The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 21, 1920 · Page 9
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 9

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1920
Page 9
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TWENTY-FOUR THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1920. Unless you sec the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting"genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for 21 years, and proved safe by millions.--Say "Bayer"] SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an "unbroken package" of genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," which contains proper directions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Ncuialgm, Colds, Rheumatism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and pain generally. Strictly American! Handy tin baxet ot 12 tubtat* cost but v fow «mta--Largtr packages. A»tr1» · llw. trad* mark at llnycr MunnJncturo of Mononootlnacldontor of HalicyMcMld FREEZONEJOR CORNS Lift Any Corn Right Off. It Doesn't Hurt a Bit! Soema Maple! Drop n little Freef- one on an ncnlns eorn, instantly that corn stops h u r t l n p , then shortly you lift it r l K h t off w i t h fln»rer»-- Trulv! Your rtruprtflst sells a t i n y b o t t l o of Free'/ono for a few cents, nufllelent to rid your foef of every hard corn, ·oft corn, or corn between the toes, t n r l j m l n f u l foot calluses, without the least soieness or irritation. No h u m - HER RHEUMATISM HAS DISAPPEARED Many r h o u m n l l e ipeaplo miffo: roni nalns t h a t eoiuld bo (ivoldod by iHilIdltiK u p tho blood. When h o n n w i t U m i d« ns.soolateil witli t h i n Mood tho rheumatism cannot bo cor- rootdd beyond a iio.SHlblllty of rc- apwe n n t l l tlie blood Is built up. Mm. Idn W. 'Freeman, of. No. SS ewill street, 'Aup:mrla t Me., finffered Trom rhouniat-lsm for two yeari aiTrt fi unable to Ket any reliof from thu p a i n u n t i l sho beprnn "treatmont with lf. Williams' IMnlc I'MlH, a remedy wble.h Iwis 'bnoiifrltt streiwlh tuul piilnoHa to many other sufferers from tho tllwoaso, "My rhoum«itil.y:m dea'elopnd follow- iTtK 1 oxposino to rain whllo [ wan In a badly run-down condition," ru- latoy Mra. l^rotjman. "Tho a-he-imm- t l H i u started In my left Hldo unil tho! won m)OHt Hovero In nny hips and l o f t «irm. My muscles «e,hed ind pained Jill ovor robbing mo of nleop and My wliolo toody be- mo HtMisl.tlvo to touch. I w«a cold u n d HUfftu'od frt)m ehilills almost oon- itly and sometimes tho pnlns bono ehjurp s though needles were oklnic Into nuo. At other tlmecs I h n r o wa« a croopdniff s o i i m l l o n , "Attoi- I had tried m a n y medicine^ wJthont more Hum temporalv relief, 1 read about Dr. ·Williams' Pink Tills mid hewin toklnpr thorn. They b u i l t mo up rolmoot from tho first bait Jt wns a fow weeks Ixiforo tho rbou- mintlc .pftlnd ibpj?in to leave. I kneflf my blood was b e l t e r , l o r my oom- "don Jmproveid nnd I had m o i e wtren^th. rue p a l l i a have e n t l r o h le'ft mo iiow and 1 have not had an attack of rhoumntlsrn slnco taltinp Dr. Williams' IMnk , rills. I always koop tho pills on Jiand ,anl t a k e tljen' whenevor \ foul llio need of a tonic.' --·Aclrortl'*mcnt,. Stove and Range Parts 'and Repairs of All Kinds Election Polling Places Designated by the Mayor A h n o i VVllwun vcs hi r n l l n w I i i B places to bo used lor l a l l u l l i i K purpoHos In tho coming ''^·UKI! t l l s l r i e l : War Bureau food nut on C i t y JJ a11 eaat (froon, State Sl Vlecind illatrlot: Jefferson «ohool, M y i l l o a v e n u e , between Gregory and A t l a n U e streets. Third d l s t r i e t ; Wlilttior nchonl, ·irlanil and W h l t t l e r streets, near ·'all-Held, K o i u t h rlltilrlol: Kilos IIowo Jr., school C l i n t o n n v o n u n , between K - i l r f l e l d n \ e n n e anil State street. KR'th district: Jsl proclnct-- in I Norman street ( F i f t h District H e p u b l l c a n c l u b ) ; !n,d precinct-l u n l o r l l l t f h school, Unwood avenue-, between Wood and Laurel ave- I H ·IWtli district: 1st prnr-lnot-- Webster school, North avenue, corner of O u k Htrool; 2nd precinct -Shol- ton school, Whooler avenue, near N o r t h Main street. , H e \ e n t h dlstr!"t: High nehool, .-/on Terrace, between Cong: ess and (i'oldcn U l l l strcotR. J O I g h t h d i s t r i c t ; Read school, N o i l h avenue. N i n t h illslrlet: 1st precinct--por- I n b l o school, Btlllman street, and Noblo avenue; 2nd precinct--Oar- lleld school, fitlllman Htroet, between Pembroke imcl Hallett streets. Tenth district: Hnrmim school, Noble avoniuo, between Arctic and iLaulo streets. TClevonth district: Franklin ·icbool, Nichols ftreot, botwoen Lorday dosiKnateti^ A l a i n and 1'embi'oko T w e l f t h dltrtrlct. 1st precinct -- Siimrndrlleld school, t l i a n l streut, ( o r n i r Central avenue, 2nd precinct --Lincoln school, Stratford UVOIIIIK, between Union and Ontral avenues. . Votln« machines fire bo-lntf Installed In tho various p o l l i n g places for demonstration purpofiew. Tim pollinx places will 1)0 open October 22, 2:!, 2 4 (Sunday), Ufi and 3D. Demon will bo on hand to explain tho operation of the machines to those who wish to know Juiw to vote. On special renucsts tho VoUn'j} M f i c h t n o 'committee has sent machines to fit. Charles H. C. school in tho Ninth dlalrlct, uncl to No 2041 M«Un streot, eighth dlstrlot, Throe maehlncM will be Installed in tho Htiuto Btroet food hut and hcrv mechanics ('. J. 'Healey and J o h n C, Wlrth will Instruct uchool teiu'li- ern and mennbe.r8 of tho 1'nrent- Teac'hers niwociatlon. Two machinef) uro already installed In the corrldoi of. tho City Hall. Tho folio-wins; parties will havt places on tho voting machines: Hopiiibliciin, Uomocratlc, Socialist, rrohibUion, Hocltillul-I/alKir nml I-'ai-mor-Ijabor. There uro 80 ean- dlduLo buttons on each lever a n d several of the parties havo nominated a f u l l Blato. Thoro will bo no q'UBBtlons on the lovers this year. Tho only referendum is that suggested by Prosldon Wilson and that drails with candidates for an anmvpr. AUDUBON SOCIETY TO CONVENE IN FAIRFIELD The Connortleut Aurtubon Society w i l l bold its annual mcetlnp; In tho Pali-Held Memorial library on Satur- dftv, October 28, at 11 o'clock. Jloportw will be read and ofHcoii elected for the onsunp Mrs. H e r b e r t Htici-H will talk on "Birds of My K n r m " I-/nncnoon will be served at 12:30 .-'clock. Wllbus P. Smith will give an Illustrated talk on "Birds Hero and Tlioro In Connecticut." This will bo at 1:30 o'clock. T]oT_ ££ Lotion for Shin Disease We ha»» wltnened r.irli reimrknbl* nuiilti with thin wwthlnc wiu of olli' th»t we offer you a Ixittle on the luitraa. tee that iinlcKflltdmti theirine/iir you, it tout* you Botaccniu SSe, too and $1.Oil ·tiaan's D r u g Store-.---Advertisement. Sen. Poindexter to Speak Here Oct. 22 · Over five million cans of the delicious new Maple Karo sold last year Larger than the sale of any kind of maple syrup! Rich, delicious flavor and moderate price the reason. This interests you and your purse \ The reward of quality is popularity.^ When you taste the appetizing tang of maple In Maple Karo--remember that the flavor comes from the finest maple groves in Vermont and Canada. The makers of Maple Karo are the world's largest users of the purest and best flavored maple sugar. ' Over a thousand tons are bought annually to make Maple Karo. The moderate price you pay for Maple Karo Is quite as tempting as its flavor. Its economy permits you to serve it every day--at every meal. - Go to your grocer today and order a can of Maple Karo--in the Green Can. i Try it. If you are not entirely satisfied return it to the grocer and get your money back. No doubt you too will agree that it's the most delicious syrup you've 9 ver tasted. ;J *"IF'*1V -'Ik F TheNew i^*^^^ -~^--^^if 64-pag* Corn Product* Coo* Book-beautifully illaitratad. Write Corn ProJactn K»~ fining Co,, F. O, BoxJGl, Now York. VOTING LIST IN MILFORD REACHES TOTAL OF 4,500 Oct. 2(1.--With a tolal )f 1 , 0 7 5 new elector* enrolled In the hrei) v o t i n i ? districts Milford's vot- mr list w i l l bo Increased from 2,113!) o -I.,110, mid w i t h thfl a d d i t i o n of i r o s j i c c - t l v o new voli-rs who reach l i n ,'IKC of 2 1 yr-ara between now mil N o v e m b e r 1, a n d nlso Hiofw whose t i n i d oC residenco nriturnH, l u r i n g tb» sumo period w h o w i l l i.ivn ,111 o j i p o i - t n n l t y to bo- ni'idn by a i ' p l l c a t l o n to tho board of n I c r - t m c n , II Is expeotod tho i^rand o t . i l nf. voters to dike, port In I h e · l i c t l o n hero on N o v e m b e r 2 w i l l ·i.'ich ·l.fillfl. 'J^he a u t h o r i t i e s 4iro p r e p n r l n R to h n n d l o l l i o law n u m b e r of voters and, have jeeurcd t h r e e new v o t i n K m a c h l n e x n i - i k l n i t i lotal nf seven, )ix of w h i c h w i l l be used and one held In re-ii-rvc. Three of tho ma- c h i n e s will be I n s t a l l e d In the Town Hall f n r t h o f i r s t d i s t r i c t voters, w h l l o line w i l l bo placed In the Devon f l r e h m i H i - for the wccond dlu- t r l u t old-tins. THO m.'irhiiHM will bo IIHI 0 In ( b e t h i r d dlslrlel w h l i h includes W a l n u t , M y r t l e , and tbn nearby beachi'S, b u t as ynt the author- 11 lea have not d e c i d e d just wlK-ro 1 p o l l i n g plaeo w i l l b'- located. P R E P A R E F O R C H A N G E A B L E W E A T H E R jVfjiny o.vpenslvi docfor'n l i j l X i uro H i v e d Jiy p i n m j i t a c t l n n %vltb relliLhlc f.uTilly icnteilli'S l-'oloy'i* l l o n o y am' ']-.u- bas been snecf«^fuliv IIH-.I la tbou- u n n d s of honn-s in ouneji of coiiKbH folilH, -rnu]), bay fever and rinlhma II Jl. Miller, Ti jr. 1). 10, %\'oontw, ().. wi'llea: "Jiy t h o ebanKhntr of bods anil t h n ^'ontluo-, 1 took a very bad cold i n d wore t h r o a t Four dou'-s of Polly's l l o n c v nnl Tar put mo i l f f h t In a tline. 1 iicvi r took n n v medlrlni) 'ineli H]|f-nllld reMllts." it it tlio t;i)iiiiluo Kol-v'H. Con- tplatoM, --Advei-tlscment. 111 it l u v s to i; lalmi no With Senator Miles Poindcxtev, t Washtntrton, speii/lflng at tho hlK'n chool a u d i t o r i u m Friday nlirht and ··cnator "William -K. Borah, of Idaho, ehedulcd to address a biff rally at ho Casino on next Thursday nlRht, ocal Republicans will havu their 111 of campaign oratory within tho ,oxt fow days. Senator Horah Is one of the most U'denl opponents of President "Wilon's leatruo of nations and is onpoH- n'l to the ontraneo of the United States In any kind of a ICUKUO of na- lons. With Senator Hiram Johnson of .''allt'ornla, Senator Borah has been t i i m p l u s tho country in opposition o the loafruc, On the same night Senator Borah ippeaia hero tho Democrats will ikewlso hold a oanij)al(?n rally w h e n Secretary of Uibor William H. Wll- f,s Hchecluled to talk hero. An- l o u n c e m e n t of Mr. Wilson's visit to clgBpoil was made through Democratic stato headquarters at New laven yesterday. CREAM FOR CATARRH OPENS UP NOSTRILS Tells How To Get QuickReltef fromHead-Colda. It's Splendid! In 0110 inlmili 1 voiir rloiWrt nos- (niln w i l l o p p n , lh ini' ]inshrives at lu.ul w i l l L'lr'U' , x n t l yo\l o in i) freely. No m o r o hawkliiK:, l ] ) ^ , blowing, hc.'ithK'ho, 'h\v No K l n i K K l I n i ? for brcnth nr your ( O l d or ratarrh will hi' n o n e , ( l o t a small lottlo of TOV'B Cro/un I', i l n t 1'rom y o u r 'tlrui^K'iwt now. App l y .'i I l l l l i ' of t h l h I'l.iisnuit, « n l l « f ) i - lli 1 , lionllim: rn am ,ln y o u r ntmtrllH. It p o i u ' t r a l C H through cvory air r»i- snK r *' of lh(^ head, KooHTi'4 1hi Jni!,'L]ii- cil or H w n l l i ' i i miK'ims mcmbriino ;md rollol" coinos I n s l n n l l y It's J u n t mii, W o n ' t f^l.iv stuffoil- iip w i t h a cold nr n i s l y oatnrrh ~ Relief eoniou so qiiltkly.---AtherUhc- IlU'llt. Federal Grand Jury Dismissed Tho Grand J u r y of tho Federal court In New H.ivpn waft dismissed yostorflaj afterhoon by J u d K Q ]M- wln Thomas a f t e r they had been sHtliiB two days In conference over the trial calendar of tho c i l m l n n l oaaos relative to liquor vlolatoia. I n - dlctmontu were roturnod on each cnso presented them by tho District uttornoy. A niimbor of Bridgeport eases occupied tho court In tho afternoon session amonR 1 which wore: Stovo o£ Falrflcld, oharMf- ed with operating an llllet Kill and havlnR on tho premlsen 3 Of) trillions of p r u n e mash when n r r c u t c d by Vodoral nsents, was f i n e d $100 and ooata uncl sentenced to ono m o u t h In tho Bridgeport Jill. Conatantl I J n l y z u l n z l of this e l l v onterod a plea of not guilty. Uls cnso was c o n t i n u e d u n t i l November 8. nolyxainssl Is chartrod w i t h possessing und Bclllnfr Illicit whiskey. Stnphen Doinlniek, eliarped w i t h opm-allnf? a si 111 will conio before tho court next Tuesday. Tho Brldtfeporters still to be o.r- nro J u l i u s Warpo, .Toncpli Kuaolmahclo and Mrs. A n n i e Siclu-r, all of whom ar 0 cliarprod w i t h main- t a i n i n g stills and violating tho Volstead act. "Ouch! That Old RHEUMATISM!" out your TxtiJo of SI inont and Itnnc'lc llio Mnl- \\Vron't rcarlv fnr tlint 1'ist q u i c k s w i t c h In t e n i p e r a l i i r o , were y o n V Left you blllT, .More, f u l l ot r h e u m a t i c t V i l l l K C H V You tdioulil have had a b o t t l n of Sloan's U n l m e n t h a n d y t h a t w o u l d havo puiietnited wlthmit r n b b l i w a r m e d and noon eased up the muscles, quieted t h o J u m p y , p a i n f u l , a f - fected p.irt and b r o u n l i t tfratlfvlm? rollof. l l e l ] ) f \ i l In n t l a r k s ot l u m h a K O .sel.illni, e x l e r u a l MireneiM, .slilTncss strains, .'icbc», epr.'iliiH l i f t a I j o l t l i lit your ( I r u n u l f l t ' H . 3 Tic, 70o. J 1 . 4 0 . SECRETS OF THE MOVIES Q.--iltow arc rlHlons of RTuxsts mule to n|)|H.»ikr with sucli va^ur or isty outlines In n MX'iii: In a A --Did you ever make a double ·xpostiro with your kodak, t h n t Is aken two picture-) on tho f i l m ? Tho ·CHUlt usually Is that one of tho ]ilc- uros nj'pears very V.-IKUO and i n d l s I n c t whllo tho othor Is cinltu sharp, and especially so In the placi s where be o t h e r ii'e'.nro fines not h i t e i - | e i e . Visions or ghosts aro mail" in t i l l s ·tanin way in tho movies, o n l y t h a t It l« clono purposely. T n "Khust" is photographed on n n n l r e a i l y exposed f i l m , t h o exposure u s u a l l y l i u l n i f \ e r v brief and wlt'i pa't of 1,10 Ik'ht exit down t h r n n K h tho lens to I n t e n s i f y the vasueness. Q.--TM Marslinll Ncllaii, tlio (II- rrotor, over play In tl»( movies? A -- -Nr-ilan hcRon his screen enreer as an actor and was at one Mary J M c k f n r d ' s l e a d i n g man, Iviitor ho b p f i i m o her director. Ho la now n. dli-ector an 1 p r o d u c e r . Q.--Itow old is Harbflra Oiistloton Hinl whern WII.H Hho bom? A.-- Mlsa f n s t l e l o n was born In 1891), w h i c h ma.kes her 2 1 nosv. Tier b i r t h p l a c e wan L i t t l e Tloek, A r k . Q.--Wlmt famous Htron« iwuii of tlic movli's Is now 1«lnK sued for dive n-co by Ills wifn? A.-- Mrs Sadlo Llnlcenhelt is lulnp; O t t o T , l n k e n h e l t fnr a divorce, charHTintf t h a t their h n r i e was b r o k e n u p by the ii'tiih lettKi-i w r i t t e n to n t t o by admn-lntf ( e m l n l n e f.uis Mi- L l n k e n b c l t , It f/hnuld be e x p l a i n e d , Is k n o w n t o movie fnjis everywln-rn U N IClmo I / l n e o l n , who Rained pn-nt f n m n for his scre.en Intcrpi elation of Tar/.an. Po you know tbo n n m o of tho first moving 1 picture, serial ever m a d e ? This question w i l l bo answered I n t h i s d e p a r t m e n t tomorrow. linimentcTM Baskets Chinese, Japanese, Sweet Grass 1'reUlly made, up In H h o p p i n K , work, l u n c h , c r o c h e t , sewlm,- anil f l a t embroidery basnet i MEYMARIAN 1V1UTH1AY 1».\TITY. A very flellinrhlful partv was held at tlio home of fltanlslaws .lacbkow- slty In Stmtfoixi r e c e n t l y In h o n o i of Mr. JaehowHkv's birthday. During- tho p v o n l n B W i l l i a m H a n k a fa- vorod with selectlonH on tho violin accompanied by Mrs. Khmbum on tho piano. Mlas A n n a TCovalaltl flans a nuniibor of seloetlotiH and appro- p r l n t c rnmarks wore made by Frank Lefanovlch. (Abel I The MA) IK OF MKIUT JVir Btjle, Quality, Serrlo* The Most for Your Money in Corduroy Suits. A Big Special at $10.50 Energetic bo/s want something strong. The best suit for school and their strenuous games and sports is a corduroy. It goes without saying that It should be a gocd corduroy and that means one of our very special values. $10.50. Still Some Good Suits Left in Our Sale at $17.75 These arc wel'-made all wool suiA. Such suits have been much more but we have cut the price to meet the demand for lower prices. Models that boys like and ask for. So Mr. Father or Mrs. Mother if you arc looking for a real bargain look over these suits, specially priced at $17.75. Mcigi Co.'» Boys' Shoes Stand the Test By Wear These Brown Slkskin shoes arc just great. Won't scuff or peel off. Sounds sensible, don't it? The price will be to your liking too. $5.40 and $8.40 priced according to size. iMCCMHrOMTf 0 Bridgeport, COM. \ OatfliMn for Men Women tnt Ohlldntt. Specials For Thursday Oct. 21st, 1920 MEAT DEPARTMENT Fresh Chopp»ed Meat ........ 18c Ib. GROCERY BULLETIN Broken Walnuts (ntw stock) 55c Ib Almond Meats 69c Ib Seeded Raisins, , large akgs. 30c Currants, cleaned, ptcg. . 22c Fancy Head Rice . 2 Ibs 25c Broken Rice .. 3 It s for 25c 25c Pearl Tapioca , ......... lOc Ib, 3 Medium Size Prunei ..... ..... lOc Ib, 3 tbs 25c Evaporated Apricots ,,. . . 35c ft, 3 fltw for |1.00 Evaporated Apples ...... 20c Ib, 3 Ibi for 55c Jumbo Prunes .... 35c Ib, 3 tbs for $1.001 NATI\^E VEGETABLES Fancy Maine Potatoes 40c peck Native Stalk Celery lOc Bunch Beets ,,.. · 5c Large baskets PtcHing Onions 7c Fresh Green Kale .. 18c peck Large Cauliflower » 20c e*ch Large basket Bartlett Pews «... $1.75 Large Cauliflower . 20c each New Orleans or Porto Rico Molasses, full gallon $1.10 BRIDGEPORT PUBLIC MARKET 1 AND BRANCH * State and Bank Su. Phone* EM! Main St SELL Y O U R BALED WASTE I' A PER B u r l a p and Twin* to th» H. R. CO. B A R N U M 10ft- -4 2066 MAIN STREET Turd, 55-63 Tom Thumb StrMt Special Oi*r WINDOW SHADES (Old Shade* lUvcrwd) DAVID W. W1LTSIE * CO B-6335 303 WuAM Am iNEWSFAFERi VSPAPERI

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