his Animal Message, irn : moderately and oxtravngwitly pufl'od bis Job, niul had the audacity to suggest that the Senate should bo'euporce- dcd as purl of tho treaty making power, nn-l that tho Isln-ml should be annexed by joint resolution of the two House* of Congress. By those outside the cw- vn\i.rinffs at Washington,it was seaice- iy 'believed thu llnu could succeed. Tho President had BO fully sot his heart upon carrying through hia job, as even to for-et the dignity of his great station, ami turn lobb\lsl' nnd'lojj-roU for his suhomo on tho very floor ot tho Senate Chamber. But the opening days ol the present session have demonstrated how well his tchcmcs have been IVvW. A resolution has passed the same Somite that rejected the trt-aty, iiuthori/.mg the President to s,enil a (,'ommlhslon to the to examine a n d , r e p o r t upon va'- inalleVi cyunt)' ted ,\vitl the pro- po«pil nniiuxiitioiu ' The President is reported to be in high gli-c over this par- Uftl victory-; ami unless the complexion o£tho next, llomp of Representatives is. Mich W t o , t h w a r t the scheme, it will doubtless bo 'consummated. -But the scheme, as pursued by tho Vic»Mo»l, ha* pijovtm R very npnlo of ilisconl.jiv his party. It is already known to tint country llut ho Ins eho- scn/ns \\\l fticndi in the two.'tlott9C9, the iiiDstunstnupulonsmcn In.lliopa4ily r and broken off his iwHOciationn. with the men of integrity and honesty of put-' pjso. Ills own pKHty ami pntrioliem of motive have long tested umlorstroiig iiispicion on ucconut of tho largo amouniH he has nooopted in gifts of Ininl*, IionsM and money, und tho'nk trafflr- ho opened on awumiiig the du- t'.os of hia ofiioc, in emoluments awarded to thosti who had coiuribuled iheso |{5fis.'' Tito cntij-o, COUIRO of the 1'resi- dent in thpan icgardc, nnd Iho peculiar odor of jobbing and corruption i-xsnd- Ing IVom his S'in Domingo scliome, arc peculi.irly dKtaslolul to such men us MY. Su.HKUit. '1'his gentleman pronounced in tho Senate a llery philipic, iu whicli ho boldly denounced the nonrse tho President Is pursuing, warning him of tho'consequences, and calling npcn hi* friends to persuade him to desist. -Mi 1 . SCHUH/. and other prominent men in tho party joined Mr. bor XKK in his opposition to the Preside')) The discussion wns of a very uxcilct character, nnd bhows clcaily that the oouito of the President !H driving into opposition tho vory ablest men in M party. Tho people of Iho United Stales an not avorso lo annexation of territory On tlw contrary, propositions to annex contiguous territory, capable of belli}, sottKl b y a u r o w n clti/ens and of bo Ing lucorporatud into t h e Union n btatns, have alwuya mot a favornblo ro »ponso from tho pc'aplc. But aside fron tho corrupt InRuciwos brought to bca lit,eugincoilng tho Sau 'Domingo an ( jiex«Uoii,.tho island la danooly popula ^ed with negroes and Spaniards, rnnt of our langniga and laws, and in loit no o p p o r t u n i t y to mnke an'cflbrf to broak Ilium ; but their.inovoinenls have been watched w i t h a vigilance equal to Iholv ow», 'IT.'o French cluiuv to have severed Frederick UlmrW coniniunicatioii, ami have captured 2,000 prisoners UB tho Gcrmnns wore l««vinjc Tours. They also report tliftt Che Army of tho Loire l-as iimdo a successful u n i o n , nnd i» now 300,000 strong, and reado 1 for the ott'en- j j v * * v * * » i · » * * · · · · · ! · » · · · · _ - - . ho conductor on Tuesday night on the Krio Hallway, nt Rutherford Park, N. 1. The nn»» »le'» attomptod to foot it buck to New York along the track. Ills dead )odv was found tho noxt morning ly- ti" in a «ort of a dllch u n d e r tho truck, nto which he had fallen. It is supposed tlmt ho was stunned, and the night l)eing cold, ho froze to death. The steamship Sau Francisco foundered on » rock while entering the harbor of Hamilton, Bermuda, on the !ith inst. Tho harbor is accessible through "1'inliii's Narrows, 1 ' which are but a few feet wider than the vessel. Tho water is oMy llttccrti feet deep, witl» a rocky bottom. A largo porlron of Lho Ibniul- crcd vessel is abvo wnter. Her cargo of breadbtutls is valued ftt SIOO.OOO. Sim was commanded by Cnp-U lliggiiis, tvid valued «» $'200.000. There Ks a probability that two new Stiito"- will bo admitted'during tliff pro- sent Congress. SrunlorNyo iulrotlnc- e«l n bill lo n d m i t Colorado, nnd the HCXIISO Committee on Territories agreed to maketvtitato of ^ow Mexico under the imiro o( Lincoln. Colorado cnmo w i t h i n a few Votes of being admitleil *mi\c years ng». nml at that Unto elected United States Senators who came hero nnd wniled lor weeks in expectation ol getting their scats. Tho Steamer Nick Wall, from St. Louis) for Viokiibiirg, struck rt HY.I oif S u u d n ) night at G i n n d Lake, llcrcnb- in fell'in nnd floated lour miloa away from the hull. She hnd 12.1 deck ami IS eahin passengord. Seventeen dead bodies have boctt recovered, and maiy others are snfpposcct to hnvo bou^lcst. A.mong tin: iQit i» Charles MuCluio. A private dupildi from tho clerk of (Fve steamer sivys iKial twenty lives woio lo*t, bnt muniloiis no names. They wore prolwWy feck pusscngerM. The bont wiisvnlue'it at $22,000. i n s u i c d for $15,000. She was Incloii w i t h 3,000 barrels of Hour and a largo lot of assorted e no loniror concealed. Alt - S a n Domingo /comes Cubti, the ·nsl of Iho West Indleii, nnd tho con- flirt with forolff.ri.owcw, It i» « n lo In- mil w i l l mnUo re-e octlon of lirnnt a contnYi tv Lori^o iliIrfTfcliomo was ; , S c v n n d « o n l l d » . . l f n l l y tnlkot ol Ev p o i M i i B w h o K o u k t h e renomina ion oh he 1'rosldenl, and talked ot as fit wore hie own. Jll« menage nimbloi every body lo Jiidgoj'oi'lilmsclf. A fow~dny» ago, snys the New Ilnvon UegUler, ii'onrrior-plKoon curried, I n t o Purls a' nowspapor 4^ inoheH sciuare, w i t h 220 dispnlchno mloroseopallv pho- togrnphud upon ll/compi'lsliig tho detailed ni'we of llmdny Irom nil pnrts ol the world, and there now comes, from London A description of t h e machinery whiclultd t h e p r i n t i n g . I t makc« a d t i - pllcnlc of the orpllinry linndwi-lting n million times smaller, so that it ran only bo read by tho aid ol'n powerful micro- Koope. The inventor goes i n t o an arithmetical calcnlatlou.nnd finds that ho can Hum reprint tho whole Bible twenty-two l i m e s In tho space of nn inch, nnd other books In proportion. Think of It. Tho Speaker ot tho House ciincarryCushliig'8 Palrliimrntnry Manual t'lillrc, pholo- graplr-d on his thui/ibiinll. Webster's l/nnbrldgcd may bo printed on tho lin- i n g o f y o i i r h a t . ' By Iho magic aid of this littlo machlno, the total contents of tho Astor Library may be transferred I o n live-cent b l a n k book, and tho Yalo Collego library might bo conveniently cnr- rledln y o u r p o c k o t . A d d l o s u c h a c o m - pondium, a small porlnblo mlcroBcope, which might nestle unnoticed in the p.nilloons pocket, and thn proprietor may have iitcommnnd till tho wisdom ot the sages, IVom Socrates down to Knlph Kmorson. iiM fti't lit nni vooalen I ' l l m l t l v i i Uiilitllniilly. Hunt 'mill JCiimlly Wncklyi N |Mi«i^i -18 columns. lilltcil liy Klilom, Hmiu Krriitt unit H, y l.iimnr Onlv til u voitrl ttpwlmonn n-cn. It. W. UAItlCOI.T, A CO., 1'ulm., Clnrliinntl, dlilu. _ 'Tnit;ifi irh'Uii'\y"A Y~oA'W,"Tiiiri AiBikoTiov". X or. Hiuuiilu imckrtKC'Mmill'iiwloiill rnniioih; IMKUIIJ of thn /VuiorU'iio Stood .loin n u t , liv mi- m l n K i l n i n t i t o N , ! ' . ]lOYi:i(.t(.0., " ' ' ,, I'll. Tick's Floral Guide Tli« rliit I M I I I o n of Omi Iliimlieil nnd Fifty coiitcK (it V l o k ' k I t l i M l i n l v i l ilK unit I'lunil ^iiililc, In iMilillshod anil roiuh out-- UK) |)iiK''". niul nn KiiKnivliignriiliiioi't il«lrnlilu 1'luum anil Vi-Ki'i iMc It In I'll)- Kiuith p i l n i o i l on llni! tlnti'l PHIHT, llhulnitwl ' ' i l Kii|;nivliiK» unit wltli'lhrci Iliinilrcil llnu Two lu'tiutllnl COLOUIOD PLATES. Tlni'ni(i»t lia.uitiriil'iiiiil Ilii- innil Inntntr.llvo Klornl Miilitv |inlili»lu'il., -A (iiiriiinn Killlkiii'pnbllihlH), In nil other H-IKVII. k l i i i l l n r l i ) tliu IJiifll»li. Si'nt iroo in n i l in,\ I'liklomurn or 1WU, n* niplilly us |uvll)U! vv Itnout iiiiplU'iillvii front Ki nil utlicm wlio orilur them lol'Ti'ii cnH, ulih'li l» not half tliu JAMI'.S vine. , llochcstcr, S. Y. con. North Missouriitands BALDWIN, LAUNDON NELSON, W/'.oleauio and retail dcnlcri In Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, KA11DWAKK, WALT, PAPER, BOOTH ANT) SHOES', CAKPETS' HATS AND ,('AI'.S, OILS A X D PAINTS, ural Etc, t o o OLD CASH 8. W. BALDWIN, S. K. L A U N ' U U N , JSLYKIA, 0. T. W. LAU.VDON, D. C. BA T. 7,. NET, 20-1 y 11T T I I K HANNlliAL AND A"/ 1 . JOSJSPH It It C O M P A N Y . A hou I )5.'iOOO iicro of tin* fliiflut furnilii)? tnrl XT;I/|IIK limit In thn IJnKcil -iaU'i far sulr nt lo\r prices Hint on v c i \ nnsv tiirnik, lliuxiiialilln),- nn In- iluwi.rlnui mnn u l l l i! to pity f«i liln limit \vllli uurnr} s nol too Ilir Wost to lie nt n In Texas a lawyer named AVIIliams got into a qunrrorwlth n Sinto Senator, and thnrt'iipon shot him. Then aJudgti and tjhorill 1 , w i t h a posse, attempted to arrest him, when ho shot t h e .Tmlgoand was himself shot by a palircmnn. A local authority fitivi "public sentiment is against Williams. It ii reported nt Montreal tlmt Rfr John lloss Is on'his w n y to t'nfttfda, i n - structed w i t h a mission from the Hrltlsh Government rogaidiiig the lishery (|iios- tion. After consulting w i t l v t h o l J o i n l n ion Govoniment, S i r . I o h u wM proceed to Washington with a view loconoilll- :Uion am! compromise. A meeting of the I'anseHRW and t h e i r stippwters has been hcM «f Sf. Johns, 7f. Il/, and ?f v^ftsfesofvedto hi lug about another mutch w i t h tho Tyne crew. [501110$ 1,000 were subscribed for tho purpose. , tiim'iilrnm m i n k o U ; Hmnllroiuiriirllltlrt iiuUoiHtiuiU.\ Ini'ii-ii IIIK: Hi' 1 ' l l i u i i l u l siili'iicllil, nii(lKio(liiro|H n i u iilnio»l 11 i-irliiiniy; \\lilln llw numvriiiiK i l i r n l n x |II\MI n m l c'llln |rliiKlii(r up oit'un liiinil iui«»t liu\oiul ilnnlrt tlftil (M 1,1 U hi ol hliiMirj li.ii ljui'ii I'flu liinll; ithslpnlcil, nnd tha Kiiili'rn IIIIMI n m l K.isterii nipli-il nroiloln; ""ilr rfu-t norK Olj'U I.AMW l l l l b V COMn:TITKM Send Tor full ikx,il|)IUo ( In'iiliin, nml sociliinnl i( lofiliiL-V/its , inulilMlliik" wlint iiniicrMMi iii, to fuw.Mti) l-niiil Coiidnl'i'-lmu'r, Iliiiinllml .Mo W. MASSKY. TOJ5ACCO. J. KKNYON'," C. SCIIADB. Elyria Cigars Tobacco Emporium, [KsTxni,iMirWlS(l!.] siu\ Onn I'uimd of . l.ii.unilry Hdnp wll Oraiiiplnii'H . _.. . II mult" urn at UiiuilNunin f*iifL rioup, uidry -- -illllllH .. srMiiiuark lor , ... _ J t A M l ' l - l l N rnui Hi.. .Nrw \ «rl(. '3--li.v y f . I' Mnrriod* · I I K M ' N -- l l f K l l l t I N C -- V t l l i f lulilu t iiiiilhai, III ( i n I Kits on llio'JUt liiM . li the ltc\ W [/illiiniiii Mr. AiMM-li UlUl'N of I l i u n n - liulm, to Minn K u n : lU'KiniiMi. IIAIl'I'-NIM.sON.-- Duo. SOlli. li\ lli-l!c\ (Jltlwni Diiiiu, Mr W I I I . I A M lUitr.unit .!M FAN.MK SKI.- 80S, nil at l(ii\NKan\lllu, Olilo in \ l t i i oim i n r v o i n LKfiibU 1 h h ( fur ?7 'K), »i ml u Iho uuincj, mil VM- u l l l n'liil linlf-u iliwcii nu\ i.hui'you onlcr 1,11' l ' I S ( O r r A I I A K K W I . I I., ,ft 1'ursom tu MI I'rcmliiui', UK wTc r, ami roculsii i ?'.',' WiiUli.iin W n t i h t'oi \ u u r M i r Ail- (lrP^^ 1'MII'I.IM' W r l k l V. Dll.MOM, O ' Thfl nnly (minim 1 porfumc fur llu lirualli Vt ill euro ( niiKli 1 ., 1 uliK unit Sfiio '1' I /"oil l)^ n, mul nil ilnbicn fium I i"in to old UK · KKNYON CO., CCI MOHS 10 A l t l l l . .1 V A N HOI I E V . ] A i i i i i n i i i i n i n'ji! i l i « i ] r hi JKOliEIttN ANJ) DOMESTIC SOLD E V K l t Y W H K U K - P U I C E lOc At I'lilU'il THIS l% nil unit i ilnu-^liH hi the , Ituilu-stcr, \ V sire. Thcr Humsm Kacc--Wcw incut AKivlnst tho Darwinian Theory of Dovolopmot. y. Darwin's thooi'y of dovclopniont, 'h seemed to link innn to tho apo,' to 1 dony tiho Scriptino cJocfihra ol nwl' Frovidcncc, promises to contVrm tho UJMc, and to- place man ubovo all oilier forms oi' life on earth. MV. A. U. Wallace, thodintingulslied » 1 J . I . Jt\. J l . IT ( I l l i t ^ U , h l i w \ ( l n u , l l p j l t t M . . ^ . . traveler and naturalist, who worked out tho theory independently ot'M'r. J!)arwiii, and his expounded itwitlviiwrts'simiilio' ity ami lorco, ihiil-ks it) docs not hold trtio in application t'o mini. Tho theory is tlmt in 1 the struggle for lil'Ojlho ablest always survive, ami thai Miy superiority of orgnui/.ittioii gh-cs a 'gveat advantngv, in Ihc struggle. All p^»gros!», therefore, must bn in tho one of immodlnto ntili'Cjvititd not as nropor- al wy losomo fnIuro cud. But there are oleincnts in 1 man's organ- Mlioiv, disliiigiii^lling hiiivfi'oui' lower nimalc, wIMtfh bring no present adynn- ngc, but lu somo eases invofve serious lisoomlort, v/hilo they are-of great sor- icti in forwarding u-ltiinato progress. I'ho brain pro-hislwrlo man, Mr. Wallice says, was nearly m (yiito m thrgo use nnn in ouragoofadvauced'clviliwiti'on, inrt thercloro quite dlsproiwrtlomuo to ils wantH. It could not, then, hrtVo been luvolopcd soluy by those laws of evoiu- ion,whoso cssdnce is that thoy lead ton logroo of organization exactly proper- iouato lo the wants of each species; lover beyond those wants. The- wiiut of a hairy covering is a scri- oiia disadvantage lo the savngc, clopriv- ug him of a nnlural protection ngainsl nln. This coukl not hnvo come about )y n a t n i a l s«luati«n, for swch » vnria- freight for Ited llivcr- On Monday night, .TohA' Ktiirphy, of 3 Ciitherinc sl'fp 1 , wend to Jersey Cltv to visit sonro friends, and on landing, slipped, and fractured his left leg. Unable to move, ho do-sired to bo taken to a hos" pitnl, bnt tho night watchman at the Pn- vonia fsvry quietly said. "Aa you nre not IVom .Icrcoy, you can't go to n Jersey lvo»pit»l. 1'H send you back to Now Yoife lo-morrow." The poor mnn, suffering lorrlbly, wns foiced to remain in tho forry-hou'-o all night, and until .'# o'clock the noxl afle'rnooii, when a police officer, whoso hunrt wns not in tho hoel of his boot, took pity on him, nnd culling aid, put Mr. M u r p h y on n boat and transhipped him to Now York. Ho FOR SALE. H AVIN'I! mmle up my mliul to Iciivo K h r l n , I u l l l hell m MILLINKUY AND FANCY GOODS STORE STOCK, In KOOI! slm|ic lli^lnoon Rood: rent rcnHonnlilei licst oniMiluif hiOlilo, R l \ o iw^o.-loii llut ul Jan., IS7I. Alo .VI' JttiSIDXNCE ON MAJN t?T Doulilo tat « I t h 11 two-story lloiii'O ( n o w ) \ \ l l l i 14 rouiiii, llnliliod fn«ii pullur to (turret ( Ittvni, Well, niut nil kinds of iinall Fruit on Iruiillnt. IVurii, CIMcrn nnif «t»it Orilmnl: plenty fruit for family USD for fjn'jSvr partluiliirs i.i»|ulio of II, i: pisiiKii. hi\ n-i, tmiii All liitlobtiiil to im u l l l jiloii'-o i-all nml Mttlo lie. for.) tho III-I (lu-. irf .liinuni} (inndh n l l l bo sohl cliunp u n t i l thai time lt-.1»- KiiTliM A 1 · " 1'iililHier. I I . 'llumms, 1'alnioill AililrMn I'lililHii'i-i, I liu'hin.itl. Ohio C O ii MIWH it win i t'cirti'iilCnr(it'll (.ri'ii (.in 1 s W I'rliB. tlio W. (.All 1101,1. A f t ) . lftfr*A v.irit-ly of Choice Br:t-j jiig nml Smoking Tobacco. I J(4y-KL*V OF T M K : c u i i . l i n t ' y o i h i n d . A No. l " i i i 0 i t ( u l t h Aililn W I I u l l l p u AKCIHS n milArj .Hid o\p«n*i-», or nllon n l Uoii'iB immcdiii'.ely liiirmfnl- to ffcj Assessor, and would certainly have been st ngnin in cold climates. The loss at the prehensile power' of ,ho 1 foot would hnvo bocii'ii calamity t'o nan as an anitita!, and tho l a t e n t cnpa- itics of tlw hand wore of no I m m e d i a t e use to savajfCS'orto mnn butoro tho stone ngo». Tho same applies cvfirmoro strongly to mcn'« mental nnd inoiiil't'aeultioi, the jiowerof conceiving time nnrt'sp'naojflnd il'tlio forms which uuduiTio m a t h e m a t - ical science, and of the distinction bc- :woon right nnd wrong. Natural solee- ion could never lend lo tho develop- mont of powers so far removed from the material necessities ofsnvngo men, and which even now appears to have relation ·nilicr to the f u t u i o ot tho race than to its not tin I status. None of these endow nionln confer any immediate advantage*, bill they are nil neeossnry for the full development of h u m a n milmo. Tlio inference Mr. Wallace draws from'then*-is, "thai a superior intelligence hits giridled Ihc-dcvolop- mont of man lu a do I'm Ho direction nnd for n special purpose, J u s t u s man guides tho development of tunny animal nud vogolnblo formu." Such an inference by a cautious Hcton- tlllc obsoivor, beings scioutillc teaching Into a close harmony w i t h revelation, nnd leads to belief In that special 1'rovi- dpnco ovor man's ndvcnt on earth, and his advance in oivili/jillon, which the lllblo makes known.--/VoinVfaHce/'oir- ttal. Tho trial of John Armstrong nml Charles Jolly for tho murder of the Ln- plno family near Potosl, about v a month ago, won closed Thursday, ntrolriui. After an absonco of three minutes the j u r y ftorno to Centre street Hospital by Dr. Khmon Amabllo. Ho wns oxlmiwt- cd, nnd nearly dead 1 of hvuigeiv Tlnh-si'lH'y iiTgiU, wl'iilo iTnr rfltciilfott of tho olcrfcs at the fifth Avciino Hotel 1 , N. Y., ivni called awny from tho snfo; Ghnrlos Jackson, alias Channccy Jcrlin- son, darted buliiml the :ounfor, and i'n- boi'ting his hnnd in the safe, soi/oa" a package which contained 4334 in money and a check for .RLO. In luVattcmpt to escape he stumbled ovor a waste paper biibkct and was caught by Mr. Albert Lovejoy, one of Iho clerks. A desperate struggle ensued, dining which' Mr. Love-joy wns. 'knocked d o w n ; but his bhouts attracted solivo of tho gticsts, and thov fl'cw to his assistance.- Ho st'irt fought with dc])cration t and refused to ,give u p u n t i l Olllccr M u l l i g a n brought Itini'lo liifl knees w i t h his club, Oto'Siittlrdliy afternoon JohnBolxgor, npnint'ci 1 ; wns nHsaultcd by thrco other painters in Jjiislnvicknvcnuo, Williams- burglK Ho died 1 on Sunday. His as- sniliiiiUi' Andrew SftdH', Matthias Keller, and Julius Wagiror, WcTo nVl'Osted, and nt the inquisition before CbrouCr Lnwronco Whitehall the prisoners were identified us the persons who hnd 1 Uio dinicully willi Uut7-gcr, but no oiie could paint out tho mnn who struck the , fatal blow. Coroner \Vliitolmll instruct- lud'lhe j u r y that where nn assault of a intnl cliiii'flcior wns comtiilttcd by two or nloio- persons, mid' llioso persons wore identified, they Wore all responsible- for tho consequences, as in tho case of n conspiracy, Tho jury, however, after a protracted deliberation, returned n verdict that Bot/.gor cnmo to hia death by a fracture of the skull, result- Ing Irom n blow or blown on tho head, inlllctcd by some person or pci'bons unknown.- 'L'lie prisoners were thereupon discharged.- Ky, c. UEEBE HOtSE Jewelry anft "toy Store, Cha». W. Smith, la on Imnd aKi!fi Toi ttlo HOLIDAYS! ft lib tlio l(irj!ust slook of (,'oodh In his tints i)\or lu Ki(Uin pin I L I U niNLMl In lni}iiiK goods loi-al nnd traveling HII|OV K II W \ M \ l . l t .11 l'iik_ltjiw..S 1 Agent's! Read This." of 110 pi-rucok , m' i-oniiiiUnlon. t o H o l l o u i nc\\ tuiit uandurfiil liuoiitions. Addrei*^ M W A ( , X i ; U A (.O.^Ur-hiill. Midi. A WKr:K"cin.lls'iiiinl(i. bj either hc-c,"ln » non and l!j;litni|l» iiu-nt at home No trn\clh)K nr itcdtllliiK l.lttlu or no tixpemo Inctii* rod. Apparatus nml niwlimin ol uurlc sum, poll piiSI. foriXIctfiiH. Aildrcni C. X WINSI,OW,.Ho\ IM_Chk-ii)io. III. * F'OR" ALL; ~ S V I . A K V I'KH WI:I:K. anil vxpcnso paid Aunntt!!. to sell 0111 iic'W and iiii'fnl rK's. Adilreis U. SWKI.l 1 '0. Marshall, Mlvli. Jloi/nl Jtuvmm Lotte-ri/. -iluMl ami Inrnimalloii turnhliul hv CiKOItCi: t ' l M I A M . I'lovlili-nre. R I " l'^' llio'^Vw-tabfe" "*" 1 Q7A I'fl.MOX V H V I I A I ^ A M . " 1 O U Tho old standaid rcmudx foi liMipli^ ( oliN ton- Miiiiptloii ' .NullllliB licltei." CUTI.i:it JIKOb A. Co _ __ T"Tl'i(AMVl)Rl ll,A'lTMi"v' LJ os Miporllnoi^ hair In l l v o inlniilos ulthout Injun to tho s k i n hunt b\ mull f o r ? ) ASTinfA CUUE llollnWX W1/ (»fo»* |imo.\}i'ni In live inlnuli* and oiWctt n'spniRlj CHIC. I ' l k u j i b j mail. THE JAPANESE II A III STAIN roturnod a verdict of murder in tho llrst u... .-- -· ,, . · -- degree, and the murderers wore soi.len- ol foi mlng a State of the Union cod to be hung on January 27th. Most fnsliiotia owe their origin to nn attempt to give · pi'ominoiu-o to tho Htrong point or hide tho weak point ot a king or qncun. Thus powdorcamc in voguo to conceal a qtiocn'a gniy lutir, and larzo perukes boeiuiso a king was btild. Wo lonrn, however, from a Belgian paper, that tho custom of ladies exhibiting their busts Iniall tho beauty of nnluroilms a far more romantic origin. In a buttle in which tho French wore engaged (all dates, we mny mention, aro ri'sorvcd), their ranks were broken, am\ they wore routed. When they retreatcdt heir women bared, thoir breasts and entreated them to pierce t h e m rather than permit them to hill in tho lmnih ,of tho enemy. This wns too miioh for tho,gallant Gauls. Nerved with fresh courage they lunied. renewed tho com bat, and wore victorious. Fiom tlmt hour Frenchwomen havoon tVatal ocriisions.nlways been accustomed to wear their dresses low. · In fact, whoa yon sti'O one who appears to hnvo forgotten tho uppur p u r t o i her,dioss, it Is no proof of lndolieiu:y, but simply nn-indicntion of tho power of national sentiment. Thls'satislactorlly explains what ninny Ignorant people hnvo taken tori m^roni'lcty, -W.oUvoaml Icaru. , Heal «£ ClarM W Ot'M) H".|ioi'lllilH-iiiiiiiiiince'tn tho public ({t'iK'i-iilly Hint lli|-y hiiM'Uiituu'd into t i u o - imitilO]Mil|, nml \v 111 I'm I v nn liuslncb 1 - In tlio Mo.'it Mmkul ict-oiitlj ntnipluil lij rtliulo lloynlon, onu iltini U L O t o t ' J i a l i l u i n , I.ninulon N'ebou't, Ulii'y will kiit'p nothing but tho best iiuullty of FRESH AND SALT MEATS, w l i l i h t h m will sell iittlui lowoot miukot prices. A hhnic of public pntionago Is- snlloltcd. Klyilu, Apill 1'J, lt«'J. l l h o l i l m n u n l l nnd sutlMv jonrydf All k l n d » o n j o l d a n d b i | \ n i VVnUliUH. Clocks, Oo III' Jmvelrv, Fanes (.nods and Tux t. In eudk!s )Vjkct(;utloij, I'lpn, Jttisk-al lioxcs, "~ TO SPOHTSMEy. Hu nho li.ti jimt rei'olMid n One ,nyitiiient of Doublo ftiul Single Ttarrolcil Shot Onus and Itovolvjri, (lumo U'gs, Shot IJelts and I'ouchofi, 1'owdcr Flask", Cartiidgcs niul (Kips, Asc., c. Corner of lhc*I5cebc House. NOTICE. i iivr. in IIUH7II1 h iV01l tlllll H |H'tlllOll \ \ l l l l l C liipioiitiMltntlio Ilimul of CnnimlfiHlonon of LiiiiiiiiConntv Ohio, iiMliclrMnn-h wiilon, A 1). 1611, priiylng lui'thi; iiluiviitlun of u i imnty toiul, o\i (h» follow Intc lino, t o w It T l i o r n u n t v loud loiul- Int; horn thu I'ontui'Ol'dii'lHc t'othostatLMoinl loml- lux fium Klv i In to Wellington lu inlil county, bo- KlnillUK nt tlio jiliuu vrlioi'n sahl iiiad r .trlki;s lull) M a l e i (Mil unit i i i n n l i i K In im cmatcrl) illuiialon mul n ' n c i i i l i on n ftrulftlit I h i f a ^ u jrood ro nl can lie inililn to tho vvoit hiiincliol Itluuk i l v u r n u u r t h c Inn n on tlu) tin in til ijlu-itui Hint, (itnil whlcfi li K n o w n us thu I'alrulillil lain))'ftlon I'.", thoncc nfliT iioiHliiff tliu i l v v i - l n an ii|iiu % rl rtliiurtlun to tlic, smith unit of thn oicliiud. mul to tliu duck nond on iitld piciu^c-, tlioutu noi til on Dm li.inK ot sulil iluck pond to tliu road now leading to tho uuntur of Ciirlhlo JMtPiUhislOthtluy of I^cecmbcr, A. T. IfKO. 1'J-Jw , t W C, HUT 1.1 Ft' , FOR SATJ'!! 'PIIK SubscrlboroiTorii lor S«l« his I'roporty, con. 1 slstliiKotl oiirAeiea (iiound u l t b a ROW! House. situated lie ir tlio farm of Homy Uiapimm, uboiil h n l f n n i i l o Woitoftho I'oui t-llotiHO, on thoStnte roud, liwlilu thoCoiporntlon lliiilM, Tho Hmmo Ik In good i ondltloii, mid vunlnliM alt tlio imidurn lm-, i«ivciiiuiils. Thcro Is » (pwd'l uilt ()rchn|d'nt- tiii'httd. TIIOHO dash lni to puvclmso u plnco cf tbb. description w 111 llml till-" a iiiro opiiouunltj lo In\ ust, Torins ons\ . tn|ly °" " lo ' ' ' " Eljrla, rKKIBUICK TUT, Colon thu WhUkcvs ,unl Hull n bcnntllhl bro\vn It roiHlHU ol onl\ ono pieparatlon. conts by mill) Address S I l']ihnin. No 7JI J.iynfl street, IMillndtlphlu, I'u. C iH'uhustciil iree old b\ all A Cloift\n)in,ulilla'us|illni{ In Snnlh \niciIr.iM it uii-tlonuo . l|s(0uted it Mifu nml simple roinnly for Iho ( in u ol Xenons Weakness, K n i l y » i t . i \ , Dlsoii-i's ot the I r i n n r v a m l -cnilnnl DIKIIDB. nml the uholu train ol dUoulei's biotik'ht on bj biuH'ful and rlniitiis habK* fii'rtil niKlilicl's ha\t' been mied b\ this nolill} nllnAMy. l'ro)|ipli'd by » iUs|u to benellt the nilllrti d anil tuU'ol tnnato, I \\lll si ml lilt] lu llio I'm piopnrlnx nntl tislnjf t h i » medk'lnr, In a senleiUiiM-loiie t o a i n nun \ \ h u n e o d s It ritX OK q i i i n a j c Address .KJ'-Kl'll T.-IX.MAX, "jta tlon I), lilhlo Ilonse, .New Voik ( lt. ,JK \V10LKV, o - \CTUIIKIW A X .. ,. ... opposite J)qot, l - . l \ i j-i. (). All S A V W I'ICK t [iroinjith lo. Merchant Tailor, ,,, , . liiti-ri««l and l i u - 1 ·o. M rllli'ii Irom u lil^h moial ami pi v.-lo , taiHl|iolnt liv nn Pinliii'iit plnKloliin'iuul! '- -· '"'' ' t i i i ' l H v v o r U n i r i n» ilimiifrli IMI-T IIOOIC if llio norlnnou. hmli al st nicdleal |itnfe«nr. lljtlion" h.iu mil h l » u b l l o ami dniiKcrniis' nii»t sieied iiiiMi-sKic ami hucijii. HI I.ATIOSII /fi.V.MIMH n, but ontsjioki'if and aj«;re,,shi.. ||,, l \ l i'iTimr''i' t !' l ri-i l v l r lli ;" ", 10 ·». l 'Jwl" treated ol \\ 1 1 HOI 1 l,I.O\ IJ-s. but In sm h n mannci .is n»i lo m l i i M v r l o i i m in lent PIII lnliv Till. I ' l U M - i I'.vr. UKii:si:itATKis OK TIII u vt i. i«"'.Vi'-1 Jei-tjiisili-enlMliijt ilio Intife-t ind .-mpilli\ f\ all tnicphUii-'Uiroplsl,", uuiVMiN l,.,i,l, 'It ij, | M 'tW\' · LS-I will i n n t r l l i n l e to dial , ail lu-l In pioi»iitlon H- It ba#ri.wl-«V A elrcnlni M nt tn e, -»n| i l n l n u n f n l l d c M i l p t l c i n niul i.Miu|hls ol t i n - « i n k n lilt II- bi-ral o M i . n l - r \ I NT, I'lihll-hei I ·" ·'* N esi roui til «t . Inelmiatl, o | a I 2 n A 1 ' rn olM-il -i Ian \ \ I M I . I ! ( , O U D ' « t K k of nlllii.; of r.f. nnd Clvtht, PAINTING!. ·f* isrf Jtu» wilt fifouEe,SJgna i Carriage fainter, | G»ini.-.n Trnnki', Vnll-Ds. l l llui,{,.lns u l l l i v IOIHI I hi JII.VHI \, onio H K I s a l w . i v x r u n i t x tmUMvoik In I he dlflVmil Inaui'ho u f l i l s iiu-lnc'.- m h ' i ^ HUIIM*. |KII .mil ( i n i I.IITII I'alntlnt;, (ir.ilnlii); I'lpi'Mi nnjliiK and All n l ' i proniju'v .ittnuliil In liii|i I ait side I'nbllr NIII.IIC, OVLM liu Mnildp' - Ollll-l' Sl,\ I Ol )n« o w n in.innDtetiiro m ,,l,. m ..nlci nn -lion n ..lloln n.,bl« .!,!». and uo,'. in ,|| M Mime In n,H,l ol iin.Mhlnj.' In the lollii i K H n « wniiM i n i i s n I theli n u n Int. lost- l\ c Oil iir nnd · \mnliiliiir lil» -to, \ !,. i,,ie piii\haslnVol«e\ Jicio. FLOUIJ. Grocery StorelWd Oystor Room, ES OK A i\v i ois \\ of Woo-iori ihiiB ·tor , I I.I Itt v, on in, plnoo toi IH rmcit mul other* to ilroi Uu-v .nn ill III.) - n ^ |o«\ ii at inn- draught HIP ci-le'- Closing Out Sale] Js a i ln ami i Iresli ilivin-r|\i«. ulill ».«ini« time, bn lhelrUI«)ci:it(| mlu i il ico In I kiip uu ;«le|i. |ii.iii,{ii| K iii Ale, X a l h . , . the Itoi nnllu, i liwso'nmnUiiiiiinn-d In J II l.iuiudoi I'ltixlvM ilieUcsi in.iniit.ioniridontln \\ i»tci u Itc-ori o , t ;wd honvC'liiaiU* .Mince I'les. ,V ,;. ... , ,, I. M Kl'Sl.'l.r. I.I.Mh O , N o v i m b i i I I ihW 7v M K W BAKERY. AT The place U) {;«' yonr HOLIDAY GOODS WHITE! They afo noiIln Watciica, Clocks, . tholr onllio stock of .loweh", COST! (.1 »ourUmot-)|5«H'paUl;lvuniii5 * (.uUiituuco.i Af,\VAVS H K A D Y ! A L W A Y S H K L I A R M C TIMI. s\vis(;: S A \ I N « : i. viioit « \ v i \ c i MONTY IIK.-VI.TI1 C . 1 V 1 N O I Solf-Raialng^Buckwhoat Flour AI.W.U-J n i j v o v , In tunmliiiito 1 ; \ o n u l l l hnroc-ikcs lit for ft king' ·Sold b.\ all thuuealerx, and liy vvholcsalo by HIP innnuihi-liiinr, J W Jiullocl!, nt the L-iglo Mills, i;iiln, 0. arsis? ·» Main iti ei t. OIIP door Ui\nt it tiic BrliV Mill. \ \ l i e i o Uii'N liunid loo.u r oti tlio linker) Initlnvn In till It- lir.uiilKi A i t i a i P iit'publle pntramiirii | solicited .1 1.V,IU'LKK * 1SIIO. l.lMla ()ct 17, Ift70 il.Sni HACK LfNU. Elyria and Qraftoix Hack. rplli; inuleisliineil would annoiiiiec to llio tinvpl- 1. Inp public tint lie l» rnnnhiKn DAIf.Y H A C K ' U.S!.bcl\u'eii l.lulaiiiid(.ratXon,niid Is iirvpnrril t o e u r y»engi.M to mul nxim ollliir plncc lit time to HIM 1.0 .oiiticctlois. run. 01 l)ll'\inrni:--t.enve the Washington House. Kin l.i. dull)..u (\l» A M., Depot at OKI V. M , icai'lilnjtdiallon I n i l m c l o connect u t l l i Kx- pli^s'lirtiiuvml llaolc i;olni('«utli ..'·Caves Graft.)!! about 1600 A M, nrrlUui; At l.lyila In time to .onnect \ \ l t b trains Kolng P.,vt and West, on tlm t. S nnd M X i\»id. 1 an-e icli wav, W) u'nts J«l)l,'70 TOM WORMS! Fits WORMS! WORMS! Pita ! Fits 1 U'onn l)estro\cr. llio most ni. roincdv ol tho HKO lor tlio euro of tllo LonviiMoiH. tind KxpuUton of Wonns frnmllilldicn and Adult* Plvtuant, Mifo and (.eilaln. Nld by Homy I'nrk. Kl.Mln; J SI T\R. tllir.M \X'h JLJ maikable roin Oik nml InlMiitllo Wonns frnmllilldic and (.eilaln. Nld . . ( . n n l n c r b o n , Obciltn.i io»c ,t llobcitson. «ml U Kulhe. X o i l h VmlieisU.l (.·..liukton feoull) Am- bent; -I It HIIIM, l)ni.oir Cornels; M.-j.rcgwr. SUM. n.uiMi, · If^ou^wiiit n Hisl-uit« Flour, hn|iilrc for the 1 U I'll 11(1 01 I 10111 m-i c v t ·· it * i n i ' ' i , i / t n . v 7 i i - - v ' - " - ' ' ' " · * " . " - -·*'*-.* Biownliclmi A . M I)ou(!l.iv, Mpwn, wirtbooii In "~aiiill i l i i ' t o w i m l n Loinlii County, loi nutlicj par- Ucul,n«, mlilK' l s , , 1« I J i ; i : M A N , C H A V I ) W . U . V t O . niimliu'uij, Ohio. Slc I'roptlcwu. DENTISTRY- R XOWLTON A KEMEY, tiontlfts, nro Inserting tvctli on JiLAC'K PLATJJS. Snpoiloi louny horotoforo In me This rubber I wholly iVco 1 1 din un niuiPtin or oilier I n j n i l o n , conipoiiiid* H III Ji itroao obJoctlDnAl in llio Hid rtih. b£r__ _ __ _ ' (| -Sin AVERILL'IF Isclioapor, handsomor. more dm able and elnstlf , . U i n n t l i c l m l w f n n y oilier piilnt It u i l l not peel crack nnr olinlk on". 'Mils I'nlnt u l U lust 'ouifoi than tlio bi n t ulillo lead. WP bay* jniie HI «. s and over one hiinilml dllTcrcnt sluidiN. Th ncu ihiiiic. lti Koodiu'Milii full) 1 |ro\rd \\ (I 81-tf ULXMKOIOS * HUOA1J" 'BLACKSMlf HING ! AMiinTiirt'd lodonll klndiiof lt'.nok*nilthliiK nV rcMWinlilo Mtci. nnd Invite ull tlio^c deslr- f niivtiiliiKrtonc In my line to jjlv o m e n eMI. · Si,\~ Work wan .wtoil to nlve. ·atlsfftptjnu, 11 linxo for «Al», M horoloiuiv, nil-kinds of bar J mid ioft o o foi Stove, r.ri^'l ninoUmtths' u»ft, Mhl'li t W iUln« eliciiiinr tlw s.iniu I^IHU.) .u jO}- r ' ° ! £ly'rla! tsVA.'lSTO. , ' *i ' I! V y ' ' . IFWSPA.PI-:

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