Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 21, 1890 · Page 8
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 21, 1890
Page 8
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^. 1 -v (K p- r ,-T lf "Kemmlerize" has been proposed ao the word to express execution by electricity. On a slighter occasion the unlucky Capt. Boycott, of Ireland, gave his name to a process now very well understood, and a new word to the English language. Indiana has a funny law. It requires that the benevolent institutions of the state shall get their money first of all, and what is left shall go to paying other state expenses. The gallant Governor Hovey wants a modest installment of bis salary, bat cannot get it because it would curtail the luxuries of the poor paupers to pay it. Here is delicate consideration for you. Of course notiodyis justified in committing suicide, especially as it is not at all likely that he betters matters any. But if anybody could be excused for thinking seriously of the matter it ·would be J. L. Cody, of Florida, who put himself out of the world a short time since. At the coroner's inquest it was shown that Cody had for sotae years been staggering along under a combined load of intemperate habits, domestic troubles and fear of prosecution by the courts. ^ Metric Measurement. The French uut of linear measure called the meter is 89.368 American inches in length, and represents one ten- millionth part of the distance from the equator to the north pole. It is the foundation of a decimal system of long measure which is noted for its convenience the world over. This system, Mr. H. W. Richardson tells us in Harper's Monthly, is bound to become the unit of measurement for the whole world, sooner or later. Then all difficulties of commerce in changing the measurements of one nation into those of another will vanish. After enumerating some of the different linear standards in various countries, and the confusion arising therefrom, Mr. Richardson says: Tile logical end of this proceosmust be the adop tlon of a complete decimal scheme, and there ia noneexcept the metric system. For all practical imrposes the meter is the distance between two tinea marked on a bar of platinum deposited in Paris. This distance is the basis of on ingenious and simple system of weights and measures which is gradually coming into use all over the world. Because it promises to become a universal system ftdeservea the attention which it has always received in this country. It is already employed In assaying at the mint and in the work of the coast aurvey. except* for soundings, and is preferred for many scientific investigations requiring exact measurement. Good Times In England. In Great Britain the inspectors of factories, workshops and industries have made their annual report. They show a better condition of things than has been known in the British Isles in some years. The chief inspector sums up conditions in these words: "The working classes were never better off than at present, and with sobriety and thrift they might almost all be comfortable and respectable." The various industries throughout the globe seem, by a law not well under stood, to be connected with each other in such a way that when a given interest is prospering in one country it ia usually also thriving in other countries. Thus iron manufacturing has been prospering in America the last year and a half. In Great Britain it has teen stimulated in all branches of its production during the same period The good times have likewise covered Wales and Scotland. In Glasgow more than half a million dollars in excess of the amount for last year has been deposited in the savings tanks. The articles manufactured find ready sale abroad for once, and only for the vexatious strikes and discontent of ihe working people England would have comparative peace. There is one exception to the general prosperity, however, and that is a very significant one. It ia the farmers. Agriculturists in America have been discouraged and depressed of late years, and even though misery loves company, it will not add to their happiness to know that the outlook of the English farmer has been equally gloomy. Tolstoi. Count Leon Tolstoi has spent most of the time since his "Krentzer Sonata" appeared in explaining why he wrote it. He is a brave man, this Tolstoi, for he does not take back one -word of the revolutionary social views put forth in that work. He did not become scared at the outcry and take water, as a weaker author would have done. He only says he regrets that it was published in his lifetime, and that it was issued against his judgment. A New York World correspondent visited Tolstoi at home not long since, and found him entirely living up to hia blue china, so to speak. He believes that it is the duty of every human being to work with his hands to provide himself with bread. This, however, need not occupy all his time, or more than a few hours of it daily, and the remainder he can utilize for cultivating literature or the fine arts. So he himself works, so he hiTnaolf writes. lake most persons of genius, Tolstoi has work enough laid out ahead of him for two or three lifetimes, work that he can never hope to finish, yet still loves to think about. He says of bis own life: Evi-ry man ought to do enough woik each day to pay for the food he eats and tha clothes he weara. Unless he does that heissponjjmg his llrlng off the labor of other people, and is doing an injustice to his feDow men. Some days I mow, others I sow grain, plow, dig In the .garden, pick beme* or apples, or, like Sir. Gladstone, fell a tree. I live very simply I malre my own boots, and if my women would let me would also make all ny own clothes. I do not have to worlc very long hours to pay for what I consume, and so X find plenty of time to write and studr. I am only 12 fiare old, and intend to write a great deal. My only concern Is that life may prove too sliort to anable me to finish all I wish to da ATTENTION! The Second Hand Store, old Johnston Tobacco Factory, on South Locust street, is the place to buy or sell all Second Hand goods. If you want to buy or sell anything ' give us a call. [Satisfaction guaranteed. MENDJENHALb* CO. Aprl 10 dftw tt WHYi YOTJB UVXB IS OUT OF ORDER be»l 1*0700. LC.lbLAlgS ·UVB PILLS* TOO. Ort*f ttu POISON oat ot mute you strong and w r eastern, a^d - T»5 Hr *T~irnf boil t «ny irMrfr flildrnte^ IVORY POLI8H£a PtwuMta THE BNBATH. ASKMHIT. RIMING BROS., - Pittsburgh, Fib Piano and Orp-anllnstructions · I will give instructions on either piano or organ at reasonable rates, address me or call at 304 Mansnr St. DAISY HOLMES. When it is taken Into consideration the fact that Whiskey Is need largely by those who seek its medicinal ben ·fits, the Purity and Merits of the Whiskies sold, '.becomes a question of (Treat importance. has been before the public for many years, Its Purity is not only guaran teed by the IMstIller,but IB commented on by a great number of tbe most eminent Physicians in the United States. B. A. COX CO., Chillicothe, Mo. March 8, 1883.--This is to certify that 1 aar examined the formula and prescribed Dr. Lc- DUC'B Periodical Pills, of Paris France I have concluded that if this combination will not excite the menses, that there is nothing in medicine that will doit. It is a 11W griin amenogroffue, containing all the well known harmless drugs that act upon the generative system. I know them to be positively harmless and safe for all kinds of suppression from any cause I nave used them in my practice for the last four years, and found that the most stubborn cases yield. I tried them on three months' suppression with happy results. Yours, R. L. Kydd." Genuine pills sold by Beasley Williams, Chillicothe. Mo To RENT.--Second floor over Griltner r Son,will fit up to suit. Enquire of John T. Milbank. Sepl2dU Eastern money to loan on m proved lands. Long or short teirm Low rate of interest. Some local money to loan at once. JAMES J. HOLMES, C. H. Mansur's office, ja6sw Chillicothe, Mo. Students can rent text-books, select their studies, and enter any time at the Chilhoothe Normal School anil Business Institute. This school BUB tains a Common School course, Normal, Scientific, Classical, Commercial, Short-Hand, Type-Writing,.Fine Art Pen Art, and Conservatory of Music The Commercial Department excels having actual business exchange with Electric City Business College of St. Joseph. .English Spavin .Liniment removes hard, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavins, curbs, splints, sweeny, ring-bone olfles, sprains, all swollen throat, coughs, etc. save $50 by uses of one bottle. Warranted the most won- perful blemish cure ever known. Sold by N, J. Swetland Co., druggists, Cbillloothe, Mo. 23 ly Yon may notice Jim Tanner dose not use cheap fence advertising. His goods is his advertisment. A21w8t CURE fa.J"V- ·»!^"V_*.»--- _«^i w.1lMM*k11 fhatflcnMl dent to a bilious rtaterf Oa systom.saen a« Slizlneis, Nausea. DrowslllMJ, DtatreM e Bide, 4o. While their SICK Keaaache. yet Csrler'a Little Urn MM at* , curing and pnv t.-iThlletherauKt ranawgnlatetliebowelfc " HEAD would be atotIiosewha these little pfflsnln. I'^feS'.'iStu. a«r Hn«««;»««y "S?«£* Terfeaiytotoke. OneortTOpfflsniatoadosa. ^^TS^J^^acdfSleai.S^ TO THE PUBLIC. i Dr. B. W. WrlKht, the Old Reliable veterinary Burgeon, of Chilllcothe. Mo,, bag come to stay, having lecared a lease of the O. H. Gale stables, In the rear of the Alliance Meat Murket. Corner of Jackson and Elm ate., which he has converted into a veterinary Hospital, where be can be lound during business hours, and at night can be found at his residence, on east Jaokson st., first house east of Grave's lumber office. I will have flrst-cla»s accommo- dationsjbr stock, and good care guar anteed to all stock intrusted to my care. I successfully treat all diseases incident to the Domestic family. All chronic diseases guaranteed. Prompt attention to all calls in the city or country. Remember the doctor has been with you for four years, and It is my desire to stay four more. DR. B. W WRIGHT. 300-clAw-tf ChiUloothe Mo. Btllird's Snow Liniment. This invaluable remedy Is one that oueht to be In every household. It will cure your Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Sprains, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Frosted Feet and Ears, Sore Thruat, and Bore Chest. If you have lame Back It will cure It. It penetrates to the seat of the disease. It will cure Stiff Joints and contracted muscles after all other remedies have failed. Those who have been cripples for years have used Ballard's Snow lilnl- ·nent have thrown away their crutches ana have been able to walk M well ever. It will cure you. Price 50 cents N. J. 8 wetland A Co. Agents. Call For Independent Central Committee- The Independent County Central Committee is hereby called to meet at the court room in the city of Chillicothe, on Monday, Sept. 8th, *t 9 a. m. Business of importance, J. T. JACKSON, Chm'n. JJOTICE- I will raise or move buildings at tbe lowest possible prices. I will not be underbid by any man. See me before you let your work. a31dlw J. W. ESTKP. Save Money. Towns along the line of the H. A St. J. R. R. have the combined advantages In passenger trains service of each separate terminus of the road. That is, any trains starting or passing over tbe H. A St. J. B. R through either Kansas City, St. Joseph, Hannibal or Qulnoy must pass or stop at their stations; the only disadvantage that the small towns are under is tbe occasional necessity of taking local train to a station at which the thronirb train stops, Tne best known trains of tbe west are at their very doors. The "Eli," tbe famous pioneer of Chicago and Missouri river fast trains, is one. The through St. Louie-Denver train with palace sleepers and free chair cars, tte only train running tbe whole distance over the tracks of a single system, is another. From either Kansas City, St. Josepn, Bannibal or Quiucy the Burl ington Route gives through service to Minneapolis. St. Paul and tbe Northwest. The ticket agents of local stations are not, as they are often resresent* mere retail dealer* of tickets sold wholesale In large cities. They are the assistants of the general ticket office and are the first to receive notice of any special rates, benefits or change which may Interest the traveler. If they have not the requisite tickets in their case, they have, on tbe request of the passenger the whole stock of tickets in tbe general ticket office to draw from. It is a mistake for passengers to think by buylnjr locally to ajlargeolty they can tb«n get a ticket to their destination cheaper than though they they bad bought a through tleket from point of starting. Tnls cannot be the case unless they visit a broker and then in nine oases out ol ten their ticket is liable to be refused for passage on tbe train. Save money and worry by buying through t.ckete at your starting point. A CARD. Tbe undersigned having purchased the saloon known as tbe*'Red Front" adjoining tbe Union Hotel on South Locust street, beg to state that we will hereafter be fully prepared to furnish in auy quantities pure liquors wines, beer, cigars, etc., to the DUD- lic Eveiy thing neat and orderly. Give us a call. Besnecttnlly, d-wrnarl4tf B A. COX CO. H ucKien'» Arnica Salve The best aalve in tbe world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and postlvely cures piles, or no payment rectuired. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cts per bo*. '-sale by N. J.-Swetland Co. for W. R. DOYLE, DEALEB IN JEWELERY, Watches Clocks. Carries a FuU.Llnp of Jewelry TIME TABLE 1MWS VI 0«R»HO MSSEMEtt UMf Sewing Machines $15. ORGANS $45 AND - UP --AT I T. EVANS' -EAST BOUND. 9 Ijooal Express... H........................8.M a m -*Jo. a St. Louis Express 12.20 a n TNo. M Accommodation Freight.... 1.20 p m ·took Freight, Bandar only . .10 28 a m IWEBT BOUND. [No. 7 Omaha Kzprem.. M . M .« 4.0ft a m ·No. a Pattonsbura* aeoom « .. 5 43p m Acoomodatlon Freight _! 2u p m Time Freight, Sunday only --........ 9 00 p m ·Daily, tDally except Snndav. No. S--Arrive* St. Ixnls8:lSp. m. Palme* Reollnln«t Chair Cars (seaUfree Brunswick to Bt. Louis. No. 8--Arrives St. Louis 11:90 a.m. Parlor Chair can and Pullman Palace Sleeping Oar Chllllcothe to at. Louis. No. 7--Arrives Council Bluffs 12:15 p.m. ; Omaha. 1:00 p m. Same equipment as No. 8. For rates, tickets, lime-tables, etc.. apply .±. F. HABHINT06N\ .--... rABfnt.Chlllloothe.Wo. HANNIBAL ft ST. JO. GOING EAST. St. Louts A Kansas City (Fast line). 11 IT a m PassemrerHo.4 ._..~13.27p m Passenger No. 8. _806pm Passenger No. 2. Fast Line 8 (Opm Passenger No. 16, Ht. Louis Ex 10 27 p m Accommodation No. SO....... 157 r m Accommodation No. 8......... IM r m Passenger N. PaaMDger N UUJ.JMI* wai.l . , Kx....._ iger No. 1, Fait Line...... oJS,DenTerl ,.-..408 am - 5 4 6 a m Pasuenawr No. b....._ _,..,,........_....7 in a m Panenter No. 3 Z 7 p m Bt. Louis ft Kansas City (Fast Hne)....4 as p m Accommodation No. 9... ._.__ ...7 15a m Accommodation No. 91 i 9 CO a C.H.NMMI, Agent, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE S1.PAUL GOING EA8T.I No. 4. St. Paul Passenger A . . . 1:35 », n No. 2 Chicago Passenger. B 2.10p.m. No, 8. Accommodation Freight, B. 7.00 a. m No. 12, " " to Seymour, A _ E.30 p m QOINU WEST. No. 1. St. Paul Passenger A ... ll:SOa. m" No, s, Chicago Passenger, B 4.36 p. m No. 7.AccommodationFrelght,B... 8 45a. m toPolo. B e.«p.m No. M, Accommodation Freight, C. 7.80 a. m Explanatory--A. dally trains; B, dally except Sunday: O, Sunday only. r. A. Taylor, Agent. Kansas city and St. Joseph, If o. 6.7OO Mile* t KMMI reaching all pi pal points in Illinois. Wisconsin, Mil Faat Moll L,ln« with Electric Lighted an Steam Heated, Vestlbuled Trains between Chicago. Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Trsuu-CoMtai«Mal Bonle with Electric Light and Steam Heated Vestlbuled Train* between Chicago and Council Bluffs Omaha or St. Paul and the Pacific Coast. Ores* HatleuMl _«·«*· between Chicago rlnel- CT" lowoT fiUsouriT' Booth Dakota and North Dakota. For Maps, Time Tables, rates of passage and freight, eto , apply to the nearest station agent of the CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE * BTrVaUL RAILWAY, or to any Ball road Agent anywhere In the World. ROSWELL M tLLKR General Manager.; A. V. H, CARPENTER. IGen'l Pan A Tkt Agent. -^ 'For information in reference te Lands and Towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee * St. Panl Railway Company, write to H. G. HA1TGAN. Land Commissioner, Mil waokee. Wisconsin FIBST NATIONAL BAE orCHIUiICOTHB. MO. Capital Stock, - · CO.OQO Liability, Stockhoiawrn, 1OO.OOO Surplus Funds and Undivided ProflU - »12.600 00 ^-OFFICERS Adamantine Johnson, President. Oeo. Milbank,rice-president; J.W.Hyde, eashler. DIRECTORS J.A. Graoo. - Oeo. Milbank A. Johnson, J. W. Ryde, G. G. Brown. B- Kirtley. J. Mat. GHrdner, A. Lowenswln H. 8. Normsn, Henry Wallbruun A freaeral bankinr Dullness done. Bus! ness respectfully solicited. - THE PEOPLES SAVIN6S BANK. ·nrr o -- ----- -- "-"-i xxr i«ae. 8. MdWILLJAMB, , B. HAWKINS. · · Vice President Wjf. B. LEACH, · · Gambler FRANK 8HEETZ, - Bank Attorney DIRECTORS: 8. McWllllams, Wm, A. Lane, James A. Grace, George Milbank, .T.H.Abshire, John W. Butner. B. Hawkins. Wm. B.Leaeh. CAPITAL STOCK, $6O,OOO SURPLUS , 11,500 Does a General Banking Business*. Tour Business Is solicited, and will be clvm prompt attention* CHILLICOTHE Savings Association Chillicothe, - Missouri. Southwest Corner of Square, o--ESTABLISHED 1866. -- FFI CJSBS W. xx MANBUB, J, B. MIDDLETON, a H. MANBUB. - President Cashier Bank Attorney DIRECTORS A. Mo Vey, I*MO Hlrrt, W K. Mansnr. J. B. Middleton C. H Mansar. PAID UP CAPITAL, · *?.[«£: SUBPMJS, !*.««· Does a general Banking Bnslnesi on lib eral terms Collections made and promptly remitted.. Deposits solicited- CITIZENS' National-:-Bank CHILLICOTHB, MI8BOUBL TATj 8TOCK..«.......«..»«'.'«»"*Q|000 00 aMteirt StockholderstlOO.OoA 00) Thos McNally, President. t A Chapman, VloePrest. W w Edzerton, Cashier. TTBRneyV Assistant Cashier E. J. Broaddus, Bank Attorney. Business Directory--Wm McHwrath, That MoNally. I M Tlmbropk, T F'Scott, Jo» C JOn- teer, G W Weatherby. !· A Chapman, F3S MARBLE AND GRANITE LARGEST STOCK IN THE CITT TO SELECT FROM. BOOTS AND SHOES, Of the Best Makers in America, at Rock Bottom Prices, AT RENSCH'S SHOE STORE' West Side cf Square. J. R. CAMPBELL, Office.--Over Citizens National Bank, Southeast Cor. square Chillicothe, - Missouri. DR8. BARNEY A BARNEY, Physicians and Surgeons, Office: Barnes* nulldlnjr. N. W. corner public square. Residence, 411 R. Jackson st. Office telephone, No. B, residence telephone. Mo. 3. Will practice In the City and country. Calls attended day and niKht. Sly VnctM and Mn, Real Estate, Personal Property, Goods, Wares and Merchandise SdKt at Prtlic or Prirate ^alg.- Business Koom--3d Stairway north ot Postofnce. «. KAKIIFR. Licensed Auctioneer U. W. AS PER, INSURANCE AGENT. Represents the Phoenix of London. West ern of Toronto, Standard of Kansas City, Citizens of St. Louis, and BurlliiKton of Iowa. Commercia Insurance reabcctxullr solicited "I AMEB 3. HOLMES Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public. Collections made and promptly remitted Ofnee--Manaur's old office, rear Chllllcothe Barings Association, Chllllcothe. Mo. B. J BflOADDTJB. CHAB. A. L.OOU18 BROADOUS LOOM.S, Attorneys sCounselors AT LAW. Will practice in alt the courts* state and federal Office orer Citizens.' Nat lonr.l Bank Chillicothe, Ho DB. W. A. HENDERSON. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office over Bengal Drug Store, North West Corner of the Square.. Residence--«O7 Walnut Street, ou the same block ana ju« west ot County House. All calls, day or night, promptly attended DAILY SEMI · WEEKLY JOS. BARTON. Prosecuting Attorney, Notary Public. All legal business promptly and carefully at. tended to. Collections made and promptly remitted. Money loaned at ref sonahle rates. Office, north side of Sq uare. over Reynold's book store, Chllllcothe. Mo D HURXTHAL, MUMU MVMM ] ww.* f WJ ,*·»»«.· --· -- . ^ TM - , -- AB8TBAOTB Of TIT1.E complete to dat for all farm and city property In LlTlnfis ton county. HOMEY TO I.OAH at the lowest rates. Offloe. second door vest of Hoge A Grace's, ChiUloothe, Mo. JAMES L. DAVIS, Attorney at Law And Notary Public. Has resigned his position in the Circuit Clerk's office and has opened an offlce in the Barney building, opposite the First M. E. Church He will do a general practice in ». the C o u . SCOTT J. MILLER, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Does aGeneml Law Business PENTRJ WM m Stodenttf ^^^ from different K BtAten Higlioot emd» I of ScholatMiip t'tit · distlnctiTt'ly * 1 ris tian ( drntn..- ^ g , l Th« 47th TfcKM OPENS Thtwtar. Kept. 4th, 1CBO OLLEG Hi 51 t-1 % H *** i- Children Cry for Pitcher's SEMI-WEEKLY: $1.60 per annum. DAILY: 50c. per Mont $5 per annum. JOB WORK of every description. Office South^Washington Street

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