Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 11, 1916 · Page 7
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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 7

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1916
Page 7
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Friday, August 11, 1910. THE FORT WAYNE SENTINEL. SHOP AND RAILROAD NEWS 11 SELL Mutual Benefit of G. E. Will Take a Large Crowd to Cedar Point. Tomorrow tlio annual excursion to Cedar Point of the Mutual Benefit association of fhe General Electric works takes place and the big plant on Broad-, way will be closed in every department to allow every employe who wants to go the opportunity. And the indications are that the cro'wd will be a record breaker. "All previous excursions the ticket sales up to tho second day preceding the date of excursion were about one- iifth of the total sales,'' said President S. A. Bickel, of the Benefit association. '"If this precedent prevails on this oc- insion, we will have a crowd of 5,000, for last evening over 1,000 tickets had been disposed of," he continued. "We do not expect 5,000 excursionists, however, but it is pretty safe to say that ·»e will have upwards of 3,000." At 10 o'clock this morning P. S. Walburn, chairman of the transportation committee, said that 1,800 tickets had been sold and the field had not been near canvassed. It has been learned that a good many people who are purchasing Cedar Point tickets for $1.50 'intend to stop off at Toledo and return on one of the trains Saturday night. This privilege will be granted. The excursion committee has purchased 3,500 drinking cups, which will be distributed on the trains, thus giving every excursionist a private drinking cup. A bulletin reading as follows was posted in every department of tho hi,? works this morning: "Street cars in Fort Wayne will run on a twelve-minute schedule Saturday morning on account of the Cedar Point excursion. The first cars will leave the end of their respective lines at 4:48 o'clock, lain or shine, and will reach the transfer corner and the Is. Y. C. depot in plenty time to make all necessary prelrrtiirmry arrangements for the trip." It is believed the street cars will lune all tho people they can carry on the trips before the excursion trains leave. President Bickel said that it \vas the intention to prevent crowding on the trains. "Ample accommodations will be provided for ;.l! and it will be the aim of t;io railway and the excursion management, to prevent standing in the car aisle or sitting three or more- in a seat," ho said. Concerning the weather probabilities, a shop foreman of thp General Electric works said this morning: ''It won't rain tomorrow, because it never i.iin^ when the Electric boys have an outing. I have attended every outing tho cm- · Jtloyes ever gave and not one was interrupted or the least interreied with by jain. Tomorrow will be no exception to this rule." games, listening to music bx the Pett band, L. DkJier, director, and partaking of the liberal refreshments provided. Joseph J. Ilartman distinguished himself as a peanut juggler and I. Franke was especially entertaining as a comedian. Amoni? the guests were: William Yates, Frank Monihan, David Gehring, George Thiebold,*A. Kiffinger, J. C. Crowell, Joseph J. Ilartman, F. Henlein. II. Dohnke, S. B. Rosebaum, Fred Smenners, John Reed, A. Streube, A. Nichter, E. O. McVey, N. Poland, L. Franke, Clem Houser, Daniel Stair, Clem Huguenard, R. A. Heckman, Fred Luntz, Will Bonne, Arnold Bloomberg, K. Zink, Glenn Fortne, Ray Craig and H. S. Bleeke. Nickel Plate at Lorain, Wednesday caused the death of Arthur Fritz, Cleveland, brother of Nickel Plate Engineer Jay Fritz, of Bellevue. Death occurred at St. Joseph's hospital, ,Lorain, where the victim of the shooting was Ukcn Tuesday. Fritz was shot in the back, a 38- calibrc reiolver bullet entering his right shoulder, puncturing the lung and lodging in the liver. The missile was removed by surgeons at the hospital. G. A. R. RATES. Roads Make Reduction to Kansas City Encampment. LEIBIG DOING WELL. Pennsy Baggageman Who Had Leg Amputated Will Survive. II." C. Leibig, the Pennsylvania bag- gageman who had ono of his legs amputated at the hospital Thursday on account of an affection of the bone, ; s doing well and will recover from the operation in due time. Some of the papers stated Mr. Leibig was injur?.! in the wreck of the Pennsylvania flyer when the train plunged down the embankment at fiwinney pa;k five yeirs ago. That is an error. In fact, Mr. Leibig never received an injury on the rond. Two years after ho took srrivec \\ith the company, over a quarter of a century ago, tho trouble with his log began and has caused more or less pain and trouble since. The atending phy-u- sian expressed the opinion the affection was the result of a bump on the limb, but Mr. Lcibig could recall no accident of that character except an injury sustained by a fall while skating in Germany, before he came to Ameiica to live. lie ^as, not on the flyer when it was wrecked. District Passenger Agent W. H. Shorey, of tho Wabash, received notice this morning of a special rate to Kansas City, August 27 and 28. on account of the annual encampment of the national body of. the Grand Army of the Republic. The rate has been fixed at $17.20 for the round trip and tickets are good on every train on the dates named No. 9, leaving here in tho evening, runs directly to Kansas City; the other trans will go via St. Louis. ARM CUT BY STEEL. W. C- Schwartz, a blacksmith at the Pennsylvania shops, sustained a severe cut on his arm near the elbow yesterday afternoon, when a piece of steel struck him. Ho is under the care of Dr. Van Sweringen and will bo off duty for a few days, but it is not thought that the injury will prove serious. RUSSIANS LEAVE THE CITY. The representatives of the Russian government \\lio came hero several day* ago to inspect dynamos at the General Electric works, "completed that woik last, night and left the city. One of the inspectors. Colonel Karatceff. possesses a very imposing appearance, resembling the' czar. Tho local General I'.lectric works have built a mini Her of goner - atois for the Russians, but this wa? tho first time they were inspected at the shops by any of the army officials of that government. HOLDING WAGE CONFERENCE. Wabash Manager S. E. Cotter Meets the Craft Representatives. A new working agreement which Involves an increase of the machinists, the blacksmiths, the pipefitters ancl the boilermakers on the Wabash system is the subject of discussion between General Manager S. E. Cotter, of that road, ancl representatives of the crafts named. The conference began in the Wabash offices in St. Louis this morning is likely to continue until tomorrow evening-. The men ask an increase of five cents per hour over present wages. William Koenig, of the machinists; Ed Seabold, of the boilermakers; F. J. Schwanz, of the pipefitters, and Martin E. Berning, of the blacksmiths, who represent the iocal shopmen, left for St. Louis last night. DURYEE QUITE SICK. Fred G. Duryee, head of the wiring department of" the General Electric works, will not bo with the excursion party tomorrow. lie is quite sick ant today was able to leave his bed onlj for a short time. This will be the first time Mr. Duryee missed an annual excursion of the Mutual Benefit association and he regrets it very much. GENERAL ELECTRIC MEN HERE. M. P. Rice and L. DcWitt Efner, officials of the General Electric company at Schenectady, are here today in eon- towice with General Manager F. S. Hunting and Sales Manager A- A. Serva of the" local General Electric works. They came yesterday and will leave for their homes' tonight. ton, of the Pennsylvania, are out on the road today in their oflicial capacity. H. A. Burson is at Allegheny on business connected with the Pennsylvania airbrake department, of which he is the head. Jos. Labbe, a machinist in the Pennsylvania tool room, will leave soon for Pctoskey, \\hcre he will spend his vacation. I. B. Powell, an employe at the General Electric works, has been confined to his home at Roanoke a few days by illness. H. H. Jensen, a rivet heater at the Pennsylvania boiler shop, is off duty as a result of getting some foreign matter in his eye. Mrs. Pansy Fricke, of the small motor department of the General Electric works, is at Lake James for a two weeks' sojourn. L. M. Dunton, of the dynamo assembly room at the General F.lcetrie works, las gone to Chicago to spend the week- nd with a friend. George Brossaid, foreman of the Blacksmith shop at the \Vestern Gas ivorks, is off duty because of the death of his father-in-law. A. Greek, a blacksmith helper at the Pennsylvania shops, is going to Forest, 0., to spend a few days. He will be ac- jompanied by his wife. Supt. of Motive Power J. K Kecgan, of the G. R. I., who had been here on business for the company, left for Grand Rapids this afternoon. 0. E. Wood, a machinist helper at the Pennsylvania erecting shop, has resumed work after a short absence because of sickness in the family. Clayton Ellenwood, a patternmaker at the Bass works, has returned to woik after being off for a few days because of sickness in the family. II. W. Wiseheit, a machinist helper in the Pennsylvania erecting shop, has returned to work after an absence of a week because of sickness. Tho Misses l.ucilc- Rousseau, Anna Harber and Marie Kierspe arc new em- ployes in tho small motor department of the General Electric works. C. G. Beck, a messenger in the Pennsylvania tool room, is off duty because of an injury to his shoulder, which he received while in swimming. G. A. McGce, a boilermaker at the Pennsylvania shops, is oil" dutv because of an injury to his leg, caused by being struck by a flying piece of steel. H. Limbach, a blacksmith at thePenn- "sylvania shops, is at Lima, O., inspecting some work for the company. He will return to this city next Monday. The family of W. B. Madeara, the general foreman of the Pennsylvania machine shop, has gone to Bcllewood, Pa., to spend two weeks with relatives. H. C. Cassid\. a rivet heater at the Pennsyhania boiler shop, is off duty because of an injury to his linger, which was cut yesterday by a falling easting. COMMISSIONERS' ALLOWANCES FOR JULY, 1916. The following list of allowances made by the Board of Commisioners of the County of Allen for the month of July, 1916. Remington Typewriter Co., nidse surveyor $ 3.50 Eugene Dietzgen Co, mdse surveyor 31.40 j Elliott-Fisher Co, mdse recorder.. l.CO · Transo Envelope Co, mdse treas- \ in er 9.75 · Underwood Typewriter Co, mdso auditor 3.75 Theo. B. Robertson Co, mdse court house 31.20 Edgar A. Munay Co., mdse poor I Urm 15.00 Moore Oil Co, mdse poor farm 2.75 j Imperial Brush Co, mdse poor farm 4.91 j L. S. and M. S. R R Co, de- j murrage 5.00 J N Y Central, poor farm 6.00 i Wm. F. Snyder, mdse poor farm.. 11.05 ) Mane Haidesly, salary Fort Re- | covery 6.86 Swift Co, mdse Fort Recovery.. 44.34 ( Will Johonson, contract 50.00 Will Johnson, auditor's expense .. 4.3? Will Johnson, county council 50.00 Expense board of review 3ti4.00 Protective Klcc Supply Co, mdse power house 3.SG Protective Elec Supply Co, mdse court house 2.29 j Protective Elec Supply Co, mdse I .G9 ' orphans' home Wolf Dcssauer, mdse Fort Recovery 28.91 576 In The Heart of Fort Wayne The "Round Up A little of this--a little of that--but prices so small as to warrant a sure disposal before the sound of the gong Saturday at 6 o'clock. All good, all right. Read! Heed! and Believe! WILL VISIT WAWASEE. 6.81 ! 2.70 ' C.SO ( 4.18 i 51.21 j C. C. Schlatter Co., mdse new i farm 27.11 ' C. C. Schlatter Co, mdse or- j phans' home 1S.11 ' C. C. Schlatter Co., mdse county ; jail 1.70 C. C. Schlatter Co, mdse deten- I tion homo 4.12 ! Standard Oil Co., new f a i m . . 58.05 Standard Oil Co., mdse detention home 5.7S , Central Grocery, mdse Fort Recov- Wolf Dcssauer, mdse jail Wolf Dessauer, mdse court house Wiegman Kelt, mdse new farm Wiegrnan /5?lt, mdse detention home C. C. Schlatter Co., mdse poor farm ery 2.87 I. Freiburgcr Co, mdse poor farm 74 12 ( J. B. O'Rourke, repair orphans' ; homo 25.85 , J. B. O'Rourke, repair comfort sta- ' tion 32.30 J. B. O'Rourko, repair power house 31.03 i G. U. Krudop, mdse Fort Recovery 18.17 ' G. H. Kruclop, mdse poor fnrm 269.8S Jacob Klett Sons, mdse surveyor 16.25 ! Jacob Klett Sons, mdse court I house 1.00' Jacob Klett , Son, mdse poor farm 3.61 | Jacob Klett Sons, mdse new farm 31.55 Home Tel A: Tel Co, service auditor 95 Home Tel Tel commissioners Home Tel Tel service service 2.47 T\l* Trorr f FRIDAY SATURDAY UX1 JOY! ARE REMNANT DAYS! It will be worth while to get- toes trampled on or ribs jostled with such big, round, robust values as will be on th^ counters! Percales, Dimities, Organdies, Voiles, Crepes, Tissue Ginghams --anything and everything from the cotton P ^ goods section. Away they go at. YD. NIGHT SCHOOL AT LIGHTS. Educational Committee Getting Folder of Information. Out SURPRISED A COMRADE. General Electric Employes Remember a Shopmate. A stag party at which the greater number of the participants were em- ployes of the small motor department of the General Electric works was given last evening at 2530 South Lafayette street in honor of Fred W. Schaaf, who is also employed in the small motor department of the big plant. The party was intended as a farewell to Mr. Sohaaf, who Is a member of Battery B and expects to be called out next Tuesday. A magnificent pocketknife, the best the market could afford, and a big bunch of lemons were presented to the host and the hours were spent most enjoyably in The educational committee and others at the d'cnernl Kleftiie works who are interested in the night schools feel that they will be more liberally patron izrrl and gcnerallv successful tho coming; year t h a n at any previous period in their history. At a meeting tins week it was decided to make the term cover a period of fifteen weeks and the t u i - tion $2 per term. It w,ts previously §3 and $1 per term. Tlio educational committee has a folder about ready to bo issued. It sets forth all classes'and gives a lot of general information concerning the course. The classes will include practical mathematics, practical mechanics, drawing and electricity. W. J Mockett has charge of the school. Factory Supt. E. A. Barnes, of the General Electric works, Mrs. Barnes and their children will be guests at the Sohultz cottage in Wawasee Saturday and Sunday. They will with Dr. J. F. Schuelz, in the la tier's automobile, this evening for Wawasee. BORROWING CREWS. Business on the G. R. I. road was so heavy last week that the management had to borrow some brakemen and remen from the Pennsylvania company. Business is also good this week, but so ar it has not been necessary to borrow my crew s. BRAKEMAN DIES FROM WOUND. Arthur Fritz Lived Only a Day After Being Shot. A wound received on Tuesda.v morning when he was shot through the back bv a train rider in the yards of the When the Time Comes to Invest ^»····--·^^··^^···^ i n» ^ It is important to see the Tri-State Trust Co.'s Bond department. 4% paid on deposits of $1.00 and upward. 4.% interest on certificates if left 4 months. Tri-State Loan Trust Co. Paid-up Capital $500,000.00 ILt/Over '...$6,000,000.00 W. J. Murphy has ictiirned from Beaver Falls, Pa., whcic lie went sev- eial days ago to repair some electrical machinery. He is an armature winder. John Welch, who resigned a position at the General Electric workr, a few days ago, has taken employment wiih the Sherman White Cold Storage company. T. Maresse, a laborer at the Pennsylvania shops, was slightly bruised yesterday when he was caught between a wheel center and,a truck. He will be off duty for several days. A. H. Breed, traveling passenger agent of the New York Central lines, with headquarters at Toledo, is in the city making arrangements for the excursion to Cedar Point. W. J. Farnan, a machine operator in the Pennsylvania lathe machine shop, has secured the ice cream selling concession on the Cedar Point excursion train. Ho will be assisted by his brother. Tho Pennsylvania uin a special tram Goes to Cleveland. surveyor W. D. Henderson Co., mdso poor farm .' 2 1 . 2 5 , W. D. Henderson Co, mdse new j farm C7.50 ' R. J. Hillegass, mdse Fort Kecov- j ery 109.2-1 R. J. Hillegass. mdse detention home 1072 H. J. Hillegass, mdse new farm 46.42 Wm. Hahn and Co, mdse co jail.. 11.40 Wm .Hahn Co, mdse county jail 29.20 Win. Halm Co, mdse poor farm 29.29 Wm. Hahn Co, mdse new farm 5.30 · Ft. Wayne Fdy Mch Co, mdse , ' new farm 2.25 i Ft. Wayno Fdy it Men Co, mdse i poor farm 44.10 i Geo. Flaugh, nidse poor farm 5.10 Geo. Flaugh, mdse new farm 5.1J Ft. Wayne Oil . Supply Co., nulse new farm 3.2^ · Ft. Wayne Oil Supply Co., mdse ] poor farm 59.89' ' Fort Wayne Printing Co., mdsa | clerk 7.50 ' Fort Wayne Printing Co., mdse auditor 52.00 ', Fort Wayne Printing Co., mdse i township assessor 1.95 Fort Wayne Printing Co., mdso I 59.35 ! Pretty Blouses Caught in the "Round Up" A t a b l e full of Colored Batiste a n d O r g a n d i e Waists. Plenty of pink and canary. Highly desirable! Values to $1.50; choice, 2 for. . . .syJLO ?2.50 Pussy Willow Waists and Tub "Silk. 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C. Jim, a laborer in the Pennsylvania erecting shop, is off duty because of siek- from Plymouth to Fort Wayne last i urer night for the accommodation of the | Hamilton National bank, county re-sidents at stations east of Plymouth treasurer who attended the centennial celebration Stool, rubber tipped. - 08c --Basement Oh Mabel! Look at These Pretty Handkerchiefs Of Crepe tie Chine in the loveliest colored borders, embroidered corners .nd ness. M. F. Mason, a blacksmith helper at the Pennsylvania shops, is sick and off duty. Special Sale on All the Goods I Handle Rugs, Cluny, Madeira, Florentine, Kimonos, Silk Sweaters, Silk Hose ancl Georgette Crepe Waists. The Oriental Store 124 E. WASHINGTON. H. L. Bovine, a machinist helper In the Pennsylvania erecting shop, is sick and off duty. Mrs. T. Williams, wife of the Pennsylvania blacksmith, is going to Kalamazoo for a visit. F. X. Miller, a blacksmith at the Pennsylvania shops, is off duty because of sickness. 0. N. Schilling, a machinist in the Pennsylvania tool room, is off duty because of sickness. H. Sunshine, a blacksmith helper at the Pennsylvania shops, is off duty because of sickness. C. Moore, a machinist in the Pennsylvania tool rooin, is going to Chicago to spend a few days. P. P. Nichter, a machinist in the Pennsylvania tool room, is going to Cedar Point tomorrow. C. K. Rhein, a tool dresser at the Pennsylvania shops, is spending a week's vacation at Rome City. E. C. Tegtmeyer, machinist helper at the Pennsylvania erecting shop, is off duty because of sickness. A. Lersehncr, a machinist in the Pennsylvania tool room, is going to Lake Winona to spend a,week. G. Van Horn, a machinist helper in the Pennsylvania erecting shop, is off duty because of sickness. D. C. Tegtmeycr, a machinist helper in the Pennsylvania erecting shop, is off duty because of sickness. L. J. Bilske, a machinist at the Pennsylvania shops, is going to Vincennes, Ind., to spend a few days. J. Dahman, a boilermaker at the Western Gas shop, has resigned his position and will go to Florida. W. J. Koch, a shop hand at the Pennsylvania paint shop, is unable to bo at work on account of sickness. The wife and family of Pennsylvania Blacksmith A. F. Kline nre going to Montpelier, 0., for a short visit. Pennsylvania Fireman 0. Dinueyer is off duty for a few days in order to attend to some personal business. W. C. Meyers, a machinist at the Pennsylvania shops, has resumed work after being sick for a few days. C. Siebold, a machine operator in the Pennsylvania lathe madiine shop, is go-, ing to Chicago to spend a few days. Division Engineer Guy Scott and Assistant Division Engineer H. T. Symp- in that city. Philip Telley, clerk for Forcmin Charles F. Brenner, of the main machine shops at the General Electric works, is still sick. He has not been able to get to the works for several days. He was taken ill at Koine City. S. C. Gouty, a machinist at the Pennsylvania shops, will leave tonight for a trip through the east. H e will be accompanied by his wife and they will make stops at New York, Washington, TSuffalo and Philadelphia. Arrangements have been made by the volunteer firemen of the Packard Piano company for an ice cream social on the lawn at Packard and Fairlield avenues next Thursday evening. Friends are invited and a rocd time is anticipated. H. Hutch, a rivet heater at the Western Gas boiler shop, received a painful burn on his hand yesterday while at work, and will be oft" duty for some time. A. Gutman, a boilermaker helper at the Western Gas works, is off duty on account of an injured hand. File Clc-rk Via fiaweo:i resumed that duty at tho Pennsylvan.'a motive pov offices this morning, after a day's absence. He took his parents, Prof, and Mrs. G. W. Daweon, to Ashley yeslei- day, spending a part of the da'y on the farm of his aunt. The trip was made in an automobile. W. F. Ranke, treasurer, office expense 95 24 Hilker Bros, mdse surveyor 87.60 C. W. Sander, mdse surveyor 12.50 D. O. McComb, salary and exp county supt 213.60 Josephine Bennett, assistant county Men's silk hats half Drico. PATTERSON-FLETCHER CO. CARD OF THANKS. "We desire In this manner to extend our thanks ; to our friends and relatives, to Rev. L. M. Shoemaker for hia consoling words of kindness, and for the beautiful floral offerings during our recent bereavement. MR. AND MRS. WAYNE IIKNRY. MR. AND MllS. L. J. MBJKR. C. G. Hammond, chemist ancl bacteriologist for the city of Atlanta, Ga., recently directed the erection of machinery for drawing tho gas from the sewers and using it for practical purposes. At present heat, power and light isre Applied to the city from sewer gas. Children's fiOr rompers. ,2.ic. PATTERSOX-FLETCHER CO. supt Frank Eick, deputy county assessor Geo. Behler, deputy county as- 51.00 74.00 74 On plain center effects. 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Tracey, viewer Pettit avc 4.00 Dennis Gorman, viewer Pcttit ave.. 4.00 Cornelius Gcarin, viewer Pettit avo 4.00 Perfection Biscuit Co, mdse detention homo ' 4.KO Levy Bros, mdse detention home 39.09 Rurode Dry Goods Co, mdse detention home 71.35 C. A. Singrey, salary and exp detention home 80.22 S. Bash Co, nidse Fort Recovery 2.00 G. E. Burslcy Co, mdse Fort Recovery 2.51 E. A. Crull, cash advance and salary Fort Recovery 289.05 Grace Aurand, Fort Recovery 12,00 Clark Fruit Co, mdse Fort Recovery 18.34 M. F. Kaag Co, mdse Fort Recovery TO H. W. Meinzen, mdse Fort Recovery 16.40 Fred H. Stoll, mdse Fort Recovery 5.30 Troy Laundry Co, service 33.10 'Ft Wayne Testing Laboratory, testing for commissioners 3.00 Graee Construction Co. work at More of Those "Coverall Aprons" That Cover All! Fancy Crepes Floral and Oriental designs; I gay colorings, 3oc quality-- 1?C YD. $1 Women's Union Suits Lace trimmed .form fitting- 69c 15o Percales Scissors Will "Fly" on These Fancy Silks Nothing w r o n g with t h e Silks--it's all in the price-and that's about one-third under regular. Tub Silks t h a t would make lovely blouses or men's shirts-- 33c* YD i L i g h t a n d And that is the truth, '(fork, anticipnte "They sell themselves"-- ! sc h 00 i needs-and little wonder when their beauty arid practicability is so apparent. Many styles--many, many colm's! Just unpacked yesterday YD Would You Believe Your Own Eyes? Come and See These Tailored Suits All Good--All Right! $15,00 Suits $5.00 $30,00 Suits $7.50 $30.00 Suits $9.50 --Second Floor Cuntfy Cut Vests Bleached, non- slip k i n d . A 15e quality-- 9c EACH Women's 'Union Suits Hibbed, bleach-' erl, taped neck, lace trimmed-- 25c Sport Stripe Suitings Linen, Linene and Poplin, ti sellers-- 25c Women H a v e Found This to Be a GOOD Corset Shop! The care and attention we give to each individual customer is alone sufficient to bring particular w o m e n Tepperward. Good news spreads rapidly you know. And in the bargain we sell only good corsets. A quiet, seclusive spot to make your selection! --Second Floor. More ForTput* Money a: Harrison street bridge 67.87 Allen Hursli, recording deed 1.00 15 K. Krlnkman, mdse commission- 2.50 Ailcn county orphans' home care of children "7.40 )·. C. .Stout, salary clerk 1.67B.OO Amiel C. Gladieux, serving superior court jury vcniie 33,40 Amicl C. Gladicux, serving grand jury venire circuit court 1B.SO Amlel C. Gladicux, serving jury venire Allen circuit court 68.20 Amiol C. Gladicux, long distance tcl service 16.60 Amiei C. Gladicux, juvenile court iur June, i:it 18-25 Amiel C. Gladicux, serving road viewers 1-8" Ida Gladieux, matron at county jail 50.00 Michael McDonald, deputy sheriff commissioner's court 52.00 Dav(d D, Current, yardman at · county Jail 5200 Ralph W. Gunether, brWfe supt. 100,99 Ualph W. Ounethcr, postage 10.00 J. K. McArdle, coroner's inquests 94.30 Hurial of old uoldicrs ?00.00 A. C. aiadieux, boarding prisoners at jail 656.00 Bridge bills allowed 4,29i.OO Janitors and other employes 1.G42.71 Expense of assessing 249.00 Wm. Bloke, new farm 20.00 Edmunds Elec Con Co, nidse power house 91-91 Elmer Cook, mdse new faim 03.75 C. P. Mitchell, ex school fund 1.45 I hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct statement of bills allowed by the county commissioners for the month of July, 1916. WILL JOHNSON, Auditor Allen County, Ind. Try Sentinel Want Ads. Sentinel Wam Ate.

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