The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 10, 1923 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1923
Page 2
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CLAHENCE E. WATK1NS, Editor »nd Manager. IRVING W. -WATKTNS, AdTertls- Ing Manager. CHAHLES-A. SPOONEB City Editor. ' . . . ' - Bmtered at the noit office »t CM1- lleotbe, Missouri, M second clasi matter. Th» : CKilflcotlie Constitution ia- ·Indlng th« Mail and Star and CMlli- eoth» Democrat. Owned azd pnb- liihedby-- ' _ _ . -- , . ' . . ' . . ' .;.', fBR OHILUOOXHE CONSTEDUmON FRINTIXG * PHBL1SHINQ CO. '., TEBMS OF SUBSCRIPTION DAILY by carrier In the City " ''""· ot _ DAILY by 'mail la LMigiton BT man oatslde Conaty. per Tear _ . 4.00 ___ ^_ 4.60 ADVERTISING RATES Resolution of Respect, per, line .01 Card of Thanks, 10 line* and .per line _______ .10 Special Notices, per line - .10 ·ntertainmenU, ilven tor pay, under ^__ .___. ;_ $ .50 Leisl Advertising. »t" Lega! rates-Administrator's Notice =__--»4.00 Final Settlement; Notice i. 4.00 Political .AdTertlslnf, per line 10 ' CIBCUEATIOH . 'A detailed sworn statement ot the Mrcnlatlon wiirbe furnished at any Urn* when reanested by an advertiser M«mb«r United Frew Association ~FOR A GREATER- MISSOURI WITH .-the ; object, of putting Missouri .on the -maps,.a "Greater -Missouri' organization has. been formed, -with members pn every county,- and- pushed until there appreciation of Mis- .the-entire country, generally : 'recognized :ulturai state, as. indeed v o; agriculture .is her. great\-. t )ry.; .-b.ut .Missouri- is-.also. a estate,-..with- more than ! 00;OOp-_invested in factort- lpying.250,000;persons. Mis- : anks -ninth among the states Union in this respect. .. " should be -nearer the head of class.- We- -have "water power to that :qf the entire New Eng- : jid district, but it is going to waste. #6 have great natural resources; but A of our products- are shipped in ? the ;raw to ;other states to be made As a manufacturing state'Missou- ri is backward. .One reason for this is the fact of a -"workmen's .compensation law." Great industries cannot flourish without "the ;-protection .of such an_act.- ; . : . - _ Here are some of the . tasks . .'to which the Greater Missouri'.organization should ; address-its; energies: Pushing.the.'7,500-niile-state highway system to an early completion. Development-ot.water power. Enactment-of a ..workmen's compensation; law. . : ' . . - The county unit,- system- for rural school's, i :·.-.-. . Keforestation: o£ cut - over, timber lands and other, land not available for agriculture. · ' "· A system of state-parks that will make the' state attractive to "tourists and be a source of pride and pleasure to her, own citizens. Development of great areas of wild land, suitable- to agriculture and grazing. . .. Fish and game laws that, will protect fish and game, while at the same time providing revenue for maintenance ot the state park system. . ~" "PiihUflitV tbat 'the world may k£ April Showers Bring May Flowers And make that old suit go to seed. Tou'ean soak one-of.our Clothcraft Suits in a bucket of water .and it mil press back into perfect shape. We Guarantee TJiem STAEKEY:CLO. COMMIT Service -- Satisfaction 11 PEE CENT RISE ..Ef PAY GRANTED STEEL LABORERS. New Tort; April 10.--TEe follow, ing:'statement was authorized today by Chairman Elbert H. "Gary, of the United States Steel. 1 Corporation: It has been recommended to: the president of the'manufacturing subsidiary companies "of the U. : ' S. Steel Corporation that the wage rates of fhte manufacturing plants .be increased about 11 per cent and" that other wage rates in the manufacturing plants equitably .adjusted-'to come effective April'16,; 1923." Republic Iron and Steel.also will advance wages approximately. 11 per cent; it was announced this afternoon.- '. " - · · ' - . ' Other independents, it ' is understood, wilr follow'the lead of United States Steel. ·- · AVOID THIS tCUP«5E! YOUR EYES DEMAND; · .'SCIENTIFIC SERVICE QUALITY MERCHANDISE - CONSISTENT . ·* WHEELING." - ,'HIr.' and Mrs. -Erwin Norman were 'Chillicothe 'shoppers Saturday. ,' T. B. .Hendrix went to Kansas City Sunday to sit on the Federal jury. ..Mrs. Achenbacfr and "daughter, Miss Oma were Chillicothe visitors Saturday. . V Mrs. Hari Heaton was the guest of Chiilicothe friends Saturday. Mr.' and Mrs. T. Efc Wells and ; 'son Harley spent Bedford with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wolfskin! Mr. and · Mrs. Chas. Botts Were Chillicothe visitors Saturday^ Mrs. Frank Post was shopping in Chillicothe Saturday. Mr: and Mrs. Joseph ^Smiley were business visitors in the county- sat Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Thomas and family . of Breckenridge were the guests of relatives here Sunday. Mr.' and Mrs; Mont Warren. Were Chillicothe visitors Saturday. Mrs. Mary Seidel and- daughters, Miss Louise and Miss Docelia wers Chillicothe'visitors Saturday. Blemished young work horse to sale or trade for stock hogs or bee: cow and calf. Call 6104F11. a'Stf Add to these that Follow-up Service . which we are always glad to: render. : ..";. '" :; Dr. Covert T. Brown he Eye-Strain Specialist Where Chfflicothe Gets Her Glasse« : IN CHIJKCH: WHEN DR. AKED CRITICISES-: WILSON. -Washington; A'pril -' 10-.--Denunciation of::.the-..Paris peace^treaty and criticism of Woodrow .Wilson .in a sermon, at .the First Congregational Church-last nightlbjrthe'Rev. -Chasi P. "Afce'd of.' London;' New York,".and San'-Francisco,. caused a pro-Wil'son demonstration;. 7 - , : " A .well r dresse'd. woman the, audience rose to her feet with the cry: 'All friends of,Woodrow 'Wilson will leave., this place!"- , - -·-.-· '· · The aisles:-'of''the .church immediately became/congested as some, members of tlie congregation sought to -'depart while others crowded toward .the pulpit. - Cries - arose from various parts of the" church, drowning the voice of the minister. Dr. Aked" had just-declared Wilson had permitted himself to be mis: led and. characterized the Versailles treaty ~as .- an "infamous document, born of secret- deliberation's. ,- and treaties- on -the.-part of the-allies, which were a' betrayal of the. policies' for.'which.Woodrow. Wilson, as representative of America, stood.' .After the-uproar had subsided-, -he continued his sermon, which, was entitled '.'Woodrow Wilson at'his-best ---a tender, beautiful idealization of the great-failure;" ' - ' X-BAI SERVICE --PHONE'809-- : DR. J. M. M'KIM DENTIST- " .WEST SIDE SQUARE FOR RENT--My residence, 903 N. : Locust, '9 rooms, strictly modern. Will-rent:to desirable family only. Phone 714. Dr. Dummitt. aitf Conkey's Original Buttermilk Iced for young chickens. 7-6t* Wigely Bros., Druggists. Easy and quick-to install, save your, money, and' give lasting satisfaction to home 'owners. Bead' these 'advantages: --Admit 40" percent, to x SO percent more daylight ' ·--coine complete--sash ·hung; hardware in place;; . .painted --no extra frames; no. fitting, of sash . . --can't warp or stick '·--permanent- · . --surprisingly low I : n. cost . . . . . . . . . . Chillicothe Iron Co. / Telephone-18 Structural and Reinforce what Missouri . These are a few of the many lines on which, the .society can work to good advantage; they are~ samples showing the vast possibilities for effort toward a greater - Missouri. Energy, loyalty and teamwork are needed. Given another generation of the - pioneer spirit, that carved a state out of a wilderness, and .Missouri -will \--^oke" the p_lace she deserves among " her, sister commonwealths.--^News- Press, · -. _ -Ti tird --· J - ' S -^ ·. -^ CHIROPRAGM HEAI/CH WEtL COME IP TOU ; -WTUi STICK - This is aii assertion which we can prove. ' ' " ' ' , ' Nothing equals Nature in making ns -well and .keeping ~us well. Chiropractic and Nature are in" accord. Chiropractic is scientifically and morally right, and in a few :;ears :will be legally right in every state in -the Union. The fact that many find Immediate relief from 'Chiroprac tic Adjustments,' proves' that pres- ' sure on. : nerves 'is 'the cause of disease. , ":/' . . · 11. yok'are sick investigate what Chiropractic -will do for your condition. Consult a woman who has had years of experience in diseases of women % Office : is : bvgf-'- ? Hr Constitution Washington "Street. Chillicothe,. .Mo. Phone 221. Examinations and- consultations are free. Usi. your'Livestock for shipment ·with the- Chillicothe Live Stock Shippers-Association; Phone'9 60. Always on- the lob. E. A. PROSSER, Manager?-/ - - . ·· : ' : - * -·--; Old papers at The Constitution at AUSTIN'S -Do Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, Dyeing. South Side[~~] Phone 520 One DayVSeryice BETTER It pays to : con*ider.- quality wten buyingicoal. Quality- is= what we IB- sist upon when ordering-: our supply of coal · from, the miners.- ,- ' '.-:.. Quality is what we offer - our customers. : .Our prices quality co 11 - isidere.i mean economy to cutomers: J.W. Phones 914 and 479 Dr. C; W. Film, Specialist In Optometn Chfllicothe. Mo.. Manager ' -. ' The Kind of Pictures rou and your friends -will appreciate.. Made at my. studio or in ?;our home. H. Lee Jellum -Phone Girl Stays in $250,000 Fire. Bateffll'e,. 'Ark.," April -9.--Fire, fanned by a stiff breeze, late yesterday wiped out theeiitire business district of Calico Hock, fifty.miles. north of- Batesville, on the edge of- Izard county with losses estimated at quarter 'million-dollars.. A bucket brigade, manned, by citizens proved helpless to save the business section but prevented spread of-the blaze to the residential section. Information of the disaster was conveyed to this place "by the telephone operator at Calico ;Rock who, while stores were.going up in flames all around her .continued .to" report the progress o£ the .fire. , . . Calico .is- a town, of .about. 1000 inhabitants, built .along the banks oJ the White Hiver. NOTICE. r -OPTICAL-COMPANY '?·-·:·-·· "The folks who grind a.rullion}unds.* e HENIftNIED "We teach - electric .and acetylene welding/'^Vrite-us for particulars. t SERVICE \VEIJ)DfG CO. AND SCHOOIj' ^ ' ' · ' · ' "---Si£ f "'. : 446 State. Are.,. Kansas,...Sity;"Kansas PR. 3AS. BENNETT yBTERDfABI SURGEON ,' AND DENTIST Res. Phone 1BG3R." Office Phone M GIRLS WANTED for good 5 steady employment wages paid while learning trade, apply at office of [Glove Factory. Chillicotlie CHAETAUQUA Aug. 14 to 20,1923 A. Razor Blades' 7 ·Safty Razor blades .sharpened better 'than new. Here 1 sliort ·.time- at, CLARK'S ' -· 'Tlie Eexall 'Store. V-.-^' . : S?5:Afel "Aliburh, Ray County Mb. Rath..burn and- Mystic Iowa; will-meet" . all. competition -where- aualltjr-. ls-"conBidered. ^- . . ' · . : . . : ."':: "... ^~: : E. J. Richer ^ ; " -^ : ; Phone iOM" ; Mercfiant TaDar . IMPORTEp' FABHICS " MONMCB STRIPS FOK DOOSS AND - Keeps'.but' cold, rain 'and ·'·'·. . . . Dost . . ' · - . . - While overhauling^ that .house .call 1439-W andi consult .the MOJfARCH JIATT. For Prices and Terms. TVe Sliikc it Easy '-".' CHmUCOXHB, MO. Phones: Office 28O. Beeldcnoe 558. DR. C. R. KINNISON DEBUTI STATE TETBRINARIAN. ~'f (Successor to Dr. S. Black) . Calls answered;: prdmptly ;. Office Phone. 841..'·':-.-i:Resldehce- 3-37. MOVEfG OS* AM) ' . -..16-4t A. l.NORMAS, President JOHN MITCHILL, Manafw J One of a bundled home plmot Best Home --that's what we want to help youVbuiid. You'll find tfre planshere--and, too, the sort of lumber and other building material that will really imakeitthe fies* home in town. Arnold Mills Lumber Co. PHONE-900 ·:,' -. 1 Notice is.hereby given that the as real and personal property in'the City of :.Chillicothe Missouri, for the year 1922, h u compiled -and -will fie returnee to the City Council by the assessor on the', third. Monday in .April. 'All' persons feeling themselves aggrieved by the assessments/of their property are hereby requested io make or file their, objections in. the office of the City Clerk.on'or before said date or.ap- pear before the City Council at-.said time and the same will be heard.' Mollie E! 'Marr- .assessor. . · a5d6t . . . . . . . . . BUSINESS IS GOMINGBACK aoaoi t. "n- Chillicothe Improvements. : .We have just installed the latest hat blocking machine. -Does -nice work on. both felt and" Panamas. Makes them like ' new. Reasonable prices., ' . . " . r Paris ,,_ _.^_ a5-12t Shrubbery Planted Free. We will' plan your planting of ornamental shrubbery and plant it free ·where the order amounts to $5.00 or more. Warner's Nursery. Call 74S-W. · ' . . 7-7t Good Kews. The JournaT-Fost lias all of the latest news, pictures and comics. -If your service is good tell your neighbors, if not phone 870. My slogan 'is G'dbd Service and Courteous Treatment at alLtimes. Office opposite the postbfflce..' · Vern Hicks, Agent. Springs,.', springs, new- .axles-'and springs, and hundreds of. otjier things. 2-3 block office; always- "wanting old cars. Phone -196. Night-call 1455-W..,Auto Eauipment Co., Brittain, .manager. ., , 20-tf Sell that Coat, Suit, Wrap, stove, Furniture*--anything. Conactitutlon Want ads will do It... . - .,: ·' M»kM All :3 Cilli; Day- anjfl wypit; Brpwn.r : Pla(fti;v . PHONE 200. ,.:£ ; ;. ;-. ... : .Over Ryburn's! Pharmacy .. Careful Attentton to Mail: -Orders. JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. . . PHJTSICIAN AND STJBGEON Calls, answered promptly day or night , . ; in City · or-Conntry ... Office over Saner's Book Store West 'Side- Square. 888, night -*-Phohe :; - : OfflM or day.-- " ' - - ' JAS. W. HELTON. M.D. ; POSSICIAir; -AND; SUBGEON Calls answered promptly day-or nlfht in. City or Country. £ ·"Farm Club .members, we can earn a ^patronage dividend for you at all markets. Shipping .rates 6c perfhun- .dred^ .including- sinking fund. W. X Austin. JPhbne* 6134F2..,'-'_ al-m. And yours along with it. f" As better'times are developing, a r "dependable helpful banking connection assumes an importance 'that cannot be overestimated. The farmer or merchant: who ^has established relationship with, -this ' "bank,-finds'complete facilities and careful consider^ ation of Ms plans and the spirit of co-operation. This bank always; endeavors to work with, as well as for its patrons.- "" : : : : ; · You are invited?to:bring your business here.. 3ODOX Fruit Trees and Berry Plants. : We ha,ve a,complete stock, of fruit trees, berryj plants, and ornamental shr.ubbery.rat Hbward.Warner's Fruit farm. Warner's .Nursery'. Call .74S.W .' · ". ' ' : NOTICE; We. will begin planting' shrubbery in town- Monday -April 9th". ;lt you would .like to .-beautify- your home, phone your order to Warner's Nursery, 74'8-W/We do the planting free. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' The Warner Nursery. Phone 748-W.: Call for description of hardy flowering-bulbs.. ! . " '."·: 31-13 'Sell that Coat, Suit, Wrap, stove, Furniture-^-anythlng. 'Consctitution Want' ads will .do It. · We are agents lor Valspor Varnish and stains. Water does not affect it. Wigely Bros., Druggists. 7.6* FuJl O'Pep Week Give your chicks PORK PROFITS Are not figured^altogether by the number oi "hogs; you raise. Hogf must produce pork in proportion to, the -feed.that you put into them. And the way to help them produce this pork is to'secure one.of .our-1 SOFK A bunch ot hogs ted trom these feeders wiirput on fat much, faster than the old way--on the ground. Come in and let us show them to you. We would like to see one .bn'.'everyfarm;.ln--this county. We also haveor,Troughs ready made. i g o I I o Funeral Directors and Embalmers Day PJtone 397 ,, t MgM 921-301 'r - a chance to make good. Phone 750 GARRY NOTHING- -BOT THS Side Square. Phone office 88 g night

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