Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 27, 1882 · Page 4
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1882
Page 4
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OBCATI-It. 11,1... JANTAHV 27. 1882. 30 Day I will make it an object for everybody to give ,,, .»_ «.»,^-- ^-.r-nf^sitci -fo -T'Tav^ ft.iivrniTifir in tjJu.6 DOOL v/i »«· me a call that wants Boocs or Shoes now, or ever expects to want Last winter I marked all winter goods down and closed them out patrons the benefit of LOW PRICES on my entire stock of Boots and Shoes in the following way I will sell everything at my regular price, (which is lower than ,uy other dealer would ask for same quality of goods), and will accept in part payment the following certificates. CUT THIS OUT. JANCAKT'20,1882. , d . lt( , ,,,, .,,.- Received, for 30 days from date, forOne for Boob and Dollar, in payment for Boot* and Shoes FAIL riot to .-sill on Abel Locke when looking for the best carpets. Oil at Pana. The oil excitement has been worked up ut Pana as well as at Litchfleld, A gentleman named Newcomb claims to have discovered indications of oil about 2^ miles east of the city, and has samples on cxhibiti.m. It is Hiiid to have a first-cliiss body, and to be good for lubricating purposes. The discoverer of the oil, for the CUT THIS OUT. JASI'AHV 'M, 1**2- for 30 days from date, for CUT THIS OUT. 3. W. BAKER. 18 East Main Street. CUT THIS OUT. jA-a-AHYSUHSi JATM.V 20,1*2. Received, for 30 days from date, fur Heeeived, for 80 days from date, f o r * Fifty Cents, in payment for Hoots and ; enty-tive Cont», m pa.' Shoes amounting to 83.50. · Shoes amounting u ,, . . v . vv -n ,T \V. BAKER J. \\.LAKhll 18 East Main Street 1H Eilfit M a i n Htroet ' amounting to 80.00. IS East Main Street. J. W. BAKER, By taking the benefit of the above certificates, you see it will bring some of the goods down to COST, or 1 But by so doing it will clean out the good, now in stock, and I nn turn my money over and put ittatoNew Spring Goods, which will result in a benefit to me as well as to my customers. You will see you can buy a [JLB5C 3, J. ««·-· «"· - - - - - - present, keeps the location of the find a profound secret. Grape Wine For Communion. The superb quality and entire purity of Speer's Port Grape Wine, of New Jersey, and tho success that physicians have had by its use, has induced them to write about it, and caused hundreds of others to prescribe it in their practice as the best and most reliable -wine to be had. It is held in great favor for Communion pur- poKcs,and is said to be a cure for consumptives. Mr. Speer also preserves Grape Juice natural as it nms from the press without the addition of a particle of spirits. It is called Unfermented Juice, bold by W. C. Armstrong- J " He Went on With his Revival." Tlie Rev. C. P. Hnlburt, pastor of the M. E. Church at Lincoln, 111., must be something, of a wag. At any rate he bought the license with which to tie him to the idol of his affections, a pirl whom he had courted for some time, without consulting her, procured the parson and witnesses, and one night after services in a revival meeting he was holding, he notified the fjirl that he would "lie over to ;ier house in a few minutes. 1 ' He kept his promise, the pastor went, and the astonished girl was married out of hand, OTHER COUNTIES. Robert C. Bailey, a school teacher iu Monroe county, undertook to chastise a pupil named Emmet McBride, who steb- bed him to the heart. The will of Peter Critz, involving »w»,- 000, is in contest at Lincoln. Pekin anticipates a building boom, and carpenters, masons, and laboring men are in demand there. People living in Peoria county are of tlie opinion that their County Board should offer a reward for fox sculps. the animals are very numerous. Tlie hunting on the Sangamon river below Havana last week has never been excelled, and some marvelous luck is reported. Four men secured 1,350 ducks in eight days, and two Mason City nirn- rodfl brought in Cfifi in four days. Miss Emma Faute, a teacher of Vt ilton, is under arrest for assault and battery upon one of her pupils. A premature explosion of u blast in a stone quarry near Joliet, caused the death OUR BARGAIN TABLE CONTAINS AT PKESEOT ,i dozen colored and bordered fringed Dnylcs 5.1 dozen fust "(-.'lie all linen N a p k i n s at fl...'. 50 dozen l u l l ?s lino linen 25 dozen full ?s " " M dozen f u l l X :ii !?-.-'"· 50 dozen f u l l ?i lino, ii'~. Honey Comb Quilt* 75 cents. Marseilles Q u i l t s Jl 35. 31 dozen larsre.frinceil HiK-k Towels ill ·*· w per pair. mi dozen large frinit"-il l · ·rman Towels, at 5,1 of one man. ured. Two others were badly in- VOL. X. S200 Boot or Shoe for $1.75 Cash, and a 'jr, Coal CVrtilic.ate. Yr() Boot or Shoe for 8.00 Cash, and a 50 Cent ( ; «Wicato. 4T,0 Boot or Shoe for 8.75 Cash, and a i Cent Certificate. fiilK) Boot or Shoe for r,.()0 Cash, and a * 1 . K Cortiiioato. nEMEL^BEK. THE J. W. BAKER 18 East Main Street, POWERB 1 OLD STAND. was at work power circu- Daniel King was instantly killed at | Mt. Puhiski Saturday. He sawing wood with a horse ar saw when the saw broke, the pin striking him on the head and splitting the skull. Dennis Godfrey and Charles riackett, both from Litchikld, lodged at the Relay House, East St. Louis, on Wednesday evening. They blew out the gas and came near losing their lives by the opera- _, Mayor has added S-t"0 to th.- reward offered for the arrest and conviction if the assassin who attempted the life of cents per pair, liulozen Ml linen frlni,"-" 1 ;lass TowolH - "" centsenoh. 50 d7.TM Knit Ynrn Socks, ii cents per pa.r. A,We lot of I'nbleBched F l a n n e l levers from 25 to 45 cents. GOP.! All-Wool Y a r n 70 cent* pel' |u»in.l. l.DOii vnr.19 4-4 Pu-itt- Cretonnes al M-j. Hand Stitched and Print.-! llor.le.vil. A l , ..,,.en H a n d k e r c h i e f * , lit 1" " I-"--' 1 ""-. , U , , f which w i l l be loimd very i-.icap ^ A Few of our Business principles. Let fair dealing be the basir. "f TM'»- Never urge a customer to buy what be Jou't want. Tf you buy low, soil accordingly mid share your bargains with your patrons. CUK.VI- CHAKLKV. Jan. 1'-! -d\-wtt ^ For Sale. Residence property in near the Mound. In|Uin T.TI-AN- Job Rooms «f Another Carload - -- OF- t'ood condition at thu Doc. ! dtf JOHN W. LYOX. PUZZLING BARGAINS O P E N E D LAST NIGHT. RE ov WOOU:N Us-nr.uwKAii, Hosiery, C a r d i - j ./·in J'K-ketH etc., must IK- closed out at i -p wo Solid Cases of ENGLISH CASH- Fleurv the French ('utter, comer of Old i .UKKK*, all-wool filling, at 8 ;! c. Two Solid Cases of 20 cent FANCY WORSTF.D BKOCAPKS t.. be sol.i at rji.j cts. Two Solid Cases of Handsome DARK HUNTS at I J c t s . Two Solid Cases of better quality at 4c. Square. _ janl1d.V»tf A POPULAR TONIC For Weak Lnass and 1'psinuinn CENTRAL R. R. 1 .vlTilSTATION,.lull. 1, I8:;. · · . . · " , I f.lil- Ii" t l l J S HlH' W i l l BALSAM OF TOLU l Klul .ill I i' CHii-iipi* I'll.lurnli I'.llilwitJ', i-l;lc.m.. l l i v i H U . n ) . I'urif «"' . K..T. ii. ,\ . i t ' J . i i i i ' l I l - Over 2,000.000 Bottles Consumed Annually. 3RE THROAT, BRONCHITIS ASTHMA, PNEUMONIA. nil TilspttsoB of tho THROAT, CHEST AND LUNGS. ('Ol'('HS COLUH, iii.._n.'.v.»».---~. iS'S^st^SK^SSiSSs?! ':· :::·! 'rKS^vV*^^^^^ aft?r the C9111th b " 8 becn rcllove ' Put up in Quart Size Bottles_for Family Use Price $IAO though not without her consent. The minister went on with his revival. I'cin-in Jouriinl. A good point tersely put in ii magazine article where it is said that "the American is not so solicitous to live within his income he is to raise his income to the level of his extravagances.'' ^_ Ui in Minnesota they have a judge on trial before the senate, sitting as a court of impeachment; The charge is that the judge is guilty of gross im- moralty and drunkenness, and tho senate "has been in session for two weeks or more listening to tho evidence and argument, with no immediate prospect of a termination of the sitting. The case against the judge is even more clear than that agains the assassin Guiteau, as thousand throughout MB judical district hav. seen him in a beastly state of intox ication, and there is no attempt a the dodge of insanity. HP has hek' his office for several years and was confirmed inebriate and libertin I when elected. He was once tho Democratic canidate for congressman from the second district.and failed of election only by n few votes. The mills of justice grind slow in our glorious country, ami ton often it is their fault that they do not grind fine enough. ·One Talo is Good Until Another ifl Told." We aro greatly obliged to .SO/HP of the ilr// goods merchants of Uccnliir for the manifest interest they take in our busi- nesB, particiilurly that part which relates to our expenses. And that they may not sillier in mind, we assure them, we understand the situation exactly. Our C. E. Snivcly, at Canton. H. T. Blair has beeu arrested, charged with the crime. Blair's companion during the evening of the shooting has left tor parts unknown. Two liremeu, Joseph Birney and John HcKsioii. were killed by tlie fall of top coal ] in the \Vhipkcy shaft at ihe Bryan uiiu.-s, No prcimnuioll -v.-r inli'o.liicc.l to t i n - AsiiT.^'^.^n^.Ka.rvsi ,, o rvvcUn.-s of ,iu- i...nL«. '''·'·""'"'z i,m in th,- incipient ,.r :idvn,,. r 1 -j W - r u disease, bus ever met w i t h the 11.01- " . . ' - ' ' » h y * l d » n s . r | i i i l l . - n t s i i s t h , - . r . . - l . i i .' "'"j lock an.l lly,'." The rcivincil 1 ""' 1 ,,, ., J ^.,;; 1 ,:!!" i i^i';;;-.;;.";r'i:i'u.'rs'an!i,:::-i 1 "ia^r^sMrnm^'Sn-niis Our Solid Cast' of HandsomeGlXCi- HAMS at i'_i cts. Out Solid'Case of Handsome 1.") ivnt IVKKSS ( i l N i i H A M S at V2 1 . cts. A young man named Smith, near (ten- j J}",;',,,!;]','""!'r'ial of t h i s '"'i";'^ lw l j'^; 1i jj y ''.''ij e.'eo, died iit Erie, of inflammation of tlie , ;y i y i .. l V^'h, 1!1 ! u 'v : '7^Vil"r,V In'-'r/nini i-.wi.y w i t h Kiwels. A post-mortem examination re- | piiiiii..n:.r.v v.',-:.K|ir^ ','[,,',!]'.'.J',',','",'],!,'.'. ''rim';,^ ealcd the fact that the inflammation was Ij'!,,'^'," ' ' ' ' " · li ^^' ! __ ·I,,OP,I hv nlnster of naris, used in ailulte- " --' «--··--~~--- aused by plaster of paris, used in ailulte- ^ ating candy, lodging in his intestines. ' A survey for a new railway from Rood- \ to Pana was begun last week. j There is trouble in Hindsboro schools u regard to compulsory vaccination. The students will neither bare their arms r quit the school. j-jSMiv-Mm-iiu..!.. ATTORN 1CV AT IMYV. S p . ' r i : i l . i l l . ' n l i o n I " ( ' o i i i l M i - r i ' l i l l 1 " She Got it Free o! Charge. Call at Stoncr's drug store and get a sample bottle of Brown's Expectorant froe of cluirgo. It cures coughs, hoarseness, whooping cough, and coiiBiimplion in its early stages. It is a scientific preparation, admirably adaptcd for the cure of all throat and lung discuses. It is pleasant to take and ; entirely harmless. i Try it. It costs you nothing. Regular i size bottles 50 cents and ?1. For sale by l Dr. A. .T. STONER. .lulySiU-wfim An Ironical Lament. An ironical writer from NVashing- ton says: "A very cnu-1 bill has been iveommondod bv the Senate j M. , ' I . l l K F . V . vn'oiiNKY A N D ror.xsr.r.i AT L A W . I) . WAI.T/. D K N T I S T . NI- Hi. Committee on Military Affairs, to , MILK- OF KOAU J the im^t din·« iniii... ,,,,,,». . . T I K S O K T H E WEST. "'»'""*' Finest Passenger Kti»ipuii:it v.n.l tin' ""·' Mtonded ThroiiKh Cur Syatem mi tlu- i ,-nl "THROUGH TICKEI '! nil Point* Knm, West, North ar South Ant) Uiiirt[iu»' Cl.wkt a trum Stnrtlnn 1' lo i CST Inution. B«,imrtir,.olTralnsatIJ«catl!rStatlon: Meuln Ijlne. OOINO BAST. j . . ·· 4 Atlantic Exuri'ss - 2, Lightning Exp.css . . ·· 8, Bemfnt Aix-omniiKiBl The following frttoht passengers with tickets: ·ulag Bast Qoloi " " (jOlMi *'E.*T. No. 3, Fast . . i n . . . . . . . . ·· 7, jackau'.n Ik- Aiwimii." ·· s,Fd8t.Mall ·· 1, Throuifb Sxpri'Sa The following freinht trains aenzera with tk-kpts: . . l::r. a. re atio.i. I-:."" a. l :):ii l p. m -:"«-· p. will ,-:.rrv p!l . . Ohloago Dilvsloii. /// tlteDistrict Court./ the United A.r the Simlhern District of Uliiioix. In Bankruptcy, No. 1,110. In the matter of Harvey Pasco,bankrupt. Noik-cis tn-rel.v privcn that a i.iititiou ha t.«-n lllc.l in said court by Harvey Pasi-o, l»t of Miu-on, in tho county of Mai-on, m saul .Ii- trk-t duly declared bankrupt under the a c t , rougnwof March at, IPliT, and the amen, iiu-ntu thereto, for a disehiirirc and ci-rtifleat hereof, from all his debts and other elan, provable under said net, ami the ,th .liiy J-ebruarv. A. 1). IMS.', at eleven o dock A. M 1 iwslirniHl for the nt ' a rtn(t of the same by th ·n d court, at the Tnited States Court hoo I tho cltv of SpriiwHpld. when and where L eredltors'of said Uankrupt, anil all other in sons in inn-rest, may attend and show can if any they have, why the prayer of saul pi- tlon shoulil not be ^".'."J.'Q^-ypj^j, c|,. r ^ H I HEX, Attomevfor Petitioner. Dattsi at SprinjrBcia, Jnnuarj- 4th, ltW. Jan. 3-«Mw ,beW...-t. L.4P. K ' y b y w a y i QOINO EAST. No. 48, Chicajto Eiprt-ss ·· 4«.Tbrou«h Express ·· 44.-.blcagoMail AKRIVK FlloM CH1CAHO No. 47, BU lama Express ·· 46. St. Louis Mall " 4l,Tbr\)UKti Kxpress tit. jjoula Division. UO1XQ WIST. . . ilF TOLU HOck and KYE CO., Proprietor.. 41 H.ver St.. Chi 0! , K o, 111. SOLI)' BY DBUGGISTS, GBOCEB8 AND IJEALERS EVEEi'WHEBE. in. :'., IbS.'-illim DANZEISEN _ . _ - principal Chu'ches for Communion purposes. . - - _ . ** *X Fast I i H* 1 ' ·· «; Decnturan-l St. Louis Aceom.. «:»' a m · AFastMnil .!:oOp.m ARB1VB »BOM ST. LOl'18. ·· St. LoutonudDecaturAitoni..'.'.--. " 4^ LJgktnlnts Eapress Hi;u. p. m The following fr-l*ht trains w i l l a i r r j ims- ·engenwittitlvkcii-onthi-!-!. !.,ui. IMvision: ftolngWesi.. ·.:.'..';·,. M- Arrive from WfSt -.'-*'!'· " : OliGUXL^CLlgxi IDivision. Arrive from Bast !. :0». u. L«ave for Champaign _":.' For Maps, Time Tables, or any infnri::ui i".'i ^C°'o°AVl^ iS H. C. TOWNSESL-. Or K. HAHWUUI). Ticket Axcnt. in-catur j.rovidi- that n. r.^im.'Ht .»· company oiHcer fhall bo Jctiiched from duty with Iiis rowiiuciit for morn t h a n throe years consecutively, and that then throe years shall intervene lie fore he is again detached. "\Miat is to become of onr In-loved Govern mont? What of society at t i n - C a p ital? Shall a President and mander in Chief have no rights? May he not take his sun. fresh from the' academy, and put him on the General's siatf with the rank of Colonel, and keep him there': I n. \vnr.Ki.r.n. M. n.. ' I ' i l V r i i C l A N A N D !'r,"."i'.''"v 1 Mj 1 v r % \ ,-t i - . i K K . A'l'TdKM'iVS A'i i . A \ V . in ,val Turkey Roil TABL1' DAMASKS nrw patterns: Harnsley's CVU'1'nitc.l [ , I N I ' ' . N J ) A M A S K S at "Xlo f u l l l W i i u ' l u * uiil, 1 worth Iwe a ynrJ. TOWF.LH, NAPK1XH, SHEKT1NC.S. CHASHKS, etc., nt prii-iw to lioat aiuliini: heretofore kiiown. Blankets, Shawls, Cloaks, Dolmans and Woolens i , , he CI.OSH!) Ol'T, y'/r,. : r- or */."''· i v.-itlioiit reyaril to o:st or voluo. | ·*:·' W l i i l e must morcliants onniplair nf'lii'iiiW overloa,li4 with winter K'»i.k they are puzzled to know v.liy it is th.'il i the'Hitf Dray euinos t o o i i r i l o o r s o " ft '''' ! li.-avih luinied w i t h "-w (,')Js. 'Hi.' -·oerel'is, wo l i n y for .'iisli, make t h e p n . v . Mild sell tliestu'tl". ,:'ir display t o , l a v . · s p o c t f n l l x , POPULAR BED 1 \ V e h lo nrdki JsMSiti' j. R \ \ M I . 1 . 1 A M 'I'. (TSS1NS. ATI'OUNKV A T L A W A M ) ; I N ( . ' H A N f l - . U V Savings Fund nilrli llu'J. expenses are large. Not as large as Mar- shidl Field G., nor A. T. Stewart A- 8I1JU1 1. IriU « vy '. u'fi .!..».. ·-'·· - -· - i . v j j ' » . - - 5 -- i ,- i Co., and yot, not near so large us iill tho j not a Owioral favor his uoplunvs in , retail stores in Defiitur toifctlior say from thirty to forty thousand dollars a year. And yet our Bales will oiiuid the combined sales of the luttor. Then in buying goods in lurge quantities mid from first htinds, we save from thirty to forty thonsmid dollars ,'i yp.-ir more. So we have the advantage of from sixty to eighty thousimd dollars a year in eoinpetinf; for the trade of this section. And onr like manner ? And shall officers who ;\TY A T LA\V A N ! " ITHUC 1 . render valuable service to society by ; · l T^ r r ;^ 1 '|',', !,Ti'!''nti.m U i v . - i , i . , , - o i i , , . i i , . n leading tho german ho sent to the i TT,--7/7,, f,.^,,i,,,. v \Vliv iliKovt'iinizo onr VV . Peoria OecaturJ^ Ewnsville F.'v lake thle Llm Lor Qiarllngton. Ooxonoil Bl\i±l Om»h», Qnlesburg, Dnvenpcrt, Rock T^»SdT taSlle, Chicaeo, St. Paul, Mir owwolU.Mid^lpotot.SorthandKort! lepot, -- -- , . Minnesota an OOINO EAST. PuMnger Prat|ht...°.°".'-'".° GOIilC, »SST. rth made at Peoria in for all points in Xovra, d Wisc iconnin. 10 40 a. m 930 p.m 3 U DR. J. MARCHISi; ·I.H.Y., SPEER'S PORT GRAPE WINE, POUH YSAKS OLD. T HIS CELEBUATED NATIVE W I N K Is made from t b e Julct of tho Oporto Grape, raised in thlb country. Its Invaluable Tonic ami Strengthening Properties are uniurpassad by any other Native Wine. Bcinir the pure Juice of the Grape, produced under Mr. Speer s own personal supervision, its p u r i t y anil irenulncness are guaranteed.- The Totmsrest ehilii mny partake of its (rener- ous qualities, and the weakest invalid use it loa.ivanuute. It Is particularly beneflciiil to ihe ak-c-d and del'ilitated, and suited to the various a i l m i i i i s that aifoc the weaker sex. It is in every respeci A \VIXKTO BE ) It OF THE OLD SQUARE N t w SIOCK OF SMOKED AND CURED M S A . T S , Hams, SELOOII, Oi-:-. f.i B 3ologn.a aiici I_iELi-ci a.t "Wholesale arid Retail. FRESTTMEATS (if all felnds on hand. toek We kill only ttrst-clas FebW'TSdtfd. UTERINE CATHOIICOS, A POSITIVI CURE FOR fBHIAU 60MPUMTS. This remedy will act in harmony with the * e- maleBvstcmtt aU Umeu, and also immediately upon ihe abdominal and nterino mascles, ana restore them to a healthy and strong condition. Dr. Mircbisi's Uterine Catholicoa will core f all- Inc of the womb, Lucorrhffla, Chronic Inflamma- ·ion and ncerati.m of the Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Suppressed ·nut Irregular Menptraation, Kidney Complaint, mil is especially adapted to the Change of Life. Send for pamphlet free. AH letters of inquiry freely answered. AMresi as alxive. Dr. MarchisVsijterine Catholicon. Take EO other. For sale by Henry Smith and Dr. A. J. Sten er, druggists, Deca'ur, Illinois. Octai-deowiwiy J. J. PEHDECOHD. L. BnKROWE. »M. K. BOY. BANKING HOUSE PEDDECORD, BURROWS £ GO. Jr». J . ! The l\ ... SHEHHT is a wini- of Superior Chiiraet, r. an.] partakes »t the- rich qunltties of tho enipi- ir.-m which it is nmtle. Fur Pun- tv. Uii'hiii-s.-. F.iivurani! .i--rtit-in:il 1'r penios, , if will br Innild i:iiexi-i-lk'l. ! This BHASDY stau.-is unrivalled in thi Country, tein» far superior lor medicinal pur- purposi'B. i IT IS \ 1'UKK distillation from the Krape, ! and contains valuable medicinal properties. 7 0 0 a . m . :i 3U p. m. ... ... ...................... I' ou a. m. C. L. BlUVDBnKY.Oen'I .Manager. W. 8. NICHOLS. Ticket Agent. C. L. HO VET. Freight Agent. ur. lil., Jan. 1. 1382. vr WOODBCRN JEXKtf, ' SOLICITOK OF PATENTS, (Domestic and Foreign), Will conduct all proceedings In interference or infringement, or any other business connected with patents. Office at residence. No. 35 Xorth Union street, Decatur. 111. ' grent favor among first-class fa.uilies. See that th.-signature of ALFKED SPEEK ! Pas-aic. N. J., is over the cork of each bottle | Sold by W. C. Armstrong, | Antil^ Druggists Everywhere. I Auc. 31 ISSl-ills- --"WE 1011 f 0 LOil IN VAtUOCS SUMS ON THE Wiost Favorable Terms, Secured by Mortgage on Heal Estate. We keep a supply of GOVERNMENT BONDS 1 n hand at all times, which we will sell at the LOWEST MARKET RATES. Eff~ A general Banking Business transacted ! hut nn intertrt vovl on ' " JOHN C. DUPBE, Patent Solicitor and Mechanical Draughtsman. per day at borne. Sample* Office with H. W. Hill* ·'- xr erofWeat worth «5 free. A««ress Sni«- Main and Cburch Street" . ( , . j r . l l l . P.-o ' ' Maine. ,feb«dw Bo* 819. SepU2-dwtf EXECUTOR^ NOTICE. Estate ol WILLIAM CASTRELL, Deceased P U BLIC notiee is hereby (riven toall persons having claims and demands against the estate of William Uantrcll. deceased, to present the same for adjudication and settlement at a regular term of the County Court of Maoon eoun'iy to be holden at the Court House, in the city of Decatur. on ihe second Monday of February, A. D. 1682, being the first day of said term. DtCATCB, III.. Dec. 21. A. D. 1881. deeJldSw MICHAEL ELSON, Executor. worthy competitors who make it a business to agitate tluB subject, will pleuse state, whose customers pay this yrnit difference in cxjieuwx. Very IteinH-tfully, I)ec24-dwtf LTNN .v Scnvnos. The Almig-hty Dollar. The Toronto (Can.) !Me has the following: "Brother Smith, what does this mean?" "What does what mean?" "Bringing a nigger to this church." "But he is intelligent and well educated." "Who cares for t h a t ? He is a nigger." "Bnt he is a friend of mine." "What of that.y Must yon, therefore, insult the whole congregation?" "But he is a Christian, and belongs to the same denomination.'' "What'do I care for that? Let him go and worship with his fellow niggers." "But he is worth §5.000.000. r said the merchant. "Worth what':" "Five million dollars." "Worth $5.000,00!)! Introduce me. Brother Smith." THE BKST RKJTCDY FOR CHU'PKII H A N D S . Is HEQEMjiN'e CAMPHOR ICE. It should b rubi.ed upon the part effev'ed. The warmth of the skin will sulten it oullieicntiy, im.le or.llnar;. circumstances, l.m in extreme colt weather it mny be neces ar" to warm it by th' fire. If the hinds are badly chapped, nppl; every night, and protect the hands by wcarini an old pair of kid glnves. Hegeman'sis th beat and most popular of all the Campho lees made. HEOEMAN'sCAMpnon ICE Is ale a cure for sore lips, chapped face, and sun burn. Itlscompoundcdwith glycerine, whic renders it more emollient than any other Camphor Ice, and it will be found a most soothing application to the face after shaving. Be sure to ask for HECEMAX'S (formerly made by Hefrcman Co.. New York, and now- made by the Metropolitan Mod. Co. of Xew Haven, Conn.) anil do not be put off with any other compound, which may become rancid and do you more harm than good. HKGE- MAN'S CAMPHOR ICE never fails. 4 For sale by Irwin i- Priest. frontier ? Why disorganize army by cutting off these privil and" ele'gancies, and by introducing the principle of rotation?'' Scientific Advancement. Scientific advancement, it lias been remarked, has been slower and less noticeable in the care of the sick and the treatment of disease than in any other department of human knowledge. The life or deatli of a patient is too frequently a inert- matter of accident or chance. Some great discoveries, however, have been madean.l certain remedies are known and used with almost infallible curative results. Knch a remedy is TAB.VXINE where a deranged liver is involved, or where disease of tlie Bowels, Kidneys or Spleen prevail. l)r. A. J. St.mer, A^ent. 3 LEAVE orders at Cole Bros.' ilrug stoic, t the New Deining and St. Nicholas Ho- els for Lintner's carriages and onini- juses. Also send orders by telephone to he office on South Main street. Calls made at nil hours of the day and night, 'assengers and bnggnge transferred to iind from all trains and to all parts of the =ity promptly. Nov20-ltf !l\- A T T c U M . Y l:,ill I I ' ny Til n t N T . i x . i : i . i i i : i i « ' . i : i ATTOK.N KYS A l y \n. w. J. I.AM:. !) I-'. N T I S ' l . ATTOPvNKV AT l . A v V . ,:.lii.n . i n l y :ujtlt»rlT.f.l u i i i i . i II.f tin- |.|n»t"itmiriinllt.v - . l - l i i . l»» d u l y nlHrn., ·: l.y tin- S'.|,ivlm- Cm i n . · a Stu.'l.'.ii.i'r in Ilic .pon u ; j a n - : i "i SOCentg -,m-s I,, i w o i n y 5O w -j ,. jhare, p i i y a b l i - nn in· bi-ton-t...; V l ' K S D A V E V r . N I N O o r 'Mlh M . I X T I I . :.l whl.-li t l n n - the t o l a 1 aiii'iiinl »1 · · I I . " i IU.1.1 ill iS I.Kllll'.l oil till' Sl.ICk III ltl- h o H l i r ntti-rl.iK t h e hlKlust preniiuin. will H i i n r D v e i l r.-ni estate eeeurity. It n. a M'tem H I M c-unllilm-s t h e S M A L L H A V I N O S O f M A N Y I N T O ONK L.A.R.QB SUM. ... i l l r t b l ' . t o r such iiivo-tmei.t us u n l . , M. ,...!iininnil. an.l bi'lie,' II is k n . . w n »- i ; , i - M u i n - . I o r C n up.Tuitv.-System nl AHD BORROWING! in other, a Bunking System of the Peop e, for tho People, by the People. ,1 the Charier and By-Lawn can!-- .· inllcfMif the SeiTi-tHry iind I n . a K. H. Hour, Pn-sldent. .'. A. E W I N G . Vice I'n-'l !!. K. DCKKI'.K, Sec'y iiii.l Tr.-iis i l i l i . i T o n s - H . O. Melteynolils. C. A. K«- i n . . K. U It. .by, I'. K u n y , J. W. liiitman. J. K . W i . r r e n , K . H«r» Dei'iilu:-. I I I . . He,-. (I. IW1. GJ H J I i - ii ' ' J l l l l u [ I I H N A . H H d W N . A T T O H N K Y .VI Carriage Line. William Beard solicits the patronage Attorney at Solicilor iiiCh:'!!! 1 !'!.' -ii!i! Deeds. Mortinu.'' 1 :'. .V|[K. kinds of Leiral I n s l i i i n i i ii^ · , and Ackniiwli'd}'iii''::t- !*!·.: examlneil. A t t e o i M i n *:.'- ncas, W a r C l a i n i . - . n l i d n " M . : the Hta'.e insolvent inv; ' . . all parts of the Unit.-lr 1 !::' ·· er'sSboe Store, East Ma - at No. « W p The Brut Vf|trta6l« Blood Hedlciie. r.ntrua- teed to cure Syphilis in all stages, Scrofula, Rheumatism, or any Bood Dd*ea«, hereditary or oWirtrt*£. DRS. GALLOWAT ROBIKSON, Monroe, Ga., say · "Used S. S. S. for twelve months in treat- moot of Syphilis without dUappointmcnt.-- Physicians will have to acknowledge it a specific." Ask the drumlst or write for the little book. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Qa., Prop's. Sold by druggists everywhere. Price reduced to 81.75 per bottle. Small size price tl.OO. 3 TIIK EdTPTUX BAT DKSTBOYER IB the test preparation ever devised for the citermiatlon of these ttoublesorac vermin, an.1 all other insects, bugs, reaches, etc For sale uy Irwin Priest. THOMSON'S patent unbreakable glove- fitting corsets, at the CHEAP STORE. Big 18. _ ^ _ PEOPLE are made happy by buying heir Clothing of CHEAP CHARLEY. OVBBCOATS reduced to less than coat of manufacture at Cheap Shsrley'g. Jan. ~--"·-·· all who desire carriage service, either for :rains, parties, theatres, or calls. All orders, either for night or day, left at Hubbard i- Sweariiigen's drug store, will Ofiiee open I rm receive prompt attention. novSrtSmo "FAin LIEALINO" is Onr Standard! "One-Price" is Our Anchor! "Permanent Popularity" is Our Goal! CHEAP CHARLEY'S jnnl'2d,twtf One-Price Clothing House. CAVXOT he excelled in Quality, Style, Price or Fit--CHEAP CHARLEY'S Clothing. Dec. K--tLfcwtf ALL goods marked iu plain figures at Fleurv, the French Cutter: it is the place to post yourself on prices. Kemem- ber the place, corner of Old Square. Jan. 11-dA-wtt The Monument Fund. Snlwriptions of one dollar to the Garfield Monument Fund will IM- received at the l,in):ing of Peddecord, Burrows i Co., J. 7tliilikui i Co., Decatur National Bank, and E. P. Lytle, Postmaster. .1. J. PEDDECOED, Authorized Agent for Macon eonsty. Deo. 28--dtf SHELLABAKGEK'S jiatent process nonr saves one-half the labor in baking, and will make more bread to the pound than any other flour sold here. WE keep everything in our line; low shoes, liigh shoes, big shoes, little shws, broad shoes, narrow shoes, fine shoes or coarse shoes, and if you want any other kind of a shoe we will order it for yon. We aim to please. Call and see us. Decl2-di-wtf BARBER BAKEI;. Do NOT buy lie-fore you see the stock and prices of Fleurv, the French Cutter, t W THE CHICAGO WEEKLY JOURNAL, published at the of THK C H I C A G O D A I L Y E V E N I N G J O I ' H N A L . eicry Wednesday morning, is the lar/.-st and one of tho very best weekly newspapers in the Cniied States, and one of Ihe very eheap-st. It f u r n l o h c ' t i i its r,-mlcr» n comprehensive record of all the important event." occurring at home :ind iibro:id. Sp'.-elal attention Is given to Western news and t»pl,;«. 'n,l to the jcneral political an. 1 hurine" intercut-, of the country at large. The financial and commercial c o i u r n n s of THE J O U R N A L , irivinn a c a r e f u l report itn.i general review of the cattle, produce, money, and stock markets of Ch'.rairo and other market centers, are accepted us a u t h o r i t y by farmers, live-stock men, bankers, an.l commission men throughout the V, t-sl. h;nimr j u s t l y earned the r e p u t a t i o n . i f reliability. Amonlfthc new features recently introduced ID'THE JOURNAL, 16 a Live Stock, Turf and Farm department. A very popular n a t u r e of THE WEEKLY YOUNG PASOLD, D CALEBS III AMERICAN AND ITALIAN MARBLE! We also cut and finish a l l k i n d e o f BUILDING STONE, WATER TABLtS, WINDOW CAPS AND SILLS, STEPS And all of FLAGGING CURBING For cemetery or other purpose!. ar WK BMPL07 NQ AGSb'lt 1880-dAwtt Decatur School of Oratory GYMNASIUM! DRAMATIC READING InaMitsBranrhe!', Vocal anA Physical G?mnastics, OALIS'l HENICS, SHPT ill AT WHO We VWM '.'Al.i. .IN:, i r r n f i i c M RADULi! corner of Old Square, money. You will save janlldiSrwtf Sermons and Orations revl-od, Lectures « rit ten. Dramas placed upon the ftt «T- h T. six-cial attention irlven to Bible ana ="»·· oerlan Kea.lintrs. MRS. M. L. CAIN, Principa..^ Second floor, northwest corner West Mast reel anil Old Square-side ''n tranc '- M . nda v.: ,. ,-., r- r Business bour« frum 1 to«p. m._,»m^- JOURNAL is the Supplement which accompa- and Satur,i:-ys nies every issue, w i t h o u t extra expense to its ' rea.lers, which always contains a review of the latest new books, religious reviews, household recipes, an interesting story, anil choice selections from the foreign and donv stic periodicals, correspondence, etc. Terms for THE WEEKLY JOURNAL: One dollar and twenty-five cents 'Jl.K) per year, and no postage. The DAILY E V E N I N G J O U R N A L is sen to subscribers by mail for Jlu per year. THE TRI-WEEKL? JOURNAL, published every other day, and embracing the news of two days' issuo of the daily, is sent to sub scribers by mall for ?4 per year. Address: SHtTMAN * WILSON, Publishers, 151 and 151 Bearborn street, UNO- Wrril! ¥' T l u ^ - . I i .took l teigi»"ttSd"priec.rbe?orc purcba*M T -where He will not be undersold. . "'.hop iTMthe old Masonic building nortbwe- co'rner City Park, Decalur. 111. jan-U-^ T^RANK W. HAINES ~~~~ BILL POSTER DISTRIBUTOR. ARE AGENT SMITH'S OPERA HOI^ may lie found on Inquiry at the REPCM'." 4 Counting Koom. COU.NM SOLID l l 23 HOKOH

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