The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 5, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1899
Page 3
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TH? »j».ia. Apr. Surtax*. ***** Mdfc mB«t WfWy rained for aa m It ft too. ,«* toy per a Before Mb* !*£» Pinkaam*. Vegetable Com- to trg Mm. the *«·** it nu retains it» "TM" jwof Itfdia Liver Fffia, I a nesv woman; past I aaaU for what it ha» -- 8fe, Cincinnati. X Jtar yean I had coffered with paiafal a «*»ww«Ti5iynweta. At the beginning -- - -· » HUIPVM VSJSB^ «T .. _.,, nimrom, w^, thrown into a»y I «at right down and read it Itheaoot E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound aad can heartily say that to-day I fed like nsy monthly suffering' is a tUnr of the always pniise tie Tegetabla rrmnonnil Aae te aie,--Mrs. lUsftuar - *^ too. Me, IK 8KSHT, A Fargo gpecfal to tie - Barrett. e --^.«.^««i HFf 111" JO tot Battbofemew, who w» enable to be present *tt be fin* ses. J** *«te»*ar«f the MB o* exceptions was made by arjnmeat la the «ap*en» court In the SterHag divorce Ttead.,: ^tattaaaw two- CITY. Par mOlinefy, see Snyder PoOard ad in another colnmt - _««« Moor- it to 12, " for a few days. Attorney C. R Wotte of Wahpeten came la from the east hut night Another snow storm last night and spring appears as far away aa ever Trttb imte reJfef ha sight at present The Ladies Aid society of the Presbyterian chorcb wlB meet it the resi- -denoe of Mrs. W, B, Watson Thursdav. April 6. at 23frpi m. iometinie past ha» had sole EH* greatbnsines*, treating;by letter forWomai'jim ^ch^^r^t^^'^ tn^^t.^ii-LHs^z The Minnesota Ix»n\ad Trnst com. pany pnrcbases the artesian well bonds «2 ISL 1 ** 88 !^ tlw ^V orramestown. $·.500, for $340 premiom. The Ladies Guild will meet with Mrs. \S\!L¥ 00 !5 OTSe *°«nomw afternoon at23» for the purpose of elecHag aew officers. A. f uH aUendanee to de»«rel. . A n Anaconda apedal say*; ' T. M. Murray was bunted o death in the y«terday afternoon »y molten copper failing npon Mm. Hig parents reside at Bismarct. Jt B.. Another homeseekent trato waa run Jy the Northern Pacific- today and a large npniber of proepecttve settleni J£S J^««t««» oe a» low rate to look for fcx-attons in the central and weaternpajrtoftheatate, ..^ffPj .Konten. wl» was reported drowned at Manila, was one of toe «jnad of men enlisted by Lieutenant Be* aft« Company A bad go^, te and taken there and enrolled «fflpaay- HeeniWea with brother and a caati same time. TJw tw* were at , l^ht retrexbrnents-- eoffte be served. .Admission fts^ cent*. All come and bring yoor friends and all their relatives. B. J, Torner of Oisdstone. an* of ' *"^ bers °* the- p«nlt«itiary , returned to hte home on tte noon ttaln today. Mr. Tomer is one of ate members of thfe purchasing committee for the twine plant and . , g mar b? toratehed tor the instltntloa from the same plant. ~ - Wapeton and pa« Harper $50 to assault him. Har. pee wa» arrested oa complaint of the *ateon proprietor and fined $5 for the afwamt bat 4a claimed that this wa* SS.^5 he ,* sreaafflt aad Barrett te after the saloon manv too. *tte prominence of French and PureeD In North Dakota makes the matter v«y jnter- esOag, and it i* claimed that local United State, officiate are backing Bart rett up. as hia injuries delayed the work of u» term. AFTBE MCWE WORK. advertisea for ads tor the foastraction of as eteetric Hght plant probably orer t|» A'orthern Arrangements are M^«g m _ fa ord«r to PTOT8 tha great merit ol Wa Cream Bafcj, the mort effectrrecni* tor CtiUrrb and Gold ia Head, wa have ore. ured a generous trial sue for 10 cents. so east to a week or so to inrea. tlgate the matter of securing macbfn. ety. Warden Boocber wtll also mate the trlpi and die other members of the committee. A sailor who was with Dewey at Manila, la in the city. He was one «f the ciew «t the Bftteign and was discharKed and returned te the United last October, at the jiplralion of hfe term «f ealirtaient. He has been a sailor for many years, and talfcs interestingly rf the battle- of Manila bay. whose details have been told so . often. Th« RaleigH i* now oa way hack to thte coaatry and her as she-has been btf duty for wart* three yean to tile eastern sta- EET BROS., M WanteE St, K. ,, _« 2 . IsnSwed tmat catarrh of the worst kind ever since a boy, aui-J never hoped for core, but Ely's Cream Bairn nwmil to do even that Hiwy acquaintances h*r» used It with excellent iesaife,~Q BW Ostaam. 45 Warren Av^ Odea^ BiT^ «««% Ely's Cnsm Balm % tie aekaotriedged core for catarrh an4 «mtaias*6 mercury nor any ta-- IRVITASs effects of self abnse^ or excess and Indiscretion. AnermtoateaoA ------» WVOMMS***',** *« *U|gJ tlU pjnk glow to pale cheeks and r^TM- e*^*" ·~"j|~"~-"^r'" T T^iiir-nini restores the fire of youth. . TJJO; with a written ettarsu .- -,tee to core or refoadti i NERV1TA MEDICAL CO. For FOBSAiE. The finest residence - «.MV -AUKDV: «vosuviw«7 sius 3n ine -city vW» a. complete residence thereon containing eight rooms, a ccfiar under the house heated by furnace, Witt ground TSxlSO feet Situated on the corner of Avenne B- and Ffcst street, baa a £?ffl J«p thereon, - foe particulars W. BBA1THWAITE. JOHXSOX'S MESSAGE. The Tribune acknowledge* the re- celpt of a copy of tho forthcoming aajnnalre: --- gone tirer* fib bid f« wwfc PhMrt"_wffl be a modem one, i - I Tllfe wffl also pnt ina system * waS- - "" »3Bir Wiafcn Bsildin*, Maiast. line of trfcsua*4 tot* ..OBha*tf.t,it gates U the Baby is Cnttiag Teeth Be sure to use that rid and well tried remedy, MM. Winalow's %ropj ft» diarrhoea; 25 cents abottfe. FABGO JS^ECTIOX Fargo** election knocked- out conpfe of the old aldermen. Hill and Hancock were defeated by Messrst Barton and Smith, and 3fessrs. Schnrth, Allen. Stanford and Ames were re-elected. trimmed o]3e.* acted ty various indnjrtrtes daring the- pa«t yeae and the T*port shows that Pargo te a healthy town-and the mayor aa excellent advertising man. ager. At the Baptist chordt Xtaada? April ft the ~ . readlaga, TOO! and jaattmncatal soloa. ana selections from enough and yoa succeed in rMocingfoar h^ losing your sppetite. bnnring on a awv fever and nuKng everymtog encdir right for the germs of eoa- surnption. Stop conehlnf cad lget^elC ww*vr »vM^nj of ewry Ktno* An ordinary coatb disappears httatagte night. The rfccfctn^ CffpytT of bronchitis are soon complete ty mas* teredV And, ff not too far along, the conch* of COB. ·umptioa ate of Ask yonr drogjlst far one Dr, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster. PEN BOARD. Warden Boucher Reappoint«d as Chief Officer of the Pea for the Ensuing Term. The new penitentiary board met and organized at the penitentiary yester. day. The members of the board for the ensuing two years are Edward Btadiloek of Wflliamsport J. D. Moot der of Fargo, John F. Fort of Bfe- nrarefc, G, W. Stevenson of Handan and B. J, Tnrner of GTadstone. At the meeting yesterday the general affairs of the penitentiary were dte- cnssed. Edward Braddocfc of \Vi] liamsport was chosen aa chairman of the board, aad the present warden. N, F. Boucher, as warden of the tnsdta- tion and accotmting officer for the com-- ing term. The reappointment of Watd-r en Boncher was expected, and wiB meet with general satisfaction and approval as he has made one of the most efficient chief officers ever in control of, a simitar insfNtution, and uufler hist management even with the limited field! for the employment of "the labor of the i convicts, he has made their work prof-1 ital*vand has operated the iasttttrtien' I»rafitably and to the best intsrarts of the state and the pcnttenttery. The matter of t«« building of a twine plant provided tor at the lasst session of the legislatwe, was generally tttocnssed aad steps takea to carry ~~* as soon «« jiossfble the will of the Then* i»: much work to I sanqa*! aa«op oamwf a^ar ar» aa, -OTHJ. wqs * jo, * ooi aA|8 oj STAMP Opposite Grand AUSTRIAN' BB034E GEA8S. For a number of years Comralsioner Barrett ha» beea sfirtymg and experimenting with the grasses of Xorth Dakota, He had numerous varieties of sneh in the North Dakota Srfvaton Museums One sample from his farm near Cbnrcha Feaf measnres six feet and eleven inches. He also displays a number of samples of the Austrian Brome grass, raised In North Dakota. The samples famished by W, W. Mc- nvain of Sheldon, Jf. D, (this was displayed at the Omaha fair) measures fire -feet and tea inches from ends of the roots to the top of the stalk. This vind of grass grows in Ransom. Cass. Williams and other counties of the I was reading aa advertisement of GhamberhUn'g OeHe, Cholera and EHawfawft Bemedy to the Worcester *««I*** reoatt^r, wnlch leads me to wflt*- this. -I «in _truthfidly say j "A word to the wise is sufficient" and 'a word from the wise. should be sufficient btrtr you ask, who are the wise? Those -who know. . fix oft experience of. trnstworths for knowledge. rr--"- ' ··!*.*»*·· · w^m, * have aeyer had to use more than one or two dose» to core file, worst case with myself or ^*ST W 4, -*· ""S* PWomoke Qty, Md. For«afcbyE. Beards- PONT LIKE MANILA. North Dakota Soldier Who Believes the islands Are a Bad ment. Invest- C'orporaL fonnerty captain, Grafton, of Company B, writing from Manila, On Sunday, Keb. 3th, a week ago, *a company with Capt Moffet, Corporal Manley of Company H, X. D^ and Qua Herzing of Coaxpany B. 23d r. S. (one of the interpreters) t went out on the sea wall and watched the MonaJuock shelling the tosttrgents' position below Alaiate fort where the X. D. toys arej trtth, all sorts of shells, inclviding- some lo.lnehers. J could see the pttff of smoke, then hear the rei»rt and the- noise mad« by the shell traveling through the air (which resembles that of a train of cars crossing an iron bridge, more than anything efce I can ' e a s Cough Bemedy gives better satisfaction than any other in the market He has been in the drag business at Eft- ««, *, for twelve years; has sold hundreds of bottle* of -this remedy and nearly aH other coagh medieies nwntttctored, which shows condo that Chambedain's is the nxwt oo- » ^ people, aad is tfie For sate by E. S. Beardstey. . GLASS AKD 0LAZIHG. ·%M IFim pnbliiatiTO March Ji IW.] CODSTT ETVEH LUMBEB JBM " T r i w w awjwrtteeomplaiat the »bw» oaawl beieor rommoBedta . PresMeat MeKbaley wffl-leave Wash- ingtoa about the tost of July for a Western trip. Be wiQ go to San Francisco and will paw througfi KOKB V* DANCE! This fearful disease oftea first afpean . _ as a mere scratch, a pimple, or lump jfti flof rf Tan i *fa® breast, too smafl to attract any «BI w I Oil n notice, mftE. in rnaay cases, 1l»e deadft- disease is fully developed. Cancer can not be curedty a surgical ^operation, because the disease is a virulent ST -- IL^* *~~ ·;*"""* " 3 * 3 ^ Ihroo^iout th» sv»tem. and althooah tHe Sore or ateer-- known as the Cancer-- may be cut awav e m » S the blood, and promptly laeais out afeesJi,' t! ]« mderfai ,s lc «5ss of S. S. S. in caring obstinate, deep-seated blood diseases which were considered mcurabte, Valfejr Hif^ 1 F- S- (G*n. : _ , with him. It is said the Major got «« man with his pistol, as well as capturing two'prisoners. I gw»ss this is ; liable to delay our home-coming aorne- · what--that is. of thosa? who come home. + ·»»* in M i · i ^H) ,i M U M ilH i B f -- "· "*· "i 0 *** vfiK) come An Excellent r*nmhfno*l A « }?* l "iwt-'aost'of the boys 'wlU. J»Ji AXCeitenT VOmDInation. j.m*nrgwite don't aewu to tike voltevs. The pleasant method and beneficial i bni ° K f P nt «P a hard 8pht--harder ^t^f«,^, he wel! hnow n remedy, i J^? tae Spaniards did. br a whoh? lot.! »TRrp or FIGS, manufactured by tSe I l*MitHke Manila at all; it ts too hot: i legislature. Then* i»: much work to I h^ ur ? RSrr '\ *?? Srscr Co., illustrate ! Lsnd " the day ever oomes thnt t tep ' »---- ----«..· "-«»=. uum k seemea taw i was ooomed hp done ia estaWishing the piant. and j J^^SSl 0 * °ot*»'W the liqtjid las*- tlie Irfand of t,n«on fading awav astern i '*°, f jU °T tbp «*«s'of the family, for I know how deadlv Cancer is. escecian* t^]2"i* p !S III !Si tw " Mumltt ^ ; mcdic^f ^t^ an f rtkncrwnto - be N" 1 -""^·*» are l*n***rd t»«n,rir r^, 111 ^^!^; JL w £»«*t l ^«»«y WHffsSpecific!^TwMcllr«tttfi to look aft«r fh« rfifr^«ri.«, *--...._.. _.., Jneaicmauy iaxabvc anrt nr»«vr,t,r,» f «h«n K.-, ^.-« ,,» *t- , . . Bat dftv. forced mrt tiha |*»»an» t --;..|;v -^ ^ f L ^^ riTfti] t fimT tnVni r^hihiiiMr hfrt-fl^o *rl*A«« I «vm«. Jt _^^ a _ _ « - -*· *. . ' . . tOKdl oXKB^EQB "^·*^ "*~* " ***^*» Twour t^uinstutn^ru JEiivii «u£ffa« to try it for Cancer, after tuuiir ct^c i cn t " - *^ y*^»^c3ftns witj20QA CQCG* .^focu to the explosion of ^ eqnal to the diseas^and prompflv effect«t a m,^, ,* x^ *__ · spread rapidly, and it was sooa cfenionstrated beyond doubt that a cure had at fc«t beea found for deadly Cancer. EvkJeaie has aeeu* 1 mtilated which is incontrovertible, of which | the following is a specimen: Cancer is hereditary ia our familv, my father a and an aont having died from thft drradfal --,, ~~^8 made its appearance on mj-side. It was a mah«nant Cancer, eating inwardly ia soeto a way as to cau« great alarm. The disease iemed beyond the ·fall of the doctors, foritheir treatment did no eood whatever, the Cancer gsewin* worse ail the- wMe Kumeroos remedies were osedfor it, bat tie Cancer £*£,%!$£. r^*: S lti ?i* 9e ^ ied . ta «t7 **· *^ned MBS. s. JL root. and act with the ... inacbJnprj- nad The tmiMimr wtll hp trf in liricht to a*Tom and o fnrnwh n-Mini. aad fmta hriek TurnistHil tJffrj* j"anls. .IIM! Uw .,..,,, fioa will tn» 4kme Inrgclr hy ' and Pr »ha8 of the tn , . forced oat the poem. -.*I eaatfiraed' , ,, 3?!rS?'.,'*' h i B J. ' wa ?. c »"»i «ona4 andwsn. an* have had no tbci stoiv antl i wilt fie twiilijdl **? tho jx-niten- i the a* -------'.*,·; ,M^- ^v^wriir eTT(?*TT d»pe41ing colds, headaches and f.-rers gently yet promptly aftd Mi»)j)io( to overcome habitaal PoDstipatkm mancntiv. Its perfect fr«^io» m « every oejcctHmablp qnalilv nnd scb- staace, aad ita acting on tb kWin*-rs, liver and bowel*, without weakemW or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative* fn the process of mannfaetnrmp fit's th«- h-a«t poe«ilrf{ C\]X\J»H? to i taste, bnt the meclicinalonalitieSof the Mate. Tfte matter rf marKhterv' re medy are obtained from senna 8n 'd tv carefnUy lookrtj Into by the i ?** teT aromatic plants, by a method nlrtp*!. Thorp ts a itntober of i * tnon " n to the CAUFORSIA Fio Svurp ftrnm -that furnish the martiinerv re-i^' anl y- In order to get it* beneficial Haired ami tlte Iw^rtl wfll-wrnre flc- s effect s and to avoid imitations, please tires from them, and teHh «jon Uif j **TM*'2i' WT thefnllnameol the Company tar we In the propospd plant The P" 0 **' 1 °° *** treat of every package, - ~-- -" ' the mat- i CALIFORNIA FKJ SYRUP CO, -- .. ..JK*«f the! ajufyaAwwoo,OAK. -- ---means if pwir that wfll »« «m»ld "--~ him. There is aa amount wi lahor here. sWHed'aa-weJl a* nn- sfeflled, and eftcap. too--dirt r-hfaiv-an i American TmuWn't work f or snch wag*M_ There may be opjxjrtanitic* .^ I -f fai ' if **? eref ^^ th *' infill*"; pa4*tfie»l. i flon't think Thes4^ is»laBds' «r»' jnm|j of aa investment anvwav.' H \\ill cost »oo many lives to take aiwi, ; ""-"·· tbera, ^ -._,,_ on v^ncer, containing other testimonials and ,.«.,,,,,, information, will be sent free to anv address by the Swift Siwcis Company, Atlanta, ^^~-J* " wj«u*w ,K?^? appetizer and regulator of ! the digestive organs is Angostttra Bit- ] ters, prepared by J. G. R SSegert Tbe supremo oonrt at Fargn ba- a jonrnvd to the sertrnd sej»j,, n wlil-h ! will he held at the capitol In this city j April 10. There I* ret a nninhpr of \ important cases to be beard, and which i Win buy the "Little Gem" cottage organ manufactured by the Needbam Organ Co. of New Yorfc. Over twenty of these organs now in use in Buriefgit county, all giving satisfaction. Other Instruments made by tbe^same factory better grade at proportionately low price*. Agent* for the celebrated Gibson Pianos. Call and see these goods before baying elsewhere. .. H. PHELPS NEWSPAPER!

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