The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 16, 1896 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Page 5
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THE DAILY SEW Tins Date In ILstory-- Jjne 16. r.'.ttl b-vfe*rs' L-gey. «si STABS AXD STRIPES. IXIEBJBSTCSG EXERCJSBS US COM MEMOHAT1OX OK FLAG DAY. r. ___ \ V ^ · fioaa\tifaai Pannffyr KTnfoltftod to tfee B*e*x«*K ibe Grave of V. _ - C- * A *c-- W* fan atat TtU 8 P. M.. 4)1106 17. 8 r*cia! 3» .tch 10 Tht. Neva. .jicroa D. C-. Jane 10 II a- m. Contitnei threat- eoioit weather and probably *huwera ·oalght; Wednesday cloudy weaiBtr; warmer iwai^ht. W. L. Moos*, Chief of th* Weather Bureau. --^--r"^^BT · | ^^F · I ^F ·i--' w HEW ADVS. TO-DAY. Bicycle Barg4toe_~ -- ~ .-~. ----- ...... ........ __^. ____ Smith's Temple of Farcy. Why Pay flOOT. -- .......... Sahm DUL Crawford Wheels -- ...... TM.6ahm DI1L Pfcaelon For 8»le ....... ..203 J Mwkel St. Tresput Notice -------- -Lather 0. Derr. Hearing RestoredTM ............ Dr. Hurtley . Aa Announcement ............ S»hn» . Dill. JUo 6571 Equity ____ C. B. Reddlcfc, TrcsU No. 6415 Equity ...... Chas. W. ROM, Solr. No. 6413 Equity ____ P. C. Norwood, Solr. Dry i»oods_ ___ ..- ...... Rodock Neldlg. Fonitmre ........................... C. C. Carty. Hofltery .................. ----- Best Kepler. Straw flats ............ ------ Geo. A. Gilbert. THE NEWS. TKK WEEKLY NKWB. which wli! be ready Thursday, will be a handsome twelve-page Issue, replete with all the new* and many Interesting special feat- ores- Baring positively the largest bona fide circulation of any paper in Frederick city and county, as an advertising medl- nm it Is unsurpassed and eoeclal attention Is called to the many advantages It offTS tn this way. Copy for new advertisements for THE WEEKLY NEWS will be received up to 5 p m. Wednesday of this week; copy for change of advertisements up to 12 m. that day. ^ PURELY PERSONAL. Heoaanc Paragraphs About Xhoao "Who Come and Go. Mrs. Hainhart, nee Hiss Marian Dean, of New York, Is on a visit to the home of her parents, near Frederick. Mr. George Crnm, Jr., of Carroll street, has returned home from a pleasant visit to Cumberland. Col. Towner Schley, who arrived yesterday In Frederick from Baltimore, overland, left this morning for Shep hsrdatown, W. Va. Miss Nora DItzler, a graduate of the Woman's College, who has been ihe guest of Misses Edna and Helen Stauffer, -jjf near Frederick, returned to her home at'Mt. Jackson, Va., today. Miss Katharine Thompson, who has been, on an extended Southern tour, has returned, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Bertha Rltter, of Roanoke, Ya. Among the guests at LInganore Hills are, Mr. and Mrs. Dye and daughter. Mta Margaret; Mrs. Boehm and Mr. E. Saner- wine, all of Baltimore, and Mlas M. A. Mack, of Washington, D. C. Prof, Cyrus F. Ftook la attending the National Convention of the Junior Order, United American Mechanic!, which meets this year in Denver, Col* oracto-/ During his obsencefrom Frederick the editorial chair of the Examiner Is being occupied by Capt. Eli Frost, an old and well known newspaper man. BRIEF BITS. A Bndeet of Bright Items at and General InterraC --The American Catholic ieagae, the antlpode cf the A. P. A., has been organized and held Its first demonstration in Baltimore last night. --Huckleberries are ripe. The crop-la said to bo fairly large this teuon. --Many fanner* expect to be harvesting during the latter part of this week. --A heavy ih'ower of rain fell early this morning. --A few Sags flattered in the breeze today, left over from Tneaday. Xna Water Supply. Mayor Yeakle, Superintendent of Water Works F. F. Tyeryar, Mecsrs. Tyson, Rice and Dlfiendal, of the Water Committee, and Mr. George J. Kennedy, of Philadelphia, left this morning to visit the old artesian welli for ihe purpose of making arrangement* to farther Increase the supply of soft water from that source. Mr. Kennedy is an expert hydraulic engineer, and his services have been secured by the city authorities to lay out plant for an increase of soft water. The artesian wells have an auxiliary source, which fornlshei hard water, but the authorities are of the opinion that with very little trouble or expanse the supply of soft water can be increased. With that object in view Mr. Kennedy was called to Frederick, and In company with the ctty authorities the party left this morning on a visit to the wells. The old wells were drilled in the year 18(3 and have since furnished an excellent supply of pure soft water. If tbe source can be Increased the already unequaled water supply of Frederick will be grt ally benefited. Colored Decoration Day. Hssy o? the colored residents of Frederick observed yesterday as Memorial Day and with due ceremony the grates of their deputed friend* were strewed with flower*. Member* of Asbury M. K and Bethel Church met at the former place of worship yesterday afternoon and in a body went to Institution graveyards waste the grares were decorated. Appropriate exercfees attended the strewing of flower*. Quite a number of people participated in the exerciNi. Xue Modem Beauty Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise in the open air. Her form slows with health and her face blooms with It* beauty. If her trstem needs the cleaulo? action of a laxative remedy, *h« «· th* gen tie cod pleasant Syrup of Fif*. Made by toe California Fif Synp Company, Scute Key. 'fa* fjtf l»y cxercttet under iii5*o*p!,i« o! me Key Mosumeal Awociaiicc cf Frederick were p!eii=£ and grailfytcg iacce»», rtiecticg credit upca the eaUvziiktsi ksi pirioiism of taose »co par.icfpa'-ed sad a:tecded { laeeeora WE!.-C larcv.eteu I veiopeti lato aa aiierajot o! brtlliaa: | bc.a*atc.e, wilt. a cc*i.»U/Bt! ictcy cloud dm'.ing acre aad there acroac th* b.ue ! teiviss. A; 3 o'clock, ihe hoar !cr the ; exercise", tbe atazocphtre was all thai | coa.d b* dedred of a balmy gammer I evening, aad the cirrytag on: of the prog: an beneath the beautiful tree* at Ml. Olivet ma£e aolenui ad impressive tcene. full of (plriioal elevatioa and in spiratiaa. THB PARADE. The member* of the Moanmen: Aaso- ciatlon and their friends assembled at the Y.H.C. i.. rooms at 445 and left there la procession for Ms. Olivet, preceded by a detachment of fifers and drummers from ihe Independent Dram Corps, and the St. John's College Cadets, forty straag. under Cape £rne«t Roelkey" The members of tho dram corps were Messrs. William Eolb, George Kolb, Earnest Moberly. Richard Keyser, Geo. Bailer and Frank. Bailer, and they played with spirit and skill, gladly lending their services to promcte the patriotic fervor of the day. The cadets wore their neat uniforms of blue, with white stripes and braid, caps and gone, and marched and marceuvered with admirable skill and dexterity. Long before the procession reached the ceme- terv hundreds of spectators bad gathered there, and in the midst of the throne the cadets formed a hollow square around the grave of Key.with the members of the Monument Association grouped nearby and Mr. Baker Jonneon, the master of ceremonies, in the center. m THE CEMRTBBY. For the use of the select choir, com- poseu of a number of patriotic ladiea and gentlemen who kindly consented to slug on the occasion, a handsome organ was provided by Mr. J. M. Blrely, o£ Blrelj's Palace of Music. Dr Thomas S. Eader presided at the organ, and Prof. George Ed. Smith skillfully rendered the cornet accompanlmen t. The members of the choir were, Mrs A. R Teak'e, Mrs. Baker Johnson, Mrs. A. M. Landaner, Miss Katharine Elsenhaner, Miss Florence Koehler, Messrs. J. W. L. Carty, C. Staley Gambriil and B. Ralph Bowers. TEE INVOCATION. The Rev. Dr. David J. Beale, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, was selected to deliver the invocation, which duty he performed with earnest and eloquent fervor, as usual. In impressive and stirring tones Dr. Beale said: "Heavenly Father, we thank thee for the circumstances that hare called as together for this service. We invoke thy blessing upon us all, and upon others throughout the Country who have assembled at the same call and In the same cause. "May all the people of these United States be inspired with the spirit of chrit- tlan patriotism, and may their thoughts today be guided Into the channels of gratitude. "Make us all profoundly thankful for onr national life and history; for our constitution; oar "Star Spangled Banner," and onr patriotic §ong; and for all the privileges of our American citizenship. "OhI our God; the God of oar fathers, aud the God ot our children; we praise ihee now as we stand by the grave of onr Christian patriot-poet that we are at peace with, all the world and among ourselves. "We bless thee for our freedom and union; for oar security of person and property; for onr educational advantages; for our growing population; for the teeming wealth of onr farms ^aud forests and livers and mines; for our opportunities of doing good; for the separation of church and state; for the open Bible and our kinsman Redeemer; for our Sabbath, our sanctuaries, the sacrament* and for all the institutions of cur holy religion. Truly onr lives have fallen to us in pleasant places and we have a goodly heritage; and, with swelling heart*, we exclaim 'How goodly are thy tents O, Jacob and thy tabernacles O, Israel.' "But we are unworthy of all tbe:e benefits and blessings. We have sinned as Individuals ana as a nation. We have been covetont, worldly, extravagant and profane. For the*e offenses and for our Sabbath desecration and intemperance we humble onraalve* thl* day and lament. We weep between the porch and thffaltar and cry 'spare thy people and give not thy' heritage to reproach.' We come before thee with petitions. We pray that in the midst of our greatness and wealth and power we may never lose sight of the revealed truth that from those to whom much is given much will be required; that if, like tby people of old, we forget the Giver of every good and perfect gilt, Thou wilt blow upon u* and bring an end to onr prosperity. Help us to realize that no mere human resources or power are able to perpetuate our National insti rations, and that for the continuance of onr blessing* we are entirely dependent upon Thee. We ask that Thou wonldil give us bright and happy days; that Thou wouldst help u* staay the things that make car peace; that Thou wouldst keep us and all onr fellow citizens from undue party excitement during the approaching presidential campaign; that Thou, the Lord God Omnipotent, may *tili reign, aod that tbe Government at Waah lagton may «U1) be safe. "We pray fo; the preservation of this American Union, if U plea*e Thee, untO the Angel shall stand with one fool upon the tea and one noon the land and shall ·wear that time shall be no longer. We a**, aii for Cartel'* honor. Amen." Tie Tiitois feSirez of Sis progras were announced by Mr. Baker Johston with appropriate remark*, fully in keep- iig with tie patriotic character 0! the ·ervice. "Before The Lord We Bow," Key 1 * famiar hymn, wa* wangby the choir and atKmbiage at the conclusion of Dr. Baale's prayer, and following that the beautiful new flag, purchased by the Monument Auodatton and m*a*nrtnK ltxJ5 feet, wasrnn to thetop of the»uff at the head of the poet's grave, planted there la*t year by- the Amodalion. The flag wa* raised by the cadet*, who tainted it w!\h presented anni, while the large aa*tmblafe watched w*ih admiration lu ·tarry fold* nnfur), the (train* of "The Btar gpavgled Banner" wnndlnf meanwhile oa the qntot air. When UM gracefc! ceremony by the cadet* had been concluded, and as the BCW flag dug 1* *Urry fold* about the tuff to wko*e Mouoit it h»d tent rajaed. a poem wa* read by Folgct MrKlBtey, Secretary of the Monument Association, vrttiea by him for the oc caatoa. ad entitled: TH*, SATIOS'* H.3WXK. Sao* EI sh* User's l?wer. tiey aid. Wii»: tha.1 tae blo«»sxa bt* So! our* Ifce Boerooe KMC rose-red, Tiw G»Ue sear tie 'U; Nor yet the »_ien (.turncock, fair; Tec :kV:^, Mrortu'* prtie, Nazes as a Nation's ttjwer. t J tair ll fcad grees rocuuie. as a dower tat grows aioce '.Scs»Ui our dometUc *xic*. U. iutrhjrma! To bt*tt'.-te«ktcj ^ place. He 1W berkd here to tbe I! iii» ueauufci city of UM dead, with it* score* of (lately and tmpoting column*, be: wita nothing but a email and simple none to mark hi* owe g ave. rtwre t* nothlDj except, the came oa thl* mode*! piece ot eurie l" d_*!lcgat*b tbe . toaib of Franc!* boo:: Key iroot ihou* I asti* of oitttt to tii* ocBMrt*nr. Tacre 1» aott'eg acre, ex^pt thU a«, to al- TfcU b* tby S wer-- i s« ^o'.d*n- rod, oaecnl -- »ee U ntxi Tee tawel ot the btoo.n coro. With pendic.e* ot goiii. Kich tn th« tamaer irezH lo*i«j, lit niil»o grikCc bcbok:' The bluet by ihe meed and stream. The jocqali'e cap ot wblle The laurel ocd ihe dog wood's gletm-- Take th«*e for thy delight! Thus, Bute by Stale, the answer came. The Souihtasd, too, replied-Take mine, ihe iwect magnolia's flame Of yellow. waxen-dyedJ Tho Wett held forth 1U mountain pink, The eoasi lu tropic palm; The Mextc cacti d'.d not shrink To boasi lu fronded balm. Bat, lot the Nation, hearing: all. Turned »lhi, CiU i*i"m, tu Luce, Flower of her garden festival, Bloom of her liberty! Born In the splendor of the dawn Ot her divloesl might, Thou abalt be blooming when art gone Earth's blosscraa, touched with blight. Striped wl'-h the crimson of the rose, The blue of sea and sky, White of Stern's regal snows, Gold of the stars oo high: Red, to denote thy fortitude, And white, thy purity; Blue, that la mark of beauty's mood, Gold of the stars swuag free, Thy country's peerless hope shall bind In symbols that we love, In splendor of thy folds that find The patriot winds above. Our Nation's flower, our flag, All dominant and grand, Whose folds no alien hand Shall dare to drag In dust, or In defeat, But in the battle's heat, Or Is. :ie !cag surcease That follows conflict -- Peace Blooms in Immortal beauty, This be onr patriot duty -To give It to winds that love it, Waft It to star* above it, So, an nnconquered symbol, it shall be Tfcj iPy» ll »y pride, imperial Liberty! A bloaiom that no fragranter shall bloom, Nor on the sea, nor on the mountain height, Nor In tne radiant capitals of light, Thau here, beside the silent singer's tomb, This dreamless dreamer, from whose crumbling dust Sweet shall It spring In patriot hope and trust. Flower of a Nation's splendid domi- nence, Strong will, shrewd force of dally common sense; Flower of his lips, who in immortal song Endowed each fold With the melodious symbols that prolong Its strength untold. Flower of his heart, find here thy dwelling place, Here in these plney avenues embrace Shapes of tne shade and waf ture of the breeze. Breath of the wardering mountains and the trees, Song of the birds, flash of the summer storm, The tnonder's ipeal, rain currents fresh and warm, Fair children's smiles, the faith of ardent men, The winter's snow, a glittering diadem, Balsam of aun and dew, The bending skies of blue-Flower of the fecund land, Our flag, onr banner grand! Here shall thy folds of glory Repeat the poet's story, Here shall thy sure and tars, Loyal in peace, or scars Of war's red thunder, Bid the great land rejoice A* here, where he sleeps, the voice That touched thee with Song's wonder, Thou analt thy vigils keep 'Till by thy side there leap Time's tribute (baft* of love This humble mound above. Art's beautiful behest, The sculptor's skill, Here bj thy folds shall rest To stir and thrill All who behold, with gleams Of Freedom's argent beams, And turn their thought* away From cares of common day To think of thee, O Flag! aud of the singer's lay. Name it each State, one voice, one land, On* Nation and- one blooml Sweet 1* the rose, the Illy bland, The meadow's golden plume; But by her choice, Old Flag, on thee The common country calls, Where on the wind* that waft thee free - Thy starry petal fall*. Onr Nation's flag our flower, Name u* no lesser bloom. Exhaling here its power Beside al» tomb. Sending It* root* below, His sapient mould to reach; Lifting it* head where blow The loyal wlndB-- to teach The- emblems of its might, lu beauty and Its delight, IU strength, made ever strong IH Its symbolic semblance of the right, The immemorial splendor of hla song] XLOQUKTT ADDKHS. Mr. Johnson next had the pleasure of introducing Mr. Hammond Urner, the eloquent young orator, who held hi* heaters *pell-boand with the quiet, beautiful, penetrating force of hi* unique eloquence, h!« rounded and finished style, te splendid spirit of hi* well chosen language. 3fc. Un:ersali "We have co*»e together for the par- pose of conmenoratlag the- birth day of the flag that ha* juit been unfurled and of honoring tie memory of the man whose fame fe inseparably connected with it. This day, which has been dedicated to the Stan and Stripes, could not be properly celebrated without some ex- presakmof reference for theaotkor of "The Star Spaagled Banner," and I have no doubt that wherever thi* flag Day !· observed, and wherever la true significance is appreciated, the name of "r»n cis Scott Key is held iu the highest yen eration and his immortal song 1* sung with the utmost ·sufeu*iaam- " We have gathered beie ou this qiiet summer evening about the grave of thi* distinguished mas. la view of hi* worldwide fame we cannot fail to be impressed with the unpretentious character of hi* iait f la to gve Li»i ih« toel that the b.tiy bcset'-h thU »c*i w*y c'i -rest i-os ;ho cvaot I h»\e pi*«d froie tte raeciorjr oi men. And ct we know iht U: li-i» *'»p^l U aii a hcaii oace preraat with c*!t» U5 nrt" A* we look cown opoa IcU 'owljr moucd wr at sir n^bou; :2* c»rtr. aci »a v 'c Cl'.KiCli i ^ i u c m W!.t t/e ·» 4- p»irli!c Bailment *i.^ ra b U the jc»:s to cotne cannot «ip bat feel, naier the !-i- -.iil* i»k=.s »id su;:cd sctce, ihti there U * aoral 10 be drwn from Ihe connrmplas: n cf such a plato ad un awumlDK wpalcher of inch a laleiea aad rvnoweed mm. U rem'.ndt u* that tbU gifted and Inspire j poat cooid not tsk« wllb nlm through Ihe poritLit of the gr%v« the prUe and glory tba'. were hb tn life. He pasted from the bin a plane of earthly dltllncttoa upon which he s'.ood to take hi* place upon the common level ot ihe dead. He left forever ibe Commonwealth la which he lived, and which ho lo»ed, t o j j l a forever the Commonwealth ot too grave. He went forth from te free repabie, whoae honor and glory were the laspl.-aUoa of hit ·OQKi lt become » tuomutr oC cul gtuu Republic of larger and broader freedom upon ibe shores of Eternity. But be ha* left behind htm a fame that will never die U needs no that t or column to keep it a tire It U just as fre*h and undying today, while his grave I* marked only by Ihii simple stone, as It will be wheo ti shall have been distinguished aud adorned by the monument which we propose to rear. His memory will be cherished by us and by those who shall come after us even though his grave should remain forever destitute of any suitable memorial. We are proud to believe that the genius that was nonriihed and Invigorated by the pure free air of onr mountains and that produced oar matchless melody of patriotism In the dark hours of the nation's lite will continue to live la the memory and reverence and gratitude of the coming generations long after the monument which we will erect stall have been thattered by the hand of Time. " We must realize also tnst wnalever efforts we may put forth to adorn and beautify big grave will have a more direct aud intimate relation to ourselves Inan to him. The proudest monument that art and wealth could provide c*n have no effect upon his departed spirit. Can storied urn or animated bunt back to tta mansion call the fleeJng breath? Can honor's voice provoke the silent dust, or fUttery soothe the dull cold ear of death?' "Alas! we know full well that they can not. But we know that the tokens of affection and veneration that are placed above the graves of the dead have a lut- ing value to the living. They help to keep alive and to cultivate those sublime and sacred qualities and impulses that exalt and ennoble the human heart. In raising a monument above the grave of Francis Scott Key we will raise alao a monument to ourselves. We will thereby demonstrate, not so much his title to distinction, as that we are animated by the same fervent spirit of patriotism that filled his heart and that Illuminated his life. "The memory of Francis ficott Key is cherished today because he achieved the most signal and pre emtneat success in celebrating the glory of this old flag. It fills onr hearts with pride and enthusiasm as we look upon it BOW, juat as it filled his heart to overflowing with pride and enthusiasm as he saw it m those years long gone by. But we see It In a very different light from that In which he viewed it. We see It representing the power and prestige of the mightiest nation ,npon earth. He saw it as the emblem of a republic that was still hampered by the weakness and inexperience of youth. We see it waving over a people who are confident and courageous in their Invincible strength and in their inexhaustible wealth. He saw it waving over a people who were fearlesa and self- reliant in iplte of their limited power nd resources. We see it as the sacred symbol of liberties that are firml? esUblished and that are acknowledged and respected by all mankind. He saw it flaihlng its defiance Into the face of a hostile world as our yonug republic worked out with loyal and heroic devotion the grand ex per)ment of civil liberty. "What wonder i* U that as. he stood on toe deck of the enemy'* ship through the dark and weary hour* of the night, watching with the most intense and eager impatience to catch through "the rocket's red glare" another glimpse of the flag he loved so well, until he saw "through the mists of the deep" its bright folds take "the gleam of the morning's first beam," while "in full glory reflected it shone on the stream", -- what Bonder is it that in the ecstasy of his pride and patriotism he gave voice to that rapturous and triumphant strain: -'Tis the Star Spangled Banner, Oh long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.' "That hallowed flag, -with all its meaning and memories, with all its grandeur and glory, has passed forever from his mortal sight. Bnt let us hope and believe that as he once, 'by the dawn's early light', saw it floating in victory above the ramparts of his native land, so he may now, in the great spirit world to which he has gone, see the brighter emblems of peace and immortality waving upon the battlements of heaven in the dawning light of an eternal day '' The hymn, "Patriot, Oar Patriot," written for the Monument Association by the secretary, 10 fit the mule of "Maryland, My Maryland," was rendered, and the beautiful service concluded within impressive benediction, pronounced by Rev. Dr. Beale, fol owed by the strewing of lie poet** grave with summer bloeaome. A IilCrtTS! AT FIGHT. An iatermtlng conclulon of the day** celebration wa* a lecture delivered in the eventn* at the City OperaJHouse by Mta* Ellzibeth Bryant Johnson, of Washington, who, with her niece, MUs Key, a distant reUtive of the poet, was the guest yesterday of Dr. Cha*. W. Hoffman. Her subject was "Washing- too and His Portrait*," and th* fine dU- course was illustrated by ttereornicon ·view* showing reprodcctlon* of the historic butt and life site portrait* of Washington from the bands of tbe Stuarts, Praies ·Mid o'ner noted artls t of the time. MUs Johnson began t«r lecture with aa apprectsrfoa o! tne e»*rac;*f of ·*^btii^ton, irscJa^ W* csreer through It* vartonj vicissitudes to the high pin Stele he dually attained in the hearts of in* countrymen and the admiration of the world. She dwelt especially upon ia* larg« humanity of hi* nature, hi* deroiloa to hi* Bother and hi* wife, bl» fttherly etre of al* brother'* ciidren, a*d hk tpleadld dcvom to Jsls friedi aad to UM great cauw of American liberty The acdteDce whkh h*»;d Mb* Jons- con was uaall but hl^htj appreciative «*d reji»tvl lo lie fu.l»i cited tse opportunity of t'.edyisg tie character were pietectei. The -tkture Lo one of rite and uattiMi cbiitu »aa ::·.· e.tjr, aad la 1'J delivery !v»: alxas tid aboei li ihe *pliUuti e^eKect o' tel! taci £», as M'isi Johnson tec Ir-rJ ner a* a con'.rlbatlua to tec Kr ii.jaumta. Ittad. Re'etcoe* l j lit -t.--- o' rLcr aad hU (intovrui bum «»:: «rtr»i lime* eatuia by tbe s|e*aci. anu i*cb lime e«IeJ f,iLi. ttTDtn _,)p.»oif. U,..' leetuteoa "Wath togtoa aud tils I'ortra'.U" U aae'y wrtt- tco, IhouUKli'/ tfymptibelic, Jo*l, far ic.d soa.y pjudjiic, aad :he hie acd description which It glte* of the picture* and natue* that have pre MI veil hU fac« aad UKUro for all lime, i* a Ueal la iltelf of splendid meiit. A bevy of bright and atincUto yoanc latlle* acted M u*ber» dorlntf Ihee»anln«. raey were: MU* Nettle Ritchie, MCat Grace Uettendanoer. Mlt* Allie Shriner and MUs Mora Inrner. Game \Va*den«- wardon*. to torn without pay, have beeu appointed for Frederick county at follow*: Emery Nelion, George Htckman and WKllun Leopold. JOHN HENDBIOKSON. MODKL. Hood's Banaparllla has over and over again proved by It* cure*, when all other preparation* failed, thil It la the one true blood portlier. LOOAL MENTION An Announcement, Sahm A- Dili beg leave lo announce thai they nave set ured the agency for the sale of Crawford blcycloi--high grade wheels at $75; medium grade $50. Any one Interested Is Invited to call and examine these wbeeli and compile specification with any othar wheel made. Representing tbe maker* direct gives n» an advantage in the way ot making ^cod arty defect that might develop, a possibility In any machine. A Lad}'* HearlBK Honored. Miss Eliza Montray's hearing was very bad. For about two years she was con- BltmUy afraid of uetug ruu over niiuu uu the street because she could not hear the cars. The confused noises In the head were very distressing. She wai cured by Dr Hartley, of 311 North Paca Street, In 1883, and has heard well from that time. The fact of this cure can be obtained by calling at 1503 West Franklin street. Dr. Hartley will be at City Hotel, on Wednesday, June 17th, whero persona can consult him. ^ For the latest shades of silk for waists, go to Mrs. Norrla' new store, 109 North Market street. I have added to my stock Hershberger's celebrated Bread, Rolls, Biscuits ad Yeast, which 1 receive fresh dally. Your patronage solicited. Spencer Zlmxcr- man. _ For all tbe new taffeta ribbons call at Mrs-Norrli'. Glean Up. The Excelsior Steam Carpet Cleaning Company will take up your carpets, clean them, store and Insure, and reliv them. Telephone orders to No*. 75--94 or 11. Interstate Telephone. Tbe latest shapes la hats and bonnet* at prices that will surprise you at Mrs. Norrla'. _ Ladles, If yon wish your combing* made Into wigs, braids, curls, bangs, etc., go to Mrs. Norrlg', North Market street, who manufactures them at the shortest notice, and guarantees all work done by her. . ' BEST A KBPLEB. H · 08IBBT AND OSIBltr OBUKY AN08IILL MOKB HO8IBST. W* PBIDK OUB8XLYXB THAT WX CAN DO KOBE FOB IOTJ IN THIS LINK THANM03TBOU8W. BLBBAKCK AND SOOHOHT *»BT HUB; 6TTLU AND COMMON 8BN8I COMBINE HXBB AB YOU BBU)OM JTND THXM. FINB 6AUOB, FAST COLOB9 AND DAINTT BTTLB6. SMOOTH AND COMfOBTABLB ABB HXBB 7OB THXPBIOX Of COMMOKBB W1AB. IF TOU ABB INT2BXSIXD IN B.OS- IXBT. CALL AT Bfi3T KEPLER'S, 81 NOBTH MABKXT ST. P. S.-DONT FOEOBT ODB COLD OBBAM AND OLTCBBINB SOAP. A IOC. BOAP JOB 6C. BIOYCTExES- HY PAY $100. CE4WJFOHD HIGH GRADE $76.00. SAHM * DILL. Hadn't yon Juit a* well hare that «25 ' CBAWfOBD HI8H 0BADB $75.00, WITH ALL THB GtJARANTBB THAT QOBS WITH ANT WHEBL MADB. SAHM ft DILI. MULLJNIX A* KEMP. IOOD THINGS. We received thi* a. m., a pretty sascn=£z: s£ is very ISZESI thing* in Ladle* Bows and Tecks suitable for Shirt Wabt*. Also another lot of Ladle* Belt* in White, Black, Patezt Leather, c-, c. W* are now ihowing the best valnee fn Mens and Bojs Cheviot Negligee ihirt* to be found In the city, from 25 to 50 cents. See them. BEAD THIS. A big cut In the price of Soap. Brown's best cold cream and glycerine Soap, at 5c. a cake, format price 10;U. M O L K AIVBJtTI»KMBMTt$ AEB coi^ iu.vfc 7HXKX is serxx UMi Of I H K l i -.'LT ur WHICH 60MESODT t»K*NTUB«.\ E A V A L C A B L B Mu^ET. I H K K K AttB M UUETs IK mii OK AOTUE1f TO MiAME IK'ClfLB SHAMt: tlt-H OUc'De AS TvUAV-it"T THE -jis;._u W A I amruso I ' T H K K O U1-A|1»UMK IXTHKK OCKJU- U B t T B K THAN THOriK T H A I · » » L l » » . k t s . . t l \ - . \ h * ; C ' r i L l . i.' Sll THK W i O H T i N^ 1. KIM A L L U O J 1 , 1-Kt.Si.H CHAULlEi K K 1 I C H U Tv*lJAY TO 1UO.-ALL N E W l'ATr»USj UF WHICH Tuf H A \ K PAUL* o.. T H I K K OF TUE Dlt.'KSkM.K IN PA1CK. NO. 3. BLEUANT HALF WOOL CUALL1BU BEDUCBD TO U J - TH1NK OF IT. «.'.-« A MB OOUUii YOD HAVE PAID uac. roK. IT ij A ttUAME. BUTTHET Oa NO. 8 000 YAHD8 SPLENDID DKEV8 GINGHAMS BEOUCBU IX) »k CKN1S FORMERLY 10 AND VJ BODOOS A NSID1O. R ODOCK HKIDIO. NOMINATED F0« PEBHDMT; GOLDO3HLVBJK. WHICH i* IT' fo tcm.'.'jet s it t 4 tt*. r* ooaj'm'*! toiar w* «rX ^.iirf «^,.-i «./ ai (or porcMe* made se tbe se, tsu« aad p tu_ BBLld. Any »tji*. *sy width. enca* IV ntvJ Ui**ri in wi» t- k.J t.-*ik asi ivo cQ-urk. K fio* a*\ y a*. til« UUrk Blfi «t 2Sc- We tevw u«v w rxrt uoo to 1 M ! »l tar cttxrr ttore lor-iV: Uut» direct tnj» the muulactkivr. KOIXX-K ft SB! me. A T. RIOB SONS. 1800. A. X* RICE SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS. p. HO. 6. 400 YABDS BUtT OOBDED WA^H SILK8 AT1OJ.-8AMBGOODS A SEASON AGO HOLD AT SU AND 4U.\ WHO CANT ArrOKD 1O WJtAK A bILK WAIST NOW. NO. B. 81VEKAL PIECES PINE WOOL DKBSi GOODS IN LIGHT COLOKINUS TO GO AT 8U CBNTl). FOMMBhLT SOU. AND «2C. IF THB8E ABE NOT GOLD SCO GETS. WE UOWT KNOW rfHAT GOOD MONBr IS. COMB BABLY AND GET IODBCHO1CB. JBbB NDRIOKBON. P. 8.-SBVEBAL FINB PABABOL3 TO BE BOLD AT LKHS THAN FIK3T COST TO MAKERS. F. V. STADB. -IH1NK OVBK lit OVBK8TOCKBU, MC3T GO. 4 CA N 3 B SbT TOM TUIS. U6C. 5 " GOOD CORN. U5C. 3 - K A K L T J D N E PBAP. 25C. J " PINEAPPLES. 2JJC. 3 - DB3BKT PEACHES. 3BU. F. V* STAUB. NORTH MAKKBT STRKKT. TKLEPHONR CONNBCTIOK8. DULdj AND 101 NORTH MAKKBT 8T. S TB AW TV/TATTINGS. THAW JJtLAlllNOS. ALMOST SVSr DAT WE ARK KECBIVING NKW PATTKRK8 IN STKAW MATTINbB. IX WILL BB WOHTH TOOK TIME TO LOOK AT OtTRMAlTINGB BEFOEK BOTINQ. *LTTIHGSTO SPIT BVEBTBODF FKOM THB CHE4PB8T TO THE TEBT F1HS3T. JILK8. SJXK». A 8PBCIAL LINE OP WASH SILKS AT26C/ PER YARD. ACTUAL VAL- DB36C. AHANDSOHS LINK Of BLACK RGUEE0 8ILK3 FOE. WAISTS OR OHBtSBd AT 76C. FBR YARD. WHIN T00 TI3IT OIJB B3TAB- L18HHKNT, ABK TO SHE THBSB 6BM8. 'OLL IBOTHEB BAUJNOS. H AM BOLOQNA. TW* arrlvw today aod u yon have never tried it, then, yon want to, and to give you a cpeclal chance wa win sell it for a time at icatt for only 10c- MACEEBEL. We rroefved br freight today* package of this dellclou J D*h. Toey will be brlvBC, flethr and sweot; aait to «ret jou to try them will sell at lOc. ft. L.AKB FISH. Toll it a good fish and come* next to mackerel for general use. Every tody likes item and we sen them at 50. B». BARBELS. We have a lot of empty ru- g*r. ciacksr. cabbage aid other Mnel* whten we are dealrtou* or *elllng and will ·ell cheap. THE BAILING GROCERY CO^ Up To-Dare Grocery, and Prize Givers. Agent* for D-No Bemedie*. CENTRAL HARDWARE OO. PAINTS i J?AINT3I WA6ON AND IMPL1MZJTT J-AINT8, HOUSEHOLD COLORS, HOC3B PAINT5. ENAMEL PAOtTS, Bi.KJ.Se KNAXSL, (for Bicycle c*e). TOPDBBS3IN6, OILS. TARNISHES, *C. IJOOK ODTTOBTHB Bis rpRBSFASS NOTICX8. ATTHBintWSOf /ICE. TBUFHONB 75. JAMES E. WALKER OO A VEHYCOM?OKTABLBARTICLB FOR HOT WEATHER 16 THB VKN- TILATID SOMHBR CORSET. WE CAN PLBABB YOU IN FIX AND PBICB. WB HAVE LOTS OF PRBTIT ASD COOL BCMMBB DKKSS OOUD3 AND ABB BBCBIVINO NEW STYLES EVXBT DAY. IT WILL ALWAYS BE T" yC" / M 1 i r iN'''Af !1 ! tO LOOK OVER OTJB tTOCK WHEN YOtT WANT ANYTHING IN THAT LINE. PARASOLS IN NEW PATTERNS. A SPECIAL BARGAIN IN A P ASA- SOL TO MATCH THB GBASU CLOTH. AT86C. 8DN CfelBBBLLiSINGOODQTJAI.- irr AND CHSAP PBICB, AB. oo. BUILDING LOTS. TAO YOOJBLNOW That I am selling DS8IKABLB BUILDING LCT3 la North-Weit Addition to /rederlok, at $1.00 TO $4 00 A f BOB! FOOT, according to location. THESE ABB BAKGAlMh, ·nd now it the time to bur wUle thoy MO.IW. log §ola «t mob low price* mm et»r Vtrmt. for puriotuan and location, apr35d*w3m GSO. H. ZIUUBBMAM, DOLL'S. D iOLi'8 HOTEL CATX. HavinK flited up in tb* MAT of my -Care" a SCUM IB »AB0Kf, 1 will open the Mae on THTJB8DAY BVBNIN HXXT. JDNB 4TH. Htulo Will b* tormtoUrl on tktt c»itoa »nd » pl i* promlMd C. D. J. F. fflSgNflAUBB. MAKVUEfB CHQI01 OKAGKXBa AND tAKCT CAKXtl. , «c dally. B1NANAA, OKAK8X8 and LEMONS. A full line of Liqnon, Imported anl Donawtc. ALL BBADEl Or.BXXB. We rec«lTB dallj Milk and Grasoau J- F. A. B.HABGBTT. aAJra WILDCHXBJtT PHOSPHATE, A DXLISHXFGL SCMMBK DKIKk IT HIT3 THB SPOT WHEN TOU I ABB TRIE3TT. PESPABXD IN ONE MI1TCTB QCABT O* 6ALLCS. SMALL BOTTLEHOG. rpHIBOCKl THSBOCK11 The oelabcated Bartitoloaiar lnwla«0te' O C K . O C X . B O C K ! O C K ! B O O K Abo the MAXZXN BEXX tad tMr otM» bradn* «t a?i lemitat leases aatt irtatfr ·«· JOHH J,' a LOTf, ' Car. W**t Patrtek ind TtMamk «·* T*le**ffiM Mo, tm. 1»**C1**. IU. *

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