The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 3, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1899
Page 4
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* VISIT TO i VOLCANO. » the farmer'i wife | .-- tired that they d*- j only "jnst to do nothing fur i COCBT op Avpote* OM M tbe Hawaiian lAHBOWB OYEE THE «re not » many taoaqiu***. NVither is there that too muchness of tree and foliage which is a drawback to Bono* n ^ a - ^* EU° J 00 C8B 9ee *e stars at ** sad the rtn*U are not overshad- i owed to the point uf dense, damp dark- i 0688, ' ? town «*ts at th« foot rf a _,, * mountain, whence streams of pore wa- i P°? its -pinion as to whether the ter flow through the lawns and Kardeas. 1 "trictnres passed upon certain officer* of im ^_ A »·» -, . c»-- -^-- f iV. _ TC±X* * * _ » * : . _ i _ . . ·% » . . . . April 8. --The acting J i secretary of war has appointed a court [ | of inqniry to meet at St. Pnul, Jlinn., oa the 10th inst., to investigate the ease J of Colonel Harry A. Leonuaaser, formerly in command of the Fifteenth | Minnesota volantwr infantry. The conrt has been ordf red to deter- 1 mine all the facts in the ease, and report its opinion ad to whether the) TMK t,^ INTER OCEAN!$| UUtQCST CIRCULATION Or _ POUTICAt PAPCM* IN rttt WX*T Always American-- Always Republican __ («j* uiim bLuruu^u Utt? laWEUand ££JU*d£$k i * " ~* --j~-- .,-*-* *·*·« »«*·*,«*· v» i »«o.t«im_ A Eose8 begia t} g^^^ j^ t^o, far a the Fifteenth Minnesota can be held to j wonder, and flowers of rare loveliness. ' *PP'J" to Col^^l L«onbanaer. It is «n- , J39. toy the Author, j ench as yon see in California. One who i derstoot3 **** aU officers of the regiment i VL · . had a cottage and a patch of ground at' ^l ** alloww * to testify, and thus have Oofcg the volcaao is part of ererr Hil ° coaM ? aise on bis own anil eyery- { their . stat « lnt 'ata made a matter of I toorisfs orthodoxdaty in the Hawaiian thii:K he needed to eat. from cocoannts Waida. KSlanea, oa the island of Hato J^ tsil **^ ***** *** »«»*·*· i w*a fa ti» TOtawo at present most 7 ^"^'^LS'* **?!?* Hflo -, and »« DE.^ER. Colo.. April 3.-The Coto-1 Hang mighty Manna Loa. threw miles traveler can enjoy aride in an old ash- j ^ . .. le " I . aaa u | ti^L Manna Loa was last in eruption Jonwi «*agr -- · · - ia 1887. . Yon sometim« read that Ki- Corses, two i lanea ia not a great sight now because ttia '^00*attira" It U hard to under- *taad what people think the? mean when TH« WEEKLY IMTE* OCCAM ·uppttn X THE «EWf A«0 fj«»T CUIHHMT LITIRATURt Every Cohma is Bright, dean and Packed with News w Literature of It* cotaouu la equal to that of OH bent augm- It h Interesting to the w weU «. t*e parents. w i It is trne the whole top of * ""T * ***Wy befcWng trawling tiiat 31 miles of road ttvm tag blazes and brimstone like the Hilo to the crater of Kilanea. It is · fit of the infernal regSoaar Bnt if smooth, gentte ri» all the way. a won- riboofing np day and night ewer a tract d«rfully picturesque road, fair and al- «* 15,000 acres great clonda of steam lnrin ir »» the road to rnin. As we trot and deadly saJptar fnn«». "" 1 000 feet can -.. -- ---» »«-»«4-1 no new storms interfere, through ^with a bugle and foot' over the line will probably be ret -."- ' which axe ranles. as we withiu a day or two. The snot* shovel~ I ttojeaders were molea, dor wheel-'ing brigades are proceeUng rapidlv and all of those blessed, down the western slope of the- mona- far better. ' tains and have already released wven ) great engines, s ime of which have been stalled six weefe-i. , to the ftmay THE NETS OP THE VORLP SAINT PAUL i *·· i [MINNEAPOLIS] oRK, MEWEMCUiD, BOSTO«, MOMTBEAL, U.OO-FRICE ONE 1XMXAR PER YEAR-$ij» I royal ailten -r, Some^endsand^jonygoodAmm- ears. wWch see a a cans an. visifed tfenBofcano from tbe **»at Honolnln. awe Woom in lavish Hitoside, The coasts of these islaads prfnsian. The lantana, which we cher- «e strangely kmely. They are so rough f 8 * 1 * carefnUy as a'greenhonse plant and ragged and the sea that dashes , m Y"^ a * h TM ne « "» the Hawailaa U- against them is BO wfld and higlifiiat · beCDmes » tarabbywecd aada aosmaa boatecan five exeeptfcx the S 1381 ^ » » -tt*' Mshnrthnn. ' ' aad down past tremendous, barren i Philadelphia Brlefctay«n OM.' i PHn.AUEi.PHiA, April 3. --Three thousand bricklayers, members of the jonr- neyuan bricklayers union, caTe gone on a strike in this city. The strike grew ontofthe failure of the bosses to sign the schedule of wages for this year. Cmr Kwnbmd SJxtwn. DOVJK. Eng,, April 3.--The sole tar- virorof thecdUer Heathpool sunk in 3olli8iMi off Beachy Head, has been landed here. Heaays her crew num- ( i T "ii"JS. !f"'TM ***··· ixnuwi. I f .Baa8SS!£.i=^HBB I A R I , ( MICHJCAM HEW BHUM8WIM, MOVA SCOTIA, -*»j^ '^^^. idW | ? 2J aaU ^ ereat *"« ***** «*» trnshes a^----- ttnwof year, and ty snnHglit or moon- poinsettias tall enonith to ' Ugnt there are cernetaal enronrma*·«·«. »i«. ·***,·. TM-^TM-iv ,,-:^, . · the Sooth. -Speaker Beed Ueorgia, where the pleasures-el ^"···.T* «»·*»«***. ^u, zieed rcfosed to be interviewed and protected that he saw no reason why any- significance flhonld 6e attached to the simnltanwns visit of tte prwident and himself OB Jekyt island. , . · WASHISOTOX. has arrived here he has been taki;i Jekyl island. Fort] Bodies TTtnoTered. TOBK, April S.--The total dead of the Wmdaor hotel fire new number 41. Of these 30 are nnidentiaed bodies and portiong of bodies at the morgne. The number of tailing ia 43. , _ a o »»7y Long and party have ar- here on the government lighthouse tender Jessamine. plant of HISTORY OP THE SPANiSH-AMERICAN Wmm .. Afford* superior t^rta- CT*. iBtJBlHMlJraybff a4e throng the tditcr " H8WT; CABOT LO06E, t*. ·k» M en*.«:lir iitrf for (ht i«i. n,v »{,·,,: Thete «rij; ili Admiral Sarapsoa's Fl^et Bani j of Manila Bay B»Und.:XR.STAvrro.x,t;jir. By Ueat. J. M. ELUO»", CAJC. THEIR SiLVER-WEDOINa JOURNEY By WKTHIB Dem HowHls A ·en i l stmr-mappeitt-^Mutniij »!: i'.« rhmKwittfc dam Oat hu The Princess Xeaia Spanlsii -War Story Bril.a.M. WAra9f B: JO.-N K/rv.t,. A «rat »toryf.D jT.d»entu« «MI A Mtjai sinr.-'-Uit. scene, n! Jfinu* ·in^M^Mw " i ' f i ' * - · /~T. " "* 2Er. v "" J ' UUI or "» groand, other* S^^^^o?* t^naaswealdrt Banana plants lifttLir headsaad ttacoartrfHawau. They are back of ripen _tigr*S«. waaerer ihffeS SHORT STOR1E5 ra0 ^^5^S . 6 ^.^^?« raSJEMTED HOOSB WAT OK THE C803S IffiTHWESTIlI T8A?aEffi ABE -North-Westero" Advertisers am rae xunrai .^^.^ w«»* «» onfw unaer w»yat the yard, Jfc Long and parts ._ proceeded toOld Pbfet, wh«« the Sght ^DES MOINES, April8.--JndgePronty has decided in the district court an Ira-J portaat point affecting all insurance} companies in Iowa. He held that nndet I the constitution of the state, they must pay local tares, the game a» indrridnaK aniihatthe statuteproriakm exempt Jngtbem from local tamtion in lieni oj ataxnpott flwir gross eanriagr»de- clared iavaHd, althoagh .iu^^g^ ten yean. The decision increaae* tax~*~ » felOt county alone THBLtfVE OF PAR50W 108B U/ a«y E: WHkinj THE CUCKOO CtOCK £yKtM«hm*l CHITtmrS PROGRESS Bl SOKSCS aad Best Roote t» CIOCAOO MM tte EAST WNNEAPOUS aad ST. PAUL; t bolh. *w a c n r m a r *-bmtet n«c««b cwliu?. Otb.r«jie» oi pjpcnt,, ipporStT^ White Bias's Asia Republics of Sotrti America j- I! S.»3au« 's*4OBA«9i ** Kxrfvv. neo* M»tm HARPER ft BROTHERS, PaMkhea. Ne* ¥«HS. *. ~'~"" J ""'""~' I oat »nrt ^ PmolwHhNortbrn: ..aBtf "8oo-P«cjflc' iT'ttp.m. (»«»*. both for T»* Trmlaboy. view Tbe tradlttonal trainboj- who has been wont to offer chewing gam to fair nssea* Jpos and newspapers to the men evidently considers the modern woman somewhat of an enigma. Sot many moon* aeoa lively party of dnbjf omen wwe earc^e to a convention when an interested spectator at « little station stepped nptotfe ^ cnri ° Miy -Doat-know," glaom% grambled tbe ^^- "^"y^wy don't belicre 'em. Sot aboot. They jast taUL-'-Bmba Damw Woman'* Home Companion. 80 YEARS' ' ·EXPfRIINCE TMBK MAMRS To 5S ^Jf CHINA **«ffii«"r- ST. MN515G CABS CARP-BISMjUICK, IST m r^. A ^ PATENTS "'W for tbe Daily. ««tlie Weekly. P1CTUKE3QUB COCOA.NOT I8LAXD NEAR H1LO. ST. PAUL ttoo»«trtct ·cnt f rafc ' ^ Piwau Utea enter the little harbor of island, corered with the it its name. » pototrt wt to boats manned by atas « «» delidbas fla- tlwy DISPATCH ffl FINEST TRAINS ON EARTH FROM St. Paul United States Map. """" A«PT*«rh«xi«ome-in.r. 4 i,rf locius. prmtad ia fear colors . Bora^fM . «U», waited» J!Li5S^L. 5. !5** «. »s « SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE. Tbe St. Pajil DISPATCH is tlie best Twin Ci^ daily- it Has no equal in the Norm-west as to size or quality. Tbe DISPATCH exceils in Northwestern news, havina correspondents ia every iTortlrwestem town. The Dl^ATCH is renowned tor its complete and reliable market reports: its market page is one of it« feature*. The news of the world is supplied by the Associated Press reports, which speaks for itself; Tte 3 I ? KL T ^Z^F* *** no ^^ ·· a ^«^r and has one of ttebest premium pages ever offered to the P ufc lic. SEI7D FOR FREE SAypt-ES. ELECTRIC LIGHTDE ASD STEAM SEATED. ail CoBUBaakatiam to ^BISMARCK TRIBUWE, BiMMTCk, North O.kot«. DIRECT ROHTE TO Canadian Provinces KEWYORK AlfD ALL .POINTS MST. H«oo«h F«« Train. DaUj to Rotes Always Lowest. W. R. CALtAWAV Offl. Pact. A»t. iNEWSPA'FERr lEWSFAFERl

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