Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 26, 1882 · Page 4
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1882
Page 4
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H ·V ' * i I For the Next 30 Days I will makr it an object for everybody to give me a call that wants £occ-: or bhoes now, or ever expects 10 want anything in the boot or shoe line. Last winter I marked all winter goods down and closed them out at cost. This year I will give my patrons the benefit of LOW PRICES on my entire stock of Boots and Shoes in the following way: I will sell everything at my regular price, (which i lower than any other dealer would ask for same quality of goods), and will accept in part payment the following certificates: CUT THIS OUT. JAM ALT 21), . CUT THIS OUT. CUT THIS OUT. CUT THIS OUT. JAXIAKYJU,]^ TIM u i 2fi, W Kccejred, for St das from date, for Keeened, for i) da\s fiom date, f i r K u\ul foi '0 d i ' s f n melatf, foi be\ 1'wentj fare Cents, m payment for BooU , Fifty Cents, m payment for Boots md tnt\ ti c (. it.-, in [ · ^ nt f' r Tit ota aid ·r hhoes amounting to 82.00. Shoog amounting to S3 50 SI i« s . me nut nt; It -J jt' J W B\KEK T A\ B \ K [ H " ^ B VKER 1« Etiat Mam Street 18 Last Mam Street 1 s i r M 111 St c d 0,1882. Received, for SOd.iiH from date, for One Dollar, in payment for Booth and Shoes imountmt' to So 01) I M BA.KFR, 18 Kant Main StiPet By taking ths benefit of the above certificates, you seeH will bring some of the goods down to COST, or But uj so doing it will clean out the goods now Li stock, and I can mm my monev over and put 1 1 into New Spring Goods, which will result in a D"«efiT to me as well as to my customers. You will see you can buy a $2 (HI Boot o» Shoe foi 350 Boot 01 Shoe foi 450 Boot 01 Shoe foi fiOO Hoot n Shoe ioi ^1 7." Ca'-li, .met t 1 ( t u t Ctitihcate 300 Oh ami i ") ( t-ut Cwtifacate 375 Cash uel a 7" Out Cc rtihoatf " ) I H I C,i-ii and t ^1 I'll . ititioate J. W. BAKER 18 East Main I'OWJSRH ' STAND. DECATDK, ILL, JANUARY M, IMS. A State Meeting. 1m annual meeting ol the Illinois Stat. organization of associated county, p and district mutual insurance ·ompanies was held m Bloomington on Cuesday last The Pantograph sa)s here are one hundred and thirty-five inch companies in the State carrying insurance riskh to the amount of $52,000,- (XXt, and the business is rapidly increas- ng, showing that thej are popular and ·ell managed. The great point that their advocates make for them is that they give ,irm. rs insurance at a cost far below that if stock insurance companies Macon conch's fai mere' insurance company was represented by E. J Roberts, of Hlim township and T. H. Barr, of Fnends reek township The officers elected for the ensuing jear were- Or L. Stewart, of Lake county, president, Lot Schofidd. Will county, vice president, E. J Bob- ·rts, Macon countv, secretary and treas- net One Tale is Good Until Another is Told.' We are greatly obliged to tome of the dry goods merchants of Decatur for the manifest interest they take m our business,-- particular!) that part which relates to our expenses And that they may not suffer m mind, we assure them, we understand the situation exactly Our expenses are large Not aa large as Marshall Field Co, nor A T Stewart Co, and jet, not near so large as all the retail Rtores in Decatur together--by-- saj from thirty to forty thousand dollars a jear And yet our sales will equal the combined sales of the latter. Then in bujing goods in large quantities and from first hands, we save from thirty to fort) thousand dollars a jear more bo we baie the advantage of from silt) to eighty thousand dollars a year in competing foi the trade of this section And our worthy competitors who make it a business to agitate this subject, will please state ir/iew customei i pay this great rhf- fin me in erpenvi Very Bespeetfull), T)eo21-tUwtf LIVN SOBTOOI Shields' Star Moonnngton Pantngiapli Re\ Dan K Shields, of Farmer Citj, (formerly of Decatnr), has been engaged in the temperance cause at Lero-s for a week with verj marked success Mr Shields has lux n the pastor of the Christian Church .it Farmer Citj for some time past, and is ,i -urv able speaker. He lias roused up enthusiasm m Leroy such us has never Silicon County People in 47fr» Cnimtii, Kansas At the residence of J. M. Wallace, tour miks west of Humboldt, Kansas, occurred a surprise for Mrs Wallace, it being her birthday It was planned b) her husband and her daughter, Mrs Zeigler, and the surrounding neighbors and fneuds completed the arrangements At about seven o'clook the advance guard of the raiding part) began to arm e with baskets filled to overflowing, and soon there were fort) residents of the neighborhood at the home of Mr Wallace Mrs Wallace was kept in blissful ignorance of what was m store for her The first thing on the programme after the grand entree, was the presents tion to the hospitable hostess of a number of elegant birthday gifts, Mr R. W Case making the presentation speech in an appropriate manner The following is a list of the presents Fine glass set, J M Wallace, host, nice glass cake stand with cake on it, Mrs Zeigler, daughter of hostess, beautiful china cup and saucer with the inscription Forget Me Not, Mi and Mrs. Zeigler, elegant shell engraved fruit dish, Mr Dnubuugh, of Humboldt, large fruit dish, Jimmj Chamberlain, of Humboldt While the compam p irtu i pated m games a pnrh of ladies entered the dining-room, spread the large table and served up e\er)thing that is good for man to eat, consisting of turkey, chicken ham, pickles, bread, butter, collee, fruits and caudies of all kinds, pies and delicious cakes, etc, to which all did imple justice, especially Grant Brett and Wm Wallace After supper select singing by Mr and Mrs Dunbaugh, Miss Noda am Mr Chamberlain , violin music b) Mrs Alex Brett, Messrs Ohcar and Gran Brett, and singing b\ the vonng Indies and gentlemen The part) A complete success and was eujo)cd b) all pies eni Among those present w e i e M r am Mrs Reuben Thompson, Miss Cora an. Wilton Thompson, Mr und "tfrs S Rogers,Miss Jennie and brothers Rube, Frank and Lewis Rogers, Mi and Mis R W Case, Mr and MIT Frank Ha-vs ,md ebtl dren, Mi and Mrs \ndre^ Wright and famil), Mr and Mrs \lc\ Brett, Ocar Grant, Otto Brott, Mr and Mrs .T.uneR Brett, Grace Brett, Mi and Mrs Bun baugh, Mr Chamber-Inn ind MISH Nodi, of Humboldt Surprise No 2, was the irnval of Wallace, of Mt Zion, Illinois, aftei in absence of two jears He w a s t u t i l h unaware of the reception, and w is as much surprised as his mother, who thinks that two surprises in one da) and to lie kept a secret from both, is nut the e isiest work in M 00 OCR BARGAIN TABLE CONTAINS AT PUESBNT 00 dozen colored and lior Ic i od fringed Do les at 75 cents and SI lj jO dozen fast edge all linen N a p k i n s at $1 00. X) dozen lull 5 , fine linen "8150 Jo dozen full \ 50 dozen Cull Ji lit i- --J a doyen full Si tine, JS "i Honey Comb Quilts T ccnis Marseilles Quilts tl 26 ti dozen large frmited Hue k Towt Is at Hi cents per pair HO dozen large frmifed Oerimin Towels, afu cents per pair 10 dozen all linen fringed Glass lowe.s, »t5 cents each. 30 doze n Knit Yarn bocks 25 ce nts pi r pair A large lot of Unbleached Hnimcl Drawers from £ to 45 cents. Gooii All Wool \ urn 70 cents per pound 1,000 \anls 4 4 Facltli Cretonnes at si, Hand Stitched and I'Hutel Horde-red, A l l Un en Handkerchiefs, Rt U' to 1 e e u t s ,11 f » h u h w i l l tie f o u n l M i S e.lie«P L I N N \SCU1 Od s A Few ot uui Business principles Le t fair dealing 1* the IWIMS of each. Ne^ei urge ti customer to bin w l m t h e don't want I f o u b i n low, hell aooyrd mgh and sh ire \eitir bargains with ' patrons CHKAI CHAWM Jau 1.2 lVfttf For Sal« Residence property in jjood condition near the Mound. Inquii* at tk« BBTFB- Job KeHi Die » dtf gau ,Tai ki ts, ctt t*f Jou-s V* LION Howierv, Cardi must lie closed out il Fleurv, the Fiench Cutter, corner of Old Seiuue jrnilldiwtf A POPULAR TONIC For leak Lungs ana Coisupiiou No pit Duration e\ci i n t i *liie 1 u the Amu u an public fin the r e l i . i uiul euie ( ough«, I oldn Mirelhreiat Dibihtnti 1 ( cm t u t l m , \takne«b of the Lunv- 01 ( m-iinip- t inn In the incipient or ndMiiieeil st ujrt -· of t hi d]*ea«e, has \ c r m c t with tht mil m»i 1111 nts oi phjtueians 01 runouts as then 1 I rateel Tolu Uoekaiirtltje The repented und lontinuee pales of the article. e \ t r v ^ l i e i t arc t b c b e s i\ nil nil of its mil i m i Hi L e t t e r s uul tt-tl mi mtilfl fn in t \ t n qutut r ot tht i m m t i \ attesting thi u t i n i u l t t i n x ti tin nn 1 hi iilm, ctTt it- art 111 poMCsbitm of the piojinctors und can K ndiuii til to t o m n u e tbi i n n Hkeptiial n ailci ot its intnnsit: ^ n u n » 1-vit ther c minion lati in is unnc ( »t. m und Hiipt i tlnnuh u« t ti lal 1 thi 1 - artu k Inn m^r a plen^ ant t istc in»l a ^ r t t al It i t a \ i i \ \ i l l ^ i t i * t \ il tb»-i who nit atllletiil in iiinin, I W H \ \ M t l piilni !iiu\ t t i u k m * - il th( idi f t i l l M in « I In the 11-1 t t 1 1 In K « k in 1 l!\t « liu «/ I i m t h J " "i" ' Another Carload -·r-- PUZZLING BARGAINS OPENED LAST NIGHT. -- -.-···-.- iVo hohd ( aw* of ENGLISH CiSH MHRLh, .ill «exil hlliug, ut hi,e a«o Stilid Cases of 20 cent FAKC1 \\ORhTED BROC \DI.S to lx sold at 12 l , ct* r\\o btilid C.u.t'fcof Haiielmmit IHliK PRIMS it ^ot, I \ \ t Solnl Cat-fi, of Ix'ttcr quahtv at -lo One hohd Cnse of Handsome'GINd H V M S d t O ' 4 (ts. One So'id jCaso of HanuHome U wn DRKSS GI(Tli\MS at 12 l j rta. in it 1 I i i i n O T H d T \ B L r JHMViLS nt \\ p i t k n i b , litirnslej t Ct'lelirattJ Ll N F N 1 ) \M \SKh at r )0o full (if) inohc, wuit \\oitli fkV i \nrel TT LMO M 1 K I I I I I A l L \ \ \ CENTRAL R. R. m i 4 r IION I ui 1, !ti~ i L i t i n s l in u i I I I I I I I II [I Ml 4 i rn in 10 11 I 1 1 1 III I i j 1 Ll unfit ii-N r I r i n s p i t i t 01 C.i cat, H H i l l - f l i t t Kent I HO\ 1 ' n l t \f I, I) e t u r ,ia ''JJU dutdliir dill x i i l l v \ \ t mil \ \ \ ,!_, I3ISCOV3LR. , T J ,, « p / - "C ! K M i l F- I 1 l l l O U I i - t t HKSOf Hi \VFsl runnl I e tine it Piu.»eiwei r i nit" 1 1 1 ' " ll t h l ' * ·xicrdcd I h n U t - i i I r ^ i s i i i n n tii, i "THROUGH TICKETS '»nlt I\tn'fii H e ^ , Jivitl ii bo ti/i, Ami llikgiuee, u e k t 1 In n it u t i - I ' it to i 19111 it ie 11 n. r, u littiiw at Decatur station Wtixln. Liixie. C H. T ; It, a in 1 55 i ro tl p m \v t uiny Inki t l llld "50U I 1 1 I i t i t I i u ttit i incuse t i j ! I 111! l n '0 I ll 1 . I I t C t l mil t I I I 1 lit anil | t u 1 ulllculi Iti j Liu 111 i I I u h i in ns hi I tu n i MI ul,} -1 n li H V I i via lautl t t press W j Prciir-it, "!· u?l Irtiglit 11 i I 4 . 4 MlnnucPvp-e -- Uirhtnint. [IrpLe- · ) lie ment Aeomnmodnt ;ihc followii^r i Flight pissengcre with tit ke s i East 1 fast Mall through l U M 1 e i .1 a n. 1 I in l in a m I' m P IE Ihi following might tnimi w i l l i irr p l" st'njrfrs with tlckc B · mnic wist 1 ' P ni · mg I I I , ID Otiioago Dlivslon. oa tmt after Suodaj, M»y 15th. l«l,lr nut »ill run us follows on «he Chic^to 4'ivwlt n ol 'he W_ st 1, P, R'y by way t f Be lent 1SO1NG IASI · «! thlcwo Express - ~ · m ( llmiUKh Express 1 i m »4 lCHKe Vl»ll 1 1 ' P m initirc j HUM e me voo N u *.,«t L m H Impress !(4ja m 46, St L. un »a.l i 5 p m 41. I n r u l i Lxprcis 7 i» p in , t Lioula Dl vision. JOIMG WK8T. Nti t. s His t preas «t iu.m 41 l i ni r u t , I8t 4., I ,-t ' H I AR, . ^CWongo Btpif*s \ccxm » t"a m iOp m U In a m , U « d m . SL LOULI. ..udlKc iiur Accon, . J 10 p. m 4J LigMlinufciprest. ill 40 p m the following frt hiht trams rtlllcam pH3- ·eugir* ei lu [li ALIS on tht) bt LOUIP 11M3R)11 Q j i n K ^ t ^ i 730a.m Arrie Irou West J t M p m Gli£urapeugn Division. A r n \ e (IMIU bnst In *La, u) l u a t i for Cham PHIKU - iJ Op m tor Maps, lime ratl«s o- iinv m'orruation ()FO B M'l I L h l t In tht Diitiut Couitnf the Unite I S/n Im Hie tout/mil Diilnct of ninini^ In Bankruptcy, No. 1,110. In tho matter of Hai\o Pnsco bmiktupt N ( t i c o i « i htrcM gl^tu that a i t t l t i o n bus 1 ( t n filed in said court by Har\o\ Pttsio into f Maton i n t h e t o u n t ^ of Mat on in -md (h 1 - tru t, dut Ucclnn d bankrupt undt i iht m t f Oonfcnwof March -id 1%7 anil tbi HUH n i nientfl thoroto for n discharpp »n»l tu-tilluit* thortof from all his dclitt ami t h u la ni 1 - prtn ablr undor said act, ami tht "tU da ol icbruarj A D 1*^, at ck\ui o clock \ M 1 s ! asoitrned for tho heurniffof the *am h\ t h saidcoirt at The I mud Mates L nut Ko in In tho cltj of bprinRtield when and whtrt ill cn.Klito-«t of "*aul Bankrupt and ail other p*sows in interest, may attend and bhow c ui-^t if am tho\ hft\o wh\ tht pnpi of wud pi ti tion whouldnnt besrantcd. M R CON Mils I ( U ( k U Cnt \ \ttoruej for Petitioner DaUdBtprlDfffleld January 4th 18-S3 Jan 5--tU* Over 2,000.000 Bottles Consumed Annually. FOR COUGHS COLDS, SORE THROAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, P N E U M O N I A . CONSUMPTION ami all Diseases «t the THROAT, OHES1 AND LUNGS. BALSAM OF TOLU Has always betn one ol the most Impoi t ant weanons wlildcel b\ the MBDICAI FACULTi a(fRlnsttht cncroachmtnts of LOLOHb BKON( Hills, AS1H _____ , SUM | HltO \ 1 ( ONsl MI'1 JON in its iuU| lent lenrt atUanetd stnift s and nil elite ases ol I H H M I Hsi and IljN(,s ljut it hue m M I bttn so advantage ouslj compounded us In i l i l i U L d l O I l HOC h mid Ii\ i. In addition to its southing Balsamic properties It af a t l l i i ' - i i c f c t l m u l i u t a n t l t u n k to build up tl-e sjstem altci the e»usb Las been relieved jggf Put up in Quart Size Bottles for Family Use, Price, $i oo C » TTrnT/^TVT J 11 not be ikciued b^ elealeis who tn to i aim otf upon M)u Kotk and A U I l U i V I KM in place ol oui 1ULL KO« K AN1) 111 L \ \ h l e h i s t h c O \ L T M l I H ( \ I LDarticle u ade--tht genuine) him a I iivntvDlcPropiletinrtiiinnm) eaeh liottle i .IE TOLU, HOOK arid HYE CO , Proprietors, 41 tiivor St, Chicugo, 111 ·-OLD BY DRUGGIS1S, GROCFES AND DFALERS EVFllYWHERE 1 I - --ddm bLEN2 · T GRAPE WINE ! 1 i i muvml Chu ehes for Comniun- i m purpotos 1 1 1 M M Kill 1 t l H I S AM W I A K I I PHt- -.IMS IM Illf A(.HI SIDE OF THE OLD SQUARE * N W -i TOOK OF AND CURED SFEER'S FORT GRAPE WING, FOUH YEABS OLD r p m N ll-LKBKATED NATIVE W I N E is JL made trom tho juicfc of the Oporto Grape, rakcelir thts untrj Its imilluuble Jin if i (' Vfengthening Provertief me u - ' i i r p i ^ ^ i l bj any other Native \VIne BcinK i hi pure juice of the Grape produced under Mi spccr ·. m u personal supcniaion its puntx and Kenuincnese are guaranteed.-Ihe \tninyesi e b i l i ma^ partake of its jrener- o u s t j u in IBS, ii 1 t h e weakest invalid use It i n n ' im I B I It a putieu!arl beneflclalto the 1 ifrt -1 in I ill litittetl and suited to the MUIOU-- alin ents that affec theweakersei It Ii. n e \ n risp Cl A » I N K T O BE BBI IEDOS e IHLLI U C Gcu MaDit^f Out 1 H.-V- \gcnt si UOllb Or K. lU*wtxi 'llckot Ajft-ot, Decatur. Peona Decaiur_^Evansvi!!e F.'K Take tin Line' tor Bvii-liaiVoii. Co-urioil aSluSb DR. J. B. MARCHISi; UTICA.N.Y.7 DisoovweroIDB,31ABCHISr8 UTERINE CATHOlScON, A MMTm HUE FOR FEMAUGOMPUI1TS. This remedy will act In hrmooy with the Fe- maletrstemat all tlmoa, and alao immediately upon the abdominal sod uterine mtrae'es, and restore them to a healthy and strong condition Dr MarchWsCtennoCattolicon will care t«n- mg ot 0V woaib, Lcorrinea, Chronic Inflsmma- tion and TJIcertuon of the Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Suppressed and Irngdlar Menstruation, Kidney Complaint, and la esptciallr adapted to the Change of Life (·end for pamphlet free. All telten of inquiry f tody aoswertd. AddraiasaboTe. P. J. Iht P j -sHLURI is a wtoo ot buperior C h a r u t t r ind partakes of the rich qualities ot ttit UT pi ti»m which U umarte tor Purit\ Hu tin ^^ F iivi. raml Mctlicmal Pr i w t l l)t i mid untTctllwi Sologne, anci Ljatcl at Wholesale and FRESH'^EATS ot nil fcmdsi n t n n d tut! We kin tmiy flrst-tiut Inbl978dt1u J PKUDFCOHb I B l I . R O U p WM M II ) BANKING HOUSE Of PEDOECORD, BURROWS £ CO SHEER'S J. I Y Union l)epot, for all points in Iowa, Nebraska. Minnesota ana Wisconsin OOI'XJ *A8T. Hi 4t) a m. . »iO p tn, 1 11» p.m. ooiso wtsrr 7 00 a m - H so p m. U IX) H. m C L. BRADBURY Gen 1 Manager 9. XtCHOSiS. Ticket Agoffl . SALE BY A U L B . Fnce SI.SOjKir bottit. Be tan and ask for Dr Marehisfs Uterine Clthollcoa T«k« no other For sale b Renry Smith and Dr A J Sten er, drujnrtsts, Decatur, Illinois OoCTMeowJtwly -· Tlf WOODBUBN JENKS, * SOLICITOB OF PATENTb, (Domestic and Foreign), prooeeilngs in Interfere nee or infringement, or any other business con nected with patents. Office at residence. No 36 North Union street, Decatur, IU. _ Office with a. W Hill* Ham and Ohorch Street" Box 819 lcitor and Mfdunieal Draughtsman. cor er of West ir. Ill P O Septta-diwtf This BU-^Ol stanio unrivalled m Ihi Lmintrj being Tar superior lor medicinal pur ptirpe:e8 I IT Ib A PUH distillation from the grape, ! and contains ^ aluahle medicinal properties . 1 It has a delicate fla\ or, similar to that of th« grapes from which It Is distilled, and is It great favor among nrst-clas 8 fautiUes See that the bignntureof ALFRED SPEER Pus aic, ft J , 15 over the cork of each bottle Sold by W. C. Armstrong, And tn DrugalsU Everywhere Um si i8Sl-dlv EXECUTOFTS NOTICE. Estate of WILLIAM CANTRELL, Deceased P D BLIC notice Is hereby nlveo toall persons hnvinn claims and demands against the estate of William Cantrell. deceased, to present the same for adjudication and settlement at a regular term of the County Court of Maeon count} . to be holden at the Court House, in the city of Decatur. on the second Monday of February. A D. IBS.', being the Bret day of said term DtCATCB, III.. Dec 21. A D. 1881 decSWSw MICHAEL ELSON, Executor IOIET f0 LOA1 IN VARIOUS SUMS ON THE Most Favorable Terms, ·("cured by Mortgage oa Keal Estate We keep a supply of GOVERNMENT BONDS! n hand ut all times, which we will sail at the LOWEST MARKET RATES. BT A ueacral Banking Busineaa transacted bul tvi fntorrnE xuni im sss Tfee Great Trgrtable Bleed Ktileiac. daaraa- teed to cure Syphilis in all stages. Scrofula, Rheumatism, eir any Bood or ouenotse DBS. GALLOWAY i ROBINSOK, Monroe, G«., tay "UaedS. 8.8. for twelve months in treatment of Syphilis without disappointment.-- Pnyaciana will have to ackao«ieJge it a apeclOc." Ask the SWIFT or write for the Uttle book. ;c «., Atiwitt. Qt, Propx Sold by droggistg evei J wbeif Price reduced to n ft perKn!» 9«MUaU»prio»tl.t)». 1 ieen witnessed therebefcne, and has al uuclv secured the names of two hundred md seventy persons who are pledged to tin tempetanc-a cause It was expected tint a biauch. of the Chiiutiau Temperance Unitiu \voulel be organized last night, md that the number would be in c iiasod to tluee hundred members Grape Wine For Communion Lhe suiieil) ejuiility and entuepunt) of bpee i s I'oil Giape Wine, of New Jersej, j und the sneeess that ])lijsiciana have had b; its line, has induced them to write ab nt it, and caused hundreds of eithers to pusc nbt it in then practice as the best i and most reliable wine to be had. It is 1 held in great fa\or for Communion purposes,and is said to be a cure forconsump- tius Hi fapetr dso presenes Grape | Juice natuial BS it runs from the press without the addition of a particle of spirits It is called TJnfermented Juice. Sold In W C Armstrong IS Cigars and Small-Pox The idea has become quit« pie\a lent that smoking is an antidote foi small pox Di Taylor, of the New York health board, says that more than one half of the cases heated m that city are the result of smoking cheap cigars and cheap tobacco, which, are got ready for market in the tenement houses He says. As a matter of fact, we have found men at work who have broken out I \v ith the disease, and who were roll ing tobacco into cigars with their festering handH The fe-ker of dis ease was in their breath They wore not inclined, even on our protests, to · up the work that supplied them with daily bread, and one could not expect from them any consideration foi other people There has been a great deal of small pox among the tenement house cigar makers, and a large number of cigars have been given out that were made m looms where persons suffering from the disease were sick and recovered, and vi o know nothing about it POWER of a belt equals \e locity in feet pel minute multiplied bj the width, the sum divided by 1,000 One inch single belt, moving at 1 (KK) feet per minute, equals one boise power Double belts about 700 feet per minute, per one inch width, equals one horse power For donHe belta of great length, over large pulleys, allow about 500 feet per minute, per one inch of width, per horse-power Power should be communicated through the lower running Bide of a belt, the upper side to carry the slack. Average breaking weight of a belt three sixteenths by one inch wide leather, 530 pounds; three ply rubber, 600 pounds The strength of a belt in creases directly as its width The co efficient of safety for a laced belt is Leather equals one wxteenth bieaking weight, rubber equals one eighth bieaking weight THI. BLST BFHHDI FOR CHIPPED HASDS. Is HEOEHAN B CAKPHOB lex It should be rubbed upon the part effected The warmth of the skin will flotten it sufficiently, under ordinary circumstances, but la extreme cold weather It maj be necosi-ary to warm it by the fire If the hands are badly chapped, apply every night, and protect the bands by wearing an old pair of kid gloves Hegeman's is the best and most popular of all the Camphor Ices made. HEOIHAK'S CAHPHOB ICE 18 also a cure for sore lips, chipped face, and snn- bum It is compounded with glycerine, which renders it more emollient than any other Camphor Ice, and It will be found a most tooth- in? application to the (ace after sharing, Be sure to aak (or flcoEXAJi'i (formerly made by Hogeman t Co., New York, and now made by the Metropolitan Med. Co of New Karen, Conn ) and do not be put off with any other compound, which may become rancid acd do rou more barm than good HEGEMAN'S CAMPHOR ICE nererfalls l For late by Irwln * Prlert. THE KUYPTUS BAT WSTROYEB Is tbe best preparation erer derHed forth* extermiatton of these troublesome rerMio. and all other bnecn, too. renhea, etc gorsaleoT Irwln fcPrK*. THOMHOH'S patent fitting oolMte, at th* Big 18. the world Humboldt, Allen Co, Kim J m 1 \ She Got It Free ot Cnarge Call lit Stonei'B dru« store and «e t i l sample bottle of Browns Lxptetorml free of chaigo It cure H e m^'liB, ho irsi nesH, whoopiiif? oiifrli, and consumption m its earlj stages It IB ii BI lentiflc pn paratum, admitabh adapted foi the cure of nil tin oat and lung diseaaeB, It if, plead int to t ike mid entirelj harmless Trj it It costs \on niithnu; Kegnliir Bize bottles 50 cents and ?1 For sale In Dr \ J STONFR S p e c i a l H t U l l t K l l to ( nuiliH i ml I U I M I U K I . sun* cc mini u i l l n all t it t n u t s lltllcc c \ e l ^ cmiitf III ^ (fioet r\ sti IP \\ tttf r » t i c e t fount rh oc c \i] H 11 v l\i lift J h n nt m 1 M CTOK1 V ·iliOKJsTA A N D C O I N S I L O K AT LV\\ Cllliip u \ t i tin D t t n t m N n t i iml Hi i I -I i ml IUU lltn n I ll iltlt ir. Ill I'l I IIle U! 1 h II I ) " \ \ V I I / Ul M I S 1 c n i i i c i \n Boil r I Hiilei i « Mum · ' t i n t Id ·- li in i N -I ' Dei u t l l l Illil oN ill I Mil U \ in M i CR^SHFh, ttc, at (lung hen (ifers known lial me of t» Ix at im I " rt. I U I 1 ! M b Blankets, Shawls, Cloaks, Dolmans and Woolens t I P ( LOhED Ol 1', lufif ii n,i, w i t h o u t u'^aid to c ifat or \ line 1%' \ \ l i i l c i n o s t niore'lintiU « iu|il«m i f IH niK ort rloaeknl with nintoi j,"»»l», t j i e \ u IHIZ71IH1 to know w l i j it LS II HI the BIK Draj couioi to our dixr en n f U i i l l l i l \ l U I I Itioel W i t h lll» I^KHlb I l l i HM rt t is \M bu\ f«u j-ib ni ike tbi | mi 1 i m l - c l l tlu Htull Pin SIC UN AM) SI t ON Look at mil i lav t« i Sj)t i ml flttt ntii 11 " )iiun an l i lill In i HtbltleiRe N i H W i [In I I M IH i i t Mlu e N 1 \ \ Ut r u t t f t ,1 Mu n M Hi Un II! COUP Sum. MY SHIPS If all the shipi I hm L nt 1111 Should come, u sailing home to mi Weighed down with wealth an 1 K ni 1 * n u t ' ' i Ah, wolll the harboi could not hut I | So nianj still^ us the u \ \ i i l d l i It all HIT Rhlps ennie In I nun si a i If hull m hhlps come home l i G n i f tl And bronjf bt the ir preeltmn freight t mi i Ah well! I should h i u o w t a l t h ns gn it As any king who sits in state So rich the treasures thnt \\onl 1 11 In half in} sbips no\v c u t ut i If just one ship I ha\ i at nt a should Looie a Hailing utimc to me -- Ab.weli' tho storm eu ml-, t h e n might t i wn For if tho others all TH nt lown still rich an 1 pi md und gla 1 1 d I e It tbflione ship oame hiuk tc in T f t h i t o m ship went d j w n i U H e a And all the others came to me Weighed down with pxmsmitl we itllli mil il 1 With fflorv honor, riches ffold The poorest soul on earth I il bi If that one ship cume m t t me O flkltB liLcalm' O, \vimls hhra t r t t Blow all my ships salo home, to me But if thou beneltst some a w rack To nc\er mope pome sailinff I ae k, send any all, that skim the sen, Hut brinir im lo\e-ship baek to me --Fnnit_f lii \riuehi I' m Bdentlflc AdTanc»ment Scientific advancement, it has becn remarked, has been slower and less notice able in the care of the Bick and the trp it ment of disease than m an) other el piirt ment of human knowledge. The life or death of a patient i« too frequeutlj a mere matter of accident or chance Some gi^at discoveries, however, ha\e been mndeand certam remedies are knowii auel used witli almost infallible curative results Such a remedy is TABAMNE -where a eleraiiffed lueris inM)lved, or where elisease of the Bowels, Kielneys or bpleen prevail Ur · - - · · A B i \ \ A r v i t K II I H i l l ll I I n l l l 1 i l k \ J J O K N L M r \1 1A\\ Main · u n| l l U u i \o H I t a n n H i m tit \\ T II LI VM 1 ( I SMN-- 1 \1 10KM \ \l 1 \\\ V N H S U l K I i lOii IN U U N ( H l \ Ullui No 10 W a t c i » l u i t l l L U l t l l l l l i n j . I iJT I i U itt t u n Iri tij 1 11 n 1 u i i 1 in 1 I S I L I l l i l I 1 U10UN1 1 \ I L \ \ \ B. POPULAR Savings Fund lltln i t o u t h e tat c o l l e l ul tile t.)ld S |l nit. in lilt t thee t i n w r h occupied I J s (, M a i me I t l \ e i \v e_ \nuBtnuitf i- ny h t t - t w \ LIU H I I si MMLHs H10UM 1 V I L V \ \ \\\) M U \ l ^ I'l liLR' i i i l u i n s n t h W a t i i M i i e t s e c i n l d m ontll ol the ( t tlrt il ju^e nt xl t i li I U e ill tl" In'-tlu? of thi IVnt e ~ i mipt at It ntl in KI\CII tn t o l l e i t i n 1 - "i VI I V\\ tJlllci N i 4 1 a»t M i n - I I t H SIM t m l a t t i l n t \ i l l n - n st A n t h o n i lilt i nt n I I lit ml i T'llOKM'ON I I i m i l K i V 1 1 A J Stoner, Agent LBAVF orders at Cole Bros' drup htore, nt the New Deming and St Nicholas Hotels for Lmtner's carnages and omni buses. Also send orders bj telephone to the office on South Mam street Calls made nt all hours of the daj and night Passengers and baggage transferred to and from all trains and to all parts of the city promptly Nov^-dtf Carriage Line William Beard solicits the patronage of all who desire carnage service, either for trams, parties, theatres, or calls All orders, either for night or day, left at Hubbard Sweanngen's drug store, will VmWNJ Ofli r n j -*-tiiii t- li t i n N u l l HI il Hi tik \ 1 t I I) 1 I I \ M 1) ] N 'J I \ 1 11 It I 1 I 1 1 \1 J V\\ ! v l t - l i i. receive prompt attention novSdSmo "FAIR IIP vtrra' is Oui Standard' "One-Price" is Our Anchor' "Permanent Popularity ' is Our ! CHEAP CH \.RIoEY'.S jan!2dwtf One Pnce Clothing House. CANJ.OT be excelled in Quality, Style, Pnce or Fit CHEAP CHAKMI'S OliithinR'. Dec 8-- dwtf _ ALL goejek marked in plain figures at Fleury, the French CutU'r it is the place to post ourbelf on pnces Remember the place, corner ef Old Stpiiira Jan. 11 dwtf The Monument Fund Subscriptions of one dollar to the Gar- fi«ld Monument Fund will be reoeneel at tie banking houses of Peddecord, Burrows Co , J MiUikin A Co , Decatur Nabonal Bank, and R P Ljtle, Postmaster. J J. PXDDBOORD, Aothonzed Ageat for Maeea Moatr. Be*28-dtf _ SHELUBABOEE'S patent process flour saves one-half th« labor in baking, and mil make mote bread to ttu pound than any other flour Bold here. declSdAwtf WB keep trerything in »ur hat, low ihoee, high shoes, big shoes, httle shoes, broad shoes, narrow shoes, fin* shoes or coarse shoe*, and it yon want any «ther land of B abo» w* will order it tor yen. W«*tQ]kBM. Call and sea na. Do m» bujr beftwe yon see the stock ·nd prioes of Flsnry, the French Cutter, oorner of Old Square. noMjr. Yon wffl save janlldtwtf n f l u t ( \ D u a t u i I l l i i K T \ 111 ( K I M I I \ M U10UM \ Ofliri (vu i \\ ulli l A u t i i r l l l i r x )* ,7^" ^'^ VPTOBNEl U LA\\ A n d M i S T H l l v t i U M m i foi Mac i Him is ih« m f r n n n i s, rnpjj., tii h t i i e r i i t i i i n i I n MI t n i l ] i ^ l m \ u i \ TTAUVEY 1 \ Mi Attorney at Law, Solicitor m Cluncc i ) mu N c i l m j P i b l i t . rtriLiji/tti in l u l \ a u t l i H Z 4 d tin 1 i llj t / i 1 thi cniwitutli i illt} il I h | r » tlliriu I tj tin. Wt e o u r t i in bee n « n ^tt kli I i r in tb u i i pun p^\i u 1 1 1 1 so Oonte tih ih due rcq iirt I liiyim!* SO lie i sll in pimllilt . n ill hi t n th I A'-1 I I I ^ D A \ n v t N I N O CiJ lilt. M O M H nt w h i c h time the total nm lunl ot * u i « p a i l in ia lounpii in Iht trtejck of tte htjltli r otti ring tile highest preinlt in, «Uh iplirovt I real estate sicurlty I t i s a s y f i t e n i tint eutnbines tho BMALL b A M N O b O t M A N Y I v I O ONE LiA.R,aB] SUM i\iejlat)lt fur BUeh i n \ t stmcut am nly mpitaJ i i t inmaiul and h nee It Is known i' i l l M H i l l i ( n opor ithc S stein il SAViHG AND BORROWING! in eithu wtirelj, a Bankiuf? System of the Peop o, for the People, by the People 1 1 pur- t the Lhtutcr and Dj-Lawg mote M i i t t l OfluTiif the Seoretarj Hndlre-ap in r K H KOHi. 1'rcridi n! L A K W I N O , M-cl'rist H K 1)1 KH-I' Bee i und 1 rous Dlltl-rTOKh II O McKcneililt C A r » n K H I t i l j j , Kuny, J W Ilntmnn J t j IK Dccda Mo kinds ds Mort^igco \ ill* ol Legal Instruments and Acknowledmm t r carcfull) (ak n in I \ l struct I'l 1 ei I IIM us in icr '1 Ilh (1C II t \ - l i l l s l i ji it ir I I I Office open from 7 \ M t ,· I M Ms ( li c at No. 42 W est Wood stn et t pi n nn toll P M. ^ IL (TUvivtf examined Attc ill n im i t' ness \\arClaim'' and n 11 t i the State insolvent luw t u all parts of the LiiitnJ M n t i h er sShocbtiirc, Li 1 -' " THE CHICAGO WEEKLY JOURNAL, published at the o8ice of I HI CHICAGO DAILY EVENING JOCKVAL, eicr Wrdni*- day morning. Is the largest and om of tho very best weeklj newspapers jn tho I nltcd States, and one of the \ cry cheapest It furnishes to its reader* a compn hunhe record of all the important events occurring at home, and abroad Special attention is given to Western news and topics and to the general political and business intert ^ts of the country at large The nnanclal and commercial columns of THE JODRNAL giving a carefulrepejrt and general rev lew of the cattle, produce, money, and stock markets of Chicago and other market centers, are accepted as m.thorlt by farmers live stock men bankers and com mission men throughout the West, having justly earned th« reputation of reliability. Among the new features reeentlylntroduced In THE JOURNAL, is a I i w Stock, Turf and Perm department. A very popular feature of THE WEEKLY JOURNAL la the Supplement which accompa Dies every Issue, Without extra expense to its readers, which always contains a review of the latest new books, religious rev lews household recipes, an Interenting story, and choice selections from tba foreign and «omeatlo periodical!, cormrponcience, etc. Terms for THE WEEKLY JOUBNA1. One dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per year, and no postage The DAILT HVBNIN3 JOURNAL is ten to subscribers by mall for |10 per year. THE TRI-WBBfcLi: JOPBNAX, published every other day, and embraoinr the news of two dajn' IMIM of toe dally, U tent tomb ·cribtrs by m«U/or H per yew. AddnM: 8HVKAK * wTLBOB, PabMn* m act M Bearten itrvtt, CftMi*. YOUNG PASOLD, DXALKR8 I N AMERICAN AND ITALIAN MARBLE! U e alao cut and ttnlsh all klndi of BUILDING STONE, WATER TABLtS, WINDOW CAPS AND SILLS, STEPS And all Uz4» of FLAGGING CURBING For cemetery or other porpo«i jy WB BltPLOT NO Jan ». 18eO-d4wtr Oecalur School ol Oratory GYMNASIUM! DRAMATIC READING In all Its Branches, Vocal and Physical Gymnastics. CALI81HENIC8. Sermons and Orations revised, Lecture* Writ ten,'Drama* placed upon the Stage ft special attention given to Bible and btukc oerlan Readings MRS. M. L CAIN, PrmclpH Second floor, northwest corner W«t Main street and Old 8quare-«We entrance Business hours from 2 to 6 p m , Monl«ri and Saturdays. Decl3dano_ W. H. G R I N D O L . Dealer in all kinds at AMERICAN AND ITALIAN MARBLE, soleTat very low price*. Can and examine bli stock, designs and price* before puronaiinf elsewhere He will not be undersold. HJionln the old Maitoalc buJldiac, norlkwect corner dtyPark, Deeamr, UL Jai U-dy W. HAINE8 BILL POSTER DISTRIBUTOR. AGENT SMITH'S OPERA HOUSE. ·lay befotind OB Inquiry It the Counting Boom. 20 R f rc i O KNIT BE: We h to ma 1 - BRtL SHi f (i Vc"d ' A l l ' Koasi M H I I RAOCI UNI Ftltju pn ·" FULL KET' For 11 , c i v i * \ fh\ H! Oljr J

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