Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on March 12, 1932 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1932
Page 3
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Page 3 MELVIN JOHNSON. Inc. . Publisher* Saturday Morning, March 12, 1932. Headl Josephine Da*kam Bacon Copyrlfht tr I. Acpleton and Company WNU Servlco) THE STORY CBAKl'lsn V.--Trailing- TVentzal and his assistant. Doctor SchaKner. Hgth- erwcll overhears a conversation which gives him n clew to the location of the Wentzel house. Ha li convinced the doctor Is concerned In Mra. White's disappearance, and arranges to go to his house, with COKgeshall, who evidently k n o w s the doctor. CHAPTER VI Two quiet-looking men, capped and goggled for motoring, were In the car next morning, one acting as chauffeur, the other In the tonncan. Mr. Well! "If Anyone Took It From Her, You May Depend They Had to Flflht for Itl" would have been called "Doctor Wells" by any student of physiognomy, without the least doubt: his shell glasses, turned Into a pince-nez, his somewhat formal and old-fashioned cutaway coat, his little black bag, the stiff mustache that transformed his mouth, would have made an assisting nurse out of a woman who looked the part much less than Coggeshall. They drove In silence through the city, out of It, Into the suburban district of New Jersey. Each was plunged In his thoughts. The two men. as the trees and fields appeared, spoke briefly of their color and freshness, but the woman sat pale and silent, nerving herself, obviously, for some coming shock or strain. At length they turned Into a gateway and curved along a winding drive. "You've got that whistle, Coggeshall?" Mr. Wells asked suddenly. "Yes, sir." "In case anything prevents me from using my own, blow It as hard and as often as yon can. I really don't think It will be at all necessary, you know, but come right along, both of you, In case. These people aren't out for murder. They're badly scared, as It Is. If Wentzel knows where she Is, this will settle It, I think. Do you know him, Coggeshall?" "I've seen him once, sir." "But not Schaffner?" "No, sir, never." "All right Remember yonr names. And mine. You might Just say 'doctor*--It's easier." "Yes, sir. I'll remember." "You're not frightened, Coggeshall?" "Yes, sir, but It doesn't matter." The man In tho tonnoau gave a short laugh. "That's the stuff, miss," he Bald. "She'll do, doctorl" t They drew up before a comfortable, rambling country house with several outbuildings. In front of a square, brick tomb, wlndowles, stood a large sign: "Explosives I Keep away I" On another, "No smoking; this meant you 1" warned the careless. But the main house was like any other, only perhaps a little less tidy and comfortable. The doctor stepped out briskly and rang the bell, his attendant at his Bide. "Doctor Schaffner?" he asked of the gray-haired woman who opened the door. "This IB Doctor Jarvl3. I have brought a nurse with me." "Oh, yea, sir," she said In a fatigued, listless voice, "he'U be down. If you'll excuse me--Just step In. I know he expected some one--" She left them In a vaguely furnished hall, half office, half sitting room. Open doors to left and right showed dark linoleum floors; a gas range stood oddly In what would have been the drawing room; opposite, two long tables covered with dozens of little square pans filled a possible library. A strong, pungent odor floated ont of a back room, from which an elderly man In a black rubber apron peered curiously at tliera, a glass pipkin In ono hairy band. . As they stood staring about them, steps sounded on the stairway and Doctor Schaflner came down, leaning frankly over the banister to get a quick sight of them. "Why I It's not . . . What do yon want?" he said abruptly, striding toward them. "Doctor Jarvls," Bald his guest, la, a pleasant, low voice. "I found that Miss Ungstrom could get off last night, after all, and come friends of mine were coming down this way, so they brought ns. I thought you'd be pleased If we made a little time." "Yes, yes, Indeed. Doctor Wentret will be delighted," said Schaflner. 1 I--this was rather a surprise, doctorl tfrleiids, yon sayT I had--we bad planned to meet you--bat no doubt It's all right." He extended his hand and Doctor Jarvls shook It heartily, though it yraa as cold ae a flab and very nearly as Urn p. The doctor Is upstairs." ha said. THE FEATHERHEADS By Oiborne WEU.GEE! HA\JE YOU LOCKED "WE CEU BOOR?! DON'T STAND THERE ! ~ CALL THE POLICE IT MIGHT BE AM ESCAPED CONVICT HIDING THERE.-OR- AN'SO.FREDCY.WHEM "WAT ENEMY BAVOMET CAME T And Now, Let's See, Where Were We? WHERE ARC ALL THESE BURGLAR? ? 1 ftET VOU WOULD HUV GONE AN 1 LOOKED YOO WERE A Sotf»« -ms rooms nro mere, you know. Will you come up, and the nurse, too? I [ should like to talk to the nurse a little, before--before--" Els voice faded out as he preceded them up the stairs. An open door at the top showed a room lined with shelves filled with hundreds of blue glass bottles, with here and there a brilliant ruby flask. Suddenly they became aware of an excited voice behind the door at the end of the hall. A man with a pronounced German accent was explaining something angrily. "But yesl But yes I I tell you, yes!" he shouted. "Led me cggsplaln to you, for heffen's sake! It Is not money-- If you gave me a mlll-I-on, I could do no morel Gan no voman have batlence, effer?" Schaffner went hastily up to the door and, knocking gently four times, opened It 'Jnrvls Is here, doctor," he said softly. "Go In there, please," he added, turning to Coggeshall and point- Ing to a door on his right Turning to obey him, she felt Mr. Wells' hand pulling her skirt, and as the door opened and a pale, plumplsh man with red, Inflamed eyes advanced to them, she was swept past him, close to Mr. Wells, Into the room. An angry growl from the men and a rush were checked, together, by the maid's walling cry. "Oh, Mrs. White I Oh, madam t Is It really you? Oh, what, what happened?" 'Look out, I've got yon covered 1" cried Mr. Wells warnlngly, one hand In his pocket. "What's all this, professor? What have you done to Mrs. White?" The plump man turned a confused face on his assistant "But who Is this?" he asked huskily. 'Here Is not Jarvls! I haf nefTer seen this man!" "He said he was Jarvls," Schaffner replied sulkily. "God knows who he Is I But It's just as I told you, doctor, you can't do this kind of thing. I warned you It was a mistake. Are you from Mr. White?" "Mr. White Is 111 In bed," said Mr. Wells briefly. "I want to know whether Mrs. White wishes to return to him or whether she Is here by her own desire. That's nil. And I want her to tell me so, herself." Doctor Wentzel fell backward Into chair outside the door. He snnk his head In bis hands, and muttered something In a low, husky voice. Doctor SclmfTner shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the wall. Perhaps Mr. Motherwell was justified of his much discussed flair;'perhaps he was not In any case, after one look at the two men, be deliberately turned his back on them and walked Into the room. By the side of the clumsy double bed Coggeshall knelt, her head burled In the bedclothes. She was sobbing quietly, but quite uncontrollably. Moth- erwell'B eyes, fastened on the bed, spread wide apart In frank amazement and horror. Inscrutable, usually, of feature, his month hang open weakly, like any street starer's. The face of the woman who lay In the bed showed Inflamed and sunken eyes, tightly closed, In a face so drawn and white that the sL-In appeared faintly greenish In comparison with the linen pillow. The cheeks and forehead were lined with numberless fine wrinkles; the Ups were hardly colored. But the dreadful part of.her, the thing 1 that held the eye shocked and fascinated at once, was the hair that framed her face. For it poured and waved over the pillow, a shining flood of emerald green I Like vivid, swarming snakes It colled and curled around her, and between the tendrils of It her ashen, pain-lined face was set In a mask of despair--the mask of Medusa, he thought, with a sudden shudder, as the horrid likeness jumped to his mind 1 . That emerald hair was not dull and lifeless, like seaweed, but vivid and glistening, strong and thick at the roots, planted low around the forehead. Its glossy strength seemed to have sucked all the vitality out of the body from which It grew. It was a nightmare of perverted beauty, a mockery of woman's charm. "Good G--d, Schaffner," he muttered, "what's the matter with her?" "I don't know," the other answered simply. "Wentzel doesn't know. Nobody knows." "Can't you--Isn't there anything?" "He's been working on It since Wednesday--he hasn't slept six hours. Nobody In this country can touch him; he begins where men over here leave off. Who's to help him? It's too awful. Is that a maid of hers?" Motherwell nodded, his eyes fastened on that dreadful masklike face. "I see she's got hold · of her hand. It probably put her to sleep for a bit. Come out here and I'll tell you about It--are you a doctor, by the way?" "No," said Motherwell. "Not that it matters much, really. He knows more than most doctors, you know. Only we felt--I felt, for he's lost his head completely, Mr.--" "Wells." "Yes, Wells. I felt that we simply must have some alibi--some certificate, you know--something--' 1 He yawned heavily. "Keep a good wntch on her, will you?" he said. "I'll be within call. Come this way, will you, Mr. Wells?" They went softly across the hall. In the chair where they hud left him sat Professor Wentzel, hla head sunk on bis chest, snnrlnR. To be continued next week. GET YOUR Stieff Saver at factory prices from STURMER. 11-7 Easton, Md. Administratrix's Sale OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Under and by virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, the undersigned as administratrix of Lawrence Brown, deceased, will sell at the late residence of said deceased, the Smith Farm, one mile from Hobba, on the road to Kinggold's Green, on Saturday, March 12, 1932 beginning at one o'clock p. m., rain or shine, the following personal property: 1 horse, 2 cows, Holstein and Jersey; manure spreader, mower, 19 Oliver plow, cultivator, Ford sedan, 2-horse wagon, 2 sets wagon harness, 2 aets low harness, 2 collars, 2 bridles, scoop hovel, bushel basket, 2 halters, leath- r; lot old harness, 100 empty tomato )QsketB, good as new; 2 empty barrels, ew cross-cut saw, wire stretcher, bush axe, single trees, 75 empty bags, 2 orks, 2 milk cans, 1 milk strainer, 76 u. corn, lot short corn, hoes, } inter- st in 20 acres of wheat, 6 kitchen hairs, 2 rockers, 1 stand, cook stove; ron bedstead. TERMS CASH MARY E. BROWN, idministratrix of Lawrence Brown, deceased. Jack L. Stevens, Auctioneer. The Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry Co. FALL SCHEDULE in effect September 8th, 1931 DAILY AND SUNDAY Eastern Standard Time Between Annapolis and Claiborne Annapolis Leave Claiborne 8.00 a. m. 10.00 a. m. 1.00 p. m. 3.00 p. m. 6.00 p. m. 7.00 p. m. Between Annapolis and Matapeake leave Annapolis Leave Matapeake 9.QO a. ttk 7.25 a. m. 11.15 a. m. 10.25 a. m. 2.00 p. m. 12.26 p. m. 4.00 p. m. 8.20 p. m. 6.00 p. m. E.20 p. m. 8.00 p. m. 7.20 p. m. FOR RENT Desirable Rural Residence, 1% miles north of Denton. Dwelling house of 7 rooms, complete with pantry, porches, etc., and needed outbuildings--all in perfect condition and ready for occupancy. Garage, large barn and stable, chicken house, pigeon house; also a filling station. The site contains 4 or 5 acres of land with an orchard of apples, pears, peaches and grapes. J. L. EVERNGAM, 2-6 Denton, Md. Auditor's Order Nisi. Fred R. Owens, Assignee, vs. Charles E. Farier, Patience Farier. n the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity No. 2965 Cby. Ordered this lit day of March, .952, that the Auditor's Report, made and tiled In the above proceeding*, be ratified and confirmed, unless good cause to the contrary be shown within three veeks from the 5th day of March, 932, provided a copy of this order e inserted in some newspaper print- id and published in Caroline county once n each of two successive weeks before the 14th day of March, 1932. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk, i'rue Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline county, hath chained from the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters testamentary on the personal estate of CHARLES WASHINGTON, ate of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the aaid 3eceased are warned to exhibit the same to the subscribers, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 20th day of September, 1932, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement. Given under our hands this First day of Marcb, 1932. MARTHA V. WASHINGTON, WM. J. MURPHY, Executors. LOVE POINT ROUTE Autos-Trucks-Passengers-Freight DIRECT SERVICE BETWEEN BALTIMORE and LOVE POINT Bj Stonier Philadelphia. Drlie on ind Itrlre oD LT. BALTIMORE {Pier 5 Ll(hl St.) 7.M A. M. 2.30 P. M. H.30 I 1 . M. LT. LOVE POINT (B. and E.R.R.PItr) s r 1.00 A. M. 10.40 A. M. 5.30 P. M. Auto* (Incl, driver) *2.S« etch. Truck! (loci, driver) |4 to $7 eich. Fire, one w«j iJ cent*. Round Trip (10-d.jr limit) f l . f l SHORTENS the WAY to end from tbe Eatlern Shore Baltimore and Eastern Railroad ENIGMA Play Up. 1 2 3 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 83 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 3 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62. 21 7 6 12 4 11, overcome. 10 14 18, an individual. 16 17 13 25, a relative pronoun. 39 30 41 26 35 19 30, a preposition. . 36 20 11 9 22 48, a floor covering. 8 28 29 59 24, appears. 27 31 - 36 37 1 1 44 15, inappropriately named. 51 41 33 2 38 19, attempting. 36 34 42 43 5 64 23 52 58, state. 15 11 47 69 63 65 49 36, suitable for the stage. 24 46 62 61 67 58 19, background for a play. 3 52 41, on behalf of. 43 67 6 9 1 66 33, exhibit. 26 45, belonging to. 19 60 61 49 40 27, a person of remarkable ability. 32 2 1 1, a boy's name. Answer to last week's enigma: "The greatest bores are those wrapped up in themselves, who think of their own welfare, and ,alk of their own troubles." JOS. H. CARROLL Plants and Seeds. Cabbage, Onion and Tomato Grown in the South of best seed. Oi sale at Farmer's Supply, Denton, am Lane and Lang's, Ridgely. Marylan Grown Strawberry Plants. Seed By and Vetch for pasturage. White an Yellow Market Seed Com. A fine lo of 60-Day White Field Corn. JOS. H. CARROLL, 8-5 Denton, Md. JUST A LITTLE FOOT TROUBLE Just a little foot trouble may be much more serious than it seems. Feet are the foundation of the body and they carry all its weight. That is a big job for a small foundation.- Tho feet are also great shock absorbers. Many of the jolts and jars the human frame would otherwise receive, are absorbed by the feet. They need special care because of the important work they have to do. "Look after the foundations" is a good motto, not only for builders, but also for all who desire health and happiness--who wish to avoid the weary feeling and the weary look. When you think of feet, remember that the Osteopathic Physician thinks and works in terms of foundations. DR. E. F. WITHERS, Osteopathic Physician, Phone 92 226 S. 3rd St.. DENTON, MD. CAREFULLY CONDUCTED VISION SURVEYS show that a large percentage of all Children between the ages of "six and sixteen" have defective Eyes. How about my Children's Eyes? DR. F. J, WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Md. \ Does His Spirit Still Live? IS HIS FAITH in the future of his country OUR faith? IS HIS WILL to make the best of difficult situations OUR will? IS HIS COURAGE to overcome obstacles OUR couraga? On this 200th anniversary of his birth let u take hurt, face forward, march on. Come in and Open An Account Todayl We Pay 4% On Savings AccountsI THE PEOPLES BANK of Denton CAPITAL $50.000. HENRY T. NUTTLE, President J. FRANK WRIGHT, Cashier SURPLUS $100.000.00 H. CLAY HOBBS. V. Pregident W. H. NUTTLE. Asst. Cashier Wesley Collegiate Institute AN ENDOWED PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS (Four Years High School, Special College Preparatory Course) MAJOR COURSES-Classical, Latin Scientific. Scientific MUSIC CfoUKSES-Pteno, Voice, Violin ART COURSES Charcoal, Pencil, Water Color and OH, Mechanical Drawing COMMERCIAL COURSES Equal with Che Best, Cheaper than the.Cheapest SPLENDID EQUIPPED GYMNASIUM Swimming Pool Ftae Athletic Field Send for Catalogue CLARENCE A. SHORT, President, DOVBE, DELAWARB Asparagus Roots for Sale Mary Washington Runt Resistant plants, one year old: $1.00 per 100; $3.00 for 500; ?B.OO for 1,000; 2,000 or more $4.50 per 1,000. Two-year-old plants: $1.60 per 100; $4.00 for 600; $7.00 for 1,000; 2,800 or more $6.00 per 1,000. HARVEY A. REINHOLD. 3-5-3t Denton, Md. For Rent. Dwelling houae on suburbs of Denton; 7 rooms, cellar and porches; garage, feed house, chicken bouse and house for hogs, all in good repair; good garden 70x200 feet J. L. EVERNGAM, 2-6 Denton, Md. s Advanced Refrigeration .ealizing that there are many thousands of people who would like to own a genuine Frigidaire, and whose purchases have been delayed only because of first cost-We announce new prices--the lowest in Frigidaire history. In doing tnis we have considered all the economies in manufacturing that can be effected by greatly increased production and are offering the public the advantage of these savings. Today .you can have a genuine Frigidaire with all it offers in convenience, economy, dependability and known value--the 4 cubic foot Moraine Model--for as little as $130 /. o. b. Dayton, Ohio. FRIGIDAIRE The General Motors Value in the Refrigeration Industry M. K. Newnam Denton, Md. EXECUTORS' SALE OF VALUABLE Live Stock, Farm= ing Implements and Other Personal Property NEAR HENDERSON Pursuant to the power and authority contained in an order passed by the Orphans' Court for Caroline County on March 1st, l'J32, the undersigned, as executors of the last will and testament of Charles H. Washington, Jato of Caroline county, Maryland, deceased, will offer and expose at public sale to the highest'bidders at the homestead farm of the late Charles II. Washington, deceased, situated near Bee Tree schoolhouso on the county road lending from Henderson to Ingleside, in the First Election District of Caroline county, Maryland, on MONDAY, MARCH 21st 1932, beginning at 10:30 o'clock n. m., the following described personal property, to wit: FARMING IMPLEMENTS 1 carriage, 1 set carriage harness, 1 grind stone, 3 bush axes, 1 grub hoe, 1 cross cut saw, 1 long handle shovel, 20 tomato baskets, 1 level, 2 iron wedges, 1 brace, 4 bits, 3 axes, 2 wire Btretchers, 1 spade, 1 piece roll roofing, lot of junk, 1 grain shovel, 3 corn knives, 1 short handle shovel, 1 half- bushel measure, 105 white oak posts, 3 milk cans, 1 scoop, 1 Syracuse plow 3, 1 94 South Bend plow, 1 auger, 3 walking cultivators, 1 GO-tooth hingo harrow, 1 A harrow, 1 acme harrow, 1 17-tooth spring tooth harrow, 1 riding cultivator, 1 Deering binder, 1 John Deere walking plow, 1 1-horse plow, 1 set wagon springs, 2 bramble scythes, 1 McCormick mower, 1 2- horse Ontario drill, 1 spring wagon, 2 2-horse trees, 1 3-hprse tree, 1 tomato rack, 1 log chain, 5 sets plow harness, 1 small chain, 1 horse collar, 1 set trees, 1 farm wagon, 1 hay rack, 1 land roller, 1 corn cutter, 1 corn planter, 1 iron drag, 1 hay rake, 1 sled, 2 poultry houses, lot wood, lot of timber, 2 stacks hay, 2 tons hay in loft, 1 3-prong fork, 1 corn shcllcr, 15 bushels wheat, 2 4-prong forks, 1 iron vise, 2 bridles, 3 collars, 1 bridle, 1 set chain wagon harness, 6 cow chains, 100 bushels of corn, 1 1926 Model T Ford coupe, 2 hand saws, 2 milk cans, 1 wheelbarrow. LIVE STOCK 3 black and white cows, 1 white heifer, 1 black and white heifer, 1 black and white cow, 1 pair mules, 1 odd mule, 1 bay mare, 1 black brood sow, 1 black and white brood sow, 4 shoats. The aforesaid cattle have been tuberculin tested. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 3 iron beds and bedding, 3 bureaus, 1 lot matting, 2 stands, 1 washstnnd, 1 oil heater, 1 wash bowl and pitcher, 2 chairs, 1 slop jar, 2 chambers, 1 wash stand, 1 lard press, 3 trunks, 1 dresser, 14 baskets potatoes, 1 sewing table, 1 hanging lamp, 2 stands, 3 rockers, 3 chairs, 1 settee, 1 coal stove, 1 organ, 1 lot pictures and ornaments, 1 carpet on floor, 19 window blinds, 1 lamp, 3 chairs, 1 extension table, 4 chairs, -2 rockers, 1 buffet, 1 china closet, 1 singer sewing machine, 1 wood heater, 1 book stand, 1 stand, 4 lamps, 2 matting rugs, 1 lot linoleum, 3 pictures, lot dishes and glassware, 1 cook stove, 8 chairs, 1 extension table, 1 cook table, lot cooking utensils, 2 kettles, 1 refrigerator, 1 single bar- reled gun, 1 double barreled gun, 2 lanterns, oil can, 2 iron tubs, 1 copper boiler, 1 last and stand, 1 brooder stove, 125 pounds lard, 8 hams, 7 shoulders, 7 sides, 100 cans canned fruit. * TERMS OF SALE The terms of sale will be cash on day of sale; no property to be removed until terms of sale have been fully complied with. MARTHA V. WASHINGTON, WILLIAM J. MURPHY, Executors of the last Will and Testament of Charles H. Washington, late of Caroline County, Maryland, deceased. A. J. Dhue, Auctioneer. J. Owen Knotts, Attorney. 1-J20 Restless CHILDREN C HILDREN wfll fret, often far no apparent reason. But there's always Castorlal Harmless as the recipe on the wrapper; mfld and bland as it tastes. Bnt ns gentle action soothes a youngster more surely than a more powerful m«tii»m« T That's the beauty of this special children's remedy 1 It may be given the tinixt infant--as often as there is need. In cases of colic, diarrhea or rimiiar disturbance, it is invaluable* A coated tongue calls for just a few drops to ward off constipation; so does any suggestion of bad breath. Whenever children dont eat well, dont rest well, or have any little vyrnd--this pure vegetable preparation is tonally aD that's needed. G A S T O R I A Order Nisi. Calvert C. Merriken, Assignee, vs. Charles F. Driggins and Ethel P. Driggins, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county. In Equity. No. 2979 Chy. Ordered this 16th day of February, 1932, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by CALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee, IM ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of April, next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county once in each of four successive weeks before the 21st day of March, next The report states die amount of sales to be $600.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk.

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