The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 8, 1916 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Monday, May 8, 1916
Page 10
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, MONDAY, MAT 8, se a --1 J "BEST IN THE MIDDLE WEST"ACK DILLON agrees to stage a light on the eve of Memorial day iii Indianapolis. Willing to meet Jim Flyim, Billy Miske or Gunboat Smith. * '^^b tfUHl* | STA R'S PAGE OF SPORT NEWS Y -Ralston Goss, Editor. Edward Ash, Assistant.. ·^OlING AND OMVER show great form In mimial spring handicap golf event on Highland links and lead field with scores of 76 and 78, respectively. ERRORS COST 3D GAME JITriSATO Dolan Misjudges Easy Fly in Tenth Inning and Ball Game Is Lost, 4 to 3. Kick Another Way Indians. Cole, r f . . . . . . . . i Kfllley, If I Itronlilr, Mb. . ;. j Wlokland, r f . . . i lolan, If, - f . . . | Crandull, I.eary, l b . COLE I N L I N E U P T AB H H SH SH () . . . . 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 5 0 '.'. r, o o 'c ; I INDIANS HOLD LEAD UNTIL EIGHTH, WHEN SAINTS TIE 5 5 Derrick, 8» H Gossett, t: 4 Aldrldgp, p B Totals ,4'i 4 0 S .0 8 2 0 11 0 1 0 8 0 0 MILTON IS PICKED TO PILOT THIRD CAR BY DUESENBERG New Driver to Local Fans Will Team With Eddie O'Don? nell and Wilbur D'Akm--May Join Team in New Yolk--Prize List Announced. 11 0 1 * 3 7 1 1 Score Single Runs in Second, Third and Seventh and Should Have Won Easily. St. Paul, 4; Indians, 3. BY HENRY LUND, Special Correspondent of The Star. . ST. PAUL, .Minn., May 7. B RONKIE and ' Derrick, handed Batur-. day's game to the Saints, but today's victory for the home team was the joint gift of Derrick and Cozy Dolan. In spite of them, however, the Indians forced the .game to go ten Innings -before they succumbed, 4 to 3, and lost the third of four . games played here. Aldridge pitched a rattling good game of ball, but in the face of the support the Hoosier Schoolmaster , received Walter Johnson could not have won. Derrick overthrew first base three times,, all of his errors being on ground balls hit to him by Smith. , Dolan's bobble was a mental lapse. In the tenth, with two on and none out, Dressen lifted an easy tly to him, but instead of backing out a f( ; w feet he ran In toward the diamond. When he discovered his mistake it was too late and the ball game had been tossed away. Phil Douglas and Aldridgo were effective in pinches, although both were landed on frequently. - For Glenn Saves Saints. the home team, Glenn was the hero o f ' t h e ' d a y . Saturday 'Marry came up in the ninth with two runs needed to win and delivered. Today . his . turn came in the eighth, with the Indians . leading, 8 to 1. Two were out at the time and two were on hastes, Dresscn having beaten out a tap to Crandali and Land having driven the ball clear through Bronkle and Derrick, who was backing --him up, 'to the left fielder. It was Douglas's turn to bat, hut he was excused and Harry Glenn took his place. Gllmore at the same time replaced the other Grover at second, being fleeter of foot. Glenn drove a hot liner at Crandali, who did well to knock it down. While lie was picking It Up, Dressen nnd Gllmore hastened In with the runs t h a t tied tho score. The Saints scored in the first. Nllt« wns an easy p u t , but Berphammer put t h e ' . p i l l through Aldrl'Jgc f u r ' a slngh; a m i ' Walton Cruise slngltd, h i t t i n g to Bronklr, whose throw to. first had the runlu-r beaten apparently, but O'Brien couldn't sen It t h a t way. Rigg'ert fanned, but Smith hit to Derrick, whom high throw got by henry and Marty came In. Tribe Takes Lead. The Indians drew even In the pecond frame,-when Crandali singled to right nnd '\" stole se.cond. Land's throw was lo\y, tho ball going to center field, Karl t a k i n g t h i r d and counting on Leary's single to writer. ·None out when winning run wan scored. SulnU. Alt R II _BH_8IVO A K Xlles, 2fo 8 0 !3 0 0 2 5 Kerglmmmer, SB. 4 1 1 H ' 0 1 H Cruise, cf 5 0 1 6 0 0 0 Hlggert, If 5 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 Smith, 8b ·.. 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 I'addock, rf 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 Dressen, l b . . . . , 0 1 2 0 0 14 0 1 Iiiuid, c . . , 4 0 1 0 0 5 1 1 ·Gllmore . . . . . . 0 1 6 0 0 0 6 0 DoiiglitH, p . . . . . . 2 0 1 0 0 I 4 0 Lrlileld, p . . , . , . . . 0 0 0 0. 0 0 0 0 Glenn, c . . . , 1 0 1 0 0 8 0 0 .SO 4 10 1 0 HO 15 2 Totals .. -- *-Hnn-for -Land-ln-t-he-rlKhihr · .--- ..... -----I n d l o n D . . . . 0 - 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0--3 S n l n t s . . . . . 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 '1 -- 1 Throe-Maw Hits -- Douglas, Dolnn, Hellley. Threc-lJnso lilt*-- Bronklr, ,Dolan. Double Piny -- Smith to Nlles to Dresucn. Left on I5unen-- Indiana, 10;. Saints, 12. . J'lrst Huge on Krrors -- IndlanN, 1 ; HalntH, 3. Husea on Bulls-- Oft' Aldridge, 4; off I)o«g- los, 1, Hltw and Karncd Itunti-- Off Aldridge, hlln 10, runs Z in 0 Innings; off Douglas hits 0, runs 1 in 8 InnlngH; Off Leifleld, hits 2, runs none In 2 InnlnitH. Struck Out-- By Aldrldgc, 3j by Douglas, 4; by Lrfflelfi, 1. Posucd Hall-- By I.nnd, 1. I inpiroH -- Barry .Met drinlclt nnd Joe O'Brien. Time -- 2:10. BOWLERS LAUNCH STATEPINBODY Indianapolis Enthusiasts Meet _ With Bowlers From Many Indiana Cities at Loqanspbrt and Form Association. LOCAL MAN IS PRESIDENT BY A. 8. BLAKKLY. o HE LATEST DRIVER to be nominated in the 300-mile 1 race on the local 0 * Speedway May 30 is Thomas Milton. He will be at the wheel of the o , third Duesenberg entry and will team with Eddie O'Donnell and Wilbur D'Alene 1 . This information is carried in a telegram to The Star from F. S. Duesenberg of tho Duesenberg Motor Company of St. Paul. -- -Milton, as a driver of .speed cars, is unknown to Indianapolis fans, but he must be 'a capable and heady pilot to be given a place at the wheel of a., mount which hag been winning BO consistently during the present season. With such experienced men as O'Donnell' and D'Alene -t-6-coach hlnrtm-drlvlng the -brlrkr -traclr- here, he should be one'of the contenders in the race. Doth O'Donnell and D'Alene have long records behind them and this should .count In Milton's favor, Milton replaces Tom Alley on the Duesenberg team a - nd will have to compete against the Indianapolis boy in the bis race. Alley will drive t h e : Orgen Special, the last car to be entered in the race. Speedway Pilots to Strive tor Prizes Totalling $30,000 n r i l K PRIZE LIST for which the * drivers in the 300-mile race at the Speedway will compete this year umouj/t.H to $80,000 in cash, \vlth three Intermediate trophies added. To tho man who crosses the tape first will go the ?12,000 first prize. Second place carries with it $6,000, while third is $3,000 and fourth is $2,000. F i f t h prize is $1,700,;. sixth $1,400," s e v e n t h . $1,200, eighth $1,000, ninth $900, tenth $800.., ThTee extra trophies will be'fought . for by the -speed demons. The Remy Grand Trophy and the Remy Grand Brassard w i l l be awarded the driver of the car .leading at 100 miles. The Frost-O-Llte Trophy will'be awarded tho driver of the car leading at 200 inilea and the Wheeler-Schebler Cup will he awarded to the driver leading at tho 2rfl-mlle post. The race this year is for Class B cars, nonstock; with a'· piston displacement of 300 cubic Inches orlesa. The m a x i m u m weight has been set at 2,5(Ki pounds. SHELBYVILLE WINS GAME. SHELBYVILLK, Ind.. May 7,--In the soc- oiid foauo ball gamo of the season between Greensburg and Shelbyvllle High Schools, .Shelbyvllle was winner yesterday on her own diamond by a score of C to 3. Tho first game a week ago was a victory for Greensburg. Batteries for the game were: Shelby- vlllc, Byliind and Hall; Greensburg, Nleman, Kantz and Douglan. FIRST LOSSJNJTM YEARS. NEW YORK, May 7.--Columbia University lost Its first dual athletic meet in five years yesterday, losing to Brown University by a score of 69Vi to. GOING UP-AND OVER M INUAL TRAINING High School's star athlete, Pole Vaulter Garten, was caught by Lou V. Burton, The Star's staff photographer, oslfe was clearing the bar in that event Saturday at Federal Park In the Manual-Bhelbyvllle games. The lower picture shows Weimer of Shelby, vllle (at the extreme right) winning the JOO-yard dash, with Gullett of Manual distanced by about a yard. Reserves Defeated by Anderson Eagles Before 1, 700 Fans [Special to The Indianapolis Star.) LOGANSPOHT, Ind., May 7..--After being without ah organization for several years representative bowlers from various cities of Indiana got together. In t h i s city yesterday n n d .perfected a state association. The constitution and bylaws, were passed on and officers elected. ' James E;. Miller of Indianapolis was elected president of t h e . state body. S. 'II. Geatle of .South Bend was named vice -i president, and Michael Cartnlcheal o f ! Kokorno, secretary-treasurer. M i l l e r is ! of DILLON SIGNS FOR BOUT ON NIGHT BEFORE RACE /. , , Champion Will Appear in Local Ring for First Time in Two Years. SMITH, MISKE OR FLYNN CONSIDERED FOR BATTLE Ed Smith Expected to Referee Go Which May Be Staged at Federal PaTRT ANDERSON, Ind., May 7. O EVENTEEN hundred fans saw the An- ·^ derson Eagles defeat the Indianapolis .Reserves by a score of 5 to 2 In a listless game here this afternoon. Schlemmer, third baseman for Anderson, made a spectacular catch of a foul In the fourth inning. Powers, pitcher for the Reserves, brought in two r,uns with a single for Indianapolis. Score: Reserves.' ....... 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 -- 2 0 4 Eagles. . . ........ o 3 0 0 0 M 1 0 0--6 6' 2 YALE NET STARS WIN. NEW .HAVEN. Conn., May 7:--Yale de- herr Mday, 6 to 1. ftated Williams in In the third inning the Tribe w o n t Into the lead by. scoring .a run to w h i c h they were entitled. Aldrldgc singled and took secoiul on Bronkle's drive to center and scored on Dolan's double, that hit the left flfId fence. Hendricks's crew counted tht'lr 'last run in the seventh. Derrick .accepted tho only . pass issued by; Douglas, j Gossett tried sabrlflce, biit "rafted a ."pop trT Uressehl" 'A4K -.tldge--singled-* through--4flvort«fo"p"-"'ffiria~-"PBle' was safe, when Dressen- messed up his .grounder. With the bases f u l l , Bronkto fanned, but a third strike was also d passed ball and Derrick came in. Uouglus fanned Wick land qnd the Indians wore through for the day. ..The Saints tied up the score In the eighth and Llefleld pitched the rent of the game for them. Jn tho n i n t h a great throw to the .plate that cut off a run brought the fails to ; their feet. Oosseft singled to center and Rellley, who hud replaced Cole in the eighth, doubled to the left field fence. Higgert collided with the fence as he wus catching the bah. He dropped the pill, but picked It up 'Jind relayed It to BerRharnmer, whose quick throw.nipped Gossott at the plate. The Saints did -nothing In the ninth, but In the tenth Derrick made hl« third overthrow when Smith hit a grounder to him. Paddock walked and It wan up to Leo August. Dressen then lifted an easy fly to Dolan, who misjudged It. The ball sailed over his head and Smith scored, the winning ..ran. the state association as ho has acted In t h a t capacity for the City Bowling Association of Indianapolis for some time. -H%e other men elected are experienced enough to make it an assured fact that (he business of the association will be well taken cure of, Bowlers Are Elated. -The next meeting of the state asso- · in -December Notes of the Tribe, 1 A't~tlTfit a 'ti nWoi'iVr "of : '-'t I i"e" fries t' 'i in por tan £ matters will -be the awarding of the annual, state tournament. With a state body once more In action, It is believed the bawling frame will prosper even more than it did the past season. The bowlers from i i l l over the state are elated over the forming of the association. Those who attended the meeting were A. M; llazelgreen, Gary; C. ^. Hanry, Gary; Ed Harkenrider/ E. K. Menscheii, Fort Wayne; E. H. Meyer, J. B. Miller, A, M. Pollard, Frank Fox, W. W. Harshman,-Indianapolis; A. H. West, Michigan City; I'l C. Ellassen, Mishawaka; S. H Gentle, South Rend: M. 'Carmichael, Ko- koino. - '" Without taking any credit from bowlers over the state, it might be 'said that Indianapolis pin knights were the real instigators of the present organization and a number of the .best bowlers from that city were present. ' ST; PAUL, Minn., May 7. WITH CLASS AA, support of the p i t c h i n g the Indians (lingers supplied; the visiting team should have won three of the four games played* here. WITH DERRICK on first in the seventh, Dressen purposely dropped Gossett's intended ...sacrifice rind, then .touched .-i.'.t'u'.ijjw,TM»",,,i.'i i !(,,fiww.oy - uu-,jiHt..,,j,iaj3e., bul u m p i r e O Brleh refused" to stand for the double play, Leo's bobble being a little too transparent. IN THE EIGHTH Crandali nearly drew an error on Dressen. Karl fumbled the slow grounder, but the speedy St. Paul first sarker would have beaten the throw In any event. ' . RiGGlCltT escaped Injury when he collided with the fence as he was catching Rellley's long drive. Joe hustled the ball to Herghammer In time for a putout at the plate on Gossett. eoZY'DOLAN'S triple In tho sixth was a - r a t h e r lucky one. The'ball took a bud bounce as. Cruise was reaching for it and shot by him. Cozy was the hitting kid of the day, with a triple, double and single, in the n i n t h he .fanned at throe of Liefleld's floaters. SHUT OUTWITH1 HIT Star Pitcher of Cuban Team Holds locals to 6-to-O Score at Federal Park--Teams. Meet Today and Tomorrow. Harry O. 'Cliamberlin, on the left, was renominntea president of the Hawthorn Olub last winter alter successfully "serving in that capacity the previous summer. H. Douglas Pierce Jr., who is seen on the right, is one of the directors. W. H. Morrison Jr., whose photograph ia immediately below that of Pierce, Is vice president of the organization. The club w ill begin play on its new courts soon. The pitching of Padron for the Cuban Stars was too much for Taylor's A, 13. C.s yesterday at Federal Park, the Stara scoring a 6-to-O victory. Padron waa in great ---form, allowing taut one hit, a sharp single 'by Clark in the seventh inning spollin the southpaw's chances for a no-hit contest, Padron also made ten of Taylor's aggregation fan. Dismukes, for the locals, pitched good j ball for seven Innings, being relieved to allow Shlvely to bat for him; *Both teams fielded in good style. ·- , Jlmenei5,_ihe .star -second basenlan for ,-. the Islanders, led with the stick, clouting - out two hits. Tho same clubs play at Federal Park today and- tomorrow. Score: A,B.C. AB H O A E Brbr,cf-2 4 0 0 0 0 Jirown.rf. 4 0 1 0 0 Clark,s.. 3 1 1 4 0 3 0 12 2 1 Dunbar.lf 4 0 1 0 0 M«art«,2b. 3 0 1 4 0 -.I.T-ylr,3b 4 0 3 1 ; : -jl'owell,c. 1 0 n 2 J ».lomkB,p 1 0 1 B 0 'Shlvly.of 1 0 0 0 0 Jeffrles.p. 0 0 2 1 1 ·Konnard 0 0' 0 o 0 Totals. 28 12719 B Cubans. AB H O A IS Jlmcn?.,2t) 4 2 2 1 Campos;3b 4 0 1 : ; UotiglH,!!) 3 1 7 0 V l l l n . n f . .. 5 1 0 0 Pc'drosa.rf 5 1 0 0 Hodrqdz.c 4 013 0 Magrlnt.If 4 1 z ()' Padron,p. fi 1 1 0 Totals. .37 7 2 7 9 1 "Uatted for Dlsmukos In seventh. ·United for Jcffrlea In n i n t h . !illmnB, 2 . n. c.8 o o i o o 3- -B' 0--0 'wo.bnso hi to--Jimenez, Pedroso, Stolen ' ·"'C«--Jlmoncz, Campos, Oonxnleo, Clnrk. n -es on ballR--Padroii, 6; DlHin'ukrN, I; · Ifleri, 2'. fitrook out--lilomukes. 4; Pa- · n 10; .tnrtrlpB, ]. Hit by pitcher--By i'fries (tinnKtilea). Hits--Off Dlsmiikcn, 5 "· 7 InnlngM; off JoffrlcB, 2 In 2 Innlngft. P ' » - i ! 0 l ImllR-^nndrlquoi!, 3, Umpire--Mc- · u-U'. Time-- 1:S1. . · . ' · ' ,, - BO'S OUTFIT SKIDS IN MUD AND LAW'S TEAM WINS, 9-2 East Siders' Engine Hits on Every Cylinder, While Some- thingHappened to the Transmission in West Siders 9 Racer7 East Siders, 9; West Siders, 2. BY RALSTON GOS8. TT ITTING 'ON every cylinder a.nd in ,nearly every inning, the big East AJ. side Auto Row team simply ran away from the West Siders^ who, forgetting their chains and all the baseball they may have known In the dim and distant past, slipped badly in the heavy going and lost by the lopsided score of 9 to 2 in four and one-half innings of near- baseball at Washington Park yesterday forenoon.! ~ The stars of the .contests-were Eddie Updyke," Fred O'Brien, Howdy Wilcox and Berne Griffey. " _ . . ·' But Tom Fanned. The game opened in -big leaguo style with Tom Jones--in a regular unlfotm-- at bat... Tom fanned. Fox singledHo left Hunter was hit with a pitched ball, -putting two on _jwith Seth Klein, clean-up hitter, at bat. Things looked .propitious for Stan Bohannan'.s nine. They put on tho hit-and-run, too, but^Seth's hit was ii drooping liner 'that struck the ground in -front of Pitcher Cunningham's feet, and Seth was retired at first. Fox nnd Hunter moved to third and second, respectively, but Fox pulled a Barry when Short--but Awful! ' Ij --TttatlAiito l liast Side McCord, cf 3 Bird, r f . . _ 3 i Cauley, If s 0 AB It HSHSI) O A K YOUNG GETS LOW HIGHLAND SCORE Shoots 76 Aqainst Card of 78 by -Oliver-rand-Befeat^-latter 2- and 1 in First Flight of Spring Handicap. FIRST ROUND IS COMPLETED LOW CARDS. --Young.-Out 4 4 5 6 4 2 5 In,... -.. -6 --5 4 --6 3 4 ----4( -rOliver.--· O a t 5 - 4 6 5 4 3 4 I n , 4 5 4 5 4 4 5 S--37 4--39--76 2--37 " 4--41-^78 Murk, Sir 3 Law, 2b Itehm, lb WIlcox, lb BENDERS ARE BLANKED. KOCHKSTKK, Ind., May 7.--The Hoches- ter Black Sox blanked tho South Bend Silver Kdgre baseball ^tcain hero this afternoon, fi to 0. Tl'o feature of the game was Scho- flt'.ld'n .snappy work, which accouritod for six runR. Rochester meets tho Ottoo nt Jjogans- port next Sunday. Crulshank Quits Game. Frfink Crulshank, who got away to a flying' Btart In the Sernntoh outfield Jnst your and fell down mloerobly In the last few months of Hie Benson, 1mH announced bin 'Iccliilon to devote -lite time to Bomethlhg other than baseball this year. ho tried to steal home as Reeser got a ... ,, base on balls and was out before he ""owaitcr, an started to-tryMo slide, retiring the side when the bases should have been full and with Gulling, a.heavy hitter, up. Win It at tho Start. The Hast Sid-pro proceeded to sew up tha contest In ·· the very first inning by taking advantage of the loose fielding of their opponents and the fact that Stan Bohannan, who waa doing tho pitching, couldn't miss their bats. Stan started .wrong by fannhiB tha man. Then the trouble began. Bird dropped a Texas leaguer In left thafClaude Derrick or Duke KelHey would have caught In. his hip pocket. Canley busted one for a single and when I,eft Fielder Heeser did a Culebnr and kicked tho ball a couple ^nore yards Cauley reached second and Bird (lew all tho way home from first. Manager Bohannan Immediately benched Ueeaer and put Kred O'Brien in left. Muck reached, firm on Uohannan's wild throw, but t h e -manager did not bench himaelf, as ho should have dono. Cauloy took third on the mlsplay and Brigga caught him napping a little later with a throw to Hunter. Ilehin wan hit with a pitched ball, Mack having stolen second In tho meantime. Showaltor'a Blnffle scored Mark and Griffey's hit put Rohm over, Cunningham's In'field single to Tom Jones filled tho buses. Cunningham, G r i f f e y , and- 1 Shownltor then- executed ft triple steal, Showaltr:r Bcorlnff. · Eddie Up- dyko's muff of CJerhart's fly allowed Griffey to count und caused Manager Bohannan to bench the right fielder, Tom Mullln bo- Inpr substituted, McCord, up ,for the necond Hi'T, l n ''"' InnhiR, hit a ny that -Center I'ldder Gulllni? actually cauRht, ending the llrst-lnnlnt; shuiRhter. The West Sldera' Runs. Mullln, h i t by a pitched ball with one out In. tlie-Recond, scored for the West Siders .on a steal, an Infield out and Bohannan's hit-- : which ho stretched Into a double by fast u p r l n t i n g In the mud. Jones walked, but Fox was thrown out by Sho waiter. Hunter, who relieved Bohannan on tho .mound, fanned Bird. Cauley and Mack in the East Skiers' turn at bat.- SlnRles by Hunter, Klein and Rowley save tho West Sldors their last run In the third. The Kast Siders added four moro to their CONTINUED ON PAGE 14, COLUMN 6, 1 6 z 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 3 1 » 8 0 5 15 ~o ~ West 8lde.» AH It H SH SB O A E 0 Orlffey, 8b . . . . . . ' . . . 1 Cunningham, p ..... g Agcter, p .......... o (Jcrlmrt, o .......... i Trono, c ............ o Totals .......... , . ' a i 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 6 0 0 0 Jones, !5b ........... 3 Fox, ss .... ....... . 2 Updyke, If . . ---- . . . . . 1 Hunter, 3b-p . ...... 3 Klein, H ....... .... 8 Keener, If ............ o O'Mrlen, U ........ . o Bowler 3b ......... j Gulling, cf ......... 3 Updyke, rf ..... , . . . o Mullln, rf ........ ,, 2 c .... ....... 2 o Uolmnmin, p-lf.sH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 7 3 0 0 . Totals ............ 21 2 7 Kust Side . i ........ , ..... 5 West 8«do ............ .. , . . o 4 13 4 0 1 U ' .0 *_(, 0--a Two-lmsc irlts--nolmnnun, CunnlnKhnin. Xeft on Bnses--East Side, 3j Wc«t Side, 8. Innlngfl 1'Urhed ~- Hy Bohnnnnn, I too many; by'Hunter, 3; by Cunnlnghnm, 3; by Afteter, 2. Hnsea on Malls--Off Hunter, I ; oft Cun- nlnghnm, 3 . . 0 Strut;]; «,)ut--By llolmnnan, 1 · by Hunter, 0; by Cunningham, 3; by Ajjettr, 4, Hit by Pitcher--By Bohnnnnn, 1 (Kclim) ( by Hunter, 1 (Griffey) j l»y Cunningham, 3 (Hunter, Mullln). Wild Pitches--By Agcter, 1 j by "Hunter, Z. Hits--Off Boltannnn, B; off Hunter, 9; off Cnnnlnglinin, fij off Agcter, 2. . Pnsspd Bnll-^JBy Gcrlmrt, 1. , 'UmplreH--;Byrne and Hnynen. . Time--1:6S. BY A. 8. BLAKELY. The first found, in tho annual spring handicap tourney of the Highland Golf C.Hib was '·cc-mpleted yesterday, afternoon aii'd "every -'match'"scheduled m the Six flights was completed except one. Good golf was displayed and practically all of the .scores were exceptionally close for the early season. T h e / f e a t u r e match of the day 'was the play between Ha'Ph Young arid Dr. Oliver, in the first flight, which was won by the former, 2 to 1. Both men shot In top form and when the cards were turned In It was found that Young had played a 76, while his opponent was just two strokes over him with a 78. Both men were out in 37 and ended the- first nine all square. Young took the second hole with a four and the third with a five. He held a load of one hole up to the ninth, when Oliver came to the front with a great two and halved the outgoing match. Young Finishes Well. Coming in, Oliver took the tenth, 4-5, and the next three were halved. Young halved the match on the fourteenth with a perfect three. The fifteenth was halved, but Young won the sixteenth and seventeenth, giving him the match, 2 and 1. Both golfers shot out their score for a low card, and . both were rewarded by. getting under the 80's. In tne second flight Lucas defeated Lilly, 9 and 8. This waa the largest score turned in during the play. The longest match went to Stickney, who defeated 10. Neal, 1 up In .twenty-seven holes in the fifth flight. This match was bitterly fought throughout, and some excellent golf was played by both men in the nine extra holes which were required to decide the winner. Hammond won the only unplayed match when Richards defaulted in the fifth flight. ; Twenty-four of the entrants In the six flights were eliminated by the play. Tho remaining twenty-four will meet in the second round next Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Tho winners in the various flights of the first round were as follows: Scores of the Play. First Flight-- -Young defeated Oliver, 2 and 1; Lennox defeated Wclgand, » and 2; York defeated Stout, 4 'nnd -3; Crltchlow defeated, Hanna, 3 and 2. Soconct Flight-- -P. H. KrausB defeated Ready, 3 and 2; Dunn defeated B. Neal, 4 and 2; Lucas defeated I-Uly, 9 and 8; Wilbur defeated Glbbfi, 6 anil 5.' Third Plight-- VnnOsdol defeated Kchott, Carroll defeated Harms, 1 up; Boorti- BY EDWARD ASH. TACK DILLON, through his man- «J ager, Sam Murtiarger, has signed with the Hoosier Athletic Club to appear, in a ten-round boxing exhibition in this city on May 29, the night before the big motor race at the Speedway. . i The opponent for the light heavyweight, champion has not been named, but it is understood that the other principal will be one of the prominent maulers of glovedom. Efforts to get Frank Moran or Jim Coffey failed, It Is said. Gunboat Smith, Billy Miske and' Jim Flynn are some of the fighters being considered for the date. Edward McLauehlin is promoting the bout. Fans Are Fight Hungry. Indianapolis fans have not seen their fighting machine 1 in action for two years and a record attendance is predicted for this bout. The match probably will be staged at Federal Park, although this has not been decided upon definitely. The bout will be a scheduled ten-round affair and there will be two preliminaries, ' It Is .planned to stage everything in a legal way, as required 'by the law governing boxing In this state, and no police interference JB expected. Ed Smith of Chicago will be the third man In the ring for the main go. it is said. Smith is widely known as a boxing referee and officiated here some .time ago when Ray Bronson fought Packey McParland at Washington Park. Leaves for Chicago. Dillon left, yesterday for Chicago, where he will do vaudeville ikur,ts for a week. From Chicago he will go to- Chattanooga, where he is scheduled to meet Porky Flynn May 18. He also has a match on with Bob Devere at Buffalo, .May 23. Manager Murbarger will part with the -light heavyweight champion for a short time and go to New York, where he hopes to close for a Dillon-Moran match. , OFFER MADE TO WIGGAM. A Detroit man who "makes" the fair circuit during tho summer months has written Howard CKld) Wiggam of this city and made the local boxer-wrestler an offer to barnstorm this year and meet all comers. Wigwam has much experience In this line of work and may decide to go out again. INDIANA WRESTLER TAKES BOUTIN 115-POUND CLASS NEWARK, N;- J., May 7.--New winners : were returned In every class In the national wrestling championships .here Saturday night. N. G. Pcndleton of tho New York Athletlo Club and. Intercollegiate champion In 1914 and 1915, easily won the 175-pound title by defeating Alexander Hedlung, the New England champion. Kalmar Borslts of anry, j jnd.,,.wjoa.4ha-ieferee^s-de«lslon"in -the- 115-poUnd class. Summaries: - T0«spmfitft crasB^Georgl) iTayTor*.''National*' Turnvareln, Newark, defeated Max Cans, Morris A. C., Chicago, body and bar hold. Time, 7:13%, 116-pound Class---Kalmar Borslts, Y. M; C. A., Gary, Ind., defeated Walter Strobach, Y. M, C. A., Elizabeth, N. J.; referee's decision. Time, 16:00. 125-pound Class--C. Lljehult, Bronx Ghurch House, New York, defeated C. Mollhos, Greek-American A. C., New York, bar and half-Nelson hold. Time, 6:36, 13o-pdund Class -- William L, Hallas, Greek-American A. C., Chicago, defeated Louis Qalgle, Greek-American A. C., New York; referee's decision. Time, 15:00; IBS-pound Class--William Americas, Greek-American A. C., New York, defeated I. NeHson, Norwegian-American A. C., New York; referee's decision. Time, 18:00. Extra period of three minutes to decide bout. 175-pound Class--N.. G. Pendleton, New York A. C., defeated A, Hedlund, Finnish Gymnasium, Qulncy, Mass.; referee's decision. Time, 16:00, GOME_FROM BEHIND Easily Pass Ghristamore Team, Which Scores Four Runs in First Inning, and Win jn Civic League, 8 to 5. or defeated Tolli-ry, 3 nnd 2; McMaster feated VanTandltigham, 2 nnd 1. Fourth Flight -- Ilowo dcfoutod Housa, 2 up; Williams defeated Kd Nell, 3 itttd 3! CONTINUED ON PAGE 14, -"COLUMN Overcoming a four-run lead that had been made in the first inning, .the Ferndale Juniors yesterday defeated the Christamore A. C. team in the Civio League, 8 to E. The Chrlstampres 'took advantage of Weber's wlldness in the first Inning, and, aided by several hits, scored four runs before being, retired, Tho Ferndales, however, came back with (t rush and got back two of the markers in their half of the initial frame. Neither team scored .In the second inning, but tha Ferndales counted once in tho third. -Another run in the fourth tied tha game, while two more in the following Inning gave the Ferndalos the lead. Good work gave them two moro in the 'eighth inning, while the Christamores went counting once. The winners made onl.v seven hits off Johnson, while Weber- wn* nicked for nine. The Rocky Cliffs of the (same Icag'.H won a forfeited game from tho Y. at. S, team. · The Cliffs looked very 'strong,- in practice yesterday and should bo wolf u i In the race the entire season. The scor-'i by innings of tho Fcrndale-Christamor-j game follows: 5 Ohrls'mores. 4 0 0 0 *0 0 0 0 1--5 Ferndale Jrs a O i ! 2 0 0 3 *--8 "Batteries--Johnson and Campbell; and Lambert. -'"TM * RICHARDS TRIES VAULTING. Alma Richards, Cornell University'* n\\, round athletic star, weighs M pour.dd in s praotlclnpr pole vaulting. Ha '.« txr.octuii o win points in the hl«h jump, shr.ty.ui dr,j roeul Jump. McDonald Is Slgno-l MioJeswovth. hM aKitonnii he had (ilRnort Edillw Moponaifl,. jnut with Billy Smith's Crn,«here. WcXonnlfl ft fr«9 3 i 7 I '^ '.;.-4' ; .i:,.-..:. . ; . , ' . . - . - ; , , , , " . , ; . . . v - ,A .'. ,';,V : - ' , U · , . . - . . ' · : . ' . ' . ' : ·'. · \ ' - - · . : · · . " . ' : - . · · , ··. ' . · , . . · ' . " . ' ; . ' ' - , , ' . . ' · ' ' ' - - , · " · . / . ' ' ' · . .,- ' ' ' . - . , ' ; ' ' · . · - ' ' - · ' · ' ' · ' / . · ' . ' ; . \ '. . ' , ' - ' . ' "' '"' 1 -' i ' ; '^ «."W;si^ .,-,rv.,;,^ f ,y;v :^*'^, l W'' ! ^^^k ! ^: '','^ : ^,.-,^ ' · / : ' , - , , ' . . ; : : . · - - , , · ' ::..\'.''.\; V ^ . . , , - , , . ] : : , v ( , ' ' . , ; ; , : · - . . . - ' , '.;;-,,' ,/:: ·. ~. '··"'.'.-\.\:. 'V,',^ · · · · · · . " · ' ' ' · " 'Vv:.-; : .' : ' , ; ; - ··''·: "..'· · ; 7 /: · . - , ' , . · · · ' · · f . : - :,. ·

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